G Dragon “One of a Kind” – Vote for Him Here!


So, this is just about the clear winner for this week. I don’t foresee anything coming in to knock G Dragon off the first places spot, and Nu’est’s video is now on the way down (since old videos have a decay factor in the algorithm, in case you didn’t know, which is why videos with huge vote counts start to drop off the charts).

And we’re glad that this video’s getting voted in, since there’s so much to talk about. What route should we take? The mocking route we always take? The deep symbolic route? The passionately disagree route? The recreate-in-crappy-parody route? There’s so much to say, so many different angles. Ah! So many choices! We’ll have to think of something semi-decent, though, since this is our 100th Kpop Music Monday coming up! Yay!

Seo in Young “Anymore” – Vote for Her Here!


I feel kinda bad talking about this video now. Like “hey guise! Vote for it, even though it really doesn’t have a chance!” Not this week, for sure, and it doesn’t really look good for next week, either, since – by the looks of it – we might do G Dragon’s “That XX” next week as well. We didn’t talk about it for this week’s KpopCharts update because, just like last week, it was released after we had filmed and edited the KpopCharts. So, Seo In Young fans…maybe next NEXT week? Hrrmmm…

Tiny-G “Tiny G” – Vote for Them Here!


Not much to say here about this one apart from the fact that the video was really lame. Sorry Tiny-G. I just couldn’t get into it. But, for all of those who say we ignore rookie groups, phooey! Here’s us talking about a rookie group. We’re…just not talking about them favourably. Sorry Tiny-G fans! Hopefully their next video will be a bit better.

  1. eh i hated tiny g G dragon disappointed me :/ BUT Seo in young’s ANYMORE was amazeing so props to her i hope she makes it big :)

  2. Is it only in Québec, Canada that the Drag Queen meaning is a homosexual who disguise himself like a women and do some show in drag bar?? So, for me, if the G-Dragon fans are called Drag Queen, i found it so nasty!! (And funny by the way :D)

  3. Simon, I feel you have missed a vital clue in your interpretation of the Tiny G video. The basketball court was covered in Tiny G graffiti tags – they had clearly marked it as their territory and the basketball players just got what was coming to them. Also, when they’re in the weird white room with all the speakers, are they supposed to be wearing stylish tracksuits, cos they look more like PJs…. Ain’t nothing more badass than a slumber party!

  4. Martina, i love your makeup :D

  5. Hey Martina! I got you an idea–how about a special edition of GD’s past videos for ur 100th Kpop Music Monday??!!huh??huh???! His videos always have so much to talk about!!I really really wanna get other people to know him…and Bigbang!….VIP PEACE! thx~

  6. and still no B.A.P – 대박사건 (CRASH) !?

    • No, it’s not going to be included in the Kpop Charts, just because it isn’t a proper MV. It’s just 100% BTS footage with a backing song. Shame, because I quite liked it too. :S

  7. when GD comes into play…. the rest of idols can do nothing but wait.. muahahhaha… evil as it sounds… but that’s the obvious and this definitely has nothing to do with being bias… when the king arrives, MAKE WAY!

  8. I have seen many a Music Monday that go all those routes. It’s simply INCONCEIVABLE! So I elect that you do a bit of everything that makes my Mondays a little bit more sparkly and magical.

  9. You don’t even speak about SIY, but GD… I mean, we know you’re kinda biased, but let’s give the other idols some chances.

    • What do you mean? They were just….talking about her….or did you mean for a review? So you want them to review Seo In Young? Then you’ll need to vote for it. They always review whoever is No.1 on the Kpop charts, which just happens to be GD this week. Even if they are biased, it’s still the voters who pick the song, not them.

  10. Just a thought but… how about both GD videos this week? Pretty please


    YES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! that eat your kimchi style one still rocks my socks whenever i dance gangnam style!!

  12. Episode 100 should bring us a present… u know… the Mordney Present!  he could wear a tiger outfit and play around with a tiger meemers and bear spudgy…

  13. Why not just review both of G Dragon’s new songs for the 100th episode of KMM? You know he is just going to win next week as well! Just do a double whammy! :) 

  14. Love, love, love your leopard eyeshadow!! Please do an Open the Happy tutorial!!

    Your deeply symbolic videos are out of the world awesome.

  15. I see the nich Shirt

  16. The Tiny-G video is all kinds of wrong. *shivers*

  17. Please don’t take the recreate-in-crappy parody route.  (unless my comment came to late and you already are)

  18. Right now, I just calculated…. GD has 101407 votes, and is at the top (did all the math, multiplied correctly, DO NOT WORRY ;) – and NU’EST has 103913 votes in total, but is in second, sooooo……. what are you going to do?

    • Lol. Not bad. There’s also things like Facebook shares, Google+ shares, and video views, but it doesn’t account for much, so you’re pretty much correct. Nu’est isleading in total points. Next, subtract 15% from GD’s video because it’s 8 days old, and subtract 75% from Nu’est’s video because it’s 20 days old. What do you get now?

  19. Since it’s your 100th KMM you should do a special edition episode that reviews the top three of the charts in one vid!

    It’s a lot to ask of you guys though *sigh*

    BUT HEY you got a “vacation” because you went to the wedding, we should get a treat from you!

    I kid. I kid. Thank you MUCHO for all you do~

  20. I am kinda sad that I didn’t see Dreaming I (F.Cuz) or Vista (Fiestar) in any(?) kpop charts update… ._.

  21. just wondering, why isn’t b.a.p’s crash on the kpop charts??

  22. you can review 2 videos…. !!!

  23. IM a  DRAG_QUEEN  all the way lol ;) Come on RAISE ur Hand if your a DRAG_QUEEN LOL 

  24. Two GD MV all tied into one MV…tht way you wont have to do it back-to-back. That’s my opinion.

  25. I just realised…even girls are rubbing their lips now …

  26. Martina I really LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THOSE eye shadows~ i can’t see exacly what is reprezents but  as I can see it, it’s very cool!! and it suits you! lovee!! 
    Congratz for the 100th kpop mondays!!!! 

  27. why don’t u guys add bap’s crash to the k charts

  28. IDK but if I remember correctly, you said that you do not know what to give out for the 100th episode of EKY, well how about some shirts with the Spudgy head, they are very popular and who doesn’t love Spudgy?!

  29. Martina,your make-up reminded of G-Dragon in Fantastic Baby but I love it!d=(´▽`)=b

  30. So happy you mentioned Seo In Young! When I first watched “Anymore,” I totally imagined you guys doing an awesome review for it. XD

    Anywho, I’m sure you’ll come up with something epic for this amazing anniversary of KMM. Congratulations, S&M! You totally deserve the recognition. :) :) :)

  31. Martina, I love your leopard print eyes! You should do a make-up tutorial on it!

  32. I think you should take the All Routes Lead to GD route and use Dr. Meems and The Spudgy for the parody.

  33. I say DO EVERY ROUTE. It’s YOUR 100TH EPISODE! Why not? Hahaha

  34. Martina I love your makeup…you have to do a tutorial…please!!

  35. I’m pretty sure GD could wear anything (or nothing ;) haha ) and look awesome <3

  36. Hmm something to make it special you say.
    Something to give away you say.
    G-Dragon K-Pop Music Monday  Anniversary Special…HOW BOUT DEM SIGNED BIGBANG ALBUMS!!! YES i went there.
    Also am i going to be safe going to my local football(soccer) pitches to have a kick around with my chums? I mean i just don’t want any trouble from Tiny G…

  37. I think you should do two points of view, Nerdy S&M can do the Symbolic Route, and the Wild S&M can do the Parody. You have twins don’t you?

    Martina love the make-up very cool. You should try this next.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xY8n3e8K6ug&feature=plcp

  38. PunkyPrincess92

    GD’s mv…hhhmmm…..not really feeling it! i love him but this years comeback songs aren’t that great to me! 
    i have a lot i didn’t like about one of a kind, and i heard that’s it’s actually meaningful if you look into it some more….problem is i don’t want to study my mv’s!! that headache should only be for school!!! i just wanna be able to enjoy watching and listening to the song, and quickly being able to understand the story in it if there is one involved! 
    unless you guys do all that work for us then i guess it’s fine! haha!!

  39. Martina, are you inspired by GD’ s tiger to wild prints eye-shadow? do teach us one day! :)

    PS: what really did SIY do to Crown J???

  40. I am not really in to GD’s song but I really really want to see what you guys will do with it =)
    Martina, love your eyeshadows! will you make a tutorial for it?

  41. Sorry guys, but I don’t really get that all awesomeness of G Dragon “One of a kind” where he’s sound like a robot and everything is so flashy x_x Not my type really. But song is still cachy and there’s a little bear (awww~). 
    That’s why I can’t wait for your next kpopcharts

  42. I have an idea; why not make 2 K-pop Mondays in 1?
    GD already has another video out called “That XX”. I just watched that and it seems cool but I reckon it will be easy for you guys to make a short review for it since GD doesn’t do much there. Then you can just fit that into One Of Kind’s K-pop Monday review? rather than making a separate one for the same artist. Anyways that’s just my suggestion.

    • I like that idea. Maybe just talk about the main points for each video, kind of like they did for last year’s anniversary with UV and Junsu. Also it will leave next week open for another artist (unless GD releases a 3rd mv)

  43. Seo In Young’s song isn’t bad, thanks for bringing it to our attention!! Love GD’s OOAK. Martina, I can see its a kind of pattern but not that its leopard print :)

  44. Idea for 100th music monday eddition.

    How about you revieuw Both clips from GD. (if you have the time ofcours)
    Talk about past music mondays, and what you learned trough the years seeing the evolution of Kpop video’s growing. :3 

    Romee, The Netherlands

  45. Love the eyes Martina! Do it again for sure!

  46. Do whatever you want for the KMM. We’ll enjoy anything you do, so just have fun doing it! :)

  47. do “The recreate-in-crappy-parody route”! I love your parodies, thats why I watch your videos because they’re so funny =D Or do a really really long episode and do all the routes! G-DRAGON!! <3<3<3

  48. He must have flown there because he left his wallet. 

    I see what you did there Simon… very clever.

  49. Wow! 100th KMM already? :o Time flies, doesn’t it?
    I would tell you what I think of your make-up Martina, but I can’t really see it too clearly. o -o Just spots.. It probably looks awesome though. ^^
    Not sure if someone’s asked already, but can anyone tell me when B.A.P’s Crash will be added to the charts? ._. ///can’t help but keep checking.

  50. I thought Martina had her make-up all mess-up because I thought she was sweating until the end when she said that it was a leopard print! Sorry Martina! 

  51. vote for Seo in Young “Anymore

  52. Anyone else hear “feel my beard” in Tiny G?

  53. Martina.. close up photo of your work of art!! :)

  54. Soooo gonna make a T-Shirt saying “Feel my bit”. Don’t know what it means, maybe it’s a new geek term : “hey yo, look at that new router and/or cable modem, feel my bit!”. But Tiny-G just redefine a classic music quotation, and that is… AWESOME! The video though, meeeh…

    And Martina, I love the version of “Viva la Spudgy” shirt you got (aka I WANT ONE!)

  55. Isabel Ruby

    i’ve done something similar to ur leopard print, but using white and black harajuku eyeliner to make little hearts fly forth from my sight orbs 
    btw, i can’t help but think that Tiny-G really are the tiniest gangsters i’ve ever seen….. and the youngest. what G still has braces? turn that s*** into a proper grill already >.>;;

  56. you should do a tutorial for that eye shadow :)

  57. you totally speaks my mind when you’re talking about tiny-G’s music video lol

  58. Take any route you guys have! I’m all good!:D 

  59. Martina you look so pretty!!!!

  60. Give us… Spudgy and/or Dr. Meemerssworth? :D 

  61. GD owns everyone this week :D

    also, (when) will you be including B.A.P’s Crash? my voting finger’s itching like crazy XD

    • It’s not going to be included, sorry. It’s not a proper MV.

      • Pray tell who are you? M&S or a secret new staff member?

        • I’m not M or S, so I guess that makes me a secret new staff member? Although I’m not particularly secret or new. :)

        • AHHHHH! Man! WHO ARE YOU?!?!? I don’t like suspense much….

        • I must agree with him/her.. it won’t be included. It’s not like the others mv… but yeah man who are you??? :D :D

        • lumierenoire

          Fuuko’s a moderator ^_^

          tkir- I can’t wait to see how this hundredth video will turn out. It’s going to be crazy! XD

      • wait… so its not a proper mv??? i thought in the music monday for beautiful night martina wanted something that was exactly like crash…
        awwwww… thats not good… ><

        • Yea, that’s what I thought too, so I got the post all polished up ready to be published – but they said no, because Suju’s BTS MV wasn’t published either. You see, there’s a difference between filming an MV by acting all natural, and just gathering a bunch of BTS videos and dumping them together with background music. You see, the footage wasn’t filmed specifically for the song – it’s something even a fan could make.

  62. Deep Symbolic Route! Break it down real simple for the simple peeps. (Saw what some people thought the lyrics/video meant…. I believe an explanation for them is in order. u_u)

  63. I like your eye shadows!!! how was wedding???

  64. OMuhGush, Martina! The top of my charts this week is the goddess goodness that is happening around your eyes. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Is it a stencil or fake tattoo or free-hand? I must do this. I would also love a tutorial on your awesome hair this week. 
    Seriously. I’m a married woman with a toddler, but your fabulous look this week is making me go all drag queen with diva snaps and fierce fingers. You better WORK!

  65. This is my last comment, promise - 

    Martina, your eyeshadow looked like smoky eye make up when seen in 360. Maybe if it was 720 I’d notice the leopard print. But it was still pretty. :)Also:Tiny G. Big G.

  66. I’ve never heard of Jewelry, but I really loved Seo In Young’s last single, ‘Oh My Gosh’. This song is also pretty nice, but it’s the video that made it so amazingly awesome xD
    Drummers behind curtains!! Mohawked dudes flying out of exploding rooms!! Blue feathers everywhere!! Martina’s hair!!

    Btw don’t Seo In Young fans get a name? D: How about Young’ins?

  67. maybe you can take “the beat down by barbie route”. Yes, GD did give you options. Gotta love him for that.

  68. I love your eyeshadow! *____*

  69. super junior is “sexy free and single” and gd is “one of a kind” or wild and young

  70. I vote “The Deep Symbolic Route”. That’s personally my favourite – I really liked what you did with Sunny Hill’s Grasshopper Song, and BEG’s Cleansing Cream. You rarely do that style, and you can make fun of his next video? A serious review for the fun MV, and a fun review for the serious MV? lol~ d(^_^)b

    Or, or, you could talk about the lyrics? For once? Because, you know, a lot of people can’t be stuffed looking up the lyrics, so it’s nice when you tell us what they’re singing about…..

    Wait, actually, a crappy-remake-parody would be really fun too….wait….but I like the symbolic analysis….ugh…..*blow your mind bewp bewp bewp* @_@

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