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KpopCharts Update: Not Spy Style

August 18, 2012



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Super Junior “Spy” – Vote for it here!

Oh, those of you who struggle against the inevitable. Yes, we’ve read some people’s complaints that we shouldn’t do this video, because – yes – Super Junior is yet again dancing around in a fancy box, and that very little original is done in this video. But that won’t stop people from voting. I think it’s almost a guarantee: if a Super Junior video comes out, it will be voted to the top of our KpopCharts, regardless of the video. I’d really be interested in seeing a Super Junior video and, say, a Big Bang video, or a Xia Junsu video, be released at the exact same time, and see who comes out victorious. Is there any band that could overtake them? Kissmes, perhaps? Maybe SNSD? Tough call.

Psy & Hyuna “Oppa’s Just My Style” – Vote for it here!

Oh God! This song is probably not going to get voted in, even though it’s the most viewed video in this week’s KpopCharts. It’s got over 5,000,000 views. Nu’est barely has 200,000, but Nu’est is in 2nd while this video isn’t even in the top 10. Why? I think most people agree that it’s very, very BAD. Whoa. Hyuna’s voice, even if it’s meant to parody aegyo voices, is grating beyond belief, and it just sounds TERRIBLE in this song. Whoa. The charm of the original video is completely lost. Instead of hilarity, we have redundancy. Why are they dancing in boxes? THIS AIN’T AN SM VIDEO!

Anyhow, if – by some freak of bad luck – this video does get voted in, it’ll probably be the Seungri Time for Kisses girl doing the whole review. Though, that’ll probably be hilarious.

Nu’est “Not Over You” – Vote for it here!

Oh, Nu’est fans. When will Nu’est ever get reviewed? It’s in second place right now, and would totally be in first place if it weren’t for Super Junior. I didn’t even think the Super Junior video was going to come out this week. Wasn’t it supposed to be delayed by a lot? Ah. Whatever the situation, it just doesn’t look good for Nu’est this week. Is anything big coming out next week? G Dragon? Xia Junsu? I don’t know. Can’t know, really, with that new supposed censorship pre-screening law that totally sucks.

Well, we’re just happy that this video is not in a fancy box. They’re out in public! That’s cool! And we’d like to talk more about it…if we could. SO GET IT TO THE TOP!

Lastly, I know that a buttload of new videos came out this week, and we didn’t get a chance to talk about them all. We can only talk about three per week! It feels like 20 came out this week. If there’s any that we definitely should/MUST talk about for next week, let us know in the comments!




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