FT Island “I Wish” – Vote for it here!


Wow! We totally forgot about FT Island! Seriously. And we’re not saying that in a bad way. It just seems like we’ve been talking about poppy, fun, electro music so much lately that we totally overlooked rock-y music. And we love FT Island, even if their last video was kinda illogical. Yeah! So, even though we really wanted to review a Girl Group this week (it’s been a bit of a sausage fest on Kpop Music Mondays lately), we still find FT Island a breath of fresh air. Just…not too sure about the Hunky One’s Tiara. Could that be a subliminal message to vote for T-ara? I THINK SO!

Orange Caramel “Lipstick” – Vote for it here!


Gangnam Style is going to be the most popular Kpop video of the year, without a doubt. Maybe it’ll be the most popular of all time. But this video, right here, is going to be one of our favourites of the year, almost as much as we love Gangnam Style. It’s so…just so wonderful. It’s so quirky and silly and fun. The slow motion shots of the dreamy guy, the wilting roses when he loses, the bride’s glowing eyes: this is…this is brilliant. Brilliant! And the song is so freaking fun! I’ve been singing it all day, even though I don’t know the words. Lipstick smee buh duh duh! I should probably look up the lyrics online.

Ah! It’s times like this we want to just review the videos we want to review. Don’t get us wrong: we’ve got nothing against FT Island or their new video, but it’s nowhere near as fun as this video, and we love fun videos :D

Secret “Poison” – Vote for it here!



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