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KpopCharts Update: Night Action Style

July 21, 2012


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Psy “Gangnam Style” – Vote for him here!


Yeah, we asked you to vote for this for our last Kpop Music Monday on 2NE1’s “I Love You”. We did so with the laptop actually saying “Vote for Psy” and also with us, well, saying out loud, VOTE FOR PSY!

We love this video. Love it! It’s like Itaewon Freedom. We’re so scared to review it, though, because it’s on another level. We’ve never tackled anything as epic as this. It’s like, we’re watching Master Chef now, and when people are given really expensive ingredients, and they worried that they’re just not good enough cooks to work with something that good…I feel that way about Psy’s video. It’s amazing, we love it, and strongly recommend everyone vote for it.

Nu’est “Action” – Vote for them here!

Sooo…Nu’est fans. I’m sure you read our above paragraph and weren’t too pleased. Well, some of you weren’t too pleased, I’d assume. Yes, we’re not giving fair and equal treatment to everyone on the KpopCharts. That’s because we don’t like everyone fairly and equally. Buuuut, our like of one thing doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t like another. For example: you go to a grocery store, and you see a Banana and an Orange. Some days you feel like eating an orange (unless you’re Junsu, in which you will ALWAYS CHOSE BANANA). Does that mean that you hate bananas with all your heart and soul, and want them to suffer and die? No! Just…sometimes you have different tastes.

We like to express our opinions on stuff. It’s what we do. Just big bags of opinions, we are. And we’re not about fairness and equality in opinions, not about giving everyone a fair chance. We don’t treat our site as a fair chance, a platform where artists are judged objectively and compete for some honour. Nope. We just talk about the videos you want us to talk about. Hopefully, those videos you want us to talk about we also want to talk about. That’s all! Ah. It’s so difficult walking down this line. Long story short, the comments in the Nu’est thread left us feeling really shitty, and instead of enjoying ourselves and scripting something that could be fun, we’re busy trying to explain ourselves to people who are upset at us and make us feel upset in turn. Boo-urns to that.

Brown Eyed Girls “One Summer Night” – Vote for them here!

Brown Eyed Girls are back! Yay! They’re not kicking ass and taking names like they were before, unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a good song. It’s just a different approach from what we’re expecting. It’s a really pretty song! And a really pretty video! And it’s set in Japan, I think. That’s Japanese writing on the bus, isn’t it? Also, sorry for my terrible D’angelo rendition. Martina made me do it. I know D’angelo is better appreciated in silence. Martina had to learn the hard way.

And, lastly, I’m sure some of you will say “Y U NO INCLUDE B.A.P. NO MERCY?!?!” Easy. Same reason we didn’t include Nu’est last week. We filmed this on Wednesday night. We usually film them later, but – with Martina being ill and all – I wanted to get filming done as soon as possible, so that we can have an easier weekend for when we’re filming Music Monday. If we had to film KpopCharts Update, and the K Crunch Indie, AND Kpop Music Monday, while Martina’s still recovering, well, that would suck for her. Sorry guise! We’ll include B.A.P. in next week’s playlist!



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