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KpopCharts Update: Alone Before Volume

April 14, 2012


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1) 4Minute “Volume Up” Vote for it here!

Sweet! 4Minute is back with a new song and it’s awesome! Seriously. We were a bit disappointed with Heart to Heart and Mirror Mirror, since those songs weren’t as good as their older stuff, but this song goes back to the 4minute that originally made them Simon’s favorite band. T-ara’s got that spot now, but if 4Minute keeps on making songs like this (and if T-ara stops using cowbell) they might just retake their throne. Woot!

2) Sistar “Alone” Vote for it here!

Yeah…that tattoo on her thigh was very poorly planned. Just…what? “Forget things which has been sore with you” Please tell me what things has been sore with you. Rashes? In that case I agree. Please forget about your rashes. They’re not good memories. Not tattoo worthy. Something like “Forget the things that hurt you” might be more acceptable. Still not something I’d tattoo on my thigh, though.

3) Nell “The Day Before” Vote for it here!

Too bad this song will never make it for Music Monday. We wouldn’t know what to say for this song apart from gushing over it, nor could we talk about the video apart from loving how beautiful it is. Seriously: this is art level music, in our opinions. Kpop is fun to listen to. Gets you all energized and pumped up, but they’re not really lasting classics, you know? I wouldn’t expect to see a Kpop song on Pitchfork, for example (which – yes, mock us if you will – is the pinnacle of artsy fartsy music sites). Nell, though, we can see on Pitchfork. It’s good music for music’s sake, rather than for marketing’s sake. You know? Ah. Nell: we like this song a lot, and we’ll listen to it a lot in the future, that’s for sure.



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