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KpopCharts Update: Loving Da Flashback

June 30, 2012


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Sistar “Loving U” – Vote for it Here!

Song of the summer right here, ladies and gentlemen. We’re calling it. Boom. This is it. Last year it was definitely Bubble Pop. This year, this is gonna be it. I mean, it has all the right stuff for summer hit: they’re on a beach. There’s surfing. It’s in Hawaii. The song has big trumpets for the chorus. Everyone’s smiling and happy. The colour is super saturated and vivid. It’s like, if there was a formula for a perfect summer song, this is it. I mean, what else could be included in it to make it more summertime awesomeness? I don’t know. Alls I know is I heard the song, watched the video, and fell in love. VOTE IT TO THE TOP NAO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN NAOOO!

After School “Flashback” – Vote for it Here!

We didn’t mention this in the video, but we totally didn’t know that After School has so many members in their band. Like, WHOA! There’s a lot more than we expected. I think we’re surprised because we’ve never actually talked about After School as a whole, but only in parts. We’re big fans of Orange Caramel: when we were in Canada, we made a mix CD of Kpop Songs for our car rides. “Funny Hunny” was one of the first few songs on it. This song as After School, though, is a lot different than Funny Hunny. We like it, yes, but it’s just completely unexpected for us. Hopefully you’ll all vote After School in so we can talk about them more! We need some more After School love in here. And we promise to think of a better fan name than Hagwons. That was just cheesy :(

Jo Kwon “I’m Da One” – Vote for it Here!

This…was…bizarre. We’d love to review this for Music Monday. It’s got so much going on in there! We could talk about just the first half of the video and we’d have enough for 15 minutes of a Music Monday! We wouldn’t even have to talk about the song; it’d just all be this goldmine of a video.

It’s just so quirky, and it perfectly matches Jo Kwon’s divaliciousness. That being said – whoa – we’ve got a major pet peeve with the song stopping for so long in the middle to carry on with the story. Sure, we like plot oriented music videos, but plots are supposed to supplement the song, not overtake the entire video. But we’re willing to forgive it a bit more because it’s just so damned funny. It’s hard for us to take it seriously :D

Side note: does Jo Kwon’s fan group have a name? We called them the Jokers. We were going to call them the Ga-Ins, but decided against it. There’s gotta be another name. Anyone?



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