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KpopCharts Update: Man Mambo Bloom

October 20, 2012


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Miss A “I Don’t Need a Man” – Vote for it here!

Yay! A girl band! Oh God! Please keep it in first place! It’s in first place now, but Block B is quickly catching up! We need to talk about a girl group, desperately! T-ara shoulda won with their last video, but just lost in the last minute. Seriously, I think the last time we did a girl group for Kpop Music Monday was with 2NE1’s “I Love You.”

Aaaaactually, by the time we looked over this, Block B is now in first place.

Block B “Nillili Mambo” – Vote for it here!

Question: is it a coincidence that Block B’s two latest songs are confusing N words? Nanlina and Nillili. Try saying “Nanlina and Nillili” five times fast. BBC’s: is this a special inside thing we don’t know about?

Anyways, this song and video are super fun, and are a total goldmine for us to talk about. Sure, we’ll be upset if Miss A doesn’t win, simply because we really want to talk about a girl group in hopes of, somehow, recapturing our dwindling male demographic, but if Miss A loses to Block B we’ll at least have something super fun to talk about. Not that Miss A’s song and video aren’t super fun to talk about. Ah! You know what we mean.

Ga-In “Bloom” – Vote for it Here!

So, we’ll probably never get the chance to talk about this video, but it’s awesome. Ga-In: you know how to do sexuality in Kpop right. You’re sensual, confident, powerful. Hyuna – please take a lesson from Ga-In.

…ok I just realized that I wrote a massive rant on Ga-In vs Hyuna, but then I deleted it, because this isn’t the place for it, I don’t think. I’d rather talk about Ga-In’s awesomeness than what we think is wrong with Hyuna’s marketing. A lot of it included how Ga-In could be sexy without her mouth hanging open. Let’s just say that when we saw the ultra-sexuality in Ga-In’s video, we were taken aback, but we weren’t upset by it. We thought it was awesome and powerful and artsy. It was sensual and just done right, in our books. Though, let me just say for the kitchen masturbation scene: Korean food is good, but not THAAAAAAT good.

Long story short: Ga-In – you’ll always be a favourite in our books.



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