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KpopCharts Update: Bad Catch There

September 29, 2012


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TVXQ “Catch Me” – Vote for it here!

TVXQ is finally back! WHOA SM! Y U MAKE US WAIT FOR SO LONG FOR KOREAN TVXQ SONG? Before You Go came out…what? March 2011? This song is 18 months afterwards! WHOA! Now, we don’t follow the lives of Kpop artists outside of what they do in Kpop songs. Did TVXQ do a lot during those 18 months in Japan, maybe? I think they had a tour that did ridiculously well, right? Other than that, were they in any dramas? I know they do a lot of modelling around Korea, but…hey: I’d like to see TVXQ making more music in Korea than once every 18 months. WHO’S WITH ME?!?! And we’d like to be able to review them as well. Max Time is still one of our favourite jokes, and we can’t help but think of it whenever we turn the lights on or off.

100% “Bad Boy” – Vote for it here!

It seems like there are far too many rookie bands debuting lately. Is it just me? Every week there’s, like, four new bands that I never heard of before. Maybe 100% isn’t a rookie band, and they’ve been around for a while, but – whoa – I’m totally starting to feel like the market is hyper-saturated. Kpop’s booming, yes! And lots of companies want a piece of that pie. How many of these bands are gonna make it? I don’t know. How do you feel about 100%? Are they just another rushed band trying to get in on the Hallyu wave, or are they actually legit and serious about making music? Question: give us a list of the bands that debuted this year that you find yourselves listening to or following. Is that list a lot smaller than the list of bands that debuted, or is a good percentage?

Spica “I’ll Be There” – Vote for it here!

Ah! If it wasn’t for the intro of this video, we might possibly have been more interested in it. It’s just…so…poorly executed! I mean, sure – we get the idea a bit. Girl looks scared at night, looks up at the dark sky, and sees Spica in the stardust. The song is called “I’ll Be There,” so the idea is that she doesn’t have to be scared, because Spica’s there to comfort her. Sure! But…oh! It’s just so cheesily done! Spica in the Stardust? What is this? Kindergarten? I’d have been much happier with the video if Spica had just started with their song and dance in the room, without the cheesy intro. I’d even be ok with the Cow DJ. Psy’s Gangnam Style is about the horse dance: who better to make a horse dance than a Cow DJ? Kpop, ladies and gentlemen, wants you to know that they care about their livestock. I’d like to see a couple of pigs rock the mic next, and have the roosters as hype men.



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