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KpopCharts Update: Only Beautiful Mercy

July 28, 2012


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KpopCharts Update: B.A.P. “No Mercy” – Vote for them here!

B.A.P. fans, let us congratulate you for being so rawesomely dedicated and diligent. Seriously guise: this week you were up against heavyweights Batoost and BoA, and you’re rocking first place. There’s no guarantee that you’ll hold out until midnight tonight, which is when we close the polls, but I can say that you’ve got a nice lead. Well done! And, seeing how we just passed 200,000 subscribers on our YouTube page, I think there might be a special something for us to give to you guise. Just…um. Let me ask this first: is the B.A.P. album out yet? *wink wink*

KpopCharts Update: B2ST “Beautiful Night” – Vote for them here!

BATOOST! OH HOW I WANT YOU TO WIN! For those of you who don’t know, we have made some Batoost shirts for our Eat Your Kimchi merch store, and we’re dying to show them off. OH! You know, back when we did the Google/MBC Kpop Concert, we were supposed to interview B2ST. Their management was down for it, we were down for it. We sent them the questions and everything was all approved…THEN THEIR FLIGHT GOT RESCHEDULED NOOOOOO! And we couldn’t do it. DARRRGGHH! The opening skit for that one was that we were going to all give them these Batoost shirts, and they would look at the shirts and whisper to each other in Korean “What is this? This isn’t how we say our name? Oh God! He looks so happy! We can’t break his heart like this. Just smile and nod!” and they’d pretend to be happy about the shirts. Ha!

Anyhow, since that never happened, we thought that we’d be able to wear the shirts when Batoost won the KpopCharts. NOW’S THEIR CHANCE AND THEY AIN’T WINNING!!! YARGH! I’ll…I’ll never get to wear these shirts, will I? *sad puppy dog eyes*

KpopCharts Update: BoA “Only One” – Vote for her here!

So, this is the most surprising video in our playlist, not because of the video itself but because of your reaction to it. Now, we don’t want to have another Shinhwa disaster, in which a lot of people got very angry for us stating that Shinhwa did poorly on our charts, but – please don’t kill us for saying this – BoA isn’t doing well on our charts. And that’s surprising! At the moment, she’s got double the views of B.A.P. Why is she only in 8th place, then?

My guess here: I’m gonna blame myself for it. The dance version was out for a couple of days before we put it on the KpopCharts. We were expecting the full video version to come out soon afterwards – like, within the next couple of hours – but hours turned into days. We eventually put up the dance version, and THEN a couple of hours later the drama version came out, but only on Naver rather than YouTube. Then it came out on YouTube a bit later. Whoa. Totally not understanding SM’s marketing approach here. Why not post all of the videos together at once? Or why post it on Naver before YouTube? I don’t get it. Anyhow, I’ll say that BoA’s video is probably not doing too well on our charts because of this confusion. And it’s a shame, because we’d love to be able to talk about BoA. We really like her. Wow. I think that’s the first time anyone actually heard that. Not that we were hiding it from you all; it’s just that BoA hasn’t done anything in a really long time. Come on, Jumping BoA’s! VOTE VOTE VOTE!



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