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This isn’t our typical Kpop Music Monday, but we like to switch things up a bit from time to time. We’ve been on a bit of a health kick lately, and have talked about our somewhat healthy lifestyle in a few videos. For our latest video on Our Morning Routine, the topic came up of talking about our Workout Playlist, so we figured this would be the best time to do so. Booya!

We talked a lot about our Kpop Workout Playlist, but we’ve got a bunch of non-Kpop songs as well that we listen to when we work out. Here’s a list of them, along with links to the vids on YouTube, if you feel like watching em!

A Sample of Simon’s Playlist

Japandroids “The House That Heaven Built”
–Great song for both a workout and a run. Totally gets me pumped, especially after reading dumb stuff on the internet, I totally feel like shouting “anyone wanna bring you down/ Tell em all to go to hell!” Quite cathartic.

The Knife “Full of Fire”
–Warning! This is a seriously WTF video. I didn’t even get to the end of it. I just really like the song. It really fits my running pace, and it’s got a bizarre dark energy vibe to it that really puts the fire in my heels. Is that what old people say? Stop judging me!

Pharell “Happy”
–Hey! A non-grumpy song! It’s great for running as well. Better for running during the day than running at night, though, I think. Also helps me keep a great pace. Great for the end of the run when I can barely lift my legs anymore and I feel like I look like a toddler trying to walk: it keeps my feet moving. Fun stuff.

Benny Benassi “No Matter What You Do”
–Probably one of my favourite songs of all time. It’s my power song for any moment. Tired from running? Play this, boi! About to bench a bagillion pounds? Play this, foo! I could fight a dragon listening to this song. Nothing gets me quite as pumped. Warning, though: another WTF video. I only saw it for the first time today and gave up halfway through…

M.I.A “Y.A.L.A”
–Great song for fart-licking! Especially when the chorus kicks in. Run a regular pace for the verse, sprint your ass off for the chorus. I do find the rapping in the verses rather silly, though, and the two of us make fun of it all the time:

I’m the Spuuuuud-gee!
My fur is smuuuuud-gee!
Don’t hold a gruuuudge-G
Cuz you can’t buuuuudge-me.
Hey I’m the Meeeeeemers
I am a dreeeeeamer
You’re just a screeeeeamer,
whenevs I preeeeen…err?

Still a great song, though.

A Sample of Martina’s Playlist

Electric Six “Danger, High Voltage”
–One of my all time favourite bands, who were just as awesome and energetic live. This song gets you up and dancing and shamelessly shaking your head violently to the chorus despite all the people watching you. It’s best not to watch this music video unless you’re prepared for an oddly sexual video. I mean odd. Like glowing electric light bulb boobs and crotches. You’ve been warned! BUT THE SONG ROCKS!!!

Death From Above 1979 “Sexy Results”
–A great beat for lifting weights and doing glute kicks. It’s not a very fast beat so you can control your lifts for every other beat or to the beat if you please. I like it for those glute kicks (the one when you are on all fours and curling one leg up to your chest and then kicking out) because it’s the perfect beat. Also, I like sexy sounding sounds to motivate me, it makes me lift weights with more joy and with less grudge towards the fact that I am indeed exercising. HAHA! Sexy workout music is like going dancing at a club to a great song except that you’re working out…at a club…to a song. Plus, DAT COWBELL SOLO!

Crystal Castles “Vanished”
–I use this song as an example simple because I use this song for my intensive jump rope sessions. For the days that I don’t run to get my cardio in, I jump rope between weight lifting and abs so that my heart rate doesn’t drop to low. I jump to the beat for as long as I humanly can but I could have chosen any song off of all the Crystal Castle albums. This band is freakin’ amazing and I actually like every single song they have ever made. Like ever. Angry? Crystal Castles. Depressed? Crystal Castles. Happy? Crystal Castles?

Jamiroquai “White Knuckle Ride”
— OOH! An official music video! Finally! This is a funktastic song that just gets me in the workout mood. I often start my workout with this song to get me into the mood as I head towards the gym. It’s a great beat for a warm up jog or some light biking to get your heart rate up and if I’m not using it for that I use it for sit ups. But whoa…the video kind of sucks for this awesome song.

Nine Inch Nails “The Hand That Feeds”
— There are a whole lot more NIN and various other rock songs on my workout playlist (like Korn, Deftones, 24Hours, Telepathy, Gogostar) but I wanted to include this song because it has a great build up that I can anticipate. I use this for planking which is a horrible horrible invention made to torture people. I stupidly tried to do the “Hollywood Ab Blast” workout on my Nike app which was only 15 minutes long. 15 minutes of hell. 15 minutes of you flailing on a mat like a fish out of water while trying to balance your side plank while also doing flapping V things with your legs. Looks soooo easy when the instructor shows you how to do it. Point is, this song allows me to hold my plank for the 1 minute I’m supposed to because I’m angry at having to do the planking and NIN guides me through that anger like a spirit animal. A lovely, angry, vampire/Snape-look-a-like spirit animal.

Martina’s Bonus K-pop round: 2NE1 “Hate You”, GD&TOP “Oh Yeah”, Beenzino “Boogie On & On”, MBLAQ “Oh Yeah”


So let us know what you think! Did we miss out on any super awesome songs? We need more recommendations! We’ve heard our playlists for a long time now, and the songs are starting to lose their effect on us. We need moar!

Speaking of moar, we have moar video! Some bloopers, in fact. Check em out!


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  1. Hey Simon and Martina, I’ve actually been watching your videos for years on Youtube, but I just recently joined your website (I’m a bit late I know….)I love you guys so much, thanks for all your informative and fun videos. :)
    When I work out its usually running so I either listen to really upbeat, pump you up songs, or songs that have a steady tempo if I’m running long distance here are mine: (Kpop only list)

    1. Overdose- EXO
    2. Oh My Prince- Neon Bunny
    3. Holler- TTS
    4. Smoky Girl- MBLAQ
    5. Volume Up- 4minute
    6. Step- f(x) Or just about any f(x) song works
    7. Scream- 2NE1
    8. Run- EXO
    9. Lipstick- Orange Caramel
    10. Motorcylce- SNSD
    11. Very Good- Block B (AGH LOVE block B!)
    12. That one T-ara song where they say “nah oto-kay”… i think its called “do you know me” in english. I’m not entirely sure, but thats a great one.

  2. Simon and Martina!!
    I’ve only been watching your videos and I finally checked out the website and I’m glad I did! I made an account just to leave a reply here: First of all, fartleks are definitely a thing (one of my favorite workouts) and I am soooo happy to hear that you are running, Simon! I love running and trust me it only gets easier and better. Now I don’t really run with music… mostly cuz you can’t really race with music…but I sure do get pumped with my mp3 before and play my jams in my head during!! These are the best songs that get me through workouts that pre-kpop I seriously sucked at:
    1. BTS: Boy in Luv
    2. BTS: We are Bulletproof Pt. 2 (We go hard!! Click click bang bang!!)
    3. EXO-M: Growl
    4. EXO-M: Run (only cuz it’s called run :3)
    5. BAP: 1004
    6. BAP: Warrior
    7. Henry: Trapped
    And then are there a few non-kpop ones that have always got me going Paramore’s Now (there’s a time and place to die but this ain’t it! lol) and Part II (gives me such a fighting spirit)
    ANYWAY this was a really long comment but it was my first and yeah. I would love it if you guys could tell us a little bit about running and sports in Korean culture. Are track/cross country (and other sports) popular or even avaliable in most high schools? Do people just go for jogs by themselves often? Is it an active community? Like some places in the US you see people out all the time, but other places you never see a runner or biker… Would it be unusual to see a girl out for a run? ~too much curiosity~

  3. I forgot that Martina used to be a punk kid lol until I see her playlist :P but all great music to listen to while working out. Thanks you two <3

  4. I really loved this vid – for I was kinda hoping you would provide us a list with the perfect tracks to work out with – Anywho! I actually made a Kpop work out playlist on 8tracks with 45 tracks – thus far, for I plan to add 5 more to make it to 50 tracks -. Here’s the link below, hope you guys like it ^^


  5. Really enjoyed watching this video (and all your videos), thank you so much for sharing your playlist because I also have kpop songs that I listen to when working

    Some of my top favorites to listen to while working out:

    1-Younha: Run (literally get me running on the treadmill!!)
    2-Nine Muses: News
    3-Lunafly: Special Guy ft. Miryo (not for running but other workouts)
    4-Crayon Pop: Bar Bar Bar
    5-JQT: Don’t Care
    6-EXO: Growl
    7-SNSD: I Got A Boy

    Thank you for your hard work & effort to making amazing fun videos! Been a fan for 5 years now & always enjoy what you present to us!

  6. I love listening to Olympic Airways by the Foals during my runs. The song is about 139 BPM.

  7. You guys should make these downloadable playlists on 8tracks! It’s a great way to share a playlist easily. :D

  8. I really love that you guys posted your daily routine, is it possible you guys could show us or blog post your work out routine? I only ask because I know Martina has her joint issues and I suffer from an auto-immune disease and my joints and muscles hurt on a daily basis. It is hard for me to find a work out routine that I won’t be out of commission for 3 days over. Martina is looking slim, cute and tone, and I know our female Nasties want to look like her too… not to mention the male Nasties want that Dothraki Man warrior look as well.. Thank you guise! you are an inspiration to all of us!

  9. I’ve been listening to Mirotic while working out since like ever. But this playlist is awesome.

  10. I watch Running Man when I run on the treadmill- or sometimes, a light or action-y kdrama. It goes so much faster that way, but I’m excited to try out some more of these songs too!

  11. Great songs to run to! And I loved the Hanz and Franz reference at the end XD

  12. Strong BABY! the best work out song ever. Perfect beat for me :D

  13. As far as workout songs, my ultimate jog/speed-walking song is MBLAQ’s Run. The best song for cardio for me. As for this segment, I didn’t care for it as a sub for Music Monday. Workout music is so subjective that it almost has no meaning except to answer the question of what Simon and Martina like to work out to. And for me, that kind of topic would be fitting within one of your other various segments. It doesn’t have to always be Music Mondays, but you guys do MM sparingly now anyway. If you are going to sub it with something else, I personally wish that the new segment was still critiquing something.

    Maybe indie rock, or hip hop, or a company, or cd packaging, or mini albums, or the length of songs, etc. A list of the shortest kpop songs, or songs with the worst chorus, or something that more people could agree on would be great. I’m trying to explain it without sounding like an ass, because I really agree you guys should be able to change up what you want and be yourselves. I’m just a stickler for consistency, so that even if the content changes, the angle is still the same. I don’t have enough time to word it correctly (am about to be late for work).


  14. lol you guise should make a work out video

    My Work Out playlist:

    1. Block B – Nilili Mambo
    2. The Pillows – Last Dinosaur
    3. BAP – One Shot
    4. 2NE1 – Scream
    5. Do As Infinity – Raven (starts a little slow)
    6. Akira Yamaoka – Angels Thantos (weight lifting awesome song)
    7. Bump of Chicken – Sailing Day
    8. Nami Tamaki – Believe (high BPM)
    9. Yumi Matsuzawa – You get to Burning (so old but still good)
    10. Asian Kung-fu Generation – Rewrite

    yeah, I’m dropping some (old?) J-Pop…

  15. O.o Um… Wow, the comment section. Well, here are my two cents on the matter. I love you guys and think that you are doing an amazing job with the site and trying to cater to everyone is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Just be yourselves and keep doing what you’re doing, that’s why we fell in love with you guys in the first place.

    Also, on topic, I love the song Night of Knights from Touhou to work out to, it always makes me feel like I just wanna run. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfW1_h1hhkA

  16. Because this was just easier. Sexy is on mine too and ill have to add some of yours too. Save me is my cool down song :). Oh amd warrior should be on here to really. Im a huge baby if you couldnt tell :)) peter pan is nice too. Hyde songs are good too. Love ragebeat from the gravitation soundtrack. Time is up by led apple i think would be good too. Get your crayon. I love bounce alot especially a machine i call pon pon and my friend calls kangaroo :) you kinda bounce/ hop on the machine i wonder if ya know what machine im talking about. I really do love/hate the pon pon machine

  17. I love all of this – I love how the ‘Western’ music ties in with the KPop. I’m pretty new to the KPop scene, but I noticed some similar sounds and when I looked at the other songs from your workout lists – all things I like AND totally see the connections (Um… Idiotape – 0805 was VERY NIN-esque!!) ReListening to all the ‘samples’ of your other playlist songs was like a trip down memory lane! So many old favs!

    As a ‘workout-er’ myself, I always appreciate new tunes to get my sweat on to! I tend to do more weight lifting than cardio and running though! I like a lot of mash-ups (Girl Talk, Mash Up Your Bootz mixes, the Hood Internet) and hip hop. Also, this guy has a whole album with a work out theme (or so my workout partner/life partner tells me) http://youtu.be/sa1yJWBLsxw – a bit hilarious lyrics at times but fun! Gets you through/psyched for those deadlifts!


  18. for real guys I really liked this video, I’ve watched this like 5 different times and that’s just the last three days…..

  19. Martina, Electric six – danger, High voltage…I love you girl!

    And Simon, I don´t really know the word “Fartlek”?? haha that was new to me, I think you refer to interval-training? .) But I can understand why it´s funny ^^

    I always get motivated to work out when I listen to some k-popsongs and I totally agree with your choices of songs! :) Here are some of the K-pop ( and other) songs I listen to while working out:

    Shinee – Lucifer
    2NE1- I´m the best
    Glencheck – “The Coast”, “84”, “Racket”
    Glencheck – Shinee “Hello” remix
    Dynamic duo – Fireworks
    Kim sori – Dual life
    Peppertones – Ping pong
    Girls Generation – The boys
    Gaeko – Rhythm is life
    F(x) – Electric shock

    Other stuff:

    Sakanaction – “Native dancer”, “Bach no Senritsu wo Yoru ni Kiitasei desu”, “arukuaraoundo” (maybe wierd translations, but check them out if you do not know them, they´re suuuuuuuper great! Indie electro something, from Japan :))
    Graveyard – Hisingen blues (Great rockband from Sweden, sounds a little like rock from the 70`s)

    Bloodbath – Eaten
    Gojira – The axe
    Roxxxan – Heavyweight (This is the best song if you´re feeling like crap and just want to feel like the best and most awesome person around ^^)
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads will roll

    oops, what a long list, noone will probably read this :)

  20. when i’m doing pushups i always listen to BAP’s One Shot :) <3

  21. Damn your music taste is awesome. I need to find a good slice of time to go thru all of these. Checked out Idiotape, loved it!

    Going along with the main comment’s discussion here, the other day I saw a bunch of kpop tumblr blogs warning people to not send EYK their fanfics bc they’ll destroy them, say racist shit abt them, etc and they had their list of reasons why EYK were “terrible people” and it honestly made me laugh out loud. I think one of their points was “they constantly mispronounce some group’s names on purpose even though they’ve been asked to stop.” Um, they can do whatever the fuck they want. If you don’t like it, THEN STOP WATCHING IT. NO ONE’S FORCING YOU TO.
    /rant over

    Even though I may not agree with everything you guys say, there have been several times when I’m having a crappy day and when I watch one of your vids, it gets loads better. Your TLDRs are also actually really helpful bc I’m Korean but I’ve lived in the US all my life so honestly I learn about the practical parts of Korea through you guys. It’s awesome, keep it up! =]

  22. I always do crunches to Turn It Up by T.O.P. it’s weird how perfect the beat is for it.

  23. fartlek = speed play, it really is true! And this topic was great, it motivated me to create a new work out-playlist to use tomorrow morning at the gym!

  24. I’m the asshole that points out MFBTY’s ‘Sweet Dream’ doesn’t change tempo

  25. Woah! Someone else who not only has heard of Electric Six but loves them! I was supposed to seem them in Boston last year, but unfortunately I had family stuff going on ;_;

  26. I love listening to SS501 Unlock while running on the treadmill. It kind of gives me the energy boost I need while running, also Shinee’s everybody is really good, Big Bang Fantastic baby, shinee’s ring ding dong, Kim Hyun Joong Unbreakable and Kim hyun Joong Break Down are my personal favorites, and park Jung Min taste the fever.

  27. Those songs you’ve mentioned in your blog post are great! I love ‘em all :) :) Please throw in more recommendations wherever you can. I’d love to listen to them :)

  28. Sincerely “Machine” by Exo and “Tarzan” by Wonderboyz are just the best songs for lifting weights !

  29. you guys need to include tasty’s “you know me” my gosh, i ran to the ending of this song and i swear i sprinted like nothing before! i felt so fit and then i ate cheesecake which totally threw me off my exercise regime… even though its their debut song, i still think they did an amazing job. here’s the link to the music video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_joKpiEDuM

  30. Perfume songs like Spending All My Time; Spring of Life and
    Momoiro Clover Z’s GOUNN

  31. I don’t really exercise (hAHAHA IM SO HEALTHY..) but when I do go for walks and runs, I always find myself listening to Female President by Girls Day. It makes me feel confident and energised! :D Great work as always you guys ^u^

  32. So happy you guys made this video! My favorite songs to run to are Younha’s-Run and Epik High’s-Run
    Pretty sure just the title is motivating enough haha

  33. When I do blogilates (have you tried her videos?!?!?? Talk about insane workout! I swear 3 minutes of pure torture but amazing results ps she’s a youtuber…just in case y’all didn’t know xD) I really like listening to hip-hop-ish songs cus I fell all badass YEAH! Jajaja I really like songs from BTS or jay park or block b or Epik high and of course really upbeat songs like mfbty duh! Anything from 2ne1 , exid’s I feel good, fx kick, tiny-g minimanimo(not that upbeat but it motivates me for some reason xD) and when I’m at the end of the work out when I’m at deaths door I like to listen to Dalmatians ER cus of the intro when he says “I NEED HELP” cus oh lord knows I need help jajaja

  34. So happy to hear that you are on a healthy kick and enjoying it! Or at least finding ways to make it fun. I have several totally awesome kpop-workout playlists and those few go-to songs that get you through the worst. I’m excited to add some of your recommendations to my list!
    Not sure how much you want to know about lifting and training and all of that, but I do have a degree in exercise physiology and in nutrition, so if you have any questions about lifting or want clarification on things like why a slow rep can be better/what hypertrophy is/why interval training works, I’d be more than happy to serve as a resource!

  35. Kpop + work out = great times. My workout playlist/getting pumped for work:

    Abracadabra – brown eyed girls
    Rainism – rain
    Gara gara go – Big Bang
    Fantastic baby – Big Bang
    Mirotic – tvxq
    Catch me – tvxq
    I am the best – 2ne1
    Tiara – bebop
    Warrior – bap
    Mental breaker – block b
    No joke – block b
    Ring a linga – taeyang
    Energetic – boa
    Sweety girl – ubeat

    NON KPOP – Martina we are similar.
    NIN – mr. Self destruct (anything Nin will do, Only is another fave)
    Bullet for my valentine – tears don’t fall
    Apc – count bodies like sheep
    Vnv nation – paint it black / chrome / dark angel
    Linkin Park – breaking the habit (any lp)
    Buck cherry – crazy bitch
    Godsmack – I stand alone
    Combichrist – get your body beat
    Korn – twisted transistor / coming undone / freak on a leash
    Rammstein – mien teil
    Razed in black – just pick a song lol
    A.r. Rahman and pcd – jai ho
    Dj class – I’m the shit
    E40 and the federation – go hard or go home
    Don Omar and pit bull are gold too

    Great job guys! Long time fan, you always put a smile on my face <3 Canada represent!

  36. For me 마녀가 뒨 이유 by NS 윤지 is always on my workout playlist. The whip cracking is def a motivator lol its such a “fight me” type song and understanding the lyrics makes even more of a fight me statement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysnUHXksic8

  37. My K-Pop Workout Playlist:
    What’s Happening-Bilasa
    Machine and Let Out the Beast-EXO
    Nu ABO-f(x)
    To My Boyfriend-Fin.K.L.
    Black and White-G.Na
    Bubble Pop-Hyuna
    Classic-JYP, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Suzy
    Crazy-Lee Hyori
    Way to Go and Do the Catwalk-SNSD
    Oops!-Super Junior
    Also not K-Pop but it’s a GREAT workout song Dance With Me Tonight by Olly Murs

  38. Hay Simon + Martina. What are your fave kpop songs from 1995? :)

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