f(x) “Electric Shock” – Vote for it here!


Wow! It’s been a while since we did the KpopCharts! Sorry we didn’t keep up to date while we were in Canada. Now, though, that we’re back in Korea, we’re gonna be back in the full swing of things. Woot woot!

Anyhow, on with the videos! Ok, we said in this video that we don’t want the unblock able ads getting in the way of you enjoying f(x)’s awesome video and song, but we didn’t say anything about the ads getting in the way of our DISCUSSING the video and song here, right? So, then – a question: has anyone actually used the app that SM is advertising? We haven’t tried it, but we’re hoping someone did and can tell us about it. Has the pleasure you derived from your usage of the app outweighed your annoyance of seeing the ad in the videos? Because, if it were to do so for me, then the app would have to be bloody magical, because I HATE THOSE ADS! YARRGGGHHHH!!! SM: how much have you been paid to put those ads in your videos? I would like to know the ad rates and then buy one of those ads myself. The ad would say “AIN’T THESE DAMN ADS ANNOYING?!” I’d probably also include a picture of Spudgy as well. NO! I wouldn’t. I’d resist the urge.

I just realized now that SM probably has an approval process for these ads, and doubt that my ad would meet its criteria. Shucks!

U-Kiss “Believe” – Vote for it here!


I feel like there’s so much we want to say about this video but we’re not gonna say it here, because it’s probably going to get reviewed for Music Mondays. Ah! But…it’s so…ripe for the picking! Ok, let’s mention things here that we won’t mention for Music Monday: ______ actually, everything I’m writing here I’m gonna include for Music Mondays. How about just a “hey! Here’s U-Kiss’s video! Vote for it or f(x) is gonna win because they’re catching up mighty fast, and we don’t want another Teen Top/EXO/Infinite moment on our hands” GO VOTE!

Boyfriend “Love Style” – Vote for it here!


Ah! We really should have copied the Info box for the video. In its current form, it’s a bit awkward, but makes sense. When it first came out, though, OH BOY WAS IT EVER WEIRD! They didn’t even spell Boyfriend’s name correctly at times, and misplaced the e and i. Yeah man. It was awesome.

Anyhow, we’re happy that this video doesn’t annoy us as much as Boyfriend’s other videos. Ooooh, they were so close to winning, and we were really worried that we’d get a bunch of people angry at us for saying not nice things about Boyfriend, but we lucked out as other bands won. Instead, I think we won the ire of Teen Top fans. Ha! Boyfriend’s “Love Style”

On another note: since we mentioned Boyfriend’s downtown hipster style, umm: your thoughts on their style? Can’t really say that I’m finding them the most fashionable fellows out there. Sure, it’s interesting, but not in a good way. I can’t really see anybody wanting to emulate this look. No?

  1. Saw the original “Believe.” He gets hit around 2:20 when they separate and he moves to the right with a pained look on his face. I kept repeating it to see what happened but it’s not easy to see the actual hit.

  2. i think i prefer f(x) electric shock

  3. so even though i’ve never used that app that SM keeps advertising (probably cause i don’t have a smart phone), but if you love the video enough you can buy it add free from Melon or GOMTV. though a lot of people probably don’t wanna do that and instead want to just watch the video in youtube, I think that is SM’s strategy for marketing. I’m sure they get paid to put the ads there, so they get money there. and for the fans that hate the ads, they can buy the MV add free, thus getting more money. though, i never said that was a great marketing strategy… the point is… there are add free MV’s out there haha.

  4. i’m can’t keep up with the new music videos .. even NEW KPOP GROUPS… well thanks to you guys.. it helps me a little bit.. lol

  5. Some good videos out right now!!
    I actually have the original video downloaded and saw that part with AJ and Kevin. He was a trooper and kept going and AJ had this look of “Oh shit did that just happen” classic!!

  6. @simonandmartina:disqus PS those twins are totally creepy..

  7. I just want to thank @simonandmartina:disqus You guys have helped me discover some great music. I never listened to UKiss before but I love that song and I discovered BigBang (my fave) from you guys! You have enhanced my Kpop music list!

  8. i’m high school student in South Korea!
    Um.. I don’t well speak english lol
    But Simon & Martina so LOVELY!!!
    i always support EYK!!! XD

  9. OMG i love the BoyFriend twins are soooooooooo cute!!!! Why do you think they are creepy Martina??? XD

  10. I vote for my favorite boys :D BOYFRIEND >8D 8D

  11. your thoughts on their style?” well, ‘grilfriend’ is asking for their clothes back. there is NO WAY that a guy would look good in matching pants an blouses with FLOWER PRINTS! not even if he is a botanist.

  12. Umm….all of Boyfriend pretty much creeps me out. 0__0

  13. I know the ad Genie is an app, but u cant use it outside of Korea…..Yeah epic fail.

  14. So what are the rules about voting? Are we alllowed to vote every hour or just once or something?

  15. I am totally going to get yelled at for this, but I wasn’t crazy about boyfriend’s song or video~ don’t get me wrong, they have great voices and they’re really cute, but I just didn’t like the song, and if given the chance not to do a cutie boy video, I think I would like them A LOT. Believe was okay for me, but I loved DoraDora. That will be hard to beat~ so I vote f(x), electric shock totally floored me. LOVED IT!!

    • I agree. I prefer boyfriend’s other videos, Lovestyle is probably one of the worst videos I’ve ever seen, but I still LOVE boyfriend. The twins are really cute, though i like Youngmin the best. f(x) must win this week so keep voting!


  17. I Vote for BOYFRIEND! I love the song but not the mv. I love their suites. But the most of all, i dont like the colorful dust being thrown to them. xD Anyways, Minwoo ur so cute! Kyeopta. BOYFRIEND DAEBAK!♥ Pyyong, ;)

  18. lol.. i thought: noooo i didnt see Kevin being slapt by AJ>__< haha

  19. I am so sad about INFINITE’S song, but oh well. Now I voted for U-KISS.~ I didn’t saw that Kevin got a hit from AJ :DD

  20. If you wanna see Kevin getting hit- 2:20 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUHz3H7OY_M xD

    Btw Boyfriend’s twins creep the hell out of me…

  21. Boyfriend’s fashion
    People won’t imitate them. They’re just stage outfits/costumes.

  22. I honestly don’t like f(x). I’m very EXTREMELY picky about girl groups… The only one I’ve been even slightly fond of is Wonder Girls, and they lost points with me because of ‘Like This’ >.>

    And, I’m extremely (and I do mean EXTREMELY) U-KISS biased. So, I’m hoping for them to win ^__^ Maybe we’ll crash your server? ;o Anyway, I think you could have a lot of fun reviewing that one, with the tunnel and the broken glass jewelry. Eli wants to shower with Dongho??? WHAT?!?!?!?!
    The mint green pants… Oh my heavens *__* I loved them ♥ they reminded me of the one new year’s performance clothes they had…. Last year? I think? Anyway, it was a mint green suit with lace on the sleeves :3 (Sorry, just went fashion police on you XD)

    Boyfriend… I’m opposite of you guys, I liked their older stuff better, lol. At least, their clothes were better >.> Not fond of that floral jumpsuit, there… The song is better, but the video is not. But, MINWOO!! OMG SO CUTE!! Sorry, had to get that out.

    I guess, what I’m saying is… I’ll be voting for Boyfriend AFTER U-KISS. XD I wish you would review their fashion/clothing more than you do~ It’s more off and on… You do in some, and you don’t in others. I’m into KPop for the fashion. LOL (not the only reason, but whatever >__<)

    Sorry for talking the ear off~ I go now, kay? Kay. ♥

  23. First off, I’d like to say how much I LOVE f(x)’s new song! It’s just so much fun! It makes you wanna get up and dance! Perfect party/club style music.
    But then what makes me so sad is that the music video was so disappointing. The song is called Electric Shock! They should be going nuts! I imagined crazy cool wild dances and lots of sass and attitude! I imagined them having a ball, laughing and really having fun while shooting the video which the cameras would be able to pick up 100%. I really wanted to see them showing some powerful dance moves and swag.
    That’s what I think this song really deserves. In comparison to the crazy fun song, their video seemed half-asleep.
    But that’s just my opinion. :P

    I vote Electric Shock by f(x)!

    • let’s kidnap simon&martina and make them review that video !!
      B1A4 is just SOOOOO CUTE! and their video is bizarrely cute too :3
      *perfect for music mondays… *-* !!

      • I really wanted to see it reviewed too. Because they definitely made cheating on your girlfriend look cuter than Teen Top’s No More Perfume On You. After filming Baby I’m Sorry with all those dark colors I was happy to see their original fun-ness in Baby Goodnight, but seriously….. who wasn’t cheating on someone in that video? Everyone is telling their lover to go to sleep and then go partying trying to hook up with other people. Are these the messages that should be acceptable to Korea’s youth? I think not.

    • Sadly it’s too old now. Damn I wanted that to be reviewed so badly. ;o;

  24. Oh the suits in Boyfriend alone are just … wow. That pattern looks like a couch from the 70s. I can see it now …

    Hey Boyfriend,

    This is the 70s and we are calling to get our couch pattern back.

    Thanks again,

    The 70s

  25. What about Juniel’s debut with illa illa?

  26. U kiss Believe
    U kiss Believe
    U kiss Believe
    U kiss Believe
    U kiss Believe
    U kiss Believe

  27. U kiss Believe
    U kiss Believe
    U kiss Believe
    U kiss Believe
    U kiss Believe

  28. i think boyfriend’s hipster look is waaaay too much! and i don’t have problem with too much, but the flowery jackets?! cute, but very very risqué… i dunno! can’t decide if i hate it or love it.

    i actually do hate this u-kiss video. i have nothing against them but this song, bleh…. i’m not that into this 90’s dance techno-tronic trend that is going on everywhere. those beats sound like acid bad trip for me.

    as for f(x)’s electric shock… uhg it’s a “nu ABO” rip off and it’s boring! i LOOOOVE LOVE the choreography though, but this video sucks bigtime. i love f(x) but sm simplu fucked up their comeback with such lazy video.

  29. I vote for U-Kiss!!U-Kiss must win!!!i loved the video!I gotta admit that f(x) Electric Shock is pretty amazing but U-Kiss is definitely even more amazing overall.<3

  30. You don’t hate Boyfriend, you just dislike them, right? :)
    I’m a Best Friend but I really don’t get mad when someone pokes fun on Boyfriend. ^_^

  31. Aww, no Nu’est this week? :(

  32. It took a couple plays of Believe for me to love it, but it definitely has a nostalgic sound to it with it’s 90’s dance beats. Now i love the song. I am so happy f(x) is back. It’s been wayyy too long. I’m so glad their back on the scene and kicking butt with all the youtube views. On the other hand, I have never been a Boyfriend fan…. they are just not my cup of tea. And speaking of tea, their clothes in this video remind me too much of the floral wallpaper that you see in England : just because something looks good on a wall doesn’t mean you should wear it.

  33. Oh, whatever happened to B1A4’s Baby Good Night? It disappeared…

  34. Meh… How come the videos this week are so vanilla? I like it SPICY! I can’t in good conscience vote for any of these… sad day. Not that it’s any fault of Simon and Martina. So happy to see you two are back and better than ever. Fantastic hair-do Martina!

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