Wow! Totally didn’t expect this video to make it to the top of the KpopCharts. We’re totally surprised. MAX-STEP! If you haven’t seen Younique Unit’s “Maxstep,” check it out below:


Side note: if you have no idea why we’re saying “MAXSTEP” in whispers, you should check out our review of TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down”. That’ll explain things a bit more. You know, we really need to make a glossary of Eatyourkimchi inside jokes, so that we can initiate the uninitiated. Well, we’ve got a new version of our site about to go live in a few days, totally redesigned and less buggy, so hopefully we can add a glossary there, once it’s all good to go!

Anyhow, we didn’t really like this song. Our theory is that it’s not really meant to be a big SM song release, and more just background music to their dancing, as well as promotion for Hyundai, so we’re not really considering this a big release. Or…are we wrong? Are we gonna see more Younique Unit, like we’re supposed to see more Taetiseo (pronounced “TITTAYS” if you’re unaware)?

There’s an image issue we found with this video that we were a bit uncomfortable with. Mixed in with the dancing, there are shots of everyone looking just unhappy, angry and aggressive, punching at the screen, being pissed off, and breaking glass. There’s nothing really subtle or inviting about it. It’s meant to convey anger and power, meant to be like “we’re bloody awesome, I don’t give a fudge what you think” and that’s not the SM that I like. I’m more fond of happy and seductive SM rather than I’m gonna kick your puppy because I feel like it SM. You know?

Ok, enough about the song; let’s talk about the dancing. Now, we’re by no means experts in dancing. Nor are we novices in dancing. We’re barely even competent in dancing. Walking’s tough enough as is. But we did look at this video frame by frame to try to see how everyone was dancing. What we noticed is that Taemin looks like the best dancer in the group. Like, overwhelmingly so. He jumps higher, bends his knees more, his movements snap. He looks like he’s always in perfect form, while everyone else looks like they’re just doing the movements. Are we wrong here? Maybe he’s the worst dancer, and he’s too exaggerated and should look more lax like the other members? This is where our lack of knowledge of dancing is apparent. From our perspective, though, it just seems like there’s a lot more movement in Taemin’s movement, and that looks like better dancing, to us.

Yeah! That’s it for this week’s Kpop Music Monday. Let us know if you agree with what we’re saying or not. Also, some news: tomorrow we’re gonna be posting the Block B interview. Finally! So check in tomorrow afternoon, Korean time! Also, we’ll be studio hunting tomorrow afternoon as well. Saw some cool places in Hongdae and we’re really hopeful! This might be the Nasty Studio! And, lastly check out this week’s blooper reel, which felt like they were longer than our actual Music Monday itself. Probably because we had so many skits :D


  1. Not saying I’m an expert in dancing, but as a person that knows the mechanics of what makes a good dancer I say that what really makes a person a great dancer is how they adapt and merge into the music through their physical movement. The dancer must look like they are one with the music that is playing because it is through them that the sound is portrayed. So the reason why Taemin looks like he’s the “best dancer” here in the video according Simon and Martina is cause he captures the mood and sound cues of the music better than everyone else through his big and sharp hits. Had he made such exaggerated movements to a lighter or more playful song it would look wrong.

  2. I think the reason for not casting hyoyeon as a permanent member is clear enough. She simply is not as good as the rest. I know she’s an amazing dancer- all her dance battles can attest to the fact- but her dancing is not as energetic or sharp enough to match the other members. If she was made a permanent member and had to dance throughout, they’ld probably have to tone down some of the moves. Sorry all, I love her but I think you’ll see eye-to-eye with me if you study and contrast her moves against the others.

  3. I personally liked this! I think that the “TVXQ” crew would have been a nice touch I like their screams as well but I think that Max looks to be a bit older than the rest so maybe that is why they left him out. I liked the dubstep and the metal grunge mixed together. It is far better than the American Hip Hop crap I have to listen to on the radio at home. Besides I can rock the headphones while I’m at work all day long. ;)

  4. Check out this very clever parody of Gangnam Style dedicated to organ donation —


  5. How about both Max and Boa

  6. I’ve also noticed that Kai doesn’t get much screen time or involvment in this song…
    Not good SM. Not good.

  7. I love the mv, but I would liked to have had more female members, like BoA. And why did Luhan join the group? If anyone from Exo-M, I would have chosen Lay.
    Don’t get me wrong, Luhan is a great dancer, but I think Lay is…well…greater…

  8. if you clearly can’t get the video done by the end of monday, why don’t you just change it to ‘music tuesday’…

  9. Guise… I beg you, PLEASE, PLEASE use captain Purple Line every time you comment on engrish from now on.

  10. This is really late, but did anyone else catch the Yoochun reference? “Purple line”? “I really wanna touch myself”? C’mon! Cassiopeia! Tell me that you heard it too!

  11. Oh my. Nice dictionary prints in the background. I bought two for my friends last Christmas.

    Excellent taste.

  12. Where did Hyuna’s Ice Cream go on the Kpop charts? It’s disappeared! :(

  13. I pretty much died of laughter when I saw Simon as Taemin with a bag of Doritos. Completely made my day XD SOY UN DORITO!

  14. like i said in comments for the vid- they were all there for themselves- not working together as a group. like individual showcasing like a dance-off. exo boys brought swagger, suju brought hard pops but taemin was the perfect mix of precision and style. kid’s moves are so smooth and fluid, it’s ridiculous. boa and yunho are too big and too senior for this project. it brings in the younger performers. hyoyeon was there for boobs but honestly, there are no hard female dancers in sme, i think only 2ne1 brings it as hard as the younger boys do. boa’s good but she’s senior and wouldn’t be included in this group.

    oh and DEFINITELY Max. though they’d have to change the name of the group.

  15. Why isn’t BoA in this unit ? Because she already released a song for Hyundai as part of the collaboration between SM Entertainment and Hyundai.

    By the way, Henry finally get to shine in this MV ! I hope he’ll have more activities in Korea.
    And SM Ent should let them promote in music shows as an official group !

  16. nahhh i dont think BoA woudve looked good in the Younique Unit. she’s a solo artist with backup dancers. if she were to be in this unit, she’d make the others look like back-up dancers too!

  17. I like how Hyo has something that is her own since she doesn’t get as much attention as the other SNSD members. && MAXXXXXX. WHY WASN’T ANYONE FROM DBSK IN THIS D=

  18. I love the Purple Line character. My vote is for Boa.

  19. i include BOA because she is an amazing dancer

  20. It was boring to me too and the dance just looked like a jumble of movements, nothing hard-core…I expected the dance routine to be more complicated and epic since it was these guys. Also, the music was…well, bad. I had no idea Luhan was a good dancer and I was expecting Yunho to be in the video. -.-

    Also, due to their outfits being of the same colour as the background, it was so friggin hard to follow their dance. Why would SM do that? :|

  21. I have a question, if this is for a Hyundai thing. Where’s the car? o_O

    • It’s there, just not very visible, ahaha. Taemin has some shots in the car. And I think the dubstep element as well as the screeching sounds at the part Hyoyeon comes in (where the camera ‘skids’) are meant to resemble a car. There isn’t a physical car, but there’s definitely reference to a vehicle. :)

  22. Doritos have to be crispy, don’t they? x)

    P.S. Thanks for the laughs, guys. Your dancing, Dr. Purple Line, Martina as Eunhyuk… Jeez. One of my top favorite KMMs ever. Thank you so much. XD

    Oh, and Meemerz Meeming in the chair. LOVE. He’s getting his own.

  23. haha best part by far “He’s just crispy and gifted”

  24. I think I remember reading somewhere that Younique Unit was put together for the sole purpose of being a promotional group for Hyundai. So, I guess a good portion of the decision to keep them around will depend on how well Hyundai thinks they pulled off the concept. And speaking of concept, I think that the whole “angry and powerful” thing was exactly what they were going for. After all, this is supposed to be for a car company, so I felt that this nailed it.

  25. Honestly I think Shindong would have done a good job in this as well as Amber

  26. The only comment I disagree with is when Martina says “head and shoulder above the rest.” I think that Kai’s dance moves were also strong and precise, his shiny pants match with the background making his legs harder to see. In the shot of jumping you show, he is also fully of the ground. They are both very talented and the bet dancers in SM.

    • I think Kai definitely has more aggression and performance when he dances and that looks really good on stage yet when I see him dance he is extremely smooth and sharp on certain parts (especially when the music or the beat gets sharp) but on others he doesn’t follow through on his move or use as much enthusiasm ,but coming from a dancer’s perspective I think martina is right, Taemin’s technique is cleaner and crisper. It is so hard to peform and try to get hype without losing some aspect of your technique and get a little sloppy ,but I think what she is saying is that Taemin is able to do both which is able to attest to his skills as a dancer.

  27. The opening of Maxstep sounds just like this song only deeper? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pO8BKuCQpCI

  28. I don’t think anyone from f(x) was meant to be added to this sub-unit group because they did not really give off the best dancer feel.

  29. Although I really really love BOA, I have to say Max should have been in the video.. The song would still make no sense if BOA was in it..


  31. martina your looking sexy there :)
    simong is a best comedian

  32. “at least you’re out of the negatives now…” hehe. Awesome.

    I agree with some of the reactions written here, about the bland choreography. One of the main reasons I love Kpop is for the awesome choreography! I find that it is featured less and less nowadays in MV but that might just be because I don’t really follow any of the newer bands (only because I am really old and find it uncomfortable watching younger boys and girls do ‘modern’ steps…) so maybe just the bands who I follow, understandably they might not want to dance around so much anymore because they are getting older? bored? want to portray a more mature persona? *ahem* Kpop has some superb dancers so when I heard about this collaborative effort, especially Eun Hyuk and Hyoyeon, I was really excited, however…

    Although it wasn’t terrible, I can not deny that I was very much disappointed. It’s like getting Nigella Lawson to cook your dinner and asking her for beans on toast. Nothing really new or noteworthy. Of course it was all proficiently done to a very high and polished standard, but even they didn’t look like they were having any fun with it. For me it was a missed opportunity.

  33. I completely agree about Taemin! When I watch the video, there;s just something about the way Taemin dances that directs my eyes towards him. His moves are much more in-tuned with the sounds, like he’s surfing the music, rather than simply dancing to it. just the way his legs are angled, how he control his moves… they’re all so much more refined and professional than the others. I’m so so so so proud of him and SHINee and I do hope that Younique extends beyond Maxstep so that the dancers can have their time to shine~

    (Also, I was disappointed that Lay wasn’t chosen to represent Exo-M, but I understand that it might be that Luhan’s Korean was better, or that it was a matter of Lay’s health. Either way, get well soon Xingxing <3)

  34. Um Kai from EXOk should have been in this group. his dancing is always on point, he would have been able to keep up

  35. Simon and Martina! How about a t-shirt that says, “I like my K-Pop stars Crispy and Gifted.”

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