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KpopCharts Update: That Sexy Phoenix

September 8, 2012


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G-Dragon “That xx” – Vote for it here!

G-Dragon: You have dominated our kpop charts yet again. What a total turn around from his first single, but I wouldn’t expect anything different from G-Dragon. We talked about him being an image artist in our last week’s review of One of a Kind, and this video, with its totally different sound and aesthetic, definitely supports that argument.

The last GDTOP album was similar, with even an odd country western song making it’s way onto the album. I’m actually not sure I like this song that much, you already know I’m (Martina) not that good with slower songs, which is why the few handful of slow kpop songs, including my love for EXO’s “I Lost My Pants” wait…that’s not what it’s called…umm…oh yeah, “What Is Love” is so shocking. As of right now, this GD song isn’t really doing it for me, but maybe it will grow on me once I listen to it a million times as I script for Music Monday. Am I alone in this opinion? Anyone else?

T-ara “Sexy Love” – Vote for it here!

This song is amazing. This song is why T-ara’s my favourite band (Simon here). G Dragon fans are gonna get upset at me for this, but this song is SO MUCH BETTER than G-Dragon’s song. Acoustic guitars and heartfelt singing is nice and all, but it does not trump that DUCK ROBOT INSTRUMENTAL. What the hell instrument is that anyway? It’s like Cowbell v 2.0. Do you know how crotch thrust able this video is? Have you tried? Play the song now. Stand up, and thrust your crotch like you’re skiing to the beat. See that? That was pretty intense. Try doing that to G-Dragon’s “That xx” Not the same, right?

Anyhow, I love this song, and I’d love to review it next week. VOTE FOR IT, YO!

ZE:A “Phoenix” – Vote for it here!

WOW. Really really loving this song. Even just the tiny wordless intro to this song is immediately catchy. I spent all day yesterday going FIRE FIRE FIRE BURRRN FIRE FIRE FIRE BURN FIRE BURN FIRE BURN while Simon narrowed his eyes at me. We didn’t get the chance to talk about the video that much, and well…it doesn’t really do it for us. The set is actually a bit too distracting, and even though we poke fun at SM Ent for using the same settings, at least their settings allow the artist themselves to pop out. It is possible that the setting in “Phoniex” is actually not that bad, it could be a problem with the way the camera is moving or maybe even the editing. I haven’t put my finger on it yet, I just think it didn’t do a good job of focusing on the band. And on a side note, I can only imagine how much sand was in their underpants and shoes after they had to kick around that sand for probably a million takes.



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