FT Island “I Wish” – Vote for it here!


Wow! We totally forgot about FT Island! Seriously. And we’re not saying that in a bad way. It just seems like we’ve been talking about poppy, fun, electro music so much lately that we totally overlooked rock-y music. And we love FT Island, even if their last video was kinda illogical. Yeah! So, even though we really wanted to review a Girl Group this week (it’s been a bit of a sausage fest on Kpop Music Mondays lately), we still find FT Island a breath of fresh air. Just…not too sure about the Hunky One’s Tiara. Could that be a subliminal message to vote for T-ara? I THINK SO!

Orange Caramel “Lipstick” – Vote for it here!


Gangnam Style is going to be the most popular Kpop video of the year, without a doubt. Maybe it’ll be the most popular of all time. But this video, right here, is going to be one of our favourites of the year, almost as much as we love Gangnam Style. It’s so…just so wonderful. It’s so quirky and silly and fun. The slow motion shots of the dreamy guy, the wilting roses when he loses, the bride’s glowing eyes: this is…this is brilliant. Brilliant! And the song is so freaking fun! I’ve been singing it all day, even though I don’t know the words. Lipstick smee buh duh duh! I should probably look up the lyrics online.

Ah! It’s times like this we want to just review the videos we want to review. Don’t get us wrong: we’ve got nothing against FT Island or their new video, but it’s nowhere near as fun as this video, and we love fun videos :D

Secret “Poison” – Vote for it here!




    –> that’s it? O_O

  2. The echooooo, it hurts my ears!

  3. ooh u so nasty (to simon) :)

  4. Is the kpop chart a T-ara hater? T-ara was first place, but then got pushed to second even though it has more votes than FT. Island. I’m not hating on FT. Island, but seriously? Why has T-ara been pushed down? Could someone explain why this keeps happening to all of the songs I actually want to be reviewed?

    • 1. The Kpop Charts don’t hate T-ara. T-ara was was one of the first groups to ever be reviewed on KMM, and the first group to ever be reviewed two weeks in a row. And they’ve been reviewed 4 times now.
      2. T-ara was pushed down because it’s older. The way this chart’s algorithm works is that it favours newer videos by cutting the total points of old videos by an increasing percentage every day. You can read more about it here: http://tr.eatyourkimchi.com/post/16280990005/if-youre-confused-about-how-the-kpop-charts-get-ranked

      Ps. I’m not a T-ara fan, but I did try very hard to get it reviewed this week, because we’ve had nothing but guys winning for the last 10 weeks. We need some female presence on the charts, y’know what I’m sayin’? But….they still lost. Not enough people voting. Aaaah well.

  5. Sorry Secret, SISTAR has you beat in my book.

  6. Ft Island… his headband XD The song is really great
    Orange Caramel… creepy and weird costume and weird dance steps e.e *Chills*
    Secret… Ahm, I don’t really like thesong I get bore… I like more SISTAR XD

  7. I think that you should put a decal of each kpop music monday winner in each of the circles so that you can have a Wall of Fame… or a WAMM (Wall of Music Mondays)

  8. Poison is full of Boobs and Legs and Butts! :0 Ive got to say it though, Secret and Sistar are THE kpop groups with the best bodies! DAMN those girls are sexy and they know how to flaunt it on their videos, I couldnt help but go RWAR! at this video, and im a girl O_O xD

  9. i swear, hongki in those glasses look too much like mir!

  10. FT Island – ‘I wish’ sounds a bit like Train’s ’50 ways to say goodbye’, but really FT Island’s song and music are much much much better :D

  11. For the whole playlist, I was constantly being distracted by how pretty Martina was, and how loud Simon’s voice was.

    Oh, and boobs.

  12. Orange Caramel all the way! That video was so fun and over the top! The bride’s glowing eyes?? The handsome guy with his ruffled shirt and roses like he was mr.darcy or something?? ;D And the song was instantly catchy. I heard the first few seconds and I was like,”oh my, this is going to be stuck in my head isn’t it? Hmm..” Thank you for sharing this video with me. :D

  13. Simon and Martina! I found someone taking your video on YouTube! I can’t report it because it isn’t my copywrite being infringed… THEY ARE NOT NASTIES!


    • I think it’s fine, they gave credit to where it was due, and linked to S&M’s website. I actually appreciate having a standalone parody without the review. I personally don’t mind, but I guess S&M can ask them to take it down if they want.

      • But if S&M make money from their videos, and their video isn’t a part of their site then that video isn’t supporting them…I suppose you can argue that any sort of circulation of the Eat Your Kimchi name is good for them, but it’s a slippery slope.

  14. Not quite a sausage fest, if you count GDragon’s genderfuckery :D

    …That said, and as much as I like GD, the fact that s/he’s got the top SEVEN slots on the (Korean) singles charts right now is clearly madness. :p Like there is no way those are objectively the best seven songs out right now. I’ll be happy if Orange Caramel, Secret or T-ara get reviewed, ALL of those songs are AWESOME. At the moment, they are my top three Kpop songs of the summer.

  15. The sad thing is, I don’t think I would have reacted to her boobs at the
    beginning of the song at all if you hadn’t mentioned them. Then again,
    I did just come from a Renaissance faire…

    Anyway, Orange Caramel, go go go! That was HILARIOUS!

  16. I love all three groups,and these songs showed that they are the best<3
    i only hate that you guyz put the best songs against each other, i love all the songs and the videos so i find it really hard to vote.

  17. Isabel Ruby

    Martina i love your tanktop!!! where can i get!?!?!

  18. Simon and Martina ur so mean at Secret >_< only BOOBS ? i like Secret so much.. sorry.

  19. when i first heard secret’s song i thought they said you are my boy thing and i was like WTF!!!!


  21. WHERE IS BTOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. You wear white shirts while the wallpaper behind you is white as well:P


  23. Secret must win so that i can see Simon and/or Martina do the dance segment!! But Orange Caramel is reall rather awesome too…dilemmaaaa

  24. irritablevowel

    If ya got em’, flaunt em’. Mesmerizing mammaries.

  25. PunkyPrincess92

    when you mentioned the ping pong and the bride having hand mirrors as paddles it instantly reminded me of the Etude House cf with Dara and SHINee!!!
    Etude has like the best cf’s ever!!!!

  26. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobs didn’t distract me at all. Pussy thrusting did. In a bad way.

  27. The flowery-puffy-teddybeary shoes in the Orange Caramel video are on sale in our local Adidas store! We thought no one would EVER wear them!!!!

  28. OMG guys ! hilarious !Just at the beggining of Secret-Poison, when she unveils her curves an ad about condoms appeared :| =))))) That’s really weird, my country has the weirdest ads possible.

  29. martina, I love your sleeveless tee-shirt! :D

  30. martina, I love you
    sleeveless tee-shirt! :D

  31. OMFG, Forrest Gump. YES hahahaha!

  32. I LOOOOOOVE Orange Caramel! They need millions of more votes! Usually I can’t stand girl groups acting all cute, but orange caramel…those girls are just naturally cute. ^_^
    but table tennis is awesome! don’t say anything bad about it! Ò_ó (Or else I will send Timo Boll to challenge you in a match and he will crush you!)

  33. While I was surprised with Le Booobs…I think you guys skipped out the “Spread thy legs and roll thy hips towards the camera” dance move…Secret’s song sounded good but the hip rolling was just…I’m gonna shut up now.

    • Same for me, there are a lot of words I’d want to use to describe that move, but I’d get FIRE MURDERED!

    • I was thinking the same thing. There was crotch in the first scene as well and the dance. Now I’m totally confused about what the ministry of censory does, or were they mezmorized by the boobs?

      • Looking back, I think Simon and Martina mentioned something about Korea being ok with sexiness from the waist down but not up so hence the boobs reaction (?) rather than the crotch thrusting/rolling (?) I don’t know I’m still kinda confused with the propriety standards there

  34. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBS!!! Hahahahaha you really cracked me up there! But seriously, haven’t seen anything else in the video. Maybe a bit of @ss here and there but mostly boobzland. Oh and I think they say “poisen” instead of “poison” and that.drives.me.crazy a little.

  35. I have some questions,
    so one tweet = 1 point. So if I tweet the mv lets say 5 times that’s 5 points or just one? and the Vote link (green one :P ) how many times can you use? is it one vote per day or as many as I can, like 5 or 6?
    and the facebook share is not working :(

  36. :O But T-ara is in 2nd place!
    How come they are not in this video!? :’(
    Not fair T_T

  37. Baby, eat your queso! All the way!!

  38. They didn’t even wirte anything about Secret’s vid other than booooooobs :( stupid stupid stupid

  39. But they’re all good… therefore I will vote for all of them and not change anything 8D

  40. G-Dragon is going DOWN! … Oh yeah … that’s next week… *calms down*

  41. Why no BtoB? ): Their comeback is probably my favorite of the month so far.

  42. Someone should really do a mashup of T-ara’s Sexy Love and Orange Caramel’s Lipstick…that…would…be…awesome!

  43. Someone should really do a mashup of T-ara’s Sexy Love and Orange Caramel’s Lipstick…that..would..be..awesome!

  44. Why not BTOB’s WOW? :C I mean, I really love these three videos,
    they’re awesome, and I don’t really care which one you’ll review, since
    I love them all <3
    but I think "wow" it's awesome too. The song is catchy, sexy dance moves
    so why not BTOB's WOW? :C

  45. Orange Caramel <3

  46. lol at Secret

  47. our babos must winnn!!!! vhsdgvsgdljvjs!!!

  48. thisisjustforfunval

    Wow, you ain’t lying. It’s been eight weeks of straight up sausage. A wonderful sausage fest, but none the less once in a blue moon you need to treat the pallet to some dessert.


      If T-ARA’s “Sexy Love” gets reviewed in the next few weeks, I’m sure Simon would love to include that in the title: “This week’s K-Pop Music Monday features T-ARA in “Sexy Love” for the Sexy Robotic Dessert Edition.” Toodaloo sausage fest! xDDD

      It also works for Secret, but I’m too tired to come up with anything better than “Poisonous Dessert.” P:

  49. “Sausage fest.” Harhar. xD

  50. Your smart to do the update of kpop charts…giving other artists a fair chance before GD takes over next monday….we all know he will haha…

  51. If you feel like doing Lipstick, just do it. Then, you don’t have get people to waste time voting, right? Don’t force yourself to do something that you don’t like. Afterall it is your blog, you can do what you like.

    • Actually KMM’s 2cd anniversary should be sometime this month, right? Maybe they can chose which song they want to review (like they did last year- Iteawon’s Freedom and Intoxication) for that special edition? Like that no one can say they are being unfair or biased :D

  52. I am voting for Secret because the song is AWESOME!!! I like Orange Caramel too and since the video is already hilarious I am curious to see how you will try to destroy Secret with your boooobs jokes.

  53. A. Oh dear gods of music, these songs are awesome.
    B. My sister says asians are aliens (jokingly), and if they are do they come from the planets Adorable and Sexy? SHEESH they are all just unnaturally amazing looking. They make it look effortless, but I have great respect for the work they put into looking that good.
    D. Thank you guys for turning me on to Orange Caramel. I had previously never really bothered to check them out, but now I can’t wait to locate more of their music! I seriously have you both to thank for sooooooo much of what fills up my itunes. Actually, I had never really bothered with all three of these groups. I don’t really know why. I should have checked them out sooner!

  54. I don’t Loewe who to view for Iliad or gdragon

  55. i may be a perv here lol, but after watching Secret-Poison and with all the comments made about booooooobs, your wallpaper reminded me of when you bought those fake japanese insta-boobs lol

  56. BTW….Loving Hyoseung’s boobs… x3

  57. I uhh… I really want FTISLAND to be reviewed! BUT Holly Wakamole!!! All these videos were PASIMOIASJFLAJWEFIOJAKGJ!!!!!!!!!! I just fell in love with Secret ALL OVER AGAIN & I love Lipstick! It’s suuper cute and catchy and omg really funny! I love it. But I swear FTISLAND’s I Wish has been like O M GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I love it! I feel like it’s about to beat “I Hope” xD but idk! I ughh mixed feelings! OAIJWFEI Besides. (You guys should totally review these 3!)

  58. I just checked the kpop charts and I don’t understand how FT Island is at number 1. T-ara has way more votes than FT Island in every single category!!

  59. Boobs, really S&M? That video would be consider PG in the states. Nothing like other US videos or Reggaeton videos that air in the state, they should be NC17!!!

  60. thisisjustforfunval

    I love all the songs and videos this week. I’m a huge FT Island fan and I agree with Martina, me no likey the Hunky Ones tiara :-P Orange Caramel’s video is the perfection you speak of, it love its quirky catchyness and silly ping pong love story. Secret had a great plot and Holy Batman, I never knew how amazing Secret sounded. This girl’s have some beautiful strong voices…and boobs.

  61. All I hear in FTIsland’s is queso. I mean seriously! It is Mexican-style, and they say queso. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICED.

  62. AAAAh i’ve been trying to vote for orange caramel as much as i could, but alas it’s not getting any higher T_______T same disappointment when fiestar’s vista got to 6th place then slowly trickled down…….. lipstick is definitely a new OC favorite of mine :3 the song and choreography are wayyy catchy, but oh boy who else loved the guy guy gracefully ping ponging in slow motion……. that guy definitely looked like he belonged on a the cover of one of those cheesy romance novels….. hmmmm ping pong based kdrama??? it’d be like flower boy ramyun shop meets wimbledon :P

    can i mention how happy i am that f.t. island is back with a new korean album? i feel like some kpop groups are forever in japan…… and as for secret~ another song to add to my work out playlist :3 definitely loving the instrumentals of poison <3

  63. mmmm…. S&M don’t take this the wrong way… Your sound is horrible in that room… Why are you screaming at me? I haven’t done anything wrong, I even donated….

    • thisisjustforfunval

      I think once they get some furniture and accessories the room won’t echo so much and it won’t seem like they are “screaming at you” any more. Empty rooms have the worst echos and make the softest sound horribly loud.

  64. After this video, I think you need to throw a fuzzy fabric up on that wall to absorb the echo. It serves a second purpose too, cause when the world slips you a Jeffrey, you can stroke it… This trio of songs was perhaps my favorite Kpop combo I’ve heard yet, usually I lean towards the indies. Thanks as usual for the awesome videos

  65. Kinda disappointed by how much Simon and Martina want to review Orange Caramel over FT Island’s newest video, being the big Pri that I am. xD If it does make first and they do review it, I don’t want it to be a reluctant, half-hearted effort, which makes me feel like this is going to be a loss even if I Wish is reviewed. :/

  66. hmmm, I’ve never listened to FT Island before, but I’ve known of them because of Hong Ki/Jeremy. So, are they an idol band? Idols who play instead of dance?

    On a side note, Simon and Martina, the room you filmed in is quite echo-y. Maybe add a rug or something to soften the sound? I’m not sure how all that works.

  67. if G-Dragon doesn’t make it to the top, then F.T. Island should! Go Jeremy! lol i know his name is Lee Hong Ki, but he will always my sweet naive Jeremy <3 VOTE FOR HIM! OH, AND G-DRAGON TOO!!

  68. I’m definitely excited to see some FT Island here… but doesn’t their song sound a lot like Train’s ‘Fifty Ways to Say Goodbye’? Or am I totally insane?

    Either way I love it!

  69. Just noticed Orange Caramel’s got that “Mr. Saxobeat” beat in the background that contributes a lot to why I like it, aside from their cute, poppy voices. Wow, that’s one good song. Thanks for introducing me to it, S&M! <3

  70. SECRET – Poison only booooooobs??

  71. jazminjhnsn

    LOVING FT ILSAND wish…to freaking cute!

  72. ooh~~ second comment!!
    The walls do seem pretty boring, but you guys make up to it with your dorkiness and just the fact that you moved into a new apartment is A-MAZING!!
    Since Martina is getting a new phone (or I have heard) are you guise gonna buy iPhone 5? :D

  73. This is random, but does anyone else enjoy reading the Hangeul spelling of the band’s names and their songs? I am very amused by it.

    • I find myself doing that as well… It’s interesting, isn’t it?

      • lol yeah. I now probably understand how they might giggle at the way we romanize their words. “Reebseuteek”. That’s how its spelled out phonetically, at least the way I learned the sound rules. It sounds better the way they say it in the song though. Still, xD kinda makes me sympathize for the way English speakers say words from other languages. I am sure some people might think its bizarre.

        • Yeah, lol! I mean, it’s funny because then when you pronounce it, at least as a non-native speaker, you pronounce all three syllables and sound sort of silly. Secret becomes “Shikeureot” and it’s more like an “eht” sound… What do you think? xD

        • Emily Howell

          I think when I sounded out Secret i was like “o_e sounds like cigarette” I can see their need to emphasize the syllables, because that’s how the language works, but sometimes its so giggle worthy. it does sound like that, but they are trying to sound it out using their own sounds and letters like we do with foreign words so it doesn’t always sound accurate, but close enough that we get what they are saying.

        • True, it’s all relative. And giggle-worthy. xD

          “Poison” was pretty funny. And I mean that in such the way that I don’t even recognize Hyosung anymore, lol~ The Hyosung I saw on O!MS is gonegonegone… I would love for S&M to do as they please and review Orange Caramel. It’s just such the opposite of Secret’s MV that I can’t help but laugh/cringe. Then FT Island’s kinda in the middle… L o l ~

        • Emily Howell

          I think if they ever had the time they ought to do special feature vids where if a song they really really wanted to review didn’t get voted in and falls back on the charts that they should make a special feature vid for it. Lol most of the time I am more tempted to vote for the vids they seem to want to do more than the others because when they are having a good time and enjoying filming it, it is more enjoyable to watch.

        • Definitely. I think they always put tons of passion into their vids, so it’s much more enjoyable when it all flows easily ’cause they just have tons to say. Some of their more famous, history-changing KMMs are like that, lol. I’m pretty sure they’re tired of seeing my comments on the “Blast From The Past” KMMs but I just won’t ever give up on that idea either. (SJ’s out-of-the-bloody-box MVs scream for EYK attention in my head!)

          I love that S&M let us participate in their video-making process but I also want to see them do as they wish. They do so much for us already, I just want to see how they would pick. Unpredictability always wins. That’s the whole point of KMMs isn’t it? We vote for the videos we want them to review because we want them to express their opinions and explode basic awesomeness all over them. Makes me wonder how it’d be if they chose the videos themselves without giving us any knowledge beforehand; or perhaps if they had something like a weekly riddle where we could guess the video they’ll review. The Charts could provide general suggestions of videos they could review, but the choice would be totally up to them.

          Although I suppose for the purposes of the fandom, keeping the method they have in place now and just adding in a featurette as we’ve suggested would probably run the mill a lot smoother. People don’t like change. I just like brainstorming. xD

  74. How weird is it that I saw your K-Pop Charts Update before you guys even posted it?
    Oh, scanning your YT page at just the right moment has its perks…

    ROTFL @ your Secret post! “BOOOOOOOOOOBS”!?! Now, who was it? Simon? Cooome on…. xDDDD

    I’m anticipating G-Dragon’s “Crayon” MV to release juuust at the last second and blow everyone out of the water.. And even though I want ZE:A to be reviewed SO badly, I’d love for GD to have a triple week. xD

    “Why so serious?” Oh yeah, the comments you guys could make about that are just totally epic in my head right now! Loved Martina’s Playlist Mode comment, btw. EPIC WIN! LOL <3333333

    Also: No one would hurt you/blame you if you reviewed Orange Caramel this week. Just make it a special "Moving Into Our New Apartment/Doing Whatever We Want" Edition. It's about time Simon and Martina do what they want! I, at the very least, welcome it! :)

    • today’s playlist mode comment ACTUALLY took me by surprise! since they talked about their decor (or lack thereof) in their last video i was really expecting her to update us on something about the wall :P gotta give martina props for tonight~

      • Right?! I expected her to reveal some sort of magical property of the wallpaper which would enable her to make it better or change it or keep it in some way… And then the Playlist Mode reveals itself. Ahaha. It was great. xD

        • i’m excited to see how their apartment develops… they have a brand new blank canvas to work with~

        • Totally! You can so see Martina itching to claw into those magical Playlist Mode walls with her happy… She just wants to spread her creativity all over. Can’t wait to see it. Srsly, I’m still totes jealous of those amazing t-shirt canvases she made ages ago. Been dying to do that but I have no wall space left in my room! (Oh, the woes of being a K-Pop fangirl with too many glossy posters…)

    • I see you there my friend. ;D

      And yes agreed, S&M … just review Orange Caramel anyway cos it is so epic. There’ll be people who’ll be happy LOL.

      Maybe it’s the overexposure of Gangnam Style, but I’m preferring Lipstick to it now. It’s so good!! So funny and catchy!! I had a feeling it would be epic the moment I saw the teaser, and knowing how OC’s videos are always entertaining I expected nothing less from this. In all truth I think this would be my favourite OC video AND song ever. Good work Orange Caramel.

      But sadly this week is so tough with all the good MVs that are out, it makes it really hard to choose. And to think GD will be releasing his MV soon as Spiralyte said above, as well as U-Kiss, it’ll be sad if Poison or Lipstick don’t get reviewed. It really don’t want to see them slip to the way side, especially when they actually had stories. ;n;

      Lastly, agreed, epic playlist mode. I was completely fooled this time, like I totally forgot about it LOL. Partially cos I was already watching it in Playlist Mode from this site. Anyway, good job Martina, good job!

      • TIRAH! /glomps Long time no see, my friend! I hope you don’t think I’ve been neglecting you… It’s just impossible with class. =. = Here you are, though, I knew you couldn’t stay away! XDD <333333

        "Lipstick" is so great, it has really grown on me in the few hours I've known of its existence, lol~ S&M should totally review it anyway, I wouldn't even be mad and anyone who would be is just not a true Nasty… (Not saying it to be mean, it's just S&M's website, and therefore they can do as they please. They are doing it, after all, as a courtesy to us, so please don't take offense to my comments, fellow Nasties. Iloveyouguise!)

        Aren't there SO many MVs out this week?! It's like the KMRB didn't hate any of these videos and they just exploded onto the scene!! One after the other after the other.. I myself have been trying to bump ZE:A up because "Phoenix" is just addictively stuck in my head but now I just want "Lipstick" to get a review because it's great and I know S&M want to review it. xD (But still, ZE:A Fighting!!)
        Although, yeah, as I mentioned… GD's "Crayon" drops today actually (2AM the 15th my time) so… Possibly it will beat out this week or if not will be reviewed next week, for sure. (Not that I'm not excited!)

        I forgot about Playlist Mode too, ahaha. S&M probably knew that with the move and the fundraiser, the Nasties would slowly forget about Playlist Mode, and so this Playlist Mode was a total surprise… Kudos for using the wall for some amazing purpose <3

        Anyhow Tirah, I hope you're well! Hopefully we can talk soon! 보고싶어요! <333

        • Indeed, long time no see! n_n And it’s ok, I’m nearing mid-semester here so I’ve been busy with essays myself but by next Tuesday they’ll all be over with thank god.

          And yes, soooo many MVs. To think TVXQ are making a comeback eventually too (which would make choosing between everyone slightly easier for me at least) and basically every song that has come out recently I’d be happy to see get reviewed so like … it’s really tough. ;n; I admit as much as I love ZE:A’s song the video bored me the tears so I’d rather a more interesting video get reviewed, and it has been a sausage fest lately … also a GD fest. *sigh* But yeah, I’d be happy with anything that gets reviewed so like … ugh. So many choices.

          I hope you’re doing well too, and I look forward to catching up soon! :D

        • LOL TVXQ! Can’t wait! EXO too! Some new material! Simon can lose his pants again….in Seoul! xD

          I just love the song so so much… The video is blase, but man, ZE:A did sooooo well with the soooong… Made me a ZE:A Style. <333

          That's good! Sounds like uni is busy for everyone. We need breaks, lol. =. = That would be great, I will be emailing you very soon! EXO XD <333

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