TVXQ “Catch Me” – Vote for it here!


TVXQ is finally back! WHOA SM! Y U MAKE US WAIT FOR SO LONG FOR KOREAN TVXQ SONG? Before You Go came out…what? March 2011? This song is 18 months afterwards! WHOA! Now, we don’t follow the lives of Kpop artists outside of what they do in Kpop songs. Did TVXQ do a lot during those 18 months in Japan, maybe? I think they had a tour that did ridiculously well, right? Other than that, were they in any dramas? I know they do a lot of modelling around Korea, but…hey: I’d like to see TVXQ making more music in Korea than once every 18 months. WHO’S WITH ME?!?! And we’d like to be able to review them as well. Max Time is still one of our favourite jokes, and we can’t help but think of it whenever we turn the lights on or off.

100% “Bad Boy” – Vote for it here!


It seems like there are far too many rookie bands debuting lately. Is it just me? Every week there’s, like, four new bands that I never heard of before. Maybe 100% isn’t a rookie band, and they’ve been around for a while, but – whoa – I’m totally starting to feel like the market is hyper-saturated. Kpop’s booming, yes! And lots of companies want a piece of that pie. How many of these bands are gonna make it? I don’t know. How do you feel about 100%? Are they just another rushed band trying to get in on the Hallyu wave, or are they actually legit and serious about making music? Question: give us a list of the bands that debuted this year that you find yourselves listening to or following. Is that list a lot smaller than the list of bands that debuted, or is a good percentage?

Spica “I’ll Be There” – Vote for it here!


Ah! If it wasn’t for the intro of this video, we might possibly have been more interested in it. It’s just…so…poorly executed! I mean, sure – we get the idea a bit. Girl looks scared at night, looks up at the dark sky, and sees Spica in the stardust. The song is called “I’ll Be There,” so the idea is that she doesn’t have to be scared, because Spica’s there to comfort her. Sure! But…oh! It’s just so cheesily done! Spica in the Stardust? What is this? Kindergarten? I’d have been much happier with the video if Spica had just started with their song and dance in the room, without the cheesy intro. I’d even be ok with the Cow DJ. Psy’s Gangnam Style is about the horse dance: who better to make a horse dance than a Cow DJ? Kpop, ladies and gentlemen, wants you to know that they care about their livestock. I’d like to see a couple of pigs rock the mic next, and have the roosters as hype men.

  1. I thought the Spica in stardust is suppose to relate to them being named after a constellation. Since you know Spica’s a constellation

  2. I have to vent this out somewhere…
    I will forever be shattered that TVXQ!’s ‘Catch Me’ will never be reviewed. Forever. </3

  3. they haven’t announced the winners of stop girl album right? cause i cant find their latest kpop music monday bloopers xD just wondering

  4. enyone else that felt that Spica was like a fusion(baby) if spice girls and maria caryh in her youth. (I’m a gene in a bottle ish)

  5. there’s been so many debuts, i wonder what’s going to happen to them all because I don’t think the k-pop market will be able to sustain them. My fave rookies this year are Exo, BAP (were they 2011 or this year?), Evol and 100%. Nu’est, Hello Venus and BTOB are also pretty good.

  6. Heh. “She”. Oh, Meemers.

  7. TVXQ’s ridiculously awesome choreography? My best friend and I could barely watch this video we thought the movements were so incredibly AWKWARD

  8. Here’s the deal, this year alone, 40 new groups debuted. I’m probably only listening to 10% of them.

  9. I just think it is weird that Gd has almost of double of votes than TVXQ in everything, and TVXQ are on the top of the chart….mmmmmm ok o.0

  10. I think that 100% is really talented. Their vocalists are better than many of the vocalists already established in the kpop scene. Even though there is like one member who’s nothing but a visual. . .
    anyways, as of now, gd has been crushed by tvxq’s video, but I would’ve liked to see you guys review gd. Even though tvxq is still cool

  11. 100% is a rookie band, but they’re not rushed! They’re from the same company as Teen Top, but they’ve been trainies for a longer time than them…

    And TVXQ have been doing a lot of activity in Japan.

  12. I’m really sad because I think because of this we won’t get to see Crayon reviewed, which I REALLY wanted to see! I just plain LIKE IT MORE. I mean, They’ll talk about TVXQ’s awesome comeback and how cool the song is… and the wiggly arm thing. but they’re still dancing in rooms! What else is going to be said. Crayon has SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. SADFACE.

  13. please TVXQ!!! come on 3 GD videos? I love him but this is the return of the king! TVXQ need a k-pop music mondays before you go to mexico!! THE MV WAS MIND BLOWING! and most of us “cassies” were kind of confindent, we were like ” ok, GD is wining , doesnt matter, next week TVXQ defenitly be review ” but YOU DIDNT TEEL US THAT YOU WILL BE GONE FOR 3 WEEKS, WE all went carzy and reduce the gap from 1400000 to 5000 IN 1 DAY ONLY, BUT it still wasnt enought counting that GD was on the charts for 2 weeks… I feel really upset.. at least do a review of both videos!! PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!

  14. Hello Simon and Martina! :3

    I’ve already written to you guys, but um. Yeah. I saw your interview with U-kiss :D
    I didn’t have the time to write a question. :/ So um can you find out if they will come make a concert in Canada? And where exactly? Please, tell them to come to Montreal!
    I tweeted Kevin, but he never answered me. Well, thank you for at least reading it! :)

  15. Simon and Martina is SOOOSOSOOOOOoooooOOOoooo not fair, gdragon crayon MV is the most votes, and YET you don’t wanna review it, SHAME OF YOU, MARTINA, you are fail vip!

  16. I’ve been a big fan of u guys since last year.I value the fact that you guys try to be as unbiased and transparent as possible. But what I really don’t like lately is that you put “Vote For Me” in your Kpop charts updates vid.I dunno but I dont think its fair.

  17. i like Crayon but not too crazy about it. honestly i find Crayon to be too much like One of a Kind with more colours and a stronger dance beat.

    GD is AGAIN going on about how cool he is and how much swag he has. its like the same theme over and over again.

    people saying that GD should get reviewed cuz his MV is better than Catch Me need to seriously get their eyes and ears checked.

    i love GD but there is really nothing unique about Crayon. the concept is the same as One of a kind except that it uses more comedy and colours. there is nothing deep or meaningful about it.

    those who say TVXQ’s MV is boring need to definitely get their eyes checked. this is the first time TVXQ have done a full mv in a box but there is a reason for it. this is the first time a kpop group or idol has ever been able to express the full story and plot of the song using a DANCE choreography. the reason it was filmed in a box is becuz they WANT u to FOCUS ON THE DANCE and the story behind it.

    there is more symbolism and creativity in Catch Me’s dance than in any of GD’s MVs from this year.

    the story of the MV takes place inside a man. yunho and changmin represent the mirror-imaged EGOS that live within that man, and their response to what the gf has done to him, every move that yunho and changmin make express the lyrics of the song. every single step they take along with their incredibly talented dancers is done to create a masterpiece that portrays the story.not to mention that the actual use of dancers as essential parts to portray the full story is nothing short of GENIUS!

    try to watch the MV with the eng lyrics attached and u willl understand the depth behind.

    the dance was not just done randomly..it actually has a meaning, and the purpose of the box MV is for u to focus ur attention on the dance and understand it.

    • I’m sorry I’ve been in GD’s chat the whole week and I never read something bad about TVXQ sorry if u did but about the box mm that’s not a good excuse because the they wanted focus on their dance mmm well infinite normally are focused on their dance and they always make such awesome choreographies and not necessary in a box and at the same time they are representing theirs MV as well too.. in the other hand maybe in catch me there is a lot symbolism and creativity? for u and others ppl but it doesn’t mean that u can talk about others MVs like u did with GD’s MV because for the ppl who liked crayon there is a lot of symbolism and creativity too, everybody have different tastes with music.. I understand u are mad because u was waiting for TVXQ MV like mm more than one year and in half, but hey! VIPs have been waiting to GD’s solo comeback for 3 years, and we really tried hard to win this week even our MV was older and we were in disadvantages if u did know every MV at the end is calculating by the days that it was posting on KMMcharts for us is difficult to because VIPs don’t have an official fanclub even if u are not in korea and u are korean so we really worked hard to find as many VIPs we could find even when many VIPs gave up last week and we didn’t have their supports this week.. that Kissme’s help us? well ELF help u guys and that is a biiiig fandom as cassiopeias are so please here everyone did their best.
      to finish I wanna say that we always keeped in mind that cassiopeia are a very strong fandom that’s why we worked so hard I wanna add to that I’m a hug fan of JYJ not a TVXQ fan as well but I liked catch me and the dance was good too, sorry if u were waiting for TVXQ comeback and were waiting win this week but we had the same felling even if all of u say that we are egoist because GD has been review 2 times already but hey that’s what a fan means.. always keeping their heart with theirs bias.
      I hope u can understand it.

  18. Giving my honest opinion. I LOVE TVQX;s Catch Me. I just you should have seen me when I was watching it the first time.

  19. Simon and Martina… Please, please, please review “I’ll be there” by SPICA. SPICA fans please don’t hate…. Yes the song it catchy in a 90′s way, however. WTF is with the video and I’m not talking about a Wonderful Treasure Find. I DO NOT get the video concept at all… I mean a DJ cow… really? And the costume designer needs to be taken out to the street and beaten with the My Little Pony clad sweatshirt. I’m sure I’ll catch slack for this… But I am curious to know what you guys think.

  20. actually after you guys asked about the rookie groups, i realized essentially all of the groups i listen to have debuted in the past year or so O_O

    a lot of the groups are good, and a few are exceptionally awesome, but i feel like unless the group is signed with a major label, their chances of becoming successful are slim to none. it’s sad, because some have a lot of talent ;_:
    since you asked though:
    ChAOS (underrated so so so much; each member has more talent in their right pinky fingernail than i do in my entire body)
    4K (folk music sub-unit of the new group 24K)
    C-CLOWN (also really good)
    Hello Venus
    Crayon Pop (super cute and fun songs)

    honestly im overwhelmed by all the new groups. like its seriously making me suffer from aniexty lol

  21. Maybe the little girl in the Spica mv (which….I feel VERY sorry for the one who wore the double ‘P’ on her shirt, cuz….yeah) is delusional and scared and so, to make herself feel better….she creates…a…cow….as a dj. Odd. Well, its a delusional, hallucinating little girl who is scarfed and wet and sitting in a alley that is flooded, so I don’t think it has to make much sense.
    This is just my theory, cuz it seems to be too cheesy and overly emotional if I think of the meaning behind the song title and the lost girl with the stars spelling Spica.

  22. C’mon if TVXQ gets reviewed this monday what is it they are going to say ?? They are still locked in a big room !! BORING
    and that the dance was insanely good !

  23. 100% don’t sound bad. They have good voices and nice dance moves.(but they do resemble ‘Infinite’) Don’t know how serious they are about making music but I don’t see them progressing too much in the future. Like you said ‘the market is hyper-saturated’. All these new bands have great skills so it’s a crazy competition.

    ‘Spica’ yes the video was a bit weird – . -’ but they have nice voices :)

    From the rookie groups that have appeared this year I find myself rather listening than following D-Unit…beside ‘Missing you’ I haven’t found any song from theirs that I particularly like.

    P.S: 1:26 don’t forget to mention the effort we KISSmes did to help VIPs get their review Martina :)
    P.S.s: I was wondering if you consider doing a ‘K-indie Music Monday’. Would that be possible? (I’m guessing ‘not’ K indie are quite serious aren’t they? – . – )
    P.S.s.s: Thank you again for reviewing ‘Gukkkasten’ for K-Crunch! They’re awesome!! > . < ….maybe someday in the future someone would request for 'Jaurim' T_T

  24. “its like what happened to infinite”


  25. So is there a way for us to vote for GD this week? Or are we just supposed to leave an angry message here?

  26. Martina Speak. Write a dictionary. PLZ! XD

    Also, this week’s Playlist Mode… Oh you silly Martina. Slipping in a puddle of Playlist Mode makes TOTAL sense….to us Nasties. <3

  27. PunkyPrincess92

    oh my gosh Martina you totally know my Shawol feelings!!!!!
    YEAH!!!!!!!! we need WAY MORE SHINee and TVXQ mvs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Ely May

    The only rookies groups I was interested in were:
    100%, Fiestar,Phantom,Two X
    JJ Project,She’z,Btob,Exo!
    Mostly because they are differents from what we see in others groups, have a unique sound and awesome dances moves… :D

  29. OMG! It is a REAL cow! Por favor, someone splain to me NAU what’s with the COW? Vaca looks uncomfortable.

  30. Found the DJ Cow in Spica’s video wacky. All the videos, in my opinion, were rather lackluster for this KPop update and wouldn’t be surprised if none of them made it to KMM. Still good to listen to new artists though because you never know which group will make it big. Ive never heard of GD until a a few weeks ago and look at all the fame he has now. I think these rookie groups are getting their time shine thanks to Simon and Martina.

  31. I think the Spica video is just a modern version of ‘The Little Match Girl’ story. There is a little girl on the dark streets in the wet and cold. In this version instead of lighting a match to see the visions, she has a flashlight and hallucinates about Spica dancing. Which would mean she is dead by morning…. well that is depressing.
    But yeah those bits are totally out of place to the bright and cheerful dancing and singing.

  32. Hi Simon and Martina, just an idea. Since you are going away for 3 weeks. how about having an ‘EXTRA Large’ K-pop Music Monday episode which includes all the KMM’s No1 MVs that you can’t review in the next 3 weeks when you’ve got back? Each review can be a mini review like your Kpopchart Update. Seriously, I really want to see your review on both Crayon and Catch me!!! Anyway, enjoy your trip!

  33. Actually, 100% have bn marketed for quite some time. They did this show with Teen top (Teen top raising 100%) for like 10 episodes or something :)
    I watched the whole thing nd I must say that this “rookie group” (they r actually older than teen top nd have bn training for a longer period of time) r so well prepared.
    They sit on some amazing talents nd I just hope that they’re given the right songs or even the opportunity to write their own ’cause I really wish for them to go far. If you watch their live performances their vocals are soo professional. Solid!

    But I do agree with you… it’s way too many rookies this year it’s getting hard to keep track of all…

    I follow a few like b.a.p, NU’est, spica, btob, Tasty, 100% and 24k/4k

    sidenote: bigstar, vixx, exo

  34. please dont chose the TVXQ video as it has no meaning, storyline or substance at all. Yes, it has very cool dancing and above average visual effects, but other than that it has nothing interesting nor new to offer

  35. Spica’s song reminds me of mid-90′s Mariah Carey’s stuff. I…kind of liked it? Maybe it’s just nostalgia.
    Meemers is getting big – and is it just me or has her eye colour changed?

  36. Maybe someone can explain TVXQ’s name to me, because I thought they were only TVXQ in China and DBSK in South Korea? I… don’t understand.

  37. I´m really in love with catch me and kinda torned between voting for GD and TVXQ:
    BUT there is one thing that really bothers me: I think the Catche me MV is EXTREMELY similar to their Android MV. When I first saw it I thought I was watching Android.

  38. It’s not about GD. It’s all about the MVs themselves that attracted people to vote. If GD came out with a boring video, i wouldn’t vote for it, i swear (I’m a VIP and you have my words). That’s why i didn’t vote for That XX last time (even i’m big fan of ballad song), and voted hard on UV’s instead. So I’m now rooting for Crayon. Because of the way it is.

    People complain about how GD came too often on KMM. Oh please? Those three GD’s videos are three different videos which unfortunately were derived by the same artist, that is GD. “I don’t like Crayon” is more acceptable than “I hate to see GD on KMM over and over again”. Smh.
    I loooove TVXQ (i was being a die hard cassie before, and still a casual fan of them and JYJ, especially JYJ). I do want Catch Me to get reviewed because i want to know how S&M would react about the super duper awesome moves in this MV! But for now, i’m dying a lot more to see Crayon on KMM! I don’t want to guarantee that TVXQ’s will get reviewed after S&M back from mexico, but i’m 99% pretty sure it will! That’s about time.:)

  39. Tyler Channell

    I can understand why both fans are mad. I am more of a fan of Simon and Martina, (Yes, I am a Nasty) then a particular group. VIP’s felt ripped off, and TVXQ fans feel that it is unfair that G-Dragon may have a third video for KMM. But personally, my vote is for G-Dragon, because it simply is a better video. (Don’t kill me) I feel that for KMM they have more to work with than TVXQ simple, well light room.

  40. EvoL!
    I don’t see them much, but their first mini album was actually pretty damn good!
    Normally i don’t like every song on an album, buy I like every song on theirs. :3
    I just wish they appeared on shows more and were more noticed, since they’re one of the ONLY rookie groups that doesn’t irritate me.

  41. Rookies I listen to.. Uh BAP for sure… EXO, BtoB, Tasty and Nuest. Others that I listen to, but dont love are Phantom, 100%, VIXX (did they debut this year..?), Lunafly, and Cross Gene. There’s so many rookies this year @_@

  42. http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/ SIMON AND MARTINA have just make us a CHALLENGE, they wont do reviews for 3 week, so THIS IS THE LAST OPOTUNITY of TVXQ to WIN ,THIS IS THE RETURN OF THE KINGS, and we are losing? cassiopeia and bigeast have just been challenge, are we gonna make tvxq win this music mondays? VOTE NOW, g-dragon is winning for a lot! so this is your last chance CASSIES, lets do this! and dont forget to vote on MNET!!!! thumps up and vote now!

  43. Guise, I can’t really agree when you talked about (pissed or not) VIPs voting for GD or, in general, fans voting for their “bias’” video. Of course fandoms play a huge role in bringing a video to the top, but there are also a lot of Nasties who vote for videos they want to be reviewed, not matter who made it! Look at the comments, there are a lot of “non-fans” voting too! And I think it should be encouraged, because what matters is not how many times you review Big Bang or Super Junior, what matters is the reviewed video and how much stuff there is to talk about.

    And to people who complain that GD is reviewed too often, well, “GD” himself is not reviewed. “One of a Kind” has be reviewed, “That XX” has been reviewed, “Crayon” will (probably) be reviewed, These are 3 totally different videos which all lead to totally different reviews, so why complaining?

  44. of course GD’s MV is the most voted or whatever because the fans been voted for it 2 weeks or more while TVXQ has just appeared last week & they already reached the 2nd place with 19000 or more ma shaa Allah so the most voted are TVXQ not GD because they’re in the chart just in 1 week while GD is in the chart for 2 weeks & I don’t hate GD I love his MVs but I’m TVXQ fan & it’s been long time since they appeared so let’s be fair here TVXQ have to be in this music Monday not GD for the 3rd time -__-

  45. There are sooo many boy band rookies this year but only 3 of them can really make it I think and thats B.A.P, EXO and NU’EST. For girls band, I follow TWO X and I’m interested in SuPearls..

  46. Amyaco

    Yes, I do feel like there is an overflow of rookie groups. However, as a person that usually prefers individual songs from many groups to many songs from one group, I don’t necessarily see this as a bad thing? I’m not getting attached to these new groups, but I think a couple of then have the potential to win me over. :) Some that I’m liking right now (and forgive me and please correct me if they’re not actually rookie groups) are:

    Big Star
    JJ project

    (I’ve kind of stopped considering EXO, B.A.P, etc as rookies)

  47. I just realized why kpop is so fun and oddly comforting…. its very similar to 90′s music… Its like someone took all those catchy beats and bubbly melodies from the 90′s, dusted them off, threw in a dash of synth here and a sprinkle of dubstepyness there.. So similar but freshened up a bit. Am I wrong on this? Has anyone else noticed this? Did this comment prompt anyone to notice it?

  48. 100% is a rookie group debuted recently under T.O.P media (same company w/ Teen Top) and Bad Boy is their debut song. Simon and Martina, if you want to know list of rookie groups that debuted this year, you must check it out here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_South_Korean_idol_groups (active and disbanded)
    and the list in 2011 and 2012 is too long compared to past years.

  49. The only rookie groups I listen to are B.A.P, EXO, and NU’EST and I actually really love all three of them. I don’t think there is enough room in my heart for any more rookies…(though I did love JJ Project’s “Bounce”).

  50. lets see… I looked through my list and unless I am wrong and one of these didn’t debut this year and I am a bad kpop fan, these are rookie artists I listen to often on my iPod:
    GLAM, B.A.P., EXO, NU’EST, Hello Venus, Crayon Pop, D-Unit, ChAOS, LunaFly, FIESTAR.. If a song comes out and I like it I download it immediately <_<. There's a lot of groups that came out this year, though, and still more to come. It's really hard to keep up. I try to listen to as many as I can though, and not write them off because I am sure there are tons of good ones. I don't understand why there is a surge of debuts.
    Heres a list:

  51. Meemers grown soooo big!!! <3

  52. i don’t get it, shouldn’t TVXQ’s get reviewed?
    considering it’s been out for just 4 days and is already at #2?
    i think eat your kimchi reviewed a #2 before because of that reason…

    • I don’t think that’s gonna happen because Crayon was at around 2-3 in like a day I think, and they didn’t review it. Plus people would tell them it’s unfair and get mad… :)

  53. Hey Simon, you forgot something…G-Dragon also called ‘cuz he wants his running scene back :P ( 0:09 )

  54. They should totally review TVQX. They deserve the review after releasing this awesome MV. They finally release a song, and did a great job and it and still, people are voting for G dragon? They already reviewed G dragon enough, let TVQX have it. Please.

  55. Wait – the next KMM will be in 3 weeks?

    Well, guess who’s making a long-awaited comeback in another 3 weeks???!!!

    EPIK HIGH~~~~!!!!


    • my oppas better get voted in or…or…or…or… i’ll just sit in my jammies all day and cry

      • Who are your oppas? Btw….I thought ‘oppa’ is just for unmarried men? Don’t married men get called ‘ahjusshi’? lol Tablo-ahjussi :p

        • tablo, mithra and dj tukutz, but especially mithra! oppa is a girl’s: real older brother, older guy friend (but not my much), boyfriend, guy i want to be my boyfriend, or idol that i admire and want to fangirl over (even if he is younger than me)….i may be missing one or two definitions but that is all that is coming to mind for me. and no tablo is my OPPA!

        • oh and i have a korean friend that calls her husband oppa. i actually dislike that word. it’s too confusing :S

  56. mines alot smaller becuase i am veyr picky expecially with female bands becuase i don’t like the cutsy type.
    I listen to Nu’Est, Phantom, Lunafly, Fiestar, EXO, Spica, EXID and Evol.

  57. I’m happy with U-Kiss’s Stop Girl being reviewed last week as it is an indeed decent song, but i’m fully sticking with G-dragon’s Crayon this week..yay ^^

  58. i would like to know if i’m the only one who thought that the chorus of SPICA’S “I’ll Be There” sounded a whole lot like Janet Jackson’s “Together Again”…. ♪ everywhere i go every smile i see i know you are there smiling back at me ♪

  59. When B.A.P releases their next song, us babies are going to get our spot at most rated video back~ LOOl ^^

    BUt currently I’m really wanting crayon to get reviewed becasue i want to see simon get dressed up as a girl too and say do the why so serious thing :D

  60. Hopefully KMMs will be back when Gain makes her epic return to the stage. Gain will slay. Be prepared.

  61. Even though I was hoping for GD last week, I was still really happy with U-Kiss becaus they are about the awesomest underrated group ever and I loved seeing the behind the scenes footage… especially Eli <3. I'm not a huge fan of TVXQ (don't kill me cassies, there's a lot of you and only one of me). Their sound just doesn't appeal to me. Don't get me wrong I like Catch Me, but it's just not my style.

    As for rookies groups I listen to:
    B.A.P, EXO, A-Jax, JJ Project, Tasty, She'z, Hello Venus!, NU'EST, VIXX, Phantom, Lunafly, BTOB, BIGSTAR, CHaOS, Cross Gene, Fiestar, GLAM,100%, D-Unit, and AOA.
    But the groups I really follow and am a fan of are:
    B.A.P., EXO, JJ Project, Tasty, She'z NU'EST, A-Jax, Phantom, Lunafly, BIGSTAR, GLAM, 100%, D-Unit, and VIXX
    Apparently there's been like 30-40 rookie groups that debuted since January 2012. I

  62. Catch Me is my second favorite TVXQ song ever (after Before U Go – I’m a post-JYJ scandal fan). But the video is so boring compared to last year’s amazing MVs for Keep Your Head Down and Before U Go. So, my vote will still be for G-Dragon. It’s really hard to be a VIP and a Cassie at the same time. T.T

    As for the list of rookie groups I’m listening to:
    -John Park (not sure if he’s a rookie though)
    -Baek A Yeon
    -future YG girl group (my YG stan-ness is showing too much)
    -SuPearls 2.0
    with a little side dish from SPICA, She’z, JJ Project and BTOB.

    Personally, I think 2012 rookies are so much better than 2011 rookies, with the exception of Bilasa, the only 2011 rookie I stan. But I wish companies stop releasing not-quite-ready-to-debut-yet groups because it’s just embarrassing. lol

    • Can some of those groups still be considered rookies. EXO has been around for over a year and a half. Sure in the scheme of things that’s kind of young, but… I admit, I focused on EXO, because I love the EXO-K mini-album, Mama. I thought it was a great introduction to the group. Angel is one of my favorite songs.

      • Pretty sure EXO’s just been around for 9 months (the first EXO teaser which starred Kai was released December 21, 2011).

        Personally I’m not that impressed with the MAMA mini album. I only liked Angel and What is Love… and sometimes History. But I think they’re really talented though so I’m keeping an eye on them.

        • Agreed. After hearing bits of a lot of potentially great songs in their teasers like My Lady, El Dorado, Baby Don’t Cry, etc. I was disappointed with the MAMA album. Luckily Angel was included (though SM really should have produced a full-length MV for it because the teaser’s choreography is beautiful). It’s not that I dislike the other songs, it’s just that there were others I would have preferred to have been included instead.

          Have you heard anything about EXO releasing a full-length album before the end of the year? From a business standpoint, I feel that EXO has put out less than other rookie groups like BAP and Nu-est, so if SM wants them to have a shot at the rookie of the year award, they need to release an album before the end of the year. Personally, I loved the variety I heard in the teasers, and I hope that they’re using this time to make full-length versions.

        • JammySmoochie

          An MV for Angel would’ve been amazing. Like how NU’EST has done with their follow-up track, “Not Over U.” And regarding the EXO year-end comeback, I hope it’s true. But lately, some rumors say that it’s SNSD and not EXO that’s coming back. Not that I hate a Girls’ Generation comeback but I think that EXO needs a comeback more. As you mentioned already, EXO has put out less materials. So a comeback is a really good thing for EXO. Although I think, personally saying, that B.A.P already has the rookie award in the bag. Or maybe it’s my bias that’s showing. lol

        • Hmm, it seems like SM has been trotting out all their artists for a comeback this year, so I guess it would make sense for SNSD to have a comeback. I’ve never listened to SNSD, so I don’t have an opinion about them, but I do know that I loved what I saw and heard from EXO, so naturally I’d rather have them put out some new material. I myself don’t really care about who gets the rookie award (though I’m sure it would be great to win), I just want their music, lol. Out of what I’ve heard from the rookie groups, if not EXO, B.A.P. definitely gets my vote. Warrior was awesome. I watched the MV with my mouth literally hanging open, it was so fierce. They’re so polished for a rookie group. I don’t like it when companies are in such a hurry to launch a new group that they debut them half-baked and wet behind the ears. Companies should really learn that it just makes for an inferior product.

        • JammySmoochie

          Whoever wins the rookie award is kinda irrelevant, at least to me. Maybe it won’t be EXO or B.A.P, but Busker Busker. We don’t know. Some rookies this year are really amazing, so I think whoever wins deserves the award. And yeah, looking back, the 2011 rookies were so ill-prepared save for a few (Bilasa comes to mind). I don’t know why there’s a rush to debut idols when it’s obvious that they’re not ready yet. The kids are talented, sure, but they need more polishing I guess.

          And let’s pray for an EXO comeback. It would be nice to see them competing with B.A.P. Friendly competition, of course. But B.A.P’s coming back on Oct. 23 so looks like it won’t happen.

  63. What’s this about pissed off VIP’s and mad GD fans?? Why are they mad? Did S&M do something unforgivable again like stating their honest opinions?? I always seem to miss these outrageous things. Maybe because I’m too busy enjoying the videos and all the hard work S&M (&S&M) put into them.

  64. Nothing else decent better come out between now and the next
    KMM that can push TVXQ off the top of the charts or I will be severely pissed
    off. >: |

    And I know Ga-In’s comeback is coming out too. Bloody hell. Not happy.

  65. I like GD a lot but TVXQ get’s my vote this time! Take care on your trip guys and have a lot of fun too. (I’m from Mexico, I hope you guys like it :D)

  66. Come on! TVXQ~

  67. I’m glad TVXQ’s back. I like the song, and the video’s alright. The robotic dances work well with the music.

    100% was featured on Newstar’s thing on Pops in Seoul for the past few weeks (they “kidnapped” them xD), so we could get to know their personalities. I’m assuming they’ll do this for other rookie groups, which is nice since otherwise I wouldn’t know who these people are. :P

    Video aside, Spica’s song is wonderfully sung. They have *fantastic* harmonies, and this song reminds me of 90s girl pop like Spice Girls’ Wannabe mixed with… I dunno… B*Witched? LoL It’s completely different from how I felt they originally portrayed Spica with Painkiller and Russian Roulette, but it still works for their sound.

  68. Oh wow. No KMM next week? Oh man. lol. Sh*t’s about to go down guise :p

    How good is the TVXQ song?!!! I have complaints about the audio quality of the MV, but the song itself is a strange mix of bollywood and dubstep, and yet it still kinda works, lol.
    Can I just make an observation though – it isn’t the Pissed Off VIPs who are keeping Crayon on top – it’s the Forgiving and Dedicated VIPs. All the Pissed Off VIPs kinda….left. :( Something about S&M being unfair :p

    As for rookies….I don’t follow anyone outside of YG (cos YG is Epik High’s new company BOOYEAH BABEH), and YG hasn’t released a rookie group this year, so I guess I’m following 0% of the groups that debuted so far :p

    PS. I like your outfit Martina. I should try that combo sometime.
    PPS. Didn’t Taeyang call Spica and ask for his song title back?

    • YG is planning to debut two groups this year: SuPearls and another unnamed girl group.

      • And Lee Ha Yi (who I think is a member of SuPearls?) is gonna feature in one of Epik High’s songs!! WOOOOOT xD

        • I remember Breakdown era when Epik High was all “we’re not gonna surrender to no big companies” :’D

        • lol which is why I’m glad Tablo keeps saying how YG is better than expected. One point which really struck me was when he mentioned the increased freedom he had since he joined YG, ironically. He didn’t need to do so many interviews and tv shows in order to make ends meet, and could just concentrate on making music.
          I know some fans still feel a bit queasy about their favourite indie band joining a mainstream company…but hopefully Epik High’s album will be like Tablo’s – original and untouched. That’ll shut them up :p

    • Yeah, I said an expletive to myself when she mentioned that there was not going to be a KMM next week. If that isn’t motivation I don’t know what is.. Wait behind the scenes u kiss videos are also motivation. That was kinda sweet motivation though. Rather than if it wins you get nothing! It was more like here’s a tempting prize you guise…

      And thanks for defending us… I didn’t think anyone has been pissed off all week. We kind of kindly and gently showed them the door and shut it behind us. It’s all sun shines, rainbows and crayons over there right now, with a side of Gaho and bathroom pirates. And that should piss no one off.

      Martina has been looking all sorts of sexy lately and I’m a girl. Lucky guy that Simon.

  69. Uhhhhh lets think… Of the bands that debuted this year I follow:
    BAP, EXO, VIXX and BTOB (those are kinda well stablished so I guess they’ll do well in their following projects) Evol, AOA, 100% and Fiestar (for this ones, I should wait for their next comeback to see if they surpassed the initial impression of their debuts)
    So I guess it is around 20-30% of the rookies this year (that I know)?

    Anyhow, I guess the bands that debuted this year will be of the last ones to have a share from the whole hallyu wave -idol wise speaking- (according to Papa YG words in his interview)

  70. Also, C-CLOWN is pretty good too (Solo, Soloooo~). Am I the only one that finds KPOP group names hilarious? They always seems to have the most weirdly significant meaning to the random words, letters and numbers. Hats off to the people who think of the names, I’d probably just call a group by the first letters of the members names…

  71. Wow, was it just me or were everyone in SPICA’s eyes’ strangely large? Especially that blonde girl. Like Whoa O.O. Did she get Eyeball implants? lol It was so distracting for me. And I didn’t get the video really, but I liked the song :)

  72. TVXQ D: Hopefully they hold on for the next one =_=, considering how much the vote is GD’s by a gaping 40k votes.

  73. Spica is the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, and the 15th brightest star in the nighttime sky; so I think the idea behind it was that SPICA are living up to their name by lighting up the sky for that little girl.

  74. this update is one of the funniest I’ve seen so far. Glad I saw the cow DJ, I was totally missing out on something!

  75. I listen to B.A.P, EXO and NUEST and a few others but I’m not a “die-hard” fan. It’s not that their music isn’t great and they are as talented, I just don’t find myself obsessing over “Rookies”. Maybe it’s because they aren’t widely recognized like some other artists, so it’s not shoved in my face as much. (Which isn’t a bad thing)

  76. I found a few gems among the sea of rookies: Two X, Phantom, SPICA, B.A.P, Baek A Yeon, and LUNAFLY. Yes, SPICA. You should check out their “Russian Roulette” and “Painkiller”.

  77. TVXQ whoo hoo, loved the song and video. Hope they have a few more coming out.
    100% I felt there was not really anything that made them stand out. Like B.A.P. did.
    Spica….UGH…just no all around.

      (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

      • Missed you to!! But only back for an hour, then back out of town for the weekend. But I so miss all my Kpop & YOU!!!!! Maybe I can sneak into a closet somewhere and drown myself in EYK Kpop charts. I have so much to say. {{hugs}} <— old school hugs

  78. TVXQ! Cassies waited soooo long for this :D

  79. BAP debuted this year, and I’m following them.

    Thats about it. So I would say a small percentage.

  80. Pissed off VIPs also have grateful KissMes helping them make sure that GD gets reviewed, since some of them were awesome enough to vote for U-KISS last week. Thanks, guys! We’ll do all we can to make sure GD gets in this time~

    • There’s just too much GD on kpop mondays :)
      This show shouldn’t be there to promote a single artist all the time or even just big artists, it would be so much greater if smaller artists could be promoted thanks to kpop music mondays.

      • S&M don’t pick the songs for KMM and while its us fans, its just natural, that it would all be about bigger artists.

      • That’s what Kpop Charts and KPop Charts Update are for – giving visibility to all KPop acts who’ve just released a video. It’s up to us to vote videos up. The purpose of KPop Music Mondays is to entertain us with a funnny review, not to “promote”. That’s why the votes GD’s videos get are totally justified: his videos are really original, all different, interesting to talk about, so they perfectly suit the aim of KMM.

      • Well, some people just can’t seem to get enough of GD for KMM. I myself included. lol Although I agree that smaller artists need to have their moment as a KMM featured artist too.

      • Poor Pledis never getting a review, I was really hoping Lipstick by Orange Caramel could have gotten reviewed.

        They should have the point system slightly modified for big names. Not much at all but just to give others a glimmer of hope. But then again that’s probably be a lot of work so nevermind…

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