Welcome back to the Kpop Charts update, where we keep you up to date with the newest Kpop Videos, and where we also give you the chance to vote for them for Music Mondays. This week’s list is predominantly…girly. If you like a video on the list, click on the link above the video to go to its voting page :D

1) Ailee – “Heaven”


Ok, so this is the first we’ve ever heard of this girl, and we felt kinda ashamed and out of the loop. When this video came out, we got a flood of people on our Facebook wall asking for us to review it, and we were all like “really? Who is this person?” Supposedly she has a big internet following. So we added her video to the charts, and boy, a lot of votes came in for her. And, hell, also a lot of views! That video’s creeping up on a million views already! Whoa! And rightfully so: this girl is a great singer. Consider us fans of her music. Not fan of the video, sure, but the music is spot on!

2) EXID – “Whoz That Girl”


Now, this is a video that we haven’t really seen the nicest comments for on YouTube, and, well, we kinda agree with the verdict, but for different reasons. People don’t seem to be impressed with EXID’s sound and image. Rather than commenting on that, we’re just upset with the video. Maybe something in the lyrics suggests that this guy deserves this kind of treatment, but, hell, unless he eats babies, I can’t imagine what he did that was so wrong that would merit the girls making him lose any trace of sanity, and then potentially murder people with his car. What the snap? What a silly message!

3) Spica – “Russian Roulette”


Russian Roulette is supposed to be dangerous, right? I didn’t really feel any danger while watching the video, though. Did anyone else find it highly predictable? After the first girl pulled the trigger and nothing happened, we knew that every other time someone held a gun up to their head that they wouldn’t die, unless it was close to the end of the video. Ah! I think we’re just a bit too English Lit nerdy: we don’t like easily predicting videos. We felt that same way with T-ara’s Cry Cry, and it bothers us just as much here.

4) Chocolat – One More Day


Chocolat is a group that we’re a bit torn about. Their songs are ok, and we don’t really fault them for their music, but their marketing is so bizarre. We heard for ever and ever about their bi-racialness. Cool, we thought, but then they sing in Korea. How does that really make them any different from a Korean group? I don’t know. It doesn’t really seem relevant at all, and just seems like an attempt to get people’s attention. Bah! And now the dance to this video: uhhh. We’re ok with sexy dancing sometimes, so long as it’s not too awkward, and this dance was kinda sexy as well…but some of the members are 14, aren’t they? That’s gross, guise. Really. I’d rather not see children sexualized. Maybe other people are ok with it, or don’t view this as too sexy, but we feel a bit uncomfortable with this video.

  1. Really dropped the ball on the Spica & EXID reviews here though.

  2. Ailee song is nice, she sings weeelllll =)
    I liked tha fact that EXID has too rappers. Dont like one looks like CL.
    One of the Spica girls looks like Bom and then they sing “bang bang bang”.. are they YG biased? jajaj (I am)
    Chocolat.. I guess their parents are agree w this right? :S

  3. yes she does play in dream high 2… her vocals are awesome! i believe shes American:)

  4. i really liked heaven by ailee and i do see what u ment by the brightness…is it just me or is the girl from the new dream high 2 if anyone knows pls tell…i also liked the chocolat the song not really the MV…

  5. Spica is a new girl group produced(?) by Lee Hyori (or her company), they had a ballad single starring Hyori but I just can’t remember the name of the song. Great voices anyway! And I’m guessing the close-up photo themed mv was because a) they’re more of a vocal group than talented dancers and b) it costs to make a decent plot oriented video :) 

  6. Awkward moment in Chocolat’s MV : the guy figured out he could just lift the bag even if his hands were tied. But he didn’t… Guy… you’re either clumsy or a psychopath who like to be tied in a room without seeing anything. 

  7. did someone notice that one of Russian Roulette  scene is the same as one of seungri VIP

  8. Anyone else think that the long haired guy was a Korean Jesus? haha.

  9.  Jpop Music Tuesdays!! PLEASE!! U-Kiss… TT_TT
    Ailee’s Heaven was REALLY good. Her voice is amazing

  10. first time hearing/watching ailee’s heaven. it was really good, her voice is amazing. i also enjoyed the music video. but i totally called it that the long haired dude was a ghost as soon as i saw him watch her sleep. i love that he smiles for her at the end.

    as for exid. why did they choose to put the ‘z’ in the title? maybe if it was overly hip hop or something…but no, even then. i think its dumb. and the dance break. random. the dancing wasn’t impressive and it took away from the song, which i was enjoying. i think the video would’ve been a thousand times better without that.

    on a side note, i’d totally watch that video over and over just to watch Lee Soo Hyuk!!!

    i liked spica’s song, but the video i think would’ve been better without the russian roulette game scenes. i know thats the name of the song, but as stated, its predictable. 

    and i’d have to say my least favorite song, and video, was chocolat’s. the best part of the song in my opinion was when random dude started rapping. and the video was kinda creepy with the paper bag and the clown faces and yeah…

  11. instead of jpop music tuesdays can’t you have u-kiss music fridays or something?
    or can’t you do 1 japanese music video a month?
    come on
    come on

  12. I wish you’d spend more time talking about the actual songs and singers ability and not about the plot of the mvs :/

  13. I wish you guys still reviewed Korean idols in Japan/China… U-KISS is amazing right now!

  14. i really wish u could review Ailee’s song but with popular idol groups up there already i think it will be hard for it to end up in Music mondays… :(

    as for EXID…yeah im a B2UTY… i really respect S.tiger cuz of all the hit songs he did for B2ST…he really did an amazing job with B2ST..but im disappointed with his own girl group, its either that or i was just expecting too much. Exid didnt amaze me.

    LOL it makes me think…s.tiger could have the same fate as Brave bros… dishing out awesome songs for other groups but cant do it with his own group..

  15. That girl Ailee can saaang. I saw her sing Beyonce’s “Halo” on a variety show……

    ……<..>…..<.<…… She sang it better than Beyonce! ha! I really like this song, but I agree, the video made me sad for the nice long-haired guy. :-(

  16. i didnt like any of the songs that much :/ guess im more of a k-indie person 

  17. Um…didn’t the red-head girl from the Spica video die first? She was the first one to hold the gun to her head and didn’t it go off? The blond was the only one they showed the gun clicking for, which was confusing because at the end they only showed two girls, and neither of them were the blond girl. So, I guess she died too somewhere? Weren’t people dying throughout the video? I thought there was only the one girl left at the end…

    • Russian roulette is a game where you put only one bullet in the gun and leave the rest of the spaces blank. The “game” is basically putting the gun up to your head and pulling the trigger. You keep passing the gun around until someone is shot and killed. Because only one spot has a bullet in it, only one person dies – the survivors are considered the “winners”.
      In the video the members of Spica are playing Russian Roulette (obvs lawl), which is why they look a bit nervous in some parts – they’re all wondering which one of them is going to get the spot with the bullet. Even though they’re pulling the trigger they’re only getting blank spaces, which is why even after they’ve pulled the trigger you can see them singing and sitting at their spots on around the random black table. There’s also one shot of a candle being blown, but not being blown out, signifying a member put her life in danger but didn’t die.The last girl seems to know she’s the one who’s going to die (I’m guessing the gun only has 5 spaces in it). When you see the spot of the brown-haired girl sitting around the table, sort of biting her lip, it’s because she’s feeling sympathetic to the girl now holding the gun. When she pulls the trigger, there’s an immediate shot of a candle being blown out, signifying she was the one who died.Hope that helped a little bit! :D I don’t really know gun terminology and it was a bit of a long explanation :P

      • Oooooooh! I get it now, haha! Yeah, I seriously did not know all the details about how RR is played. (Obviously its nothing like regular roulette, the one I DO know something about, lol) Thank you so much for explaining, because that whole video had me so confused while Simon and Martina were just like “Yeah, it was SO predictable!” XD

  18. I don’t know if it is just me but isn’t the sound on your speaking clips very low compared to most if not all of the MV’s? I find myself turning it up everytime one of you come on to hear what you say and then turning it down once the music comes on so as to not disturb the neighbors. I tend to have this problem with all your playlist stuff.

  19. I am really enjoying EVER group thats out right now,
    2012 is a huge step up for KPOP.
    its awsome!!!
    2012 is definately chalked up with groups/singers that are WELL PREPARED.

    luvin KPOP 2012~~

  20. I feel exactly the same way about Chocolat :/
    I’m a girl, I love girl groups, and I was 14 myself not too long ago…so seeing them do those kind of dances was really, really creepy. Seriously who came up with that…
    And EXID…idk all these new kpop groups are lacking something to me I just can’t seem to like them…I feel like such a hysteric person xD
    I always enjoy your videos…greetings from Argentina ^^

  21. Really love Ailee’s singing ability and the video had me slightly teary. Then again it almost a given with a title like Heaven some is bound to end up being dead or dying. As for the others, eh I can’t lie I’m not much into girl groups but the other three didn’t really impress me. And I had been looking forward to SPICA because they are in the same company as Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong.

  22. you know will all the jpop releases you guys should have a jpop section, BUT i think it would be cool if you had some different hosts interchanging like you guys could just show up when you have time 

  23. i felt uncomfortable with Chocolat’s choreography. like, in the live, Tia dances up on some guy who is clearly an adult! i’m not sure if she’s the youngest or if Melanie is, but it just felt really…creepy. -shudder-
    i like the song though.

  24. Loving U-KISS new stuff! ‘A shared dream’ is soo good, got it on replay.
    Btw Big Bang s coming back with 6 tittle tracks witch means they’ll take over Music Mondays since they re having MVs for probably all of them I think?
    Awsoooooome ^^
    Loving Ailee’s song as well as Lee Jung’s and Kim Bo Kyung’s new ones

  25. They do when you see them without all of the makeup.  I don’t know if they can ban them from debuting, but I would hope they would put a little pressure on these companies to present these kids appropriate to their age.  I agree with Martina, I am not cool with the sexualizing of children.

  26. I agree with the chocolat thing. I think the dance would of been fine if two of them weren’t 14! haha, but personally I am in love with the song =)

  27. Oh my gosh, Ailee’s voice is beautiful, and she’s gorgeous! When are they handing out the prettiest person EVER award? Ailee’s a dead ringer! And Russian Roulette was really cool, I liked the song and the concept. SIMON, WHY YOU GIVE AWAY THE ENDING????!!!! GAHHH RAGEFACE. 
    Awww…. Well, at least we know that U-Kiss is multi cultural~ (?) I’d like to see some of their new stuff reviewed, too… ::sob:: I LOVE YOU, U-KISS, PLEASE GIVE US MORE KOREAN TRACKS SO SIMON AND MARTINA WILL REVIEW YOU MOREEEE!!

  28. Is it sad to say I was more interested on why you have band aids all over yourselves….Cat scratches? No to small of a band aid. Simon cut himself shaving on the neck and chin, so Martina felt sympathy for him and wore a line of band aids herself.??? I was not really impressed with any of the line up this week. Just not feeling it. Did however like the Ok Punk song you have on the kpopcharts. Now that one is going into my Mp3 player!!!

  29. j-pop music tuesdays
    !  DO IT

  30. Ailee, SPICA and EXID… they are all rookies in K-pop. ChoColat are the only non-rookies here, so yeah. Already explained a bit about Ailee below.

    As for SPICA they’re under Lee Hyori’s company B2M Entertainment which is also home to SS501. Kim Boa, the red haired girl, actually used to work with SweetTune in producing songs… you can hear her vocals in the chorus for some of SweetTune’s songs like INFINITE’s “Be Mine” and KARA’s “Jumping” I think and probably others too. Yang Jiwon, the girl with the side ponytail actually debuted with T-ara with the song “Good Person” but she left the group after that one song because of creative differences. Park Narae, the blonde girl, was a former contestant on the 1st season of Superstar K and made it to the top 10 (Lee Hyori was a judge at the time). Kim Bohyung, the girl with the updo hairstyle, used to be a JYP trainee and a YG trainee and was even rumored to have been part of the original lineup of 2NE1. Park Juhyun, girl with long black hair, appeared in SS501’s Heo Young Saeng’s debut music video “Let It Go” last year.

    As for EXID, they are S. Tiger’s group… Shinsadong Tiger, the mastermind behind songs like “Fiction”, “Lovey Dovey”, “Roly Poly”, “Troublemaker”, etc… Personally since I’m a huge fan of his songs too, I’m disappointed with EXID’s debut song and MV. It’s just not what I expected. I have no problem with the girls’ image honestly even though a lot of people do, but yeah the things you guys said about the MV… I agree! And the song is apparently a cover? I was expecting something original.

  31. Ailee is basically a Youtube singer that got discovered by WeeSung. Did I spell his name right? 

    •  Yep. She was practically famous already on YouTube. ^^

      Simon&Martina: Her vids are still up on YT, all you have to do is search her name. Also before her debut she appeared on a program with T-ara this past summer I think when T-ara was promoting Roly Poly… And Ailee sang Beyonce’s “Halo”. This was also before Wheesung left for the army, so yeah… I think she’s awesome. Apparently she also appeared on The Maury Show in the US too.

  32. The first girl in the Spica video (with the red hair) looks like Bette Davis.

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