Wow! Totally didn’t expect this video to make it to the top of the KpopCharts. We’re totally surprised. MAX-STEP! If you haven’t seen Younique Unit’s “Maxstep,” check it out below:


Side note: if you have no idea why we’re saying “MAXSTEP” in whispers, you should check out our review of TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down”. That’ll explain things a bit more. You know, we really need to make a glossary of Eatyourkimchi inside jokes, so that we can initiate the uninitiated. Well, we’ve got a new version of our site about to go live in a few days, totally redesigned and less buggy, so hopefully we can add a glossary there, once it’s all good to go!

Anyhow, we didn’t really like this song. Our theory is that it’s not really meant to be a big SM song release, and more just background music to their dancing, as well as promotion for Hyundai, so we’re not really considering this a big release. Or…are we wrong? Are we gonna see more Younique Unit, like we’re supposed to see more Taetiseo (pronounced “TITTAYS” if you’re unaware)?

There’s an image issue we found with this video that we were a bit uncomfortable with. Mixed in with the dancing, there are shots of everyone looking just unhappy, angry and aggressive, punching at the screen, being pissed off, and breaking glass. There’s nothing really subtle or inviting about it. It’s meant to convey anger and power, meant to be like “we’re bloody awesome, I don’t give a fudge what you think” and that’s not the SM that I like. I’m more fond of happy and seductive SM rather than I’m gonna kick your puppy because I feel like it SM. You know?

Ok, enough about the song; let’s talk about the dancing. Now, we’re by no means experts in dancing. Nor are we novices in dancing. We’re barely even competent in dancing. Walking’s tough enough as is. But we did look at this video frame by frame to try to see how everyone was dancing. What we noticed is that Taemin looks like the best dancer in the group. Like, overwhelmingly so. He jumps higher, bends his knees more, his movements snap. He looks like he’s always in perfect form, while everyone else looks like they’re just doing the movements. Are we wrong here? Maybe he’s the worst dancer, and he’s too exaggerated and should look more lax like the other members? This is where our lack of knowledge of dancing is apparent. From our perspective, though, it just seems like there’s a lot more movement in Taemin’s movement, and that looks like better dancing, to us.

Yeah! That’s it for this week’s Kpop Music Monday. Let us know if you agree with what we’re saying or not. Also, some news: tomorrow we’re gonna be posting the Block B interview. Finally! So check in tomorrow afternoon, Korean time! Also, we’ll be studio hunting tomorrow afternoon as well. Saw some cool places in Hongdae and we’re really hopeful! This might be the Nasty Studio! And, lastly check out this week’s blooper reel, which felt like they were longer than our actual Music Monday itself. Probably because we had so many skits :D


  1. I was surprised when I looked up Younique because I had never heard of them before, and I found that they did indeed have a female member in what I thought an all boys band. It doesn’t mean I don’t like them, but I thought it interesting. I think they have good voices personally, and I think they’ll do better in the future.

  2. I like how Hyo has something that is her own since she doesn’t get as much attention as the other SNSD members. && MAXXXXXX. WHY WASN’T ANYONE FROM DBSK IN THIS D=

  3. lol at the Doritos comment. /high five

  4. I actually thought that BoA Would be in the group since it is a dance unit. BUT… Max Step w/o Max would be wrong. SOO… I definitely think that Max should be in the one in it

  5. My thoguhts were pretty much the same as you guys when Hyoyeon entered the dance. I mean, if they wanted her in it, they should have had her in it from the beginning. It makes better sense and I’m pretty sure it would’ve been fair, since they put out teaser photos of her being in the video.
    I thought maxstep was suppoesed to be SM’s version of Dubstep. I dunno, it was the step thing….
    I vote Max. Mostly because I think his voice would fit the song. It would blend in perfectly…

  6. I seriously like this song, and cannot figure out why! Something is making it stick into my head…

    And as usual, Taemin definitely reigns as the dance king in this video. It’s like what you guys said, talent plus gift makes an awesome dance package (love him!). Taemin also stole Jonghyun’s part from Lucifer, and didn’t get nearly as cool a car. As for who should have been included, I think Max. Or Taemin can loan his Doritos to him for yummy projectiles.

    Never laughed so hard before when you guys did that sketch. XD

    Didn’t really like Hyoyeon’s part at the end, but in her defense it’s because it’s awkwardly put in. Had she been there from the beginning it probably wouldn’t have grated on me so much.

  7. As expected another awesome review from you guys :) personally I feel the same way Martina feels. In my opinion I think Taemin really got into the dance while the others were probably tired from having to run through it so many times (once again this is just my opinion guys and I completely love everyone in Younique Unit) anyway I personally wished they would’ve put Chen in it XD but if I had to pick I’d say BoA :)

  8. Taemin…so gifted, he’s crispy.

  9. I agree with a few people who’ve mentioned this: I think this worked better in it’s original form. I was really excited when I first saw this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3a3x0HXxDNI

    I love the concept of putting all the dance machines together. I hope they release more dances imeansongs ^_^.

    I vote boa for co-ed. Hyoyeon did a good job and It’s cool that she got to feature (boa does all the time, being a solo act) but she didn’t sit as low in her stance as the other members and her moves weren’t as full (more typical girl-group style). I think boa could have done a good job of this. fx don’t seem to have a ‘dance machine’ but they’d be cool.

    If we weren’t restricted to SM here I’d totally vote for Jia! XD

    Jia/Taemin/Kai. Awesome.

  10. but yeah i agree they needed more girl power…

  11. umm question… weren’t they supposed to do some kind of commercial for a car?…isnt “maxstep” that commercial?…i don’t think i really has a meaning tho, in terms of the commercial ..hahah gosh.. i don’t even know

  12. BoA has her own song for this whole Hyundai promotion right? I could be wrong but that would be a lot on her plate to have the song, be in the dance group and then her own actual career.

  13. I think Hyoyeon and Eunhyuk are the best dancers.

  14. whoa!!!! flying doritos!!!!!!

  15. As much as I would want to see both of them here, as well as Luna too, since she is also a great singer and dancer, I would have to go with Max, because how can you have MAXSTEP without Max and his MAXTIME? Also I thought it would be cool to have Max and Henry hit those high notes together (which btw, I didn’t know Henry could even reach those notes)

  16. What’s up with the brow-less trend, Hyuna and now Taemin?! Henry is in there for Max-screams. I love your tae-step sombrero-dorito skit, simply hilarious!

  17. There is something I like about this song but probably wouldn’t own if that makes any sense. I like the song but I’m way, way passed the dub-step sound and that weird intro and sound for Hyoyeon in the middle of the song, but I do really enjoy her voice through out the rest of the song. OMG I have the sleepy writings. Okay so I wrap up by saying what really want to say. 1) YAY! Henry is being utilized! I just recently found him and found him adorable 2) I really love this mean rough tough look on Taemin. It is the first time I have found him to be manly looking. Not meaning any offense in saying that, just that he is usually kind of cutesy/feminine/boyish. In Younique he seems so much more manly to me for the first time.

  18. SPECIALIST HY!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! I’m dying. I hope we see more of her in KMMs.

  19. Did anyone notice that a couple scenes from the MV that included cars looked like they were taken from SHINee MV’s? At first I thought that this was may be fan made…. but I don’t think SM would really do that right?

  20. YES. Glossary of inside jokes please!

  21. OMG Taemin’s face on the preview image ROFL

  22. I liked the fact that Henry participated and his high note blew me away but that’s about it. I was expecting something different. :/

  23. I liked the fact that Henry was in it and his high note but that’s about it. Was expecting something else too. :/

  24. Was that a HAM guest starring as an appendix?

  25. I have a background in dance and it’s STILL difficult for me to pick who was the best all around in this video. There isn’t really a highlight in the choreo that I can focus on, and the light clothes/light backdrop or dark clothes/dark backdrop make it harder to see the moves of the ones not dancing in front ><. I think I'd have to go with Eunhyuk and Taemin as being the two that stood out the most.

  26. Specialist HY!!! Hahahahaha best skits ever – I give you props for finding stuff to talk about from that video lol. Btw I didn’t get the Purple Line thing. :(

    Mummy, mummy, I wanna be like Specialist HY when I grow up :D

  27. you know whats annoying (and this can never be solved) but I really like these dance units cause they do some cool stuff.. But videos for dance songs are always so choppy like they flash around too much so its hard to see each person do the dance.. I wish they’d make a version where its just them dancing …kinda like the when other bands do a dance version of a theatrical mv.. idk if that made sense..lol but i like this group and i think id like to see the choreography more..

  28. You have created me new fave compliment. “Whoa check those guys moves…he so so…Crispy…super Crispy…rawr.”

  29. Oh jeez, haven’t been able to get on here for a week? Two? I don’t even know lol. So far behind on videos! But, I’m happy to see the Block B interview will be coming up soon (so excited and desperate to see thisXD

    So, this song, I like the music. I’d totally listen to it on its own…but I don’t quite like the singing being added to it. It just sounds weird. My favorite part is Henry’s little English part and Kai with his deep voice.
    Hyoyeon felt like an after thought to me, like she was thrown in there just for a little diversity or something. I don’t know, it was just weird to me.
    Dancing wise, though I’m not an expert, this is just my own personal opinion, Taemin is very sharp in his movements. But when put with the others it feels awkward. While he was moving sharply the others had a more fluidity to the moves and felt like they were on the same page. It left things looking awkward to me when you could clearly see the difference in dancing styles. But overall, the dancing is still amazing.

    I’d just like to throw in that I enjoyed the fact that they added Henry and Luhan in this group because their groups work in China. It is nice seeing them in the spotlight.

    As for who I think should’ve been in this, I’d have to say Max!

  30. Thank you Martina; now every time I will see Taemin I will think of him as crispy! XD

  31. It’s nice to know that Martina and I share the same Taemin fangirl feels.

  32. I imagine those doritos took a while to clean up. Or maybe Meemers and Spudgy just ate them :P

  33. Max…. Changmin … I mean its called MAXstep… should of had Max in it

  34. I thought this group wasn’t supposed to be a group to begin with it was supposed to be for a car commercial That’s what almost all the reviews and feed back say on the on the internet. From what i know Maxstep is like a type of a car. The video was supposed to be sort of like Big Bang’s – lollipop. With out all the color. I don’t like who they picked for the girl plus even thought she is in there they could have gave her more of part they some random cameo. My fav in the whole song is eun hyuk.

  35. Honestly when I hear Maxstep it makes me think of a brand for female sanitary napkinsXD
    “We put the Max on your Pad…MAXSTEP!” (haha!!!)

  36. Simon and Martina dancing in front of a walrus in a tophat – whatever my argument was, it is now invalid.

  37. I’m surprised they didn’t comment on Kai’s gold bars chair and Eunhyuk & henry’s eskimo clothes… lol

    oh, and I want BoA in the group… but I think she’s too “legend” to be put in a group with juniors

  38. For informational purposes (and I hope this doesn’t rock the vote, if it gets bumped up enough that people see it)

    The Younique Unit has 2 members which are not in the dance group, BoA and Jessica. There are 3 songs on the album. Each of the songs features one of the girls, but the others actually seem to be solos, and have no MV.

  39. i see each one has their uniqueness while dancing, and that makes this coreography kind of messy. i really love Taemin, but i cant distinguish them, blame their dark clothes on dark background and their white ones on the white SM cube room agggg this is the one big time I hate the boxes more than ever coz i cant distinguish anything T.T
    I think they needed another girl so I vote for Boa, but boa is another level i think (i dont mean she is better but she is, i cant imagine her with idols lol)

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