Hey everyone! Welcome to the second edition of the K Crunch KpopCharts Update for the week of February 11th, 2012. Today we’re talking about four more videos on the KpopCharts and how they’re doing. We’ll give you a chance to vote on them all, and hopefully we can review your choices for our Music Mondays. So, if you’ve got half an hour to spare, sit down and check out today’s playlist. If you’re on a mobile device, well, playlists aren’t your friend.

1) Jay Park “Know Your Name”: Vote for it!


Jay Park is back, fresh off the heels of “Star,” which we reviewed and loved the chicken dance for. COKA! COKA CO! Chickens don’t clap! Ah. We really miss Arrested Development.

Anyhow, there are two versions of this song. One is a slow acoustic version in which Jay Park, again, acts awkward around girls. Another is a good version! Ha! Joking. Some of you like seeing Jay Park interact with girls and be maegyo. We prefer to see him dance to something more upbeat, which is why we like this song a lot more. Check it out if you haven’t already!

2) Se7en “When I Can’t Sing”: Vote for it!


Se7en’s back! Back when we went to the YG concert we heard him talking about coming back a lot. And now he’s here! He sings a ballad-y kind of song in which he performs, looks all sad, and then watches TV in Jay Park’s house. This time, though, he doesn’t blur out the top of Jay Park’s house the way Jay Park does. He just watches TV all sadly. Seriously, how do you have such a big house and old, tiny-ass TV? Se7en, give us a call. We got a big TV. I’ll bring it over to your place and we can play video games together. Or you can sit down and stare at it if that’ll make you feel better.

3) LEDApple “Time is Up”: Vote for it!


Ok, this is our first experience with LEDApple. Their sound is very different from what we’re used to. This style of video is something we’re really not used to as well. Seriously! We make videos for a living (videos about videos: META VIDEOS!) so that’s why we pay attention to small details in Music Videos. Anyhow, we saw this video and were really impressed with the animations. Cool! We can’t draw worth a diddly squat – if you can’t tell from our TL;DRs by now – so we really appreciated this video. Ah! Ok we’ll stop fawning over that now.

4) Clazzi “Love&Hate” – Vote for it!


You know we’re Clazzi fans. We’ve talked about him and his music repeatedly, and totally gushed over How We Feel for one of our K Crunches. We’re not losing our mind over this song, though. Not that it’s a bad song. It’s still an awesome song. But we don’t really gush over darker sounding songs. We appreciate them a lot, but we don’t bounce around the house like bunnies. We’ll walk around and be cool to this song, but we won’t be silly to it. You know the distinction we’re trying to make? Ah! Things make more sense in our heads than out of them.

Yeah! So that’s it for this week’s playlist. See you again tomorrow when we introduce some more awesome Indie music. Woot woot!

  1. Im totally addicted to Love&Hate it soooo reminds me of the New Wave dark synth pop stuff my parents raised me on <3

    But im digging LEDApple too and Jay Park is much better bboy than maegyo

  2. The Love&Hate film clip reminds me of The White Stripes-Seven Nation Army… LedApple t-shirts look sick!

  3. omg I love time is up and Love&hate!!!!

  4. to be honest Time is Up is my first meeting with LED Apple which surprisingly had been very great all along, i’ve been abusing Time is Up’s replay button since the past week 

  5. Anonymous

    OMG!!!! your nailpolish <3 what color is that?

  6. Lorena Abrodos

    In my case is doc-dos ajaj doki for me, is the dog in discovery channel. Is the same director of JT’s my love? no? really? okey. jaja.  Seven has a tinyass TV because that’s all he could get from the electronic shop multi braun tube (?) jajaja Led apple… dont know.. did the girl explote? Clazzi.. catchy… love ya!

  7. Anonymous

    he even says his own name at like 30seconds in…wow u guys failed hard there trying to make some comedy

  8. Anonymous

    its Dok-Eil (Gonzo), do your research or listen to some songs…v.surprisng u dont even know who he is…

  9. I’m pretty sure it’s Doki like Do in donut and Ki in ki :D Thanks a bunch for reviewing LEDApple! They have really grown musically with their last two singles and Someone I met by chance MV includes great & cute acting by Nam Gyuri & the bassit KwangYun. + Their youtube account is steroyal and it has some practice videos and all their MV’s ;) AND, I didn’t really get Clazzi’s last single but this one is pure awesomeness! <3

  10. So happy you reviewed LEDApple! They are SO good! All 4 of their title tracks have been great!

  11. Oh LedApple might get reviewed yay! i really like LedApple :D oh i liked all the songs from this playlist :D

  12. I’ve always been a fan of LEDApple from their debut and I’ve got to say this song creeped up on my top to play list. Totes voting for it for MM =)

    This song was kinda different than what they’ve played before but I guess that’s what I like about them, they keep changing :3. 

    Ex. http://youtu.be/gUfN6CXDjpU

  13. FYI Dok2 is pronounced doki ( or… dokki?? ). It means an ax.

    also love seven’s new song XD

  14. Anonymous

    When listening to Love&Hate all I could think of was WOW, so Pink Floyd-esq. Pretty good, but yikes those types of songs, always give me a grim vibe and I don’t like it. :P From a music standpoint it’s good if you’re into that :)
    LEDApple’s song was pretty catchy, but likes others have said they star at the camera a lot and it’s awkward.
    When I Can’t Sing- the best part was the solo dancing scene at the end. totally cool :)
    Know Your Name- was pretty catchy also, but yikes I know I’ll get slammed for this, but WOW so much useless Auto-tune. :P

  15. Sara Eden

    Love Clazzi totally voting for him… I like the new LEDApple song because it’s catchy but man did they look like rookies in their video. They really need dancing lessons, and lessons on how to not stare into the camera like a creeper.

  16. SIMON I actually like this song by Clazzi more than “how we feel”…it feels like coldplay and tablo doing a collab. truly enjoyed it!!!! 

  17. i never heard of LEDapple but i loved their song it is really catchy…i also liked Jay Park’s song i love his style he totally rocks the suit and hat…
    i would really like to see what u guys think of Tae Yang’s song wedding dress it kinda has the same feel as STAR and Know your name…

  18. Anonymous

    How could you not know Dok2 aka Gonzo? that just proves you guys are merely scratching the surface of kpop

  19. ledapple’s so cute and their song doesn’t even sound korean, but in a good way. i hope they can get a lot of support because i know they’ve had to overcome a lot of obstacles.

  20. I love your description of the different feelings between Clazzi’s two singles! Dead on!! How We Feel is totally the song to start the day and pump you up, while Love Hate is the song you play getting ready to hit a night on the town. I like both SO much, but I agree, when How We Feel first came out, it was on loop in my iPod. I could not stop listening to it.

    Anyway, the entire Infant album is really interesting and full of win. But those two songs are still my favorites.

    Also, w00t w00t for the black girl in Jay Park’s video!!!!  Not gonna lie, that made my night!! haha! What a nice surprise! 

  21. Anonymous

    I vote up LEDApple…is it possible… a k-pop boy band in which all the guys are cute?  Usually there is always on funny looking one…

    The song is fun and it is cool to see actual musical instruments being played.

  22. Eliza Carter

    ^_^ Love LEDApple~ really interesting video, what I expect a reasonably popular Indie band mixed with Kpop would look like~ ^_^
    I can’t get into Seven’s song, but Clazzi is very good! 

  23. Its pronounced Dok-ii… like a heartbeat!

  24. Anonymous

    Woohoo, LEDApple! I’ve liked them since their debut, and their song is pretty awesome. By the way, it’s pronounced as in your second try, ‘레드 에플’, all together, not L.E.D. I hope you review them! 

  25. kawaii_candie

    thanks for making us discover LEDapple! it’s like an indie rock band and a korean boyband had a baby together… lol! i like it! XD hope we see more of them!!

    and is that a black chick in jay park’s video?! go internationalism! woohoo! 

  26. Clazzi’s LOVE&HATE reminds me a little of R.E.M… Totally digging it. :P

  27. evvu_evelin

    wow, for some reason i though LEDapple was just some solo artist and i wasn’t really interested but now watching it here… they are quite awesome :O …and they’re all cute too :33 *votes for them*

  28. It’s Doki (You see that when it’s written in Hangul, and you heard it in the beginning of the song).. Almost ducky:P

    Jay Park: I totally loved that girl!:D In a non… romantic way…

  29. I’ve heard of LEDapple before but never listened to them ’till now. ^^ And I really like it! Kinda weird seeing 2 members that are singers though haha. It’s usually only one singer. That’s pretty cool. :)

  30. really liked ledapple and want more!! enjoyed the sound…

    but TOTALLY DIGGIN’ the clazzi song!  wow loved that!!

  31. Anonymous

    oahhhh….I <3 it :D

  32. haha Seven’s set was used by Hyunah, U-KISS, Taeyang etc. maybe Super Junior XD 
    in Clazzi’s song there is this sound like in a radio and it reminds me of begining of f.cuz song because they use something similar, and for the whole song I was just wainting for “tum tum F.cuz” XD anyway, Clazzi’s song is really awesome i like it
    jay again serve us a good song, but the mv.. idk i think i don’t like the editing. but i’m going to vote for it anyway, i think this mv has bigger potential to review. 

  33. you guys did a great job. I love how you put at the end “coming up next…” :)

  34. It’s Doak-E.  You can also hear it in the introduction of the song.

  35. Yay!! LEDApple!! I’m so excited to see you guys do something with this song!! I love it!!

  36. Led Apple!!! finally! eatyourkimchi finally talked about them! thank you


  38. EDIT: *just about every other K-pop song EXCEPT BALLADS to be silly with. ’cause those are frickin’ impossible to get your silly on with

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