KpopCharts Update: B.A.P. “No Mercy” – Vote for them here!


B.A.P. fans, let us congratulate you for being so rawesomely dedicated and diligent. Seriously guise: this week you were up against heavyweights Batoost and BoA, and you’re rocking first place. There’s no guarantee that you’ll hold out until midnight tonight, which is when we close the polls, but I can say that you’ve got a nice lead. Well done! And, seeing how we just passed 200,000 subscribers on our YouTube page, I think there might be a special something for us to give to you guise. Just…um. Let me ask this first: is the B.A.P. album out yet? *wink wink*

KpopCharts Update: B2ST “Beautiful Night” – Vote for them here!


BATOOST! OH HOW I WANT YOU TO WIN! For those of you who don’t know, we have made some Batoost shirts for our Eat Your Kimchi merch store, and we’re dying to show them off. OH! You know, back when we did the Google/MBC Kpop Concert, we were supposed to interview B2ST. Their management was down for it, we were down for it. We sent them the questions and everything was all approved…THEN THEIR FLIGHT GOT RESCHEDULED NOOOOOO! And we couldn’t do it. DARRRGGHH! The opening skit for that one was that we were going to all give them these Batoost shirts, and they would look at the shirts and whisper to each other in Korean “What is this? This isn’t how we say our name? Oh God! He looks so happy! We can’t break his heart like this. Just smile and nod!” and they’d pretend to be happy about the shirts. Ha!

Anyhow, since that never happened, we thought that we’d be able to wear the shirts when Batoost won the KpopCharts. NOW’S THEIR CHANCE AND THEY AIN’T WINNING!!! YARGH! I’ll…I’ll never get to wear these shirts, will I? *sad puppy dog eyes*

KpopCharts Update: BoA “Only One” – Vote for her here!


So, this is the most surprising video in our playlist, not because of the video itself but because of your reaction to it. Now, we don’t want to have another Shinhwa disaster, in which a lot of people got very angry for us stating that Shinhwa did poorly on our charts, but – please don’t kill us for saying this – BoA isn’t doing well on our charts. And that’s surprising! At the moment, she’s got double the views of B.A.P. Why is she only in 8th place, then?

My guess here: I’m gonna blame myself for it. The dance version was out for a couple of days before we put it on the KpopCharts. We were expecting the full video version to come out soon afterwards – like, within the next couple of hours – but hours turned into days. We eventually put up the dance version, and THEN a couple of hours later the drama version came out, but only on Naver rather than YouTube. Then it came out on YouTube a bit later. Whoa. Totally not understanding SM’s marketing approach here. Why not post all of the videos together at once? Or why post it on Naver before YouTube? I don’t get it. Anyhow, I’ll say that BoA’s video is probably not doing too well on our charts because of this confusion. And it’s a shame, because we’d love to be able to talk about BoA. We really like her. Wow. I think that’s the first time anyone actually heard that. Not that we were hiding it from you all; it’s just that BoA hasn’t done anything in a really long time. Come on, Jumping BoA’s! VOTE VOTE VOTE!

  1. The reason why BOA is not doing well on the charts is because she does not appeal to younger kpop fans. Or new ones who do not know her. I mean she took a long vacation before making a comeback.

    She is still adored in the international kpop community, but older fans tend to vote less. We dont keep clicking the like button. The chart is not an accurate representation of what is popular in the international fandom. I did not vote for BOA bc she only dances in it, and I did not see the drama version. I prefer a video that would make kpop Monday more fun.

  2. Please vote for beast pls… I want them to win next week.. Beauties, u all knw they put up so much hard work on this album right… By the way, what is batooost??

  3. jazminjhnsn

    In BOA ‘s vid doest that room next to the garden area look like the the same place Jay Park shot his kiss scene in Star??? Maybe a little different decro?

  4. yeah, i was looking for the boa mv here like right after i watched the mv when it came out. then days after that too. but it’s ok, i understand. there’s still The Shadow though. anticipating for that but right now nothing beats the ‘simplicity’ of Only One dance ver. sometimes all you need is a kickass choreography with a camera work that highlights just that.

  5. BoA’s dance was so amazing~ I can’t believe she was able to dance to a ballad like that

  6. I love BoA’s dance MV! She can be sexy, sweet and badass all AT THE SAME TIME.

    Better than the drama video for sure. You can beat lying on a bunch of hot guys.

    Err… that came out wrong ;s

  7. The first time I ever saw a Beast MV I was instantly hooked (wasn’t impressed with any other boyband, unless you count GD&TOP, which I don’t).

    All their songs are awesome and they’re less made up in their videos than other Kpop bands. Until now that is.
    What the hell did they do to them?! They girlified them! AUGH!

    My poor JunHyung…

  8. Why did I put off listening to this B2ST song for so long? It’s awesome :D

  9. Watched the Jang Woo Young – Sexy Lady mv…he reminds me of Top. That is if Top
    1. Had game.
    2. Was willing to dance.
    3. Bitch slapped his stylist every once in a while….maybe a flying bitch slap…


  10. i think BoAs dance version was better than the music video

  11. Simon and Martina/ Can you change BoA’s mv version to dance ver. on Kpops Chart?
    I think it would get more vote if you change the version cause her dance is
    really awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Well, lots of BoA’s fan will agree with me, may be *laugh*

  12. I’m a BAP fan (still can’t grab a concept of being called baby XD) but i like Batoost too. So, if BAP win this time, I’ll vote for Batoost next! …but if they won’t win …then I’ll just… keep voting *snicker* anyway, I had to turn volumn up to the max to actually hear what Martina said about BYG *laugh* …come on, he made some of us all got it BAD! *grin*

  13. PunkyPrincess92

    i love BoA’s dance version!!
    obviously cos i just loooooooooove watching dance mv’s more than just storyline or other kinda mv’s!!
    her dancing is just awesome!!!

  14. simon, agree about batoost, i liked the gothiuc dark side but the unicorns have tooken over ther hair and almost every thing about them, i like the serious gothic type of them that seems more cool, but in the=is video it seems like a theme of ghettounicornrainbowdance party, instead of dark serious andgothic except for the black lipstick for gothic…..er…… so yeah thats my opinio although people that commented on the video actually looksexy in the rainbow hair? which i really dont get how people can get girl or party with anybody that is not a unicorn,pegasus, lady from adventure time, orany thing color ful.

  15. on the first time I was listening to B2ST, all I heard was: “I lost… no money..” Huh?! Then went to check the lyrics, found it as: I’m yours neomani… huks. I think I should learn English more…

  16. I’m so glad you guys talked about BoA! So excited to see her back, she’s like my all time favourite kpop artist!

  17. I voted for BoA, that seemed an obvious choice.

  18. This made my day: the first suggestion that comes up when you search for ‘Exo I…’ on Youtube is ‘Exo I lost my pants’:))))

  19. Muhahaha, Martina…you are slowly joining the dark side, it’s okay, BYG is very dreamy, and soon you’ll become a Bangster, xD *imagining Martina acting gangster*

  20. OMGGGG m so sad that Batoost couldn’t do the interview…that opening skit would have been awesome!!!!!!!

  21. I’m really glad that there is no fanwar between Babys and B2utys even though they are currently fighting for the first place!!!
    To be honest, I’m really really thankful to B2utys and I hope these two fandoms can have a friendly relationship in the future. It was because of them (or most of the votes) that Bang Yong Guk’s “I remember” got reviewed (even though Yoseob didn’t even appear in the actual MV T-T”)
    And I’m still longing for the day that Bang Yong Guk and Yoseob perform it live!! (I love it with Daehyun but it’s still something different than the original ^^)

    OH!!!! And it’s actually their first time they are promoting at the same time 8D I hope Yongguk and Yoseob greet each other and arrange a date to perform it 8D

  22. I know why you want B2ST to win. It is all them white people.

    I kind-of want them to win too now. I love NYC, especially in most of the places where kpop artists film. Some family live in Brooklyn, and I visit Soho a lot because people I know work there.

  23. Ahhhh! It was so hard to decide between B2ST and B.A.P. On one hand B2ST is like my absolute favorite, but on the other B.A.P quickly became one of the top groups for me. I had to go with B.A.P just because the video was out longer. If they win then it’s hard core B2ST voting next week!

    By the way, I just wanted to point out that I don’t think the whole “Shinhwa disaster” was because you said they did poorly on your charts. I think it was more that you implied that since they were not doing well on your charts they were irrelevant to KPop now and that got the SHCJ’s mad. But, that’s all in the past and we should all forgive and forget, especially since Shinhwa proved you wrong.

  24. Oh My gOOOOO~~d *0* i love the 3 of them “It’s B Power ” It’s hard for to choose
    “Otokaji “-_-!. I love B.A.P for their energy, the great power in their dance .i also Love B2st new song too i found it very enjoying and it totaly match with the summer time.when you listen to it you just enjoy and dance ^^.
    And the last but not least The “Queen ” BOA !!! i was waitting for her come back since a long time .And i love this song ,and specialy the dance version PV .She always impress me with her great and energitic dance.
    SO fianly doing a choice will certainly break my heart but it’s the game so Soooooooooooo……..I choose……….B2st because it’s the song when i listen to it i can’t stand dancing ^^ but B.A.P and BOA love u too

  25. Boa dance version was definitely better! awesome song and dance whoah what a dancer! I think BAP have the edge this week with their cool dance break and song but I’m sure Boa could get up there too, either way I’m happy :D

  26. Im a hardcore B2st and BAP fan…it really pains me to choose one to vote for..but I would like BAP to be reviewed first then B2st’s. also because BAP’s mv was released earlier..BAP for now then next week B2sT FTW!

  27. NU’EST was in Harajuku tonight! Just hanging out and shopping around..O.O So random….like there was this large group of people moving as one with hands up holding cell phones and suddenly I realized in the middle of that crowd was NU’EST (unless there’s another Kpop group with a super pretty long haired blonde guy??) I don’t listen to them much so I wasn’t super “OMG” but still seeing a kpop group live in person was pretty sweet XD

  28. looool! Bang’s face and the title :)))))!!!

  29. kawaii_candie

    awww… am i the only one who’s sad that BAP aren’t all blonds anymore? *tear*

    even though – yeah – this song isn’t as badass as the previous ones, i still like it. you know, they actually remind me a lot of H.O.T. (yeah, i’m old…) with the kinda “badass” attitude and rapping with the epic scream-singing bits thrown in… makes me nostalgic, eheh. i think these littlies are gonna do great ^_-

    i quite liked the batoost song too, although yeah, the video is pretty funny. all i kept thinking was “i wonder what all those american extras thought of all the asian boys wearing pink and eyeliner trying to look badass…?” lol.

    as for the BoA song… it gets a big “meh” outta me. i’m really not a fan of these ballady mid-tempo sad songs… and i do love BoA and she is so great at upbeat songs, so why pick something like this for her comeback??? it makes no sense to me…

    anyways. great week for the k-pop updates though ^_^ looking forward to see who wins.

    • Maybe they gave her a ballad because….she’s getting older? xD
      Hah I’m gonna get a whipping for saying that. But I don’t follow kpop all that much and thus I hadn’t seen her for errr….7 years? So it came as a bit of a shock seeing her not as youthful as before (for asian standards anyway). And yet, in spite of all that, she still pulled it off really well. Yay! Go BoA! :D

      • But she’s only 25! I can understand why you would be a bit surprised by how she looks now if you haven’t seen her in 7 years. She was around 14 when she debuted. I only found out about her in 2008-09?

        • What? o.O So young…… (both her debut age and her current age)
          Back then I wasn’t a youtube junkie, I listened to her music on a…..cassette player…..(oh gawd feeling so old right now. =.=)
          So all I had to go by were the cover photos, and she looked so mature then :O I assumed she was in her 20s, making her almost 30 now, but I guess I was wrong o.O

        • XD
          That’s me with my American artists. I don’t research them, I just listen to the music. I don’t need that extra baggage.
          With kpop, I feel like it’s kind of necessary to research them because they appear on variety shows and such regularly, so I feel a little weird if I listen to their music, but if asked, I don’t know anything about them (…like their names).

  30. Thanks for the update!
    And Simon you better don’t make that a hobby (the ‘Come here kitty’ thing). My cat turned into a killing machine after we played with him too much when he was little.
    I’m serious, he is old now (14 years), but my relatives are still scared to visit us because of him. And he kinda was made a legend in our neighborhood among the kids for being soo bloodthirstily.
    And he was such a nice and playful kitty at first~ T_T

  31. Simon and Martina yes, B.A.P.’s No Mercy Album is out :)

  32. @simonandmartina:disqus About No Mercy having less views than the others, LOENENT also has a No Mercy MV up on their Youtube. If you add both video view counts it’s around 2 million. =) I found this out the hard way. @___@

  33. Not related to this, but i just saw running man episode 19. Jjang!

  34. full crotch grab and gyrating hips done B.A.P style… d(^-^)b

  35. haha Martina I love when you said that BYG is kinda dreamy. I think that’s a very appropriate word to describe him. Also I’m reallllly sad to learn that there could have been a Batoost interview but there wasn’t :( I really want to see their reaction to being called Batoost. Do you think they’ve seen your videos? Maybe they know about it already haha! Really hope you can interview them one day and find out!

  36. “According to TS Entertainment, the new, 180-degree turnaround concept
    for the B.A.P members is a ‘pop-boy’ style, meaning someone who takes
    the lead on style and fashion among his peers.” – allkpop, I think this is the reason why b.a.p is not as fierce as they were in warrior and power

  37. thisisjustforfunval

    Bang Yong Guk is more than dreamy he’s…he’s….he’s…*drools

  38. LOL Martina, I think BYG is working his charms on you :p

    But this is honestly the first time I heard someone call Bang Yongguk dreamy XD

  39. Only a little bit dreamy? Heheh. I hope TOP doesn’t watch this video :p

  40. They all start with a ‘B’ hahah Come on BoA!!!!

  41. BoA – Dance ver. video rules

  42. Simon, Martina, can I just say that I love you guys? :’D your videos are just awesome. And I’m a proud baby. I can’t wait to see what you guys say in your video! :D

  43. Grrr wae u guys never talk about ss501 boys in ur kpop charts update wae??? wae Kim Kyu Jong not here????

  44. Well, with a face like the one in the thumbnail, how can you NOT find him dreamy *___* lol hehehe Baby’s/Warriors fighting!!! ^__^

  45. BOA!!! WHY ISN’T BOA WINNING???!!! ARGH!! I loved BoA sooo much….listened to her all the time in high school (although I honestly thought she was Japanese), I can still sing to her old Japanese hits like Every Heart and No.1 when I go to karaoke….I even used to call her Cece Boa (cece = older sister, in Mandarin)……I suppose her fans don’t know about EYK yet, obviously because they’ve never talked about her, which is obviously because she’s been on a hiatus since forever. :(

    Simon, if Batoost had made it to your interview, I think you’d have much more Batooties voting here, and you’d be able to wear your shirt. So you can blame the airline or Batoost’s management, or whoever it was who cancelled that interview – IF Batoost doesn’t make it this week. It would be a shame though, because the video is quite interesting. I also really like the song, although it looks like they’re looking for a sugar mommy….. “I’m yooooours, no money” :p

    Although I personally think BAP’s ‘No Mercy’ is not as, uh, interesting as their previous videos, if they do win, I still trust you’ll be able to make a good KMM out of it, seeing how you managed to make a great review of SuJu’s SFS.
    Also, after moderating the comments on the Kpop Charts, I would also like to put in a good word for BAP fans (FAPPERs, BABYs, WARRIORs, whatever), as they have been incredibly positive, well behaved, respectful, and hard working for all of the last week.

    • Aw, mod, thanks for the nice words you put in for us FAPPERs—you’ve done a great job yourself moderating us crazy fans :p

      Don’t you want to be a FAPPER yourself, now? Come to the dark side, we have cherry tomatoes and we hold random group hugs every week.

    • i love you! our fandom is just beautiful come you will regret nothing

    • Thank you. Us babys appreciate all your moderating! <3

    • I don’t necessarily agree. If you haven’t noticed most videos anymore are male groups for KMM. I don’t mean this in a bad or good way. Just as a fact. And I am not saying EYK doesn’t have people who like female kpop groups or solo artists, just not fanatical ones.

      I think BoA fans are little just because she is older. Most of her stuff was released YEARS ago in her “prime.” Not to mention, although Korea has a special place for BoA in their hearts, she kind-of has been more of a jpop artist. She has released more albums in Japan (if you exclude repackaged albums in Korea) and done more collaborations in Japan than Korea.

      But at least I do have to say BAP is consistently good (even if they aren’t my personal cup of tea) So if anyone boy group is going to be BoA, I rather it be them.

      • Fair call. I have noticed how frequently boy bands win – not just here on EYK, but in the kpop scene in general. Thus I apologise, as I suppose I shouldn’t complain about BoA not winning when I know she won’t win (especially when I hardly voted myself).
        But one can hope? :)
        PS. I honestly thought she was a Jpop artist for the longest time. Her Japanese pronunciation is flawless.

    • Aw…thanks mod! We also have many derps for ppl to laugh at

  46. We can do this, Babyz~ Simon, you can wear you Batoost shirt NEXT music Monday, but not the one coming up~ We’ve worked so hard for BAP to let Batoost take it now. Let’s go, Babyz~ Fighting~

  47. Ah, only 12 hours left :D We worked hard for the past week fellow bapfap…I mean, babyz, so lets make em stay at first place just a little more!

  48. OOOOHHH GAWD. Here comes the spam. *runs to moderator page*

  49. I really love both B2ST and B.A.P like crazy!!! But I really want No Mercy to get reviewed first!!
    I’m sure if B.A.P wins all the Babyz will vote for Batoost to get them to the top and reviewed next week!!


  50. Lol at the skit idea…I’d die happy if you ever got to interview them, this time successfully T-T
    I don’t care who wins this week I WANT MY BEAST REVIEW.
    And BoA’s too, her majesty shouldn’t be waiting in line like this! Can you do a special metion for her? Please?? She really deserves it….

  51. let’s keep the good work babys!

  52. the BAP comments aren’t working :(
    I hope we get BAP and Batoost reviews!

  53. B.A.P!
    Yes Sir!
    Awesome job, Babys! Not over yet though.

    Also loving B2ST and Queen BoA’s songs and MVs (all versions).

  54. Whoa whoa whoa, hold on just one minute…The thumbnail image for this video, that hat..is that in the actual video?!?!

    How the hell did I not notice that hat?! Yeah, reppin’ the ‘Nati! (i’m from Cincinnati! I’m for real freaking out right now! Ah!!!!!)

    • Aaah! I know right?! I’m from about 15 minutes south of Cincy! I was like ‘da;flsdkja; Really?! CINCINNATI HAT <33333!' I'm glad there is someone semi-close by that is a KPop fan. <3 This makes me feel less lonely.

      • Yay! Fellow Greater Cincinnati resident! i’ve never met anyone who lived that close on EYK, this is exciting!
        Where are you from?

        • I live in Edgewood! I’m like 15-20 minutes from about everything, NKU, Cov/Cincy, Florence. (If you happen to know where St. Elizabeth South is, it’s around there.)

        • AudreyKoopman

          Surprisingly I think I do haha. I’m in Westwood. Like a block from Cheviot (if you happen to know where that is haha)..So I’m like 15 minutes away from downtown, UC, XU

        • @AudreyKoopman:disqus I do know where that is! My cousin lived close to there not too long ago! Aaah, I’m so glad I’m not the only KPop lover around here! I was starting to feel super lonely.

        • AudreyKoopman

          I have 2 good friends who are into kpop too that are from here. Ah, we are slowly expanding. This is so exciting!!!!!! I’m in such a good mood, this video, the hat, meeting new a bunch of new people (you!), this is why EYK is so great, its not just about the kpop to me, its the people (hehe i’m cheesy)

        • AudreyKoopman

          Yeah, Cincy ain’t ready for us (or maybe they’re a little more prepared because of hosting the World Choir Games haha) Can I be creepy and add you on facebook?… (and when i tried to see/reply to your last comment it said it was reported as abuse…what the heck is that one about? weird)

        • Ah! Go right ahead! Also, I was wondering why my comment just magically disappeared. o-O But, I think the World Choir games should be a good eye opener for KPop to have concerts here. I mean, our stadiums are pretty big and the convention centers are pretty big…

        • AudreyKoopman

          And theres Riverfront! Oh, or hold a concert at Kings Island (theres an area near the Great Wolf Lodge that I know they use for concerts and conventions and stuff), that way the idols can go ride some rollercoasters haha

        • Yessss. I agree with this plan, I want to make this reality… I mean, really, if Kings Island can be mentioned on a show like CSI, I think idols would at least be curious about it enough to want to come here and ride rides… We just won’t tell them that some of them are closed or names are changed due to new ownership. Riverfront *-*

        • AudreyKoopman

          Isn’t the Son of Beast the only ride closed? (idk, haven’t been there in over a year *cries*)
          Wait, Kings Island was on CSI? (sorry, don’t really watch that show haha)
          And I’m sorry to say I can’t quite get what you mean by the face at the end, is that starry eyed as in awe or confusion?

        • Son of Beast is closed, The Vortex is closing, the other rides are renamed completely. I haven’t been there in years but my little sister has basically been living there this summer. And, yeah, Gil (The first main guy CSI person) mentioned that he went to a convention in Ohio and went to Kings Island to ride Son of Beast or Beast (I can’t remember which).

          Oh, as in awesome. So many performers stop through there on their tours in the US so I was thinking it would probably be amazing.

        • AudreyKoopman

          They’re closing the Vortex? What the heck? Thats my favorite ride! Gah, so stupid, why would they do something like that.
          I know Kings Island was on Ghost Hunters. That episode was pretty ‘eh’ but they caught a cool track of a little girl asking where her mom is (i’m not sure how much i truly believe in the show but it was pretty awesome.

          Oh, ok, thats what i thought but then suddenly some doubt showed up out of no where. Yeah, having them come to Riverfront just makes more sense to me, thats where our singers all go, so they can too!

        • Apparently, the foundations for it are sinking into the ground. o-o Scary stuff there. And, it’s the first ride I rode that looped and was outside (Flight of Fear was my first official ‘loop’ ride.)

          I watch some shows like that, more for the ‘what are they going to do?’ than anything else. I find them interesting. ^^ I heard they were on that show but I didn’t actually see the ep, my little sister did and said it was pretty blah. xD

          And, yes! There we go! Logic states that if every other singer that comes to town goes there, KPop bands should, too!

        • AudreyKoopman

          Aw man, thats really depressing. Stupid ground.
          And yeah, it was very blah except for that one bit of evidence. I like watching Ghost Hunters just for the what if factor, I’m just not sure if I really believe in ghosts (although sometimes i think my house is haunted)

          Riverfront + Kpop = a brilliant idea the more I think about it! But they’re always on the coast, do they not realize how big this country is? How many people exist between California and New York?

        • Right? I was so upset when I heard it needed to be removed. D= -Is all depressed about this now.-

          Annywwaaayyyy. Apparently not. =( Then again, NY and California do have more multi-cultural things that go on in them (As well as a higher Asian population, if I remember correctly), so I suppose it makes logical sense that they will get the most people to their concerts if they stick to either coast, but there is still a lot of love in the middle, too! D= Gaaaah, we should find somewhere to spam this info…

        • AudreyKoopman

          Yeah…unfortunately the largest Asian population I’ve seen in Cincinnati is at UC. Other colleges might be similar but I’m not really sure about them.
          For real, these groups need to see this! Hear our cries and come somewhere just a bit more affordable :)

        • I know at ISU (Iowa State Uni) they have a big international program, but around here not as much. The one transfer student we had in high school was from Germany. =P All the entertainment companies need to see this. T_T I’d love to go poor seeing all my KPop loves. <3 … … This makes me a very sad person on the one hand…. Oh well, no regrets!

        • AudreyKoopman

          Yeah, I know nothing about other colleges in this area in terms of Asian population. UC’s seems pretty decent, but they always gather together with fellow Asians and speak which ever language…Its awkward if you get stuck in an elevator with them by yourself. You’re all la-de-dah and they’re yapping away in some other language, but like whispering, so yeah…
          We had someone from Thailand in my high school..but she lives here and was not exchanged. Haha

          I already go broke because of buying kpop cds. I don’t really know how to download anything and I’m studying as a graphic/digital designer and they have the best packaging ever for their cds! Its all so amazing!!!!

        • The only reason I know that tidbit is that’s where my ex went to school, hahaha. I went to UofL for a semester and I got to listen to Chinese girls every day on my way to class, I always found it super interesting. And then said to myself that I was super creepy because I was listening even if I didn’t understand a single word.

          I only just recently got up the money/nerve to buy an actual KPop CD. It was B.A.P’s Power CD, I ordered the No Mercy CD (The one that’s going to be signed and such through their daum cafe) so I’m eagerly awaiting that one so I can fangirl and have my family look at me like ‘Wtf is wrong with you.’ =D And, I love their designs, I’ve looked at pictures of other album covers and I’m just like ‘Pretty. <3'

        • AudreyKoopman

          I ordered mine through YesAsia because from past experience they are reliable…but signed ones? wish i knew about that, would’ve hunted it down and paid whatever amount of money for it without a care in the world. totally jealous of you.

          i own…quite a few cds. i tried to cut back, but i can’t resist! they’re so beautiful, and the songs, and and…i’m gonna be broke because of kpop

        • I hear they’re good and I’ll probably use them at some point (Once I find steady income again) because I have so many CDs that I want. I will go broke through KPop, too. hahahaha

          Ah, yeah! It was only 37 USD for it, I was amazed and was like ‘… For serious? Okay! BUYBUYBUY’ I’m so anxious to get it. TT___TT Anxious fan is anxious. What CDs do you have? =O -Super nosey/curious, don’t mind me.-

        • AudreyKoopman

          Yeah, they’ve worked great for me, haven’t had a problem yet.

          Only $37?!?!?!?!
          I can afford that! Gah, so wish I had known about it or where to get one before. I’m depressed now, for real I’m in tears.

          Well, it is a pretty long list and I’ve been summoned to run to the store (yay me!) So I’ll get it for you when I get back. But I’m serious, its quite…long haha

        • Right?! Aw, don’t be in tears! D= I only found out because I follow just about every BAP twitter fan group in English and they happened to mention it while i was online and then I went to tumblr and it was on there, too. Next time this happens we shall know together! Now that we are facebook friends, all will be well!

          And, I await your list. =P

        • AudreyKoopman

          Twitter…I follow people and all but I don’t really like it. I hate the character limit and idk. I follow idols but I can’t understand anything, and I don’t follow any fan groups. And..I don’t think I follow a lot of B.A.P. blogs either haha.

          Yay facebook!!! Totally my comfort zone when compared to twitter.

        • I don’t really like the character limit, but I do enjoy seeing my favorite YA authors tweets and I don’t mind if I don’t understand my KPop idol’s tweets, I can sound them out so far and pick out words. (One of these days, I will probably write a whole tweet down and see if I can translate it.) Also, fan groups are the way to go, they translate some of the idol tweets themselves and then also let you know major news things that we don’t get because the US isn’t really being breached by KPop. I also follow a lot of KPop news stuff. =)

          Whenever I go on tumblr, I’m sucked into adorable pictures, very uh /attractive/ pictures and gifs, so many gifs. @____@ I don’t follow a lot of blogs so much as a lot of tags. xD But, facebook is being annoying with the whole Timeline thing I don’t like. =(

        • AudreyKoopman

          YA authors?
          I can only understand their tweets if they are in English. Anything else and I’m just like, cool. I’ll have to go on a hunt for fan groups on twitter then, they sound helpful.
          I follow a lot of blogs. I have tags but I don’t usually use them unless my dash is dead. but my dashboard is usually enough to keep me entertained for hours haha. The gifs and pictures become…addicting haha.

          Yeah, I don’t like the timeline thing at all on FB. I refuse to switch my page over to it.

        • Young Adult. More specifically, John Green and Maureen Johnson, they’re pretty hilarious. Twitter moves really fast, so sometimes you have to go searching for the tweets that you missed. xD

          I prefer tags because of the variety of things you find under them, but it’s all good. ^^ My Dashboard is more for the Deviant Art artists I follow and a couple of fandom blogs.

          I didn’t have a choice on the matter, facebook changed it for me. =/ I was like ‘Really? I don’t even get the option?’ I don’t know why some people had to change and others don’t, it’s rather annoying.

        • AudreyKoopman

          I’m too lazy to go search through all the tweets. Way too much work and I don’t care enough. As for tumblr, most of the blogs are…well kpop. But I also follow quite a few Disney ones and humor ones.
          It seriously changed it on you? Mine has the option to change but I just ignore it..That really really sucks.

        • AudreyKoopman

          Now for the list. Ahem.

          SHINee: A.Mi.Go. repackage, Hello repackage, Sherlock, Romeo, and 2009 Year of Us
          Super Junior: Sorry Sorry, Bonomana, A-Cha (i think all 3 are repackages….)
          Big Bang: Tonight, Alive, GD&TOPs album, and GD’s Heartbreaker
          2ne1: the first and second mini albums
          Ukiss: Neverland, Only One
          Se7en: Digital Bounce
          Infinite: Over the Top, Inspirit, Infinitize
          Block B: Welcome to the Block
          B.A.P.: Power
          BoA: I have her English cd

          And then there is BEAST’s Fiction and Fact, MBLAQ’s Just BLAQ and Mona Lisa. Those three are technically my sisters but I listen to them more than her.

          Also, in the mail to arrive hopefully soon are Block B’s New Kids on the Block, Big Bangs Special Edition tonight repackage thing, and B.A.P.’s Warrior and No Mercy.

        • … *Bows to your list.* You are kind of amazing. >>;;; … … I want them all! Dx; Like really. I’LL TAKE COPIES.-Is pathetic.- I hope that I can get a job here soon and save up for ALL THE THINGS. So jealous.

        • AudreyKoopman

          Haha thanks I guess. It has cost me a pretty penny though. I just got a co-op job so the money from that is helping me greatly…but all i can think about it getting more..
          It is a vicious cycle.
          I need like a Kpop Anonymous support group lol.

        • Oh yeah, I would imagine, so much money… but kind of worth it. =P And, when I had a job last, most of my money went to books. I’m such a big reader. Anyway, I think most people that are into Kpop need a K.A. xD ‘Hi, I’m Emily and I’ve been addicted to Kpop for about 3 years now.’

        • AudreyKoopman

          I used to be big in going to the library, but I’ve found less time to. And when I’m free I catch up on kpop stuff….
          K.A….yeah, I think we need one of those.

        • AudreyKoopman

          btw, you’re another Cincy area fan?

        • Eh? Oh, Emsie12 is Emily Lege, Disqus finally decided to use my actual log in name… Unless you mean do I like Cincy, to which, it’s okay, I’ve been downtown only for Broadway shows and my mom used to work downtown.

        • AudreyKoopman

          Ah, gotcha. At first I thought you were the same person (only caught the ‘em’ at the beginning haha) then realized they were two different names. But you did end up being the same person!
          I like Cincy. I have friends from high school who were all like, I cant wait to move out of this city, but I really love living here.

        • Ah, yes, Emsie is one of my few nicknames I’ve spread around the interwebs. =P But, I like living just outside the city. Suburbia suits me just fine. <3 I don't know if I could handle living in the actual city.

        • AudreyKoopman

          i’m not downtown (don’t know if i could do that) but i’m still in city limits. everything is still close, just how i like it (i don’t like being partially in the middle of no where with nothing close. its scary to me)

        • Yeah, having things close by is nice. <3 I don't mind driving a bit to get to some places but if it took over 30 minutes to get to everything I don't know what I'd do with myself. Gas is expensive enough. D=

  55. Batoost?? LMAO you guys cracked me up!XD Voting for them now!^.^

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