*trumpets blare* IT’S THE KPOP CHART UPDATE *da da da daaa daaaa daaaaaaaa* This week we look at new songs by Girl’s Day, Supernova, and Sunny Hill. We were actually a bit worried this week because we normally have the update ready for Friday but it seemed like nothing was coming out except for Girl’s Day, but then we had a whole slew of songs hit us at the end of the week. YAY!

1) Girl’s Day “Oh! My God!” Vote for it here!


Girl’s Day, oh Girl’s Day, Y U SO SILLY!? “OH! MY GOD!” is their newest single and it’s difficult to explain our feelings for this music video because part of us is like, this is totally ridiculously AWESOME but then the other half is like, why are you doing this!? *sobs* It’s always nice to see a female kpop band do something really silly and just have fun, but we’re very torn about this video because it was really really extreme. By extreme we mean, SUPER KOREAN OVERREACTIONS!!! All k-drama watchers know exactly what I mean, you muster up all the emotion you should be putting into your eyes (or should be experiencing alone in your head) and then you express that through body movements and facial expressions that are passable for people tripping out on hallucinatory drugs. It’s also difficult to deal with the super cute overreacting when I found out that the ages of Girl’s Day range from 25, 22, 19, 18, and 17. I can’t wait to repeat this comment about awkward names for a band when Teen Top are in the 20’s. I dunno. Maybe it’s the sound effects that irk me, but it’s so obviously supposed to be fun and jokey that I can’t really hate it!!! It’s like a B1A4 video that’s so over-the-top you know it’s just in good fun. Well check it out and let us know if you’re cringing or laughing or cringe-laughing…craughing, if you will.

2) SunnyHill “Prince and Princess Charming” Vote for it Here!


Sunny Hill, you crazy band you! I’m just getting to know you this year and I like what I see. I’m totally girl crushing over Kota: her style is amazing and I love her deep voice. She has practically no makeup on in this video yet she looks so good. A little bit of overreacting when it comes to lip syncing, but it’s a small complaint. This video for Princess and Prince Charming is crazy and quirky but it does have a message. I don’t want to talk too much about it here just in case they get voted in for Music Monday, but it’s basically about going against the typical things Korean culture tells you to want and aim for, for example: being with a tall guy, or getting good grades to become a doctor/lawyer and so on. Just check out the video with that idea in mind if it seems confusing to you.

3) Supernova “Stupid Love” Vote for it Here!


Supernova has returned to Korea with “Stupid Love” after spending a lot of time in Japan. I actually had to look that up online because I was like, who is Supernova? Turns out they’ve been around since 2007 but we’ve just never heard of them or heard anything from them because it was all in Japan because they have 13 Japanese singles and 4 albums vs 1 Korean album. Okay, maybe that explains the feel of this song because it’s very club clubby with it’s heavy EEES EEES EEES beats and that’s totally a Japanese pop thing. I’m looking at you AKB48 super-club-EE-EE-EE-EE-EE-beat music. Anyhoo, I think the girl in this video is from Davichi (someone confirm that for me) but her role is totally ridiculous. Hey can you wear this really small dress, drive a car, and then stand around looking annoyed? THE PLOT THICKENS! No actually, it doesn’t. This feels like a ploy to get Davichi fans to watch the Supernova video, like when Eric from Shinhwa appeared in the Supa Luv music video because his fellow band mate is the manager of Teen Top. Oh, we’re on to you guise. SIMON AND MARTINA KPOP POLICE FOR LIFE!

Ps-> when I heard the name of this song I was totally like, “I got that STUPID lu-u-u-u-uv, that STUPID Luuuuuv.”

  1. Oh! my god Girl’s day Please! :) is very fun :) please ^^

  2. Oh are you gonna love their fanclub name. :D From 2007-2011 it used to be Sunshine and was then changed into Hiller stylized as H.LLËR.

    Indeed there has been no new addition, in 2007 it was Janghyun, Jubee and Seungah, then Kota was added to their feature on Narsha’s song Mamma Mia and lastly Misung joined in Midnight Circus.

    I think what confused you was that in Grasshopper, Jubee and Seungah had really similar hair, long brown, but one had reddish highlights and other more orange. In the MV I think it was Jubee who played the grasshopper and Seungah was in the dance sequences with Kota (blond hair) and Misung (short hair, here dark but used to be red). Now Jubee has bangs and shoulder-length brown hair and Seungah has black with highlights.

  3. tap tap finger
    UKISS is launching a comeback on 24th April… we’ll see that on the newest kpop chart updates =)

  4. hey guys accodring to wiki Sunny Hill’s fanclub name: ‘From 2007 to 2011 fans of Sunny Hill called themselves Sunshines. The official Sunny Hill fancafe voted for a new name and the name Hiller (stylized as HːLLЁR) won.’ Also Kota was added in 2010, so she is not technically new…

  5. Is it just me, or Oh! My God reminds me of Brown Eyed Girls’ How Come? .-. 

    And Sunny Hill didn’t add anymore members, Misung was already there since Midnight Circus days.

  6. actually simon i checked the lyrics for super nova and it say checkin’ not jacket :P

  7. I am dying to see you guys review Oh! My God just for the fact that when I watched it I had the WTF face going 

  8. lol wut? guise… i pretty sure theres no new member is sunny hill, theyve always had 4 girls… right? kota misung seungah jubi…. RIGHT?????? but i totally share ur love 4 kota and would love 2 c a review of this song! 

  9. Simon&  Martina, can you guise review the video for JYP’s duet with GaIn – Someone else – please?

  10. I voted for Sunny Hill. Liked them since the Grasshopper Song. I would vote for Girls Day just for you guise since you pleaded. I watch the video i literally OH MY GOD…followed by WTF. The music is reminisce of 90’s techno and the video is sprinkle with cheesy silliness. I know it meant to be silly but but…it silly annoying. So for your sake Simon & Martina i shall vote for this song so i could hear you deep thought about it and hopefully on Monday i will piss in my pants from laughter. 

    By the way Supernova  at the beginning of the song seems promising but then when i read the translation of the lyrics i just stop half way and shook my head. “I just checked once (Checkin, checkin), Because i Like you so much (Checkin, checkin) ooh… my fave part “i was very careful that no one notice” Urgghh…if my Boyfriend gave this line to justify his behavior for stalking me around i would have dumped him on the spot. Two words…TRUST ISSUE.

  11. I was so upset to know that you guys, who live in Korea, didn’t know about Supernova…. I know they’re not that popular, but I didn’t know they could be that unpopular… T~T
    You should learn more about them, they are pretty much what a Korean fan girl could want (tall, good looking, good at singing and dancing, funny, etc.) and yet not many people know them…

  12. Oh hey S&M what’s supposed to be the SunnyHill video in the description is actually the Girl’s Day video again.
    Just lettin’ ya’ll know. 

  13. I like the Girl’s Day song, but the sound effects make me want to gag. :s

  14. I really wish that Girls Day would stop it with the cutesy voices. Remember when they first debuted? Not many people do. But when they came out with “Nothing Lasts Forever,” that song really put them on the chart for a lot of people. You’d think their producers would realize that and would push for them to use their more natural voices since they’re so pretty to hear. But what would I know? I just buy the music, right?

    • “Nothing Lasts Forever” is awesome! The MV takes place in an “estaminet”, kind of super old-school traditional coffe shop from Belgium and north of France (where I’m from) *thinks about filming a video request for it in a real estaminet* Hum, sorry for the “patriotic” moment. It was just so unexpected from a KPop video.

    • Didn’t they debut with a song that was pretty much a flop? (i think i watched it and it had a jpop vibe.. but not a GOOD jpop vibe), and even though i agree with you since i LOVE nothing lasts forever! i never really knew about them until ‘twinkle twinkle’, and i think thats when they became somewhat popular? ( though still terribly underrated! they really do have awesome voices but need to stop being covered up in weird concepts D: )

  15. Also, I’m in no way attempting to flame you here, I think you are promoting awareness to Korea really well, over the years you have broadened your focus from just music, to all kinds of things from history to food, and that’s really impressive. My only point was that you tend to say things you either have little to no idea about, or have been told about by someone else. Sometimes, it just appears to be mere ignorance and “American” (I know you aren’t American, just an example) I truly think that if you don’t know exactly what you are saying, then you probably shouldn’t say it, given how much influence you have now. You are both geeks, you should know it, with great power comes great responsibility.

  16. Even in the subtitles it says they are saying “checkin’ checkin'” not Jack it… >.>… how do you make videos when you have no idea what you are talking about? Sometimes, I watch these videos and I think, ha, you guys are alright… then I remember, you obviously have no idea just how “famous” you have become, and what that means. Generally, you should probably watch what you say a little bit more, especially in a country like Korea where people tend to follow pretty blindly. It’s okay for you to say “We have an opinion.. INCONCEIVABLE!” but eventually, you have to take responsibility for that opinion. (I know this has nothing to do with a simple mistake of jacket and check it, but it just reminded me of something I wanted to say)

    • Seriously? You don’t think it sounds like “jacket”? We listened to it a few times, and that’s what it sounds like. Being “famous” has nothing to do with how our ears work, nor does being in Korea have any relevance to talking about how a song sounds. It would sound the same if we were in Canada or France or Japan.

      Frankly, a lot of what we’re saying is just a joke, and it’s meant to be for entertainment purposes. When we’re serious, you’ll know we’re serious (i.e. check out our review of Teen Top’s “No More Perfume”)


      • haha, I know it sounds like Jacket, just stating that the video you yourself posted, has subtitles that say checkin’, and I didn’t mean you hear it differently due to your location, I meant that you have an abundance of resources, due to the country you are in, to perfect your videos so there are no flaws… but, as i stated in another post down there somewhere, I wasn’t attempting to flame you, you do a great justice to the awareness of Korea and it’s culture, I was particularly happy the day you added Indie to your videos, which you should totally play 루네 lune, or 허클베리 핀 huckleberry finn for, AMAZING bands, fun fact, the keyboardist of huckle is lune. Anyway… I’m not saying NO OPINIONS! I’m far from an opinion nazi… the comment I made actually wasnt pertaining to this video you made, it was to one awhile ago where you said “INCONCEIVABLE” about having an opinion.  I just think two people from western culture who are OBVIOUSLY famous in an eastern country (having banners about you and being on TV) should be a little more careful with the opinions you share, as you are in a country which is already sceptical of westerners (even if not as much as it used to be).

        Sorry if you took it the wrong way~ but as you say, we all have opinions.

        what kind of world are we living in where people have their own opinions?
        burn the people with opinions, burn them!!!


      • I totally heard “Jacket” too! Just ignore those fan girls :)

  17. I completely agree about Kota; she is absolutely gorgeous and she has what I think is the best style in all the female kpop idols out there.

  18. Im not a big fan of Girls Day their music irks me out and im not into that overly-cute, bubbly music concept thing… i just cant. Especially when i know that theyre not even singing with their real voices in this song. Their pitch is so high and forced just so that it can sound cute… im just not having it. 

    Supernova, i love them and im so glad theyre back. Love the song. Not so fond of the video -.-

    Sunny Hill, NAILED IT!!!!!! just like they always do. The song is amazing and the video, even though at first glance it doesnt look like a trypical Sunny Hill video the symbolism and theme is all their using subtle imagery and of course i love them for that. I’ve loved them since they featured in Narsha’s “Mama Mia” and Janghyun is like a freaking prodigy with all of his massive talents. People always are like “i didnt know he existed” or “hes not much of a member” or “He’s the leader?” but Janghyun does more for Sunny Hill then other leaders do for their groups just because he isnt constantly in the lime light doesnt mean he does any less. In fact hes the creative master mind behind pretty much all of their hits, concepts, videos, and so on. I love this beautiful Co-ed group (still a Co-ed group to me even whiles he’s in the military) because they have depth in their music and its overall eccentricness? is that even a word? well, its a word now. Anyways i hope they get voted on before that next huge ending of April beginning of May wave of comebacks begins. 

  19. Girls’ Day Video = Sims K-Pop edition?

  20. Girl’s Day isn’t really such an awkward name. Think of all the “girls” and “boys” that are even older. The Wonder Girls, Girl’s Generation, B2ST (Boys to search for top/ boys of the east standing tall), Most of the Brown Eyed Girls are already in their 30’s!

  21. Uh… Sunny Hill always had 4 girls and a guy since Midnight Circus. There’s no new member.

  22. So what’s it going to take for you guys to review SHE! HER! HER! ?? XD

  23. Does “Oh My God” remind anyone of the band Aqua?  I am so tempted to sing “My Oh My” or “Barbie Girl” …

  24. OH MY GOD’s high pitched dubbing was soo…. odd. i mean the whole video was strange but the dubbing was just.. weirding me out haha.

    i would LOVE to see you two review this one

  25. Oh my all three videos are chalk full of Kpop wonderfulness that warrants being reviewed. When voting for KPM I of course tend to vote for my favorite bands but many times I pick the videos that seem like you guys would have a hilarious time reviewing. Those videos full of wonderfulness that your head just wants to explode. 

  26. I know what I will be voting for for Music Mondays. I definitely get what you, S&M, mean when the Girl’s Day video can be compared to a J-pop video. Completely epic. Really it is hard to put into a cohesive sentence even to describe the wonderful yet slightly disturbing video. I’d love to see your views on this. =)
    …Blows your mind.

  27. I loved Oh My God! probably bc I loved Beautiful target by B1A4. The overreactions here fit. If it was any other video I would be cringing, and I think they do the cute look well. The song though, was average, but it fit the song. It was more like background music for me. I eneded up watching the video 4 times, when it first came out bc I was laughing so much. 

    Oh and Sunnyhill, delivering as always. Love this group. Btw, the only reason I knew Supernova was bc my friend liked them. Then I though they broke up but aparently they were in Japan this whole time (mind blown!). Seriously kpop groups disappear when they go to Japan. 

  28. It’s actually really funny when you watch or listen to ‘Oh My God’ then listen to Minah singing One-Sided Love. It’s mind-blowing lol especially the end of the song

  29. Yes, that’s Kang Min Kyung from Davichi in Supernova’s MV. Girl’s Day MV is so quirky, lol!

  30. Love Sunny Hill since their featuring on Mamma Mia’s Narsha :3
    Really like Princess and Prince Charming, that song is catchy ! and Kota is wonderfully c-c-c-crazy~~ :p As you guess, I’m voting for Sunny Hill for Kpop Music Mondays !!! :D

  31. there was no new member added to sunny hill 
    its still 4 girls and has been since midnight circus

  32. I believe Sunny Hill fans are named Sunshines :)

  33. The girl in Supernova’s video could have been put there just as eye candy, plain and simple.

  34. Why is Sistar no longer in the charts? It’s newer that Shinwa that still ranks highly, and it was first yesterday. *confused*

  35. at last Girl’s Day is here! hahahah XD

  36. the first thing that came to my mind after hearing Oh My God was Brother Louie by Modern Talking~ and it’s not something I’d be proud of if I were them ^^’

  37. noooooo we have to vote for NELL lol

  38. I don’t know much about Supernova either, except for their past collaboration with T-ara. Together they released two versions of the song “Time to Love”, and I really liked both of them. You should check those out.

  39. Wish you had waited to put J.Y.P’s new mv here too :/ Probably won’t get too many votes but it’s still a really good song ^w^

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