U-Kiss “Stop Girl” – Vote for it here!


U-KISS has returned with their new single “Stop Girl” which we are very excited to talk about because we were there, on set, while U-KISS was filming it! We were even making faces at Kevin behind the camera as they were filming and making him laugh! Haha just joking! (or are we…) We’re always really impressed with U-KISS’ fan group because they always dedicatedly support U-KISS, and considering how fast U-KISS skyrocketed into 2nd place on our kpopcharts, we see the dedication there again. If you guise could see our twitter feed, it’s just whizzing by with “vote for U-KISS.”

Actually, just checked it again now and U-Kiss is in first place. Great. We’re writing this blog post, like, 20 minutes after filming the KpopCharts update (on Friday) and turns out that all that talk about them being in second place wasn’t necessary. Ha! Glad you Kissme’s are so into it! Hopefully, you’ll like the interview and behind the scenes footage (that is, if you can keep the video in first place until midnight!

G-Dragon “Crayon” – Vote for it here!


Ok, so, yes, we did campaign hard to get U-Kiss’ video to win this week (and by “campaign hard” we kinda mean “blackmail”) but that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to review this GD video. We actually really do! It’s our favourite of the three songs, I’d say. Your thoughts? Also, it could just be me, but I’m not sure how I feel about G-Dragon releasing three videos in one month. I’m not sure why, but it seems like…overkill? Sure, some people can say that you can never have too much of a good thing, but I feel like the only thing we’re seeing and hearing lately is GD. It’s great for him, of course, because he’s doing a great job of getting tons and tons of views on super awesome songs, but I know some people are asking for something different. Not that we are! We just want to know what you think :D

Baek A Yeon “Sad Song” – Vote for it here!


WE SAW THIS SET! Not sure why we’re so excited about that. We weren’t personally invited to be there, nor are we familiar with Baek A Yeon’s work, nor do we particularly like this song or even this genre. BUT WE WERE THERE, MAAAAAN. WE WERE THERE! What we can say, though, is that this is a beautiful video. THAT we can appreciate. Everything else is…well, not up our alley. Hopefully you like it, though!

  1. Baek A Yeon is from K-pop Star, she was one of the Top 4 Finalists. This might be her debut song? I’m not sure on that one. The song is nice. I can’t wait for Lee Seung Hoon to debut!

  2. Baek Ahyeon won the latest of the K-TV shows in Korea. Kpopstar? Something like that. :)

  3. Baek A Yeon (and some of the other top stars from the show they were in), did an episode of strong heart. That episode made me a fan of hers, she has lived life pretty hard for someone her age. If you haven’t watched it then you should!

  4. Baek Ah Yeon is from Kpop Super Star as you may already know, she was the second runner up, when Lee Hayi was first runner up and Park Jimin won :) BTW, the judges were BoA, JYP and YG!

  5. kawaii_candie

    that 3rd song was really powerful… i dunno if it’s cuz i’m just going through a bad breakup myself but it just really gave me the shivers. she has a really good voice. too bad she can’t pronounce “goodbye” though…

    GD… well, i love you forever, and you are crazy… i’m sad you guys won’t be reviewing it this week. meh. i shall bide my time.

    as for u-kiss. i really really liked the beginning of the song, and the video and dance is awesome, but i just kinda got bored halfway though… wonder why?

  6. Really adore U-KISS’S Song and MV..Love it^^

  7. i wish there was more mondays in a week cause there are loads of great songs that need great reviewing by S&M

  8. I just want you to know guys that we have waited 3 years for GD’s comeback!
    >___< So it's very important to us every single work that GD is doing right now..I hope people don't complain about GD's over doing it..because Im sure it's another long wait again before GD's comeback after this..
    Another reason is BB have an alive world tour schedules this upcoming months and for sure they are going to be super busy..
    Well I don't complain that you did a campaign for Ukiss I actually like their song ^^
    Good luck guys ! Fighting ! soo nasty keke

  9. GD!!! Why Ukiss? I mean I really like this band, but GD’s vid is sooooo epic!! soooo funny!

  10. GD’s CRAYON is amazing and really fun to make a review, but EYK doesn’t do it, it’s their lost, not GD’s :p

  11. i vote for interesting video…sigh which i totally hope crayon get reviewed…it does not matter how many video released but da important thing is da video should be totally awesome to get reviewed..oh well if u kiss did win , expecting a really really really interesting review since its been promoted by u guys a lot. ^_^

  12. the baek a yeon vid is really nice. she’s got an awesome voice too :)

  13. “Sure, some people can say that you can never have too much of a good thing, but I feel like the only thing we’re seeing and hearing lately is GD”

    I did had too much of Psy’s Gangnam Style.

  14. hey guys! i don’t know if this has been suggested already, but i think it would be great if you added a new section on your youtube channel where you guys review different korean movies. Ive never seen you guys talk about any movies, and it would be amazing to know what good k-movies are out there. Also, i would like to know if you guys enjoy any variety shows beside kdramas. Hugs to both of you, from Chile!

  15. I like Baek A Yeon’s song and video, I really like this type of music, and about the fan war, I don’t think it will happen. Us KissMes never up.

  16. Congrats KissMe’s… Now, if only Cassies let us win next week and we all vote for TVXQ the week after. I can dream, right?

  17. GO VIP! hey we voting for BIGBANG and they win in belfast GD WIN NOW tOO!

  18. Baik Ah Yeon was a contestant in TV audition program “K-pop star”, in which Boa, JYP, and YG were the judges. The program was very popular and most Koreans know Baik and this is her debut number. Simon and Martha, I know you are very busy, but it may be good for you if you keep track of top contestants of popular TV audition programs. It will be easy for you because you live in Korea.

  19. I love Ukiss all and all! all the songs they create period are catchy!

  20. I think there is something wrong with the voting system? GD has more votes than Ukiss but Ukiss seems to be winning? I don’t know if this is the way they add the votes but I added up all the totals and Ukiss has 44,646 and GD has 51,766. Am I wrong?

    • It’s not only the votes that count. There are also the comments, the shares in facebook, Google+ and twitter. And G-Dragon enter the charts a week ago… every week you lose points with an algorithm they have.

  21. I feel like U-Kiss needs the hype that KMM provides, which is sad, but like it’s true. Sometimes though, in situations where it’s really conflicting about who to vote for, I sort of want Simon and Martina to choose something they like ’cause if it’s something they like they have more to say on it.
    I don’t think KMM provides as much of an in depth analysis (there’s people on the web that go on pages analyzing one video), so I think KMM mainly provides hype. At moments like this when I don’t know who to vote for…I wish Simon and Martina can also bend time hahaha. :D


  23. I’m the only V.I.P and KISSME here. I’m happy to see U-KISS and G-Dragon in a competition. But I have to say I prefer Crayon, because G-Dragon is my favorite korean artist and Crayon is excitingly awesome. I keep voting in GD and his Crayon, but no matter who win, I’ll celebrate.

    • lol your not the only one you juss expressed exactly how i feel im a V.I.P and KISSME also but prefer crayon and iv been voting for gdragon cuz he is my number one bias but ill still be happy if ukiss wins


  25. Ugh. I never thought I’d wish U-KISS didn’t get #1 on EYK, but I do right now.
    I love the song, it’s actually my fav from them since ‘Neverland’, but…thinking about EYK as a show, ‘Crayon’ would be so much more interesting! Nothing happens in the U-KISS video, while Crayon is full of so many interesting things for Simon and Martina to talk about and parody….

  26. Are you crazy?!?!?! LOL. I want more G-Dragon videos. For Missing you and Light it up with TABLOOOOOO… I want a video for that song so bad!!!!! Anyways… I’ll keep replaying Crayon since it’s not gonna get reviewed. It’s impossible to win against Cassies, that much I know.

    I don’t know if it’s Simon or Martina who wants something different this week. But when BB did the same thing, I know Martina wasn’t complaining because of TOP!!! I know, because I’m just like her. =P

    Sigh, I want another GD&TOP album.

    • Nah, are you giving up already? I dare you VIPs to beat Cassies next week. Huzzah! Not that I don’t like TVXQ, they were one of the bands that got me into K-pop, I just think that Crayon MV has so much KMM potential that it cannot go to waste.

      • Nah, I’m not giving up… but it’s gonna be difficult. Cassies are a tough super dedicated fandom.

      • Like I said in another post, VIPs need to learn from this. We are lazy sometimes. I didn’t voted like crazy because I thought G-Dragon was gonna win. Now, I’m gonna vote like craaaaaaazy.

        • Yup, I was surprised by how easily U-Kiss got into the 1st place because videos by Big Bang and GD used to conquer Kpop Charts and now probably the most impressing of these vids is losing.

        • That’s the sad part… Out of the three videos GD released, this one is the best to be reviewed! The colors, all the craziness going on and all the meanings hidden here and there… Is one of the those times when you just think of what could have been. I hate that feeling.

  27. ukiss ukiss ukiss ukiss ukiss ukiss ukiss ukiss!!!!

  28. I’m glad u-kiss is winning but seriously there was nothing going on in the mv besides pretty boys dancing. Not that there is any problem with it because I do enjoy those mvs. It’s just that we know Simon and Martina are releasing a video about being behind the scenes so I didn’t think there was much else to talk about for stop girl besides that.

  29. Is it just me or are ALL fan bases absolutely convinced that THEIR fan base is non-violent…anti fighting…ect… I just..really… I don’t even know, I’m just wondering how true that is or is everyone trying to save face?
    Other than that, I am seriously sad by the Ukiss’ inevitable win, but I am also extremely impressed. Someone finally beating a YG song..like coming after it…that’s just impressive. :D So fist bump to all you kissmes/other fan bases that were tired of YG winning (I know you’re out there…)

  30. I’m a VIP but I actually like Stop Girl a lot (It’s a great song with a great beat..My favourite song after 0330 from them in fact) and I would definitely have been okay too if it beat GD for KMM if it was actually an interesting video and had somewhat of a storyline to it instead of them just dancing and looking cool…I mean what’s so interesting about that? It’s like any other K-pop boy band video out there (Don’t even get me talking about videos from SuJu or SHINee)…GD’s Crayon video had a lot of symbolism and stuff going on in it that it would have been interesting to hear S & M’s perspective on it….p/s And I have to disagree with S&M about the constant music video releases from GD being overkill…Since when was a good thing even in large doses overkill or a bad thing..Just my two cents worth..

  31. U kiss! I like GD and U Kiss but I like stop girl better than crayon.

  32. U Kiss! Well I love them and gd the same but I Liked stop girl better than crayon.

  33. I now you guys were there and all so that makes the U-KISS video exciting for you but personally I thought it was not only boring as hell (each member looks soulfully at the camera again and again and oh look again) I also found it extremely annoying with the overuse of special camera effects. Out of focus. In focus. Out of focus. In focus. Earthquake shake. Out of focus. ARRRGH.

    On the other hand, I think Crayon as a song just never really fits together but the video is AWESOME. So yeah I actually wish you were doing Sercret’s Poison this week because the song AND video rocked my socks.

  34. The thing is…

    If GD’s video isn’t reviewed this week, it won’t get reviewed. It’s pont death date comes sooner than U-Kiss’s video because it came out earlier. And TVXQ’s video is coming out next week.

    If U-Kiss doesn’t get reviewed this week, then they probably won’t get reviewed either. Maybe. Unless everyone could just cooperate and let GD have it this week, U-Kiss next week, TVXQ the week after that. Then it would all work out! No more complaining! YAY!

  35. “There was no U-Kiss present” Oooh you so Mordney!
    I can’t get both Stop Girl and Crayon out of my head and I want them both to be reviewed. It’s just the matter of order, I guess. But I’m still voting fo Lipstick though.

  36. The UKiss song reminds me of the late 90′s early 2000′s pop groups I listened to in middle/high school…. oh the nostalgia makes me really like this song!

  37. SWAG = Something We Adore Gdragon :x

  38. Okay, it’s fine by me that you really want to review U-KISS’ new music video since you’ve been there when they filmed it and stuff but please, I think this should be the last time that you “promote” a video over another. I get it, you have your biases but I hate to see you getting bashed and all just because of that. I’ve been a fan for almost a year now and I’ve grown attached to you guise. And it kinda hurts me to see people bashing and hating you because of your biases. Personally, I want GD’s music video to be reviewed for KMM because there’s much more to it compared to the other current music videos (with the exception of OC’s Lipstick and Secret’s poison – show girl group some love too Nasties!). But whoever wins, I’ll still be watching the KMM and laugh like a hyena because of your jokes

  39. If you want to review UKISS that much, then just make a special review for them with that BTS stuff, the way you “blackmail” us is kind of unfair for GD… Yes being great all the time is his fault.

  40. SIMON AND MARTINA! DO YOU THINK YOU CAN BUY MY VOTE SO EASILY? No matter how much interviews and autographed CDs you bribe me, I’ll vote of the biggest amount of KMM material of the week, if not of all times: CRAYON! :-p

  41. My dog Mishka pooed all over the front entrance, so not only did i have to clean that up, but I had to clean the shoes of the ppls who walked in the dog doo as they came into the house…-_- i’m GRUMPY!

  42. That screencap of Kevin you guise used for the Chart Update… His lips look so… /thinksofmanyadjectivesbutfailstofindmostadequateone

    Wae. ;- ;

  43. Orange Caramel needs to win.


  44. You guys are so Kevin biased, not that I mind, Haha :D

  45. The second you mentioned signed U-KISS albums…the only words to come out of my mouth were: Dear God!! *shocked expression*
    This makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. :D

  46. I actually like Baek A Yeon’s song…

  47. Also, I see Martina decorated the wall.

  48. I like both so I will vote for both GD and U-Kiss, but I really do like Stop Girl. I just want to see the color version. I hate B&W videos. Also I think that GD will be voted next for a review but U-Kiss really deserves this.

  49. thisisjustforfunval

    I love that you call this blackmail when this is clearly ransom! And this is soooooooo a ransom I’m willing to pay!

  50. AHH I’m soo~ excited now that i know the CD’s are signed!!! Hopefully I get one (even though its gonna be a tough competition) cause i’ve been voting non-stop for stop girl!

  51. And yes,us KissMes are very dedicated to support UKISS in any way we can!!They work so hard for us and for what they love to do and it just makes me feel so happy to support them in any way cuz they are that amazing and talented and they deserve so much more!UKISS Fighting!:)

  52. thisisjustforfunval

    Don’t worry Martina I mispronounce crayon the same way you do. Just the same with the word mirror, my friend feel off his chair when I showed him that Blooper where Simon and you debate mirrors pronunciation because he and I had that exact same conversation. I have a feeling you mispronounce the word library as well.

  53. Are you kidding? I want more! A music video for missing you and light it up. You know his lyrics on 3-4 out of 7 really depress me, I never care about the english subs for kpop but I liked about a boy’s.

  54. I pronounce crayon how Martina does, like ‘cran’ instead of ‘cray-on’….and everyone I know where I live says it that way too….
    Its a regional pronunciation, ignore Simon, its all good!

  55. Keep voting for UKISS KissMes!!!!!!!Although they’re probably going to win now already but Vote for UKISS!!!!!This song is totally amazing,different and the MV is awesome!They never fail to make feel so happy and proud to be a KissMe,they always give 110% into their comebacks.They literally mean so much to me,i can’t even explain the feeling of it.I would love to hear what Simon & Martina have to say about it!and of course see their interview:)♥♥♥♥♥

  56. thisisjustforfunval

    Haha I love that you call it blackmail when this is clearly you holding U-Kiss interview/behind the scenes video for ransom. And that is a ransom I’m sooooooooooooo willing to pay.

  57. Does gdragon really have real tattoos they seem painted on? No

  58. U-KISS giveaway. Exciiiiitiiiiiing~ (It’s blackmail. I know it is. I know you’re abusing your power. But I don’t CAAAAAARE because it’s BEAUTIFUL. And I’m damn glad you guys are taking executive power! Simon and Martina ftwwww~~~)

    Martina, you are not alone – one of my friends has always had problems pronouncing the world “island.” She always says “iseland” because the silent “s” trips her up. The torment is endless, haha. Don’t feel bad about your pronunciation! I didn’t find anything wrong with it, Simon is just a meanie! (I love you, Simon. But you’re a meanie. A fartsucking meanie.) xD

    As for GD’s “Crayon,” I just kept staring at the adorable polaroid of Spudgy in what looks like a pot…bucket…thing…while Martina kept on giving her dialogue to GD for not inviting her to the MV set. Oh, what a trip. It works so well. (Great decorations, btw! They’re cute and they don’t muddy up the pattern on the wall at all!) And I loved your jig, Martina. . >… XDDDD

    I found this Playlist Mode reveal enlightening. I feel like this is becoming a thing with you guise now. Try to guess the Playlist Mode for the K-Pop Chart Updates. Ooh yeah. So much nastiness in the room right now. <3333

  59. Although GD is in the top 5 of my ultimate biases, I didn’t like One of a Kind or Crayon. Love the MVs, but not the songs. That XX, though, is definitely in my top 5 songs AND MVs of the year. Perfection.

  60. Not being familiar yet with Baek A Yeon is completely fine, since Sad Song is her debut single from her debuting album “I’m Baek”; and surely, she’s “baek” after five months since her last appearance on “KPop Star” (the talent-scouting competition hosted by major Korean Entertainment companies); she came in 3rd place. She is currently on contract with JYP Entertainment, and she is the first of the three finalists to release studio-recorded material. Fighting!!!

  61. Wait, hold up.. a give away of things that have been signed, heck touched, by Ukiss?!?!
    I have never wanted to win a giveaway more…

  62. Guess the allure of the couch in GDs video isn’t as appealing now that S&M have their own couch now.

    (and GD’s couch could of had GD DNA on it too.)

  63. Baek Ah Yeon was a contestant on Kpop star and got signed to JYP afterwards, this is her debut song, which is beautiful, you should have seen some of the emotion she conveyed through song while in that competition, brought tears to my eyes sometimes! I’m really excited for the debuts of other kpop star contestants, Supearls, Park Ji Min and the rapper boy, forgot his name but he was signed to YG.
    And yes I would definitely like to see anything other than GD get a review! And it’s even better that it might be UKISS! :)

  64. While everyone is voting for U-Kiss and GD … I’m voting for Orange Caramel so it has a chance to get reviewed in the future LOL. Cos TVXQ’s Catch Me is coming out soon, it’s going to be a tough fight. And as a Cassie of course my votes will go to TVXQ too when they come out which wont help Orange Caramel at all. :c

    As for U-Kiss, I adore Stop Girl except for the damn “in the name of love” line which just reminds me of Sailor Moon LOL. But their vocals and rapping was far more amazing than normal! Kiseop and Dongho really got to show off their vocal talents in this video, which made me proud. I knew they were great but they just never get much of a chance to show it. I am so happy with this song, besides that one line that irks me. The video is average but I still like it, it has a Sorry Sorry Answer feel and I liked that video too. I have a suit fetish though, so maybe I’m being really biased. xD

    GD’s Crayon is also epic and I love it. It’s definitely my favourite of the 3 and it’s the only one I really like. I agree that it’s a bit annoying that all three have come out so quickly, it’s like what happened when Big Bang came out with like … Blue, Fantastic Baby, Bad Boy and then eventually Monster too. TOO MUCH BIG BANG. It was quite annoying cos I was seeing Big Bang everywhere and I’m definitely not a VIP. But I’m gonna let Crayon go, it really is epic and deserves a review. And I like GD. And LOL G-Diggities.

    As for Baek A Yeon … I swear I’ve heard her name before, don’t know where. Supposably this is her debut though lol. Anyway, she can definitely sing but yeah, not my cup of tea either.

    Anyway, till the kings fully return with Catch Me, my votes going towards Orange Caramel. :3

    • Aw, Tirah! You want “Lipstick” to be reviewed too, huh? Such dedication. <3

      How excited are you for "Catch Me"? I swear when I saw the teaser I thought of you instantly. Simon and Martina's review is gonna get HI-TECH for this video! I'm so so so so hyped for it!!!

      I'm happy you like "Crayon," because I know you're not a huge fan of BIGBANG. I think GD did well on that video, though "One Of A Kind" is still my favorite. I dunno, I guess I like that ghetto swag. LOL :P

      If you didn't already notice, I have become addicted to U-KISS. Blame Simon and Martina. XD I'm glad we have something else to share now though! I know you told me to give U-KISS more of a chance and now I have. :)

      I hope you're well, Tirah! <3333

      • Yeah, it was great and it’d be nice to see it get reviewed. I’ll live if it doesn’t, B1A4′s Baby Goodnight didn’t and I lived. xD


        And yeah, I use to love GD back when I found Heartbreaker, but I never liked BB much. And yeah, I love the “Get your Cray-on!” line so much, and it’s just … more my kind of video. One of a Kind was entertaining but I dislike the song.

        And yes, they’re great. I’m glad you have given them a chance. I always loved U-Kiss since I watched their Shut Up review YEARS ago. Even before 0330 came out last year. I fell in love when watching EYK’s little chat with them behind the scenes at … I can’t remember the name of show but it was at Jeju Island where they met GD too. They’re really lovely people. ;u; I probably should call myself as Kiss-Me since I’m even buying their albums to support them and stuff … but I’ll just keep going as a Cassie & ELF, it’s easier than listing everything. But yeah, I’m gonna by Stop Girl too when Catch Me comes out. I want them to win something in Korea, I feel so bad for them and they deserve it SO MUCH. ;n;

        Anyway, I’ve spoken enough. xD I hope you’re well. You need to send me an e-mail sometime HAHA. I have lots of time to reply cos I’m on holidays for a week now!

        • I WILL! I feel so bad I haven’t emailed you but I will this weekend! I’m glad you’re on vacay, we can totally spazz~<3

          I hope there's more Max Time in this vid. MAXXXX TIME! (Although Yunho Time is also appreciated.) XDD

        • Haha, ok! :)

          And yes omg. I want more Changmin too, KYHD felt like a little too much Yunho. I feel like it’ll be the same here too, especially from the looks of the teaser. It doesn’t help he’s the main dancer. But it’s ok, I still like looking at Yunho LOL.

          But Changmin is ruining my life lately! If he wasn’t part of TVXQ in which Jaejoong use to be part of too, and I still kinda count them as one, I wouldn’t feel so bad for liking him so much lately but I just … do. Gah~ He can’t get any higher than 2nd place on my DB5K bias list since he’s already 2nd and always has been, and he’ll never take 1st place from Jae, but instead he’s wrecking my ultimate bias list. >.< I feel like I like him as much as Kyuhyun and Heechul right now. Damn you Voldermin. Damn you and your perfection!

        • Let me take this time to LOL.

          VOLDERMIN. BAHAHAHA! You give him much more epic powers than he has.. Tsk, tsk… That’s okay. His voice has been the ultimate device of destruction in my case, and the reason he was also my 2nd in DB5K. Now I feeeel like he’s #1.. But again, like you said, Jaejoong was always kinda first, so… I’m a tad displaced… >. >

          I really want to see robotic Simon and Martina for this review. I can just see them making some sort of epic snake arm out of aluminum foil and doing that wave, LOL. Plus, Simon and Swedish dubstep. Can you just see it now? xDDD

          Damn Kyuhyun, that bias wrecker… Tch. Damn maknaes always ruin EVERYTHING. DX
          (OMG it’s too TRUE! LOL)

        • Oh Kyu has always been number 1 from SuJu for me, ever since I discovered how hilarious he was, and how “JDGSJHGFJHGD” his voice can be.

          And yes, it’ll be a fun review I think. Even though it’ll be just
          dancing in a box, the choreo looks so intense surely something could be made out of it.

          Changmin is Voldermin cos he’s an asshole half the time. xD Or Volderminnie, whatever floats your boat. I think I half the reason I like him is cos he’s so negative … and it’s just so funny. “Tell us about life Changmin” … CM: “You’re born alone and you die alone”. How lovely …

          And yeah, I love Jae too much, I would never like Changmin more. But he is ruining things. I agree, maknaes are bias list wreckers; Changmin, Mir, Dongwoon, Zelo … all up there wrecking shit. There’ll probably be more in the future for me. u.u Damn maknaes.

        • I must LOL again. LUUUUUUUUUUULZ
          How morbid. Ah, now it makes sense… xD

          I completely screwed the box. The choreo and beat and everything is just so intense and so different than the norm that I forgot it was even in a box. I guess I’m ripe for an electronika take-over of epic proportions delivered on the silver platter of these godly men. GIMME!

          Oh, I know how you love Kyu. Kyu and Heech. Kyeech. Eeesh, that’s not a nice OTP name… LOL
          Kyuhyun has crashed into my #3 spot. His radio appearances are killing all the bias, although not sure if he can knock Eunhyuk out of #2. Maybe, if he keeps it up with that smexy “holier than thou” attitude. Oh, Kyu. My feelz. <3

          Damn maknaes. Damn right. =. =

        • Yes, I love his “holier than thou” attitude, and I also like knowing deep down he does care at least … unlike Changmin, we’ll never know if Changmin cares, it often doesn’t seem like it LOL.

          And I noticed the box, I always notice the box. Especially after all these epic MVs with storylines I’m kinda like: fuck … another box from SM, what a surprise. Oh well, it’s TVXQ, like I care. The choreo looks amazing so fuck it. And maybe there repackage song will have a story like last year. Though I hate 15 minute long MVs … T-ara, yes that is aimed at you.

          And LOL, Kyeech … I think it’s Kyuchul actually. That reminds me, I wanted to make a character on one of the MMOs I play and call it Princess Heech after recently saying Heech and releasing … “wait, that sounds just like Peach … Heech … Peach … Princess Peach … Princess Heech … *dies laughing*”. It may never happen though.

    • I’m voting for Orange Caramel too!!

    • Maybe her name reminds you of Baek Ji Young? Their names are a tad bit similar..?

  65. OK! I know I am a KISSme and I wanted them to win, and it’s not like it matters anyway right now, but ummmm. HELLO!! BTOB’s WOW IS THE SO FRICKIN’ AWESOME! WHY DID YOU NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT?!?! *sighs* Oh well. I know it wouldn’t have won anyway and U-Kiss was my first choice to win, but seriously, WOW is now added to my ultimate favorite songs ever in the history of songs. Just sayin’ :/ Still love you! XD

  66. GD wait three years for this, that’s why his comeback is like a machine gun. I’m glad Ukiss is winning, I don’t like forced reviews.

    • True…it just reminds me of when they wanted to review B2st and BAP won and the whole review just seemed kinda forced and not worth the effort

  67. We were even making faces at Kevin behind the camera as they were filming and making him laugh! Haha just joking! (or are we…)
    This!!!! I believe…..shoot if I was there, I would have joined you guys in making him laugh

  68. why didn’t you guys talk about 100% Bad Boy…? TT_TT


  70. ‘UKiss was not present’. HA!!

    Anyway I’m driving off to my friend’s farm for the weekend. I’ll keep an eye out for Spica’s cow, UKiss’ horse and GD’s sheep.

    I need a break from moderating for a bit – it’s getting a little too intense, and my own fandom is turning against me :(
    Have fun battling it out guise. Ciao.

    • Have fun on your holiday, Fuuko! Thank you for your hard work and dedication, you’re really appreciated around here. Srsly, enjoy your break!! :)


  72. The title of today’s Kpop Chart Update is really funny! You guys should be writers for comedy shows!

  73. ohhh Baek A Yeon was on the Kpop star show, one of the audition shows. She also did a beautiful version of Big Bang’s Haru Haru.

  74. Looking forward to the U-Kiss review (if they stay at the top). It’s super awesome that you guys got to go BTS, but – how can I put this delicately – I hope the review doesn’t lack the usual critical flavor that makes KMMs so entertaining.
    Or maybe while you were there you discovered the deeper meaning behind the large white room and random props? (Giant chess piece, anyone?)

  75. Had the s#%ttest week, really happy to have some Kpop AND Eat your Kimchi to lift my mood for the weekend. Thank you a whole lot, I feel somewhat better now!

  76. I don’t know why, but when Martina said “Grumpy” at the very end of the playlist, I busted out laughing

  77. so, if Ukiss doesn’t win, Simon and Martina will be able to swim in a sea of Kissme tears basically… But this makes everything so much more interesting… hmmm…

  78. Sooo close to finding out who will win~!!! ommo~!!!! what to do~!!
    vote!! i’m a fan of GD as well as U-kiss so i’m nervous to whos going to win this weeks Kpop charts >.<
    anywho GO U-KISS~!!
    GD has had his share this month~! XD
    [no offense~ love you VIPs!!]

  79. I’m not buying the blackmail thing
    but i still love you guys ^3^

  80. I agree. GD should have totally invited you over. I mean, YG sent you tickets to the YG family concert right? And you talked to GD at Jeju, as you said.
    You’re practically best friends now. You should have been in that treasure chest with Yanggeng, or dancing in leotards with the lone glasses dude.

    Even the Wonder Girls invited you to be in their MV.

    Hopefully GD will know what to do next time he releases a video, eh. *wink wink*

  81. things are getting intense GAH I DONT WANT TO LOOK!!!

  82. Martina can I get a hug?

    My own fandom is turning sour and it breaks my heart T_T


  84. I like UKiss’ song, but not the video.
    I like GD’s video, but not the song.
    I like Baek A Yeon’s video, but not the song.
    I don’t know much about Baek A Yeon as an artist.
    I like both GD and UKiss as artists.
    I like both VIPs and Kissmes as fans.
    I hope we can avoid fanwars this week. It makes me sad.

    I just want to cuddle up with Spudgy.

  85. Baek A Yeon is one of my favorite rookies from this year. :D

  86. GO KISSMES!!!! GD already got reviewed… X( <3 Kevin! <3

  87. lol but U kiss is now in first

  88. KissMe’s continue to vote :)

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