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Kpop Music Monday: Surprise

April 1, 2014


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Sometimes we take things far. Then we take things too far. This…this we’ve taken too far. BUT THERE IS NO TURNING BACK NOW!

So, a little back story on this video: a year and a half ago we ran our fundraiser to build the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio. With the fundraiser we gave different perks to different levels of contribution. We created, packaged, and shipped out all of those perks, except for just one. The $50 perk.

For those 20 people that bought the $50 perk, they were to get a video which shouted out their names in some type of a thank you song format. Why did we say a song? What made us think that we were capable of such a huge undertaking? We’re not musically talented! We can’t sing! We can’t make good music! We actually attempted this video twice, TWICE, before we abandoned the horrendous train wreck of footage. One of those abandoned videos was Martina playing her melodica while I sang over it. We don’t have to be talented to have opinions on stuff, that’s why we make Kpop Music Monday reviews filled with silly jokes and skits! But we do have to be talented to make a song. So after erasing footage and wracking our brains we finally decided to just go down with the burning ship and embrace our lack of talent. Our lack of it clearly shows in this video. Like whoa.

So, we decided to try to do something creative and special with just a subtle hint of 80s quality programming. Just the tiniest amount of 80s of course. So we thought, how about doing a guided tour of the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio to show people how the studio looks a year later, while also thanking the different people who contributed to that perk? If we make it an 80s style music video our extreme lack of talent won’t really show through! Brillant! And not only would we do a guided tour, we’d make it a super cool one-shot video! A seamless video without any edits and only improvised “rapping”.

It took us hours to prepare all the spots in the studio that we would be stopping at, all which would be perfectly timed to the cheesy 80s instrumental that Martina created. Secret markings on the floors and walls for Leigh to lean on to capture it all just perfectly. We did multiple dry runs to make sure Soozee knew where to duck under the camera and prepare the next spot, and for me and Simon to know exactly where to stand, for Leigh to grab all the action! We printed out all the donator’s names and had them ready to grab and we promised each other NOT to prepare our lines in advance. Let’s make this an improv song that’s funny and off the cuff! What could possibly go wrong? WHAT. WHAT!????

We finished this video in December, yes, December, but we looked at the footage and groaned. We did our best to salvage it by hamming up the 80s vibe but the final product was clearly cheesier than we had intended, so cheesy we had to edit out the whole one-shot aspect of it because it went on for too long. The improv rapping has remained (if you can’t tell) along with some giggling, but we edited out as many of the in-between dance breakdowns as possible.

This has the potential to be the next Rebecca Black in terms of cringe. Did Rebecca Black know how bad her video was when she saw it or did she think, “wow it looks great” cause I can tell you, we were like “dear gawd what have we created.” We contemplated re-filming something yet again but realized that we probably can’t actually do any better without hiring an actual musician. A musician wearing wigs to just look like us.

So, we thought, what better day to post this video than on April Fool’s Day? You were waiting for a Music Monday: you got this instead. The ultimate prank! Isn’t it? Ha! Ha? ha :( I mean, haha! April Fool’s Day! We got you…we got you so good! We were only pretending to be really bad at rapping. Please don’t hate us!

But feel free to leave really positive comments expressing the complete opposite of what you feel, kind of like backwards day, which will confuse and troll everyone in the comment section. Some example of such excellent comments would be, “OMG this is greatest song I’ve ever heard!” or “You guise should seriously consider quitting your day jobs and becoming musicians” or even “I’m an executive producer at a big label record company and I’ll be in contact to sign you”. While you might have suffered through this video, you cannot allow other people to get away so easily. Spread the April Fool’s Day cheer by leaving a totally misleading comment.

Oh, and if you’d like to see where we got our 80s inspiration from, look no further then this link here, but we were hoping it would turn out more like this.

And once again, a big huge thank you to the very patient 20 people who waited for this song to come out. Sorry it was so bad…not bad meaning good, but bad meaning bad, you know? Nonetheless, we really appreciate your contribution. Thank you to:

Bing Lin, Liz Davies, Paige Anctil, Rachel Seagroatt, Erica (last name illegible), Jeffrey Leung, Lynsey Shepherd, Ian Blizzard, Jacobo Lanzarini, Dani Fujikawa, Wei-Xi Kha, Elisabeth Kirchhoff, Synnn…(also illegible), Simon Marchand, Cheryl Bourbeau, Ashley Johnson, Teri Archibald, Dakota James, Mike Pfeifle, Megan Hare, and Samantha Faggett

Yep. I’d usually put a subscribe button at the bottom of this post, but I’m worried people will UNclick it with this video. So…let’s just leave it at that. Happy April Fool’s Day!



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