1) Taetiseo “Twinkle”Vote for it here!


First off, we gotta say that we’re very surprised that we’re not reviewing this for upcoming Kpop Music Mondays. Wow! B.A.P’s “Power” has received the most votes ever in the history of the KpopCharts, and – as it stands right now – it’ll take an army of Twinkies (that’s what we call TTS fans) to overtake first place. It’s doable – of course it’s doable – but I don’t think we’re on the best terms with a lot of SONES. Not that we dislike SNSD! We really like some Girl’s Generation songs, like we mentioned in some of our K Crunch Cocktails. We just really went off on The Boys a while ago and I don’t think we’ve ever been forgiven.

Anyhow, with the numbers that this video has now on our KpopCharts, it looks like it’ll take first place next week, as it would easily take first place any other week if it weren’t for B.A.P.’s incredibly strong voting happening now. Unless there’s some other mega blockbuster song coming out. Anyone?

2) BTOB “Father”Vote for it here!


Not sure what we can really say about this song. I mean, it’s a ballad, and it’s serious, and it’s sad. Not our thing. We like being happy more than we like being sad. The song’s got a great message, though, which we can appreciate. Just…not fans of the video. Not really sure what we’d be able to say for it for a Music Monday. Maybe we can sniffle and sob for 10 minutes? That wouldn’t make for a good review. We’d call it the Jo Kwon Edition. Ha! Jo Kwon fans, don’t be mad! We’re just playing :D

3) JYP “You’re the One”Vote for it here!


Ok JYP: you’ve gained our respect big time. These last two videos of yours are really well shot and produced. We loved Wonder Girls’ “Be My Baby”, and this video’s right up there with exceptional quality shots and editing. Seriously: who directs these videos? I want to shake his hand. It wasn’t the greatest video in the world, but it was just really interesting and really well done. The first person perspective with the woman’s hand was interesting, the transitions between different locations was cool, the bed sheet becoming a dropped curtain was clever. The lighting was great, the lens flares weren’t obnoxiously used. Just…well done. From our perspectives as people who spend countless hours making really low budget videos, we can appreciate this. Well done JYP! Doubt you’ll overtake Taetiseo, but if you did we’d be happy to review this video. Batooba…not so much :D

  1. I understand where Martina is coming from about Girls’ Generation’s new subunit group.  I think it’s part of SM’s marketing strategy.  All the subunit groups under SM usually include the name of the original group: Super Junior-M, Super Junior K.R.Y, Super Junior-Happy, Super Junior Trot, and The Grace Sunday and Dana.  I think SM mentions that this new Girls’ Generation subunit is temporary; there will other combinations of members to make new subunits.  SM prefers spreading the name of the original group rather than the independent subunits; the group stays as one. 

  2. I can’t access B.A.P’s thread. Anyone else having the same problem?

  3. “Father” is so relaxing as background music.  I love it.

    Oh… and didn’t Donghae and Eunhyuk release a song called “Oppa, Oppa” a while back?  But that wasn’t a serious song… so I think the next one will be an upbeat song called “Noona, Noona” XD

    I’m so proud to be a BABY at this point.  WE GOT THE POWER!

  4. “Oooh! Vote for me!”

    Oooh, I love the thumbnail! XD

  5. JYP says he inserts his whisper “JYP” in songs he produced because it generates more sales because JYP fans give a chance and listen to the end when they recognize it is a JYP production. He says he experimented videos with and without whisper and is convinced that the whisper clearly increases sales. I guess he thought whisper is not needed for this video as his voice is clearly recognizable throughout the video.

  6. JYP get my vote cos that song is really good.
    Good music will always be good music.

  7. Hi from a Texan in Russia! WOW!! BAP rocks!!! I was disappointed it didnt make last week, but whoa! It was worth the historical number of votes! I wonder what would happen if BAP continued to stay in first place through next week…? LOL, that would be pretty darn tootin awesome! XD

  8. SM’s goal is probably not to market the girls as a different group (even their album says Girls’ Generation – TTS). I don’t think they’re ready to stir the girls’ path totally away from Girls’ Generation. At least not yet.

    So if we’re thinking here that hey, too bad for TTS, the Girls’ Generation tag still follows them even if they’re a subunit now, well, that’s the whole point I guess.

    As for the name, it’s the first syllables of their names so it’s tay-ti-so. :)

    • Oh, and Simon and Martina, I really wish you’d get to review this. At least I’d know what you think since a real step up from their previous materials (The Boys). The other songs in the album (Baby Steps and Love Sick) are also pretty good, so I wish you could check them out. ^^

  9. I’m seeing a lot of comments about how TTS is not a permanent group, and how the members and name are going to change around, like on a rotation. 
    Well, SME, I would say this is not your best idea. If you were going to do this, then just make a name that could be permanent, and swap the members into it. Really, any fans other than SONES are not going to remember the different names of the sub groups, especially if you don’t know the members names before they joined the sub group.

    Subgroups like this can be successful, as demonstrated by AfterSchool Red and Blue or Super Junior M/Happy/others but all these groups use one name. Fans of SNSD, I’m sure, will dig this new arrangement, but for non fans, it’s going to look like Girl’s Generation has way too many subgroups.

    • Replying to myself here, but I also see comments about how S&M aren’t ‘looking forwards’ to reviewing B.A.P.
      Look, guys, what do you want them to do to show enthusiasm? Leap around Korea? I’m not even sure where you got this idea from, but it makes me feel like 13 year old girls run the kpop world.
      T_T Seriously. 

  10. Babyz and some other very awesome fandoms have been working our hardest to help B.A.P stay on top.

  11. Showing my age here… but Saturday Night Live used to have a woman’s perspective skit called The Continental:


  12. Did you guys noticed on the comments from Youtube (for the official MV Power), that many fans asked to other fandoms to vote for BAP on your website ?
    I find it so cool ! :D

  13. Isn’t it pronounced
    Tae as in Taeyeon
    Ti as in Tiffany
    Seo as in Seohyun?
    so like Tae-tea-so?
    Or something like that.
    That’s how I’ve been pronouncing it.

  14. JYP that is the campest outfit i have ever seen, a pink suit with pulled up white socks, and the leg flick to top it off… Campness overload!

  15. and the group name thing, i really don’t know why some people don’t get it. SM alrdy said that this sub-unit is not permanent. they are gonna change the members around. so naming the group like that is easier, rather then SM having to come up with a whole new name each time they change the members for the sub-unit. 

    and, TTS is not the only one.
    Super Junior also have their sub-unit: Super Junior – M
    After School: After School  Red, After School Blue

  16. Actually, it’s not exactly “getting their butts kicked” considering B.A.P entered the KPOP CHARTS bef TTS and had like thousands of votes alrdy when TTS entered :/

    • I just want to clarify, but the voting system counts the votes divided by days it´s been up on the chart = avarage votes per day. So basically, it was an advantage to TTS to win. Because B.A.P had been on the chart for 2-3 days before TTS got added.

  17. It takes a lot of s w a g to walk around the city in that pink suit:)
    Twinkle – cool, confident vocals, but waaay too much in glitter and fluff in the video for me. Yes, even for a song called Twinkle.

  18. Us BAP fans really want to get this reviewed for KMM…waaaahhh i’ve been voting every single day…i was sooo sad when it lost to u-kiss….huhu…
    but now is our chance so we must take it!

  19. the new song for SNSD sub group  has striking similarity in the intro between it and
    The Calling – I’ll Go Wherever You May Go
    especially in the intro

  20. Well, because we BABYs lost last week and we were all like THIS WEEK WE SHALL PREVAIL!!!!! Power just needs to be reviewed…so so much to talk about. And other sweet fans from other ‘underdog’ groups voting with us helped a lot too :)

  21. we were hurt that we didnt make it last week who would it known it was going to turn this way…

  22. Did anyone else think that the room where JYP is dancing at around 1:35 looks like it is going to devour him? o.O    Loved his comeback though!

  23. Prepix – What I See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgl-oajLnDU
    Phantom – Ice http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGhYu3RwgFU
    Yangpa – Parting Is All The Same http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlZ6W4xkm0I
    Fwany – Secret http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3F7CONCMgQk
    Electroboyz – Should I laugh or cry http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vpdlrOyKCI
    Block B – Close my eyes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqeeNIZ57v4
    Touch – Let’s walk together http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwrGfJg7tMc
    Aziatix – Allright http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGBs8WUYubc
    Gavy NJ – Don’t call me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aA6bgS-aFQ
    Norazon – Woman Person http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7k24-0GsqEs

    I’ll keep spamming you with the new MVs that don’t appear in the charts untill you tell me why they don’t appear in the charts!

  24. I’m a Sone and I love you guys! I think you guys are awesome!!
    Stay true!! WOOT!

  25. B.A.P for KMM!! BAPfappers will work hard to get them reviewed this monday! =)

  26. There are a total of 84 combinations for SNSD’s sub-unit. 

    {tae,ti,seo} {tae,ti,soo} {tae,ti,hyo} {tae,ti,yoo} {tae,ti,yu} {tae,ti,sun} {tae,ti,jess} {tae,seo,soo} {tae,seo,hyo} {tae,seo,yoo} {tae,seo,yu} {tae,seo,sun} {tae,seo,jess} {tae,soo,hyo} {tae,soo,yoo} {tae,soo,yu} {tae,soo,sun} {tae,soo,jess} {tae,hyo,yoo} {tae,hyo,yu} {tae,hyo,sun} {tae,hyo,jess} {tae,yoo,yu} {tae,yoo,sun} {tae,yoo,jess} {tae,yu,sun} {tae,yu,jess} {tae,sun,jess} {ti,seo,soo} {ti,seo,hyo} {ti,seo,yoo} {ti,seo,yu} {ti,seo,sun} {ti,seo,jess} {ti,soo,hyo} {ti,soo,yoo} {ti,soo,yu} {ti,soo,sun} {ti,soo,jess} {ti,hyo,yoo} {ti,hyo,yu} {ti,hyo,sun} {ti,hyo,jess} {ti,yoo,yu} {ti,yoo,sun} {ti,yoo,jess} {ti,yu,sun} {ti,yu,jess} {ti,sun,jess} {seo,soo,hyo} {seo,soo,yoo} {seo,soo,yu} {seo,soo,sun} {seo,soo,jess} {seo,hyo,yoo} {seo,hyo,yu} {seo,hyo,sun} {seo,hyo,jess} {seo,yoo,yu} {seo,yoo,sun} {seo,yoo,jess} {seo,yu,sun} {seo,yu,jess} {seo,sun,jess} {soo,hyo,yoo} {soo,hyo,yu} {soo,hyo,sun} {soo,hyo,jess} {soo,yoo,yu} {soo,yoo,sun} {soo,yoo,jess} {soo,yu,sun} {soo,yu,jess} {soo,sun,jess} {hyo,yoo,yu} {hyo,yoo,sun} {hyo,yoo,jess} {hyo,yu,sun} {hyo,yu,jess} {hyo,sun,jess} {yoo,yu,sun} {yoo,yu,jess} {yoo,sun,jess} {yu,sun,jess}

  27. Wow, Twinkle was WAAAAAAY better than what I expected, considering what SM has been putting out recently. The song, the singing, the video- all awesome!

  28. I think most subgroups reference the major group they come from; Sistar 19, Rainbow Pixie, After School Red/Blue, SS301, and all of Super Junior’s subgroups. Orange Caramel is the only one I can think of that doesn’t. You have to remember that the general public doesn’t always know all the names and faces of every member of every single group out there nor are they always aware which group sings which song. The name of the subgroup lets people know that it’s actually a part of a bigger group with other songs affiliated with it- it’s not a new group.

  29. Tiffany actually said in an interview that TaeTiSeo was a placeholder for a schedule the three were having (prolly MuCore) and the management just picked it up from there.

    I’m an SNSD fan, but I don’t call myself a SONE. ‘Cos SONEs are stupid.

  30. I’ve been voting for B.A.P because their MV came out a little over a week ago and I’m afraid if you don’t review it for this week, it’s not going to make it to music mondays because the timing of when the MV comes out plays a big role.. And I love BAP!

    I love SNSD as well and I think they can wait another week to be reviewed. Their MV came out quite recently and they have a super large fan base. I will be voting for them next!!

  31. Not to be negative or anything, but there are a lot of SONEs who don’t vote because they simply don’t want S&M to review it. And the reason that they are keeping Girls’ Generation as a part in their name is because the sub-unit is a temporary thing and SM said that the members are gonna be switched around so they can’t just keep TaeTiSeo because that’s Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun’s names together.. Plus, the members have expressed that GG is one and will always be one so I don’t think they’re gonna get rid of the name that easily. 

    • Most of the Sones just don’t care about S&M that’s why you see very minimal votes for TTS. Cause if they do I’m sure they’re gonna win this hands down. Remember Soshified got more than 200k Sones on their site which is the biggest international kpop fansite lol. I think 80% or more who are voting for TTS are actually Exotics :D

    • I’m a SONE and I’m pretty sure not many of us vote here. Personally, the reason I don’t vote for Soshi on this chart is that I don’t want S&M to review TTS’s Twinkle. Don’t take it the wrong way, I love S&M and I enjoy all their videos like those random fun stuff i.e. WANK. I have to be honest that I’m just a tad upset abt those not-so-good reviews of SNSD mv, tho I know where S&M come from. So it’s cool. Maybe someday S&M will rave on future SNSD releases. Looking forward to that day. :) Yeah. So that kinda explain why I don’t see SONEs flock in here like we usually do elsewhere.
      And naming TTS fans Twinkies is kinda too soon. I have a feeling SM’s gonna shuffle the girls into groups according to concept. Maybe one of the girls can appear twice. They have the whole year in Korea and Japan this year. So I guess SM’s gonna make full use of it before their full english album sometime next year. Then, GG WORLD TOUR. HUZZAH!Also, congrats to B.A.P. for the cool number of votes. 

  32. I think there’s quite a bit of confusion going on with the whole TTS thing. Not that that’s anything unusual when it comes to SM’s various concept ideas and marketing plans (though I honestly think SM has some brilliant marketing minds on board who aren’t afraid of risking looking silly at first in order to gain long-term benefits. I’m thinking of that whole seemingly weird EXO thing, and also SNSD’s US promotions that seem sort of half-hearted, but which I suspect are part of a way more long-term plan. Anyway, I’m rambling. To the point!).

    TTS isn’t a set sub-unit with fixed members. That’s why they have that weird member-specific name (though, yes, I’m sure they could have done something a bit less tongue-twisting). The plan, at least how it seems so far, is basically for there to be only one SNSD sub-unit, which will change members (and probably also name according to the initials of the current members) depending on the style and concept of each new single/album, and, I guess, on the schedules and wishes of the members as well. Weird, sure, but probably also a seriously considered move.

    I don’t think SM would risk upsetting the SONE fans by separating some of the girls into a completely separate group. And frankly, I don’t think the girls would want that either. There is simply something special about that whole “power of nine” thing, not just among the fans, but it’s something the members also constantly focus on and have built their whole image around. The girls’ slogan, after all, is “right now, it’s Girls’ Generation, from now on, it’s Girls’ Generation, Forever, it’s Girls’ Generation”. They always talk about how they’ll eventually become Ahjumma Generation, because even if they eventually marry and stop doing music together, they’re still like sisters and they’ll never stop being a group. That’s why TTS still introduce themselves as SNSD when doing press for Twinkle, just like all the members consistently introduce themselves as SNSD’s *insert name* whenever they do press for individual activities (that’s been the case ever since Yoona made sure to emphasize that she was first and foremost an SNSD member in interviews back when she was far more famous as an actress, and SNSD was just a B-list rookie group). In the Twinkle video, there are photos of the other girls on the walls, and there are nine dancers all together throughout the video. It all just goes to show how devoted the girls, and SM, are to SNSD as a unit, or as a family of sorts (cliché, sure, but I’m not saying SM are just sentimental rather than cynical and greedy. They might be both…). So TTS isn’t really a new group. It’s a “branch” of SNSD in which only some of the girls take part at any given time, but it is still SNSD.

    Yeah. That ended up being way too long and rambling. Sorry. But I felt like clarifying things.
    OH! And this SONE sure doesn’t dislike you just because you were honest about your take on The Boys. So don’t worry. We’ll get Twinkle to the top, eventually ;)

  33. Wait… what are SPAM VOTES?

    I thought there was only such thing as spam comments… o.O

  34. I don’t get it and maybe it’s just me but Why does it sound like Simon and Martina aren’t too happy that they have to review B.A.P. this week? Well that is if we win (and i’m positive that we will)

  35. It’s pronounced Tae (as in Taeguk) Ti Seo (So) ^^” And I think the reason why they added the Girl’s Generation tag to it is because this isn’t a permanant subgroup and with every new subgroup there will be new members and therefore a new name (since the current name is taken from the members’ names). So to make non-Sones aware that all of these subgroups are actually part of Girls’ Generation they would tag SNSD…

    And I really love JYP’s new songs! Although I like Someone Else better than You’re the one, it’s still awesome sauce~ xD

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