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KpopCharts Update: Stupid Princess God

April 22, 2012


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*trumpets blare* IT’S THE KPOP CHART UPDATE *da da da daaa daaaa daaaaaaaa* This week we look at new songs by Girl’s Day, Supernova, and Sunny Hill. We were actually a bit worried this week because we normally have the update ready for Friday but it seemed like nothing was coming out except for Girl’s Day, but then we had a whole slew of songs hit us at the end of the week. YAY!

1) Girl’s Day “Oh! My God!” Vote for it here!

Girl’s Day, oh Girl’s Day, Y U SO SILLY!? “OH! MY GOD!” is their newest single and it’s difficult to explain our feelings for this music video because part of us is like, this is totally ridiculously AWESOME but then the other half is like, why are you doing this!? *sobs* It’s always nice to see a female kpop band do something really silly and just have fun, but we’re very torn about this video because it was really really extreme. By extreme we mean, SUPER KOREAN OVERREACTIONS!!! All k-drama watchers know exactly what I mean, you muster up all the emotion you should be putting into your eyes (or should be experiencing alone in your head) and then you express that through body movements and facial expressions that are passable for people tripping out on hallucinatory drugs. It’s also difficult to deal with the super cute overreacting when I found out that the ages of Girl’s Day range from 25, 22, 19, 18, and 17. I can’t wait to repeat this comment about awkward names for a band when Teen Top are in the 20’s. I dunno. Maybe it’s the sound effects that irk me, but it’s so obviously supposed to be fun and jokey that I can’t really hate it!!! It’s like a B1A4 video that’s so over-the-top you know it’s just in good fun. Well check it out and let us know if you’re cringing or laughing or cringe-laughing…craughing, if you will.

2) SunnyHill “Prince and Princess Charming” Vote for it Here!

Sunny Hill, you crazy band you! I’m just getting to know you this year and I like what I see. I’m totally girl crushing over Kota: her style is amazing and I love her deep voice. She has practically no makeup on in this video yet she looks so good. A little bit of overreacting when it comes to lip syncing, but it’s a small complaint. This video for Princess and Prince Charming is crazy and quirky but it does have a message. I don’t want to talk too much about it here just in case they get voted in for Music Monday, but it’s basically about going against the typical things Korean culture tells you to want and aim for, for example: being with a tall guy, or getting good grades to become a doctor/lawyer and so on. Just check out the video with that idea in mind if it seems confusing to you.

3) Supernova “Stupid Love” Vote for it Here!

Supernova has returned to Korea with “Stupid Love” after spending a lot of time in Japan. I actually had to look that up online because I was like, who is Supernova? Turns out they’ve been around since 2007 but we’ve just never heard of them or heard anything from them because it was all in Japan because they have 13 Japanese singles and 4 albums vs 1 Korean album. Okay, maybe that explains the feel of this song because it’s very club clubby with it’s heavy EEES EEES EEES beats and that’s totally a Japanese pop thing. I’m looking at you AKB48 super-club-EE-EE-EE-EE-EE-beat music. Anyhoo, I think the girl in this video is from Davichi (someone confirm that for me) but her role is totally ridiculous. Hey can you wear this really small dress, drive a car, and then stand around looking annoyed? THE PLOT THICKENS! No actually, it doesn’t. This feels like a ploy to get Davichi fans to watch the Supernova video, like when Eric from Shinhwa appeared in the Supa Luv music video because his fellow band mate is the manager of Teen Top. Oh, we’re on to you guise. SIMON AND MARTINA KPOP POLICE FOR LIFE!

Ps-> when I heard the name of this song I was totally like, “I got that STUPID lu-u-u-u-uv, that STUPID Luuuuuv.”



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