Ok, for starters: it sucks that every song in this week’s playlist has nothing but big words in them. We like combining the names of the three songs into something fun, like Love Sexy Money, but this is just too big and clunky. Anyhow, moving on to this week’s KpopCharts Update:

Xia Junsu “Uncommitted” – Vote for it Here!


I don’t think we’re clear enough here, when we have the link above that says “Vote for it Here!” Allow me to reiterate:


There. I think we’re a bit more clear now. We like Xia, we like the song, we like JYJ, and we’d like to review this. We’re not sure if our review will be good or not, but we’d like to support Junsu and JYJ as much as possible, considering how sucky things are for them in Korea, and how much better they should be. From should-be-institutionalized-for-being-crazy-stalkers to their ordeals with SM, we feel bad for JYJ. But we like their music. If their music sucked we wouldn’t care, but they – especially Junsu – constantly provide us with fun songs. So: vote for them. We’ll provide what little promotion for them we can.

Kara “Pandora” – Vote for it Here!


You know, we were supposed to interview Kara back at the Google Kpop Concert? Things didn’t work out with them, similar to how they didn’t work out with B2ST, but we both agreed to doing an interview. Anyhow, since then, since that fell through, we’ve really wanted to do something with Kara. We feel like we probably never will, because we think of them – for some reason – as being in Japan more than in Korea, so our chances in doing something with them might be slim. Are we wrong in thinking that they’re more in Japan than in Korea? I hope we didn’t offend and Kara diehards and Korea patriots. WE DIDN’T MEAN TO OFFEND YOU OKAY?! We just hear more about their Japanese stuff than their Korean stuff.

So, let’s change that. Vote for Kara!

BoA “The Shadow” – Vote for it Here!


We’ll accept no more excuses about SM’s videos. Sure, this video isn’t PERFECT, but we like it! It’s so different than an SM video, even though it does have some weird sets that they dance in. That’s expected, but there’s so much more in this video than just that. And – holy smokes – we just realized that we NEVER reviewed a BoA song. Isn’t she, like, the hugest huge Kpop idol in the universe? We attended a BoA performance once, and the fans there were scary. We’d think that they’d be all over our servers as well. Oh well. We’d love to review this song, for its Janet Jackson-ness, so vote for it, will you?!

Lastly, yes, G Dragon’s “One of a Kind” came out last night. We were done filming and editing by then. AHHH!

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