Super Junior “Spy” – Vote for it here!


Oh, those of you who struggle against the inevitable. Yes, we’ve read some people’s complaints that we shouldn’t do this video, because – yes – Super Junior is yet again dancing around in a fancy box, and that very little original is done in this video. But that won’t stop people from voting. I think it’s almost a guarantee: if a Super Junior video comes out, it will be voted to the top of our KpopCharts, regardless of the video. I’d really be interested in seeing a Super Junior video and, say, a Big Bang video, or a Xia Junsu video, be released at the exact same time, and see who comes out victorious. Is there any band that could overtake them? Kissmes, perhaps? Maybe SNSD? Tough call.

Psy & Hyuna “Oppa’s Just My Style” – Vote for it here!


Oh God! This song is probably not going to get voted in, even though it’s the most viewed video in this week’s KpopCharts. It’s got over 5,000,000 views. Nu’est barely has 200,000, but Nu’est is in 2nd while this video isn’t even in the top 10. Why? I think most people agree that it’s very, very BAD. Whoa. Hyuna’s voice, even if it’s meant to parody aegyo voices, is grating beyond belief, and it just sounds TERRIBLE in this song. Whoa. The charm of the original video is completely lost. Instead of hilarity, we have redundancy. Why are they dancing in boxes? THIS AIN’T AN SM VIDEO!

Anyhow, if – by some freak of bad luck – this video does get voted in, it’ll probably be the Seungri Time for Kisses girl doing the whole review. Though, that’ll probably be hilarious.

Nu’est “Not Over You” – Vote for it here!


Oh, Nu’est fans. When will Nu’est ever get reviewed? It’s in second place right now, and would totally be in first place if it weren’t for Super Junior. I didn’t even think the Super Junior video was going to come out this week. Wasn’t it supposed to be delayed by a lot? Ah. Whatever the situation, it just doesn’t look good for Nu’est this week. Is anything big coming out next week? G Dragon? Xia Junsu? I don’t know. Can’t know, really, with that new supposed censorship pre-screening law that totally sucks.

Well, we’re just happy that this video is not in a fancy box. They’re out in public! That’s cool! And we’d like to talk more about it…if we could. SO GET IT TO THE TOP!

Lastly, I know that a buttload of new videos came out this week, and we didn’t get a chance to talk about them all. We can only talk about three per week! It feels like 20 came out this week. If there’s any that we definitely should/MUST talk about for next week, let us know in the comments!


  1. I didn’t know Nu’est had a girl in their band…


    Well, that’s unfortunate ;s

  2. KARA’s Pandora should be on here!!

  3. please make a review for nu’est…they really do have a nice video..;)) i love all of their songs and biased to each and every one of them…;))


  4. Feel bad for NU’EST fans, but I’m still voting for Junsu. I’m so sorry, I can’t help it!! DX

  5. I adore Hyuna so much but even I find her performance in Oppa’s Just My Style odd. Her voice tone doesn’t actually suit the song, I don’t understand why they got her to rap that way (unless it’s purposely to poke fun but then it defeats the aim if people cringe and doesn’t watch it). It does get a bit better if you play it a few times (it’s just the chorus that is so bad), you’ll start auto-ignoring the sound and be like “Oh~Pretty~Legs~” LOL.

  6. they completely ruin the song with this video Oh Man I feel like crying  

  7. Just want to say, as an ELF, if NU’EST did win, CONGRATULATIONS. :D

    You all worked really hard, bravo. :)

    Now keep calm and Clap Your Hands. xD

  8. Please review EXID’s new song? They deserve it! Super Junior and whatnot get reviewed all the time. http://fareastvibes.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/EXID.png see this girl? she is amazingly talented!!!

  9. I found this on a Kpop blog – maybe it helps explain some things?

    “The Korean slang ‘Gangnam Style’ refers to a luxurious lifestyle, associated with Gangnam district, an affluent and trendy area of Seoul.The music video shows PSY dancing a comical horse-riding dance and appearing in unexpected locations such as an outdoor yoga session and hot tub. The “skewering of the Gangnam image” by the “non-Gangnam PSY” is recognizable to Korean viewers, but those less familiar with the cultural context have found the video “fresh” amidst the teen pop idol groups increasingly popular with overseas viewers. That’s it. Psy is showing us the complete opposite of Gangnam Style. That’s the joke. And Hyuna’s version? She’s imitating the girls in Gangnam by being overly cute, and Psy is acting like guys in Gangnam who’re attracted to these sorts of women.”

    •  A lot of people understand what Hyuna is trying to do there.

      That doesn’t mean it’s well done or that it sounds nice or is pleasant to look at. Because it is none of those things.

  10. I’m comfused – Suju is second but has over 24.000 votes, yet N’est has only 14 and is first. Am I wrong somewhere?

    Khm, I want suju. mehrong :p (I don’t even now if I wrote it right)

    •  The older a video is, the harder it is to keep it on top.

      Plus, S&M’s tweet earlier today pretty much confirms that SPY is going to be reviewed. So there’s no reason for ELFs to continue to vote for it.

  11. Since Suju and other obviously super popular groups videos will most likely be reviewed, can you maybe not include them in the Kpop charts updates or at least put them at the end where less people will watch them?

    I feel that every time a video gets put on the charts as the first video that MV gets an increase in votes. I understand that that is the point of the Update but I feel that the less popular groups have a disadvantage. They have less dedicated fans or people just do not know about them and those groups never stand a chance because KMM has become a popularity contest. At least if you talk about them in the Update, you have mentioned them.

    There is really no need to put SuJu in the Kpop Chart Updates, because everyone already knows whenever SuJu releases it. And there is a 99% chance that it will get reviewed. 








    junsu jjang!

  13. irritablevowel

    In other kpop news, Simon Pegg just tweeted the “Gangnam Style” vid to his 2.5 million followers.  WORLDS COLLIDE!
    Of all the Gangnam Style love going around, none made me happier than that….because Simon Pegg is a god among men.

  14. 싸이의 강남스타일 한국에서 인기 많아요. ㅋㅋ 첨에는 노래가 이상했는데 계속들으니까 웃기고 중독되는 노래에요. ㅎㅎ 뮤직비디오도 좀 웃기구요.. ㅋ

  15. HAHAHAHA! I love Martina’s introduction to the Psy ft. Hyuna vid… And totally agree, I couldn’t make it through the whole video…

  16. Dear boys and girls -
    Oppa’s Just My Style sets a fine example to follow – This is why you should not squeeze your hamster, rat, mouse, gerbil, or guinea pig too hard. Because they’ll turn into Hyuna from this MV. And that’s are really sad tragedy.

  17. Nu’est wins points from me for just having an American Cocker puppy in it :D:D:D:D

  18. I don’t watch things in playlist mode because i’m a hipster and I revolt against the mainstream………………………. jk

  19. Nu’est Fighting! Come on, we gotta work together! We can do this! Fighting!

  20. BoA -The Shadow should also be in the update next week ^^   also sorry if my comment b4 offended anyone it was just my opinion I’m sorry 

  21. I wish it was EvoL ;_;

  22. NU’EST is like those smaller groups that don’t get noticed a lot like LEDAPPLE :(
    it pisses me off…..

  23. Psy & Hyuna “Oppa’s Just My Style”  , cause it would be funny

  24. Super Junior-Spy is the best and sexiest song EVAAAARRR!!!

  25. How about making a special episode from kpop music mondays where you (Simon&Martina) can review the songs you never got the chance to review? 

    Anyways, I can’t wait for this music mondays since I like all your videos and love the comedy XD

    . . .the song “oppa is my style ” annoyed me . . . -.- I understand why you would not want to review it 

  26. You might not have to review spy if there are enough Ireallydon’twantyoutotalkaboutSJdancinginanotherboringbox people to vote for the second place video, just so they don’t have to watch superjunior. I am totally guilty of doing that. :)

    With such a freaking cool theme as Spy, why couldn’t they have come out with a cooler video? Being a relatively recent newcomer to Kpop, so far I have seen nothing that tells me I should like SJ.

  27. brahs, you don’t have to review Spy. You have the power to not do it. Sure it’s kind of a gimmie in terms of what to review and the silly English, but surprise us all with a review of something you truly care about.

    You Ish video shows you guys are dying to talk more about Oh! My God. Here is your chance, it can be your way of telling SM that no, you will not accept whatever they throw out for a quickly made video with what the hell English.

  28. EvoL and AoA? although AoA is quite old

  29. I don’t know if you will have time to read this but if SPY is voted I would like you to speak about something. You know (many know) that Super Junior has a huge fanbase so it’s true that SM doesn’t need to do something extraordinary to have fans attention. But the thing is that (and I think I’m speaking for international fans here because like you said once Koreans don’t seem bothered by the MV in a box thing) fans like change. After a while they get bored and look for new things, it’s  constant change of discovering things that are good enough to keep us attentive all the time. But if SM continues to give Super Junior that kind of MV they are going to be boring to fans and they will start to lose fans (I can say to you it has started). This is what I think SM doesn’t realise (or perhaps they know but this sounds like another conspiracy theory that fans can create to criticise SM so I prefer to not consider this possibility). Now don’t take me wrong I know Super junior will not be always the nº1 boy group with dbsk and bigbang, it’s a cycle, like HOT and Shinwha were nº1 some years ago things change, but knowing how much cash and prestige a group like Super Junior has given to them (of course not the only ones), I if I worked at SM I will look to exploit that as much as i can. Sure low production cost and a maximum of profit but for how long 2-3 years? or perhaps invest a little bit more and have a maximum profit during 5 years. And let’s just say SM is really cheap for MV, so if that’s the case I want low production cost but that doesn’t mean creativity can’t be cheap. I mean I’m sure there is a possibility to have low production costs and have a really creative music video. Creativity doesn’t mean to use expensive special effects and so on, creativity can be just take a camera and film them like playing around doing spy things per example. (kind of what shindong did when he took his camera for the Oppa Oppa MV). I think it’s a shame that for once Super Junior has a realy nice concept SM didn’t use it at all! I mean the Choreography it’s amazing and it’s really cool but I’m going to look at it when i will watch them perform in music programs 4times a week during 3 weeks, so i think for the MV they need something else that the choreography. And the best part of all this is that SM just released a Dancing version of Spy, like REALLY !!!??? I mean like there wasn’t enough dancing in the actual MV, WTF?!
    btw I’m a ELF, so no this isn’t coming from an anti, and personally it’s not because I like Super Junior that I will praise everything they do.

    • I agree with that assessment so much. I feel like SM has given up on trying to grow SJ’s fanbase, and is just trying to milk as much money as they can out of them before they become a thing of the past. I guess SM doesn’t care about us international fans, because I feel SJ could probably grow a lot there if you know, they actually came out with something that was interesting for once. I actually don’t like SJ at all, but I still feel like they deserve to be treated better than the way SM is using them.

    • That’s just bullshit. If SM doesn’t care about international fans, then they wouldn’t so many SMT world tours. They are a business for god’s sake! They know where to milk their money.

      Might I remind you, SM has the most idols that are NOT from korean. Think of Victoria and those EXO members. Almost all of their idols went to Japan for further promotion. Their found, Li Soo Man even went to Standford to talk about his plan of aiming KPOP in foreign countries.

      Super Junior probably has the largest international fanbase. I just think that they don’t need to spend so much money on MVs. It’s understandable!

      Siwon and Donghae have been acting in Taiwanese dramas. SJM is promoting in Taiwan and Thailand. The leader, Leeteuk, is joining the military service really soon.

      You talk about all this business when you actually ignore where they actually make the business.

      SM is a very smart company.

      • I didn’t say they didn’t care about international fans, I think you’re reading too much between the lines. What I’m trying to say is that the MV that are posted in youtube are actually done thinking on international fans. Now what I’m saying is that international fans like change, something new, “fresh” to look at, and in the long way if they keep doing the same thing fans will get bored and start to leave the fandoms (by the way this applies to all the SM artists). Now you say they know where they milk their money OF COURSE THEY KNOW they are a smart company after all but they haven’t realised yet and nailed yet the international market. Sure they are doing concerts overseas, because they know there is a demand and they will do good cash too, so yes they are giving things to the international fans. But the main problem remains that this are immediate solutions and not really focused on the long way (at least this is my opinion). Now why do I think like this, well for the moment I haven’t seen SM do a smart move beyond the concerts. Every attemped to brake in the western markets have been very poor, not completly unsuccessful but not enough to create and impact. Now let’s just take Gangnam style mv and the sorry sorry mv, both went viral because of a catchy tune and an interesting dance step, yet the difference on the impact is due to the MV, gangnam style mv is breaking more barriers than sorry sorry did because the mv as an interesting concept here the humor and not a boring one like dancing in a box. That’s the power of a well done MV.
        And if I follow your argument they have the biggest fanbase so they don’t need an expensive MV? so what let’s give them a plain boring one, give them a crappy one too and that’s it. Well this argument is what in the long run will make them lose fans. Now please don’t come to me with “true ELF will never leave them” bullshit, because you might love someone very much but that doesn’t mean you will accept crap from them every time. Now another thing I said perhaps invest more on the MV, but I also said ok let’s not expend more in the MV but let’s do something more creative than just dancing in a box, so this too is another possibility were no more cash will be put in a MV than the old budget but creativity and change will make things different and I think more enjoyable that just dancing in a box.

  30. Did they just reference goldfinger ? and am i the only one who hears i got your linnen runway ?

  31. YG whyyyyyyyy T___T Hyuna I miss your old rapping style…

  32. xnurikaxx

     As much as I love Super Junior I wasn’t all that thrilled with this song
    or this video. I mean I do still like the song, but there are parts
    that are slightly annoying to listen to. I do like the James Bond aspect
    of it. Of course Eunhyuk has to look like Michael Jackson a bit but
    that’s never anything new. I have would have to agree with many of you
    that I really do wish that some of their old song would be reviewed as
    they were amazing and they weren’t trapped in an oddly light room just
    dancing with no real originality.

    Perhaps have a flash back type of Music Monday’s. It would be different
    and awesome. I love the stuff that you guys are doing now and on a sight
    called Vampirefreaks.com I am part of a cult called Saranghae. There is
    an area dedicated to Eatyourkimchi so we love you guys and the reviews
    you make XD.

    Also I think I lost respect for Hyuna a little bit after hearing that
    parody. It was just so AWFUL, I mean really! She kinda ruined a really
    awesome song for me.

    Speaking of which Psy’s Gangnam style was being played at the Chandler
    Fashion mall here in Arizona on the screens in the food court that play
    music videos. I thought that was awesome! Anyway keep up the good work!



      …Should totally be a segment… Just sayinnnn’.. >. >

  33. Ugh, that Hyuna/PSY video – why, just…why? I think she’s trying too hard to do a baby voice, and it’s just not working (nor is it cool or funny). Would love to see Not Over You reviewed, because it’s a bit different, and I’m sure it would make Spudgy happy, since there are dogs in it.:)

  34. aahhhhhh….. Simon why did i listen to you and watch this on PLAYLIST MODE??!!! my ears are still ringing from the video that doesnt exist..

  35. I think for the Kpop updates you shouldn’t talk about the top groups that we all know will win, SuJu, Big Bang, Batoost…I would like to hear about the less known groups, or rookies, Tasty, Phantom, Vixx, and Eru are some I can think of. Of course this is my opinion you do whatever you want. :) 

  36. I know you can’t include all releases since you limit it to 3 songs / week, and it’s a lot of work, but there’s been lots of releases these past 2 weeks, not entirely bad, and they probably won’t be mentioned because there’s new releases every week, which I think is quite sad, for example EvoL, EXID, Tasty, Two X, Vixx and a whole bunch of others, I just named some off top of my head.

    I think it would be cool if you at least included them in some way, like…say your early K Crunch, I really liked that :)

  37. I just voted for Gangnam Style Hyuna’s Version. MUHAHHA MUHAHHA HAHHAHA, I’m so evvvil 

  38. Ah it really seems like Tasty has no chance of winning OTL 
    Other than Junsu they the only one I’d have any interest in seeing (I’m going to watch the reviews regardless though so I guess it doesn’t matter lol) 
    I’m just really curious to see your opinions about them, their name, and their general group dynamic.  

  39. you should really review on old mv’s too. even though its old we still like it and listen to it. it’ll be really cool.

  40.  I want BoA shadow!!! (though I don’t know what the message the video is conveying) SM seldom makes meaningful MV and shadow should get a chance!!!!

  41. eeeeeep~ NUEST — i kinda just discovered them 3 seconds ago! wow. would love to see what you think about them. also, i can’t believe i almost ALMOST mistook the feminine blondie for a girl. lol on that note, why are there so few mixed (boy-girl) bands in kpop?

  42. Super Junior’s SPY wasn’t a LOVEEEE at first hearing, but definitely grew on me…. as for the video I actually really liked it despite the usual complaints of SM videos. I appreciate how the choreography framed the members well and the Kyuhyun into Ryeowook magic trick was real nifty (wayyy more surprising then any of the magic tricks in their A-CHA video)^^

    • “A-ChA,” which was strangely similar, yayyyyy~

      I agree on the choreography (though for me, the video will never outshine the live perfs; at least since they were released first). Was really happy to see Kyucumber in an awesome role for once. The maknae deserves to be evilly badass too! XD


    • “go kick it in the butt” makes sense to you?
      anyway… Super Junior’s english is epic

      “i’m ready to bingo” will be part of my english vocabulary forever :)


        BINGO to the left, BINGO to the right! (I will never get that dance move down, but it’s okay! Watching Donghae-oppa do it is FIIINE with me!)

  44. Hmm I really wanted to see some sort of comment on EvoL since they made it to the top 10 despite being a new group.  

  45. for next week, BoA’s The Shadow and yeah…junsu :)

  46. sorry, but yes i am still going to vote for super junior’s mv when it’s out :D no matter they are dancing in a box or not hahahaha

  47. nu’est. That’s all I’m saying… Been voting for these guys! >< 
    if only they were #1 for action too! 

  48. OMG Martina! I had your saaaaame reaction to Hyunas Oppas just my style! (i think thats the songs name…right? :D) LOL ;D

  49. does a part of the song remind you of the show ‘get smart’ type sound? but like they tweaked it up a bit so it doesnt sound the same?

  50. KARA also will be out soon..

  51. Well… XIah Junsu’s vid just came out… looks like Nu’est probably won’t get reviewed next week then… Sorry to Nu’est fans!

  52. Where’s F’cuz Dreaming I? Did I lost something?

  53. Since EvoL dropped to fourth place, I’m really hoping NU’EST gets reviewed. Seems like there’s so much to talk about (and parody). Yes, I need a Simon-NU’EST parody please. Why is NU’EST’s videos on EYK always end up charting at an unfortunate time?!

  54. I think I’m the only person that LIKED the Hyuna version just as much as the original. :( I found it cute!

  55. I so wish you guys could review “No Other” or “It’s You” but those videos are too old. :(

    Honestly I think it’d be a nice flashback to the good old days when SM appreciated SJ’s “out in the real world/normal guys singing about normal situations” ability…

    I know that “SPY” will win; I myself have voted for it. But it would just be nice to hear what you two lovelies think anyway. :) Maybe in a homage video review extrava-palooza one day. (Along with TVXQ’s “Triangle,” that would be REALLY fun!) XD

    Ooh! And also – next week, Shadow your butts off! I can totally see a Simon “I lost my pants” reference to EXO because BoA is SO the “MAMA” Tree of Life! Pleeease tell me I’m not the only one who saw that connection!


    • You’re not the only one LOL.

      Also, as an ELF I too voted for SuJu even tho the MV did suck, cos I did somewhat like the song and am still interested in what they have to say, even though I know what they’ll have to say about the MV quality LOL.


      • OMO Someone who thinks like me.. D:

        Haiiiiii~! ^^~ LOL

        Yeeah, it definitely wasn’t their best, agreed. (Especially after “S,F&S,” in my opinion.) Love the song, amazing epic mind-blowing choreo, but music video (and even dance version)….. Lacklusterrrr. SuJu deserves W-A-Y better.

        Which is why Simon and Martina should TOTES make a “Blast From the Past” Music Monday Special! So that old amazing videos from some of our favorite artists can also get reviewed by the amazing dynamic duo! The Nasties would love it, I think. :P

        Oh Simon & Martina. I look forward to rofl’ing at what they say about the box this time. That was my primary reason for voting as well.

        Especially what they have to say about Teukkie-Leader’s little………


        • Omg, that wasn’t intentional. xD And hello.

          I too am just curious about what they have to say on basically … everything. I just like to know their views on any MV by an artist I like, even if the MV is bad … so yeah. Also I too hope they mention the slip LOL.

          Personally I didn’t like SFS or Spy that much, song and video wise, I think I like Spy more than SFS though. But I did love the rest of the SFS album and even the Spy repackage. I didn’t dig Gulliver too much, that’s like the only other song I didn’t really like. I’m really fussy with my music so I found it amazing that I liked almost every song.

        • Then you, my friend, are an unintentional mastermind. ;D

          Agreed. I just love hearing what Simon and Martina have to say, period. I don’t listen to Teen Top, but S&M’s Music Monday for “Be My Girl” was one of the hardest laughs I’ve ever had. So their reviews on artists I do listen to are ones I really look forward to. :)

          SLIP FTW !

          Really? That’s interesting. :O I don’t know many people who didn’t like “Sexy, Free & Single” so it’s nice to meet a differing opinion… I think “SPY” is ironically more complex than “S,F&S” even though the compositional arrangement is simpler. But something about “Sexy, Free & Single” just knocked “Bonamana” out of its top SuJu spot for me. XD

          “Gulliver” was good until the odd, sped-up chanting.. I tend to stop listening at that point. Otherwise I think SJ did a great job album and repackage-wise (“Rockstar” is so fun). I’m also picky with music, so I didn’t particularly love all the ballads (ballads have to be a special sort for me to lovelovelove them) but that said, I adore “From U” and I really enjoy all the repackage songs, especially “HARU.” That is my absolute favorite (and not just because my bias Fishy composed it!) ~<3 :P

          Just out of curiousity, who's your SJ bias? I also really like Kyu (I fondly call him Kyucumber), Eunhyuk, Siwon, Shindong and Yesung. (Hey, that's like half the band Lily, haha.) ^^~

        • Agreed, I enjoy all their perspectives, most I agree on, there’s been times when I haven’t but it was fine.

          But yeah, I dunno, SFS wasn’t ‘bad’, it just wasn’t ‘great’ to me. I love ballads from TVXQ and SuJu; only groups I enjoy basically any ballad of. Usually I dislike ballads but not when it’s from these two groups.

          I agree, Rockstar was great, very fun! I’d love an MV of Rockstar where they’re rocking out and cam-whoring and at the end of the video the room gets barged into by police or something chasing SuJu out cos they’re not actually ‘rockstars’ LOL. I think that would be a funny video. I also loved From U and out of the repackage I adored ‘Only U’, lol, lots of ‘U’s.

          And my bias is also Kyuhyun LOL. He has one of the most lovely voices, and he’s so funny and evil. Heechul is a very close second though, I adore Heechul and miss him so much. From then on I have trouble choosing but it’s be like Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Yesung and Donghae or something.

          If you want to keep talking I’m Tirahrr on Twitter. c:

        • I don’t err have Twitter.. But if y

  56. ok guise come NUEST needs to be up there come on we have to do it this time i mean the other two videos that they have are awesome omg the best but a least lets get this one review  *fighting*

  57. Re: The Suju  and PSY videos…they’ve got the Bond look locked down to the last debonaire detail. It’s hot, it’s cool…it’s shaken, not stirred. But then comes the noise. I realize on PSY’s that this is a bit of fun they’re having. That’s the PSY brand. What in the name of all that is holy is that Pee Wee Herman-esque fanfare on Suju’s ? Is it the Bond vibe they’re after or Bugs Bunny? The vocals soon smooth out and approach cool but then we’re back down the rabbit hole again! To be honest of the three videos presented the most tolerable was NU’EST.

  58. I love suju and nu’est but I’ve always wanted a BoA MV to be reviewed! Has boa been revied by you guys? 

  59. I think this KpopCharts Update was fine just the way it was…those that don’t think so can just leave. It must be really difficult to just pick 3 songs when it seems like 50 different music videos came out this week alone. Can’t wait for KMM and the next update. :D

  60. Sweet Baby Jesus. Can some one in Korea rip out Hyuna’s voice box? Please, I will pay you and I’m sure others will too. Please. I beg you…..T.T

  61. Aw, come on! Junsu’s Uncommitted! 

    No more Suju, please. D :

  62. se
    suponen que tengo que votar ,POR SPY??’…..por que AQUI DICEN soy parte de las
    asesinas en votacion osea ELF….MMM ME DA IGUAL SI GANA O NO…..PERO

  63. As a huge ELF myself, I wish ELFs didn’t blindly vote for any category SJ is in, especially when it’s not exactly a good thing if they win in this case. It’s fodder for antis.

  64. Hope fully EvoL gets in next week! I really love them! They even put a post on facebook
    and said that your blog is really popular and awesome and they said they hope they gets in!
    Did you know that?

  65. love nuest and super junior>< it has drop of blood like super junior "spy":)) (mujeres asesinas 2 entrada) (
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KjTTUkuX7E&feature=fvwrel) it is a bloody video to :))

  66. I will admit, I’m curious about your opinion on Tasty (the name, what you’d call the fans, and what you think about the whole twin duo thing). 

  67.  :’( Hyan’s Gungnum style is such a troll. It starts out like the orriginal but – oh lordy make it stop!

  68. WHOA. I’m a huge ELF but I really hate Spy…And before other people start bashing on me and calling me “disloyal,” I like bands for their music. And Suju really didn’t impress at all this time ._.

  69. XDDDDDDD u want to review Junsu’s Uncommitted dont you?? <3 LOL 

  70. Please do Junsu – Uncomitted. Thanks. ^^

  71. can you guys please not review super junior anymore you guys clearly don’t like super junior. Plus you’ve guys have created fanwars amongest SM, JYP and YG groups. SM don’t need to go all out for Super junior because they know that Super Junior don’t need it. They are a dancing group so there meant to show off there skills. If they do a long story video it doesn’t showcase there talents and won’t get enough spotlight for each memeber. It’s like with SNSD videos you always complian about them and there english there are 9 member which is hard for each of them to have perfect english unlike 3 to 5 memeber groups. If you have seen what you’ve done look at SNSD the boys video its gone out of control with the dislikes and it break SONE’s hearts. SM want to show off there artist skills with Bands Like EXO, BoA and TVXQ they need to spend some more money on them because there going down hill. BoA was gone for 2 years so BoA’s brother and SM put more money into there videos. Saying That SM don’t put too much money in a super junior video well look at an Super Junior concert look at the stages look at there performances SM spend so much money in those. YG has 2 bands and 6 solos thats not many they dont use there money i vairty shows which is good. But SM use all there artist with TV shows they have more than 10 internationally know bands 1 solo singer that has ruled over KPOP for 10 years now. If you can explian this in a TD RL would be nice or start saying good stuff about SM artisit ( SUJU and SNSD the most) WOULD BE GREAT !! because on sites like Allkpop comments about SM artist have created fanwars !

    • I think it is not a thing wether you like or not a group. In SuJu videos you can clearly see the pattern after Sorry Sorry came out and it was such a huge bomb back then. But I have to say this, if my favorite group were doing the same type of videos over and over again (not talking about music here, that’s another story) I would just hear their music rather than watch the video =.=! Maybe SM might (I don’t believe this, but meh) uses the same amount of money for each group, but HOW the spen it might be the problem :/! 
      Finally I don’t think Simon&Martina are creating fanwars. Let’s face it, a lot of k-popers fight over the smallests stuff, so this kind of an excuse for their behaviour. Fights among fandoms will always exist since we don’t like the same and there is a lot of people who don’t respect each others tastes in music (?)
      I’m a DBSK/JYJ fan, and I’ve seeing Simon&Martina videos about them, some of them are possitive, some (a lot) are negative, and I have seriously laughed a lot xDDD but hey! this is just for fun, if you take it seriously, then, I think, it’s not their problem :/!
      No means to offend you with this post, just stating my opinion :B!

    • In all honesty, Simon and Martina are just stating the obvious whether some fans wanna hear it or not. I am sure they are not starting fan wars. Some fans are just instigators. Just my opinion. No offense to any k-pop fan or SM fans.

    • I have to respectfully disagree with what you’ve said. Simon and Martina clearly DO like SuJu. Just because they don’t like some things about their videos doesn’t mean they don’t like the group. Also, if a lot of people are saying the same things as Simon and Martina in these fanwars you mentioned, it is because they agree with them. How can Simon and Martina be starting fanwars? Those people aren’t puppets.

      One more thing…..dislike of SME didn’t start with Simon and Martina(and I’d like to point out that liking Yg the best doesn’t mean disliking everything else). One example is Dbsk.  The majority of Cassies (not all) have disliked SME for YEARS as we’ve watched how SME has treated our boys. And JYJ are not the first SME artists to break free.

      Everyone is entitled to their opinions, this is mine. :)

  72. The Super Junior one was terrible, and although I’m a PSY fan, Hyuna makes the song sound terrible. NUEST all the way, so far. 

  73. BoA -The Shadow should also be in the update next week ^^

  74. Hola!
    espero que puedan comentar este video, mas adelante.


    EXID _ I Feel Good

  75. Junsu, G-Dragon(when he come out XD), BoA!!!!!! BOA HAS ANOTHER VIDEO!!!! Evol!


  77. Burning by Phantom should be talked about next week!

  78. T_T  Oh NU’EST…… Every time NU’EST comes out with a video, a group with a bigger fan base does too….. T_T

  79. Junsu still has a chance to win, right? Even though he’s not in your kpopchart update?

  80. Well at least Super Junior has a magic trick you can talk about this time. But yeah, Super Junior, I love you very much, but your videos are pretty much all the same, and the song slightly confuses the hell out of me with the happy upbeat and then spy theme music and then what?
    I totally voted for NU’EST a ton, and then some of the videos with less of a chance like Racer by ChAOS and F.CUZ Dreaming I, oh and Tasty Noen Na Ara (can’t remember what it is in English for the life of me). Anyway…Love you Simon and Martina :D 

  81. Oh, by the way, if anyone doesn’t want Suju reviewed - 



    *runs away*

  82. I’m gonna make a typical comment for once: 
    No EVOL???!! D:

    I love you Simon and Martina! :D

  83. Not gonna lie, I really wanted VIXX Rock Ur Body instead of Hyuna’s remake.
    I will forgive you though :)

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