Miss A “I Don’t Need a Man” – Vote for it here!


Yay! A girl band! Oh God! Please keep it in first place! It’s in first place now, but Block B is quickly catching up! We need to talk about a girl group, desperately! T-ara shoulda won with their last video, but just lost in the last minute. Seriously, I think the last time we did a girl group for Kpop Music Monday was with 2NE1′s “I Love You.”

Aaaaactually, by the time we looked over this, Block B is now in first place.

Block B “Nillili Mambo” – Vote for it here!


Question: is it a coincidence that Block B’s two latest songs are confusing N words? Nanlina and Nillili. Try saying “Nanlina and Nillili” five times fast. BBC’s: is this a special inside thing we don’t know about?

Anyways, this song and video are super fun, and are a total goldmine for us to talk about. Sure, we’ll be upset if Miss A doesn’t win, simply because we really want to talk about a girl group in hopes of, somehow, recapturing our dwindling male demographic, but if Miss A loses to Block B we’ll at least have something super fun to talk about. Not that Miss A’s song and video aren’t super fun to talk about. Ah! You know what we mean.

Ga-In “Bloom” – Vote for it Here!


So, we’ll probably never get the chance to talk about this video, but it’s awesome. Ga-In: you know how to do sexuality in Kpop right. You’re sensual, confident, powerful. Hyuna – please take a lesson from Ga-In.

…ok I just realized that I wrote a massive rant on Ga-In vs Hyuna, but then I deleted it, because this isn’t the place for it, I don’t think. I’d rather talk about Ga-In’s awesomeness than what we think is wrong with Hyuna’s marketing. A lot of it included how Ga-In could be sexy without her mouth hanging open. Let’s just say that when we saw the ultra-sexuality in Ga-In’s video, we were taken aback, but we weren’t upset by it. We thought it was awesome and powerful and artsy. It was sensual and just done right, in our books. Though, let me just say for the kitchen masturbation scene: Korean food is good, but not THAAAAAAT good.

Long story short: Ga-In – you’ll always be a favourite in our books.

  1. “Korean food is good, but not THAAAAT good.” Lol, as Lucas Lee would say “That’s actually hilarious.”

  2. ahhhhhhhhh! going crazy! B.A.P first now! FUX. haha i want my miss A! A girl Group please!:( B.A.P got lots of chance. Sick and tired of those boy group mvs being reviewed.



  5. please do gain boom for music monday please do gain boom for music monday please do gain boom for music monday please do gain boom for music monday please do gain boom for music monday please do gain boom for music monday please do gain boom for music monday please do gain boom for music monday please do gain boom for music monday please do gain boom for music monday HI IM ABIG FAN OF GAIN CAN U PLEASE make a music moday for gain

  6. This is stupid. TVXQ was on top for 3 weeks after such a long time and they won’t get reviewed?? You guys need to change your website. Like if you’re not gonna do a kpop music monday that week then stop the voting and stop that policy about it dropping if it gets older just for that week you guys aren’t going to do one. All of your followers are upset about TVXQ not getting reviewed so maybe you guys can do a small special on it? It doesn’t have to be as big or clever as the Music Mondays but you guys can do a short review just stating your opinions. It’s just kind of upsetting not seeing anything on Catch Me even though it stayed on top for so long.

    • It happened to other groups times before and I don’t think they were nearly as butthurt about it, all you guys are doing is making yourselves look bad.

      • It’s been a long time since TVXQ came out with a new song. I’m not hurt, just a bit disappointed. I just think the voting system needs to be modified a little when they’re not doing Music Mondays. That’s all ^.^

  7. Have you seen a doctor? you seemed to have struggled with pink eye for quite awhile. Untreated, it can lead to corneal scarring. It is easily treated with ocular antibiotics.

  8. I think it is kind of unfair for the cassies who voted and VIPs who helped us out for TVXQ to get reviewed I guess there’s nothing we can do these songs are also good but we were the top for the 2 weeks by a very big margin and thats why we stopped voting because there was no point we were still gonna be ahead

  9. Hey Simon and Martina!

    I know I’m from nowhere, but I hope you’ll recover soon! :)

  10. That Ga-In video….woooooooo. I’m definitely going to have our DJ play that at our next event in Atlanta. But now I want to go make love. O_O

  11. Are yall going to use kondoot anytime soon? I miss the live chats :(

  12. what about wonder boyz’ open the door ? pretty good!


  14. What kinds of foods/meals can be considered healthy? Are there certain labels or ingredients that you look for (or avoid) at the store or in restaurants? You mentioned in an earlier TLDR that you’re not eating as much rice, can you give us some more specifics on maintaining a healthy diet?

  15. I have a feeling Catch Me will never get reviewed. T___T [2] it’s not hotesty

  16. so instead of saying jyp in the music video they just stuck his face one the money lol.

  17. I dunno if someone already mentioned this before, but Nillili Mambo (닐리리맘보) is quite old Korean song that’s quite famous, like folk songs. I’m sure if you type it up on googld or Naver it will come up with the original version of the song~! It’s quite catchy and fun :)

  18. It’s time for… Food Adventure Program For Awesome People! Ga-In’s kitchen edition ;]

  19. Didn’t GD once wrap, “I wear my sunglasses at night, still 20/20″? I’m guessing this could be the quote of the week for Simon and Martina. :)

  20. Amyaco

    For me, Bloom was a little too much. I feel like I would have been able to enjoy this mv a lot more if I hadn’t been so uncomfortable. The dancing guys were so cool, she looked so pretty, the song was great, the atmosphere of the video was really awesome, and the choreography was neat too. But I actually felt like the (in my opinion) over-the-top sensuality detacted from the video overall.
    I hope people don’t misunderstand what I’m saying as “Oooo, she did some risque dance moves. I’m offended!” It just seemed like the director was trying too hard and in-your-face about it, which quickly made the video lose its appeal for me. Instead of making Ga-In look beautiful, confident, and attractive, it made her seem a little……explicit is the only word I can think of, but that doesn’t seem to fit quite right.

  21. Miss A will win! Daebak! You have to review this!

  22. When I watched Ga-In’s mv my jaw dropped. I was like 0_o ehhhrmergerddddd.

  23. how can you say vote for miss a? there is ailee and she hasnt gotten a review yet but she is amazing you said it yourselfs. AILEE AILEE AILEE ALIENS ALIENS ALIENS

  24. What happen to TVXQ’s Catch Me MV, I see older MV (such as Crayon) on the chart so why is catch Me not there???really wanna see it get review too

  25. ok,what the f***? xD ……….tvxq are at 48th place !! they have over 45000 votes !!! ,and BTW: BIIB also has 12000 votes and are at 66th place ,this is soooo nasty ><" !

  26. Hi Simon and Martina… I think you just have to talk about the video you want… If you want to talk about Miss A instead of Block B. Just do it! I mean don’t ask us, if you know what video you want to talk about ^w^

  27. (But TVXQ could’ve stood a chance still if the fans would’ve voted vigorously right? (I mean it’s been only two weeks) ) It would be nice if Miss A’s new video would be reviewed :)
    Second video… The video has a Japanese feel to it…the song’s not my type but not bad
    And third… ehem… I thought the video’s intro was very innocent and nice(the piano especially) which was ruined by the rest of the video… If I had heard the song first I could’ve sworn it has a video with people dressed in classical attires and nothing sexy in it whatsoever… I don’t know but these kind of videos get to be bashed first by the non-kop fans (sorry Simon) and I think it would be best if the video doesn’t get reviewed for kpop MM for the sake of your younger fans…

  28. Simon, I love your tee-shirt!

  29. For blockmbs music vid it,was shot in Vietnam

  30. Damn Canadian vampire doctor endorsements… When will it ever end?

  31. I spent 4 months in Vietnam and Nillili Mambo made me so nostalgic! It’s just so typical, these alleyways, these tiny “street shops” with shampoo sticks hanging, the electric cables everywhere… Plus the lanscapes, the architecture, the city view (I think I recognized Saigon). It cracked me up too, of course, but it also made me want to go back there right now! Props to the director for making such a good use of the location they were at.

    • I haven’t been to Vietnam, but I did grow up in various Southeast Asian countries, so I had that same nostalgic reaction to their video. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside *O*

      btw….will you be joining us on Epik High’s page? Next week perhaps? I know you like them :D

  32. Hey guuiise! I love EYK and I can’t live a week without one of your awesome Video, I think! I am a German fangirl with a Vietnamese origin…

    Oh btw: I think Block B’s Video was shot in Vietnam :) The signs and the cheesy song at the beginnig were in Vietnamese! :D

  33. To be fair and show appreciation to people who voted at EatYourKimChi, I really think Simon and Martina should freeze their chart’s calculation while they are away and couldn’t do any Kpop Music Monday’s reviews.

    • No because then it wouldn’t be fair to the other videos that lost before to the same reasonings. NU’EST and Infinite I think both had vids win but weren’t able to be reviewed.

      Also there were like 30 new vids while they were gone and it wouldn’t have been for for them either. Would have completely screwed up everything if they froze it. Creates more problems then it solves.

  34. Let me cite the comment from the Block B video:

    “Tessa Ledeine • 13 hours ago

    For those wondering. I posted this on youtube too but maybe you haven’t seen it yet so here we go… :p
    Mambo” is a traditional Korean saying that dates back to ancient times,
    used in various songs to bring energy, life and enjoyment to the music.”

  35. Yes, and extra video with Ga-In new mv song! :D Please! It’s a different song and video from most of kpop mv. Oh… where are you guys? why don’t you vote for Ga-In? I know you are watching her video in secret and… vote for GA-IN!! :D

  36. so instead of saying jyp the just stick him on a stack of money ok. ;D

  37. So torn this week, but I will be happy with whichever song gets reviewed :) *Votes for everyone*

  38. how come I don’t see TVXQ’s “Catch Me” on the kpop charts anymore?

  39. why dont everyone just vote for miss A just this one time so it can win and then next week have Block B reviewed???? haha, cuz i bet block b will get reviewed then miss A wont have a chance because out of nowhere so other video comes up and everyone goes for that one! that ALWAYS happens which is what happened to T-ara when it was in first then lost !!! SO PLEASE VOTE FOR MISS A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss A is SEXY!!!!

  40. Dear Simon and Martina, Block B’s video was shot in Vietnam

  41. martina! you did a good job on guessing where block b filmed their mv. it is vietnam. :)

  42. honestly ever since S&M started the kpop charts, there have been a lot of videos that they havent been able to review :/ im not hating or anything (cause you can never win over a fangirl’s love for her oppar), but i wished they had had the chance to review Secret’s ‘Poison’, Orange Caramel’s ‘Lipstick’ (cause they havent done orange caramel yet), etc . instead of GD 3 times in a row :S i also hope they review K-Will’s ‘Please Don’t’, and maybe even TVXQ’s ‘Catch Me’, because they have stuff to actually talk about >.<

    • I kinda wish that instead of the Kpopchart Update videos we had the K-Crunch Cocktail. That way they reviewed things fans want but also things they want.

  43. KATHyphenTUN

    dang! i did not see that playlist mode coming! (too focused on your health!)…. well played eat your kimchi…. well played….

  44. And next week, B.A.P’s coming back with a new MV!!!! BABYs it’s time to break GD’s record!!! :)))

    Although I want Epik High to be reviewed as well.

    • next week! that is great I was gonna miss them otherwise:)

    • Yes yes vote for Epik High!! :D

      In fact I found a comment of yours from 10 months ago, promising Simon and Martina that if Epik High ever came back, you would vote for them like crazy :p

      *promise I wasn’t stalking you…I was just hunting down old Epik High fans on EYK lol xD

      • You are not creepy at all. lol

        I have voted for them today, will vote tomorrow. I want to leave a comment on the thread but I was too shy. Feels like I’m the only new fan there. So… yeah.

        • You’re definitely not the only new fan around, lol. Most of the peeps there only got to know Epik High a few weeks ago – through this playlist I was promoting like crazy: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC5015EA46D4E9003

          And we’re very welcoming of new people :)

        • JammySmoochie

          Why thank you. :) Will check the playlist right nao. But regarding the double title track, what should I vote first? Cuz I like both but there’s only one KMM.

        • Don’t Hate Me, because:
          - It’s gonna be Halloween soon
          - It’s the more interesting video out of the two
          - It’s currently higher up on the charts
          - It’s Epik High’s personal favourite off their album :)

        • JammySmoochie

          Okay, I’ll try me best. :) Question, are you fuuko4869? The MOD?

        • Shhhh :p

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Don’t worry I’m a new fan too! I just listened to them when Fuuko started promoting their comeback and here playlist. I was instantly brainwashed…I mean impressed. Plus even for a new fan that doesn’t know anything about them, there is so much going on in the Don’t Hate Me video that you don’t have to worry about being new.

  45. I will vote for my ladies: miss A and Gain. Give these girls a chance!!! Although I don’t have any problems with Block B winning and all.

    miss A’s Touch wasn’t reviewed, I believe and so was Brown Eyed Girl’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. Damn, am I the only one voting for the ladies? I was also hoping Secret or Orange Caramel to be reviewed. But whoever wins, I’m sure it would be still an amazing KMM. I can’t wait.

  46. I love all the videos this week. All so great!

  47. Block B video was shot in Vietnam, i know this because if you read the comment its all like “Vietnam, Vietnam, Vietnam” and its also the fact that i am vietnamese and i know the words and settings.

  48. Holy crap! I was planning to vote so hard for Miss A because I love their message and them, but mind frugged by the block b one! I didn’t know something with that level of bad assery existed in kpop. Im so used to the dancing in neon boxes and rooms and boy bands who sound a little whiney lately. There is so much humor mixed with awesome and they just cluster frucked my poor brain. And the ending! LOL! D: someone wrap them up in bows and give them to me for christmas!
    BTW, Controversy? What happened? I doubt I will hate them for it, because most of the controversies end up being ridiculous.
    I have come to a decision. I will channel my musical frustration into voting for Ga In, who clearly has found means of relieving both musical and sexual frustrations. lol. Chances are she most likely won’t make it, but it also makes me feel better about letting the cards fall where they may between Miss A and Block B.

    • Block B’s controversy was just a mistranslation of one of their interviews.
      The mistranslation came about during their promotion in Thailand during the time that Thailand had a flood. It was reported in news articles that Block B was making fun of the victims in the flood by saying that they would only donate (if I remember correctly) about $7 to the cause because thats all the victims needed. However in actuality, Zico (who’s answer was mistranslated and taken out of context) said that he only had $7 in his pockets At the moment, where the other members proceeded to laughed at how poor he was. Unlike many wanted to believe, the members of Block B EACH donated about $200 from their promotions in Thailand to the victims before the interview even took place and stayed there to help clean.
      Along with this mistranslations, Block B’s behavior during the interview was seen as unprofessional, especially when in a foreign country. They were said to have put Korea in a bad light by they way that they acted. If you are wonder how they were acting, Block B was being their jokester selfs and were fooling around during the interview (which yes is disrespectful to many).

      But in general the whole thing (in my opinion) blown out of proportions. People were creating petitions for them to disband and kill themselves. Block B was forced to halt all promotions. The members apologized publicly in a video and through letters and Zico even shaved his head to show his remorse for the incident. Thats when Block B kinda went underground for a while to take time to reflect on their actions.

      Although their actions in the interview were a bit disrespectful, I believe that they didn’t deserve the amount of hate that they got (especially if it was just their actions and not the mistranslated interview). I became a BBC DURING and AFTER the incident because I admired how they were truly remorseful for what happened and handled the whole situation professionally. They are truly one of the best idol groups and have grown a lot. :]
      Hope that helped!

      • Wow, thanks! Yikes about that happening to them. Thats hardly fair. Sure, they should probably act better, but thats no reason to send them death threats and stuff. I see what you mean though. I wasn’t really biased towards any group until the T-ara controversy. I hated seeing people treated like that. They were all about how bullying isnt okay yet there they were bullying those girls. So, I ended up watching shite tons of t-ara videos to see if there was any validity to the rumors and all I found was a group that under the circumstances acted like a family. I know what its like to get thrown together with some girls and share the same living space and being forced to work together. Its intense. It can be great, and it can be really bad. The only one who truly handled it the wrong way was KKS, and the girls shouldnt be punished for that. So, somewhere a long the way I totally fell in love with T-ara. I’m currently in the process of watching all of Eunjungs WGM episodes xD.

        Thank you so much for the thorough explanation. I really appreciated that. You saved me a lot of time on google (which should be spent studying lol).

  49. Why is “Catch Me” removed from K-Pop chart?

  50. Wow, GaIn’s video…was not expecting that haha. Especially coming from a kpop video. Is this banned from TV there? I’m actually surprised it’s online with that new screening thing they have (they still have that right? lol). It just seems like the type of thing that agency or whatever would be against.

    But I really liked it :)

  51. Am I the only one that is TOTALLY into Exid’s Every Night? It’s even my ringtone now and it’s stuck in my head since it was release. It seems it won’t be review, ever, since Exid isn’t as popular as Ga In, a dramatic come back to first place isn’t to be considered I think :(

    But the video is so weird! I want to know what Simon and Martina have to say about it soooo bad! Damn you Charty Charteson Kpop Chart! WHHHHYYYYY!!!! Oh well…

    • same here! honestly i had written off EXID because i hated their debut album…. but NOW after watching Every Night i am in love. they have such a great sound. and the video was definitely different…. afterwards i watched I Feel Good which was pretty darn funny…… and all this time i had no idea…

  52. For the first time like, ever, I don’t know who to vote for.

  53. Hi Simon and Martina! Some of us were wondering where TVXQ’s “Catch Me” went? It’s not in the first 5 pages…

    • Because it was there for 2 weeks (I think) and that’s bout the time they remove it (I think..)

      • That won’t make much sense because I thought they won’t review MVs once it’s a month old? It’s only been 3 weeks since Catch Me came out.. sighs. I have a feeling Catch Me will never get reviewed. T___T

      • They don’t remove videos. Not that I know of anyways. But if no one has voted for it, it drops–and drops very quickly. So it might be hidden a few pages back.

    • Because of this: http://tr.eatyourkimchi.com/post/16280990005/if-youre-confused-about-how-the-kpop-charts-get-ranked
      Like if you don’t keep on voting enough the position starts getting progressively lower. So to keep a video in the top position you have to vote more and more everyday.

      • even if it gets lower..there is no way this MV was going this low,lower then those reviewed?(that wasn’t voted at all)still TVXQ’s Catch me was vated pretty well…so i can’t understand…where is this MV because i can’t see him…:( and i’m sad…that isn’t fair T.T

        • The way the charts also works is that, once it gets to be too old, it sorts by date, which is probably why this dropped so quickly. It got too old, then got shuffled back to when it was released. Maybe. I’m not sure. Our eyes are still quite bad and we’re having a tough time looking at the screen.

        • I understand the way the charts work… but in Gain’s video all of the facebook-twitter-g+ votes suddenly dissapeared!!! and dropping her by like 5 positions! you should check that out guise!

        • Considering TVXQ were at the top of the charts for the 3 weeks you were
          away and
          ended up with about 48k votes, would you guys be able to review it anyway? It’s kind of unfair to the fans who voted so much because it would have been reviewed if Music Mondays had happened on schedule.

          It’s at #54 right now.

          I think the only reason why people stopped
          voting as much as they did was because it was ahead of Number 2 on the charts by about 30k
          votes and I think people thought the charts were ranked based on those votes.

  54. Dear Simon and Martina,
    With the presidential election coming up, do majority of Koreans pay attention to American politics? If they do which candidate (or political parties) do you see them supporting? Have your political views changed by living in Korea?
    And yes im voting for Miss A!!

  55. Hmmm..I watched both Block B and Miss A’s vids.. I vote for Block B NOT because I’m a girl but on the basis that BB has a more fun wacky video.. The bullet-less gun? Classic..XD Miss A’s vocals are great and the dance steps are cute & fun.. But.. They need to work on their facial expressions..There are a lot of instances wherein their eyes were dead.. Dead eyes = Doesn’t feel real.. While the Block B members, especially Zico, brought so much swag to the table with Nillili Mambo (did I spell that right)…

    • I agree… Miss A’s new album was inspired by Destiny’s Child’s Independent Woman…. Although I liked their choreography a lot of times their body language didn’t reflect the attitude that Destiny’s Child did so great. When it came to the “acting” parts it honestly reminded me too much of the awkward white girls who try acting black (especially when they did the “ghetto” hand gestures). The song and video had a great concept, but they need to be confident in being Miss A, not trying to be the next Destiny’s Child. (Also did anyone else keep getting the video Bills, bills, bills come to mind?)

      While Block B just seem so genuine letting their attitude come out naturally.

      • Yeah,IKR? Expressive eyes are a must to capture an audience’s attention. If they can’t match their expressions and eyes to the feelings of the song,no matter how beautifully or sincerely they sing it,it will just feel fake.I’m not hating on Miss A,I have no reason to.I’m just saying it as it looks like to me. Block B’s expressions were awesome.

    • I agree! Plus sad to say it but most girls videos have the concept of “dancing in weird room and look cute”.
      I think videos of Girl’s day and 2ne1 is great they have videos, and they bring something extra sass.l
      But this one was so…. boring, it felt sterile.
      What happened to the videos like : “good girl, bad girl”? They atleast had attitude and a good story.
      But Simon and Martina is right , no girl groups get reviewed.
      But then again no one really makes a story-based mv or something that not is “i’m so cute and dancing in a room theheheehee”.
      BlockB did a great job with a storyline, fun interesting story.

  56. as much as i love miss a’s song and mv (i love the message and it’s super catchy!) block b’s is so much more fun! miss a is one of my favorite groups, but block b has such a unique sound that’s not quite kpop and not quite north american hip hop… plus i want to see simon in a dreadlock wig xD

  57. I’m loving all the songs in the top 10 this week – breaking all kinds of kpop molds, and stepping out with something new and different in the message, setting, content, issues, etc.
    Besides really, REALLY wanting a girl group to win for once, here’s some other cool songs you should check out:

    With not one, but TWO new MVs!! [Up] has a great song featuring Park Bom from 2NE1, and Don’t Hate Me is a personal song from them, with a very, very interesting video, suitable for Halloween. So you guys can also vote for them if you like :D
    Don’t Hate Me: http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/epik-high-dont-hate-me
    Up: http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/epik-high-up/

    K.Will’s video has a very interesting plot twist:

    Seo In Young has another quirky song and video:

    Ailee is back and confident with a Skip-Beat-like video:

    Ku Hye Sun’s new video makes us think that YG is broke:

    May the odds be ever in your favour!! :p

    • Some1 needs to try and get S&M to watch She Said Move On, like seriously.

      lol yes you mentioned Hye’s! LOL
      Also glad u mentioned Seo In Young’s.

    • Omg YOU!!! You have single handed gotten me onto EPIK HIGH, i think after your EPIK HIGH post a couple of weeks ago i gave them a really good listen and what can i say i am now a fan of EPIK HIGH. It was strange though because i loved TABLO’s album like seriously love it and I KNEW that he was in EPIK HIGH but i never bothered listening to them (yes yes absolutely unforgivable i know).
      So uhm i must take this time to thank you ahaha :D
      And because i spent a couple of week listening to them i can appreciate their two new releases WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

      Though i am seriously having withdrawal symptoms from K-Indie i seriously hope its back this week i’ve even gone from Russia to Finland to satisfy my needs of Indie :(

  58. Miss A-YEAH! GIRL POWER!
    Block B- Love their sound! So Gangsta! lol

  59. Er. Umm. Was that a dreaded mullet? A mullock? A dreadlet?

  60. The Block B music video was shot in Vietnam from what I heard… :D

  61. Holy crap….was not expecting that content in Ga In’s MV. it was all little a fluffy girly wonderland and then BAM she’s getting all friendly with herself on the kitchen floor…..and them Wam Bam Thank You Ma’am a guy comes in and throws her on a bed and then well…..then we get a PG/PG-13 version of an HBO show.

    in the end i really liked the video. the young girl becoming a woman type thing.

  62. Speed is not a good cure for pink eye guise! hahahahaha your so crayon! great Update!

  63. thisisjustforfunval

    Personally I would have loved to hear you guys talk about K.Will’s Please Don’t MV but I won’t hate one you for not, especially since I know Simon’s love for Ga-In. Out of the current top three videos on the chart I personally choose Epik High, cause like Simon’s love for Ga-In, I love Epik High. To the bat cave!

  64. I believe Block B’s video was shot in Vietnam

  65. What the heck? Where is K. Will? I do love them all, but K.Will is in the top 5 as well. I know you guys won’t review him because he isn’t popular but please give him some recognition. The MV was great. Please? PRETTY PLEASE?

  66. “So, we’ll probably never get the chance to talk about this video” (which is Bloom by Ga-In)…. this line makes me sad… ’cause I LOVE this vid, and I LOVE Ga-In!!!!!
    Simon, let’s just do it like an extra KMMs!! lol…
    Oh, and how about EPIK HIGH’s Don’t Have Me and Up?? :D

  67. I voted for Miss A just cause you seem to really want to review it, hehe! I hope you review Block B another time though!! :O

  68. Yay! A girl band! Oh God! Please keep it in first place! It’s in first place now, but Block B is quickly catching up! We need to talk about a girl group, desperately! T-ara shoulda won with their last video, but just lost in the last minute. Seriously, I think the last time we did a girl group for Kpop Music Monday was with 2NE1′s “I Love You.”
    Aaaaactually, by the time we looked over this, Block B is now in first place.
    HAHA >:D doesn’t this always happen? XD


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