Ok, for starters: it sucks that every song in this week’s playlist has nothing but big words in them. We like combining the names of the three songs into something fun, like Love Sexy Money, but this is just too big and clunky. Anyhow, moving on to this week’s KpopCharts Update:

Xia Junsu “Uncommitted” – Vote for it Here!


I don’t think we’re clear enough here, when we have the link above that says “Vote for it Here!” Allow me to reiterate:


There. I think we’re a bit more clear now. We like Xia, we like the song, we like JYJ, and we’d like to review this. We’re not sure if our review will be good or not, but we’d like to support Junsu and JYJ as much as possible, considering how sucky things are for them in Korea, and how much better they should be. From should-be-institutionalized-for-being-crazy-stalkers to their ordeals with SM, we feel bad for JYJ. But we like their music. If their music sucked we wouldn’t care, but they – especially Junsu – constantly provide us with fun songs. So: vote for them. We’ll provide what little promotion for them we can.

Kara “Pandora” – Vote for it Here!


You know, we were supposed to interview Kara back at the Google Kpop Concert? Things didn’t work out with them, similar to how they didn’t work out with B2ST, but we both agreed to doing an interview. Anyhow, since then, since that fell through, we’ve really wanted to do something with Kara. We feel like we probably never will, because we think of them – for some reason – as being in Japan more than in Korea, so our chances in doing something with them might be slim. Are we wrong in thinking that they’re more in Japan than in Korea? I hope we didn’t offend and Kara diehards and Korea patriots. WE DIDN’T MEAN TO OFFEND YOU OKAY?! We just hear more about their Japanese stuff than their Korean stuff.

So, let’s change that. Vote for Kara!

BoA “The Shadow” – Vote for it Here!


We’ll accept no more excuses about SM’s videos. Sure, this video isn’t PERFECT, but we like it! It’s so different than an SM video, even though it does have some weird sets that they dance in. That’s expected, but there’s so much more in this video than just that. And – holy smokes – we just realized that we NEVER reviewed a BoA song. Isn’t she, like, the hugest huge Kpop idol in the universe? We attended a BoA performance once, and the fans there were scary. We’d think that they’d be all over our servers as well. Oh well. We’d love to review this song, for its Janet Jackson-ness, so vote for it, will you?!

Lastly, yes, G Dragon’s “One of a Kind” came out last night. We were done filming and editing by then. AHHH!

  1. @simonandmartina:disqus This video showed up on your Kpop Music Mondays page on the website… thought I’d let you know :)

  2. hmm.. i like it when you guys talk about JYJ’s current dilemma in korea. makes me wanna go and head to your TLDR channel to ask about it.. XD

  3. Even though I’m not a KARA fan, I respect how their songs are not kpop influenced and actually have like a disco 70s funky vibe :)


  4. …. You Kamailias have to work for it. Simon and Martina doesn’t pick what they want to review, the fans are. 

  5. oh my. jyj and junsu fans everywhere. come on Jumpers and Kamilia! :D

  6. I really want BoA to get reviewed so I might vote for her.
    Uncommitted is so good I’ve got to vote for Junsu.
    Pandora is so catchy and amazing (check out that cool rap) I don’t know who I should vote for!

  7. I kind of choose guys that don’t look like junsu O_O

  8. thanks so much for supporting JYJ after their hard times :D and i also love this new song!! <3 xia figthing!

  9. You guys should totally do GDragons new song! ONE OF A KIND!!

  10. BoA dance moves bring me back to Debbie Gibson 80′s.

  11. like the xia song.

  12. What are these Korean guys doing in the Mohave desert?

  13. I love reviews by Simon & Martina not because they did reviews for my favourite singers but because I can see some other objective thoughts and opinions in another angle…I have always love the critical thoughts of others in order for me to expand my knowledge and see something in a new light..so thank you Simon & Martina and please continue to do so…Fighting!!

  14. Simon, you’re so funny. Love how you guys are being so supportive towards JYJ, particularly, Junsu. 

  15. I wish Pandora gets reviewed but after seeing GD and Junsu’s latest songs…I doubt Kara’s MV will get reviewed since the fangirls will be flocking the Kpop chart, it’s pretty sad because an awesome song doesn’t get reviewed

    it will probably at least take another 2 weeks for Pandora to get reviewed but it will be very difficult because new songs will be updated every week

    since most of the active eatyourkimchi subscribers *from my observation* are girls so they’ll usually vote for male idolsby the way I’m not against GD and Junsu :D

    • Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like we’ll get another KARA review this year. 
      GD’s gonna release another MV next week. KARA will be practically out of the game by the time T-ARA & SECRET make comebacks.

  16. THANK YOU S&M for supporting JYJ!!! And thanks for calling me awesome! =)

    JYJ have so many obstacles in their own country but incredibly still manage to be successful by putting out great music that’s their OWN creation (In Heaven written by Jaejoong; Tarantallegra written by Junsu). I think that’s a pretty extraordinary feat in the world of kpop.

  17. Yea, i’ll vote 4 Junsu and others after NU’EST gets reviewed, after seeing them perform in Sydney i still can’t believe i saw them!! 

  18. There’s this weird thing that happens when watching your videos on my computer. (windows 7 firefox no ad blocking or anything on it)

    That weird thing is the frame for the video stays in the same place but when the world of tanks ad comes up the picture of the video moves about 1 1/2 inch to the right blocking the whole right side of the frame. Sometimes it’s no big deal but by the 3rd video in this playlist I could only see about half of either of your faces with the whole left side of the video fram black. It made me sad and its only the world of tanks ad… which is the most popular one i get. Just thought you guys should know the problem I’m having.

  19. Aw those poor Nu’est fans… jipped again this week. 

  20. Love Junsu’s new song! Have you guys ever thought of trying to get an interview with JYJ? They might do it since they’re being blocked from it in Korea and you reach the international fans.

  21. Thanks for supporting Junsu and JYJ!! Reaaaaaaally! I’m really grateful, and I know JYJ is too ^w^. Greetings from Argentina! ♥

  22. Thanks so much for supporting Junsu & JYJ! I’m a huge fan of them! 
    Junsu is my ultimate bias :DKeep supporting them. They are uber-talented! Can’t wait to hear what you think of the song on Monday!

  23. I always felt that BoA was the most amazing dancer out there, I mean in comparison to all the other girl bands. I still think she is exceptional but I stand corrected as to my opinion on girl bands. The problem is, I think, not in the dance skills but in the dances, I mean it`s much more fun to lwatch BoA in, let`s say, Eat you up, dancing with so much energy, then watching SNSD flip their legs while standing in one spot. But when I watched many kpop girl bands perform other then their own dances I was amazed how much skill they actually had and how little of it the choreography of the songs lets them show. Luckily I think that it`s getting a little bit better lately… so, GO GIRlS (and BoA).

  24. The Shadow is a really good song, I love the part where she’s like rapping? I presume it’s rapping anyway. And it sounds really cool!

  25. HEy, was it only me or the BoA shadow video didnt show up on the playlist? O_O 

  26. This has nothing to do with this video but thought you two might find it interesting, a deeper analysis of gangnam style might not be so facetious after all!:


  27. Okay, this isn’t really connected to the topic, but…

    I had a dream and you (Martina and Simon) were in it. I met you in some kind of restaurant and we all behaved like we knew each other for a long time, I even spoke a little bit of Polish with Simon. Then you offered me some nuts, but I was hesitant, because I can’t really bite hard things like nuts because of my braces (I really have braces and I really can’t bite hard things xD). But I ate it eventually because I thought: what can happen if I eat just one nut. Then I heard a crack and one of the braces’ metal elements broke off. It fell on my plate and I stared at it, shocked. Then I felt more elements being broken and they all fell out of my mouth, along with my teeth. o_O

    Okay, I know it might be gross xD But I wanted to tell you since you were in that dream lol xD

  28. i though nu’est were going to be reviewed :/ i wanted to see their first… T^T and then junsu video. 

  29. you guys really just don’t want to review nuest -___ – oh well there still awesome as a roockie group!!!

  30. vaxanne

    9 years have come and gone, I’m still single minded about JYJ. With most broadcast avenues closed on them, cyberspace remains the only gateway to the world, a wider and borderless world. Kudos to Simon and Martina for being that vehicle for the cause.

  31. thank you very much for your support to XIA/JYJ .I’m as a cassiopeia it means a lot to us .thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu & we love you.uncommitted must be reviewed

  32. i have a feeling the tree BoA’s sitting on in the beginning of the video is the dead tree of life.

    I see what they did there-__-

  33. You have no idea how much I appreciated your word of support for JYJ!!! I’m really sooooo thankful to you!! Their situation is just so hard and depressing and unbelievably unfair!! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!

  34. I’m usually somewhat aware of conflicts going on in K-Pop but this JYJ issue has somehow escaped my noticed. Why are they having such a hard time in Korea right now? 

    I would have to agree with you that Junsu’s is the best song. Though that is partially because I’ve never been a huge BoA or Kara fan. 

    (Also I just wanted to say, as I’m pretty new to your site, as in just found it three days ago, that I love, love, love your videos. And as a South Carolina native, It’s nice to hear about Korean culture from a commendably considerate and objective North American perspective. Plus your K-Pop commentaries are hilarious.)

    -If this shows up more than once I apologize. I’ve been having issues getting my comment to post. 

    • In extreme brevity: JYJ were members of SM group DBSK, but sued to get out of their (slave) contracts (that SM broke anyway through non-payment etc). SM pretty much has enough influence that they’ve gotten JYJ banned from tv except for acting. No singing or variety. All other aspects of music production and performance have been made more difficult as well. This extends to Japan as well. Trials have been going on for 3 years.

      Google JYJ SM lawsuit and I’m sure you’ll get all the details.  
      PS – I’m in NC! :)

      • Oh ok, that all makes more sense now. Thank you! And that also explains why I never see JYJ pop up on music shows (but I’ve heard a lot of their music as one of my friends, a fellow K-Pop fan, likes them a lot). 

  35. I’m usually somewhat aware of conflicts going on in K-Pop but this JYJ issue has somehow escaped my noticed. Why are they having such a hard time in Korea right now? 

    I would have to agree with you that Junsu’s is the best song. Though that is partially because I’ve never been a huge BoA or Kara fan. 

    (Also I just wanted to say, as I’m pretty new to your site, as in just found it three days ago, that I love, love, love your videos. And as a South Carolina native, It’s nice to hear about Korean culture from a commendably considerate and objective North American perspective. Plus your K-Pop commentaries are hilarious.)

  36. ahhhh too many new good songs and mv’s! how to choose ><

  37. I’m usually somewhat aware of conflicts going on in K-Pop but this JYJ issue has somehow escaped my noticed. Why are they having such a hard time in Korea right now? 

    I would have to agree with you that Junsu’s is the best song. Though that is partially because I’ve never been a huge BoA or Kara fan. 

    (Also I just wanted to say, as I’m pretty new to your site, as in just found it three days ago, that I love, love, love your videos. And as a South Carolina native, It’s nice to hear about Korean culture from a commendably considerate and objective North American perspective. Plus your K-Pop commentaries are hilarious.)

  38. jazminjhnsn

    Definitely voting for GD YG bias all day

  39. How accurate is it that there is a huge banana in the advertising window on my screen? Kiss and touch me….

  40. junsu needs to win this one cause u dont have many korean guys singing in english, some of thm have to work really hard in order to sing tht way, plus the song is hot, so yeah my vote is for junsu!!!! go junsu!!! simon and martina rocks!!!!! =^-^=

  41. I love you Simon and Martina and your support to Junsu!!! He’s really the best!!! :)

  42. Not like the other SM,…
    this SM (Simon & Martina) SUPPORT JYJ!!
    Let’s vote for Junsu !!

  43. I really like Junsu’s new song, so I want you to review his album, Simon please don’t be too hard on Dolphinsu’s english T__T

  44. junsu and jyj is talented artis,,they just need chance to soar…please suport them little more…

  45. i love junsu’s videos. there are always people from different races in his vids.

  46. thank u for loving and supporting Junsu and JYJ <3<3<3 we love ppl who love them. I love u EYK! ^^

  47. thanks for supporting Junsu n JYJ..
    i am voting for Junsu but i think it will be NU’EST that get reviewed, and after all their fans hardwork for voting it, i wouldnt min to wait for another week for Uncommitted.. but still worried since GD MV also came out already.. anyway i hope uncommitted will get a chance to be reviewed, since i really really really wanna see Simon n Martina, esp Simon having fun with the MV, in ‘a very loving way’ ofc =D

  48. Still voting for NU’EST. Will always vote for NU’EST. 

  49. plz boa boa boa boa OMGOMGOMG

  50. Yayyyyyy~thank you for supporting Junsuuuu < XD~

  51. do you guys like GD’s one of a kind mv/song??

  52. Im sorry Junsu :( but Nu’est still have a slim chance, even though everyone seems to be against it. Love’s still want to try so Junsu will have to wait for me to vote full :( *cries*

  53. I´m soooooo happy >_<  junsu is coming to chile !!!!!! this time alone XD. XIA TARANTALLEGRA 1st WORLD TOUR en Chile….. Greetings from the last place of the world XD.
    PD: I really appreciate the work that you do

  54. How I hope you can review Junsu’s awesome MV. I love the song. Junsu and JYJ deserve so much more than the raw deal they’re getting in their own country. Can’t wait to see what you do when you review it, and yes, I’m thinking optimistically ahead to next Monday!

  55. Sorry, I can’t vote for XIA yet. Nu’est has yet to be reviewed yet, and even though I’m a Baby, I really feel like they deserve a win. ^_^;;

  56. Kara’s Pandora sounds like something you would hear as an opening theme song for an anime, except it’s in korean so…yea.

  57. WoW I’m in an *electric shock* over the kpop chart results! Views are contradicting the rankings~ Let’s see who pulls off in the end! Eat your kimchi hwaiting! Simon & Martina hwaiting!

  58. oh my gosh Simon, is Janet Jackson where you got the “you so nasty” saying from? Cause it would make perfect sense since one of her songs is called Nasty. haha

  59. W.o.W I’m in an *electric shock* over the kpop charts! It seems the views

  60. I really hope you get to do Junsu’s video and PLEASE PLEASE make fun of his club scenes. I’m sure you guys realize the pure comedy gold that’s in those scenes!

  61. Junsu: I like this song. And the blue hair on him…it looks really good.

    Kara: It was good, but it reminded me less of a legal drama and more of a 90s anime opening….like the opening for Ronin Warriors or something along those lines..thats what came to mind for me. 

    BoA: Really liked this song, more my style than Only One (eek, I don’t even know the name of the other new song of hers, that is how much it didn’t hold my interest). But this song is amazing, the video is cool even if I don’t quite get it. But I will say this, my eye would not leave the red headed back up dancer…I couldn’t look away.

  62. im so touched, thank you for your support to Junsu & JYJ <3
    I, as a huge Junsu bias / JYJ fan, really appreciate this, you guys are so awesome w< 

  63. What if SM started watching you videos a while back, and was like “Crap guys, we gotta start making better music videos so Simon and Martina can’t say anything about our boring box rooms anymore…”

  64. thisisjustforfunval

    It made me so incredibly happy to hear Simon and Martina’s support of not only Junsu but JYJ as a whole. They feel the same way JYJ fans feel about JYJ and the unfair shake they have gotten from the industry. I love their desire to support JYJ at all means because these are three very talented men who deserve to be heard not banned. They continue to do what they love despite all the barriers put before them. Junsu’s English song is just further extension of expanding upon those barriers. AWESOMES UNITE! VOTE! 

  65. Hi i’m from Brazil and i really love your videos you and mainly Spudgy  he is really cute

  66. I’m awesome then
    Junsu fighting!!

  67. I think I’ll just vote for GD since he truelly is One of a kind ;) he’s addictive… getting slapped by a barbie doll lol

  68. can you please adopt me, i could sleep at the end of your bed. i would be a great member of the family. please. i will pay. please? (:

  69. I’m thinking for every update, since it is in playlist mode you could keep combining the names of the songs like you did in this one :) 

  70. seriously I am so disappointed that kara is getting totally ignored! I know they don’t have many international fans outside of Asia, but this is ridiculous!

    • We’re totally shocked by it, ourselves…

      • Are they not that popular in Korea right now too?

        • In Korea they are popular, but we don’t really see them mentioned a lot outside of Asia.  Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places?

        • Umm… actually they aren’t that popular in Korea,n ppl were really shocked cuz they weren’t hot in korea that’s why they went to japan, which then they did a great job. Ps.Jap fans thought they were popular in korea, no

        • wow. so you live in korea? are they like really unpopular there or is it just exaggerated by international fans?

        • You are so wrong. They are very popular in Korea. Even before they debuted in Japan. They won heaps of trophies in music programs before debuting in Japan from “Honey”, “Wanna” and “Lupin”.

        • NextSelection

          I think you don’t know nothing about how actually they’re in Korea. they were popular, well-known girl group even before they went to Japan.

        • mychonny said Kara was his favourite girl group. The same for another male friend of mine in Melbourne. Most of my Asian friends know Lupin, at the very least. I dunno. It’s just that they haven’t been on the internet much lately (thanks to stupid Japanese laws)

        • Yes you guys are right. That’s true. Most of KARA’s international(non-Korean) fans are in Asia. They have a few outside Asia though. 

    • it’s so sad. cuz Kara is amazing but people outside asia don’t know much about it I guess?
      anyway they’re still huge in asia esp Korea and Japan. I support them!

  71. “Junsu’s fans or as I like to call you: AWESOME” :’) yes, indeed

  72. Hey, I think I’ve never actually posted on your blog (maybe once a loong time ago) , though I have commented on your youtube account… anyways, I’ve always wanted to thank you for providing me for some quality commentary on K-pop that goes beyond the oooh he’s hot category (though I’ve been guilty of making those kinds of comments in my head and sometimes while gushing with friends over twitter..) but really thanks guys!

    I do hope Xiah’s video gets voted up :) he’s my favourite JYJ member…

  73. junsu’s songs are always awesome. i totally understand why you guys are junsu-biased.
    i’m junsu-biased. we should start a revolution.

  74. pozdrowienia z Polski  :D (greetings) love u

  75. lmao. fav part of this video was when Simon said, “ok, for starters” and did a ‘oooh sexii pose’ bahahahahha hilarious!

  76. Martina..That face you always make. It’s friggen adorable… Like at 0:34 of the signing off video. ;u; Makes me want to….Buy you lots of cookies and nom noms.

  77. I love you too Simon and Martina <3. Love me plz?

  78. during the uncommitted part, when simon said “ordeal with sm” i thought he said “orgy with sm”…. yeah i AM so nasty :)

  79. i real want “uncommitted” 

  80. On BoA: Isn’t she, like, the hugest huge Kpop idol in the universe?
    DAMN RIGHT!! m/ ( -_- ) m/

    Also, you’re not the only one who thinks of KARA as a Japanese group rather than Korean. They’re MASSIVE in Japan, no joke, even the most remote towns play their songs in the supermarkets. Even the older people know them, when I ask them about kpop. And, I mean, even their name [Kara] kinda passes as the Japanese word [because].

    • Guess she isn’t in my universe… I can’t think of who she is!  O_~  
      I am voting for Xia, just cuz I think he should be the King of the Kpop universe.
      Kara…still nothing for me

      • Well, she kinda took over Asia 10 years ago. If you haven’t been in Asia for the last 10 years, then that would explain it. Well, you know, it’s never too late? Here’s the single that shot her to stardom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-O_qoCONhc

        As for Kara, they fit into the Japanese market because they have a similar bubblegum-pop girl group image, which I’m not a fan of.
        But they did have a really good song, Lupin, a few years back: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7TYiyEhxdI

        I thought that Rain was the king of the Kpop universe….but sure. Xiah is pretty funny.

        • AudreyKoopman

          Every Heart is definitely why I know BoA (because it was used as the ending of InuYasha), and BoA brought me to kpop (even though I thought she was Japanese for the longest time..), which gave me MBLAQs Cry, which brought me to EYK, which has brought me to a new BoA song that I’m really digging. Things have come sorta full circle lol. 

        • Thank you again for all the information, I know I can count on you to keep me straight. I haven’t been over seas in a LONG time. I lived there for many years then came to the states and before I knew it time flew and I haven’t left. Scheduling a trip to Korea September 2013! 

          I looked in my huge media file and I do not have any BoA, (Jimmy Buffet came up though…) I did not know that she sang the song in InuYasha, yes I have seen that anime and loved it. Maybe in my mind I thought she was Japanese. 

          As for Kara, I liked the Lupin song it was good the video simple. I am not a fan of bubblegum-pop music, unless your talking 1950′s American music. 

          And sorry for not knowing Rain was king, I can’t keep up with these things. I hate to say but I am the only person I know that listens to kpop, I have to force my friends to listen to it. All my music information I get, is off EYK and use to be American Kpop Fans, but something weird went over there and I don’t know…anyway I am a bad girl, I don’t know the names of the fan groups, who is who in a band. I know a few here and there like TOP (Martina). I have enough trouble in the real world going back to school and learning words that are 32 letters long let along another language and a group of musicians that seem to change every month. I know there are groups that have been around a long time, however I feel that sometimes there are new groups every week and that I need a cheat sheet to know about them. Does this make me a bad kpop fan just because I like the music and not really know the musicians. For example if I am in an elevator and I hear a song that I like, I look it up, find out the name of the musicians, find their other songs listen to those, however I don’t look up the musicians themselves. (does that make since?) 

          Oh and Rain is King (of buff)…I do know him I have watched enough movies, and dramas to know who he is, plus he is on my playlist with his Hip Song. Feel the burn….

          Okay enough rambling sorry this was long…maybe I should go stalk you on another video Muhahaha

  81. I love you Simon and Martina :)

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