YES! We didn’t think that Junsu would be able to stay on top of the KpopCharts for two weeks, considering how we couldn’t do a Music Monday last week since we were at the Google Kpop Concert, but Tarantallegra kept the top spot. WOOT! If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Junsu’s video in all its artsy sexual glory:


For starters, some of you might be wondering about the change of scenery. We’re in Canada until June 18th. Yay! We won’t be posting as many videos as we usually post, since we’re trying to kinda be on vacation with our families and what not, but we can’t give up on Music Mondays. Of course not! It’s a bit difficult trying to film them here, though, since we don’t have all of our equipment with us: namely, our lighting. So we had to rely on the sun, which is really, really bright. Ah!

Ok, enough about us, more about the video. Is anyone else really taken aback by this? Not in a bad way, but in a really surprised way? I guess we shouldn’t be surprised because Junsu’s last music video for INNNNNTOOOOXIICATIIOOONN was a jaw droopingly awesome sexy video. This video surprised though, for a few reasons. First, the back up dancers were really diverse in both race and size and that is really realllllly rare to see in a kpop video. I really can’t think of any other Korean music video that had such curvy ladies and brawny guys. There’s usually a uniformity in size and shape, but this video offered us a different approach to sexy backup dancers. Seriously! Most backup dancers are just…backup; not the centre of attention, but a lot of the focus on this video was on these dancers. We loved it!

Secondly, this video was very sexy but it also oozed of an eroticism and sexuality we can appreciate. Not that we appreciate sexy hoses, but we can appreciate the artsiness of it. Have you ever gone to see a play at an art school and the people on stage are doing weird things, like licking each other or fondling each others bodies but doing so while dressed up like purple swans and it’s both sexy but also not sexy? Yeah…I totally wasn’t repeating that from experience *blank stare to computer* Well that’s how I felt watching this video. It was like, yes, Junsu and his dancers are being sexual and touching, but it wasn’t in such a way that was for the sole purpose of making fangirls and fanboys drool at the camera. OH OH! I just thought of another example. One of my favourite music videos ever is Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” Although they are wearing underwear and dancing, there is an emotional rawness present in their very artistic dancing and rolling on the floor as they bang their fists to “I DON’T WANNNNNA BE FRIENNNDSSS.” For us, it injects more meaning into their sexiness than just “I’m hot”. Know what I’m saying here?

Moving along…the third thing we really like about this video is that Junsu is very comfortable with playing around with gender roles and highlighting androgyny. It’s a concept that I think Japan seems very comfortable while Korea only uses it as a joke, like as a special concert event or on a variety show. I don’t think Junsu takes this concept as a joke. There’s nothing really humorous about what he’s doing here. I think he embraces it and takes it seriously, and it’s something we’re not used to seeing in Kpop.

All in all, this video will get banned like there’s no tomorrow, but we’re really happy that Junsu made it anyways. If you’re as big a fan of it as we are, pick up the song via iTunes or get the physical album with a super sexy poster via YesAsia. Boom! And, of course, we’ve got bloopers as always, including some photobombing by the Spudgy and a huge rant on bananas. KEES AND TOUCH ME! RUB MY BANANAS!


  1. taigahime

    OMG the ‘Honey Sempi’ totally had me cracking up!

  2. Lol lol lol! Martina’s audition tape and her attempt to cut Simon off before he got nasty. Btw, I totally agree about having a variety of backup dancers. It’s nice to see a Kpop artist showcasing the attractiveness of thicker girls. This was so hot :)

  3. Arrow to the knee
    12 sided die
    Team Jacob
    The cake is a lie
    Honey senpai
    Silver parachutes
    Tardid legolas
    Dothraki man waaaarrior!

  4. Speaking of nerdgasms, hows about Jokwon? Whoda thought ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ would ever make a catchy tune?!!!

  5. kay i know the mv’s all artsy and everything….but does anyone know what it means?

  6. I may be a bit late, but the rapper is Korean American, which is why he sounds so… Black? :D Flowsick from awesome Asian American group Aziatix. And although I love Rain, I must vote for Junsu.

  7. I don’t think its meant to be a “snowy scene”, it seems more post-apocalyptic to me with the rubble and the smashed windows.
    The part of me that reads too much into music videos says: *putsonsuperiorsmartypantsbritishaccent* ahem…
    This post-apocalyptic styling represents Junsu surviving the split from Dbsk, SM’s machinations, and having to labor under the weight of not being allowed to appear on any of the charts or music shows. The throne Junsu sits upon shows him rising to the top through all the hardships and stumbling blocks and represents his sovereignty over his life and musical endeavors and the fact that he is still super successful. It says to SM that Junsu is still king of the hill, they haven’t been able to knock him off yet.
    Furthermore, I *isyankedawaybylargeshepherdscrook*

  8. WAIT!!!!!
    Did Simon just say ” HONEY SENPAI ” ??????!!!

    Do @simonandmartina:disqus read “Ouran High School Host Club”, a manga by Bisco Hatori??

  9. Just so you know…I think Harry Potter spells are all the rage. One of the song title’s for Jo Kwon’s new solo album is Wingardium Leviosa. :)

  10. Simon or Martina, or both, have you ever been to Cape Breton, in Nova Scotia, you know… It’s beautiful there, but I think South Korea might be a little bit better. Back to my question, have you ever been to Cape Breton? If so, where in Cape Breton?

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1VfpFM1Gr8

    Basically the same thing XD I like to think of them as two different interpretations of the same event. 

  12. YO. DIS TIE. C’MON! C’MON!

  13. lol…okay Is it just me or is the backup rapping FLOWSIK?

  14. regarding the “snow” scene… well, it’s just a feeling, but maybe it’s not snow… it could be volcanic dust, don’t you think?… snow should be whiter, while this is grey… I don’t know, just saying :) 

  15. I get the LAB!! It’s the potions room and, of course, polyjuice potion makes him into the other characters. Whoo! 

  16. rainism all the way (:

  17. I vote for Rain. :D and you guys should review monster by bigbang

  18. so i read that junsu is dressed as a girl somewhere in this video?

  19. I love that this video is different from others.
    When I first saw it, I agree that this video is a mix of Lady Gaga and some pop, accommodating to the music that further strengthens the Hallyu Wave and I love the use of mixed culture back up dancers, I think that both factors will appeal to a wider audience.
    I could go on a whole rant of this video but i’ll keep it very short.

    I vote for Tarantallegra :)

  20. Voting for Junsu…

    caught so many different references and seen so many different interpretations of his MV.

    Looks like C-Jes made the whole ambiguity (think i spelt that wrong) thing a success :D

    Oh, and I’m really really really glad that the comments are thoughtful instead of things like

    “OMG JUNSU<3"




  21. Awesome! Happy Times in Canadia guys!!

  22. tough choice, but I will go for Junsu.. yeay…

  23. Definitely RAINISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. i vote for Rain

  25. I liked the video but it woudl TOTALLY have to be Rain, in Rainism, heck I still do that while driving in my car… you should see the looks I get at red lights >.>

  26. I Choose The Vote Is Xia – Tarantallegra It’s Cool From JYJ But I Like Him So Much <3

  27. Junsu is definitely an ass man lol Those back-up dancers were beautiful! This was such a creative video, different from the norm! Love it, it was so on point!

  28. i vote xia

  29. I appreciate your defence of how articulation works, but I thought it might interest you to know that it’s possible to make something that sounds approximately like a /m/ using your lip and teeth. People with severe overbites/underbites or who can’t bring their lips together due to other deformities sometimes use this to compensate and make a perceptually acceptable /m/. But that’s not what’s going on here and he is just saying saying tie… Maybe it’s a further symptom/subtype of FJS? 

    • Wow…studying medicine? (wish i was smart enough to do that btw)

      but i think its just…the lyrics do say time…

      its just when they film the music video, they only lip sync and keeping the lips open looks more aesthetically pleasing if you get what I mean ;)

      • Actually, I’m studying to be a speech and language therapist (aka speech and language pathologist).

        And I expect you’re right that it’s to do with aesthetics but then they’re going to have to put up with pedantic people complaining about poor lip synching! It annoys me soooo much when lips don’t match up to what’s being said.

  30. I vote for Junsu.

  31. Vote for…… XIA JUNSU~~~~~~

  32. I vote for Rain. Come on, he’s like the original sexy man-groping dance machine. Not to mention he won allkpop’s Best Male Dancer Competition. So yeah, Rain and Rainism. He make it rainism, the rainism~~

  33. I prefer Rains Rainism because Rain has soo many sexy epic dance moves in his video and he is such a badass in the mv…raindrops form his body how epic is that? Walking around knocking some scary people out just with his sexy aura without touching them…epic! More over his dancemoves are provocative in as sensual way which I just personally prefer over Junsu´s mv which is also awesome but too hardcore for my liking :)

  34. of course RAIN …never liked xia …he makes me feel uneasy and uncomfortable looking at him ..he is confusing ..do not see him as sexy or hot while doing sexy stuff…. the song i liked the beggining and the rap ..the autotune voice in between not so much …. 
    RAIN MY FIRST KPOP BIAS   i miss u rain !!!

  35. I forgot to vote, but I think Junsu gets my vote for this one~

  36. I was actually kind of disppointed by the video. For the most part it was awesome, but then they pulled out the Sexy Gyrating Harem… It totally distracted me from the awesome and left me a bit uncomfortable. :/

  37. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋso funny

  38. comon u guys! SJ’s opera came out and u didnt review it!! plz review!

  39. I vote for Junsu. As much as I LOVE Rainism (this song is like… mythic, right ?) I can’t not vote for Junsu because he really blew my mind in this MV.
    I know many people felt uncomfortable with the character Junsu is pulling off in this short artpiece, but as for me, I was totally mesmerized. Here’s my interpretation of it. I know it’s probably not the official one but I don’t care, what’s interesting is to discover different ways to one work.

    Junsu is like a fantastic “creature”, a demon or a spirit, inducing you into dancing. “It” casts a spell on you and you’re doomed, you can’t escape, you’re enslaved. Xia is a mystic creature, both man and woman, human and beast (look at him when he’s lying in wait for a prey), all the shapes and colours, it’s both your worst nightmare and your most luscious fantasy… Xia seizes you and never lets go. Sweet torture.

  40. Haha your review was awesome ! I loved the “Simon-Xia” part, I knew bananas would find their way into your video. It had to. ^^
    But please ! No linguistics lesson here ! I’ve just finished my final exams in university (English major – I’m French BTW) and I was soooo fed up with all the bilabial, approximant, fricative, palato-alveolar consonants and whatever there is… I thus decided to defy the rules and always say “time” without my lips touching ! Okay, bad idea. Junsu, wha are you doing to me ?

  41. rainism all the way! i perfer rain cuz xia junsu makes me feel uncomfrotable…

  42. Crazy by x-cross !! this song is amazing 

  43. YOU’RE IN CANADA RIGHT NOW! I can tell from the suspicious amount of backyard in this video so don’t deny it! Can you pleaseee do a Canada fan meet for all your fans in the GTA??? Especially for your fellow Etobicoke-heads!! (Martina looking at youuu)

  44. Holy cow Martina! You’re right! The back up dancers do have curves! :D It’s nice to see some average sized curvy girls in the music videos for once! However i think i know why they are so curvy, i don’t think any of them are Korean :/

  45. I appreciate Junsu’s attempt at being artistic, and using his banishment to the best of his ability, but being artistic must have purpose.  What does the androgyny have to with the song “Tarantallegra?” I wish that the artsy aspects were used to say something (whatever that may be) rather than be something used to emulate the “musical style,” or simply to take advantage of the freedom to be “artistic.”  If anyone has an answer to the purpose of Junsu’s take on “artistic freedom,” I’d love to hear it.

    • I wish S and M explored the lyrics a little in the video (but seeing as they usually don’t unless the English is contradicting to the Korean lyrics), I advise you look them up.

      The song itself speaks, literally, about music. At some point it mentions how it all sounds the same and follows the same standard… Relaying this to the music video, I think some of what he does is a play off what is traditionally seen (gender crossovers, sad females) versus how he is setting his own standard (curvaceous women, explicit erotic themes). Hope this makes sense ^^

      Also, in regards to his name, he stated himself: “Xia is my identity and the word includes everything about my identity…. I haven’t been changed for the last 8 years so using the name Xia is natural. I didn’t think that much about my name. I don’t mind which name my fans call me among Junsu, Kim Junsu, Xia, and Xia Junsu.” He added, “I use Xia when I give my autograph. I’ve never changed my autograph either. My situation has been changed but myself hasn’t been changed at all. That’s why I named my album Xia.”Source [Omona They Didnt]: http://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/tag/xiah%20%2F%20kim%20junsu#ixzz1wNJmG8nR

      • I guess that in some ways you can call it an expression of musical freedom, but it almost airs on the side of excessive.  The music video is undoubtedly creative, and I have no problem with the exploration of the many themes found in the mv itself, but I find a very weak connection between that and the song.  I did look up the lyrics, and it talks about the freedom of music as music; the ability to just let go in the presence of this unifying entity.  Unless he is saying that the music gives him the freedom to exist in androgynous state and fit models of existence that are not accepted in Korean society.  If this were the case, the song does fit, but not as wonderfully as if the song had better lyrics. 
        Maybe a better way of saying what I mean is that Junsu is trying too hard to be artistic. Some elements would be nice, but randomly inserting certain scenes (“Girl-Junsu” only exists for a second or two) takes away from the overall impact of the song. 
        About the name “Xia” : I did read that article/comment, but that doesn’t explain why he dropped the “h.”  If you look at his autographs before, the “h” was included.  http://hanleidbsk.wordpress.com/2009/09/07/junsus-autograph/but not anymore.  I was just curious as to whether he is prohibited from using the name “Xiah” but can use “Xia.”  If there is no banning involved, why the change, and why would he state that he “didn’t change his autograph”?

        • I heard he dropped the “h” due to copyright SM has for the name “XiaH”
          but anyway with or without “h” his name’s pronounced the same :)

        • Haibara Christie

          I had a feeling that this would be the reason -___-  

          Thanks for the info.

        • Followingfacts

          About the androgynous theme, someone’s mentioned it before, but its shown most clearly in the part where the backup dancers are behind him and do the eight arms thingy? Yeah, its supposed to represent the god Kali, who is neither man or woman…

          look it up on Wikipedia. A lot of the stuff in the MV is related to the myths and cultures of a lot of different places…

        • Haibara Christie

          It may represent Kali, but as a Hindu myself, that is a really strange use for a symbol from very conservative religious society.  All Hindu “gods” (sorry, that term gets complicated in Hinduism–god “forms” would be better) have this male/female combination to show the importance of a single “god” spirit and the equality of man and woman and of all existence in the great “god force/spirit” that is Iswara.  I don’t think that it has any sexual reference/connotation as it probably does in the mv. (not that it is wrong.) 

          But Followingfacts, I find it quite interesting that he has used various culture’s symbols and I didn’t know about it until you mentioned it.  (Thanks btw.) However, I was trying to find a strong reason of why it was there–what is its purpose in the context of the song?

  46. Ban everything, huh? And this is just Junsu; our once innocent Junsu~ (Well, he still is…) Let’s wait for Jae’s and Chun’s solo’s to come out. Oh wait, won’t they ban it even before they start planning to? Oh, South Korea.

    • I would LOVE to see a Rock/Alternative Album from Jae, but I don’t think it will ever happen, seeing his current progression in style.  I unfortunately don’t think Chun could survive a solo debut, because he doesn’t have the singing ability needed to hold on his own.  Especially with all the banning JYJ has been getting from all the music shows, they need amazing singing to sell albums (which they have as a group)…since they have no way to promote the song visually outside of a music video. Though Yoochun is decent, he is no where near Junsu, or even Jae (Smoking did not help); however, we could have another Jaechun release…

  47. Yea, they’ll be banned even if they sneeze on tv. It will be written BAN on that sneezing. sob..sob…

    But, like your tshirt says it: VIVA LA XIAH!!!

  48. Bananallegra ♫ hahahaha

    Junsu FTW! JYJ FTW! 

  49. I vote JUNSU! Love his A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E and yeahhh he’s banned anyway so who cares, just do it the XIA-way!!!!

  50. kawaii_candie

    holy shit, this video was hot!!!!!

    never really been a Xiah fan before… and always kinda thought he was one of the “less attractive ones” in DBSK, but holy shit… (sorry for all the swearing haha) i hope he keeps the blond hair and guyliner! it suits him so well!  and the dancing really had me glued to the screen… it was a really good dance, and i totally get what you’re saying that it was sexy without being like hey, look at me, i’m trying to be sexy’. somehow i’m not a huge fan of the chorus, but it was a pretty good song nonetheless.

    i am super impressed with the whole thing. well done Junsu, well done.

  51. oh gosh! Junsu or Rain I can’t choose T_T can I choose both? :D

  52. since what they do is very limited in their own country, might as well do something really really out of their comfort zone and bannable. at least there’s internet n fans can still watch it. so long sucka~

  53. I vote for Xia. Loved the video!! :)

  54. RAINISM RAINISM….ah sorry, yeah my vote goes for Bi >.>

  55.  omg you guys brighten up my day! :D eeeennnnttooooxxxicashun and i choose rainism

  56. I like junsu he has a great voice and is a great artist, but he is competing with non other than Rain, so I must say:

    My vote is for RAIN-RAINISM

    whe he said “I’m gonna be a bad boy” he meant it u.u haha! there is noone in Kpop that can beat that awesome man and his magic stick xD

  57. voting for JUNSU!!!!

  58. I vote for Junsu even if he is dancing with hoses and cannot put the lips together to pronounce time!  

  59.  From Rain, the first Kpop singer I’d ever heard way back when to Xia Junsu….going with JUNSU, he was amazing, bold and brave with “Tarantallegra.”

  60. Martina, here’s an interpretation on the many hoses scene (taken fr http://lylisia.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/tarantallegra-what-music-would-you-listen-to/ )
    I quite agree with her interpretation ^^

    “In the opening scene where he sits on the throne, the vibe that Junsu
    gives off is that of a dominating figure who is above all. However, he
    is also heavily bounded – here come the second (and I think the better)
    interpretation of the spider/web scene. Junsu is limited by himself,
    because of his extant image as an idol and a public figure, there are
    things he could not say in words or in his music. As those dancers strip
    him from the web, Junsu is freed from his own bindings; and on his
    face, that commanding look again.”

  61. Guys don’t think I didn’t notice the same backdrop as your Halloween video Simon impersonated GD :P

  62. i think i like Xia tarantallegra better than Rain :) though i also do not understand the whole hose in this video O.o hope you have fun on your vacation!!!!! :D

  63. I figured SM would have the ban hammer down on JYJ no matter what they did (unless it’s bad news, that’s ok for TV), so go Junsu for turning it into an opportunity!

    Conformity is king in Korea so double high five for sticking your neck out there and trying something new.Also felt that Martina should have said something about Flowsik. The first time I heard this song I thought he was an American rapper. His voice tone and English is amazing and then pow! He bursts full flowing into Korean. Soo awesome ^^

    •  Flowsik is Korean-American from New York. You should check out the group he’s part of; Aziatix. Btw, he also did the rapping on Yoochun’s song, ” I Love You” from the “Beginning” album.

  64. If you guys ever interview him, you need to ask what house he’s in.

  65. i ‘ll have to go with RAIN oppa because hes my first Korean bad boy i ever watch kkkk
    but i love junsu too ^^  

  66. This was soo funny. I also like the new change in scenery. Yay EYK! ♥

  67. Sigh, my first kpop love Rain or my favorite kpop singer Junsu?!  How can I choose?  I’ll go by  videos…I liked Tarantallegra better!  

  68. Martina’s hose dance was SO HOT!!! Loved it!  Martina totally should be in one of these sexy MVs. Send it in Martina, do it now!!! <3

  69. LOL! Simon as Junsu: EPIC!

  70. Harry Potter :D

  71. I like Rain too, but I would prefer Junsu right now…. :) He is awesome!

    Its Tardis….
    (major dr who fan)
    AnYwAyS that was just bugging me.

  73. I loved Simons nerd song
    You really are a geek/nerd when you understand EVERY SINGLE PHRASE in that song.

  74. Junsu against Rain?  Argh!  Wae?!

    Okay, sorry.  As much as I really like Junsu, gotta go with Rain this time.

    Darn it.

  75. Nothing can stop the sexiness overload that is Rain. His dances and songs in general are designed for sexiness. It’s Raining? Come on now. He knows what he was doing there with all that sexy lady breathing. Rainism!!! Bananas can’t compete with the magic stick. You don’t have a choice. The song basically tells you that he won. Case and point.


  76. glad to know i wasn’t the only one who was pleased with the video having NORMAL looking back up dancers!! :D

  77. i never knew curvy ladies could be so damn sexy, those ladies backup dancers are so god damn hot

  78. I liked Xiah music video, but sorry, it can’t beat Rainism D: That was awesome!

  79. i pick junsu. if it was love song vs tarantallegra then i would be more in pickle.

  80. HAHAHAHAHA. I just to agree with everything you guise said. And as for the showdown. It was hard to choose. So I choose both. Does it count?

  81. Well, since JYJ is already kept away from music shows, Junsu might as well use this chance to go all the way, right? :D me gusta.

  82. Xxxxxxiiiiiiaaaaaahhhhhh xD ♥

  83. Xiah and Rain ??? WHY ARE YOU DOIN THIS TO ME ?!?!?

  84. i kinda hpe the KMM will be longer than this one, but more to see how Simon could having fun with it, lol… and yeah.. you didnt even review the song, only the MV, would love to hear what you think of the song =)

    and oh, I love Rain, but like you said, Tarantallegra is a never ever seen before in Kpop, so, i vote for Tarantallegra =)

    and cant wait to see he perform the song here in his concert at Jakarta, woohoo!!!

  85. My vote goes to Rain

  86. Ok at first I was not into it, but then after listening to EKY I thought I need to take a look again, And I love it, I love the mix up of dancer and the creative art that he puts out there, So thumbs up and good job for changing it up and looking damm goood at doing it. Love you guys and keep up the good work of bringing KPOP to everyone and making it soooo dammm funnn.
    spudgy needs to sport black and red checkers,,, GO SPUDGY

  87. Thanks guys! Loved the review, as always.
    My vote goes towards Rain! I still remember the first time I saw that MV… oof.

  88. My vote goes to Junsu~

  89. Why do english speaker can’t pronounce it like sshia if he says “shhiiiiiaahh” in the beggining of the video?  Not complaining just wondering…
    If you’d like to learn another lesson in portuguese: in portuguese the “x” NEVER sounds like “ics” or “x”. It sounds like “sh” or “ss” and even “z”. For example “xícara” means cup and you pronounce it like ” ‘shikara “. So you don’t need to weird it out, it’s just ssshiaaaaaaaahh.

    • They know how it’s really pronounced they just mispronounce it on purpose as a joke…nothing to do with being an English speaker.  Kinda like how they say Batoost for Beast or Bilasa for B1A4 or Foto Island for FT Island :D

  90. Fan girls may kill me, but I got bored during Rainism.  I liked 
    Tarantallegra much better, so I vote for Junsu.

  91. I vote for Rain !!! junsu mv is sexy and all but… I think Rain is sexier hehe

  92. Welcome back!  Martina, your comments on the foreign dancers was spot on!  I also was overjoyed, and a little shocked, at seeing “normal sized” girls dancing in the background.  They definitely were not the “Korean” ideal, so I wonder if Junsu and his production company is giving a nod to his international fan base by doing such a thing?  This was a very impressive and “forward” music video on many levels.

  93. HOW COULD YOU DOUBT JUNSU WOULD MAKE IT?! OMGsun! People with no faith! xD
    And I agree with you totally~ the video is amazing! Also the whole JYJ knows they will be banned whatever they do… xD so they might as well do what they really want to. ;D I really love what he did with this video. When I first saw the dancers… i was like “OMG!!! Junsu could HIDE behind her one thigh!” O___O  I’m so proud of them, trying new things and not being xenophobic and playing with different concepts and playing with their sexuality~ MRAU~
    But omg… between Junsu and Rain… T^T It’s really, really hard… but I think… for the dancers… aaarrrghhh… JUNSU! *goes of to fb to vote*

  94. thank u for reviewing this amazing mv ^^
    my vote is definitely for junsu :))

  95.  O.O  Did Martina said ‘slave’ at the bannishment gag, at the phone? O.o. If u did it, GIRL, YOU HAVE GAINED A DIFFRENT KIND OF RESPECT FROM ME!!!( and now I have in my head  R.E.S.P.E.C.T^^).

    Simon, he doesn’t care of the fire in the chem lab. XiaH is not afraid of dying. HE is DEATH! Dah…XiahDerTod.

  96. thank u for reviewing this amazing mv ^^
    my vote is definitely for junsu :))

  97. thanks for reviewing this amazing mv ^^
    my vote is definitely for junsu :)

  98. Simon, Xiah can’t pronounce the ‘s’ not the x’ ^_^. The other members always makes fun of his pronunciation. And Hyukjae (SuJu Eunhyuk).

  99. Thanks for the review. I actually liked the snow scene b/c I want Junsu’s red dress (too cute)!! I appreciate you pointing out the androgyny. I prefer J-Rock over J-Pop and there is a lot of androgyny (and visual kei) within the Rock scene and it’s always reminded me of glam rock. 

    Loved Tarantallegra, I’m just glad he’s not grinding on the ground like in Intoxication. The dance is awesome, must learn it. 

  100. Well, although I love love luuuuuuve Rain, i’ll go with XiaH cose of the ban thing. And Simon you r nasty for putting these two together! But makes sense. 

  101. …ok. I think JK Rowling is gonna sue somebody. XD

  102. That wig is amazing

  103. I had no idea that the girl was Junsu, it just never occured to me.

  104. Voting for Junsu!!

    Have you guys considered giving Spudgy a bigger role in KPMMs? I think he’d have some valuable insights….

  105. i really love Rain, but Xia definitely got my vote :p

  106. I love your earrings martina

  107. Was it wrong of me to think of Dr. Frank-N-Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show when you said “this video was very sexy but it also oozed of an eroticism and sexuality we can appreciate”? Because…. I totally did. =/

  108. I vote for Junsu’s Tarantallegra, loved the artistic feel to it.

  109. Music video was cool in many ways as you say,nice touch with the rapper as well. Maybe it was just me but the chorus was just him spamming the word tarantallegra with autotune not that great sorry!

  110. I VOTE FOR JUNSU!!!!

  111. So glad this video got the review! Totally love it, but I’m a little sad that Flowsik didn’t get a plug. I know Aziatix isn’t officially kpop, but would love to see your thoughts on their music :) He did such an awesome job on the rap, its too bad he couldn’t have been in the video.

  112. “Have you ever gone to see a play at an art school and the people on stage are doing weird things, like licking each other or fondling each others bodies but doing so while dressed up like purple swans and it’s both sexy but also not sexy?”

     No, and I don’t think I want to see that play….maybe it’s just sounds weirder when u say it?

  113. well, this video may make us think about eroticism once we watch it, but believe me there are thousand messages Junsu wants to convey :)
    so Junsu definitely gets my vote!!

  114. Like getting banned is going to stop Junsu.  It’s officially on JYJ’s to-do list now.  “Wake up, get banned, workout, get banned, record song, get banned, release song, get banned, afternoon tea, get banned, take a shower, go to bed, oh…and get banned again.”  


    If anything, his face totally read “BAN THIS, MOGEF.”

  115. Jun-chan and XiaGra :)

  116. OMG, I’m not the only one who was like “Harry Potter!” as soon as I saw the name of the song! Ha ha!

    I loved the banana rant in the bloopers.  And the Ouran High School Host Club reference (Honey-senpai rocks!).  And once again, this MM video was absolutely great :D  Thank you!

    And for the showdown, Xiah Junsu pwns.

  117. Tarantallegra. (did i even spell that right?)

    Artistic Eroticism over Korean Sexy anyday

  118. oohh xia you so nastaaaaay (and thats why we love you bro)

  119. ‘Rainism’ got my vote!!

  120. No matter how many times I watched the video, during the snow scene he always reminds me of Dante from the Devil May Cry Series :D

  121. Junsu!
    magical sexy dance :)

  122. Haha..you guys need to share Simon’s rap. That was too awesome!

  123. Simon you’re an AWESOME Junsu!  And Martina you’re a SEXY gardener!

    A serious issue now (yet in a fun purpose): please add these videos on the charts before they’re too old (I keep submitting them but it doesn’t work):
    Prepix’ What I see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgl-oajLnDU
    Mighty Mouth’s Bad Boy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3jqfRcW354
    LeSSang’s Har to be humble: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2s0G7bCTAA&ob=av2e

    Thank you!

  124. I love your hair Simon! It seems you are channeling your inner Cloud

  125. Oh gosh, Simon’s crotch dance was priceless – yo so nasty X’D 
    My only criticism towards Tarantallegra was that I felt Junsu’s singing is way too tamed down compared to the strong beat and visuals. The overall harmony of the song wasn’t very stable. Of course it’s just my taste and opinion…The MV completely stunned me because how you mentioned too, I can’t really recall any other Korean entertainer with such an ( Western ) approach to a music video – maybe Ivy’s Touch me but that was more “French Western” ( especially that wig ) lol The general concept of the MV and Junsu’s outfits made me think of him as “the Korean Adam Lambert” – I’m not even sure why, it just came from the bottom of my heart X) Flowsik was a great if not genius idea to include in the song! His deep voice and very American style rapping gave a plus – the full concept altogether showed a rather international charm. Honestly, if Junsu would make a ( well pronounced ) English version, it most likely would get him ( and JYJ ) noticed furthermore in the Western world. Not really as part of or representative of Hallyu but as an “independent” Korean artist. Btw, Martina: I agree, more thighs in Kpop, please! I’m naturally skinny but my ideal of choice are idols with healthy Asian proportions – like CL, Hyorin or Hyomin…Give us some thigh, kpop!!

    Thanks for the reviews and all your other projects! They are very entertaining and I love to watch them!! Have an awesome vacation and don’t push yourself with the videos – what you can do tomorrow, don’t do it today XP

  126. you simon, deserve a banana for that 8DD

  127. thanks for reviewing <3 oh but how i wish it could be longer, it's okay we don't really need those fancy equipments.., we just love to see u both ranting your heart out..thats what makes us love u at the first place, ah can u just please upload the unedited one instead LOL, have a fun holiday..soon, i'm going back to my hometown too. JUNSU JJANG~! S&M JJANG~! SPUDGY JJANG~! HONEY SENPAI FOR PRESIDENT~~~~!!!

  128. What i liked the most about Junsu and the video is that he just doesn’t give a f**k about what other people think, and the video REALLY is something different in K-Pop. These companies claiming that their idol groups will be new and fresh need to take down a note or two.
    And whether people hate or love the video, they can’t deny the swag and charisma that is Junsu lol

  129. First time posting! ahhh…so um…i was jamming out to the song way too much w/o paying to much attention to mv and missed the androgyny (i don’t know how i missed it, but i did, oh well) lol…I love the strings in the background of the music.  I love it when kpop brings in those elements, makes it all the better!

  130. Happy to see you liked the video as well!
    Well I didn’t understand whether you liked the song or not, (well I did) but thank you so much for the review, funny as always!
    Spudgy’s hose danse… OOOH SO SEXAY!!!

  131. oh man! spudgy’s garden hose dance KILLED it!

  132. Honey thighs Martina what will the netizens say :O

  133. And I shall run and watch this tomorrow. UGH! why homework, whyyy??

  134. I vote for Su. And I LOVED this video! I can’t get enough of it! XD I keep trying though!

  135. I do like that the backup dancers are not korean and skinny-skinny, but i have to say that for professions they are sometimes very unsynchronized. And i was surprised that Matina &Simon did not say something about there faces…. was i the only one who found them strange from time to time (fe:3:31 the guy coming from the left…)?? O.o

  136. I always show my mom new K-POP songs and MV that I love just to see if she’ll like them which she never does unless T.O.P is in it but as soon as I saw Tarantallegra and watched it on repeat at least 20 times I finally showed my mom and now I’ve caught her watching it multiple times. I’ve created a beautiful monster.

    • haha… I can imagine MY mom’s reaction on Tarantallegra!…
      that will not be good at all… like I would be banned from K-pop! lol
      If I show her some K-pop MVs of boybands she ALWAYS makes that face and says they’re gay. :(
      and how Junsu looks here… even I was taken aback at first! lol

      • My mom likes CN Blue but she would blow a gasket if she ever saw Junsu’s videos. =_= Sexiness overload for 19 year old daughter methinks ::rolls eyes:: (She thinks all the boys are too pretty~ HAHAHAHA, true story, mom. True story.) 

      •  I’ve been showing my mom different kpop MVs, the usual is they look gay except for B.A.P. but they overall look amazing.

        I showed her this MV and it’s her absolute favorite. IDK what to say.

     what is your initial reaction about therandom girl at 1:55? did u recognize xia in one glance ^_^…….? 
    thank you!

  138. thank you for reviewing this video. :D

  139. Ok… I’m going to sound like a total HP nerd, but I kinda thought that maybe Junsu was portraying various HP characters with his different looks: Blond-Draco, Dark hair-Harry, Girl-Hermione, and Redhead-Ron. Of course, a lot of things in this MV are artsy and can be interpreted in different ways, which I appreciate greatly :D

  140. thisisjustforfunval

    I’m glad to see that  I’m not the only one who loves Xia’s scrunchy facial gestures. 

  141. thank you for make me laugh XD I really respect your ideas ^^

  142. After listen to what simon said about the fire in the lab..
    Junsu must be suffered a lot during the filming.. imagine he has to dancing in that smoky room for hours.. 

  143. You guys rock…just sayin’

  144. First I vote for Jusu – Tarantallegra ^^ & 2nd I thought your review video gonna be more than 10 min, because you said you have alot to say but I found a few of what you said -____-; are you uncomfortable to say what you want or what ‘ ___ ‘ ? you didn’t talked about the music which it made by Junsu if it’s good or not -__- but for the lyric which it made by his brother Junho it was …. confusing like the MV so I’m not complaining about this one ㄱ__ㄱ so would you please tell me why you didn’t review the MV like the other MVs? because you said you didn’t liked it but from what I’ve saw & heared I think you love it -_____-
    at the end sorry for bothering you U – U

  145. i love your review… FTW!!!  XD SO FUNNY YET contains a lot of reality facts about kpop… thank you….

    junsu JYJ fighting!!!! 

    eatyourkimchi fighting!!!

  146. thatssumgoodcurry

    Uhm…Simon does know how Xia’s name is actually pronounced, right? I just have to make sure for the sake of my respect towards him. > < Not that I'm saying he's ignorant in any way at all, and I of course know he likes to make fun of people's names but…just to, y'know, make sure.
    Anywaffles, I absolutely <3 Junsu and this song, but…I dunno I think I'm gonna hafta give it to the king this time. My vote is for Rain.
    BTW, I LUVED Simon's little meme rap, that was hilarious! XD

  147. what! nothing on female XIA?? =0

  148. My vote is for Junsu.

    BTW Martina, if I ever did have an “audition video” rest assured mine would have a similar feel. Only, I would somehow manged to entangle myself in the hose, fall–injuring myself in the process–and then try to pretend it was all part of the act. It’s why I avoid such things at all costs. ;)

  149. You could probably pass on everything except KMM and the interviews, and not stir up too much rage :p
    No seriously, please make sure you spend plenty of quality time holidaying with your family. I’ve got exams anyway, and should not be spending so much time on your website >.>

  150. JUNSU!!!! YOU SEXY THING YOU!!! ;A; Thank you sooooo much for reviewing this song!! And OF COURSE I’m picking Junsu~~~~ *w*

  151. Hi. The way you pronounce xiah is siah. it’s chinese and xiah is pinyin for(commonly used as) down or summer. so his name is either down junsu or summer junsu…O.O (there are many other chinese characters that use the pinyin xiah but these are the  ones that first pops up in my head.) BTW you guys are awesome!!  ^___^

  152. The bit where the rapper spoke in Korean was by far my favourite part of the video – yet Y U NO mention at all???!!!! щ(゜ロ゜щ)

  153. THANK YOU!…for mentioning David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust. Every time some (punk :P) kid asserts that Lady GaGa is the beginning of bizarre-stage-presence in music….I point them to David Bowie.

    Dude was prancing around in day-glow spandex and spike cuts decades before. (Ground Control to Major Tom….d(^_^)b~♪♫♪♪♫♪)

    btw…the background dancers are from JYJ’s previous live tours. I’m not at all surprised he chose to use them, they seem to have an excellent rapport.

    and YES!…his musical theatre experience definitely comes through in this vid. Having been BANNED!! might be the best thing that ever happened to JYJ…freedom is a precious thing.

  154. Junsu’s Tarantallegra of course! ~~

  155. btw, XIA is pronounced as “Shee-ah” not “Saya”.

  156. oh my gosh simon… >.< only you can do that… ^.^

  157. I was wondering why you guys didn’t mention why those back up dancers were so skimpily dressed in such a cold winter set haha >:(

  158. The snow background set thing was there to balance out Junsu’s hotness (not that it did a very good job haha). Anyway, I’m really glad this was able to get reviewed. Thanks, Simon and Martina! Loved Simon’s song and Martina’s dorky hose dance! :D

  159. You are awesome! I’ve been waiting on this review for quite sometime! Good job and great points! Enjoy your vacation!

  160. All the hose actions lol too funny! and omg Honey Sempai! lol loving Simon’s song! haha

  161. I’m so glad you guys are not as jaded as others are and are not invested in kpop as other fans are or even if you are, don’t let that affect your opinions are video reviewers. All in all, I <3 Junsu tons. I preordered the album, have no regrets about getting it, and have been avidly listening to the songs since it came out. I think that JYJ has been exposed to more of the world than most other kpop acts, and as they are no longer allowed to really BE idols, they are doing what they can with their group and solo ventures. The ban hammer is totally going to be in full force. As it is, I think he looks beautiful. Androgyny suits him and I am very glad he embraced it. First time putting a kpop poster up in my room, too. Parents have given up XD

  162. Awesome as allways! 
    I have exam in two hours and I’m watching your videos.What have I done?! :D

  163. Haven’t watched the video yet, but I was also wondering about the whole androgyny and cross-dressing issue in Korea.
    I hear people saying how girly Kpop guys are, all the time, but it wasn’t untill I finally gave in to reading manhwa that I noticed that there was an abnormally large amount of gender-bender, cross-dressing, and pretty boy themes in most of the popular manhwa.
    At first I was sorry for guys who were born with girly looks “Oh man I can see them getting bullied already”, but I’ve noticed more and more that some guys actually TRY to look girly because girls like it that way??!! o.O Maybe it’s because I’ve lived in Bangkok (transvetite captial of the world), so I don’t find pretty boys attractive at all, but yea….
    I. Dont. Even. Urgh.

  164. Yey! thanks Simon and Martina for reviewing this video. as fans, we are very glad that you like it since it also received some (or a lot of) hate on youtube. haha! they were just not used to it I guess but if you are going to be open minded about it, yes, this video is sexy but it also conveys a lot of other messages like doing what you really want to do.

    and I laughed at the part when you said that it will be banned like there’s no tomorrow. they’re already banned in Korea, what more can they do? and if they ban it, it means that the music industry still cares about JYJ which leads to the question, why are you not doing something to hasten the decision on the case of JYJ vs SM?

    Once again, thank you!

  165. ^^ i liked his multicoloured hair….

  166. OMG totally loved this music video!! I loved it so much i am making a sportswear collection for women in my fashion design classes at school!! Love u Simon and Martina and come to New York one day we can totally hang out at Ktown!!!!!

  167. First (:
    But my internet is slow so im waiting for the video to load ):

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