1) Taetiseo “Twinkle”Vote for it here!


First off, we gotta say that we’re very surprised that we’re not reviewing this for upcoming Kpop Music Mondays. Wow! B.A.P’s “Power” has received the most votes ever in the history of the KpopCharts, and – as it stands right now – it’ll take an army of Twinkies (that’s what we call TTS fans) to overtake first place. It’s doable – of course it’s doable – but I don’t think we’re on the best terms with a lot of SONES. Not that we dislike SNSD! We really like some Girl’s Generation songs, like we mentioned in some of our K Crunch Cocktails. We just really went off on The Boys a while ago and I don’t think we’ve ever been forgiven.

Anyhow, with the numbers that this video has now on our KpopCharts, it looks like it’ll take first place next week, as it would easily take first place any other week if it weren’t for B.A.P.’s incredibly strong voting happening now. Unless there’s some other mega blockbuster song coming out. Anyone?

2) BTOB “Father”Vote for it here!


Not sure what we can really say about this song. I mean, it’s a ballad, and it’s serious, and it’s sad. Not our thing. We like being happy more than we like being sad. The song’s got a great message, though, which we can appreciate. Just…not fans of the video. Not really sure what we’d be able to say for it for a Music Monday. Maybe we can sniffle and sob for 10 minutes? That wouldn’t make for a good review. We’d call it the Jo Kwon Edition. Ha! Jo Kwon fans, don’t be mad! We’re just playing :D

3) JYP “You’re the One”Vote for it here!


Ok JYP: you’ve gained our respect big time. These last two videos of yours are really well shot and produced. We loved Wonder Girls’ “Be My Baby”, and this video’s right up there with exceptional quality shots and editing. Seriously: who directs these videos? I want to shake his hand. It wasn’t the greatest video in the world, but it was just really interesting and really well done. The first person perspective with the woman’s hand was interesting, the transitions between different locations was cool, the bed sheet becoming a dropped curtain was clever. The lighting was great, the lens flares weren’t obnoxiously used. Just…well done. From our perspectives as people who spend countless hours making really low budget videos, we can appreciate this. Well done JYP! Doubt you’ll overtake Taetiseo, but if you did we’d be happy to review this video. Batooba…not so much :D

  1. “Father” is so relaxing as background music.  I love it.

    Oh… and didn’t Donghae and Eunhyuk release a song called “Oppa, Oppa” a while back?  But that wasn’t a serious song… so I think the next one will be an upbeat song called “Noona, Noona” XD

    I’m so proud to be a BABY at this point.  WE GOT THE POWER!

  2. JYP says he inserts his whisper “JYP” in songs he produced because it generates more sales because JYP fans give a chance and listen to the end when they recognize it is a JYP production. He says he experimented videos with and without whisper and is convinced that the whisper clearly increases sales. I guess he thought whisper is not needed for this video as his voice is clearly recognizable throughout the video.

  3. After the math final I just took, I have this strange urge to calculate the Banzhaf Power and Shapley-Shubik Powers of this…

  4. Be prepared for server crash

  5. But who said it has to be 3 members? Can’t they have sub-units consisting of 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 members? (although 6-8 would be strange). Adding those combinations in, we’d get…..umm….
    Wait a sec, let me just pull out my high school maths book…..

  6. JYP totally says his name on his own songs!

    Exhibit A:


  7. It’s pronounced Tae (as in Taeguk) Ti Seo (So) ^^” And I think the reason why they added the Girl’s Generation tag to it is because this isn’t a permanant subgroup and with every new subgroup there will be new members and therefore a new name (since the current name is taken from the members’ names). So to make non-Sones aware that all of these subgroups are actually part of Girls’ Generation they would tag SNSD…

    And I really love JYP’s new songs! Although I like Someone Else better than You’re the one, it’s still awesome sauce~ xD

  8. I’ll be completely honest here, I don’t understand why you want to review TTS so much. I’ve seen it a few times, and nothing has stood out for me so far. Pretty girls batting their eyelashes at a camera while advertising various branded items. Cmon guys. Convince me.

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