Woot woot! This week we’re talking about Xia’s “Incredible” for Kpop Music Monday and we’re giving away THREE CDs! But first, check out Xia’s video if you haven’t seen it yet:


And, Junsu, don’t think I didn’t notice you rolling down your sexy window. Just…why would you do that alone in a bedroom when all the hunnies are outside. I would be happy if you did it with people around, which would then be the ultimate confirmation of its effectiveness as a move to pick up the ladies, but instead, you do it alone in your bedroom? What’s that about?

Junsu Rolling Windows

But, seriously though: I’m a bit surprised by the Sasaeng-esque scene. Junsu’s got some of the worst history with crazy fans trying to break in and take pictures of him. Doesn’t this scene with the girl tangled in the window curtains kinda look like that, though? Is Junsu unaware of the similarities? Or is he trying to own it, in a way, by depicting it in a less negative light? I’m not sure. It just seems like encouragement to Sasaengs, in a way. You can creep around Junsu’s windows, and then he’ll take you to bed. Then…he might take two other girls into bed with you as well, but – HELL! – it’s Junsu! Just accept the…foursome.

Side note: at the 1:36 mark, did you see how Junsu was with the girl? He grabs her wrists with a really frantic urgency. Did anyone else notice that? It didn’t seem like sensual acting. It was like “UGGH I WANT YOU NAO!” No? Look at it again. Maybe Junsu’s just a really good actor, but we noticed that small detail. Another detail we didn’t mention: who turns on a fireplace during a summer party? I don’t think you need the extra heat. It’s already hot as hell wherever you are, I’m sure. That’s why people are walking around shirtless. Having the fireplace on is just…bizarre.

One lat thing: the two of us disagreed on this when we were looking over the English of the chorus. It seems like it kinda…gives up, no? “You got me singing, you got me screaming” sound like statements of intense interest, but then it fizzles off with “You…something something.” What’s that mean? It seems so disinterested. Like “You, umm, something something I don’t know shut up I’m watching the game get out of the way of the TEEVEE!” No? Or does it mean something else?

Also, now that Facebook isn’t allowing for polls anymore (boo to that!) we’re going to have the polls here in the blog posts. Yay! They’ve even got fancy pants animations with them. Oooh!


The poll is now closed~


So leave your vote, and we’ll announce the winners next week, along with the winners of the

Xia “Incredible” CD Giveaway

Damn, these CDs are huge! Like, the size of your head huge. You want one, don’t you? Usually we do one CD for a giveaway, but today we’re giving away THREE! If you want one, here’s what you gotta do:

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And, lastly, if you feel like seeing some extra scenes of Fangurilla that we cut out from Music Monday, you can check them out in this week’s Bloopers, here:


  1. junsus favorite fruit is a banana!

  2. If you don’t know that Junsu’s favorite fruit (according to eyk) is the banana you can’t possibly be a true nasty. Two hundred push-ups NOW!

  3. junsu’s favorite fruit is BANANAS!!!

  4. Xia’s favorite fruit are bananas!

  5. Xxxia Junsu’s favourite fruit is undoubtedly the BANANA!!!
    I said this sh*t is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!
    Couldn’t help it ;P


  7. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Ba-ba- bananas. They are the junsu’s beloved fruit and he would do anything to get his hand on a banana. Oh you so nasty!

    yt: soxxy22

  8. What is Junsu’s favorite fruit?

  9. left the livechat halfway because I had to study for my first korean test! after 4 hours of level 1 korean, I have 120 korean words to memorize for a test. Leigh was right about korean lessons being tough ): I can hardly remember the alphabet, let alone words T.T Hopefully I get a CD this time round! Failed to get a CD when you guys had the giveaway. His favourite fruit (well its actually SIMON’S FAVOURITE but yknow junsu channels simon because he is so NASTYYYYY) is a very rubbable banana! and yes rubbable is a word!! I invented it!

  10. According to Simon and Martina, Junsu’s favorite fruit is the gloriously wonderful BIG, FAAAAT, JUICY, THICK, OOOOH YOU SO NASTY BANANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Love the taste!

  11. Junsu believes Bananas are INcredible..just like this song :)
    I was watching most of the chat live…just didn’t get here right away..darn grown-up responsibilities.

  12. According to Simon and Martina, Junsu’s favorite fruit is the gloriously wonderful BIG, FAAAAT, JUICY, THICK, OOOOH YOU SO NASTY BANANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Love the taste!

    ooooo you so nasty XD
    Can’t wait to see you in Melbourne I’m so excited to meet you :P
    haha tried to learn his dance and failed :/

  14. BANANAS, of course, are the fruit that Kim Junsu (A.K.A. Xia) cannot get enough of, nor can he stop rubbing them. It is a sad but all too common story, as a young boy his mother thought it was a passing phase but as he grew into adult hood she realized her mistake. Now as an adult he has tried to hide his habit from the world. Woefully, he has failed. When he entered Banana Rubbing Rehab (Brr) last year his fans were devastated, but quickly rallied around their beloved idol sending messages of love and support. There were the haters, who sent bananas, but they were not allowed to reach Xia.

    Now, a year out and we are happy to report that Junsu is well on his way to recovery, and has not rubbed a banana in over 12 months. Let us all hope and pray that he will not fall off the wagon and fall back into the rubbing world again.

    Let us also hope that I can win this stinkin CD.

  15. Junsu loves bananas and he thinks they’re INCREDIBLE just like this MV!

  16. Xia favourite fruit is banana according to you guys

  17. fav fruit – BANANAS if you know what I mean ;)

  18. his favorite fruite according you guys is bananna

  19. Now everyone’s gonna yell out Bananas!!!!! Lol ^o^

  20. Kiss and touch me rub my… BANANAS…

  21. BANANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. BANANAS!
    Sexy, sexy bananas!

  23. Kiss and touch me, rub my BANANAs!! Bananas 4LYF!

  24. He even wants to rub his banana :D

  25. Bananas (you should always rub them otherwise they get sad)

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