Super Junior “Sexy, Free, and Single” – Vote for it Here!


Raise your hand if you’re ready to Bingo! We’re ready to Bingo, and this is an awesome track by Super Junior. This is gonna be voted in, we’re pretty sure. You’ve got less than six hours to make sure that 2NE1’s “I Love You” doesn’t knock it off first place, and 2NE1 is creeping fast! But will it be fast enough? We’re not sure. Either way, we’d love to review both songs. Why? BECAUSE WE’RE READY TO BINGO THAT’S WHY!

ZE:A “Aftermath” – Vote for it Here!


Yay! We like this song! We weren’t really that familiar with ZE:A’s music before this track, so this is the first song that we’ve ever actually talked about by them. But it’s cool! And we really liked speaking with them for our Interview which we should be posting either today or tomorrow. Anyhow, it doesn’t look like they’re going to get reviewed, unfortunately, with this being such a big month for Kpop Music Videos, but at least we’re hoping you can check this video out :D

T-ara “Day by Day” – Vote for it Here!


Wow, T-ara sure knows how to make the most of their kpop careers! After watching this video, I realized, T-ara seems to be having the most fun with their music video concepts over any other kpop group. The past several videos they have released have been full of costume changes, interesting makeup and hair, and plots that you can actually follow. It must be a lot of hard work, but still a lot of fun to be on set for these complicated videos. It’s like being an actress + singer + dancer + stunt woman all in one. Although we know the length of these videos can discourage some people from watching, we really appreciate the effort put into these videos. It seems like T-ara’s music is always being presented as a movie soundtrack, rather than just a song. Out of all the videos they’ve made so far, this one is our favourite. Ohhhhh so anime!!!

  1. day by day should be reviewed! loved the song not a fan of t-ara ever but this song definately stuck on my head and the MV worth so much to be reviewed by you guys dont you think. perhaps you can ignore the votes and just do a KMM for them xD impossible

  2. 2012 …. THE YEAR OK KPOP (true story)… DEABAK

  3. Wth is up with the floral monstrosity that passes for fashion in the second video?!? Ahem. FYI.  Putting giant flowers on yourself does not make you a flower boy. Just so you know.


  5. I hope T-ara’s Day by Day gets reviewed eventually! It’s such a good video and song, so much effort and thought was put into this, much more than any of the other videos that debuted so far in July!

    AND they are releasing a dance version of Day by Day soon. THERE WOULD JUST BE SO MUCH TO REVIEW and I think it would be a really good EYK segment!

  6. Please put Younha’s “Run” MV. She really needs the help right now after such a long hiatus. If you have watched immortal song 2 and Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, you can see she is putting on her best fight. Thank you very much!

  7. lol.please tell me that “bingo” means something else in korean, cuz that is just too funny….  i quite like the song and video though.

    as for ZE:A,  it’s my first time hearing about them…  i quite like the “oldie” feel of the  song, but i think their look is all wrong for it… they look like they should be rocking punk-rockish clothes, not 50’s preppy type things…  it just clashes so bad…  BUT, who is that guy who looks just likea baby ChangMin??? i’m in love <3

  8. awwww.. so next week its sure that its 2ne1?? hahaha!

  9. I get it….Day After Sexy…..Day by day….Aftermath…and Sexy,free and single…oh my….my brain loads slower than a turtle….=_=”

  10. Hey Simon and Martina, I wanted to know if you bought albums from groups and if so where do you buy them? 

  11. LOL Martina said the only way SUJU wouldn’t win was if 2NE1 suddenly came out with a new song and it really happened… She jinxed it xD

  12. Super Junior. Hands down.
    Though I wouldn’t mind 2NE1. I’m not a hater. ^.^

  13. i just really hope t-ara’s day by day gets to be reviewed at some point. it is the most interesting k-pop video out there and i’m glad you guys liked as much as i did.

    i love suju’s song and i really dig the choreography, but gawd SM’s videos are plain boring! they’re lucky all super juniors are hot…even shindong that isn’t chubby anymore [shame!]. and i liked ze:a! they’re cute and the song is good…actually their new album is kind of catchy – the first listening made me want more at least…

  14. Um. I know I’ve said this before, but are you really not going to put Younha’s Run on the kpop charts? Or am I just missing it?

  15. could you guys put Wonder Girls – Like Money Feat Akon MV when it comes out Tuesday on your kpop music chart

  16. I don’t know much about Kpop… I’m pretty new to the Korean culture but T-ara’s video and song were pretty cool!!! I was all into it!

  17. I really want to see Sexy, Free & Single review!!

    Oh, and its actually “I’m ready too, bingo” and not “I’m ready to bingo” xD

  18. sm needs more ideas for MVs. it’s getting boring to see the same concept (if any) every single time for all their artists

  19. *sigh* I tried to give SJ the benefit of the doubt thinking maybe it was just me hearing “I’m ready to bingo” when they were really saying “I’m ready to mingle,” but either the music shows are suffering from “sounds like…” syndrome too or the line really is as stupid as it sounds.

    Soy un dorito. I’m ready to bingo.

    Thanks SM -_-

  20. T-ara’s video just makes me want to go watch Mad Max again.

  21. In T-ara’s video they revive her in the same barn they used in Padam Padam! How many barns in Korea could there possibly be like that?

  22. where can we vote??? here??? 2ne1!!!

  23. I want Martina’s shirt. :D

  24. super junior all the way! forever elf

  25. Re ZEA: I understand the concept of the flower boy, but do they have to be dressed *literally* as flowers? I was especially distracted by the outfit @ 0:57 ….blue floral blouse with matching sparkly/pearly bracelets and necklace. How did they shrink the Golden Girls’ wardrobe to fit Asian boys?

  26. bwaaa 2NE1 <3
    but theres no video to vote… DD:

  27. In Super Junior’s defense, it was only 2 oddly-lit rooms! and 1 oddly lit open space. :D
    Oh Super Junior. I can’t help but love you and all your oddly-lit room glory!

  28. oh please The Universe let t-ara or 2ne1 ( or any other artist) win…..i mean i don’t hate SUJU but it’s high time for SM to change their concept….because im sorry to say this but they make the same ( almost the same ) songs…i miss the beginnings so much….huhhh

  29. Oh, and while I’m here, please put Younha on the kpop charts? I actually don’t know much about her (other than when she sang Umbrella with Epik High), but I’ve seen a lot of people asking for it, so I found you an official MV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGqaDIab-KA

  30. If you look at the playlist picture Down the bottom you can see a faint itunes control bar…

  31. Wait a sec – so this week it’s 2NE1/Super Junior;
    Next week it’ll be Wonder Girls/2NE1/Super Junior,
    and the following week will be Wonder Girls/2NE1/Super Junior.
    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh…..feeling kinda tired of it all.
    I don’t think we’ve had a small/new/not-mainstream artist reviewed on KMM since Sunny Hill (and that raised hell with Teen Top fans getting mad and all).
    Not to mention a lot of small/new/not-mainstream artists aren’t being put on the Kpop charts at all.
    ………..oh whatever. To each his own, I guess. Those who like mainstream kpop can watch mainstream kpop and join in the fanwars every week. Those who don’t can stick to wanks and indies and tldrs and all the other goodness EYK provides us with.
    I just enjoy watching Simon and Martina regardless of what their video is about, lol.
    Looking forward to the K-Indie update tomorrow :)

    • I like it all, which is why I’m so glad that they put out different shows during the week. It would be cool if they could do another voted show like KMM for Indie or Rock, but they have been a bit overworked lately. They mentioned on twitter that they had considered getting help and weren’t adverse to it. I so see it being difficult finding someone who would really jive with them, because they seem so in sync with each other. What can we as a fan-base do to help them?

      • I like it all too….which is why I watch all their videos with my family everyday :D
        I also really do want to help them, and have emailed them about it, but there’s not too much I can do yet I guess :p

    • Welp, that’s what happens when the population votes and all…
      In the meantime, let’s appreciate the happiness that is the K-Indie playlist.

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