Sistar “Loving U” – Vote for it Here!


Song of the summer right here, ladies and gentlemen. We’re calling it. Boom. This is it. Last year it was definitely Bubble Pop. This year, this is gonna be it. I mean, it has all the right stuff for summer hit: they’re on a beach. There’s surfing. It’s in Hawaii. The song has big trumpets for the chorus. Everyone’s smiling and happy. The colour is super saturated and vivid. It’s like, if there was a formula for a perfect summer song, this is it. I mean, what else could be included in it to make it more summertime awesomeness? I don’t know. Alls I know is I heard the song, watched the video, and fell in love. VOTE IT TO THE TOP NAO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN NAOOO!

After School “Flashback” – Vote for it Here!


We didn’t mention this in the video, but we totally didn’t know that After School has so many members in their band. Like, WHOA! There’s a lot more than we expected. I think we’re surprised because we’ve never actually talked about After School as a whole, but only in parts. We’re big fans of Orange Caramel: when we were in Canada, we made a mix CD of Kpop Songs for our car rides. “Funny Hunny” was one of the first few songs on it. This song as After School, though, is a lot different than Funny Hunny. We like it, yes, but it’s just completely unexpected for us. Hopefully you’ll all vote After School in so we can talk about them more! We need some more After School love in here. And we promise to think of a better fan name than Hagwons. That was just cheesy :(

Jo Kwon “I’m Da One” – Vote for it Here!


This…was…bizarre. We’d love to review this for Music Monday. It’s got so much going on in there! We could talk about just the first half of the video and we’d have enough for 15 minutes of a Music Monday! We wouldn’t even have to talk about the song; it’d just all be this goldmine of a video.

It’s just so quirky, and it perfectly matches Jo Kwon’s divaliciousness. That being said – whoa – we’ve got a major pet peeve with the song stopping for so long in the middle to carry on with the story. Sure, we like plot oriented music videos, but plots are supposed to supplement the song, not overtake the entire video. But we’re willing to forgive it a bit more because it’s just so damned funny. It’s hard for us to take it seriously :D

Side note: does Jo Kwon’s fan group have a name? We called them the Jokers. We were going to call them the Ga-Ins, but decided against it. There’s gotta be another name. Anyone?

  1. Dear Simon and Martina,
    Please come to Hawaii. Thank you :)

  2. If you wanna see the divalicious Jokwon again.. watch Jokwon – Animal live :D He’s more fierce in high heels than most girls can ever dream about.

  3. um…. im kinda lost for words..i feel like my mind has been punched .. can someone please tell me what the heck I just watched cause Jokwon’s vid is super …confusing? ..

  4. Listen to Martina and vote for SISTAR’s Loving U!

  5. I propose Jo Kwon’s fans be called Da Ones ^_^ Anyways Yay After School and Sistar and also SJ! What a great few days of new songs!

  6. JoKwon’s video is possibly the sassiest kpop music video i have ever seen. like, ever.


  8. So is Jo Kwon suppose to be the Soda King?

  9. I thought Jo Kwon’s video was all types of interesting as well, but well…Jo Kwon is an interesting guy. Not that that’s a bad thing, I actually really like and respect him as an idol. I also really like the song. I wish you guys would get the chance to review his video as well, but Suju’s video is coming out this Friday so… : /
    And Martina, I was wondering if your necklace is the Kissing Star Necklace from Boys Over Flowers? I saw that online and I was thinking of getting it! X)

  10. I really hope Jo Kwon can win this week. This may be the only chance it has to win with SuJu and 2NE1 coming back soon

  11. Sistar was wearing Marina’s hello kiity glasses.

  12. i think Jokwon’s fanclub is Angelet? LOL at the Gains attempt tho haha

  13. I know that I definitely want to see Loving U reviewed. Which is really conflicting because I have been voting the heck out of Electric Shock. I really really badly wanted to see Electric Shock get reviewed. But- I agree with them. The second I saw the tweets that it was released pipping across my twitter and I clicked, I was barely into it before saying “This is so this summers anthem”. It was just awesome. It is a really feel good song. It has everything that makes you think of summer. I love it.

  14. for Q2: didn’t they shot it in Hawaii? i think that why it is costly,,

  15. Aish~ So many good videos to vote for, but SuJu’s MV should be out like … tomorrow I think … so my vote will be going there till it gets reviewed. :/

  16. OMG the After School review…you guys are sooooooo adorable and sweet! ><

  17. I was so super wonderfully surprised at Sistar’s video! It’s just gorgeous and such a fun song! I’m especially amazed at all their sunset shots by the cars–so vivid and rich!

    ETA: Oh and I like the new touch of adding a snippet of the video after you introduce it :)

  18. I wanna vote, but f(x) must win the next Kpop Music Monday. Sistar’s song is definitely the hit of the summer. Great job Simon and Martina with this amazing site. Hopefully you’ll still be teaching when I arrive in Korea as a teacher.

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