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KpopCharts Update: Don’t Stop Cream

October 27, 2012


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Hyuna “Ice Cream” – Vote for it here!

Oh HyunA! We don’t even know what to say about her videos anymore. They’re so…special. Though we don’t particularly like the way she portrays sexuality, we still find her videos so chock full of ridiculousness that we know we’d have a boatload of fun talking about “Ice Cream.” It’s a shame that people aren’t voting for this video as much as they voted for Troublemaker and Bubble Pop. I think people are worried about us going on an angry rant again. But we won’t! We’ll have fun! We’ll make the nastiest, sexiest, most arousing and disturbing video Kpop Music Mondays has ever seen. We will destroy your libido and control your nightmares for months! Well, I guess that’s a good reason not to vote for it. Uggghh.

Epik High “Don’t Hate Me” – Vote for it Here!

Before we say anything about the video, we’d like to say hi to Cari Cakes, who helps moderate our KpopCharts, and who is also interning at YG and helped out with the promotion of Epik High’s new album. Hi Cari! Yes, we do have someone technically both working on Eat Your Kimchi and at YG. Coincidence?!?! I think not! Turns out that Cari’s been warning YG against us this whole time: “Stay away from them EYK people’s. I work with them. THEY’RE CRAZY!”

Also, our other moderator, Fuuko4869 is a huge Epik High fan, and has been anticipating their comeback for months.

And, on top of that, we really like Tablo. We loved his solo work for YG, and we really sympathize with him. He’s got crazy ass netizen stalkers. We’ve got some angry people on Twitter. Not really the same, but we feel like poop after reading angry Twitterers: we can’t even imagine what Tablo’s going through. We can, though, feel immense sympathy for him.

Altogether, all things are pointing you to vote for Epik High: the Eat Your Kimchi staff love em, and the song’s great, and the video’s really interesting as well. WIN WIN situation, so go vote!

B.A.P “Stop It” – Vote for it here!

Speaking of angry people on Twitter, I’m sure we’re about to get a bunch more after what we said about this song and video. HOW DARE WE SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT B.A.P.!??!? WE’RE HATERS!

We’re not haters: let us clarify that. We love B.A.P’s other stuff. Warrior, No Mercy, and Power really makes them stand out from other Kpop Boy Bands, who – a lot of the time – just seem to be repeating the same formula. B.A.P. brought something different to the table, and we really like that about them, and so to see them go the cutey boy route makes us feel sad in our bellies. Don’t vote for this song. We don’t like it, and we’ll just say more bad things about it. Don’t be angry at us for saying that, either! I’m sure some of you B.A.P. fans feel the same way about this song, right? RIGHT?! We can’t be alone here in this!



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