1) U-Kiss “DoraDora”Vote for it here!


U-Kiss is finally back in Korea! It seems like they’ve been gone forever, no? They’ve been promoting in Japan, we know, but we don’t cover Japanese songs anymore after Tick Tack. Not that we’re opposed to Japanese music. We’re just trying to draw the line between Kpop and other genres, though the line does get blurry for us. Songs promoted in Japan and sung in Japanese are easily out of the question. But what about songs sung in English? What if it’s by a Korean person but in English? What if it’s not by a Korean person but in Korean? Ah! That’s a bit more difficult for us to pinpoint. Long story short, none of that matters because U-Kiss’ “Doradora” is an actual Kpop song! Huzzah!

And, yes, you heard us correctly in the video. Whoever we review for this week’s Music Monday, we’ll giveaway their album! So vote hard: Fappers and Kissmes! We know it’s pretty close already, and B.A.P. might just overtake U-Kiss.

2) B.A.P. “Power”Vote for it here!


Now here’s where I’m glad we have the KpopCharts. We knew that our ranking system would not necessarily reflect what’s popular on the Korean charts, which is where we got in a bit of trouble when talking about Shinhwa not taking down our servers, but they did fairly well in Korea. It seems like our KpopCharts crowd has its own views and tastes, which is why we made the KpopCharts. Why am I talking about this? Because B.A.P.’s “Power” came out something like 12 hours AFTER Doradora, but it has 150,000 more views than it…yet U-Kiss is winning our poll. Interesting, eh? Well, it’s interesting to us at least.

Also, I’m gonna body slam anyone who complains that we’re not being fair to B.A.P. by featuring them second in our playlist rather than first. The reason why we ordered the videos this way is because, U-Kiss is in first place on our charts. That’s it! If B.A.P. was in first place by the time of our filming, we’d have featured them first instead. So…there!

3) F.Cuz “No. 1″Vote for it here!


Ah. F.Cuz. We didn’t mention this in our video, and we probably won’t get the chance to mention this for Music Monday, because it’s not really faring to well on our charts, but – holy crap – F.Cuz now officially has the worst name in Kpop. F.Cuz was tolerable, but…do you know what it now stands for? For Century Ultimate Zest.. WTF is that garbled nonsense, F.Cuz? You seriously couldn’t think of something better than For Century Ultimate Zest? What is that supposed to mean? You’re not fully clean until you’re zestfully clean, is all I can think about. What is this I don’t even

  1. I love you guys so much. The Ouran reference. THE OURAN.


  3. I vote for UKISS Doradora!! I’m addicted to this song ^^

  4. i really like that they focused on more of the members this time!!

  5. B.A.P.  I’ll follow you! 

  6. No idea who to vote for. I would love to hear the antiperspirant jokes, but Hoon has such a cute thingie on his head in Doradora…….. and I would like, really like you to mention it XD lol.

    But since BAP is on second place, I would vote for them, so that the chances are at least a bit more equal haha ^^
    And they are actually Blonde-violet-black-pink-brown-kindagreenish Asian People ;)

  7. i really like doradora! it is strangely addicting… at first i was like??? but the more i listened to it the more i like it… way to go for U kiss bringing new sounds to k pop! i vote U kiss^^

  8. ”Power” lyrics are awesome! 

  9. B.A.P( Bunnies Are Puffy) plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i want to see what they say bout the spray dance and also see martina try to do it

  10. F.CUUUUUUUUUUUUZ they have less fans but as good song as this 2

  11. I hate them for bad-mouthing F.CUZ!!!

  12. I vote for UKISS Doradora, I think they are so so so cool^^

  13. KISEOP, KEVIN KEEp touching yourself!! hahah

  14. I will be totally dorky and squee over the Ouran reference! I officially get the message with the Honey-sempai comment. *backs away from napping Martina*

  15. UKISS’s DORA DORA! Please win :) Fighting!

  16. i loved the “power” by b.a.p. their MV for warrior was well made, however they did not give much attention to individual members. it was just impossible to look at their faces(camera was so shaky). I’m native korean and even i couldn’t tell who was who. of course their “Blond And Proud” style made it harder to recognize their faces.. i think they did a good job of seperating each members and giving them more “individuality”.

  17. U-KISS! Eli’s innocent, little kid voice when he says, “I hate you” and the weird, trippy room with dimensions that defy the laws of physics are just asking for a review. ^;^  <3 ~~ And Hoon's headband. Gotta love it.

  18. Great song and our guys (UKISS) never looked better. The foot-board of the bed was a bit obvious and distracting, but other wise a tremendous video.

  19. Great song and our guys (UKISS) never looked better. The foot-board of the bed was a bit obvious and distracting, but other wise a tremendous video.

  20. I guess a lot of KissMe said this already but AJ composed “Amazing” not “DoraDora”
    But anyway I LOVE UKISS to death <3

  21. Has to be BAP Power – The moment I saw it I wanted a review.

  22. i can’t believe im having this moment (while being into kpop for more than a year) but… in the F.Cuz video… the first person the girl saves… is that really a guy? O_O

    • Yup, it’s a guy. His name is Yejun, and he’s the maknae and one of the main vocalists in F.cuz. When i first saw the video I was stunned, and a bit jealous ;D

    • Yes! Im in kpop for 3 years but I was also confused! I only figured it out bc she saves the rest of the members. I wasn’t even confused about Ren, but this guy is something else. Not that its bad, but I thought I was an expert on this by now. 

  23. Who told you that F.Cuz’s name stands for For Century Ultimate Zest?
    I know that For Century Ultimate Zest is the name for their mini album.
    Anyways it is still so hard to choose between U-KISS and B.A.P!!

  24. i can’t stop singing
    T 3 T so next time i sing that in public people are probably gonna think
    i love dora

  25. hahahaha I did heard that if you mispronounced 18 in Korean it is a swear word, I think on Strong Heart some guy said it wrong and his mom yelled at telling him to go pray… hahahahaha I find it very funny!

  26. …did anyone notice that in FCUZ’s No 1……..the shackles to hold these guise are ridiculously big….to the point where they have to hold them to keep their hands in em….Oh you Kpop you…

  27. lmao just like honey senpai XD

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