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CHOOOASSSSS! Y U MAKE UR NAME SO WEIRD!?? This reminds me of when SHINee first came out, and everyone just wrote “Shinee” and then slowly the fangirls and fanboys would freak out and be like, “It’s not shinee, it’s SHINee!!!” Which to me sounds like shin-e, like I have a shin and you kicked it so EEEE!!!! Anyways…it’s been awhile for me to see a kpop name with difficult caps lock on and off in it, so now I have a new band name to butler while typing. Moving onto the song! I actually like this song! I found it pretty catchy, and as mentioned in the video, I like how it started out slowly and sped up, kind of a clever way to bring the title into the song. The video wasn’t terrible, but it was a little awkward, like I can’t imagine who thought, “hey, you should stack those tires…yeah…toss some paint on it….yeahhh…just like that!!!” And the guitar being thrown onto the paint cans was equally confusing of a concept, but I guess I can’t call them out for not being original. I don’t know, I really feel like B.A.P has been the most successful group regarding making and holding a masculine image. From their body language, to their facial expressions, to the dancing, I just think B.A.P nailed the “masculine style” concept. Other groups try to use clothing and spray paint to show that they are masculine and aggressive but I feel like it doesn’t truly give off that aggressive vibe. It seems more like acting to me, you know? Anyhoo, check out this video and see if you get the feeling that I’m trying to express with my sucky wording.

Glam “Party” – Vote for them Here!


Ok, so this isn’t a video that the two of us agree upon. I (Simon here) happen to like it. It’s not fantastic, but it’s cool. Martina, though, isn’t really all too into it. Perhaps because the advertisement for the video had a different effect on us. What we hear in the ad is a really awesome part of the song, while – if you watch the video itself – it takes a while to get to that part, so Martina got a bit annoyed by that. Not annoyed as in angry annoyed. Just…not happy. You know? Anyhow, we both agree that the song isn’t terrible. I just like it more than she does.

And, seriously, there’s some high production value for this video. Like, wow. We can really appreciate it from the standpoint of two people who make videos all day everyday. Some of the stuff in there is just wayyyy above our budget. Then again, our budget is, like, 10 bucks a video. Ha! If we buy a prop, we better well use it for a bunch more videos (hence the Taemin/CL wig).

D-Unit “I’m Missing You” – Vote for them Here


DEE YOU KNIT! I can’t believe I’m writing this now (Simon here again) without thinking about G-Unit. OHMAIGAT! I grew up listening to G-Unit! Actually, that’s a lie. I never liked G-Unit. 50 Cent was alright before he got rich, I think, but then afterwards I got too bored of him. *Ahem* I just realized now that a lot of the people reading this might not be as into rap as I am. Well then. … Let me carry on to something different!

About D-Unit itself, we’ve read comments comparing them to 2NE1. I’m not sure if that’s fair to say. It seems like every time a Kpop girl group has a bit of an edge to them they’ll be compared to 2NE1. That’s not really fair, though, in my opinion. The music sounds quite different. That matters most. Their image isn’t really an original one, but it’s not like 2NE1 are the originators of their image, either. OMG DON’T KILL ME FOR THAT! I’m not saying that 2NE1 copied anyone. I’m just saying that female punkishness isn’t unique to 2NE1. It’s taken in bits and pieces here and there from different groups, even though 2NE1 is the most popular girl group now doing it. Yeah! That’s fair to say, isn’t it?

Lastly, yes, we know that Teen Top’s “Be Ma Girl” is out. We didn’t talk about it here. We filmed this on Thursday, and this came out on Friday. Sorry Teen Top fans! We’ll talk about them in the next KpopCharts!

  1. I actually really liked the video and the music. The music is just like, angelic pop type stuff, and the slow parts where the snow like feather stuff falling around him reminds me of that. The paint randomness is a bit artsy to me, im not like into the “arts” so im probably dumb when knowing what artsy is, but since it has randomness and paint, i think artsy. O.o… If that makes any sense… Anyways yeah, I would so finger paint on their abs, joking O.o… not really…

  2. I’m kind of disappointed that Simon & Martina didn’t mention the message behind Glam’s lyrics. Or they just didn’t look up the English translation of them. I have a feeling that if they looked into it, they might appreciate Glam and the video more.

  3. Chaos is definitely different this time around – this is actually their comeback, their debut song being She Is Coming. OMG, was that ever a good song. It had a swing/funk kind of vibe to it, which is really unusual for K-Pop, and even though Racer doesn’t really show it off, this is a really vocally gifted group. Unfortunately, they debuted at the same time as several major groups made their comebacks, and they were completely overshadowed. That’s probably why they decided to go with a more mainstream concept this time. If you haven’t heard their debut song yet Simon and Martina, you should really check it out :) I have a feeling you guys would love it!

  4. I’m thinking about G-Unit too x)
    As for D-Unit reminding of 2ne1, I can understand, seeing they wear Chrome(?d I don’t remember) Heart clothing. That always reminds [me] of 1 2ne1. And that one girl looks like CL with that haircut and the sunglasses. But I agree, it’s not fair comparing anyone to other groups (unless there is plagiarism or spoofing going on)

  5. I have one question: Who was their stylist? They look like 5 skinny girls….The Glam girl video made me think of a Sephora advertisement or something about makeup. LOL!! The last group, don’t know what to say but yeah ok so far…..

  6. Im glad to know that im not the only one who thought GLAM was very 2NE1-ish. I really have stopped caring for rookies ever since Teen Top xD – they all seem to be a recycling of other groups and their quality is not as good compared to the ‘oldies’ as per say. I feel like they are filtering k-pop into an electronic based voice mashing and moving away from talent by focusing on looks only as well. Meh – agree with Simon, they are very annoying. I am not bashing against any new groups, I am just stating an opinion (seriously though, why should I even have the need to mention that? – ’cause netizens are scary) … Was there even a time when everyone accepted criticism or reacted in a cool way? O_o

  7. ChAOS seems really interesting..I will watch out for them^^ umm glam.hmmm..let’s see..I’ve also been hearing ads of the song and was like I never want to here this song agian but one of my friends was watching the vid and called me over and I started to like the song..i mean it’s ok and stuff but not something I will freak out about or become interested in the group…now for d-unit I like the song a lot and it reminds me of a recent R&B song here in America but I can’t seem to remember who the song is by or the name of it..the vid I really umm don’t have anything to say about it..the feeling is mutual :)

  8. Ok :D

    chAOS: The video seemed super fun!! For some reason, now I feel like throwing paint everywhere. The song was ok, I don’t even know what I was expecting though x3 so yea, and the style/appearance was cool but it didn’t match that well with the dance x3. OVERALL I liked it :D

    GLAM: The video also seemed like they had tons of fun while doing it, if they were just acting then heck they’re good actresses, I wanna go party now :p. The song was really awesome! Like seriously the cheerful song went really well with the cheerful video. The I love their style/appearance it was kind of like tomboy-ish but girlypower-ish wth I’m confused now, ANYHOW the girls are very pretty :D

    D-unit: The song was amazing I really liked it I have the feeling it will end up in my playlist soon. The video was ok, it wasn’t anything original though I think I’m not sure I shouldn’t even be saying this ._. The thing is…. I’ll confes…. I don’t listen to girl groups at all (T-T what can I say? I’m a girl I feel more attracted to boy groups/bands) Therefore I will not comment on anything about 2NE1 since I haven’t seen anything about them, the only girl group I can HONESTLY say I fell in love with is Miss A, WELL going back to D-unit…. Their style was also cool, they kind of have a mature feeling I don’t know gahh I don’t wanna say anything about this anymore….u.u

    That’s all :D

  9. Okay, random, can’t be helped, I’ll apologize for it later; I know there
    are webpages from America that South Korea can’t connect to. Is
    Pinterest.com one of those web pages AND if it is not can you create a
    page that has a nonillion (think that’s 30 zeros or something) folders
    with one of those being Korean recipes? Thanks a bushel and peck. I
    apologize for the randomness as this isn’t really related to music but
    you could totally create a music folder and “pin” music videos so maybe
    this is related. Oh, maybe I’m not sorry; maybe I’ll achieve world
    domination if I can ever figure out how to spell Korean dishes so I can
    look them up to find their recipes.

  10. Okay, random, can’t be helped, I’ll apologize for it later; I know there are webpages from America that South Korea can’t connect to. Is Pinterest.com one of those web pages AND if it is not can you create a page that has a nonillion (think that’s 30 zeros or something) folders with one of those being Korean recipes? Thanks a bushel and peck. I apologize for the randomness as this isn’t really related to music but you could totally create a music folder and “pin” music videos so maybe this is related. Oh, maybe I’m not sorry; maybe I’ll achieve world domination if I can ever figure out how to spell Korean dishes so I can look them up to find their recipes.


  11. P.S. With the whole D-Unit/G-Unit thing, all I want to do is say D-Unit like “d-d-d-d-D-Unit”…like they say G-Unit at the beginning of ‘Encore’ (Dr.Dre, Eminem, 50cent).

    Yeah..thats it haha

  12. So, every single one of these videos left me distracted by something. For ChAOS (looks even weirder when you have to type it out…) I spent the whole video trying to figure out if it was supposed to be scratches/bruises covering their faces or if it was paint..because paint was everywhere in that video. Then they were like spelling something or an acronym or I don’t know. It sounded like either CAS or CNX to me…so I was distracted trying to figure that out. I did like that they gave credit to the artist at the end. And in their ‘credits’ the had ‘Winning Insight Comp’…don’t know if that is their entertainment company since most use ent. instead of comp., but all I could think of that was Charlie Sheen. WINNING!!

    For GLAM’s song, wow that CGI..and it was very ‘wth?’ animations. I mean, whats with all the sparkles exploding from their chests? They left me confused. But the biggest distraction for me was the chorus where they’re singing “kiss xxo”. All I could think was that they were just saying “kiss, kiss, kiss, hug”..unless ‘xxo’ has a Korean meaning, which doesn’t matter because I still think of it with my English speaking brain. It really bugged me. And then when that spaceship was flying around toward the end. Wow, random black dudes near the bridge. Came out of no where.

    With D-Unit. First time seeing the name I immediately thought of G-Unit. Then I spent the whole time listing the things that people would consider similar to 2ne1. Then I was thinking about how you can find similarities between one singer in another all over the world, and that it isn’t really a bad thing. It is actually what will make people listen to someone new. If it has a similar vibe to their favorite band then they’ll take a listen because it obviously fits their musical tastes. So that whole video my mind was off on some tangent.

    Basically, from what I can tell, the songs were pretty good. Nothing really horrible, but since I was so distracted by other thoughts I don’t think I’ll be able to get into any of these groups, unless they put out something new that is completely ‘wow’-worthy.

    • Haha, I think I’m already a Glam fan xD

      NGL, the video was pretty nonsensical at times and didn’t really fit with the lyrics too much, like when Dahee’s on her bike or when Miso falls onto that cloud (the translated lyrics /are/ super adorable though, despite how they may not really match up). Looking past that, though, IMO it’s a cute and energetic video (^__^)

      Story wise, I was under the impression that the Glam girls were aliens that landed on Earth after being found by the spaceman and proceeded to have a giant party (which the craziness of the video fits, I think) Then once they’re done they go back home to Planet Glam in their rocket :D

      I liked D-Unit and ChAOS’ songs respectively, but not enough to have me become a fan. Only a Glamberine xD It’s probably the lyrics that converted me, though, and how precious the girls seem.

      Also, on another note, I CAN’T WAIT FOR TASTY’S DEBUT (*___*) 3 MORE DAYS. I AM EXCITED.

      • Oh my gosh! I’m sooooooo excited for that!!! Was on allkpop reading about the t-ara thing when I saw the article about it and I flipped!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!

          On another note, Sungyeol and Dongwoo’s tweets about the “Woollim family” turned me into a mushy pile of feelings /(;__;)/ THESE BOYS.

        • Its so close and yet not close enough!

          …heh..i haven’t been on twitter in a bit….
          Now I have to go search because I want the mushy feels that comes with Infinite!!!! (Dongwoo is good at spreading mushy feels, the crybaby, so cute you just want to squeeze him to death!!!)

  13. Hey watch D-Unit’s I’m Missin’ You in HD so you can see Flaxton Street, though it’s a little bit blurred

  14. I would play good money to sit in on the meetings where these groups are named. That is, if I had good money, but what I wouldn’t give to know who does it. An Ivy League educated team? A company-set committee? A dartboard? A computer program?

  15. hmm… although i am not that impressed with the song, CHAOS has got to be the k-pop band with the most attractive member line-up i have ever seen. seriously. someone at the marketing department has been doing their job!!! although maybe i am just blonde-korean-biased… but hello curly-blonde-haired-green-eyed-korean-boy! (eheheh…)

    the GLAM song on the other hand… i really don’t like the video, but the song is kinda catchy ^_-

    D-UNIT seems cool. i love that girl’s hair… meatball/bear hair!!! tooo cute. Martina… you know you have a mission now, right?

    anyways, i think it’s pretty cool when the k-pop charts are full of nooblets like this because it gives me a chance to discover new music. i don’t really follow anything k-pop related except for your blog so it’s really fun for me ^_^

  16. The glam song reminds me of The Saturday’s “Higher” song ( the style of the vid and everything) !

  17. This “I’m missin’ u” is totally STUCK in my head!!)))I hope you gonna review D-UNIT ^__^

  18. Lol Your funny mistype ChOAS when its ChAOS c;

  19. It is nice to see a list of new artist. Not necessarily because they are rookie bands, but bands whose names aren’t out there like the bigger ones. Ya know. Really gives you a way to introduce your viewers to new bands, broaden horizons in the kpop world.

    I was distracted by the Olympics while watching/listening to ChOAS so can’t fairly judge them. Glam, I couldn’t finish the whole song. Talk about a CGI budget man. It was all to much. D-Unit however, I really liked their song. It stood out amongst the rest. Lightly catchy, up beat and danceable. I’ll be keeping on eye on them.

    And yeah, I stare at all street signs in Kpop videos looking for Flaxton & Ashfield signs. The last time I saw it was back in May, it was used in Heo Young Saeng’s Crying video. And as always very randomly placed.

  20. So the alien thing is popular this year? I know B.A.P are aliens, and from what little I know about EXO, aren’t they supposed to be aliens too? And now Glam apparently comes from the moon?

  21. I hope you’ll include AOA’s Elvis next weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.

  22. Same as alot of people, when i first started watching to I’m Missing You, I immediately thought of 2NE1’s I love you mostly because of the setting (you know her lying in the bed) and then I thought of U-Kiss’s Believe when they went into the subwat tunnel, thing… Then when they were on the rooftop (or wherever that was) I immediately thought of SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong and then saw the electrical stuff and thought of 2NE1’s Ugly. But actually I like this song.

  23. Does anyone else think the still shot of the ChAOS guy for this post is a little unsettling? He’s got that look on his face normally reserved for that moment in the movie when the innocent, serene looking person suddenly massacres the whole room, ala Battle Royale.

  24. I didn’t see enough to verify the lower sign as Flaxton St. BUT THE UPPER ONE STARTS WITH CLEAR ASH! Simon should have a symbolic t-shirt done with the Flaxton sign burning :)

  25. i like them, the groups, they’re different. and with D-UNIT, would people stop complaining that they’re copying blah blah blah and all that crap? really its annoying

    you ask for groups that arent sexy and that aren’t cute and when you do get a new type of style you go “OH MY GODDD!! THEY ARE SO~ COPYING 2NE1! SO UNORIGINAL!” ok yes i admit the spiked jacket, with the blonde hair and sunglasses does come off screaming “CL!” but really i like the rest, its different, its good and the song isnt all that bad.

    really, just because i’m a blackjack doesn’t mean i have to hate anything slightly like 2ne1’s style. They didn’t come up with it sure they brought it into the spotlight but that doesn’t mean no one else can use it.

  26. I can understand why you are annoyed at the whole comparing thing. I think it is a great way to describe a new artist. For example I would say Glam reminds me of F(x) (visually and the amount of people) and Miryo (hairwise, and soundwise) But it isn’t that I am saying they are copying blah blah, just merely trying to explain what they are like. That’s all fine and dandy.

    Kpop compares everyone to everybody like there is a special cannon. Funny that you mentioned 2NE1- because they were dubbed the “female Big Bang.” Son Dam Bi was labeled as the “female Rain,” C-REAL is the girl group version of IU. I think Simon and Martina are getting tired of new artists having to be just like someone else. I get it. I see artists debut and I think “My god! This is such a rip off of T-ara’s gang image!” *cough*gangkiz* (which I like some of their songs surprisingly) or how about Crayon Pop’s Saturday Night video? Looks just like Girls Day’s.

    Okay I am not saying Kpop isn’t original or copying everyone. I just merely stating there is an expectation to fulfill an existing role within the pop scene.

  27. So, i don’t usually comment in the K-popCharts Update, but i was a little sad about something. NS Yoon-G release a music video “I got you” recently, and i was wondering if you were aware of it, she’s not a rookie, in fact, in january we almost got her previous song in first place for K-pop music mondays.
    So yeah, just sad you didn’t mentionned her last week or this week :( because she’s got talent.
    Anyway, still happy to watch the videos you posted^^ Have a nice day !

  28. I’ve found myself starting to enjoy Glam’s song and i think the video is really pretty when the firework things come out of their hearts lol ^___^

  29. ChAOS – spreading literary destruction with their deliberate typos…..manly indeed.

    Glam…the song is really catchy, but it just feels like they are trying too hard.

    And Oh my gosh. Are D-unit like, 14 years old? They seriously look it. I think they could be really osm when they are older. Don’t mean that as a put down, they just look like children to me. Children with a lot of talent.

  30. Only rookie groups I like this year are EXO, B.A.P and now AOA (maybe even NU’EST and Hello Venus). They’ll get far. But other groups…. They may get a song that is really good someday, they may not. Their future is unpredictable.

  31. just thought of this, but the awkwardness of “Racer”‘s description box is almost as awkward as Boyfriend’s “Love Style”
    sweet jesus i thought i’d never live see this day

  32. i really like all these songs! good picks guys, gold star!^^ my thoughts (least favorite to favorite):
    GLAM: that one part in the song was good, but i’m with martina. it takes to long to get there and i didn’t really like the video. i thought the concept was cheesy >.>” i PERSONALLY felt the animation wasn’t amazing, and i know they have a budget, but i don’t think they should have done it all if it wasn’t well-executed, you know? but overall the song was pretty good.

    D-UNIT: absolutely LOVE this one! i honestly did think of 2NE1, but i don’t really know much about either group to say anything, so that’s the deal with that. i really like the image each girl has, and also the song and dance were pretty good. the street sign didn’t distract me, rather i found the fact that THEY WERE IN THE TUNNEL FROM U-KISS’ BELIEVE to be more distracting (lol)

    ChAOS: i admit, i’ve been a ChaoNyx since their debut with “she is coming” (which is definitely a more unique and interesting song btw). while they’re not my favorite group, ChAOS is definitely up there because of their unique vocals. (interesting fact: their vocal teacher is Lee Hyuk from the rock band Norazo) ANYWAYS, i agree that the MV is very strange, and i was laughing at how ridiculous the concept is when i first saw it. but i really do like this song a lot. i personally feel it has a different vibe from most kpop music, but that’s probably just me lol. but i still cringe every time when they ruin that perfectly good guitar ;__;

  33. lol, flaxton street XD I’m not too sure though if it’s really the flaxton street sign in d-unit’s video. but I am pretty sure that I have seen that brick room before, I just can’t quite remember where…was it in a u-kiss mv maybe?
    in general, korea needs more sets for music videos! I’m tired of seeing the same rooms over and over again. recently there were b.a.p in one of super junior’s oddly lit rooms and aoa in the set of snsd’s paparazzi, just to name examples >_< seriously, more filming sets, please!

  34. only Simon & Martina can make me sit through a string of music videos from groups i havent heard of.. D-Unit did get my attention though among the 3.. let’s see these groups will fair in future… now.. i’m waiting for Batoost! hahahaha..

  35. At the beginning of the glam video my first thought was “Korean Spice Girls”?

  36. omg when i saw the name D-unit i immediatly said G-UNIT!

  37. And also, 2ne1 seriously reminds me of TLC from the U.S. So if people really wanna compare….

  38. D-Unit is the best one out of all three. I like the style, music and video. And also about the 2ne1 comparison. I think it’s because two of them look like Dara and CL, that’s about all I can compare. This is a different style than 2ne1 but if they can get through the comparisons, then they will break out in their own style.

  39. I was thinking, S&M only talked about 3 out of the12th new groups. How about we start talking about the groups not mention that you like? Maybe S&M can do a special episode about new groups, if the interest is high enough. Personally, I like Crayon Pop and all their craziness releasing multiple versions of the same song and a video of each song for their first single.

  40. I really liked ChAOS’s song and it’s rare for me to like anything from a new artist the first time I listened to it. It wasn’t as “manly” as B.A.P in my opinion, but it was enjoyable and it immediately went into my music playlist.

    I didn’t really care for the GLAM song or video. I’m not really into the girl groups. It wasn’t bad (I didn’t want to shove sharp things into my ears to make it stop or anything), but I probably won’t be listening to it again.

    I can’t think D-Unit without saying it in my mind as with the tone and inflection of G-Unit. I liked this song better than GLAM’s though.

    With all that said though…I’m thinking that B2ST will be reviewed for this KPMM! YAY!!!!

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