First off, we want to apologize a bit for this lackluster Music Monday. We tried really hard to be inspired this week, and I’m sure there were tons of things we could have joked about to make this more of an upbeat Music Monday, but, at the moment, Martina’s grandfather doesn’t look like he’ll pull through. Things have gotten significantly worse, and we’ve been really down as a result. Most of the time silliness comes natural to us, and we’ve got tons of ideas for things to say. This week, though, we’re just too mopey to be inspired of cheerful things. Sorry everyone :(

Onto more cheerful things!

Gull You Like a Cat Pee! If you haven’t seen the awesomeness of this video and the near perfection of this song, check it out. We seriously love this song and video and feel so passionately about it:


Did you see that? Did you see how perfectly everything worked together? The video director and the costume designer, it seems, actually co-ordinated their efforts, so that the wardrobe fits the set! And the set is lovely. Yes, it’s a set, and it’s not outdoors, but it’s so freaking original. Not a well-lit box, but a very decadent, Victorian damasqued-decor room. It’s smokey and dark, fits perfectly with the smoke cloud of the ex-girlfriend and the smoking of the fire and of Yoseop’s body (and by “smoking body” I don’t mean that with a Balley-girl accent. I mean, literal smoke). The high-arching cathedral pillars, the almost tattooesque skully wallpapered room where Yoseop sits. Just…so cool! All of it, lovely.

And that’s just talking about the design aesthetic. There’s also the awesomeness of the strings. They’re brilliantly used. Right when Yoseop starts hitting those falsettos, those higher notes, his chair elevates to match the sound. The song sounds like it starts floating, and the chair matches. Brilliant! So simple, yet so effective. And the use of strings for the dance makes him look very puppet-like, which matches with the dead, robotic stare you see on Yoseop’s emotionless face when he puts the heart back into his robot body. Holy crap! It’s so well done.

We also didn’t get a chance to gush on about the backup dancers, but we loved loved the covered bodies and fringed faces. They were like Yoseop’s creepy shadows following him around, doubling as both backup dancers and aspects of the music video. It was so cool but did remind me of the fear I felt towards Son Dambi’s creepy backup dancers. *shudder*

Who made this video?! I know some of you know, you dedicated Batooties, you! Did they make videos of similar quality before? I must know! This is seriously one of the coolest, prettiest videos of the year.

Side note: we find it pretty hilarious how people are freaking out over the kissing scenes…AS IF THEY’RE ACTUALLY KISSING! Come on! Ain’t no kissing going on there. Look how cleverly the camera covers up any actual lip touching. It’s like “Ooops! This frame got in the way of our camera! Their mouths are covered! Ah well! We can’t redo the shot because, umm, we gotta go to lunch, so…let’s just use it!” Rubbish. If this was a real kiss scene, we’d see lips on top of lips moving. Not faces close to each other with weird stuff getting in the way. I’m too used to Western TV Shows and Movies to think that this was a real kiss. I seen some real kisses. This ain’t it!

Other than that, I think our 40 minute rant on English in Kpop pretty much covers it. We still totally love the song, though, even if the chorus makes us vomit in our mouths a little bit. The rest of the song is flawless. Where the heck can you buy it, though? Come on!

We did try to giggle a bit with our bloopers, which you can see here.


  1. I don’t like this song. But that may be because I dislike most slow songs. No…. the best part about B2ST is their Engrish….Engrish is what got me into UKISS and B2ST don’t take it away from me…
    But I agree if they want to be taken seriously on a global level their English needs to improve. Or better yet use no English. But I love B2ST’s Engrish….. It’s what got me into Shock. Everyday I shock shock!

  2. I hope he gets better :(…..

    About the English… I think Yoseop tried for it to sound the way it should sound; the one who really messed up was, in fact, Jun Hyung – . –

    You were a bit harsh but it’s understandable :(


  3. Maybe Ive just got post christmas blues, but this song didnt do it for me. The video IS very prettily shot and thank god someone (other than YG) has put some serious attention into the concept of the importance of a video relating to the song it is for. The engrish WAS too much for me, I heard “you better me, so better me, oh girl you like a caffeine ” Ok, individually “you better me” can stand as in ‘you make me better then I was previously’ , fine Ill let that slide. But “you like a caffeine” ? What, she likes having a caffeine, so shouldnt that be ‘she likes having a coffee, or a red bull’? Is that not what Yoseop meant? Did he mean she is like a drug? Who knows? So yeah he managed the f, but wth is you like a caffeine meant to MEAN? Its nonsensical! I can happily cope with mispronunciation what I cant cope with is poor GRAMMAR. GGGrrrrrr sorry, but the song was ruined for me. For that reason I cannot vote for this song!! I would have voted for GD anyway as I love ‘That xx’ but this COULD have given it a run for the money.

  4. GD’s That XX. The one w/o the blips and the silly censoring.

  5. how cute wallpaper on your laptop ^o^
    for The Showdown I wote for… GD. I have to admit that Yo Sup’s “Coffeine” is great and I really like it but… I love “That XX” even more. It’s just so good and hey, it’s G-Dragon! XD Sorry Yoseop, maybe next time :c

  6. I’m sorry about your grandfather,Martina. I hope he pulls through.
    I love this song even though the English is kind of messed up.

  7. whats wrong about the English part!!!

  8. Simon I love your spectacles :D

  9. So, if you’re not doing a Kpop music monday until the new year, and Girls Generation is coming back on January 1st… I think we can kiss our dreams of a Secret review goodbye. -_-;;;
    That said, I loved the episode, and now I can’t sing this song without saying “you’re like a cat pee!”

    And as for your grandfather, Martina, here’s hoping he’ll bounce back and pull through. And if he doesn’t, here’s hoping that you and your family will find comfort and peace together.

  10. Arg!!! I u guys were doing kpop music monday next week Secret could finally be reviewed

  11. I’ll vote for GD even though it’s really difficult to choose…. and I know it’s for the music video not the english, but the english in That XX was SOOOOO much better. And it influences my choice a bit.

    I hear “Girl you like a coffee”, not “Girl you like a caffeine”. Maybe it’s just me… but I also hear “You bad to me”, instead of “You better me”. But everyone’ll hear it a bit different, and it does matter what each individual person hears, so…

  12. This is so hard…………………….. GD or Yo……Seop………Ack!


    I’ve loved you longer.


  13. Please review the subtitles so we can understand better the video that we are not English-speaking. =)

    Thanks =D

  14. English and all I vote for Yoseop. It’s a very nice song the whole album is.

  15. Beautiful, classic video. Really too bad about the English. Yoseop, call me next time for grammar corrections!

  16. Seriously catchy despite the Engrish. I’m lovin this! I wonder if caffeine could equate to drug. You’re bad for me like caffeine (but I’m addicted)? I know I was humming this and grinning at the bakery I work at this morning. It went well with my frappucino :D

  17. This is the first time in awhile that I see Simon getting SO upset with the engrish of a song… AWESOME!!! lol…..

  18. I vote for GD because that XX was just beautifully shot and it really added another meaning to the song, like you pointed out on your review. Plus I’m GD biased, so thats that LOL

  19. I love Yoseop’s voice and I absolutely love Batoost, but the english in the song killed the mood for me, I cant take the song seriously at all. I saw a great example of engrish, a friend sent me this picture which looked like a catalog pic of this dude posing very awesomely with a sweater that said ‘Crap your hands, make some noise’ …. how would that sound, I wonder? XD hahahaha

  20. Also, I just wanted to say that they did actually kiss. Junhyung said that Yoseob requested it because Junhyung got to kiss in one of his MVs apparently. I believe it was either Yoseob or Junhyung who said this in an interview I watched.

  21. Yoseob is my bias, but I liked GD’s That XX video better. The plot was really interesting and could be taken several ways. I just loved it. :3

  22. GD song and MV are good, but Yoseop are way better for me so my vote is for Yoseop Caffeine.

  23. LMAO! @ Girl your like a cat pee xD hahahahahahahahahahaha – on the other hand, I thought Secret was going to make it :0. On the OTHER hand, My thoughts are with Martina and her family! <3 Dont be so sad, just think about it as him moving on to a better place :)

  24. I have a suggestion. How about doing male song one week and female song another, alternating for Kpop Monday? That way you can balance the two and viewers may have 2 weeks to vote for their favorite song.

  25. I come to your website mostly for the wanking and the fap-fapping (both of which I absolutely love), so I’ve never heard of Yoseop. I watched the video and wasn’t at all offended by the English. I thought the whole thing sounded good and liked the song a lot. English can get pretty butchered in songs done by native English speakers also! Good luck to you guys. Keep up the good work!

  26. i loved both songs and both videos, but i think i’ll vote for That XX, even though Yoseob sings better… i don’t know, That XX is, for me, a prettier song with a prettier MV, but it’s a hard choice lol

  27. I vote for Yoseob’s Caffeine.

  28. ‘I can’t foresee anything wrong going with that’ – Simon. Awkward grammar? Yes? ;p

  29. My thoughts are with you and your family Martina!
    As for my vote, G-Dragon all the way :)

  30. As to votes for next year’s videos, I’m voting “Tinkerbell” by Gain. I’m sure it will be out by next year… maybe…

  31. Well this is a hard choice…:| Caffeine, That XX, both songs, both MVs I love them so much!>< But…, I'm gonna vote for GD. :) I still love your song, Yoseob!^^

    And…I'm sorry about your grandfather, Martina. Stay strong, both of you. :")

  32. I don’t think that this KMM was a lackluster, I’d rather watch you talking throughout the video than forcing yourselves to joke when you’re feeling down. Stay strong, guise!

    To the video: It’s one of these moments when I’m glad that English is not my native language, because the Engrish in Kpop doesn’t make me cringe that much (well, sometimes it does, but not often). And “Caffeine” didn’t impress me at first, but it really grows on me.

  33. Well, i dunno if anyone said this in the previous comments, but they use a different director this time instead of the usual zanybros. I forgot his name, but yoseob said that this is his first time working with him

  34. I’ve become strangely addicted to the Engrish in this song. The chorus is so catchy. I find myself singing “You bad to me, you bad to me, Oh girl you like a caffeine” under my breath all the time. It’s so easy to understand what the lyrics are trying to express with that line, that even if it is grammatically incorrect, I don’t mind it at all. Some Engrish you can’t even tell where the writer was going (or what he/she was on) when they wrote it. Also, between the two of them, I’d say Junhyung is the bigger offender with his pronunciation. At least I can hear Yoseob singing “You bad to me” unlike Junhyung’s “You bed to me.”

    I also think certain cases of mispronunciation of English in kpop songs stem from the line having an English loan word. For example, Super Junior’s Spy contains the word “highlight,” which is a loan word from English that has its own accepted Korean spelling and pronunciation: 하이라이트 or ha-i-ra-i-too. Considering that that part of Spy’s lyrics is written in hangul and not English, I find it perfectly acceptable for the singer to use the Korean pronunciation. Caffeine’s case is different because “caffeine” is actually written in English in the lyrics, but since it is also one of those English loan words, I can see how it would be easy for a Korean speaker to fall back on the Korean pronunciation of 카페인, which sounds different from the English pronunciation.

    Moving on to the showdown: I love both songs and both videos! It’s close, but my vote goes to That XX because the video adds meaning to the song that you can’t glean from only listening to the song. Actually, since we’re already talking about That XX, I’ll just mention that That XX gets my vote for Best Overall Video of the Year in the EYKAs. We couldn’t nominate both a GD video and a BB video in the same category, so it wasn’t included in the Top 10. But in my heart, That XX is the Best Video of 2012. :)

  35. Here i thought he was saying “you’re bad to me”

  36. I kept on hearing “Your battery”… and it made me giggle

  37. YAY I’m so glad you liked the song!! (not that im suprised you guys seem to have similair tastes to what I like) I loooved it when if first came out! You guys are right about the english…. I prefer to sing it properly to myself haha XD

  38. i actually prefer G Dragon’s ‘That XX’ over Yoseob’s ‘Caffeine’. Although ‘Caffeine’ was a good song and partnered with an amazing music video, but ‘That XX’ has a lot of elements that i think outweighs ‘Caffeine’. Simon and Martina did cover some parts of the video quite well but I think they missed a lot of detail. Things like the artist’s explanation of the art on the wall where G Dragon stood, the clothes and their representation- I can’t remember most of them cause I actually saw them on a post somewhere but that detailed post really have my eyes opened for ‘That XX’. From the make up, to the art, to the clothing, G Dragon paid extreme detail to it as all of it has its own meaning and when put together is what made that video so ‘perfect’. ‘Caffeine’ was a pretty song and the video and lyrics goes really well together with Yoseob’s voice and the choreography but i personally think G Dragon’s ‘That XX’ although simple but the video gives a whole other dimension that’s deep and meaningful, that we couldn’t have thought of just by solely understanding the lyrics. All in all, what’s most important is that I hope you guys will feel better soon. All the best for you and your family and have faith.

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