2NE1 “I Love You” – Vote for them here


Ok, this song is obnoxiously stuck in our head. It even gets to the point that one of us just starts thinking about the song, and then the other is like “damn I can’t stop singing it in my head”…A FEW SECONDS AFTER THE FIRST PERSON STARTS THINKING ABOUT IT! There’s something really freaky about that. We do that sometimes with other things apart from music right away, and it makes conversations a bit awkward when we stop the conversation and yell at the other person to get our of each other’s head. JUST AWKWARD. I guess it’s because we’re so close and sappy and all that mushy crap.

Woo Young “Sexy Lady” – Vote for him here!


Holy snap: we must review this song. The dance is great, and just waiting for us to talk about it. And all the cheesy lens flares! Oh god! We could have so much fun with this! And the beat of the song: wow! We sometimes recreate the beats of Kpop songs for our skits, like our Junsu’s Intoxication song, which you hear every time there’s something sexy going on in our videos. But this beat? JESUS IT’S SO EASY!


That’s it for 4 minutes and 34 seconds. We could totally give you the best Kpop cover song ever, if you just vote this in, SO DO IT!

Wonder Girls “Like Money” – Vote for them here!


Let’s get a vote here: is this Kpop or not? Even YouTube isn’t sure about it.

(Which, by the way, we’re finding it cool that YouTube is tweeting about Kpop more often lately).

Anyhow, I hope our explanation of why we included this video on the charts is fair. Or, if it ain’t fair, we’ll just claim being biased because it’s in English and YOU KNOW WE LOVE US SOME ENGLISH! Kpop songs entirely in English fit the spirit of this site, though, since we’re really interested in Kpop’s impact on the West. Trust me, guise: when we go to Japan one of these days months years, we’ll start reviewing Japanese songs, including Kpop songs in Japanese. OK WE’LL DO IT ONE DAY PROMISE! Just…we’re not sure when we’ll go there, but it is a dream of ours to live there one day. We just like it here too much to go! Promise us you’ll still watch our channel if we move, k?

  1. Urgh, the Wonder Girls/Akon song is so offensive. “Love me like money, love me like a car”? I know you guys hold back on what you say in these mini reviews, so maybe you thought that too and were saving it up in case it came up on Music Mondays, but I’m really disappointed that you would help to promote something so demeaning. The song made me so angry that I want to go Mechastomp things :-(

    On a slightly less ranty note, if Simon’s mother tongue is Polish, does that mean he’s TRILINGUAL? And, more importantly, are his cats back home in Canada? I have a friend who is Greek Canadian and her cat is trilingual, as it has (and responds to) a different name in whichever language it’s being spoken to in.

  2. why do i keep on thinking that the title is like monkey?????????????

  3. MARTINA you’re such a good singer…y u no show us yo mad skills?

  4. for some reason everytime i click play on the main videos on your pages they all shift to the right and part of the screen is cut off. it happened while i atched the fap fap and the playlist with 2ne1….this has never happened before so i dont know why its happening.
    can you fix it?

  5. I like 2ne1’s “I Love You” ^_^

  6. i seriously can’t stop listening to the 2ne1 song .. every time i stop the song it just plays in my head hahaha omg good thing its a good song :))

  7. So is Wonder Girls’ song like money considered a k-pop song even though it’s sung entirely in english? After all JYJ did a song entirely in English with (Ayyy Girl……which is forever tarnished, in a good way, thanks to Simon xD) and it was still considered k-pop, right? Right?

  8. the wonder girls and akon are going to perform like money during the Green Groove Festival which is taking place in Daecheon Beach so they are going to perform like money in korea

  9. Am I the only one who thinks that the lyrics to “Like Money” are kinda disturbing? I mean come on, they’re telling someone to love them like money and cars? That’ll get you a nice and devoted relationship. Unless of course they don’t want a nice and devoted relationship, and I’m thinking into this too much aren’t I. It’s a catchy song, should just leave it at that.

  10. I think it is more like inspired by kpop because kpop is korean pop and this is in english. Anyone agree?

  11. I know right? T_T There’s no NU’EST mention :( Kinda hoping they’d get one!

  12. If Akon had a fan group I think it’d probably be called konvicts since he used to call himself that.

  13. Ok jut bc u guys r going to have fun with this video sexy sexy lady I’m going to vote for it. Bc 2ne1 is going to win already. I wanna see u guys get uhhhhyou so nasty lol

  14. They have been blasting Like Money all over the place the last couple of days. I heard it like 3-4 times from stores walking around Sinchon and Myeongdong. So I’d say it’s safe enough for the kpop charts.

  15. I know it’s a bit out of topic, but I love how JYP always put eng sub on their vids.
    Just saying :D

  16. Whaaaat? Jang Wong Young is a real song/video? I thought it was a like a joke or something. I had my head cocked through the whole thing waiting for the punch line. Oh Simon I can so see you dance to this. Martina you need to make a big censor bar…the young will be scarred from the dance. And yes I am going to vote for it because I am a masochist.

    Glad your getting more moderators. I like to read the comments with out all the crazies out there.

    As for the Kpop for this song….0 out of 5 …I just don’t see it as Kpop.

  17. I love all three songs and I would love for Wooyoung to win for Kpop Music Monday in a week, but with both BEAST and Brown Eyed Girls coming out with music videos next week, I doubt it’ll happen. :<

  18. Akon was in I Just Had Sex? I totally forgot….I actually haven’t heard much of his stuff lately. The first thing I thought of was actually ‘Lonely’. Before 2NE1 came along, I used to sing that song whenever anyone said the word ‘lonely’….
    Am I showing my age? hahahaha

  19. Also, I swear I hear it say Kung Pow at the 3:30 mark in Sexy Lady. I’m prone to mishearing things which leads to many lol’s but I swear I hear Kung Pow every time.

  20. I really like all three of these song. In fact I am additively in love with 2NE1′ I Love You. As for Sexy Lady, your tweet about the obsessive insane spammer got me to check out the song and it was like wow.

    BTW this is just a curiosity but how do vids make it on the chart. Kept waiting for Kim Hyung Jun’s Sorry I’m Sorry to show up, I tried posting it but got the message it was already posted. I know it won’t win Music Monday, but I still would have loved to vote on it.

  21. Oh, and among the videos missing on the charts this week, there is Younha’s Run http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1ulVHU-7bo Thank you!

  22. Still disappointed about there being no NU’EST …………..

  23. It’s too bad you guys can’t clone yourselves because I’d love reviews for all of these songs (and Action). Sigh. /Fangirl problems
    And Martina actually sounds really good when she sings Hate You. Maybe I’m too used to the Spudgy voice when you sing xD And It Hurts would work at a funeral. Or, veering away from 2NE1, can it get more appropriate than Big Bang’s Still Alive? I think not.

  24. “I hate you (Hitler) eheheheheheheh…”
    Not gonna lie, I chortled a bit. Nearing guffaw, but didn’t quite make it.

  25. I will totally watch your channel even if you move – in fact, I might watch it even more, since you’ll be moving to my favourite country~! o((*^▽^*))o

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