YES! Time to give in to our Junsu bias with this week’s Kpop Music Monday on Xia Junsu’s “Uncommitted”! Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out here:


For starters: damn! We totally forgot to mention something in this week’s video. We mentioned it on Twitter before, but not really in a video. Hey guise: know how we’re so often called YG biased? Why’s no one ever calling us Xia biased? Have we ever said anything bad about him? I mean, Ayy Girl was a horribly embarrassing video, but we still loved it, and it became one of our longest running jokes ever. Intoxication we never even reviewed, but you’ve heard our cheesy rendition of it everywhere. I’d say we’ve shown our bias to Junsu more than all of the YG artists combined. We’re very PSY biased as well, FYI: would love to review more of his videos.

Also, I hope people kind of understand us with our English ratings in songs. We’re not trying to make fun of people mispronouncing English. We just don’t like it when labels think that throwing in silly English is a good idea in songs, and we hope that, by bringing it to their attention, they might stop, or at least get someone who’s fluent in the language look it over. Junsu’s “Uncommitted” doesn’t fit in that category, and we wouldn’t feel right poking fun at it, you know? It’s an entirely English song, trying to convey thoughts, emotions, a story. It’s more a North American song than it is a Kpop song, so…I hope that sounds fair, on our behalf.

Otherwise, we forgot to mention a couple of things in our review. For starters, not a fan of the Automatic guy popping up in the song from time to time. We should have had a Mordney Present joke in there: come on Producers! Stop including your names in songs. It’s lame. Except if it’s JYP. That…has become something special. JAY WHY PEE!

Also, we never really discussed the concept of the song. Long story short, from what we understand, the song is basically Junsu’s girlfriend dumping him because Junsu has a history of being unfaithful to women. Kinda lame, if you ask me. Sure, it’s an interesting concept, but the girl’s dumb. SORRY! And we’re not saying that because we’re Junsu biased and she’s stupid for dumping Junsu (WHO WOULD DUMP JUNSU?!?!). We just don’t agree that how you act in your previous relationships dictates how you’ll act in future relationships, and to cut it off is to miss out on a potentially great relationship. One that involves holding hands and spinning around the room! Well, hopefully none of that.

Anyhow, we – with our bias for Junsu and our hatred of ballads – like this song quite a lot, so pick it up on iTunes and YesAsia if you like it as well. And, as always, we’ve got some bloopers, mainly including happy circle dances with animals. And we announce the Super Junior “Spy” album giveaway winner, so check it out to see if you won!


  1. His favourite are Bananas! s2

  2. Thanks! that explains a lot :)

  3. That’s what I used to think – until I discovered Epik High. ;)

  4. A bit irrelevant, but still important. I hope you guys are staying safe from the Bolaven typhoon!

  5. But Martina.. I did remember you reviewing on Intoxication before~!! Thats how i understand your banana joke. Ahh and the song’s in JAPANESE too xD

  6. I vote for Xia’s Uncommitted. The story is less choppy.

  7. As I watch this Simon and I have the same shirt on lol

  8. Face it. Yg gives you more things to praise about. Sm… Not so much in the mv department. Yet every suju mv made it to kmm. There’s your trolls right there yg and sm fans are polar opposites lol. Every article any little thing can spark a fan war between companies trollol

  9. Yesterday I heard Junsu’s song in a sulchib in hongdae~! So they do play it in korea kk : D

    • Yes, currently I’m an exchange student here for half a year ^^

      • Well when I was here last year JYJ was a Face of Nature Republic company, but right now they’re not. Yesterday was the first time I heard any song of JYJ, i believe it’s because they don’t do any promotion now. Well You can’t see them in TV, however they Cds are sold normaly in stores ( I even saw their singnatures in one of the cd shop)
        My korean firends like them and Junsu is considered one of the best vocalist in korea, so I thnik if SM didn’t blocked them they would be everywhere i think

  10. UMMM out of curiosity who does the captions? I am watching this with the English captions on and about falling out laughing, I don’t think they are matching…Unless Martin is really saying “and mom outbreak play to be scared armistead” at 0:47 mark. If she is really saying that then its time for hearing aids….

  11. I love how in the EYK world, Junsu sounds like he’s from Europe.  It’s like an ongoing joke my brother has, where the only accent he can imitate is Italian, so if he imitates a famous person with any kind of accent, he makes them Italian.  It’s ridiculously funny when he’s imitating someone from an English speaking country, like Russell Crowe.  

  12.  Oh right, I loved the Martina VS Hand scene (including the bloopers bit).
    Also, Spudgy’s ‘Don’t take it in the but!!!’ reminds me of how you said Spudgy has delicious smelling junk for some reason? xD

    Oh I could go on and on about how much I loved all the parts in this review. Usually there’s always gonna be a few ‘meh’ parts for me, but I loved everything this week!!! Everything!!! xD

    •  yah.. i really impress with junsu voice in that epic battle..even he got pronunciation problem a bit..haha..i also like taeyang soft voice..suitable for that song..i love the two of them..is not a battle for me but a wonderful perfect performance..

  13. Martina, you looked sooooo pretty in the club scene!!! >_<

    Oh that's right, the other day someone on the Junsu page said she had a lesbian crush on you, even more than her husband Jaejoong. I think I'll be jumping on the bandwagon :p

    About the review – I thought this was one of the best I've seen in a long time. Just from the fact that you didn't go on for too long covering any one aspect in particular, and it was a good balance of serious reviewing vs tasteful jokes, which were all really funny, in my books. Not to mention a lot of your random observations weren't even picked up in the Cassie's attempts to exhaustively analyse the MV. LOL @ the pickpocket, and Junsu touching himself xD

    Also, it's kinda cool that you didn't make fun of the English. But please continue to make fun of the random Engrish in kpop songs, because after all, they are pretty ridiculous.

    What else was I going to say…OH RIGHT. You said you never reviewed Intoxication. YOU DID. You even specially chose it for your special One Year Anniversary edition. And not only was it Japanese, it didn't even have an official full MV. If that doesn't scream bias, I don't know what does. Y U SO JUNSU BIAS??!! xD

    Hahahahahaha love ya. ;)

  14. OMG! You’re so Junsu biased! x)

  15. I miss the night of fun coz im so tired at work yet Kpop music monday made my day. Wee More power guys i really love how you do in this show :)

  16. What? Does SM rule ALL South Korea? 

  17. Imma vote for Junsu. :) I love Jay Park, but I wasn’t really a fan of that song.

  18. Guise, one year ago you made a special KMM to review only awesome videos that you choose. Will you do the same this year and review a video that you really wanted to talk about but that didn’t get voted enough? Like Tablo’s Bad, Facebook Official, JYP’s solos… Or do you think you’ll get FIRE MURDERED by fans if you don’t review their oppa(s)?

  19. Long story short…Junsu (along with his two fellow JYJ members) used to be part of a group called TVXQ, who is under SM entertainment. 

    JYJ left SM because of unfair contract lengths and pay, and for the past three years have been in court with them. 

    The courts ruled that JYJ were free from SM’s contracts and allowed to do activities, but SM blocks them from coming on any variety or music shows (they did the same for the band JTL, who were formed from three former H.O.T members that also left SM). 
    JYJ can be on dramas (Jaejoong and Yoochun have both won various acting awards for their dramas and Junsu did a cameo and sang the main OST track for the drama ‘Scent of a Woman’) because SM doesn’t really have any power over that sector, but when it comes to variety or music shows, JYJ doesn’t have a chance. 

    Basically because Junsu and JYJ left SM, they are now blocked by the company and can’t appear on TV variety/music programs or even hold many full scale concerts in Korea. 

  20. aya! at least someone will support JYJ!!
    i totally love junsu, and this songshows how much he grew as a singer. and how much his english has improved. a lot, may i say.

    the worst flares are on junsu’s video… at the JP MV, you can still see stuff, but uncommitted has this grayish color and the flares just make it soooo much harder to see

  21. OMG I never noticed Junsu touching himself. I almost complete lost it laughing…maybe I should stop watching KMM while I’m at work.

  22. My favorite part of this has got to be the Ballad Hater Hand. HILARIOUS! I vote for Jay Park’s Star, I just enjoyed it a bit more even though I love JYJ/DB5K. NU’EST will win someday!!! :D

  23. Omagad, This slap must have hurt … like a lot …

  24. was I the only one looking forward to see spudgy attack junsu photo for stealing his hair…

  25. omg “if you wanna pretty fantastic elastic, don’t take it in the butt, joom joom my heart like a locket” would make the best t-shirt ever! i can already see my friends trying to make since of it and failing.

  26. I guess I don’t pay as good attention to the videos as you guys, because I never see these things XD 
    Vote for Junsu because Maegyo Jay is awkward. Sorry, Jay, I love you, but aegyo just isn’t your thing…

  27. “… basically Junsu’s girlfriend dumping him because Junsu has a history of being unfaithful to women. Kinda lame, if you ask me.”

    My impression of the song/music video is that he’s a serial cheater, which is why she doesn’t think he’ll be able to stay faithful; and I have to admit that I’d be hesitant to trust a guy with that sort of past, too. Annnnd then there’s the fact that towards the end of the song, he says (sings?) that she could be right about him, which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in his ability to commit.

  28. Thank you for the video, guys! I
    Hope GD remains on the top of the chart, that video sure deserves a review. Also, his yellow hair reminds me of Pikachu (GD-mon? Drangonchu? Poke-Dragon?..I’m confused, and it’s all I can think about right now). 

  29. omg dancing banana w/ Junsu’s face= win!

  30. For the giveways, do you guys actually pick out a comment that you like or is it random draw?

  31. ooh epic lense flare show down. Gotta vote junsu

  32. The add on the side of this page is of Junsu’s English album. DID YOU GUYS DO THAT ON PURPOSE?lol

  33. yeah support JYJ!!! i hate those stupid disgusting sasaengs!!!

    just wanna say something about the english thrown into songs thing!!! yeah i agree sometimes it is SO totally dumb in songs and don’t make sense at all! SM has like the weirdest nonsensical English ever!! (….but i kinda like it cos it’s fun to say randomly…)
    but the pronouncing it part to me is sort of a different story! and i’m saying this from my point of view as an asian! i’ve been born and raised in England and i obviously speak english perfectly well….but then when i’m talking in my own language (bengali) sometimes i use an english word in a sentence….but i pronounce it in a ‘bengali’ way! so when Kpop idols have bad pronouncing skills i don’t mind! (honestly i find it adorable!!) because i realise they’re saying it the korean way! especially when i sometimes see the hangul form of the word and i’m like oh, no wonder they pronounce it like that!!!
    i hope all that made sense! and yes i completely understand you guys aren’t talking about the mispronouncing! 
    i just wanted to comment on that though cos some people out there won’t understand from this point of view!!

    • I have to agree with that. When I’m in Japan, and include English words in my conversation, I also pronounce it in what I call ‘Katakana English’. Because honestly, if I say it normally, nobody will understand what I’m saying. So, instead of saying I’m from Australia, I say I’m from ‘Oosutolalia’.
      Also, a lot of my lecturers were from India, Europe, or even New Zealand (which is almost the same as Australia) – thus they all had funny pronunciation and accents, which made it hard for us to understand them, but their English was perfect in terms of grammar and usage of vocabulary (being medical professors, so duh), so we just had to suck it up and pay even more attention.

      But, BUT, that said, I don’t blame you for making fun of random English sprinkles that don’t make sense. It’s pretty ridiculous.

  34. Awesome!  I mean, not awesome that you were having a bad day, but that this made you smile a bit after your bad day :D

  35. Simon and Martina, Junsu and the girlfriend weren’t just spinning in the beginning. They were obviously playing ring around the rosie…duh

  36. hahaha! didn’t notice the lens flare until you pointed it out. Was too distracted by Junsu’s blue hair but his voice is amazing as usual. Don’t you think he should’ve done the Ayy Girl move at the club?

  37. I was brushing my teeth while I watched this…..and now I’m cleaning the screen…

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