Wow! Totally didn’t expect this video to make it to the top of the KpopCharts. We’re totally surprised. MAX-STEP! If you haven’t seen Younique Unit’s “Maxstep,” check it out below:


Side note: if you have no idea why we’re saying “MAXSTEP” in whispers, you should check out our review of TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down”. That’ll explain things a bit more. You know, we really need to make a glossary of Eatyourkimchi inside jokes, so that we can initiate the uninitiated. Well, we’ve got a new version of our site about to go live in a few days, totally redesigned and less buggy, so hopefully we can add a glossary there, once it’s all good to go!

Anyhow, we didn’t really like this song. Our theory is that it’s not really meant to be a big SM song release, and more just background music to their dancing, as well as promotion for Hyundai, so we’re not really considering this a big release. Or…are we wrong? Are we gonna see more Younique Unit, like we’re supposed to see more Taetiseo (pronounced “TITTAYS” if you’re unaware)?

There’s an image issue we found with this video that we were a bit uncomfortable with. Mixed in with the dancing, there are shots of everyone looking just unhappy, angry and aggressive, punching at the screen, being pissed off, and breaking glass. There’s nothing really subtle or inviting about it. It’s meant to convey anger and power, meant to be like “we’re bloody awesome, I don’t give a fudge what you think” and that’s not the SM that I like. I’m more fond of happy and seductive SM rather than I’m gonna kick your puppy because I feel like it SM. You know?

Ok, enough about the song; let’s talk about the dancing. Now, we’re by no means experts in dancing. Nor are we novices in dancing. We’re barely even competent in dancing. Walking’s tough enough as is. But we did look at this video frame by frame to try to see how everyone was dancing. What we noticed is that Taemin looks like the best dancer in the group. Like, overwhelmingly so. He jumps higher, bends his knees more, his movements snap. He looks like he’s always in perfect form, while everyone else looks like they’re just doing the movements. Are we wrong here? Maybe he’s the worst dancer, and he’s too exaggerated and should look more lax like the other members? This is where our lack of knowledge of dancing is apparent. From our perspective, though, it just seems like there’s a lot more movement in Taemin’s movement, and that looks like better dancing, to us.

Yeah! That’s it for this week’s Kpop Music Monday. Let us know if you agree with what we’re saying or not. Also, some news: tomorrow we’re gonna be posting the Block B interview. Finally! So check in tomorrow afternoon, Korean time! Also, we’ll be studio hunting tomorrow afternoon as well. Saw some cool places in Hongdae and we’re really hopeful! This might be the Nasty Studio! And, lastly check out this week’s blooper reel, which felt like they were longer than our actual Music Monday itself. Probably because we had so many skits :D


  1. Not saying I’m an expert in dancing, but as a person that knows the mechanics of what makes a good dancer I say that what really makes a person a great dancer is how they adapt and merge into the music through their physical movement. The dancer must look like they are one with the music that is playing because it is through them that the sound is portrayed. So the reason why Taemin looks like he’s the “best dancer” here in the video according Simon and Martina is cause he captures the mood and sound cues of the music better than everyone else through his big and sharp hits. Had he made such exaggerated movements to a lighter or more playful song it would look wrong.

  2. I think the reason for not casting hyoyeon as a permanent member is clear enough. She simply is not as good as the rest. I know she’s an amazing dancer- all her dance battles can attest to the fact- but her dancing is not as energetic or sharp enough to match the other members. If she was made a permanent member and had to dance throughout, they’ld probably have to tone down some of the moves. Sorry all, I love her but I think you’ll see eye-to-eye with me if you study and contrast her moves against the others.

  3. I personally liked this! I think that the “TVXQ” crew would have been a nice touch I like their screams as well but I think that Max looks to be a bit older than the rest so maybe that is why they left him out. I liked the dubstep and the metal grunge mixed together. It is far better than the American Hip Hop crap I have to listen to on the radio at home. Besides I can rock the headphones while I’m at work all day long. ;)

  4. Check out this very clever parody of Gangnam Style dedicated to organ donation –


  5. How about both Max and Boa

  6. I’ve also noticed that Kai doesn’t get much screen time or involvment in this song…
    Not good SM. Not good.

  7. I love the mv, but I would liked to have had more female members, like BoA. And why did Luhan join the group? If anyone from Exo-M, I would have chosen Lay.
    Don’t get me wrong, Luhan is a great dancer, but I think Lay is…well…greater…

  8. if you clearly can’t get the video done by the end of monday, why don’t you just change it to ‘music tuesday’…

  9. Max :)

  10. Neither, Amber is the obvious choice. It couldn’t have been that hard to add some female power to that group, and Amber is the biggest badass there is.

  11. Guise… I beg you, PLEASE, PLEASE use captain Purple Line every time you comment on engrish from now on.

  12. This is really late, but did anyone else catch the Yoochun reference? “Purple line”? “I really wanna touch myself”? C’mon! Cassiopeia! Tell me that you heard it too!

  13. Oh my. Nice dictionary prints in the background. I bought two for my friends last Christmas.

    Excellent taste.

  14. BoA ;D

  15. Where did Hyuna’s Ice Cream go on the Kpop charts? It’s disappeared! :(

  16. I pretty much died of laughter when I saw Simon as Taemin with a bag of Doritos. Completely made my day XD SOY UN DORITO!

  17. like i said in comments for the vid- they were all there for themselves- not working together as a group. like individual showcasing like a dance-off. exo boys brought swagger, suju brought hard pops but taemin was the perfect mix of precision and style. kid’s moves are so smooth and fluid, it’s ridiculous. boa and yunho are too big and too senior for this project. it brings in the younger performers. hyoyeon was there for boobs but honestly, there are no hard female dancers in sme, i think only 2ne1 brings it as hard as the younger boys do. boa’s good but she’s senior and wouldn’t be included in this group.

    oh and DEFINITELY Max. though they’d have to change the name of the group.

  18. Why isn’t BoA in this unit ? Because she already released a song for Hyundai as part of the collaboration between SM Entertainment and Hyundai.

    By the way, Henry finally get to shine in this MV ! I hope he’ll have more activities in Korea.
    And SM Ent should let them promote in music shows as an official group !

  19. nahhh i dont think BoA woudve looked good in the Younique Unit. she’s a solo artist with backup dancers. if she were to be in this unit, she’d make the others look like back-up dancers too!

  20. I like how Hyo has something that is her own since she doesn’t get as much attention as the other SNSD members. && MAXXXXXX. WHY WASN’T ANYONE FROM DBSK IN THIS D=

  21. I love the Purple Line character. My vote is for Boa.

  22. i include BOA because she is an amazing dancer

  23. It was boring to me too and the dance just looked like a jumble of movements, nothing hard-core…I expected the dance routine to be more complicated and epic since it was these guys. Also, the music was…well, bad. I had no idea Luhan was a good dancer and I was expecting Yunho to be in the video. -.-

    Also, due to their outfits being of the same colour as the background, it was so friggin hard to follow their dance. Why would SM do that? :|

  24. I have a question, if this is for a Hyundai thing. Where’s the car? o_O

    • It’s there, just not very visible, ahaha. Taemin has some shots in the car. And I think the dubstep element as well as the screeching sounds at the part Hyoyeon comes in (where the camera ‘skids’) are meant to resemble a car. There isn’t a physical car, but there’s definitely reference to a vehicle. :)

  25. Doritos have to be crispy, don’t they? x)

    P.S. Thanks for the laughs, guys. Your dancing, Dr. Purple Line, Martina as Eunhyuk… Jeez. One of my top favorite KMMs ever. Thank you so much. XD

    Oh, and Meemerz Meeming in the chair. LOVE. He’s getting his own.

  26. haha best part by far “He’s just crispy and gifted”

  27. I think I remember reading somewhere that Younique Unit was put together for the sole purpose of being a promotional group for Hyundai. So, I guess a good portion of the decision to keep them around will depend on how well Hyundai thinks they pulled off the concept. And speaking of concept, I think that the whole “angry and powerful” thing was exactly what they were going for. After all, this is supposed to be for a car company, so I felt that this nailed it.

  28. Honestly I think Shindong would have done a good job in this as well as Amber

  29. The only comment I disagree with is when Martina says “head and shoulder above the rest.” I think that Kai’s dance moves were also strong and precise, his shiny pants match with the background making his legs harder to see. In the shot of jumping you show, he is also fully of the ground. They are both very talented and the bet dancers in SM.

    • I think Kai definitely has more aggression and performance when he dances and that looks really good on stage yet when I see him dance he is extremely smooth and sharp on certain parts (especially when the music or the beat gets sharp) but on others he doesn’t follow through on his move or use as much enthusiasm ,but coming from a dancer’s perspective I think martina is right, Taemin’s technique is cleaner and crisper. It is so hard to peform and try to get hype without losing some aspect of your technique and get a little sloppy ,but I think what she is saying is that Taemin is able to do both which is able to attest to his skills as a dancer.

  30. The opening of Maxstep sounds just like this song only deeper? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pO8BKuCQpCI

  31. I don’t think anyone from f(x) was meant to be added to this sub-unit group because they did not really give off the best dancer feel.

  32. Although I really really love BOA, I have to say Max should have been in the video.. The song would still make no sense if BOA was in it..


  34. martina your looking sexy there :)
    simong is a best comedian

  35. “at least you’re out of the negatives now…” hehe. Awesome.

    I agree with some of the reactions written here, about the bland choreography. One of the main reasons I love Kpop is for the awesome choreography! I find that it is featured less and less nowadays in MV but that might just be because I don’t really follow any of the newer bands (only because I am really old and find it uncomfortable watching younger boys and girls do ‘modern’ steps…) so maybe just the bands who I follow, understandably they might not want to dance around so much anymore because they are getting older? bored? want to portray a more mature persona? *ahem* Kpop has some superb dancers so when I heard about this collaborative effort, especially Eun Hyuk and Hyoyeon, I was really excited, however…

    Although it wasn’t terrible, I can not deny that I was very much disappointed. It’s like getting Nigella Lawson to cook your dinner and asking her for beans on toast. Nothing really new or noteworthy. Of course it was all proficiently done to a very high and polished standard, but even they didn’t look like they were having any fun with it. For me it was a missed opportunity.

  36. I completely agree about Taemin! When I watch the video, there;s just something about the way Taemin dances that directs my eyes towards him. His moves are much more in-tuned with the sounds, like he’s surfing the music, rather than simply dancing to it. just the way his legs are angled, how he control his moves… they’re all so much more refined and professional than the others. I’m so so so so proud of him and SHINee and I do hope that Younique extends beyond Maxstep so that the dancers can have their time to shine~

    (Also, I was disappointed that Lay wasn’t chosen to represent Exo-M, but I understand that it might be that Luhan’s Korean was better, or that it was a matter of Lay’s health. Either way, get well soon Xingxing <3)

  37. Um Kai from EXOk should have been in this group. his dancing is always on point, he would have been able to keep up


  39. Simon and Martina! How about a t-shirt that says, “I like my K-Pop stars Crispy and Gifted.”

  40. I actually thought that BoA Would be in the group since it is a dance unit. BUT… Max Step w/o Max would be wrong. SOO… I definitely think that Max should be in the one in it


  42. My thoguhts were pretty much the same as you guys when Hyoyeon entered the dance. I mean, if they wanted her in it, they should have had her in it from the beginning. It makes better sense and I’m pretty sure it would’ve been fair, since they put out teaser photos of her being in the video.
    I thought maxstep was suppoesed to be SM’s version of Dubstep. I dunno, it was the step thing….
    I vote Max. Mostly because I think his voice would fit the song. It would blend in perfectly…

  43. I seriously like this song, and cannot figure out why! Something is making it stick into my head…

    And as usual, Taemin definitely reigns as the dance king in this video. It’s like what you guys said, talent plus gift makes an awesome dance package (love him!). Taemin also stole Jonghyun’s part from Lucifer, and didn’t get nearly as cool a car. As for who should have been included, I think Max. Or Taemin can loan his Doritos to him for yummy projectiles.

    Never laughed so hard before when you guys did that sketch. XD

    Didn’t really like Hyoyeon’s part at the end, but in her defense it’s because it’s awkwardly put in. Had she been there from the beginning it probably wouldn’t have grated on me so much.

  44. As expected another awesome review from you guys :) personally I feel the same way Martina feels. In my opinion I think Taemin really got into the dance while the others were probably tired from having to run through it so many times (once again this is just my opinion guys and I completely love everyone in Younique Unit) anyway I personally wished they would’ve put Chen in it XD but if I had to pick I’d say BoA :)

  45. Taemin…so gifted, he’s crispy.

  46. I would say Max should have been included only because that would be epic to see him in a huge group dance again, and because he would really pick up the song with his voice range~

  47. I agree with a few people who’ve mentioned this: I think this worked better in it’s original form. I was really excited when I first saw this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3a3x0HXxDNI

    I love the concept of putting all the dance machines together. I hope they release more dances imeansongs ^_^.

    I vote boa for co-ed. Hyoyeon did a good job and It’s cool that she got to feature (boa does all the time, being a solo act) but she didn’t sit as low in her stance as the other members and her moves weren’t as full (more typical girl-group style). I think boa could have done a good job of this. fx don’t seem to have a ‘dance machine’ but they’d be cool.

    If we weren’t restricted to SM here I’d totally vote for Jia! XD

    Jia/Taemin/Kai. Awesome.

  48. but yeah i agree they needed more girl power…

  49. umm question… weren’t they supposed to do some kind of commercial for a car?…isnt “maxstep” that commercial?…i don’t think i really has a meaning tho, in terms of the commercial ..hahah gosh.. i don’t even know

  50. definitely BoA !!!

  51. Martina, you just made me a VERY happy girl. SHINee is my all time favorite Kpop group and Taemin my bias. I love that you gushed about him and couldn’t agree with you more. Yes, Taemin is so crisp in this music video. How crisp you ask? El es un dorito.
    You are totally on it Martina he is GIFTED (new shirt idea) :D.
    I also think that Max should’ve been in Maxstep. I mean its a given. His name is in the group lol

  52. love your funny thoughts/reviews on younique unit’s maxstep on this week’s kpop music mondays i’ve already expressed my thoughts already on my tumblr/my comment from seoulbeats review http://dvqd92.tumblr.com/post/34684759736/my-thoughts-on-younique-units-maxstep-liked-the http://dvqd92.tumblr.com/post/35118617960/i-thought-maxstep-was-an-okay-and-decent-song-and but watching this and your thoughts made me think of some new thoughts i didn’t think of before of maxstep and younique unit

  53. I loved the Purple Line references XD ‘I really want to touch myself’ is still epic. As for Maxstep, the song is growing on me.

  54. I think Hyoyeon and Eunhyuk are the best dancers.

  55. whoa!!!! flying doritos!!!!!!

  56. As much as I would want to see both of them here, as well as Luna too, since she is also a great singer and dancer, I would have to go with Max, because how can you have MAXSTEP without Max and his MAXTIME? Also I thought it would be cool to have Max and Henry hit those high notes together (which btw, I didn’t know Henry could even reach those notes)

  57. ps: LAUGHED MY HEAD OFF //…in the office… *awkward*


  59. Lol…did I hear wrong but did ‘Eunhyuk’ say “IU will hear about this” at 4:38? Lol I see what you did there Martina and Simon (so ahead of the bend)!

    I totally agree about Taemin but I may just be biased. (I am not an expert in dancing at all but I enjoy watching different hip-hop dance styles so that’s where my limited knowledge comes from).

    I read somewhere that one of Taemin’s dance inspirations is/was Michael Jackson and MJ’s known to be a popper and a locker (I think). And I believe poppers and lockers have to isolate their movements or poses while dancing. This explains for me why Taemin is so crisp with his movement because that’s how poppers are meant to be, imo.

    Wikipedia’s definition of popping, “Popping is a street dance and one of the original funk styles that came from California during the 1960s-1970s. It is based on the technique of quickly contracting and relaxing muscles to cause a jerk in the dancer’s body, referred to as a pop or a hit. This is done continuously to the rhythm of a song in combination with various movements and poses.”

  60. to be honest, as long as Henry and Hyoyeon are doing something. It could even be a cereal commercial for all I care. And yes, Taemin is awsum at dancing

  61. You actually throw Doritos ^^ AWESOME!

  62. BoA. Max would only make sense cos of ‘Max’step, but he isn’t the better dancer. Yunho should be in the group really lol.

    AND OMG THE PURPLE LINE JOKE HAHAHAHA. This KMM made my Cassie heart very happy. ;u;

    Also, Taemin is indeed perfect at dancing. “Crispy” … I like that, fits with the whole ‘dorito’ thing hahaha, and very true. And I hope Specialist HY also makes a return. xD

    And I voted for Bom cos I thought her acting was better.

    • what does purple line have to do with anything ._.

      • Back when TVXQ was 5 members, they came out with a song/mv called Purple line

      • Do you know the song Purple Line by TVXQ? The song had some of the most terrible English ever. “I really wanna touch myself” LOL. Ah Yoochun … he meant “Get in touch with myself” but yeah … forgot some words. Anyway, that’s where they’re drawing the joke from.

      • Do you know the song Purple Line by TVXQ? Otherwise it makes sense you wouldn’t get the joke.

        The song displays some pretty funny uses of English, especially when yoochun goes “I really wanna tough myself” (was meant to be “Get in touch with myself” but … yeah). xD

  63. vaxanne

    What’s up with the brow-less trend, Hyuna and now Taemin?! Henry is in there for Max-screams. I love your tae-step sombrero-dorito skit, simply hilarious!

  64. I would get BoA in the unit just because there just needs to be another girl in the group, like y’all guys have said, it looks like that Hyoyeon is just a feature/guest dancer not a member of the unit. if Max was in the group, then it will seem that it is his song just ’cause it says Maxstep in it. and that the other member are his back-up dancers.

  65. thisisjustforfunval

    There is something I like about this song but probably wouldn’t own if that makes any sense. I like the song but I’m way, way passed the dub-step sound and that weird intro and sound for Hyoyeon in the middle of the song, but I do really enjoy her voice through out the rest of the song. OMG I have the sleepy writings. Okay so I wrap up by saying what really want to say. 1) YAY! Henry is being utilized! I just recently found him and found him adorable 2) I really love this mean rough tough look on Taemin. It is the first time I have found him to be manly looking. Not meaning any offense in saying that, just that he is usually kind of cutesy/feminine/boyish. In Younique he seems so much more manly to me for the first time.

  66. Always with the cars in these box videos. If only they sported segways…

    My vote goes to Max.

  67. Did anyone notice that a couple scenes from the MV that included cars looked like they were taken from SHINee MV’s? At first I thought that this was may be fan made…. but I don’t think SM would really do that right?

  68. BoA! The group needs more female presence, and while Max is good at dancing now he doesn’t really have that…dancer…image? I think of him as a singer who also dances well, with singer coming first, while I think the rest that are currently in Younique Unit are more, IMO, dancers that also sing well. BoA is not necessarily this second type-dancers that sing well, but considering Max is NOT, and considering she’s well, female, to balance out the group, I’d go with her.

  69. YES. Glossary of inside jokes please!

  70. Henry sounds like Nick Carter in his “shift it into drive” part. huh.

    and lol at the “CRISPY! GIFTED!” you sound like a movie portrayal of a Hollywood publicist spewing catchwords ahahaha~

  71. OMG Taemin’s face on the preview image ROFL

  72. Gosh, I haven’t commented on a video in foreeeveeer. There’s so many things I’d like to say and discuss, but I just don’t have the literary stamina right now. (Been doing a crap ton of writing for college and it’s just getting worse. ;u; ) Compulsion demands that I at least pop in to say hello though!
    First of all, love the video, as usual. As much as I adore Maxstep, both the song and the dance, when I saw it atop the list this week I honestly drew a blank on what y’all were going to say. It’s just not a video meant to spark much discussion; it’s a dance video, plain and simple. Quite unsurprisingly, however, S&M managed to dredge up more than enough to entertain and then some. (Loved the IU comment, by the way. Priceless.)
    I know it’s not necessarily relevant, but it might help some people to know that the original version of Maxstep was labeled ‘Dubstep’; as far as I know, the title was changed when SME made the deal with Hyundai and put it on the album. I’ve found/seen the song used as solely dance music in both practice studio videos and live performances for SME’s ‘dance battles’ since long before the video itself was even hinted at. (I really liked the song even back then, so I paid a lot of attention to it. >u>; Needless to say, I was super, super excited when I first heard they were releasing it.)
    As for the poll this week, I’m somewhat torn. Of TVXQ, I would sooner vote for Yunho than Changmin for the role because, let’s face it, he’s the real dancing machine out of the two. But then, I’m reluctant to vote for BoA, and not for the reason most people would guess. I’m just afraid that BoA’s stage presence would overpower the rest so much that she would take the lead in what should be a relatively hierarchy-less group. Her charisma is just soooo intense, which I consider to be one of her strong points as a performer. Unfortunately, in this case, I think it would also be one of the biggest flaws in putting her in this unit. (I would like to see a member of f(x) in the group though. Maybe Victoria?)

  73. Simon, I love your sombrero hat! Love it when you wear that with holding a Dorito, rofl!! I can’t wait for SHINee’s comeback, so you can totally use it again and again for Taemin’s part. And Martina, love your pink hair, but are you going to change it to new color? Like red and green for x-mas?

  74. I liked the fact that Henry participated and his high note blew me away but that’s about it. I was expecting something different. :/

  75. I liked the fact that Henry was in it and his high note but that’s about it. Was expecting something else too. :/

  76. Was that a HAM guest starring as an appendix?

  77. I have a background in dance and it’s STILL difficult for me to pick who was the best all around in this video. There isn’t really a highlight in the choreo that I can focus on, and the light clothes/light backdrop or dark clothes/dark backdrop make it harder to see the moves of the ones not dancing in front ><. I think I'd have to go with Eunhyuk and Taemin as being the two that stood out the most.

  78. Specialist HY!!! Hahahahaha best skits ever – I give you props for finding stuff to talk about from that video lol. Btw I didn’t get the Purple Line thing. :(

    Mummy, mummy, I wanna be like Specialist HY when I grow up :D

  79. you know whats annoying (and this can never be solved) but I really like these dance units cause they do some cool stuff.. But videos for dance songs are always so choppy like they flash around too much so its hard to see each person do the dance.. I wish they’d make a version where its just them dancing …kinda like the when other bands do a dance version of a theatrical mv.. idk if that made sense..lol but i like this group and i think id like to see the choreography more..

  80. Captain Purple Line !! (awesome) That song contains perhaps my favorite phrase in ALL-kpopdom ….”We gotta purple like that”. Because it makes NO SENSE whatsoever, in any context.

    Also hilarious was Simon/Taemin hurling Doritos like Ninja stars with sound effects. A++

  81. You have created me new fave compliment. “Whoa check those guys moves…he so so…Crispy…super Crispy…rawr.”

  82. Oh jeez, haven’t been able to get on here for a week? Two? I don’t even know lol. So far behind on videos! But, I’m happy to see the Block B interview will be coming up soon (so excited and desperate to see thisXD

    So, this song, I like the music. I’d totally listen to it on its own…but I don’t quite like the singing being added to it. It just sounds weird. My favorite part is Henry’s little English part and Kai with his deep voice.
    Hyoyeon felt like an after thought to me, like she was thrown in there just for a little diversity or something. I don’t know, it was just weird to me.
    Dancing wise, though I’m not an expert, this is just my own personal opinion, Taemin is very sharp in his movements. But when put with the others it feels awkward. While he was moving sharply the others had a more fluidity to the moves and felt like they were on the same page. It left things looking awkward to me when you could clearly see the difference in dancing styles. But overall, the dancing is still amazing.

    I’d just like to throw in that I enjoyed the fact that they added Henry and Luhan in this group because their groups work in China. It is nice seeing them in the spotlight.

    As for who I think should’ve been in this, I’d have to say Max!

  83. i was so expecting Boa to be in it because she is one of the best female SM Dancers

  84. Thank you Martina; now every time I will see Taemin I will think of him as crispy! XD

  85. It’s nice to know that Martina and I share the same Taemin fangirl feels.

  86. Emily D.

    I imagine those doritos took a while to clean up. Or maybe Meemers and Spudgy just ate them :P

  87. Max…. Changmin … I mean its called MAXstep… should of had Max in it

  88. I thought this group wasn’t supposed to be a group to begin with it was supposed to be for a car commercial That’s what almost all the reviews and feed back say on the on the internet. From what i know Maxstep is like a type of a car. The video was supposed to be sort of like Big Bang’s – lollipop. With out all the color. I don’t like who they picked for the girl plus even thought she is in there they could have gave her more of part they some random cameo. My fav in the whole song is eun hyuk.

  89. Honestly when I hear Maxstep it makes me think of a brand for female sanitary napkinsXD
    “We put the Max on your Pad…MAXSTEP!” (haha!!!)

  90. Simon and Martina dancing in front of a walrus in a tophat – whatever my argument was, it is now invalid.

  91. I’m surprised they didn’t comment on Kai’s gold bars chair and Eunhyuk & henry’s eskimo clothes… lol

    oh, and I want BoA in the group… but I think she’s too “legend” to be put in a group with juniors

  92. For informational purposes (and I hope this doesn’t rock the vote, if it gets bumped up enough that people see it)

    The Younique Unit has 2 members which are not in the dance group, BoA and Jessica. There are 3 songs on the album. Each of the songs features one of the girls, but the others actually seem to be solos, and have no MV.

  93. i see each one has their uniqueness while dancing, and that makes this coreography kind of messy. i really love Taemin, but i cant distinguish them, blame their dark clothes on dark background and their white ones on the white SM cube room agggg this is the one big time I hate the boxes more than ever coz i cant distinguish anything T.T
    I think they needed another girl so I vote for Boa, but boa is another level i think (i dont mean she is better but she is, i cant imagine her with idols lol)

  94. Max totally should have been in this group! when i heard this song i immediately thought that Max should be in here! *MAX TIME!*

  95. yep yep of course, Taemin is undoubtedly the best. ANd not only is he mmmmn crispy but also his movements just flow like hes not even trying. The others look like they’re dancing, Taemin looks like he’s just…I don’t know the word, but he’s definitely gifted!! And BoA should have been included because, like Taemin, when she dances it’s just so smooth, natural and full of finesse.

  96. Awsome dance, but the song sucks.. Adn if it dancing I woul like to see BoA! she is a badass sexy dancer!!! OR why don’t SM make another dance group unit… with only GIRLS and the specialist can be Yunho from dbsk ;) I think that is a golden idea =)
    what do you guys think???

    nom nom nom, cool t-shirt simon ^^!

  97. Martina, I thought Key was your SHINee bias?

  98. BoA! I mean, if you watch the video for Eat you Up you have to admit that she’s a dance goddess!!! ♥

  99. When I first heard the sing I thought, “okay, well obviously the focus is the dancing cause the song is…yeah…” But it REALLY grew on me. Dubsteppy goodness!

  100. i was so excited that hyoyeon is in something that doesnt involve snsd..but hyoyeon was in the video for a short time..i didnt like it.

  101. like always you guys were awesome and made my day!

    SOoooOoo About MAXSTEP….please don’t kill me people…. but for a dance subunit/ special project whatchamacallit the dance didn’t feel like much to meee. I mean yeah I couldn’t do that ever but… I was sort off.. okay I was underwhelmed by the dance… Again please don’t kill me..

  102. As I commented on your Facebook page :
    Taemin, your moves the best! You got a talent and a gift in dancing!!!

    I vote for BoA, because if Max was part of the mv he would be “Maxtime~ maxtime~ maxtime~” the lights would flicker on and off so nothing would be recorded XD

    Also, Simon and Martina thanks for reviewing this mv.

  103. Id have to say… BOA!!!! I think she would be perfect and balance out the male to female ratio more then max

  104. …I’m glad I’m not the only one who went around the house doing the Maxstep thing XD
    I would say BoA, but she already has a promotional video for Hyundai, so I’m going to go with Max. I think that Amber or Luna from f(x) should’ve been in it, since that would help even out the ratio a little more.

  105. My vote goes for Max. Song feels kinda incomplete without him and Max Time, though, to be honest, I was really expecting Yunho to be a part of the group. Anyway.

  106. BoA should have been included in this song as she herself is an Amazing dancer.

  107. i think if Max was in it, it would make the song about him.. but yea, i think Yunho or BoA should have been in it.. even maybe an Fx member too..

  108. I wonder how quickly it took Simon to run and pick up all the doritos he threw at Martina. Can’t waste the doritos!

  109. taemin…dorito…crisp… lololololo… >.<

  110. Um….sooooo….I have a question….where the heck did you get that doggy diaper from? Flaxton street or something!?!?!?

  111. I have to admit that this song and video were pretty generic SM stuff, and it’s a video that I watched once and will probably never watch again because it wasn’t exciting. And I’ll probably never listen to the song again because it was nothing catchy or special and was waaaaayyy too dubstep. Sorry Younique Unit, maybe it was stupid of me to expect something “unique” /:


  113. Martina Looks like amber when they are talking about taestep!

  114. Taemins movements are sharp but good dancing is always about sharp movements. Eunhyuk and Henry have a fluidity to their moves that shows flows well with the choreography as they executed each transition into every formation.

    • I honestly thought those three were the best, dancing wise. Kai had his moments and the other one, Luhan? i think, was slightly weaker in comparison.

  115. Stephanie Chamberlain


  116. also, i felt bad about the bag of doritos flying around the room.. would’ve fed a whole Taemin with that..

  117. I Iike that Hyoyeon is the only female i feel like it draws more attention to her than if she had other females to compete with. If they were to place Boa in with her then i would honestly only pay attention to boa. This is kind of Hyoyeon’s time to shine,without the other GG members and make an independent image. I do agree with Martina though about it seeming as though she was only featured in the video and not part of the group so i hope they give her more parts and or longer parts in songs to come. Changmin does need to join though!

  118. I really love it that Hyoyeon got her spotlight as the only girl!!.. so i wouldn’t want boa there.. Maybe Max.. but since Yunho is a better dancer imo, i think maybe he should’ve taken part :PP Taemin’s awesome!

  119. i really want Doritos now…

  120. Thank goodness I’m not the only one who disliked this song.
    I was afraid to mention my opinion because even if I just thought bad things about the song, I was attacked by a horde of SM fanpeople. I understand being a fan, but at the same time, it’s okay to be critical. I mean, I absolutely adore Kai, he’s my favorite member of EXO-K, but the scream he does near the beginning makes me cringe.
    What I’m trying to say is, it’s okay not to like everything ever made by an artist. It doesn’t make you a lesser fan, so please, don’t kill me.

    And my vote goes to BoA. Younique needed way more girl power than just Hyoyeon.

  121. First, I want to say that if SM was trying to promote the dancing capability of this group they should not have dressed them in clothing that blends into the background. It make it difficult to see the foot work, how in unison the members are, and, quite frankly, it hurts my eyes. Now for my vote: I think BoA should have been included. Max is a great singer and his dancing has improved over the years, but lets face it people, he is not the best Kpop dancer. BoA on the other hand is female, has attitude that fits the group image and is a very good dancer.

    • Sorry I didn’t explain something. The reason it is important that BoA is female is because it would add more balance/dynamic to the group.

    • “First, I want to say that if SM was trying to promote the dancing capability of this group they should not have dressed them in clothing that blends into the background. It make it difficult to see the foot work, how in unison the members are, and, quite frankly, it hurts my eyes.” I completely agree with this it was difficult to follow the dancing carefully.

    • Totally agree with you. Boa should have been in the group, and if not her for some reason like her work load would be just too much for her- which is understandable- then they should have chosen another girl, instead of adding two EXO members they could’ve fit another girl in there. It isn’t like they have a short supply of girls to choose from either.

      And the thing with the blending into the background. It’s just not this video either. SM seems to think using bright lights, pale backgrounds and clothes that just melt in with the backgrounds so the idols heads float- even then, it’s really hard to tell sometimes- looks good, when it obviously doesn’t. I think it’s because of the different beauty standards/ likes in Korea. Cause in Korea, they think pale/ whiter skin is beautiful, right? So, by bleaching out any definition or colour, I think SM thinks they’re making their idols look as beautiful as possible for the fans. Or is that just me? Anyway, it’s really annoying. It’s the same with f(x)’s ‘Electric Shock’, one scene (that was repeated throughout) was really white. Though, not as bad as GG’s ‘Flower Power’ japanese video.

      • Or–having such setups make it easier to hide when they are NOT in sync? (Not being mean!) I never noticed the differences in dance movements until S&M slowed some clips down to look at Taemin. I mean, their schedules are crazy, so I wonder just how much rehearsal time they had to do this.

    • BoA is pretty much the Queen of K-pop, but I don’t think Hyoyeon was such a bad choice either. This song and its style has a fairly sharp edge to it and while BoA would have no problem pulling off the dancing or singing, I feel that she has a softer image than Hyoyeon in the sense that Hyoyeon’s facial features give you the feeling that she could be intimidating and her voice is more cutting. BoA’s looks are more like a good girl deception: she looks like a sweet girl, but can just as easily seduce someone. Also, her voice is more melodic and has a rounder sound.

  122. I don’t know if Taemin is the best dancer here, but he is the most well-rounded when it comes to both great singing and great dancing~

  123. I wasn’t surprised that they didn’t put BoA in this unit. To me she’s always been a solo act, it would’ve really surprised me if the would have been in this group. Somehow I couldn’t picture her in a group like this. I don’t want to offend anyone, but I think there’s a reason why some people get to be solo acts and others are put into groups. And I think that BoA might have take all the attention from the other members of this unit, because she’s super popular (not that the others aren’t but she’s known as the Queen of Kpop, I think). I’m not really sure who really sells more records, but it always seemed to me like BoA is a few steps ahead of her juniors in this department.

    Despite that I’m super happy that Hyoyeon got to be in this sub unit, she really deserved the attention as did Henry. I’m not a super-Super Junior fan, but after Hangeng left it was like SuJu M kinda had to go on hiatus, and while the regular SuJu members still had their shows (and Zhou Mi was an MC for a while??) it seemed like Henry almost fell into oblivion. I hope that this sub unit will be doing more songs in the future, and that Henry might get the chance to be on TV more often. :)

  124. Brittainy

    I was hoping that this would be reviewed but forgot all about it after the middle of next week, what a nice surprise on Monday morning! Here are my 20 cents :).

    – I seriously adore the trouble that Martina has with words sometimes, and Simon helping her out. So so so cute. If you guys weren’t married I would totally ship you.
    – The theme songs to eyk videos are totally my jams. I rock out every time I hear one.
    – I looooove the sound effects you guys use!! Especially to cover up cursing :D. My fave though was the gunshot when Specialist HY threw the ranch cap on the ground.
    – I feel like a huge dumdum but I don’t get the captain purple line reference @_@. I’ve said it out loud like 15 times and still don’t get it… /notapartofthecoolkidsclub :(

    Now on to the MV itself:
    – I’ve probably watched this video 20 times -first off I had to watch it once through for each member (xD), and then after that I had to watch it another 5 times each for Eunhyuk and Taemin- and I can honestly say…. this song sucks teh big one! It worked just great in its original form (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWBaVKDG314), as a short little dance track to showcase Kai, Taemin, and Eunhyuk, but it’s really all over the place as a full song. I like certain parts of it and of course I love all of the singing/rapping from the boys, but the song itself is just not one that I want to listen to more than a couple times. For those who are curious, the original original for this song (a sweet electronic track by Outism) can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlwM4UOzgEg
    – I didn’t really like the way that they handled Hyoyeon’s part in this song. I felt like her rap came out of nowhere and honestly kinda sucked (though not her fault, I just felt… jolted around while I listened to it?). That aside, I really am not big on girl groups and don’t pay a bit of attention to SNSD – but when she showed up at 2:27 I had a hard time looking at anybody else after that. Not sure if you can chalk it up to Hyo’s flaming charisma or good editing, but the point still stands either way.
    – What did they do to Taeminnie’s eyebrows :(((. Where did they go?? Someone please find them.
    – Hyukjae looks SO BOSS in this video, dear god. He looks amazing in red, and his rap… TAT /fangirling
    – Henry looks like an adorable little hamster doing that scream… I think it’s supposed to be badass but I can’t help but squee from cuteness every time I see it.

  125. LOL captain purple line…. I wonder where that name came from? *coughdbskcough* I think your catch phrase NEEDS to be “I really wanna touch myself” X’D

  126. lol taestep the SOMBRERO!!!!

  127. There is definitely something extra awesome about Taemin’s dancing.

    The other members of Shinee have actually said that he messes up more than anyone else in dancing, but he looks so natural with his mistakes that it ends up looking like everyone *else* is doing it wrong. It’s possible that’s part of what’s going on here (like that arm swinging thing – it may not have even been intended as a boxing move, but taeminnie decides to do it that way so too bad for you if you’re doing it “right”).

    Also in some of the “three taemins” videos (example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABmAiqhvmCA), you can clearly see him do something totally made-up at some spots, and magically not lose his place in the rest of the dance – he goes right back into the correct choreo. The dude is made of magic.

    The others really are all fantastic dancers, though. As I said in the kpop charts comment thread for this, I love dubstep, most of my favorite groups are SM, and most of my favorite members are lead dancers… If I ever get to see this performed live with all members, I might die.

    • PunkyPrincess92

      i heard that Taemin is even more unbelievable to watch in real life!! that you can see all his sharp distinct moves really clearly!!!
      *sigh* i need to see SHINee perform in real life!!!

      • I must confirm this. I didn’t know much about kpop when I went to my first SM concert, so I didn’t have preconceived ideas on how every idol would/should act. I found Taemin amazing. His dancing is amazing and he appears so manly, very different from the maknae we’re so used to gush on.

    • As he does something random in the same spot each time, it’s probably just his little solo moment XD.

      But totally agree he’s awesome heheh.

  128. So I have a good theory on why these members for the younique group and NOT BOA and Yunho

    This unit was obviously made to give spotlight to the “best” dancers of each of SM’s groups. Since BOA is a solo artist, she always get all attention when on stage, she doesn’t have to split her focus between other members because she is solo.

    In Yunho’s case, he is in a TWO member group where he gets AT LEAST 50% of the focus in all their promotions.

    Because they are able to demonstrate their skills on a regular basis (BOA and Yunho) it would be unfair to the other Younique members if they were put in this group.

    Another theory I have regarding why give “specialist H.Y.” Hyoyeon only very little screen time is because if this unit was to give every dancer equal front line opportunity/ focus time it would be unfair to have Hyo’ since the beginning. I mean seriously, although I am a BIG EXO lover, at the moment she comes in all my attention is directed to her because she is the only female. The choreographer did a very good job to keep the dancers switching positions so they got a fair amount of focus in the center but with Hyo, no matter where she was placed, my attention automatically followed because she stood out being a female and having long bright blonde hair =D

    What I can’t explain is why not have another girl from F(x)?

    And why pick Luhan? Why not Lay? or Xiumin? or Dancing Machine Chen? ;p
    Overall I love this song and SM did great in putting these members together in group because then they automatically have a SUPER large fanbase bringing ELFs, Shawols, SONEs and Exotics together =)

  129. YOYOYO I vote for Max :D

  130. Boa!!!
    I’m actually disappointed in SM entertainment. Younique just felt like a boy group featuring a girl :-(

  131. i think that boa wasn’t there because she already did something with jessica.
    as for yun and min, they have the comeback and their tour to care about.

  132. BOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would have been awesome to see her and Taemin together on the same stage!

  133. Simon with black hair looks awesome!

  134. i noticed that Taemin was more on his A game then the others too. Eunhyuk, Taemin, and Kai are my three top dance biases in SM and i can’t look away when they are dancing so when you put them in one group i didn’t know where to look at first……that is until Taemin just completely pulled my attention.

    His moves are much sharper and cleaner than the others, but i don’t know who the choreographer was (i’m pretty sure it was Gregg but i could be wrong) or how the original choreography was done (there isn’t a video of the choreographer doing the routine) so i’m not sure if he was supposed to be that sharp.

    they aren’t really an official group so i wouldn’t expect their dance to be completely in sync with one another. (World & Asian tours/flying to a different place twice a week for some. I’m not sure how many times everyone was in the same place at the same time.
    all i know is i want a practice video sooooo badly

  135. MAX Max should have been in Max Step from the beginning? How could they fathom not puttin Max in Max Time? I was hoping for some MAX TIME! ps my vote is for MAX. Even though I love BoA eonni to bits and peices, But Max for Max Step! MAX TIME!

  136. Great KMM, loved Taemin in hat with doritos :D
    Meemers and Sudgy are both soooo cute ^__^
    As for dancing in the video, I would like to say that the best are Taemin and Kai, I can’t take my eyes off of them, they are extremely good in dancing. The other guys are also really good, but Taemin and Kai do every step stronger, faster, sharper, but at the same time they don’t look like they are trying too hard. And I also think that Heoyon did great job! She wasn’t any worse than any guy in the video!
    SM should have include MAX!!! And one of f(x) girls :))

  137. “Well, we’ve got a new version of our site about to go live in a few days, totally

    redesigned and less buggy, so hopefully we can add a glossary there, once it’s all good to go!” Can’t wait! *___*

    “Saw some cool places in Hongdae and we’re really hopeful! This might be the Nasty Studio!” Hongdae!? Isn’t that where ‘Mary stayed out all night’ was filmed??

    About the song, I agree with you guys. The song has nice dance moves and vocalists but you can’t really follow up the lyrics… I actually felt a bit uncomfortable as well listening to it…especially after 0:51 (that big robot reminded me of a golem …. so yeah… – . -’).

    Thank you for the upload! :D


    P.S: for the showdown: Boa

  138. Doritosreally fly, honest to god weapons….hmmm scary lol

  139. MAX obviously should be on MAXSTEP~! though…maybe…if we are talking about dancers…should be BoA? idk…u.u

  140. Maybe I’m crazy, but I really loved the song, like, way more than usual. It just makes me want to go out and hit the club…or dance like a weirdo in my room late at night…alone… :/ But I really love this song!!

  141. In regards to the dancing, I found after really studying SJ-M’s Perfection that what it comes down to is the different styles of dancing that the members are better at.
    Taemin and Hyuk are the snap style dancers (and Taemin is better than Hyuk at it. Probably because he’s younger. Old man Hyukkie <3 [sidenote: i'm the same age as him. we're old])
    I don't know about the EXO members because I'm not a stan of theirs, but I am of Henry.
    Henry dances like Gumby. You remember Gumby, right? The big green guy made out of rubber. He's just so squishy that everything he does just. … is rubber. He's Gumby!

    In regards to Hyoyeon I didn't like that she wasn't there to the very end :( even though she sang every chorus. She's still gorgeous though~

    And lastly! Maxstep. The song was originally called Dubstep and was featured in SM Orchestra http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgrQLycG4ho < video here, back at the end of 2011. Henry was in that too~ Playing his violin like a boss. …
    ANYWAY Dubstep was featured there with Hyuk, Taemin and Kai dancing. And I personally liked the vocals of that better than the re-make for Maxstep.

    Well. That's my statement. I love that Memmer's was just chillin' on the chair there too. ^^ Such a cute kitty.
    OH And Martina makes a very good Hyoyeon~ The high pony really worked for you~

    • unicornsgalaxy

      Totally agree with you about Hyukie, Taemin, and Henry’s style of dancing.

      Henry’s is way more fluid than everyone’s which maybe makes it seem that he is being lazy and not hitting the moves as sharp as he should. But seriously his flexibility is no joke and he moves like he has rollers on his feet.

      Taemin’s style is sharp and hitting the dance moves like boom, boom, bap. Makes it look a bit more powerful.

      Hyukie is somewhere in between the two. He can actually do both really fluid or really sharp. I’ve seen him switch between the two styles flawlessly too.

      I can’t comment on the others cause I pretty much know absolutely nothing about them.

  142. Captain purple line… I see what you did there xD

  143. Totaly agree with Taemin. Some years ago I wasn’t even a fan of Taemin or SHINee and I also disliked them a little bit but I also noticed how amazing Taemin moves. I can’t desribe it….even now he is not even my bias maybe even my last favorite in SHINee but still his body moves amazing. Oh and BoA! She is an amazing dancer. Actually she and Stephanie are the best female dancers of SM. I’m not biased actually all the members of The Grace are amazing dancers and vocalists

  144. BoA! BoA! BoA! Unnie is the best dancer and maybe the best singer in Kpop, in my not so humble opinion.

  145. Maxstep should definitely include MAX!

  146. I completely agree with you that Taemin’s dancing was the best. His dancing really stood out from the other members and looked less “forced” or awkward if you know what I mean. He has this naturalness to his dancing that the other members didn’t seem to have. (I’m not hating on the other members though! I love them all!)
    And I agree with a lot of people here that I’m so happy Henry was in the group! Our talented Mochi needed more recognition, so I hope this helped with that.

  147. I really love the new “character” Dr. Purple Line…
    When I first heard this line “I really wanna touch myself” I knew that I’d never forget that song , EVER….
    Glad you finally found out about THE most epic Konglish line in the history of Kpop (for me of course)
    Hope to see A LOT from Dr. Purple Line!!!

  148. Maxtep! haha yeah max should’ve been in there

  149. Love these skits. Specialist Hyoyeon was great. Also I’m noticing a trend with DBSK5, They all have SUPER POWERS! Max Time, Yunho Time, INTOKICAYTION, and now “I really want to touch myself” with Captain Purple Line. I wonder if Jaejoong (guessing that Yoochun is secretly CPL) has a power.

  150. I actually do like the song, Hahaha xP I like the beat and random “Maxstep!~~” And then the random background screamo or whatever. I can get into it x)

    I took another look, didn’t go frame by frame or anything, but it did look like Taemin was pretty awesome :) I would need to watch it a few more times and watch some fo the others as well to say if I agree if he is better or not. But he is definitely very skilled, for sure.

    And as everyone else is saying, I love how they put Henry in this! Cause I’ve never really seen or noticed him in anything particular, so I’m not very familiar with him specifically, other than knowing he is in Super Junior, Lol. So yer, I like that I kinda got to see him a little more by his-self-ish (?) xD

    And, awesome K-Pop Music Monday guys! I was kinda disapointed when this came in first cause I was like, ‘Is there realy anything to talk about for this video other than “MAXstep!”?’ But you guys did an awesome job, and it was a great Music Monday! :D

    Wheee!!~ (And am I the only one who actually likes the song in general? xD)

  151. i would have liked to have BoA in the video since there aren’t many female dancers in the group. how dare they!

    lol, S&M, i’m a RN and there’s no way an appendix is that big. the size of a ham? it’s about the size of a pinky or ring finger.

    about using specialist… maybe they had a hard time finding other words for an expert? probably they were using one of those Korean-English dictionaries and found the word but that the word is to be used for a different purpose. lol. SM fail.

  152. Key is my bias… >_> So I won’t answer your question with your options. XD Key should have. Kpop needs more Key ~coughcough~

  153. I can’t think of any SM dance unit whithout Yunho, Is just weird to me ^^

  154. I LOVE what i hear of theyr voices, but i HATE the music (backgroundnoice) It ruins the song :( Taemin automaticly captures my attention in the mv, he just GLOWS whenever he dances. I really love Taemin <3 (I have shaked hands with him, just had to add that :P That was SO AMAZING! He smiled to me! <3 kk)
    I always look forward to watch Kpop music mondays. You guys are the best <3 Love from Norway.

  155. Eunhyuk, Kai and Taemin has performed with choreography for Maxstep, but not the whole. From Gayo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCSBQtJs0hc&feature=related -> 3:19, and the practice version here -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkY04B9wgo4 (instead of Taemin, Greg – trainer). Dubstep, dubstep, dubstep ~ (yeah, Maxstep is really stupid name) Perhaps they thought that if they had awesome song to perform, it can be converted into a song for the ad – because why bother with the composition of something new? Oh, SM, I’m disappointed. In particular, you can not see the choreography on this white background :/

    And I think BoA should be in the Younique Unit. As a regular dancer, not a guest like Hyoyeon.

  156. Spudgy is a fluffy marshmallow of adorable ♥

  157. Max would make any video look better ;), but hes not a big dancer

  158. Im glad I am not the only one that didnt get the song at all xD The dancing is superb though, but I agree with Martina, Taemin seems to have given it his all, whilst the other were just blah moving.

  159. Where you’re biased towards Taemin Martina, I’m totally biased towards Henry, lol

  160. Its looks like….pupple line. XD

  161. I thought BoA was a apart of the Younique. But yeah, she should have been in MaxStep. She’s like the best female Korean dancer in the world. Seriously. She’s my only female kpop Bias. They need to put like her and Taemin in a dance video together and just let it rip. lol! New music video – “Let it Rip” by Taemin and BoA.

  162. Yeah, I’m pretty surprised but yet not that Maxstep made it to the top. I mean, you’ve got a great mix of popular members. It rose pretty quickly when it was first added, but stayed in sixth place for a long time, so I was like, “Oh I guess I wrong.” Now it’s like, I guess I was wrong about being…wrong lol.

    I would have to agree with Martina on Taemin being the crispiest. XD I mean, Eunhyuk is SJ’s dancing machine. Kai is classically trained in ballet and jazz dance. I was a little surprised that SM chose Luhan to be a part of Maxstep, considering Lay is the main dancer in EXO-M. But he stood in for Minho during SHINee’s “Lucifer” performances at SMTown concerts and was chosen to dance with BoA, so he must be pretty good. As for Henry and Hyoyeon, I haven’t paid much attention to SJ-M or SNSD so I can’t really say much about them other than what I saw in Maxstep. But out of all of these crazy talented people in this video, Taemin was the cleanest. uvu

    Also, um, the song is called MAXstep. I would think that an obvious choice for the group would be MAX. I mean he would be my first choice lol. So I vote Max!

  163. Lol Purple Line!!! Woot! And did I detect an “I really want to touch myself” reference in there? Nice work~ ;D

    I agree, Taemin is AMAZING. I’m torn between him and Kai when it comes to the dance, they both blow my mind~ Eunhyuk, Hyoyeon, and Luhan were pretty good too. Henry… I get that they included him for his vocals, and he isn’t bad, really, but he’s not up to par with the rest… imo.

    I love love love the Maxstep skit. I always think of Changmin too. xD

    I vote for… idk! Umm… I would say Yunho if he was a choice, and I was mad he wasn’t in the video. Come on, SM!!! And I love Changmin to death, and his voice would be so good in this song, but his dancing isn’t totally legendary. Well I guess BoA because seriously, she’s incredible. She and Yunho should’ve been here.

    • Honestly? I’m just glad SM thought to include Henry! I was totally ‘mind blown’! Highly under rated talent mho ^^

      • I understand. One of my best friends is an ELF, and she was excited to see Henry too haha. I didn’t mind him, but for the purpose of it being a dance group, I personally wouldn’t have included him… Just as I wouldn’t include Changmin, despite my huge bias for him. xD But yeah, I understand!

    • lol if I ask my friend (who is a dancer since ca. 9 years) she always says Kai looks like he is trying too hard lol. In my opinion lay is a uch better dancer than Kai, LuHan or..well they don’t have more dancers, or?

  164. Taemin is just so crispy….my new favorite quote…lol!

  165. Martina I so totally agree, that’s why I fell in love with Shinee, was because of Taemin and his dancing. I love to see him dance, he’s just so awesome. I do like Kai’s dancing from Exo-K, so I’m happy that they’re both in it, especially Taemin since I’m like in love with Shinee more than any other kpop group and love to watch Taemin dance, can’t help it, I could go on and on about Taemin’s dancing…lol!

  166. I wanted more female presence in the song and dance as well. There’s just hardly any mixed group in Kpop and I think this is a minus. A mixed group is deffinetel more interesting than a all girls or boys one.

    On the other note, I don’t quite agree about Taemin being the best dancer here (and I’m a shawol mind you). Actually I hardly can compare between dancers because my eyes usally follow just one of them, I have hard time following all. But making an effort on this I didn’t distinguish Taemin as better.
    It’s clear that some of the members are better than the others (I’m scared to say any names) but I can’t decide among them. They just have totally different styles. Like Kai (the person sitting on the gold… things it called like that, right) is really powerfull and I can see him jumping higher for example. Eunhyuk’s dance always seems effortless which is a joy to the eye. Taemin is absolutely precise about his moves.
    I had fun monitoring these three during the practice video of Max step or (plus Yunho) dancing with Boa. And in the end I came to a conclusion that maybe Kai can work on his timing but other than that they are equally good. Maybe for a different styles of dancing (for example I liked Eunhyuk’s dance the best when he was with Boa because he portraited the emotion the best) but equal.
    Taemin is a great dancer, I respect him for that and am a little sad that he started to be more like a singer than a dancer in Shinee. I just don’t find my eyes watching him constantly, I guess…

    • Brittainy

      I totally agree with all of your points here ^^ (and also a shawol, hehe). I really like the combination of all three dancers. I also liked Eunhyuk’s dance with BoA the best, it was very natural.

      I want to say more, but everything I type ends up as a repeat of your post xD.

  167. PunkyPrincess92

    WUFUOWIRBFUOQIBRUQEBRGF YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAEMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE’S MY
    FAVOURITE TOO!!!!! (cos i’m totally SHINee biased!!)
    yep Taemin is just so gifted and crispy!! as crispy as a Dorito!!

    hahahahahaha oh my god!!!! next time my friends pees me off i’m gonna make sure i have a pack of Dorito’s and then throw it at them and angrily say ‘soy un Dorito’!!!!!
    Captain Purple Line!!!!! ahahaha oh gosh one of THE FUNNIEST kpop lines ever, from that TVXQ song!!! “I really wanna touch myself”
    whoa that is one badass specialist!….of stuff!!!

  168. I completely agree with you on the fact that Taemin is the best dancer in the group – and I do dance in the same style that this is choreographed, I’m not brilliant but yeah. He’s dancing the routine, the others are just doing the motions really nicely. :)

  169. I just LOVE the fact that Henry was in this!!! I really missed him so I’m really glad that they showcased his dance skills :)

  170. He’s just so crispy.

  171. BoA totally should have been included. Her skills are amazing! And, unpopular opinion here, but I actually really liked the close-up shots. They give this fierce unf-ness that fits with the beat of the song. My only problem with them is that block out choreography and I can’t learn all the moves D:

    Taemin’s a good dancer here, I agree, but I wouldn’t say he’s superamazinglyawesome beyond the rest. His moves are fantastic, but I found myself watching Luhan and Eunhyuk a lot too. Especially at that punching move, because everyone else was doing sort of an underhand loop, so their arms would curve, and Taemin was basically horizontal. So I’d say you were right on both counts. Sometimes he was really sharp and crisp, but other times I personally thought he needed to relax just a bit.

  172. CAPTAIN PURPLE LINE MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. Also, yes about Taemin. Awestruck, isn’t he.

  173. SIMON! Are you growing a moustache?! :O Movemver? :O

  174. BOA should definitely be in there!

  175. Thank you for explaining in exact words why (I think) Taemin is the best dancer. I feel like a child trying to explain where it hurts when I try to explain why Taemin is such a remarkable dancer >.<
    Anyway I don't like the song and was kind of fearing this KMM… but when I saw "flail on Taemin's dance skills", I knew nothing could go wrong XD.

  176. CAPTAIN PURPLE LINE! My goodness, that was so unexpected! And the first thing that came to my mind when I saw him was “I really wanna touch myself” :D Not that I really wanted to do this, it’s just that line. Purple Line… Uhm…

  177. @simonandmartina:disqus what did you think of Henry’s long note/scream at 3:07?

  178. My biggest problem with this song/dance is the LACK OF HYOYEON! Why she was just shunted in at the end for barely a minute of not much of anything? She barely gets anything in SNSD and now she’s being gypped in this group? What the hell?

    And why has this Captain Purple Line never showed up before? GENIUS! Best character idea ever! I wish I know how he would have explained T-ara’s YaYaYa lyrics. *crying*

    Max or Boa? …. ahhh, I think Boa is too iconic; she’s always been a solo act, it’d be weird to have her as part of a group. Also, it would take away from the “specialness” of HyoYeon as the only girl. So I guess ChangMin is my choice. He’s pretty awesome, but for an SM dance group, my first choice is obviously YUNHO! … but I think he and ChangMin were a bit busy at the time. ^_^

  179. WHY do I have so much hardship telling the difference between Kai and Taemin in this. I thought I was a better fan than that. AWEMIGAWD. Lol hardship, pfft after effects of watching Romeo x Juliet all night.

  180. BTW, MinStep also works for Max (Changmin)! XD

  181. Yeah.. I didn’t really like this song either and was surprised that so many people voted for it. Probably because of the mix of KPop Idols?
    Well, all of them have some nice dancing skills and everything and that is really nice but the video really bored me. Why would I want to watch a music video when the song’s boring? I mean, if I don’t want to ogle some korean boys. Turns out I don’t f the musical background is boring me, huh.

  182. OMG, Captain Purple Line?!? BAHAHAHA!!
    Old school DBSK ref = daebak!

  183. I vote for BoA unni cuz the MV already have too much men!!
    Girls Power is needed!!!

  184. Definitely Boa. She’s very good at dancing and she could have had a duet with Taemin. Max… well he’s not that energic like them. Well I chose Boa, maybe they will add her in their next mv or… anyhow what’s the point of this group? I didn’t get the idea if it was any in the first place.

  185. MAXSTEP!! lol. MAXTIME!!

  186. I think I have to stop watching your videos… I always end up crying, in state near to dying… Woow… It rhymed… Kinda akward… Anyway, I can never listen to the song in the same way, than before. Like SPY. Seriously?!… But you are just too awesome ^^

  187. I agree about Taemin’s dancing. When watching the video again I definitely noticed that his moves were the most sharp and defined. Not to say that the other were bad at all. Personally, I didn’t like the choreography. I thought that SM could have done something more interesting for a dance group. I didn’t like the song, either, so the only part I did like was the group’s members.

    I’d definitely choose BoA to join the group if she would do it rather than Max. Get some more girl power goin’ on~

  188. MAX!!! My vote is for MAX :D

  189. So I have a good theory on why these members for the younique group and NOT BOA and Yunho

    This unit was obviously made to give spotlight to the “best” dancers of each of SM’s groups. Since BOA is a solo artist, she always get all attention when on stage, she doesn’t have to split her focus between other members because she is solo.

    In Yunho’s case, he is in a TWO member group where he gets AT LEAST 50% of the focus in all their promotions.

    Because they are able to demonstrate their skills on a regular basis (BOA and Yunho) it would be unfair to the other Younique members if they were put in this group.

    Another theory I have regarding why give “specialist H.Y.” Hyoyeon only very little screen time is because if this unit was to give every dancer equal front line opportunity/ focus time it would be unfair to have Hyo’ since the beginning. I mean seriously, although I am a BIG EXO lover, at the moment she comes in all my attention is directed to her because she is the only female. The choreographer did a very good job to keep the dancers switching positions so they got a fair amount of focus in the center but with Hyo, no matter where she was placed, my attention automatically followed because she stood out being a female and having long bright blonde hair =D

    What I can’t explain is why not have another girl from F(x)?

    And why pick Luhan? Why not Lay? or Xiumin? or Dancing Machine Chen? ;p

    Overall I love this song and SM did great in putting these members together in group because then they automatically have a SUPER large fanbase bringing ELFs, Shawols, SONEs and Exotics together =)

  190. I actually like the fact that Hyoyeon was the only girl of the group. She definitely deserves her time to shine. Boa shows her awesome dancing skills in her promotions and the fx girls are (IMO) not as skilled as Hyoyeon for this kind of dancing while poor Hyoyeon is stuck doing these super simplistic SNSD dances that definitely don’t fit her style. She is more of a pop and lock girl and definitely not the style that SNSD dances so this is a chance for her to show us what she really have and I’m happy that she was added to the group. Adding more girls (no matter how awesome dancers they are) would just take the spotlight off her.

    The fact that she comes in so late in the songs keeps you waiting for her and builds up the hype then BAM she’s here, she gets this ‘solo’ and she rocks it and the boys become almost her back up dancers. And since she wears clothes that are definitely not in the same colour scheme as the boys, it most definitely helps to make her stand out.

    So yeah, because of all this, I’d rather not have BoA join the group. But then again as much as I’d love Max to join the group, I personally think he’s too tall and lanky and akward to join. Can I say I want neither to join?

  191. Yay! A new EYK character! I won’t ask where you got that huge looking diaper thing (unless you really want to tell us). Ha ha! What’s his name, I did not quite catch it?

  192. When the videos have so little things to talk about is awesome how your creative juices come out and make you do the most awesome skits ever.
    LOL Captain Purple Line! At first I was like: Purple Line? Why purple line?… after the video was over, I suddenly had some epiphany and went: OMG Purple Line I get it!! cheez Simon and Martina, you are sooooo CLEVER.

    For those means of choosing between Max or Boa… I’ll go with Nobody!! Yunho is a better dancer than Max and Boa has her own solo song in this Hyundai promoting thingy… so yeah. I’d rather choose Amber or Luna from F(x), they’re quite good dancers, and it would be a fairer male-to-female ratio IMO.

  193. Wow! The background graphics in this video were overdone in my opinion! I had trouble focusing on the dance myself. My eyes were darting all over to catch Taemin’s moves! Who knows…maybe I have a lazy eye! LOL

  194. KATHyphenTUN

    Hmm.. I’m gonna take a shot at why maybe some of the other members are lacking in the dancing. Possibly the group was a little more rushed together and the choreo wasn’t shown in great detail like they usually are? I know from my dancing experience there are some dancers who just pick up choreo extremely quickly and are naturals (like taemin), while others need a bit more time to review and learn before they are capable to go full out with all their energy. (But this is just my personal opinion I honestly don’t know how long or how hard they practiced for the choreo and I think they are all superb dancers either way!! :D)

  195. Meemers licking its parts at some point in the video…….0-0 anyone notice that?

  196. Martina, nononono. Sadly, you are mistaken, Kai is obviously the best dancer in SM! Taemin used to be before EXO debuted, but not anymore. When I was watching MAXSTEP, my eyes were glued to Kai the entire time. Not once in the video did I see what Taemin’s body looked like, even though I’m usually so keen to see just that …

    • Wait, soooo you didn’t pay attention to Taemin’s dancing at all? How are you to compare Kai or Taemin’s dancing if you don’t watch both of them?

    • I’m sorry but how old are you? and how much experience you have in Kpop? Because I can easily tell that you are totaly obsessed with EXO or you just try to sound objective.

  197. I disagree with almost everything you said in this review. It’s the first time it happens though. But still I love your imagination and creativity. I always love watching your videos. I just do not agree at all this time

  198. I see Dalshabet! I vote BoA because Changmin can’t dance, he just pretends to.

  199. I honestly don’t see the commercial in this MV. Cars, how many MVs have them?
    Also, the dance was decent at best, there is really not much WOW moment when I saw the video.
    The song is seriously not my style, and I think they should just dance and not sing, all the autotune gives me headache.

    I seriously think they can do much better, and if I were on Hyundai’s side, I would be vastly dissapointed with the music video. Anyband is a perfect example of how commercial MV can be potentially done, even that Kim tae Woo and narsha anycall song is damn good.

  200. So. Hyundai promotin? Where’s the car?

  201. Voting for BoA! Thought I think Hyoyeon looks freaking awesome surrounded by only male artists. XD

  202. First, love you guys you just made my day. I’d probably have chosen BoA to join the Younique Unit so there’d had been at least two girls in it. And really liked that SM included Henry in this project.

  203. I vote for Boa. She’s the inspiration of SM. Without her, i don’t think SM would be what it is now. And Simon and Martina, i think your theme songs are totally dance worth. I actually do a little dance for your music Monday theme song :D

  204. SoShiBias

    Everyone in this song / music video are the best dancers from their own group. Its like SM is creating a dancing all-star unit. Maybe that is why SM is trying to show off their badass-ness. (But with a car company….omg Koreans please don’t drive badass too~ haha ><) Taemin, he is like a lighting bolt thrown by Zues. His movements are always sharp and lighting fast. Not to say he is the strongest dancer in this unit but his parts in this choreo are really "attractive" to people's eyes. But everyone still did great. Hope there will be a dance version release by SM so that we can really feel the total badass of this choreo! Muahaha!

  205. I agree Taemin was awesome in this. The other’s are really good dancers too but taemin stood out to me. I wish they would have let Hyoyeon dance throughout the video and not just that short scene at the end.

  206. As usual, you guys are hilarious xD These guys all wickedly talented dancers,
    But if this had more girls and had more of a co-ed group vibe, it would have been even greater than it is.
    And yes! Finally!! Block B’s interview! I’ve been waiting for this! :D

  207. Makes me sad that everytime I think a song and video are good you guys just don’t like it! hahahahaha….Not blaming you guys, for sure, it’s just that it seems that you really see beyond what I see ( or hear! )… Well, I still think the song rocks, and I rellay hope to hear more from them

  208. SOYUNFREAKINGDORITO! See, that’s why this got voted in. At least, that’s the only reason I can think of for a boxy SM video being voted in. ^_^

    As for best dancer, I can’t dispute it, but not sure I can agree, simply because I don’t have the time/patience to go frame by frame. They all look darned good to me. :) Curious, tho, do you have any ideas on how Hyoyeon measured up? She looked good to me for her little dance break but .. again, lack of patience. ^_^

    As for vote… uhm .. Mmmaa-boa? Max would have made sense in a song/video called MAXstep, but BOA is danged good, and would have made it more diverse (rather than just all guys featuring a girl)

    ETA: Oh, and your dance moves are awesome(ly hilarious) <3

  209. i liked it, but i didn’t love it. It lacked anything different for a sub-unit in my opinion. i agree on the lack of any female dancers i would’ve liked to have seen that.

    It just seems a bit all over the place for me. There was nothing prominent that kinda stayed with me the second the video finished. The dancing was good, no faults there i mean it is a dance unit but maybe my expectations were too high? because i kinda didn’t see much different to what SM usually puts out in terms of choreography. Thats where i was a little disappointed with this release.

  210. I was actually thinking Lay from Exo M…Luhan is my bias, but isn’t Lay supposed the be the best dancer?

  211. I figured SM considered DBSK and BoA as legends instead of idols and that’s why they weren’t included in this sub-unit group. I’m glad Henry was included in this cause I wouldn’t have ever noticed him but I was disappointed in his dancing cause he was slacking on the moves a bit.

  212. You didn’t know? Hyoyeon is just a general purpose specialist. Need a flashy dance routine? Your ham appendix burst? An itch you can’t scratch? Taemin is out of Doritos? Hyoyeon’s on the job. She’s like the MacGyver of K-Pop… True story!

  213. I never thought of taemin as crispy before but martina has shown me a whole new taemin. One that crunches when you step on him or shake the bag to hard. Oh wait sorry i got taemin confused with a dorito again…

  214. I honestly expected BoA and/or Yunho to be in the group. I loved that they finally included Henry in something though!!

    • KATHyphenTUN

      I totally agree with the Henry comment!!

      • i know this is an old post, but i’ve been rewatching the mv. Me being the loyal henry fan, i’ve looked at all the clips of him, and i noticed something….

        wasn’t the clip of him punching the screen with his “boxing gloves” the same as the one they used for the final scene at the end? :/ did anyone notice this????
        was it SM being lazy, or did henry’s punching just fit twice…LOL

    • speaking of dancing in SM, you HAVE to mention Yunho!!
      I was surprised when I didn’t find him, but I also kind of expected it because they are so busy with their comeback now.
      there’s still BoA, I was expecting to see her too :/! if it’s the song you want to make better, then Max or Changmin will do with his blow-minding screams

      • Exactly!! I love his screams. I also think both Max and Boa have been around for too long and have too many fans(can you have too many fans? idk.) There might be too much attention on them for a group like this.

    • I expected it too…or Stephanie because she is the best female dancer in SM…well maybe BoA is a little bit better but still :<

    • BoA has her own song for this whole Hyundai promotion right? I could be wrong but that would be a lot on her plate to have the song, be in the dance group and then her own actual career.

  215. looool omg martina you totally killed it with the Hyoyeon character!!!!!! Yo Yo Yow!!!!! my gawd i cant stop repeating that part! xD

  216. I actually really love this song! It’s more my style and I feel like Taemin is enjoying it a lot more….
    Soy un dorito comeback!! Absolutely loved it! :D I didn’t know there was no difference between doritos and shurikans >.<

  217. I was wondering how the studio hunting was going… And then BAM! U guys wrote about it! How did u know!? :P

  218. dduuuude u guys should have made ia three way vote. Max, BoA or Amber/Luna…which ever f(x) member. but that would have been an even harder choiice to make!!!

  219. I would LOVE to say Max for this one simply because the title, but if I were to answer honestly, BOA for sure, Max is definitely more the vocalist in my mind…

  220. may i ask who you want to be removed from this group? or possibly unhappy about? like their dancing i mean

  221. Meemers finds a way to get into shots..doesnt he?

  222. KATHyphenTUN

    the appendix is a ham XD…… hahahahahhaahaha

  223. I agree with the comment about Taemin’s dancing. I’m no expert myself, but when I irst watched it, I couldn’t really take my eyes off him once they really got into the choreo. Mind you, Eunhyuk, Kai and Luhan are really good too, but I paid more attention to Taemin when possible.

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