G-Dragon “That xx” – Vote for it here!


G-Dragon: You have dominated our kpop charts yet again. What a total turn around from his first single, but I wouldn’t expect anything different from G-Dragon. We talked about him being an image artist in our last week’s review of One of a Kind, and this video, with its totally different sound and aesthetic, definitely supports that argument.

The last GDTOP album was similar, with even an odd country western song making it’s way onto the album. I’m actually not sure I like this song that much, you already know I’m (Martina) not that good with slower songs, which is why the few handful of slow kpop songs, including my love for EXO’s “I Lost My Pants” wait…that’s not what it’s called…umm…oh yeah, “What Is Love” is so shocking. As of right now, this GD song isn’t really doing it for me, but maybe it will grow on me once I listen to it a million times as I script for Music Monday. Am I alone in this opinion? Anyone else?

T-ara “Sexy Love” – Vote for it here!


This song is amazing. This song is why T-ara’s my favourite band (Simon here). G Dragon fans are gonna get upset at me for this, but this song is SO MUCH BETTER than G-Dragon’s song. Acoustic guitars and heartfelt singing is nice and all, but it does not trump that DUCK ROBOT INSTRUMENTAL. What the hell instrument is that anyway? It’s like Cowbell v 2.0. Do you know how crotch thrust able this video is? Have you tried? Play the song now. Stand up, and thrust your crotch like you’re skiing to the beat. See that? That was pretty intense. Try doing that to G-Dragon’s “That xx” Not the same, right?

Anyhow, I love this song, and I’d love to review it next week. VOTE FOR IT, YO!

ZE:A “Phoenix” – Vote for it here!


WOW. Really really loving this song. Even just the tiny wordless intro to this song is immediately catchy. I spent all day yesterday going FIRE FIRE FIRE BURRRN FIRE FIRE FIRE BURN FIRE BURN FIRE BURN while Simon narrowed his eyes at me. We didn’t get the chance to talk about the video that much, and well…it doesn’t really do it for us. The set is actually a bit too distracting, and even though we poke fun at SM Ent for using the same settings, at least their settings allow the artist themselves to pop out. It is possible that the setting in “Phoniex” is actually not that bad, it could be a problem with the way the camera is moving or maybe even the editing. I haven’t put my finger on it yet, I just think it didn’t do a good job of focusing on the band. And on a side note, I can only imagine how much sand was in their underpants and shoes after they had to kick around that sand for probably a million takes.

  1. A phoenix “rises from the ashes”, so since they’re dancing in the ashes.. they are the risen phoenix, perhaps?

  2. Simon, I’m glad you like T-ara’s song ^_^ voting!!!

  3. Queen’s out there come over to the Sexy Love comment section and join the chat~

  4. Where is my SAD SONG? I wanna to follow BAEK A YEON song!

  5. I love that xx, more than one of a kind. I assume so does everyone. I would listen to it a lot of times everyday. Hahaha

  6. that xx shocked me at first…. i was shocked to the core… and then i had to re-listen to it.. without the shock effect…. and first.. i only liked it… and then i hunted for the english translation.. and i LOVED it.. and then i re-played it couple more times… well what can i say… GD did it again! am learning this song.

  7. My goodness T-ara…..poor girls, only one eye is sexy, the other is so-so. IRRESISTIBLE LOGIC OF FACTS = Logic is so nastyyyyy

  8. “That XX” is special and praised mostly for its lyrics which are really beautiful in Korean, the Eng translation is really simple and lost the “poetic” feeling of the lyrics. T-Ara songs are always catchy but just like fast-food, and their lyrics don’t make sense much…


  10. lol. kwanghee and his lip balm.

  11. OMG Martina I love your T-shirt I have the same one too >.<

  12. how do you feel about the bleep in that xx

  13. I agree that T-ara’s song is great (and I like GD’s as well), but I don’t know why you felt the need to throw GD under the bus like that. I’m sorry, but to me it just came across as kind of obnoxious to say “OMG THIS SONG IS SOOO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT PERSON’S SONG!” I mean, I don’t think you guys have done that kind of thing on other Kpop Chart Update. You just stated your opinions about the songs individually, without comparing them like that. Well, that’s at least what I noticed on all the KCU blog posts that I’ve read since I started following them. :/

  14. I’m positive that the Cowbell V 2.0 (lol) is a synth saxophone.

  15. hmmp im sorry to say that when people said s&m is biased with Bigbang,,they suddenly dont like the Bigbang songs..its like they showing that they dont really like bb at all..well this is just how i feel,..for me gd’s one of a kind and that xx are really good..im not even Gd biased and i also watched vid reactions to these songs and it got positive response,and they are not even BB biased..im sad :(

  16. It does sound like ZE:A did sample Daft Punk’s Faster Stronger song… I just listened to the two and Phoenix does have a nice little sample that has a key change to it.

  17. GD – “That XX”
    Love it for sure.

  18. imma miss that kitchen!!!!!! :/

  19. jazminjhnsn

    LOVE GD THAT XX is play every morning noon and night

    • I really want to put Lexy on the charts too!!! Can you find me an official MV? I’ve been searching and searching but I don’t think there even is one >_<

  20. the first time i saw the video for “That XX” i was really confused. so i looked up the meaning of the song in english (because i got really frustrated that i didnt know what was behind that beeping sound) and once i read the meaning, i found out the whole story line of the video. gd actually plays two characters (i didnt know that at the start of the video) the character with the tattoos on his hands is the “XX” (‘bastard’ was what i got from the translation that i looked at) and i actually felt really sad after reading the whole translation… that stuff is deep…

  21. Uhm, I wasn´t really sure about That XX for the first and second time as well, but then I´ve found myself humming the melody and then I was in complete love with that song! But the first thing I thought about when I saw the title was The XX as well. They are making comeback so I cant wait!!!

  22. “Know that some day we will find a home.”
    This part always reminds me of U-KISS and their residence problems. Maybe ZE:A let U-KISS stay in their home, until they found their own, but things went wrong and they all got kicked out. xD

  23. i gotta give it up for g-dragon being the BEST artist on k-pop right now. it’s amazing how his work just screams the freedom you cannot find on most of the k-pop field; this song is really beautiful [though i know nothing of the lyrics] but the MV is all kinds of wonderful, the work of creativity and video crafting you will seldom find on k-pop – that’s why GD is hands down the best of the genre right now.

    BUUUUT BUUUT of course my favorite is t-ara’s “sexy love”! i’m a t-ara bias all the way and this song is not only catchy but a dancefloor filler, which is my favorite type of music. the synths are infectious and the doll/robot dance concept is the best thing of the year after… well, t-ara’s shuffle dancing on “lovey dovey”.

    so i’m definitely voting everyday for it to top the next week’s music charts.

  24. I didn’t like it “that xx” th frist time I heard it. But yesterday I listened to it again and I got chills because it was so good. Idk I love gds song. Yay

  25. I’ll miss the old Bucheon officetel..a lot..

  26. lol, Kwangee’s lip balm… xD

    I hope T-ara stays at the top of the charts for next week… I wanna see what Simon and Martina do with it. Another interesting “Bad-Engrish” Music Monday just waiting to be made…

  27. I really like That XX because of the lyrics …so awsome

  28. Am I seeing this right? K-music Cocktail will be back on Thursday? Yesssss Plz. =^o^=

  29. Really love how simon still loves and supports T-ara despite all this shit of a mess happening to them

  30. Am I seeing this right? K-Music Cocktails will be back on Thursday? lajksdfhaiul?! YAY!

  31. I don’t think T-ara or ZE:A can even come close much less compare to GD. It’s entirely my opinion but ”Sexy love” is nothing special just the same old overused repetitive tune only this time using another instrument. Not impressive. And as for ZE:A ”Phoenix” is a decent song. Better than your average K-Pop tune, much worse than some of the good songs out there. All in all they could have done better but it’s not that bad. I don’t know maybe I’m a music snob but with the sudden 180 degree turn GD has done and still managed to slay the charts I’d have to say….others ain’t got nothing on him ^^

  32. I’m Jiyong biased but just like you guys, I didn’t like the song at first as well. After listening to it for the first time I just sat there and wondered what the hell happened here, it took me another hour to bring myself to watch That XX for a second time….

    but now…the song completely grew on me, it grew on me so freakin much that I consider That XX to be my all-time favorite song by GD (and that’s quite shocking because I’m not so fond of ballads) but yeah, I’m sure I’ve listened to this song about a 100 times now, we should appreciate GD’s talent in making not only good up-beat songs but also pure songs using only guitar.

    THAT XX is one hella amazing song, I hope it grows on you in a while.

  33. I thougt BIGBANG were your favorite group?

  34. “G-dragon fans, or as I like to call you: G-Dragon fans”
    And did I hear wrong?: “T-ara fans, or as I like to call you: Explosive T-areah?” (as in ‘Explosive Diarrhea’)

  35. I like T-ara’s new song…but cowbell? I don’t hear a cowbell at all, or anything related. I hear some pretty dope beats but most certainly not a cowbell lol

  36. I fell for your finger puppet trick….

  37. I thought Simon’s favorite girl-band was Brown eyed girls o_O. Oh, well…
    I’m not big fan of GD but actually love the song more than the others. It’s different and really catchy despite the __-s which harashes my ear constantly.
    On the side note: Martina you watch ‘To the beautiful you’ too ^^^ *happy*. I’m really pleased with the drama, I actually started to believe the characters (this didn’t happen for the Japanese version -_-, I was thinking how bad Horikita Maki was playing a boy).
    Anyway, I’m for once content that it’s gonna be GD on Monday <3

  38. Tbh, I’m quite surprised that GD’s That XX haven’t grown into you. I mean, unlike One of A Kind, this song can totally relates to a lot of people with its storyline. But, I know that’s just your personal opinion about the song. Everyone have their own taste. Well, as for me, as much as I like strong, heavy, hip-hop beat songs GD usually writes like One of A Kind, listening to a slow song like That XX from him is something fresh and new, and I need it sometimes…^^

  39. thisisjustforfunval

    Truth be told all the songs this week are pretty decent. GD’s has grown on me, T-ara has a good sound and ZE:A seriously it is rare a song translates between languages (I don’t know the Japanese version be without knowing it this song stands on its own). However I’m not crazy about any of the videos. GD’s 16 year old “girlfriend” bugs me, T-ara video is kinda cheese but good, and ZE:A is the same old same old k-pop video I’ve seen. But I’m more about the songs than videos in general, not hating.

  40. I’ve always thought of how Simon will do the hips thrusting whenever I watched T-ara’s Sexy love !! lol or maybe another “rolling down your sexy window” ahhahahah I vote for T-ara !!! btw… T-ara’s fanclub’s name is QUEEN’s.. not T-a ratards XD hahah

  41. Ah T-ara…where does your inspiration come? :)

    This is a commercial from my country,enjoy


  42. While watching the update i felt uncomfortable. The fund raiser keep popping in my head. I did donate too. It’s weird

    • I think it’s because they didn’t say anything about it. I was totally expecting a big “Thank you!” to all The Nasties that donated :)

    • I’m pretty sure that it’s because they filmed this before the whole fundraising thing happened. I know what you mean though – it’s like when people were shocked at Daesung for acting so happy on his TV appearance right after the accident, in spite of the fact that the TV show was recorded before the accident. :S

      • Perfume fanboy! Simon and Martina missed out on gd’s zip being down :O and why weren’t you in that xx? I didn’t see youuuuuuuuu

        • Lol what’s with you and your obsession with GD’s fly :p
          What do you mean about me being in ‘That XX’? OH you mean the thread. True, I haven’t commented on it. I should huh. It’s a nice song.

        • Well… I just thought martina would be interested and she didn’t comment something like that before (not that she have the chance). I was so bored at that xx! because of the lack of rival it was so dead!

  43. Hmmm, I wasn’t expecting a KpopCharts Update this week. Not to be rude, but I am slightly shocked you two have yet to come out with a thank you video. I’m just saying 77k in 2 days, that is freaking AMAZING. What was it, like 39k in 7 hours? Insane! I was expecting a crazy video of you two crying and losing your minds in appreciation :) don’t get me wrong I know you two sincerely appreciate it, I just think you need to show The Nasties your appreciation (not just a fb post) before spending their money. In your defense, I didn’t watch you latest live chat so I am not sure if you have already done so, or if you are doing so as my rude ass writes this :/ You two are fantastic, and I’m truly sorry if what I have said has offended you. That was not my intention.

    • I don’t think you were rude, just quietly. Fair call.
      I think they might have intended to thank their fans via the live chat, but over 3000 people tried to sign in, and crashed the site. So you’re right. They haven’t released a thank you video (yet).

    • thisisjustforfunval

      They did however release a thank you message on tumblr and that made me all super teary eyed. You should check that out, it was so heart felt and wonderful. Plus I’m sure they will release a video once the fundraiser comes to an actual end.

  44. omg I’m so sad!! its the last time :’((
    But good luck with your move! :D

  45. I think that the reason for the turtleneck is that maybe they already wrote “yours” on his neck, and they wanted to hide when he is playing the “Good” GD.

  46. U LIE MARTINA!!! Thought u called T-ara fans T-Ar-Tards! Im proud to be a T-Ar-Tard.

  47. The English in Sexy Love is SOOOO BAADDD, roflcopter T-ara

  48. “Anyhow, I love this song, and I’d love to review it next week. VOTE FOR IT, YO!”

    I see someone is channeling Jesse Pinkman

  49. I think the reason for the dust is because like phoenixes they are rising from the ashes of their former selves. Therefore they are the phoenix

  50. quick question to S&M,
    if by chance T-ara does get voted to the #1 spot before midnight would you guys be reviewing/talking about both the dance and the drama version, or would you keep your comments to one version of the video? cause watching both imo would be a little difficult with how y’all break things down while scripting. (aka frame by frame)

  51. Simon outsexied Spudgy, so there was no time for him.. D’awz. We still love you though, Simon!!

    Martina, your Fawkes reference… YESSSS
    And I totes agree with you – Kwanghee’s character is URGH I JUST WANNA- AHHH KWANGHEEEEEEE WAE GEURAEEEE

    He plays the bad boy so well. SO WELL. (Steal his lip balm, Martina. STEAL IT. ROFL)

    Anywho, been trying to up the votes for BoA but now ZE:A’s stuck in my head so… I’ll see what I do. /sigh the quarrels of being a K-Pop fan…


  52. Everytime I listen to Sexy Love I’m going to be thinking about ducks now hahah.
    I really love this playlist because I’ve been obsessed with these three songs this week.
    But I would really love ZE:A to be reviewed because I love them and I’m in love with Hee Cheol hahah.

  53. U see, Nasties, U SEE? T-ara’s got to be reviewed! :D

  54. Last time KMM will be done in this office-tel *sad face* New Apartment/Office-tel/Studio in Seoul *crying from joy* (and if your video schedule gets funky from the moving don’t worry everyone will understand)
    i’m so happy right now and i’m not even the one who got all the love and support. But it’s like everyone is helping to keep around something that makes me happy on a daily basis.
    I’m proud to be a Nasty and i’m so happy that you guys will be sticking it out for the long run. Truly love you guys.

    • This is just going to be our new apartment, not our new studio! We just have to move into Seoul to be registered as a business in Seoul, so we pretty much hunted for, found, and signed the contract for a place two days ago (which is why we couldn’t put up the WANK, which is coming tomorrow!)

  55. I will miss your black-and-white checkered bench top and cupcake stickers very muchly. :(

  56. I quite like Phoenix! It’s got a, I dunno, 80s or 90s sort of sound to it. I likey.

  57. Sand in your undies is very uncomfortable. >.>

  58. But you can crotch thrust to GD’s One of a Kind! Especially in the scene where those uniformed ladies in aviator sunnies are gettin’ it onnn ;D

  59. Amyaco

    All of T-ara’s songs kind of sound the same to me. That’s not a bad thing, because I love all of their songs, probably as a result of this. It would be AWESOME if someone made a mashup of all of their songs.

  60. So far my favorite is Ze:A Phoenix although the lights and camera movements on the set make it hard for a blind person like me to see faces. Even with me being obscenely close to the laptop screen. There’s something in the blank faces and robotic movements of T-ara’s that creeps me the out.

  61. simon! why did you lie to me! there was no sexy spudgy! and your video is title k krunch indie signing off, i just wanted to let you guys know that -_-

  62. The whole intro instrumental and onwards of “Sexy Love” reminds me so much of a Daft Punk song…it’s like the same kinda mood and feel! Gotta love the Engrish, lol.

    And I’m really loving ZE:A’s song–I was like you, Martina: that freakin’ FIRE BUUUUUURN just burrowed into my head and would randomly echo every now and then. I like the dance a whole lot, esp around that part too when they make a sort of circle with their hands and then raise fists up. Super cool and better than the kicky dance of “Aftermath,” at least imho.

  63. wow, a harry potter reference? nice martina :D but i think G-Dragon oppa has it in the bag this week…and whenever he is releasing Crayon, he’ll have that week too :D p.s. nice comment about the chapstick :D i was thinking the same thing!

  64. T-ara is Simon’s favorite band?

    Wow, I can’t believe it. Someone famous on YouTube for doing things with K-POP who’s favorite group isn’t a part of SM or YG…..SAME HERE SIMON!

  65. for some reason tara’s ‘sexy love’ intro reminds me of the some we no speak americano :)

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