Miss A “I Don’t Need a Man” – Vote for it here!


Yay! A girl band! Oh God! Please keep it in first place! It’s in first place now, but Block B is quickly catching up! We need to talk about a girl group, desperately! T-ara shoulda won with their last video, but just lost in the last minute. Seriously, I think the last time we did a girl group for Kpop Music Monday was with 2NE1’s “I Love You.”

Aaaaactually, by the time we looked over this, Block B is now in first place.

Block B “Nillili Mambo” – Vote for it here!


Question: is it a coincidence that Block B’s two latest songs are confusing N words? Nanlina and Nillili. Try saying “Nanlina and Nillili” five times fast. BBC’s: is this a special inside thing we don’t know about?

Anyways, this song and video are super fun, and are a total goldmine for us to talk about. Sure, we’ll be upset if Miss A doesn’t win, simply because we really want to talk about a girl group in hopes of, somehow, recapturing our dwindling male demographic, but if Miss A loses to Block B we’ll at least have something super fun to talk about. Not that Miss A’s song and video aren’t super fun to talk about. Ah! You know what we mean.

Ga-In “Bloom” – Vote for it Here!


So, we’ll probably never get the chance to talk about this video, but it’s awesome. Ga-In: you know how to do sexuality in Kpop right. You’re sensual, confident, powerful. Hyuna – please take a lesson from Ga-In.

…ok I just realized that I wrote a massive rant on Ga-In vs Hyuna, but then I deleted it, because this isn’t the place for it, I don’t think. I’d rather talk about Ga-In’s awesomeness than what we think is wrong with Hyuna’s marketing. A lot of it included how Ga-In could be sexy without her mouth hanging open. Let’s just say that when we saw the ultra-sexuality in Ga-In’s video, we were taken aback, but we weren’t upset by it. We thought it was awesome and powerful and artsy. It was sensual and just done right, in our books. Though, let me just say for the kitchen masturbation scene: Korean food is good, but not THAAAAAAT good.

Long story short: Ga-In – you’ll always be a favourite in our books.

  1. “Korean food is good, but not THAAAAT good.” Lol, as Lucas Lee would say “That’s actually hilarious.”

  2. ahhhhhhhhh! going crazy! B.A.P first now! FUX. haha i want my miss A! A girl Group please!:( B.A.P got lots of chance. Sick and tired of those boy group mvs being reviewed.



  5. please do gain boom for music monday please do gain boom for music monday please do gain boom for music monday please do gain boom for music monday please do gain boom for music monday please do gain boom for music monday please do gain boom for music monday please do gain boom for music monday please do gain boom for music monday please do gain boom for music monday HI IM ABIG FAN OF GAIN CAN U PLEASE make a music moday for gain

  6. This is stupid. TVXQ was on top for 3 weeks after such a long time and they won’t get reviewed?? You guys need to change your website. Like if you’re not gonna do a kpop music monday that week then stop the voting and stop that policy about it dropping if it gets older just for that week you guys aren’t going to do one. All of your followers are upset about TVXQ not getting reviewed so maybe you guys can do a small special on it? It doesn’t have to be as big or clever as the Music Mondays but you guys can do a short review just stating your opinions. It’s just kind of upsetting not seeing anything on Catch Me even though it stayed on top for so long.

  7. Have you seen a doctor? you seemed to have struggled with pink eye for quite awhile. Untreated, it can lead to corneal scarring. It is easily treated with ocular antibiotics.

  8. I think it is kind of unfair for the cassies who voted and VIPs who helped us out for TVXQ to get reviewed I guess there’s nothing we can do these songs are also good but we were the top for the 2 weeks by a very big margin and thats why we stopped voting because there was no point we were still gonna be ahead

  9. Hey Simon and Martina!

    I know I’m from nowhere, but I hope you’ll recover soon! :)

  10. That Ga-In video….woooooooo. I’m definitely going to have our DJ play that at our next event in Atlanta. But now I want to go make love. O_O

  11. Are yall going to use kondoot anytime soon? I miss the live chats :(

  12. what about wonder boyz’ open the door ? pretty good!


  14. What kinds of foods/meals can be considered healthy? Are there certain labels or ingredients that you look for (or avoid) at the store or in restaurants? You mentioned in an earlier TLDR that you’re not eating as much rice, can you give us some more specifics on maintaining a healthy diet?

  15. I have a feeling Catch Me will never get reviewed. T___T [2] it’s not hotesty

  16. so instead of saying jyp in the music video they just stuck his face one the money lol.

  17. I dunno if someone already mentioned this before, but Nillili Mambo (닐리리맘보) is quite old Korean song that’s quite famous, like folk songs. I’m sure if you type it up on googld or Naver it will come up with the original version of the song~! It’s quite catchy and fun :)

  18. It’s time for… Food Adventure Program For Awesome People! Ga-In’s kitchen edition ;]

  19. Didn’t GD once wrap, “I wear my sunglasses at night, still 20/20″? I’m guessing this could be the quote of the week for Simon and Martina. :)

  20. For me, Bloom was a little too much. I feel like I would have been able to enjoy this mv a lot more if I hadn’t been so uncomfortable. The dancing guys were so cool, she looked so pretty, the song was great, the atmosphere of the video was really awesome, and the choreography was neat too. But I actually felt like the (in my opinion) over-the-top sensuality detacted from the video overall.
    I hope people don’t misunderstand what I’m saying as “Oooo, she did some risque dance moves. I’m offended!” It just seemed like the director was trying too hard and in-your-face about it, which quickly made the video lose its appeal for me. Instead of making Ga-In look beautiful, confident, and attractive, it made her seem a little……explicit is the only word I can think of, but that doesn’t seem to fit quite right.

  21. Miss A will win! Daebak! You have to review this!

  22. When I watched Ga-In’s mv my jaw dropped. I was like 0_o ehhhrmergerddddd.

  23. how can you say vote for miss a? there is ailee and she hasnt gotten a review yet but she is amazing you said it yourselfs. AILEE AILEE AILEE ALIENS ALIENS ALIENS

  24. What happen to TVXQ’s Catch Me MV, I see older MV (such as Crayon) on the chart so why is catch Me not there???really wanna see it get review too

  25. ok,what the f***? xD ……….tvxq are at 48th place !! they have over 45000 votes !!! ,and BTW: BIIB also has 12000 votes and are at 66th place ,this is soooo nasty ><" !

  26. Hi Simon and Martina… I think you just have to talk about the video you want… If you want to talk about Miss A instead of Block B. Just do it! I mean don’t ask us, if you know what video you want to talk about ^w^

  27. (But TVXQ could’ve stood a chance still if the fans would’ve voted vigorously right? (I mean it’s been only two weeks) ) It would be nice if Miss A’s new video would be reviewed :)
    Second video… The video has a Japanese feel to it…the song’s not my type but not bad
    And third… ehem… I thought the video’s intro was very innocent and nice(the piano especially) which was ruined by the rest of the video… If I had heard the song first I could’ve sworn it has a video with people dressed in classical attires and nothing sexy in it whatsoever… I don’t know but these kind of videos get to be bashed first by the non-kop fans (sorry Simon) and I think it would be best if the video doesn’t get reviewed for kpop MM for the sake of your younger fans…

  28. Simon, I love your tee-shirt!

  29. For blockmbs music vid it,was shot in Vietnam

  30. Damn Canadian vampire doctor endorsements… When will it ever end?

  31. I spent 4 months in Vietnam and Nillili Mambo made me so nostalgic! It’s just so typical, these alleyways, these tiny “street shops” with shampoo sticks hanging, the electric cables everywhere… Plus the lanscapes, the architecture, the city view (I think I recognized Saigon). It cracked me up too, of course, but it also made me want to go back there right now! Props to the director for making such a good use of the location they were at.

  32. Hey guuiise! I love EYK and I can’t live a week without one of your awesome Video, I think! I am a German fangirl with a Vietnamese origin…

    Oh btw: I think Block B’s Video was shot in Vietnam :) The signs and the cheesy song at the beginnig were in Vietnamese! :D

  33. To be fair and show appreciation to people who voted at EatYourKimChi, I really think Simon and Martina should freeze their chart’s calculation while they are away and couldn’t do any Kpop Music Monday’s reviews.

    • No because then it wouldn’t be fair to the other videos that lost before to the same reasonings. NU’EST and Infinite I think both had vids win but weren’t able to be reviewed.

      Also there were like 30 new vids while they were gone and it wouldn’t have been for for them either. Would have completely screwed up everything if they froze it. Creates more problems then it solves.

  34. Let me cite the comment from the Block B video:

    “Tessa Ledeine • 13 hours ago

    For those wondering. I posted this on youtube too but maybe you haven’t seen it yet so here we go… :p
    Mambo” is a traditional Korean saying that dates back to ancient times,
    used in various songs to bring energy, life and enjoyment to the music.”

  35. Yes, and extra video with Ga-In new mv song! :D Please! It’s a different song and video from most of kpop mv. Oh… where are you guys? why don’t you vote for Ga-In? I know you are watching her video in secret and… vote for GA-IN!! :D

  36. so instead of saying jyp the just stick him on a stack of money ok. ;D

  37. So torn this week, but I will be happy with whichever song gets reviewed :) *Votes for everyone*

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