Sometimes we take things far. Then we take things too far. This…this we’ve taken too far. BUT THERE IS NO TURNING BACK NOW!

So, a little back story on this video: a year and a half ago we ran our fundraiser to build the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio. With the fundraiser we gave different perks to different levels of contribution. We created, packaged, and shipped out all of those perks, except for just one. The $50 perk.

For those 20 people that bought the $50 perk, they were to get a video which shouted out their names in some type of a thank you song format. Why did we say a song? What made us think that we were capable of such a huge undertaking? We’re not musically talented! We can’t sing! We can’t make good music! We actually attempted this video twice, TWICE, before we abandoned the horrendous train wreck of footage. One of those abandoned videos was Martina playing her melodica while I sang over it. We don’t have to be talented to have opinions on stuff, that’s why we make Kpop Music Monday reviews filled with silly jokes and skits! But we do have to be talented to make a song. So after erasing footage and wracking our brains we finally decided to just go down with the burning ship and embrace our lack of talent. Our lack of it clearly shows in this video. Like whoa.

So, we decided to try to do something creative and special with just a subtle hint of 80s quality programming. Just the tiniest amount of 80s of course. So we thought, how about doing a guided tour of the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio to show people how the studio looks a year later, while also thanking the different people who contributed to that perk? If we make it an 80s style music video our extreme lack of talent won’t really show through! Brillant! And not only would we do a guided tour, we’d make it a super cool one-shot video! A seamless video without any edits and only improvised “rapping”.

It took us hours to prepare all the spots in the studio that we would be stopping at, all which would be perfectly timed to the cheesy 80s instrumental that Martina created. Secret markings on the floors and walls for Leigh to lean on to capture it all just perfectly. We did multiple dry runs to make sure Soozee knew where to duck under the camera and prepare the next spot, and for me and Simon to know exactly where to stand, for Leigh to grab all the action! We printed out all the donator’s names and had them ready to grab and we promised each other NOT to prepare our lines in advance. Let’s make this an improv song that’s funny and off the cuff! What could possibly go wrong? WHAT. WHAT!????

We finished this video in December, yes, December, but we looked at the footage and groaned. We did our best to salvage it by hamming up the 80s vibe but the final product was clearly cheesier than we had intended, so cheesy we had to edit out the whole one-shot aspect of it because it went on for too long. The improv rapping has remained (if you can’t tell) along with some giggling, but we edited out as many of the in-between dance breakdowns as possible.

This has the potential to be the next Rebecca Black in terms of cringe. Did Rebecca Black know how bad her video was when she saw it or did she think, “wow it looks great” cause I can tell you, we were like “dear gawd what have we created.” We contemplated re-filming something yet again but realized that we probably can’t actually do any better without hiring an actual musician. A musician wearing wigs to just look like us.

So, we thought, what better day to post this video than on April Fool’s Day? You were waiting for a Music Monday: you got this instead. The ultimate prank! Isn’t it? Ha! Ha? ha :( I mean, haha! April Fool’s Day! We got you…we got you so good! We were only pretending to be really bad at rapping. Please don’t hate us!

But feel free to leave really positive comments expressing the complete opposite of what you feel, kind of like backwards day, which will confuse and troll everyone in the comment section. Some example of such excellent comments would be, “OMG this is greatest song I’ve ever heard!” or “You guise should seriously consider quitting your day jobs and becoming musicians” or even “I’m an executive producer at a big label record company and I’ll be in contact to sign you”. While you might have suffered through this video, you cannot allow other people to get away so easily. Spread the April Fool’s Day cheer by leaving a totally misleading comment.

Oh, and if you’d like to see where we got our 80s inspiration from, look no further then this link here, but we were hoping it would turn out more like this.

And once again, a big huge thank you to the very patient 20 people who waited for this song to come out. Sorry it was so bad…not bad meaning good, but bad meaning bad, you know? Nonetheless, we really appreciate your contribution. Thank you to:

Bing Lin, Liz Davies, Paige Anctil, Rachel Seagroatt, Erica (last name illegible), Jeffrey Leung, Lynsey Shepherd, Ian Blizzard, Jacobo Lanzarini, Dani Fujikawa, Wei-Xi Kha, Elisabeth Kirchhoff, Synnn…(also illegible), Simon Marchand, Cheryl Bourbeau, Ashley Johnson, Teri Archibald, Dakota James, Mike Pfeifle, Megan Hare, and Samantha Faggett

Yep. I’d usually put a subscribe button at the bottom of this post, but I’m worried people will UNclick it with this video. So…let’s just leave it at that. Happy April Fool’s Day!

  1. I’m pretty sure that was there worst rap ever… There were was no drug use, profanity, sexual references (Except the panini incident…), guns/violence, hydraulics, or naked ladies (not like Bare Naked Ladies, but like real naked ladies). But I suppose the rhyming and the vocals were pretty much right on for a rap!

  2. Wow I see that hip-hop training by Drunken Tiger really paid off

  3. Well…that was painful

  4. The April Fool’s day joke was lost on me… i watched on Wednesday. :

  5. Oh. My. Ghod! The pain! The agony! Please make another one! We can get rid of nukes and use the video instead. Armageddon!

    Oh wait. Nah. great job guys ;-)

  6. The real question here is…will we ever see what’s behind the “evil” door? Maybe they keep kpop idols there O_O

  7. Needs more Taeman.

  8. /whispers/ Martina, where did you get that lovely unicorn shirt???
    I can’t really.. say anything else.. about the video… because.. just because.

  9. hey, April’s fool is on Tuesday, not on Monday. So we should get to see normal KMM(I was so looking forward to hear about Lee Mishelle’s – Without you or about MBLAQ’s – Be a Man). I’m sad, I need a cookie. And Rebecca Black should teach you about week days

  10. Fantastic :D Simply fantastic. Or should I say fantastic elastic…… :P :P

  11. I tweeted the video to Puff Daddy/P Diddy/Diddy/Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs and he tweeted me back saying he is really interested in meeting with you because he really liked the song. you should be hearing from him soon.

  12. The best rap ever!

  13. And omg this is so terrible that it’s good! (Like terrible in a cute and dorky way that looks like you guys had a lot of fun filming) And I see my friend’s art work on your fan art wall ermahgawsh :OO

  14. Really regretting that I didn’t contribute to your fundraiser a while back since I’ve been a fan of yours for a while -le sigh- If you guys ever have another one, I’ll be sure to help ^^

  15. Sara Napsey

    One of my teachers gave us a test yesterday and said it was open book. I have a feeling (because he’s a total sadist) that he’ll tell us it was just a homework grade. The cheesyness and hilarity of this video is keeping me from tearing my hair out in despair T_T

  16. If ANYONE insults my favourite unnies and oppa I will find you and burn your eyelashes!! EYK, I love you forEVAH!

    *Hrm* On another note, this video made me feel really good. After almost 20 years of amateur acting experience, where I SO many times were forced to improvise in front of many sour looking teenagers, I think I finally saw something that was even more cringeworthy XD But I still love you, and I guess one of the reasons are because you are so awkward ^^

  17. I… I still didn’t know it was a prank until the end…
    I mean, ah. OBVIOUSLY I knew it was a prank right from the beginning. I mean it’s April Fool’s. Yeah I knew yeah um…
    *looks side to side and slinks into shadows*

  18. That was… interesting. Lol. I can’t even

  19. Can you guys please make another one? omg this was pretty wicked. it is totally different to what actual musicians come up with. i prefer listening to this all day. it has a good vibe, i had fun listening to it, the music was pretty cool and you guys managed to do a whole song worth of rap which would take a singer probably a week or more to even think of. i’m not only saying all of this because i am a huge fan but also because eyk has the talent to come up with stuff people enjoy….well i enjoy watching you stuff. i’m a EYKC fan….yup, my friends are probably seeing this comment now and in a few minutes of sending this i am most probably going to get txts and fb msgs asking if i have ditched being a VIP for being a EYK groupie….that is most likely the case (don’t worry my dear friends, i am still a VIP. i just prefer watching EYK then big bang stuff….bring it!) but seriously i shall await for your next epic video

  20. Bubalooy

    Why do I feel like I’m going to get majorly trolled by clicking on those “where we got our 80′s inspiration from” links? You guise wouldn’t rick roll me or something would you? Would you? :( Oh well I guess I will take my chances and see…

  21. Madeleine Stråhle


  22. I feel sorry for people who weren’t alive in the 80′s and never saw this type of TV viewing when it was totally cutting edge….


  23. Thank you thank you thank you!
    EYK never fails to put a smile on my face no matter what :) ….even if your rapping skills leave a lot to be desired….but good effort, guise!
    (You were successful at trolling us, though, my dog watched the whole thing while tilting his head from side-to-side. I think he wants to be an EYK volunteer)

  24. I just…don’t know what to say. Its different and special :)

  25. I am so glad I donated $40.

  26. I was like half-awake when I saw this XD You could imagine . It took me until I’ve watched half of the video+ reading the blog post + scrolling down on the comments, to finally understand what was going on. I loved the tour though! I’m so glad you guys had the studio very nicely done with the donations. :D

    On a side note though, are you guys still going to upload the real Music Mondays video? I’ve been waiting so much since Lee Michelle’s “Without You” came out and have been constantly voting. *pouts*

  27. AHH!! This was so great!! Made my day!

  28. Haha was this the “80s party” I saw written on a board in an earlier video???? It was GREAT!! Changed my life! seriously…….

  29. Thank you!!! XD

  30. Well, at least we now know what happened to those pants…

  31. haheoahe I just love you guise.

  32. It’s like Itaewon Freedom… but… even more awkward… how is this possible???
    (This really made me laugh though, especially since I wasn’t expecting it, it’s still March for another five hours here)

  33. EYK, I….don’t know what to say……how do I express this.. :D

  34. LOLZ thanks for reminding me it’s April Fools Day.

  35. irritablevowel

    Words…escape me.

  36. Thank you, EYK for making me laugh and smile in joy after a long day at work. I LOVE YOU! <3 =D

  37. I thought I knew all of the k-idol groups that were debuting this year, but I never heard of the EYK crew. I’m flabbergasted you guys were awesome. I

  38. Natsu W.

    Awwww yeahhhh EYK Crew WUT! Y’all just made my day. <3

  39. I appreciate the aprils fools (that video was hilarious guys), but I was kind of hoping you’d also do another review for Lee Michelle’s-Without You. That song is right up your alley. Keeping my fingers crossed that you are going to review it!

  40. Oh Em Gee Guise!!!!!!! What are you doing making videos about Korea?!?!? You should totally be making MVs!!! Oooooh soooo Naaaasty!!!!!!

    Seriously though guise, LOVED it because it was just…just so eggcellent. And I lurve your T-shirt Martina!!! And I have a dream to one day come and find my name on the donor wall…

  41. This was painful to watch. I think I have a tumor now. :( Why would you do that to me?

    JK guys but still… i may need to take a break from the internet for a few hours now.

  42. OMG, this was so perfect! I mean, OMGWHYYOUGUISENOREVIEWINSERTBANDNAMEHERE!1! No, really, though, I needed that laugh. Brilliant! :D

  43. You guys look like you had fun making that and it was fun to watch. Martina, my 8 yr old daughter loves the hair and wants us to get our hair done pink. This summer I think we will in honor of you, who makes us laugh so much.

  44. Wishy

    I forgot about the time difference and thought I was safe from an April Fool’s Day KMM.
    I survived through the whole video though! :D T.T Ugh.

  45. It’s been this long and we still don’t know about that door. How much longer must we wait?

  46. Nooo no no no don’t apologize this was the most beautifully awkward thing ever. 0u0

  47. PunkyPrincess92

    ahahah well that….was interesting!!

  48. It’s true you guise should teach English! I understood almost all of this.:) thanks for fun. :)

  49. martina martina martina i love your unicorn shirt where can i buy oneeeee? :D
    also lmao this video made me die internally in both a good and a bad way so funny but so cheesy

  50. yeah shouldn’t have been drinking water during that…Thanks for the laugh guys.

  51. I love this week of Music Monday, you guise rock and I as a nasty, I do really appreciate all the hard work that the EYK crew to produce a video that I get a warm fussy feeling/ laugh quite a lot at the funny skits and thank you.

    Happy April fools day ! ( technicality not in England yet )

  52. I give the Engrish a 10 out of 5. It’s amazing. It’s like you’re native speakers. No accent at all. The grammar was a little . . .
    But really you guys were awesome. You should teach English if you get tired of being rap stars.

  53. love your shirt martinaa~~~

  54. Someone call Busker Busker Brad and Eric Nam — it’s clear who really deserves the best rookie Golden Spudgy.

  55. I was face palming/cringing at the chessiness, but that’s what made it SOO hilarious! you guys have a awesome looking studio btw

  56. Skye Walker

    I seriously expected to be Rick Rolled with those links guise. You could have really trolled me hahaha

  57. Okay! So the video has been watched, and the lols have been had! Awesome to find this after getting back from work! :D Although, I now realize the error of my ways, in spelling my name with the Ø, which i should have replaced with an O. *nod* This was super fun tho! Totally made the rest of my day :D
    EYK Crew! Fighting!
    Totally my new fav kpop group!
    Let me see if i got this right, ahem.
    Martina, Lead rapper
    Simon, Main dancer, vocals
    Leigh, Maknae
    Soozee, Visuals.
    Is this correct?

  58. Carly Barrow Billings

    Nailed it.

  59. The level of awesome in this video is too dang high!

  60. My illegible name is Synnøve Øverby ;) in case ya wanna C/P and get the ø in there :P

    Now, to watch the video :o Reading blog posts first, ftw!

  61. Tiara Sune

    Great way to give a shout out. I still think “Milkshake” by 4Minute will forever be my favorite April Fool’s KPop Music Monday, but this is a close second. As for Rebecca Black’s “Friday” yes it is a ridiculous song but I bet you might change you mind if you look up Scott Bradlee’s version.

  62. kekeke. I envy you guys! It seems like you have SO much fun “working.” I know the editing and uploading must be a chore sometimes, but you get to work while cuddling with Spudgy and/or Meemers! Heaven! Thanks for always making me giggle!

  63. This is bad guys, really bad. But I laughed so hard I felt !
    Thank you for this awesome video ; I wasn’t in a good mood but thanks to you now I have a smile all over my face

  64. Honestly I’m sad right now since it’s still 31 March here and I was expecting MBLAQ to be reviewed T-T
    but I still love you guys and will stick around… enjoy april fools!

  65. Cis

    Thank you for the wonderfull funny video <3

  66. That girl at 6:08 was hot!

  67. This was bad, guiz. Not going to lie. Worse than Beastie Boys.

  68. This was hilarious. Love everything you guys do even if it’s a prank lol

  69. I knew it!!! this gotta be a troll.. but I succeeded though!! i finished the whole video!! Even though I almost died from cheesiness.. Happy April Fools Day to y’all.. Peace out!!

  70. EYK’s got my vote for the MAMA 2014 “Discovery of the Year” award! Cheesy as you are, you guys are a scream and love what you do. P.S. I give the English rhymes a 2 out of 5!

  71. I wish this had english subtitles… my english is still not perfect and it’s a little difficult to understand :(
    but either way, I loved this!! <3

  72. This seems like something that Michael Scott from the Office would do

  73. And as of April 1st 2014, Netizens all over the internet are confused by the arrival of a new Kpop band. Their concept seems to be 80′s revival, with a touch of old-school rap, but includes at the same time traditional Kpop features such as the dubstep dance breakdown with a high use of symbolism in both the video and lyrics. What does this bode for the future of Kpop? Are vintage concepts the next trend? Will berets and furry white jackets become The Thing To Have this spring for fashionable girls (or… er… men?) Stay tuned to find out!

  74. Molly

    Wait…you mean those WEREN’T professional musicians disguised as you guys??!!?

  75. This was amazing, it looks just like an 80′s mv XD

    Great job guys! ^o^

  76. guys it hurts XD it hurts so much, oh the cheesy.

  77. Hahaha, oh my god! This is amazing! :D

    Also, have you guise talked about the evil room yet? I got reminded of it in the video.

  78. Ohmygosh so much brilliance! I am in awe at how you guise always manage to one-up yourselves! Bravo, you deserve a Golden Spudgy! :D

  79. KATHyphenTUN

    Gaaaah stop trolling me!!! I’ve been waiting to see what is behind that door for sooooo loooooong TT.TT

  80. I watched it. It was terrible. XDDD Happy April Fool’s!

  81. Aaron Ho

    That’s some sick rhymes ya busting out yo

  82. Leanne Cain

    Oh my god, only you guys could make me laugh with this

  83. You guys are so shameless, this MV is amazing!!! you didn’t got me ’cause is still 03/31 in my country. Thank you for make me smile (like you always do)
    and congrats for the 500.000 subscribers >.<

  84. That was absolutely horrible. I loved it. You guys were like the Beastie Boys except with more estrogen and 98% less talent. All you needed was the fisheye lens. I know Simon had to repress his inner gangsta in order to not show Martina up. It’s okay bro, we all know you’re really a white Rakim in disguise. Thank you for this Based God.

    And btw, you still haven’t done a video about the magical evil haunted room. Is it actually evil…or simply a broom closet? The public needs to know.

  85. For this week’s Kpop Music Monday, we’re reviewing rookie group, EYK Crew, who just released their new song “We’re Massive Trolls”.

    ~The song~
    We were surprised to see that this group takes the usual Kpop format (singing with a rap breakdown) and reverses it. Members Simon and Martina make an awesome rap duo, and brought some fabulous talent to the stage with their brilliant, cringe-inducing rapping. However, what is up with Kpop groups and their breakdowns? Was that singing in the middle really necessary? Don’t get us wrong, we can’t sing, but heck! That Simon guy… What were the composers at YouTube Entertainment thinking? And they had to pair it with a random bit of accordion/piano too. It was obvious that Martina was faking playing that in the video, am I right? I mean, no way could a Kpop Idol be that talented. How absurb.

    ~The Music Video~
    Huzzah for no box sets! EYK Crew were set free to roam around a studio! It made for a fun video and we got a little insight into their lives! We did some research, and apparently the theme behind this video was “screw you haters leaving nasty comments” and “APRIL FOOL’S MOTHER SHNUCKERRRRS!” I must say, it was rather fun. Soo Zee and Leigh make great back-up dancers/visuals. It’s kind of a shame that they didn’t really get any lines in the song, though… YouTube Ent must have deemed them not ready yet. We’ll be anticipating their future songs. Apparently there are also two more members in the group – Spudgy and Meemers. However, rumours have it that both are in the hospital. Apparently Spudgy got into an accident whilst peeing in the Cave and Meemers overdosed on plants. We hope for their recovery!

    ~The dance~
    We love this dance! EYK Crew have an awesome choreography and are totally skilled! That cheesiness – what more could you want?! Perhaps some hip thrusting could have been added, but maybe their were trying to play it safe with their debut.

    ~The English~
    We give the English in this song a 5/5! Well… it should be… Considering half of the members are native English speakers. The others are fluent in Korean, Cat and Dog, so I’ve heard. How multicultural!

    ~The Showdown~
    This week, we’re putting EYK Crew’s “We’re Massive Trolls” up against MBLAQ’s “Cry” for the best “cringeworthy cheesiness that we adore!” Cast your votes in the comment section below, or on the poll on our site. Also, we’ll be giving away free troll masks! All you have to do is subscribe to us, give this video a thumbs up, and share it with your friends! We’ll annouce the winners next week. Take it away, fellow replying Nasties!

    Hahahahahahah you guys I totally loved this KMM! And just to clarify: this whole post is a joke. I don’t mean ANY of the insults that I’ve written, of course! So please don’t take it that way :) It’s all in good fun!

  86. After a year of waiting…I am so happy. And thank you for mis-pronouncing my last name (not said sarcastically — It’s Fag-GET so…yeah, thank you for not letting me be teased by your half a million subbies). Watching you guise grow over the last year and seeing how much you’ve done over that time makes me feel like this is the best money I’ve spent in a while. My daughter and I will be nasties forever…OMG, please don’t call Child Protective Services!

  87. Those rhymes though…You guys are hilarious :D This is totally awesome!

  88. You guys are so sweet.,, to your fans and each other … my hubby and I wish we could have best friends like you….love your vids…

  89. Cyber_3

    I was able to watch this entire video without tuning out – I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!!!!!?
    LOL! Not ready to be fooled at lunch on March 31rst.

  90. y u do dis

  91. I didn’t think it was that bad…bah! April Fools it was horrible!… Horribly funny that is. I laughed so hard at those rhymes I almost got caught watching it at work. Ya’ll are the best.

  92. Kristina Yuki Jambrek

    Thank God I read the blog post first. It was awesome!

  93. Yooooo dawwwgh! This is MAH JAM! Woahh I can’t..even…It’s even better than every record Atmosphere and Sadistik released.. combined!
    I’m totally gonna share this with all mah homiez in da YG-hood considering that they know that “Not bad being bad but bad being good you know”
    Mad props sons!

    • Okay. That was way more cringe-inducing than their video…and I mean that in the best way possible :) I loved this comment! Had me rolling around on the floor in tears and laugher.

  94. You pronounced my last name correctly. IT WAZ TEH AWSUM. No, but seriously, people have such a hard time with it. Maybe because I have lived in California all my life. I have told people for years to think French when they see it. Thanks Quebec grandpa for your name!

  95. I don’t know what you guys are talking about, that was awesome. Genuinely awesome =)

  96. Hahahaha I don’t even know why I watched the whole video. xD But you know. It was kinda funny though, seeing you guys rapping awkwardly. :P
    I did enjoy the studio tour and I was laughing my ass off seeing Leigh carrying the laptop with a camera on it. xD Looked so funny! : >

    S&M you tried ! (y) :D

  97. What a marvelous way to wake up! Such powerful rapping and dancing my mouth hung ajar in awe the entire time. I am honored to be a subscriber and to be able to witness this majesty. Thank you. -raps-thank you thank you thank you for the vide..oo…

  98. That was bad. Funny bad, hilarious bad. Could not stop watching!!!! You guise are AWESOME!!!!!

  99. I watched this video when a leaf blower dude was blowing leaves away outside, added a lovely touch to the song?

  100. You inspired my daughter to do cheesy dance moves and also for some reason to attempt armpit farts in time to the rap.

  101. Starsania

    XD Dang April fools! You got me cause I wasn’t expecting it on the 31st.. It gave me smiles though!

  102. i’ll do a deep review of all the symbolism in this song and the video! it’s so meaningful… imma cry.. i need a day to reflect on this… so beautiful… i didn’t think anything would beat “Simon’s Box” but…. this is… batootiful
    buut… This is like the best thing ever XD so fun! Just so you know! if i ever do presentation or something about you… this will be the opening xD but first i will write the essay on this symbolic video! when does it have to be done? Spudgy-sensei?

  103. With tears in my eyes and wonderment in my midst, I have finally seen The Most Moving, Amazing, Nothing can top it music video. Now I have to wonder, what will I do with the rest of my life? Nothing, I mean nothing can top this!

  104. Seriously the best video, I could not stop laughing. :D

  105. That was so cringe-inducing in the best kind of way.

    And let it be said: You just topped last year’s 4Minute KMM prank with this one.

  106. April fools in korea so far has been redic. Its only been one hour and thrity four minutes and its already happened to me like 8 time.

    This video was flippin amazing tho. I think those who donated will be very happy with these high quality gangsta rap shout outs. Y’all should hit thehongdae underground scene
    Step aside Zico

  107. THIS BETTER NOT BE AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE. (It is april 1 in e. Asia rn)

  108. omg! my poor ears!!! haha jk :)

  109. Krista Gibbs-Castillo
    Krista Gibbs-Castillo

    That’s all I can say. That was… special. You guise got me though! I was very concerned for a moment. Lol!

  110. This video sounded cheesy no, it wasn’t very easy… :0 *CRINGES*

  111. OMG this is the greatest song I’ve ever heard! I’m an executive producer at a big label record company and I’ll be in contact to sign you because you guise should seriously consider quitting your day jobs and becoming musicians! :D
    *Ahem* April Fool’s *cough* *cough*

  112. I’m…. concerned xD
    (and I need subs, I don’t understand a thing…)

  113. Can’t stop rewatching. Best music video ever! <3

  114. This video made me laugh so hard. I had a feeling it was a prank! XDD

  115. Cringeworthy but funny! Hahahaha it’s not April Foolls day for me yet.

  116. å herregud (OMG) i feel like i should get a cookie for watching all that^^ but brilliant use of “how the F shall we make a shout out video to all these people” by combinding it into the april fools joke video^^ Still love you guys (even though that video got me a headache) XD

  117. Got home from a long shift in work, decided to get cosy and see what EYK has been up to.

    I did not see my day ending this way. I… I love it.

  118. You guys should watch Rebecca Black reacting to her own song Friday XD

    Anyway, this was hilarious. I survived it without even knowing it!

  119. Oh I love it. As cringeworthy as it is, I love it.

  120. This is so deep. I just can’t contain it. You guise, why did you do this to me D’:

  121. Anyone who’s been on twitter in the last hour or so probably knew this was coming!
    It’s not even the first in some places, but everybody’s trolling and getting trolled lol

  122. LOL oh goodness. That rap. So beautiful.

  123. I didnt get the video until I thought wait, its already april fools day in Korea

  124. Needed this today (craptastic day). You guys are too hard on yourselves; this was hilarious. :)

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