Psy “Gangnam Style” – Vote for him here!



Yeah, we asked you to vote for this for our last Kpop Music Monday on 2NE1′s “I Love You”. We did so with the laptop actually saying “Vote for Psy” and also with us, well, saying out loud, VOTE FOR PSY!

We love this video. Love it! It’s like Itaewon Freedom. We’re so scared to review it, though, because it’s on another level. We’ve never tackled anything as epic as this. It’s like, we’re watching Master Chef now, and when people are given really expensive ingredients, and they worried that they’re just not good enough cooks to work with something that good…I feel that way about Psy’s video. It’s amazing, we love it, and strongly recommend everyone vote for it.

Nu’est “Action” – Vote for them here!


Sooo…Nu’est fans. I’m sure you read our above paragraph and weren’t too pleased. Well, some of you weren’t too pleased, I’d assume. Yes, we’re not giving fair and equal treatment to everyone on the KpopCharts. That’s because we don’t like everyone fairly and equally. Buuuut, our like of one thing doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t like another. For example: you go to a grocery store, and you see a Banana and an Orange. Some days you feel like eating an orange (unless you’re Junsu, in which you will ALWAYS CHOSE BANANA). Does that mean that you hate bananas with all your heart and soul, and want them to suffer and die? No! Just…sometimes you have different tastes.

We like to express our opinions on stuff. It’s what we do. Just big bags of opinions, we are. And we’re not about fairness and equality in opinions, not about giving everyone a fair chance. We don’t treat our site as a fair chance, a platform where artists are judged objectively and compete for some honour. Nope. We just talk about the videos you want us to talk about. Hopefully, those videos you want us to talk about we also want to talk about. That’s all! Ah. It’s so difficult walking down this line. Long story short, the comments in the Nu’est thread left us feeling really shitty, and instead of enjoying ourselves and scripting something that could be fun, we’re busy trying to explain ourselves to people who are upset at us and make us feel upset in turn. Boo-urns to that.

Brown Eyed Girls “One Summer Night” – Vote for them here!


Brown Eyed Girls are back! Yay! They’re not kicking ass and taking names like they were before, unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a good song. It’s just a different approach from what we’re expecting. It’s a really pretty song! And a really pretty video! And it’s set in Japan, I think. That’s Japanese writing on the bus, isn’t it? Also, sorry for my terrible D’angelo rendition. Martina made me do it. I know D’angelo is better appreciated in silence. Martina had to learn the hard way.

And, lastly, I’m sure some of you will say “Y U NO INCLUDE B.A.P. NO MERCY?!?!” Easy. Same reason we didn’t include Nu’est last week. We filmed this on Wednesday night. We usually film them later, but – with Martina being ill and all – I wanted to get filming done as soon as possible, so that we can have an easier weekend for when we’re filming Music Monday. If we had to film KpopCharts Update, and the K Crunch Indie, AND Kpop Music Monday, while Martina’s still recovering, well, that would suck for her. Sorry guise! We’ll include B.A.P. in next week’s playlist!

  1. Lol so I knwo this comment is like ageessss later but as a NU’est fan I feel like I have to voice my opinion on this.

    FIrst of all, I would like to apologise on behalf on NU’est fans. Not all of us are like that. Nu’est fans who disagree with me, you are probably gonna rage at me and be like, “I didn’t ask you to represent me” and say all kinds of evil things. STOP RIGHT THERE. Why do you like Nu’est? Nu’ests songs are about freedom of expression and being yourself. And that means SImon and Martina are allowed to have favourites.

    Seriously, death threats?!

    I was gutted that none of Nu’ests songs were in for KMM, but this isn’t even a review!! This is an update, and even if they did do this last week they probably wouldn’t talk about it much cas it had a high chance of being in KMM and they wouldn’t want to spoil it if it did get voted in (if that made any sense whatsoever)
    Honestly, this is the one time that I feel quite ashamed to be a Nu’est fan. I thought Nu’est songs were anti bullying and about being yourself. Unless you are an escaped murderer I don’t think that death threats are part of your normal personality.

    FInally, I am basically through with my rage for fellow Loves. Although I have only edited 2 dance covers in my whole life, it is unbelievably hard! It took me a whole day to shoot and edit a 10 minute video. I want Simon and Martina to knwo that I appreciate their work and that you should be able to say whatever the hell you want cas this is your channel and if people don’t like it then that’s their problem. Loves, calm your farms,…. And EYK, I would like lkike to say that I value your opnions and I look forward to watching you videos every week.

  2. congrats simon and martina to be the first people (with influence) to call out how awesome gangnam style MV is. i wonder where all those angry nu’est fans are now…XD

  3. I think everyone should just take lessons from PSY’s very profound and deep MV.

  4. p.s. i know i left a comment on youtube asking for BoA in the next update, but also Muzie, half of UV? his new song and video remind me of a mashup of Prince and Michael Jackson, sprinkled with Bobby Brown. i would appreciate that! but i promise not to kill you if you don’t! :D luv u guise!

  5. PLease Review PSY!! GANGNAMSTYLE!! is SO FREAKIN’ ADDICTIVE!! AND DON’T TAKE PERSONAL ALL THE GARBAGE that people who think that their opinion is the only one that counts so please try to forgive those little fans…

  6. I love how the end of PSY’s MV 유재석 dances his famous “Cricket Dance” (메뚜기춤)
    And 노홍철’s dance was LOL

  7. Okay, for PSY, you know that little boy at the beginning who dances that… dance? I saw him from Star King. He actually danced like that in front of many hyungs and noonas

  8. KATHyphenTUN

    I want to thank you guys so much for your videos! I love how honest you guys are about videos and it is the reason i watch! If you liked every video it would become so boring!!! Never give in to them!! Obviously sometimes you dislike things that I love but I laugh it off and we move on!! Crazy KPOP people why do you not understand this concept?!?!?!

  9. I think the word “bias” gets thrown around a lot in the kpop world by people who don’t know/have forgotten what it means.
    A review is UNbiased if:
    – it’s based on the merits of the song/video alone and
    – its criticism is based on the same criteria as every other MV.

    In other words, consistent evaluations. In no way does this mean that you/we/they can’t form opinions or dislike something. From what I’ve seen, this is what S&M do.
    So, if Big Bang’s next video relied heavily on Face-Arousal-Raunchy-Thrusting, they would get called out for it. But if instead they don’t rely on easy mv cliches and come up with something more creative and interesting, they will get a better review.


  10. I agree, I just think people should just calm down and let simon and martina do their jobs, video editing takes alot of time, girls, don’t take it to heart.

  11. Please do not let those fans be a representation of K-Pop fans as a whole, some of us are actually pretty nice and understanding. The truth is, this happens in every single fandom, there are always fans who are dissatisfied no matter what, leaving people in a very damned if you do, damned of you don’t situations. The only problem is a lot of the good fans end up getting grouped with them, and we all look bad. We really aren’t though. These reviews should be for fun purposes, and no one should be complaining if their song doesn’t get reviewed. There’s always a chance that you’ll be able to review Nu’est’s next song, and that’s good enough for me.

    And I can’t believe people would go so far as to send death threats, that’s absolutely ridiculous, and should be grounds for banning.

  12. loooooooool WTF did I just saw??? Why I can’t stop laughing!!!! looool “Gangnam Style” daebak!

  13. Simon & Martina, I’ve not always agreed with your views but I never thought you were biased (wait, isn’t being biased based on opinion… which is the point of your videos? ;/ then why are people not okay with that?).

    You’re here to review videos and amuse the masses, not sing accolades to every KPop band in existence when it isn’t deserved. If that was the point of your videos they would quickly become boring.

    I can’t believe you get death threats! Some people are just psychotic and take things too seriously. If they want to unsubscribe– good riddance.

  14. Seriously, threats!!! That’s so not cool, we should respect different opinions, and as a NU’EST fan (not the phsyco type of fan) it makes me feel sorry for the people that are closed minded and can’t understand the truth. The video didn’t got picked, so what?! That doesn’t make it a bad video. There will be other opportunities in life!

  15. I’ve never heard about Nu’est, but gosh are they pretty Y_Y

    I love love love BrownEyedGirls they always come up with such excellent plots for their videos. Cleansing Cream was so poignant. This song is quite cute. Though I’m not sure what exactly happened there ;s

  16. The girl from the Psy video looks like Hyuna

  17. When you were imitating liking everyone, you sounded like Taya from yugioh abridged :)

  18. People were sending you death threats? First off, that is completely ridiculous and they need to get over themselves. Honestly, you should be able to review a group/soloist you guys like because you do so much for us subscribers and fans. You take your time and make these videos for us. The least we can do is appreciate what you guys do and let you pick what group/soloist you want to review. You guys do so much for us and I’m sorry that some people don’t recognize that. Some people just need to realize that life isn’t fair. :/

  19. People really sed that to u guise? =0
    aww… i feel sorry for you =

  20. I had no idea that the NU’EST voting got out of hand like that, I’m so sorry! I didn’t see comments like that… I realized things got a little passionate and some people were upset you didn’t include their video in last weeks update (they didn’t know it would be included in this one though, I think if they had most comments would be gone.) I admit I was a little sad as well but more in an ‘oh well, better luck next time’ way than a ‘OMG THEY HATE NU’EST THEY’RE DOING IT ON PURPOSE’ kinda way. Maybe it came across wrong though, I’m sorry D: Of course you can’t like everything either, that would kinda defeat the purpose of doing reviews anyway! I just can’t believe you got death threats and were accused of rigging the votes… Unbelievable. NU’EST fans always came across as nice to me. It’s a little scary that such a new group has such fans already. (Apparently they’re the Korean version of Tokio Hotel. Fantastic. Just when I thought I had escaped fandom drama.) Either way, I apologize and I hope some of the crazies get a serious reality check and realize that you don’t owe them anything. You can do whatever you want! I’d almost suggest you take down the kpopcharts and just review whatever you want, but that probably won’t solve anything either… We’re not all crazy ;__;

  21. gangnam style is awesome why would anyone not want it to get reviewed? i don’t know why people even wants their “biases” to get reviewed. there is always a high chance that EYK will say something negative in their review and thus the chances of these fandoms feeling butthurt is just so much worse (remember SNSD’s the boys?)
    another thing, why do so many people think that EYK reviewing MVs they really want to review will solve this whole voting system? if that happens there may be a zero chance of their “biases” getting a review.

  22. Oh man…I can’t believe that this whole thing with Nu’est has even gone as far as it has. Even as someone who really enjoys their songs, I’m kind of ashamed to admit it here now because of all this. Simon and Martina – we love you, please keep kicking ass!!!

    And even as someone who would have loved and been overjoyed to have Action reviewed on any other week, the simple fact is that the review for Gangnam Style would be so much fun both for us as viewers and for Simon and Martina that how could I argue against it? In any other week, I would have said ‘Action’ all the way, but it just can’t compete with something that is as awesome and different as Gangnam Style. Like Simon said – it’s so invigoratingly different! As much as I love Action, it’s a basic, everyday kpop song, even if it has really meaningful lyrics. Gangnam Style, on the other hand, is too awesome for words.

  23. OMG I can’t believe they’ve been getting death threats!!! Seriously people??? They do this for fun and it’s entertainment for us. We’re lucky that they’re willing to share their amazing video’s in the first place. To me it’s entertaining seeing what other people think and the way they sometimes demonstrate how I feel too about parts. They only do this once a week it’s not like they have the time to do every single MV that comes out year round. With so many groups now debuting it would be impossible. I’m happy with the current format of voting etc. Either enjoy it for what it is or don’t watch. But sending death threats is no laughing matter. If people killed everyone that pissed them off I’m sure none of us would be living anymore because everyone has pissed someone off in their life. Kpop Music Monday’s is the celebrate Kpop Music as a whole not any one particular group. So please don’t partake of fan wars on their website.

  24. Hi, I’m a Nu’est fan^^ I’m really sorry about the other fans who were sending so much hate to you two. I love your videos and I quite frankly find it stupid how some people think you’re ‘biased’ for having your own opinions. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if you were biased, cuz everyone’s a little biased at heart. For example, I can proudly say that I am Nu’est biased.
    Please don’t take their comments to heart and thank you so much for saying a little bit of what you liked about “Action.” I really appreciated that :)

    • I would like to second this sentiment!!!! I think all of us Nu’est fans who were shocked by the whole thing are really grateful that SImon and Martina were still good enough to include at least a little bit about the video itself in spite of it all. Thank you Simon and Martina!!!

  25. Go Simon and Martina~!! HWAITING!!!

  26. aww~ it’s ok. i was about to comment on your youtube to include b.a.p next week bcoz – well, you’re still humans, not robots. keep up the good work though guise!! YOUR LOYAL FANS STILL LOVE YOU!!! :D

  27. ps its gonna be epiclly sad if Martina cannot partake in the Gangnam style dance-a-thon.. I think she would rock it,, and im so looking forward to Simon’s nasty version (although slightly afraid for my virgin eyes)..

  28. 1) Death threats? really c’mon thats just scary.. I mean death threats because of Simon’s singing maybe but because of a song review thats just psycho! (ps just kidding simon your singing was like angels) 2) unfortunately kpop fans are seriously intense and mostly teens. I am semi old (26) and I love kpop but i also have a job. soo.. I don’t have time for death threats.. 3) You guys are great and def bringing more awareness to kpop and your totally making an impact… but no offense Simon saying that TOP said the word “trauma” wrong or saying that you didn’t like the storyline of a video is not gonna make or break the band.. I mean as far as I know they still make a bagillion dollars selling their crap regardless of whether you gave them a 3 out of 5 or a 5 out of 5 for their english.. lol.. when Gdragon’s Bently gets repo’d because he lost money because Simon&Martina made fun of his hair then maybe they have a point but im pretty sure he still has his Bently..lol.. You crazy fans are lucky they freaking let you vote.. If it were I, I would just review what I liked and thats that… maybe as you mature you will see that different opinions make the world go round.. ok rant over! NOW GO VOTE FOR PSY! cause well he is just epic! I am a proud PSYCHO!!!

  29. In my opinion Nu’est new video sucks (my cat is watching me really weird so I’m going to do this quickly before I die) it sucks totally the outfits and the dance ugggh but that’s just my opinion and this song “gangnam style” it’s…different it sound good also…..WHAT HAPPEN WITH THE ZE:A’s ALBUMS? I want one D: I SERIOUSLY WANT AND NEED ONE, I’m not going to find one in Mexico :$
    Anyway hope Martina gets better :D MARTINA FIGHTING !
    Hugs from Mexico

  30. AWW WAE again no Kim Hyun Jun or Kim Kyu Jong here? wae??? i thought u liked ss501 :(

  31. First, I’d like to apologize. I did make a comment about how I felt it was unfair to promote another video. I felt EYK was vote-base only, but I came around in February to vote BigBang, then I stuck around because I liked the site and all of what you do. I feel bad for waving the “unfair flag,” since it’s not fair given this is your site.
    Now, last week, I started voting for 2ne1 but switched to Nu’est since they’re an up-and-coming band and, good or bad, regardless of if you like the video/song or not, I felt a review would help Nu’est a bit. I never felt it was unfair that 2ne1 won; they have a bigger fanbase. However, the “vote for Psy” bit felt wrong, but again, it is your site, and I apologize for my comment. BUT, after I saw some of the mean comments, I started to vote for Psy since meanness gets one nowhere, plus, it’s a fun video. After hearing that there’s been death threats, I have to say I’m disappointed, angry, and saddened by these actions. It’s a music video, not the end of the world! To those sending death threats: Shame on you! It’s just a song!

    Good luck, Psy. I hope you win because I want S&M to dance.

    Also, am I the only one who hears “open condom style?”

  32. It makes me so angry and annoyed to hear/see that you are getting these sorts of comments…and death threats!!!! OMG seriously people!! Do they not realise you do this by choice? That you started this for fun and could just as easily stop when it is no longer fun. That you could simply choose to stop doing KMM altogether. Then they would never see their favourite group reviewed again. ARGH! I’m so annoyed at these people and can only imagine how you guys are feeling!!
    I’ll admit sometimes you’ve given a bad review to a song/MV I like but I still enjoyed and got a laugh out of the review! In fact I don’t think you’ve ever done a review in which I didn’t find myself laughing at some point! So please keep up that AMAZING and AWESOME stuff that you are doing!! Far out even K-POP IDOL themselves LOVE you and what you’re doing!! So just remember that while there are a small bunch of petty people trying to bully you and bring you down, there are far more of us who LOVE you guys and what you do!!
    Keep smiling and when you see negative comments just look at Dr. Meemersworth, Spudgy or each other!!

  33. As a NU’EST fan, it’s a shame that our own fandom is doing such terrible acts to sweet, funny people like S&M. I did want Action to win as a way to get back from the lose of Face to MAMA, but I am dissapointed with how some fans were acting there. I love PSY as well and just because one video ALMOST got picked but didn’t doesn’t mean everyone can be all butthurt. I STILL LOVE YOU GUYS!

  34. Lol Mushy Mush-ball. Hey Simon and Martina, I just wanna say that I hope Martina gets better by the time you two film for Music Mondays! Also, DAMN ALL TO NETIQUETTE SCHOOL who don’t appreciate the fact that this blog is interactive enough to consider the viewers’ and subscribers’ k-pop “needs” by allowing us to vote for our faves. If we really want something reviewed or talked about we should get to voting and not to sending two really awesome people that we’ve never met before inapropro things. Word, son. Now to vote for Psy!

  35. feel better soon martina. and yes, some kpop fans have been going a bit crazy..its just a review people, chill out. I love you guys, and I never thought you would actually get death treats. really? well when I go back to uni this fall, I want to start a eat your kimchi fan club at my school, so we can all get together and watch your music mondays…and squee over dr meemers and the spudgy.

  36. Death threats?! Seriously!? Gees

  37. 안 녕 하 세 요! I’m a huge fan of Eat Your Kimchi. <3 While I love Korea and everything Korean, I love Simon and Martina's videos because they're informational, entertaining , but most important : they're funny. Freaking hilarious, actually. Even if i'm having a pretty bad day, eat your kimchi can always give me a great laugh. Of course every fan has their own opinion on which kpop songs our bands they like, and they won't always be the same as Simon and Martina's. But one thing is certain : All of us here love kpop, just like Simon and Martina.
    So eat your kimchi fans, please don't be hard on Simon and Martina if they don't review/ or give a good review for the song or band you like. They almost always say good things in a review along with the bad, and even the bad things usually have a certain amount of truthfullness whether we agree or disagree. We love Simon and Martina because they're fun and they make us laugh :) You can tell they do their absolute best each week to make all the videos they do for their fans. Please support them, everyone.
    Even if you get upset at something they do, its absolutely no reason to stop subscribing to their channels if you really love them. Would we all love their videos if they sugar coated every video so everyone would be happy? probably not. Instead of criticizing them we should thank them for working hard us Kimchi Eaters every week <3 감 사 합 니 Simon and Martina! <3 :DD,사 랑 해 요 Eat your Kimchi 화 이 팅 ~

  38. Honestly, I wouldn’t trust their reviews if they had positive things to say about every artist and every song.

    Not all kpop is equally good. It just isn’t. Even among my favorite artists, there are some songs I like more than others. I love FTIsland’s “Bad Woman” more than any of their other songs, for example. And even as someone who identifies first and foremost as a Primadonna, I thought the MV for “Severely” was fucking ridiculous. (Which annoyed me, because the song was awesome, but no one could get past the stupid MV.)

    If S&M only said nice things about all the artists or legitimately thought that all the artists were on the same level, then I wouldn’t feel like they actually had a good grasp of kpop or the music or the idols’ talents. Because LOL at the idea that NU’EST is on the same level as someone like Psy. (Or that BAP, who I love wholeheartedly, is on the same level as Big Bang. Or that Hello Venus is on the same level as SNSD. You get the idea.)

  39. Simon, you so rocked that LL Cool J moment!! Hope Martina gets better soon! You guys are awesome…

  40. That’s what I don’t understand about Kpop fans. I am a die-hard fangirl, like I have a Kpop Tumblr, listen to Kpop almost constantly, and prefer it over my home country (USA)’s music. But in all my time for liking Kpop I’ve never freaked out over the fact that one of my favored groups wasn’t treated “as well” as others. My top two groups are Super Junior and EXO (bias toward M) when EXO-K gets more love than EXO-M I don’t freak out and scream at other people. Who cares? It’s music! If Panic! At the Disco got more love than Fall Out Boy (two of my favorite non-Kpop bands) I wouldn’t throw a fit. I don’t think other people would either, but as soon as their Oppars are involved they turn into rabid beasts and give Kpop fans in general a bad name. Anyway I love Simon and Martina regardless of who they prefer, bash, discredit, love, or whatever. EYK Fighting~!

  41. To be honest, I love Nu’est, but I hate saying that, because everyone assumes you’re insane when you say that. The trolls have given all Nu’est fans a bad name, and it isn’t good for the real fans, and it’s also bad for the band. Did I want face to get reviewed? Yes. Did i vote for it? Yes. Did I get mad when it didn’t get reviewed? No, because I realized it didn’t win. Oh well. People need to get over themselves. Death threats are way too extreme, and I can’t believe it went that far. If these trolls keep it up, they’re going to ruin Nu’est. If they loved the band so much they wouldn’t be ruining their reputation.

  42. Why do I keep watching Gagnam Style?? I’ve watched it like four times now and I haven’t the rest of your playlist :p

  43. Midnight Sun isn’t on the kpop charts yet :(

  44. Well said Simon. That’s why I respect Simon and Martina even more. Usually people try to sugar coat their opinions in fear they will get backlash from crazy over-the-top- K-pop fans(some, not all) but you guise tell it how it is and are not afraid to express your opinions. Im an American and I have been a fan of K-pop for quite some time know and at first i thought K-pop artist had a better fan base then American artist because they seemed like they were dedicated to their artist. But once I started to familiarize myself with K-pop culture i realized that SOME k-pop fans were crazy, creepy, and quite frankly just plain annoying. Those type of fans give others a bad name and basically i find it odd that they can still feel worthy of supporting their artist in the way they do. I know Eat Your Kimchi has gotten very popular these past few years but somehow i like it better back when EYK fans were more respectful and kind with each other. Now it seems like crazy fans overrun EVERYTHING and try to destroy everything in there paths! grr…( lol reminded me of Godzilla only I would be insulting Godzilla if i did). Any who I love EYK and i will continue to support it in every way I can and I hope true K-pop and Eat your kimchi fans will continue as well. Fighting Simon and Martina! Fighting Spudgy and Dr. Meemersworth! I look forward to many more Years of EYK. Love From California, USA.

  45. I agree with you fully Simon. I’m a NU’EST fan, and I was a little sad that it didn’t get reviewed. But I saw it at 26th, and I’m like: If I keep voting, maybe it’ll be reviewed. It worked for a little, but then I didn’t go on the KPop charts for a few days and can’t find it. >.< But I brushed it off.
    I'm so sorry that you guys had all that bashing. It's ridiculous and rude, and I would understand if you wouldn't want to review Action. I wouldn't if I were in your shoes. Some things should not be said and done to people who didn't do anything. All the KPop songs that made it to the top where really popular and had good videos and songs to it. They deserved the review.
    Anyway, you guys are the best and GET BETTER MARTINA!!

  46. I didn’t have a problem voting for PSY everyday even though I’d like to see Action (which I also vote for everyday) reviewed because I love *both* songs, but I know you guys really want to review Gangnam Style badly – just like with Itaewon Freedom, but the votes never won over the other songs. There are just too many songs in the KPop world released weekly, and you guys can’t get around to all of them. I like when you guys do the Update posts because it still gives recognition to songs that may not ever be featured on Music Monday, and that alone is helping spread/increase the various fandoms, which is all that really matters, in my opinion.

  47. Remember how in last week’s KMM Simon said that “I Am The Best” is probably YG’s best song ever? I bet he’s thinking: NOT ANYMORE! xD

  48. Oh, how I enjoyed that verbal smack down. Use your arakh of words to slice down the crazies (Gangnam style)!

    Others have said it far more articulately than I have. Crazy fans are crazy. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing. I’ve enjoyed every one of your videos, and I’m so excited that I’m not too late to the KPOP party.

    THANKS SIMON AND MARTINA! (Hope you feel better soon!)

  49. Oh Simon, you really slayed that D’Angelo song… like a dragon on Skyrim. *moment of silence for a murdered hit*

  50. Everytime I see PSY’s name pop up anywhere, I wonder if Simon feels the same way as I do: Because in Polish, the word “psy” means “dogs” and I just can’t stop laughing about it xDDDD

  51. Haters gonna hate! XD Can’t wait to see the PSY review!

  52. Don’t take the negative comments to heart . . . heck, don’t even take them seriously -.-
    They should be thankful for what you do.
    I love kpop music mondays (among your other concepts ) and I like how you two are honest and open-minded.
    Some people just don’t get it ( and probably never will ). And there are people who like to lash-out on others instead of biting their tongue , stop and think for a moment.
    Like I said, don’t take them seriously ^-^ and keep up the great work ^-^

    Now, can’t wait for this weeks kpop music mondays ^-^ . . .

  53. As a Nu’est fan, I hope you guys don’t think we are all….Well. Big fat meany heads who can’t accept when people don’t like our taste in music. ( to be honest, anyone who was saying rude/mean things to you really don’t deserve to be a LO/E, much less a fan of the two of you. ) You guys deserve WAYY more respect than that. Since when it comes down to it, you are just two people ( awesome ones! xD ) with your own opinions. And even though I may be sad they don’t get reviewed, my respect and love for you guys won’t decrease. :) Just means us fans have to kick it up a bit next time around! xD Hopefully your opinions of Nu’est and their fans won’t be tainted completely by this incident. We’ll show you just how lovely we can be in the future! :) Be ready to be rocked and shocked ( that sounded better in my head than it did when I typed it, anywayyyy ) by Nu’ests increasing talent!

    Edit: Oh, and to be honest, I can’t wait to see what skits and stuff you have planned for Psy’s video. xD
    Oh, and you guys need more videos of that kitten! > u <

  54. It’s not easy expressing your own option in this world where people get easily butthurt. Well, I just have to say that I love your videos. Everyone of them. I remember that you guys started kpopmusicmondays so that people will have something to look forward to on a Monday which everyone hates, and I have to say that you guys have done well. I hope you guys will forget the bad words and threats? that you get and only focus on the good ones which are, YOU GUISE ARE TOTALLY AWESOME. Because of you I have laughed a lot and learned a lot so I hope that you guys will continue with these videos for a long time. You guys have lots of fans too, never forget that! I love your kitty btw. It’s so cute!

  55. Simon and Martina, please don’t take those comments to heart! You have given the K-pop world so many things, like the “rolling down your sexy window”, and “I lost my pants,”.
    I’m sorry for not expressing my appreciation more – there are plenty of NASTIES who love you for your opinions and honesty. You were able to make this your living because of your out-of-the-box ideas. And you’ve brought artists to my attention who I would’ve never noticed if it weren’t for your reviews. So keep up the good work!

  56. I think that we should just be thankful that we get to vote. I’m pretty sure that Simon and Martina have videos that they like and want to review, but are not able to because we don’t vote for them. If they want to review Psy then we should at least give it to them since they work hard every week. And for all those that say they are YG bias I have watch their reviews and they don’t always like the songs or the videos. I love Big Bang, but I don’t hate Simon for sometimes making comments that I probably don’t agree with. Also I think that they should have a free pass once in a while where they can review the video they want regardless of the ranking, I think that they should also have a vote in what they review.

  57. The only bad thing about K-pop: the crazy i’m-gonna-get-butthurt-if-my-oppas-don’t-get-first-place-or-the-love-that-they-deserve fans….dear God…some of them need to kill themselves for the good of the planet….

  58. For the love of all that is good and holy, let Psy be reviewed! There will always be cute boys and face arousaling but when will there be another video like this?!

  59. I am a bit disappointed in Nu’est and BEG’s songs/vids. I feel like I wouldnt listen to either without their video, and even then they just feel kinda blah. I like BEG better with their femme fatale style. Just seems to suit them more, not that anyone should be forced into a type-cast. The songs just didn’t hook me. A lot of songs that came out very recently hooked me, like Sistar’s lovin u and F(x)’s electric shock. Gangnam Style was epic and amazing, but the others just feel kinda so-so, which is sad cause I love both Nu’est and BEG. I don’t think I have been disappointed in their songs before. I didn’t even have any expectations for them.

  60. It seems like all the groups I vote for end up hurting you guys by being mopey/angry/butthurt. Infinite’s The Chaser, Nu’est’s Action and Face, U-Kiss’s Believe….

    I’m a Nu’est fan, and can I say, I’m really ashamed of our own fandom
    for what they were posting. I was surprised that they would be so angry,
    since the comment thread was full of nice, thoughtful comments before. I
    felt a little betrayed that they kept writing all those things to hurt
    you guys. You didn’t deserve any of it. Still, I’m really happy that you
    took the time to make a video message and still say some nice things at
    the end. You guys are the best, really.

    Thanks also for explaining why you don’t include some videos in the Kpop chart updates. I had no idea you film them on Wednesdays! :O
    Just like that, all my lingering indignation–bam, GONE.

    Whether Nu’est gets reviewed or not, I’ll still love you guys! (And I had no idea we were so close to Gangnam Style, wow!) <3 <3

  61. Aw don’t let the insane, butthurt minority make you mad! I hope dumbass people stop being assholes to you guys, we all know you work really hard.

  62. kawaii_candie

    i think it’s really sad that you had to make that video message… but then again, i guess it’s inevitable when you are reviewing bands whose target audience is teenagers… teenage girls are notoriously obsessive about the bands they like… eh. but i hope you guys opened the eyes of some of them. the craziness probably won’t stop but i’m sure some of them will grow up eventually… haha.

    anyhow, i (and several others, i’m sure) really enjoy that you are not biased and have varied opinions. your videos are always really fun, and even if i don’t always agree with what you say, i’m always entertained. ^_- and your blog would definitely not be as popular if you were all “lalala, we love everyone”.

    keep up the good work.

  63. I’m a NU’EST fan, but honestly I don’t really care who wins, I mean I would like if NU’EST won, but the votes decide it and that’s that ^_^

  64. ah, i’m a fan of Nu’est and i felt nothing when i read your paragraph about Psy vid, i understand you like them :) sorry we just mad at you for not giving fair chances to all the singers, which i think it’s ok now; but we din’t accuse you of hating the others, so don’t be sad. i believe you don’t hate Nu’est before, but now i don’t know if you do since we overreacted last time :< and i know it'd be a little distress if you are to make a review for Action because of the things that happened, but please if our L.O./.Es are soooooo lucky to get your review, please don't say anything 'bout the fight and explain yourself, i understand now. i would like to hear your real opinion 'bout the mv more. :)

  65. Oh my gosh Gangnam Style was just EPIC! That was amazing! I don’t know who Psy is but now I plan to find out! So voting for Gangnam Style!

  66. Death threats? Seriously? People do have free time on their hands… Besides, no matter who will get voted for KMM it’ll be awesome anyway :D Get well soon Martina!

  67. Agiza

    I’m a fan of NU’EST, and I want you to consider it. But I understand that everything depends on the vote. Please do not take bad to a group becose of bad fans, because it’s really good guys)

  68. I’ll wait for B.A.P.!! :DD PSY jjang!

  69. I suddenly have this urge to apologize on behalf of those of us having as much fun watching as you guys seem to have making all these vids… :/ Personally, I love living in Korea vicariously through you guys and it kills me to hear that people are actually sending death threats. Seriously? It’s just music. And videos. Fun and hilarious videos. :|

    On a more cheerful note, PLEASE keep doing what you do! You guys rock some serious socks off.

  70. Okay S&M, I’m really sorry for trolling this past week….. But Simon you are wrong when you say that we k-pop fans seem crazy……. We are crazy!!!!

  71. Gangnam Style is the best thing ever. I’m really sorry that there have been people saying stupid stuff to you guys. You guys are awesome and I really really appreciate all the effort you put in.

  72. I have a recommendation. Why don’t you state the time when you finished recording in the last video of the playlist(you can make that funny as well). All that remains to be said after that is ‘Boo losers! Watcha gonna do now? Send me a time machine?’ haha

  73. LOVE Gangnam Style! The absolute best part is the guy on the elevator! His facial expressions kill me!

    The Nu’est video is more appealing than the song itself – lots of eye
    candy with puppetboy, faux hawk dude, and the uke with the long hair. I
    do think the song may grow on me though.

    BEG’s song was really pretty. Its nice to hear a song that shows that they can sing beautifully. BEG’s were the first korean girl group I actually liked.

    • uke. lol. I feel kinda guilty for knowing that.

      • Haha. I just think, “Wow, my Japanese must be really good for a non-native speaker after all.” :P

        • LOL! I don’t speak Japanese at all, but I know uke! Wow, I just realized my knowledge of Japanese mostly includes words like seme, uke, neko, yaoi, etc……Oh, well! That’s all I need to know! XD

          Konichiwa, Tonja desu. Yaoi manga…..aishiteru!

          Ha! I probably butchered that! ;-)

        • Nope, it’s grammatically correct :) Though the verb ‘aishiteru’ sounds weird with yaoi manga, lol. It’s amazing what you can pick up about another language, even if you don’t actually study it. That’s what Korean is like for me; I can claim that watching kdramas and listening to kpop is educational. keke

    • In case you were wondering the guy in the elevator is Noh Hongchul he is a funny man, you can see him in Infinity Challenge and SBS Heroes.

  74. OPPA GANGNAME STYLE, sooo good!! despite looking forward to BAP, i voted for psy cuz he is too epic and indescribably


    That video, seriously, is the best thing to ever come out of Korea. :D

    ……except maybe Korean exfoliating gloves. Those were pretty epic too.

  77. It’s too late, k-pop fans already have a terrible reputation… Sure most people are behaving just fine, but the minority is unfortunately both quite loud and venomous, and the backlash of that is something us level headed fans have to deal with all the time… And I just don’t know if appealing to their common sense is very effective, cause I doubt they have very much of that anymore… So maybe this voting thing is a bad idea, maybe you should just go back to choosing what you wanna review yourself… Cause some people will just never be civil about it. And might make the reviews even better since you can plan for them much better that way.

    • I have to agree with Anders, there will unfortunately always be some really vindictive fans. I’m assuming that many hard core fans are young and raging anyway so more likely to be immature or fixate on their love of a band.

      Nevertheless it’s totally unacceptable to make death threats to anyone let alone you guise. Take the higher ground Simon and Martina there always seems to be LOADS of positive comments on here and any other comment thread and the negative ones can be deleted and ignored. Maybe reward the positive or respectful requests from fans?? Just a thought, totally appreciate your incredible efforts and hard work :)

    • I kind-of agree. You just can’t let these things get to you. There will always be cranky teenage girls who feel like the world is against them. I mean, I love mostly female kpop groups and solo artists. You don’t hear me bitching and moaning about how you didn’t LOVE IU’s song. And how you never reviewed her since. Clearly it is because you hate her and have been blocking votes and such. See how silly that sounds?

      Plus I don’t think people realize how long video editing takes. Sure there are some short cuts. And sure you could cut down on timing but quality of video goes down. Professionalism goes down. Sure this is you job and source of income, but hell, you have a life too. I have been working in retail lately and I have gotten so many angry people because we didn’t stay open late for them, they aren’t happy with our hours, don’t like how we are closed on Mondays, etc. We are small locally opened shop. The owners don’t want to work 7 days a week, for 12 hours everyday. Sure things are different for you guys in some ways, but the truth is, sometimes as the consumer we demand too much.

      WE SHOULD APPRECIATE ALL THE WORK SIMON AND MARTINA DO FOR EACH AND EVERY VIDEO! I am sure there are many times where video rendering didn’t come out right, uploading video took longer than it should, the batteries died, Spudgy ate the film, and other last minute disasters happened. Point is, it takes a lot longer than what you think for someone to put a camera up, set up lights, record themselves talking, import the video, cut it down, post it online, and write up a blog post without spelling errors.

    • I also agree with you. Though Nu’est is great, and it would be amazing to see them get reviewed, here’s what all the k-pop ragers should do if it doesn’t. MAKE A REVIEW THEMSELVES, because FRANKLY all the complaining and hating is making the rest of us LOOK BAD.
      I know a lot of people that hate k-pop because of ALL OF THE K-POP FANS THAT RAGE ON ANTIS. They need to get over it, not everyone is going to agree with them.
      Wow. That’s the most unforgiving speech I’ve ever given.
      It just makes me so frustrated when people put me into that minority of super zealous, crazy fans and treat k-pop like it’s crap if they haven’t even heard it.
      THAT is unfair.
      So here’s my message to the super anti-hating k-pop fans; if you’re gonna rage, why don’t you get up from the computer, go for a run, dance to your favorite k-pop song, listen to paramore and yell the lyrics to “Ignorance”, then sit back down and forget about the anti-k-pop people and their meanness, okay? Don’t stoop, keep a level head, and carry on.
      We’ll be respected that way, and maybe, eventually, so will k-pop.

  78. LOL you guys watch masterchef? which one? the aussie one? :D

  79. I can’t wait Simon to dance Gangnam Style oooh it is going to be epic ^^ and I’m sure Spudgy is waiting to do the dance too ^^

  80. it’s okay :) although I love Nu’est, I must admit that PSY’s Gangnam Style is just sooooooooo addicting and I totally want you guys to review that :D:D but that doesn’t mean that I hate Nu’est or something, like I said “I love Nu’est!” :P

  81. -_- Not all NU’EST fans are as horrible as the ones sending death threats and raging like 5 year olds who didn’t get the piece of candy because they made a poopy in the toilet. JUST SAYIN’, SIMON. <3 Shame on the ones who are though, just keep voting (without your spam) and promoting it.

    • they were sending death threats???? O.o I had noo idea?! …as a Nu’est fan, I am sincerely embarrassed about what they did!! poor simon and martina! They’re doing such an awesome job and are getting bashful comments for that!
      Simon and Martina, don’t let them get to you and just keep up your good work: FIGHTING; SARANGHAE!!!! :3

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