YES! We didn’t think that Junsu would be able to stay on top of the KpopCharts for two weeks, considering how we couldn’t do a Music Monday last week since we were at the Google Kpop Concert, but Tarantallegra kept the top spot. WOOT! If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Junsu’s video in all its artsy sexual glory:


For starters, some of you might be wondering about the change of scenery. We’re in Canada until June 18th. Yay! We won’t be posting as many videos as we usually post, since we’re trying to kinda be on vacation with our families and what not, but we can’t give up on Music Mondays. Of course not! It’s a bit difficult trying to film them here, though, since we don’t have all of our equipment with us: namely, our lighting. So we had to rely on the sun, which is really, really bright. Ah!

Ok, enough about us, more about the video. Is anyone else really taken aback by this? Not in a bad way, but in a really surprised way? I guess we shouldn’t be surprised because Junsu’s last music video for INNNNNTOOOOXIICATIIOOONN was a jaw droopingly awesome sexy video. This video surprised though, for a few reasons. First, the back up dancers were really diverse in both race and size and that is really realllllly rare to see in a kpop video. I really can’t think of any other Korean music video that had such curvy ladies and brawny guys. There’s usually a uniformity in size and shape, but this video offered us a different approach to sexy backup dancers. Seriously! Most backup dancers are just…backup; not the centre of attention, but a lot of the focus on this video was on these dancers. We loved it!

Secondly, this video was very sexy but it also oozed of an eroticism and sexuality we can appreciate. Not that we appreciate sexy hoses, but we can appreciate the artsiness of it. Have you ever gone to see a play at an art school and the people on stage are doing weird things, like licking each other or fondling each others bodies but doing so while dressed up like purple swans and it’s both sexy but also not sexy? Yeah…I totally wasn’t repeating that from experience *blank stare to computer* Well that’s how I felt watching this video. It was like, yes, Junsu and his dancers are being sexual and touching, but it wasn’t in such a way that was for the sole purpose of making fangirls and fanboys drool at the camera. OH OH! I just thought of another example. One of my favourite music videos ever is Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” Although they are wearing underwear and dancing, there is an emotional rawness present in their very artistic dancing and rolling on the floor as they bang their fists to “I DON’T WANNNNNA BE FRIENNNDSSS.” For us, it injects more meaning into their sexiness than just “I’m hot”. Know what I’m saying here?

Moving along…the third thing we really like about this video is that Junsu is very comfortable with playing around with gender roles and highlighting androgyny. It’s a concept that I think Japan seems very comfortable while Korea only uses it as a joke, like as a special concert event or on a variety show. I don’t think Junsu takes this concept as a joke. There’s nothing really humorous about what he’s doing here. I think he embraces it and takes it seriously, and it’s something we’re not used to seeing in Kpop.

All in all, this video will get banned like there’s no tomorrow, but we’re really happy that Junsu made it anyways. If you’re as big a fan of it as we are, pick up the song via iTunes or get the physical album with a super sexy poster via YesAsia. Boom! And, of course, we’ve got bloopers as always, including some photobombing by the Spudgy and a huge rant on bananas. KEES AND TOUCH ME! RUB MY BANANAS!


  1. OMG the ‘Honey Sempi’ totally had me cracking up!

  2. Lol lol lol! Martina’s audition tape and her attempt to cut Simon off before he got nasty. Btw, I totally agree about having a variety of backup dancers. It’s nice to see a Kpop artist showcasing the attractiveness of thicker girls. This was so hot :)

  3. Arrow to the knee
    12 sided die
    Team Jacob
    The cake is a lie
    Honey senpai
    Silver parachutes
    Tardid legolas
    Dothraki man waaaarrior!

  4. Speaking of nerdgasms, hows about Jokwon? Whoda thought ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ would ever make a catchy tune?!!!

  5. kay i know the mv’s all artsy and everything….but does anyone know what it means?

  6. I may be a bit late, but the rapper is Korean American, which is why he sounds so… Black? :D Flowsick from awesome Asian American group Aziatix. And although I love Rain, I must vote for Junsu.

  7. I don’t think its meant to be a “snowy scene”, it seems more post-apocalyptic to me with the rubble and the smashed windows.
    The part of me that reads too much into music videos says: *putsonsuperiorsmartypantsbritishaccent* ahem…
    This post-apocalyptic styling represents Junsu surviving the split from Dbsk, SM’s machinations, and having to labor under the weight of not being allowed to appear on any of the charts or music shows. The throne Junsu sits upon shows him rising to the top through all the hardships and stumbling blocks and represents his sovereignty over his life and musical endeavors and the fact that he is still super successful. It says to SM that Junsu is still king of the hill, they haven’t been able to knock him off yet.
    Furthermore, I *isyankedawaybylargeshepherdscrook*

  8. WAIT!!!!!
    Did Simon just say ” HONEY SENPAI ” ??????!!!

    Do @simonandmartina:disqus read “Ouran High School Host Club”, a manga by Bisco Hatori??

  9. Just so you know…I think Harry Potter spells are all the rage. One of the song title’s for Jo Kwon’s new solo album is Wingardium Leviosa. :)

  10. Simon or Martina, or both, have you ever been to Cape Breton, in Nova Scotia, you know… It’s beautiful there, but I think South Korea might be a little bit better. Back to my question, have you ever been to Cape Breton? If so, where in Cape Breton?

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1VfpFM1Gr8

    Basically the same thing XD I like to think of them as two different interpretations of the same event. 

  12. YO. DIS TIE. C’MON! C’MON!

  13. lol…okay Is it just me or is the backup rapping FLOWSIK?

  14. regarding the “snow” scene… well, it’s just a feeling, but maybe it’s not snow… it could be volcanic dust, don’t you think?… snow should be whiter, while this is grey… I don’t know, just saying :) 

  15. I get the LAB!! It’s the potions room and, of course, polyjuice potion makes him into the other characters. Whoo! 

  16. I vote for Rain. :D and you guys should review monster by bigbang

  17. so i read that junsu is dressed as a girl somewhere in this video?

  18. I love that this video is different from others.
    When I first saw it, I agree that this video is a mix of Lady Gaga and some pop, accommodating to the music that further strengthens the Hallyu Wave and I love the use of mixed culture back up dancers, I think that both factors will appeal to a wider audience.
    I could go on a whole rant of this video but i’ll keep it very short.

    I vote for Tarantallegra :)

  19. Voting for Junsu…

    caught so many different references and seen so many different interpretations of his MV.

    Looks like C-Jes made the whole ambiguity (think i spelt that wrong) thing a success :D

    Oh, and I’m really really really glad that the comments are thoughtful instead of things like

    “OMG JUNSU<3"




  20. Awesome! Happy Times in Canadia guys!!

  21. tough choice, but I will go for Junsu.. yeay…

  22. Definitely RAINISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I liked the video but it woudl TOTALLY have to be Rain, in Rainism, heck I still do that while driving in my car… you should see the looks I get at red lights >.>

  24. I Choose The Vote Is Xia – Tarantallegra It’s Cool From JYJ But I Like Him So Much <3

  25. Junsu is definitely an ass man lol Those back-up dancers were beautiful! This was such a creative video, different from the norm! Love it, it was so on point!

  26. I appreciate your defence of how articulation works, but I thought it might interest you to know that it’s possible to make something that sounds approximately like a /m/ using your lip and teeth. People with severe overbites/underbites or who can’t bring their lips together due to other deformities sometimes use this to compensate and make a perceptually acceptable /m/. But that’s not what’s going on here and he is just saying saying tie… Maybe it’s a further symptom/subtype of FJS? 

    • Wow…studying medicine? (wish i was smart enough to do that btw)

      but i think its just…the lyrics do say time…

      its just when they film the music video, they only lip sync and keeping the lips open looks more aesthetically pleasing if you get what I mean ;)

      • Actually, I’m studying to be a speech and language therapist (aka speech and language pathologist).

        And I expect you’re right that it’s to do with aesthetics but then they’re going to have to put up with pedantic people complaining about poor lip synching! It annoys me soooo much when lips don’t match up to what’s being said.

  27. Vote for…… XIA JUNSU~~~~~~

  28. I vote for Rain. Come on, he’s like the original sexy man-groping dance machine. Not to mention he won allkpop’s Best Male Dancer Competition. So yeah, Rain and Rainism. He make it rainism, the rainism~~

  29. I prefer Rains Rainism because Rain has soo many sexy epic dance moves in his video and he is such a badass in the mv…raindrops form his body how epic is that? Walking around knocking some scary people out just with his sexy aura without touching them…epic! More over his dancemoves are provocative in as sensual way which I just personally prefer over Junsu´s mv which is also awesome but too hardcore for my liking :)

  30. of course RAIN …never liked xia …he makes me feel uneasy and uncomfortable looking at him ..he is confusing ..do not see him as sexy or hot while doing sexy stuff…. the song i liked the beggining and the rap ..the autotune voice in between not so much …. 
    RAIN MY FIRST KPOP BIAS   i miss u rain !!!

  31. I forgot to vote, but I think Junsu gets my vote for this one~

  32. I was actually kind of disppointed by the video. For the most part it was awesome, but then they pulled out the Sexy Gyrating Harem… It totally distracted me from the awesome and left me a bit uncomfortable. :/

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