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Yoseop Yang – Caffeine: Kpop Music Mondays

December 17, 2012


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First off, we want to apologize a bit for this lackluster Music Monday. We tried really hard to be inspired this week, and I’m sure there were tons of things we could have joked about to make this more of an upbeat Music Monday, but, at the moment, Martina’s grandfather doesn’t look like he’ll pull through. Things have gotten significantly worse, and we’ve been really down as a result. Most of the time silliness comes natural to us, and we’ve got tons of ideas for things to say. This week, though, we’re just too mopey to be inspired of cheerful things. Sorry everyone :(

Onto more cheerful things!

Gull You Like a Cat Pee! If you haven’t seen the awesomeness of this video and the near perfection of this song, check it out. We seriously love this song and video and feel so passionately about it:

Did you see that? Did you see how perfectly everything worked together? The video director and the costume designer, it seems, actually co-ordinated their efforts, so that the wardrobe fits the set! And the set is lovely. Yes, it’s a set, and it’s not outdoors, but it’s so freaking original. Not a well-lit box, but a very decadent, Victorian damasqued-decor room. It’s smokey and dark, fits perfectly with the smoke cloud of the ex-girlfriend and the smoking of the fire and of Yoseop’s body (and by “smoking body” I don’t mean that with a Balley-girl accent. I mean, literal smoke). The high-arching cathedral pillars, the almost tattooesque skully wallpapered room where Yoseop sits. Just…so cool! All of it, lovely.

And that’s just talking about the design aesthetic. There’s also the awesomeness of the strings. They’re brilliantly used. Right when Yoseop starts hitting those falsettos, those higher notes, his chair elevates to match the sound. The song sounds like it starts floating, and the chair matches. Brilliant! So simple, yet so effective. And the use of strings for the dance makes him look very puppet-like, which matches with the dead, robotic stare you see on Yoseop’s emotionless face when he puts the heart back into his robot body. Holy crap! It’s so well done.

We also didn’t get a chance to gush on about the backup dancers, but we loved loved the covered bodies and fringed faces. They were like Yoseop’s creepy shadows following him around, doubling as both backup dancers and aspects of the music video. It was so cool but did remind me of the fear I felt towards Son Dambi’s creepy backup dancers. *shudder*

Who made this video?! I know some of you know, you dedicated Batooties, you! Did they make videos of similar quality before? I must know! This is seriously one of the coolest, prettiest videos of the year.

Side note: we find it pretty hilarious how people are freaking out over the kissing scenes…AS IF THEY’RE ACTUALLY KISSING! Come on! Ain’t no kissing going on there. Look how cleverly the camera covers up any actual lip touching. It’s like “Ooops! This frame got in the way of our camera! Their mouths are covered! Ah well! We can’t redo the shot because, umm, we gotta go to lunch, so…let’s just use it!” Rubbish. If this was a real kiss scene, we’d see lips on top of lips moving. Not faces close to each other with weird stuff getting in the way. I’m too used to Western TV Shows and Movies to think that this was a real kiss. I seen some real kisses. This ain’t it!

Other than that, I think our 40 minute rant on English in Kpop pretty much covers it. We still totally love the song, though, even if the chorus makes us vomit in our mouths a little bit. The rest of the song is flawless. Where the heck can you buy it, though? Come on!

We did try to giggle a bit with our bloopers, which you can see here.



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