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KpopCharts Update: Se7en, Clazzi, Jay Park, and LEDApple

February 11, 2012


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Hey everyone! Welcome to the second edition of the K Crunch KpopCharts Update for the week of February 11th, 2012. Today we’re talking about four more videos on the KpopCharts and how they’re doing. We’ll give you a chance to vote on them all, and hopefully we can review your choices for our Music Mondays. So, if you’ve got half an hour to spare, sit down and check out today’s playlist. If you’re on a mobile device, well, playlists aren’t your friend.

1) Jay Park “Know Your Name”: Vote for it!

Jay Park is back, fresh off the heels of “Star,” which we reviewed and loved the chicken dance for. COKA! COKA CO! Chickens don’t clap! Ah. We really miss Arrested Development.

Anyhow, there are two versions of this song. One is a slow acoustic version in which Jay Park, again, acts awkward around girls. Another is a good version! Ha! Joking. Some of you like seeing Jay Park interact with girls and be maegyo. We prefer to see him dance to something more upbeat, which is why we like this song a lot more. Check it out if you haven’t already!

2) Se7en “When I Can’t Sing”: Vote for it!

Se7en’s back! Back when we went to the YG concert we heard him talking about coming back a lot. And now he’s here! He sings a ballad-y kind of song in which he performs, looks all sad, and then watches TV in Jay Park’s house. This time, though, he doesn’t blur out the top of Jay Park’s house the way Jay Park does. He just watches TV all sadly. Seriously, how do you have such a big house and old, tiny-ass TV? Se7en, give us a call. We got a big TV. I’ll bring it over to your place and we can play video games together. Or you can sit down and stare at it if that’ll make you feel better.

3) LEDApple “Time is Up”: Vote for it!

Ok, this is our first experience with LEDApple. Their sound is very different from what we’re used to. This style of video is something we’re really not used to as well. Seriously! We make videos for a living (videos about videos: META VIDEOS!) so that’s why we pay attention to small details in Music Videos. Anyhow, we saw this video and were really impressed with the animations. Cool! We can’t draw worth a diddly squat – if you can’t tell from our TL;DRs by now – so we really appreciated this video. Ah! Ok we’ll stop fawning over that now.

4) Clazzi “Love&Hate” – Vote for it!

You know we’re Clazzi fans. We’ve talked about him and his music repeatedly, and totally gushed over How We Feel for one of our K Crunches. We’re not losing our mind over this song, though. Not that it’s a bad song. It’s still an awesome song. But we don’t really gush over darker sounding songs. We appreciate them a lot, but we don’t bounce around the house like bunnies. We’ll walk around and be cool to this song, but we won’t be silly to it. You know the distinction we’re trying to make? Ah! Things make more sense in our heads than out of them.

Yeah! So that’s it for this week’s playlist. See you again tomorrow when we introduce some more awesome Indie music. Woot woot!



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