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KpopCharts Update: You Party Racer

August 4, 2012


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ChOAS “Racer” – Vote for them Here

CHOOOASSSSS! Y U MAKE UR NAME SO WEIRD!?? This reminds me of when SHINee first came out, and everyone just wrote “Shinee” and then slowly the fangirls and fanboys would freak out and be like, “It’s not shinee, it’s SHINee!!!” Which to me sounds like shin-e, like I have a shin and you kicked it so EEEE!!!! Anyways…it’s been awhile for me to see a kpop name with difficult caps lock on and off in it, so now I have a new band name to butler while typing. Moving onto the song! I actually like this song! I found it pretty catchy, and as mentioned in the video, I like how it started out slowly and sped up, kind of a clever way to bring the title into the song. The video wasn’t terrible, but it was a little awkward, like I can’t imagine who thought, “hey, you should stack those tires…yeah…toss some paint on it….yeahhh…just like that!!!” And the guitar being thrown onto the paint cans was equally confusing of a concept, but I guess I can’t call them out for not being original. I don’t know, I really feel like B.A.P has been the most successful group regarding making and holding a masculine image. From their body language, to their facial expressions, to the dancing, I just think B.A.P nailed the “masculine style” concept. Other groups try to use clothing and spray paint to show that they are masculine and aggressive but I feel like it doesn’t truly give off that aggressive vibe. It seems more like acting to me, you know? Anyhoo, check out this video and see if you get the feeling that I’m trying to express with my sucky wording.

Glam “Party” – Vote for them Here!

Ok, so this isn’t a video that the two of us agree upon. I (Simon here) happen to like it. It’s not fantastic, but it’s cool. Martina, though, isn’t really all too into it. Perhaps because the advertisement for the video had a different effect on us. What we hear in the ad is a really awesome part of the song, while – if you watch the video itself – it takes a while to get to that part, so Martina got a bit annoyed by that. Not annoyed as in angry annoyed. Just…not happy. You know? Anyhow, we both agree that the song isn’t terrible. I just like it more than she does.

And, seriously, there’s some high production value for this video. Like, wow. We can really appreciate it from the standpoint of two people who make videos all day everyday. Some of the stuff in there is just wayyyy above our budget. Then again, our budget is, like, 10 bucks a video. Ha! If we buy a prop, we better well use it for a bunch more videos (hence the Taemin/CL wig).

D-Unit “I’m Missing You” – Vote for them Here

DEE YOU KNIT! I can’t believe I’m writing this now (Simon here again) without thinking about G-Unit. OHMAIGAT! I grew up listening to G-Unit! Actually, that’s a lie. I never liked G-Unit. 50 Cent was alright before he got rich, I think, but then afterwards I got too bored of him. *Ahem* I just realized now that a lot of the people reading this might not be as into rap as I am. Well then. … Let me carry on to something different!

About D-Unit itself, we’ve read comments comparing them to 2NE1. I’m not sure if that’s fair to say. It seems like every time a Kpop girl group has a bit of an edge to them they’ll be compared to 2NE1. That’s not really fair, though, in my opinion. The music sounds quite different. That matters most. Their image isn’t really an original one, but it’s not like 2NE1 are the originators of their image, either. OMG DON’T KILL ME FOR THAT! I’m not saying that 2NE1 copied anyone. I’m just saying that female punkishness isn’t unique to 2NE1. It’s taken in bits and pieces here and there from different groups, even though 2NE1 is the most popular girl group now doing it. Yeah! That’s fair to say, isn’t it?

Lastly, yes, we know that Teen Top’s “Be Ma Girl” is out. We didn’t talk about it here. We filmed this on Thursday, and this came out on Friday. Sorry Teen Top fans! We’ll talk about them in the next KpopCharts!



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