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Kpopcharts Update: Ailee, Spica, EXID, Chocolat

February 18, 2012


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Welcome back to the Kpop Charts update, where we keep you up to date with the newest Kpop Videos, and where we also give you the chance to vote for them for Music Mondays. This week’s list is predominantly…girly. If you like a video on the list, click on the link above the video to go to its voting page :D

1) Ailee – “Heaven”

Ok, so this is the first we’ve ever heard of this girl, and we felt kinda ashamed and out of the loop. When this video came out, we got a flood of people on our Facebook wall asking for us to review it, and we were all like “really? Who is this person?” Supposedly she has a big internet following. So we added her video to the charts, and boy, a lot of votes came in for her. And, hell, also a lot of views! That video’s creeping up on a million views already! Whoa! And rightfully so: this girl is a great singer. Consider us fans of her music. Not fan of the video, sure, but the music is spot on!

2) EXID – “Whoz That Girl”

Now, this is a video that we haven’t really seen the nicest comments for on YouTube, and, well, we kinda agree with the verdict, but for different reasons. People don’t seem to be impressed with EXID’s sound and image. Rather than commenting on that, we’re just upset with the video. Maybe something in the lyrics suggests that this guy deserves this kind of treatment, but, hell, unless he eats babies, I can’t imagine what he did that was so wrong that would merit the girls making him lose any trace of sanity, and then potentially murder people with his car. What the snap? What a silly message!

3) Spica – “Russian Roulette”

Russian Roulette is supposed to be dangerous, right? I didn’t really feel any danger while watching the video, though. Did anyone else find it highly predictable? After the first girl pulled the trigger and nothing happened, we knew that every other time someone held a gun up to their head that they wouldn’t die, unless it was close to the end of the video. Ah! I think we’re just a bit too English Lit nerdy: we don’t like easily predicting videos. We felt that same way with T-ara’s Cry Cry, and it bothers us just as much here.

4) Chocolat – One More Day

Chocolat is a group that we’re a bit torn about. Their songs are ok, and we don’t really fault them for their music, but their marketing is so bizarre. We heard for ever and ever about their bi-racialness. Cool, we thought, but then they sing in Korea. How does that really make them any different from a Korean group? I don’t know. It doesn’t really seem relevant at all, and just seems like an attempt to get people’s attention. Bah! And now the dance to this video: uhhh. We’re ok with sexy dancing sometimes, so long as it’s not too awkward, and this dance was kinda sexy as well…but some of the members are 14, aren’t they? That’s gross, guise. Really. I’d rather not see children sexualized. Maybe other people are ok with it, or don’t view this as too sexy, but we feel a bit uncomfortable with this video.



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