Hyuna “Ice Cream” – Vote for it here!


Oh HyunA! We don’t even know what to say about her videos anymore. They’re so…special. Though we don’t particularly like the way she portrays sexuality, we still find her videos so chock full of ridiculousness that we know we’d have a boatload of fun talking about “Ice Cream.” It’s a shame that people aren’t voting for this video as much as they voted for Troublemaker and Bubble Pop. I think people are worried about us going on an angry rant again. But we won’t! We’ll have fun! We’ll make the nastiest, sexiest, most arousing and disturbing video Kpop Music Mondays has ever seen. We will destroy your libido and control your nightmares for months! Well, I guess that’s a good reason not to vote for it. Uggghh.

Epik High “Don’t Hate Me” – Vote for it Here!


Before we say anything about the video, we’d like to say hi to Cari Cakes, who helps moderate our KpopCharts, and who is also interning at YG and helped out with the promotion of Epik High’s new album. Hi Cari! Yes, we do have someone technically both working on Eat Your Kimchi and at YG. Coincidence?!?! I think not! Turns out that Cari’s been warning YG against us this whole time: “Stay away from them EYK people’s. I work with them. THEY’RE CRAZY!”

Also, our other moderator, Fuuko4869 is a huge Epik High fan, and has been anticipating their comeback for months.

And, on top of that, we really like Tablo. We loved his solo work for YG, and we really sympathize with him. He’s got crazy ass netizen stalkers. We’ve got some angry people on Twitter. Not really the same, but we feel like poop after reading angry Twitterers: we can’t even imagine what Tablo’s going through. We can, though, feel immense sympathy for him.

Altogether, all things are pointing you to vote for Epik High: the Eat Your Kimchi staff love em, and the song’s great, and the video’s really interesting as well. WIN WIN situation, so go vote!

B.A.P “Stop It” – Vote for it here!


Speaking of angry people on Twitter, I’m sure we’re about to get a bunch more after what we said about this song and video. HOW DARE WE SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT B.A.P.!??!? WE’RE HATERS!

We’re not haters: let us clarify that. We love B.A.P’s other stuff. Warrior, No Mercy, and Power really makes them stand out from other Kpop Boy Bands, who – a lot of the time – just seem to be repeating the same formula. B.A.P. brought something different to the table, and we really like that about them, and so to see them go the cutey boy route makes us feel sad in our bellies. Don’t vote for this song. We don’t like it, and we’ll just say more bad things about it. Don’t be angry at us for saying that, either! I’m sure some of you B.A.P. fans feel the same way about this song, right? RIGHT?! We can’t be alone here in this!

  1. I totally understand, though I really did want you guys to review “stop it” I actually was REALLY curious about what you guys were going to say about the video, why? because I didn’t actually like it :( I really like B.A.P, and I really liked the more masculine image, because cutesy guys don’t really do it for me, so even though I’m a fan of theirs, I wouldn’t have been offended or anything. But I also have the weird opinion that fans don’t have to blindly love every song that a group makes.

  2. You guys need to put dates on your updates. I’m gen Y, I don’t hav the patience to search for clues!

    • A completely new professionally coded ( as in done by a pro and not Simon) site is going to be rolled out in a few days so hopefully things like that will be a part of it. I too wish there were dates on things. *crosses fingers*

    • You could always look at the same video on youtube and look at the date uploaded. It’s just one click away and no need to look for clues.

  3. Epik High! Epik High! Epik High!!

  4. I don’t like Hyunah but I love when you guys talk about her videos in music mondays is really fun! and I know ice cream also have to do a great Music mondays~ even if I like more Epic high, so~ here is my vote!

  5. I must say I’m pretty dissapointed with B.A.P… I mean, as mentioned before, even though they weren’t trained by any of the big three, they had an explosive debut and a few follow-ups definitely still brought something new and fresh to the table. I know some of you like concept changes, but for a group that had such a distinctive image right from the start, they had to be far way more careful. There are groups like 2NE1 that can realease something like ‘Lonely’ and drop ‘I Am The Best’ afterwards and people wouldn’t bother. Actually, what happend to B.A.P is much more of a f(x)-like indentity crisis. I hope they’ll go back to their roots as soon as possible, ’cause I’m a fan who hopes they’re gonna keep selling big and leave their marks on K-Pop, and certanly don’t want the boys to develop a confusing image..

  6. Compilation of posts relocated from BAP’s page.
    Moving them even though they technically should be deleted altogether.
    Btw, you guys should watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vN2WzQzxuoA

    Okay i’m one of those who has decided to stop voting as well.
    I suppose it’s because i’m fed up with the voting and also the fact they told us not to vote. That just made me want to vote so they had to do a review. Everything has probably already been said and i don’t know how to say things. This has nothing to do with the fact we lost.
    I don’t hate S&M and i will still watch their videos. I just won’t vote anymore, i no longer see the fun in it. If i remember what else i wanted to say i’ll come edit this post.5

    Chibi K -> HelloEmski
    they didn’t say you shouldn’t vote for it. they just said they wouldn’t like to review it. probably because they thought it would be a boring music monday since they don’t know anything interesting they could say about it.and because they wouldn’t say nice things about it and don’t want fans to be disappointed or angry.
    I really hate how everyone’s saying that S&M said you shouldn’t vote for it. You guys should listen more closely -.-0

    Barry Adams -> Chibi K
    I’m not a fan of this song but S&M did say not to vote for it. They didn’t directly say it in the video, but in the write up they said:”Don’t vote for this song. We don’t like it, and we’ll just say more bad things about it. Don’t be angry at us for saying that, either!”

    For me personally, it is less the actual voting system and more what it incites (though the whole twitter post thing about including Youtube views in the point system is probably the worst idea ever. Smaller groups will definitely never get reviews that way, so I hope this isn’t real). There is so much competition going on. You go on the different pages and get fans saying things like the other group doesn’t deserve to be reviewed because they’ve been reviewed this number of times, because they suck, etc (i.e. with Block B it was because of the Thailand thing, definitely saw some posts like that). You get fights and anger and frustration builds. I’ll admit that I’ve been one of those people who, in trying defend against angry remarks, get snapped at and I snap back. And I know I’m not the only one. It becomes less of a fun thing. But, that is why we have our lovely mods who are pretty good about keeping things in line! You guys are seriously awesome!!!
    It also doesn’t feel good to be voting your ass off and then watch a KMM that just feels..unenthusiastic, with less focus on the actual song and video and more focus on the funny skits. The skits are great, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that sometimes it feels like the song is ignored. I see it in comments all the time about how S&M didn’t mention this part which is like the highlight or one of those things that all fans are talking about, things that you’d think S&M would touch upon.
    In regards to KMMs that feel lackluster, I’d assume it stems from a lack of interest in the song on S&M’s part. I’ve been stating this on this site for a while, but I think they need to get rid of the chart update video and bring back the Kcrunch cocktail. The chart update just incites that competition again because it brings in a bunch of people who never vote to come vote for whatever, and its those things that bring up last minute losses (I’ve seen plenty of heartbreaking comments about how a video in their last chance is in first but the chart update brings in votes for the new video which can easily take first because it doesn’t have the decay on it.) If they did Kcrunch instead, S&M would have the ability to talk about videos that they want while leaving the KMM to the fans vote, and there’d be less anger over who wins the fan vote because it is actual Nasties and not the casual Youtube subscriber popping in last minute. At least then there’d be a semblance of everybody being happy. And S&M can always have a little thing at the end of the Kcrunch showing the current chart rankings.
    I’m still a Nasty and still support S&Ms work, just venting some frustrations. Might as well right? ^^
    Hopefully this made some sense, I’m half asleep and recovering from the effects of a wedding reception, but this is the only chance I have today to get on here so.. :P


    Maybe S&M should only post MVs they want to review on the chart & THEN let viewer votes. I know that some may think that’s an unfair concept because it risks the chances of their bias-video to not be posted, but what’s the difference in S&M HOPING/stating they don’t want to review a video? So might as well not put it on the chart. I think if they do it this way, they won’t have to make those comments & they won’t be stuck on ideas on how to present KPMM for that video or be scare to make all bad comments. Iif they post MV of only ones they’d think would be good to review, don’t get mad that your artist(s)’s video is not on on the chart because through this procedure, we’ll get entertaining KPMM. I mean, isn’t that what KPMM for? Funny skits, laughter, thought-provoking.. Etc.
    BTW, I am a BAP fan. Also, honestly, I did stop voting for this video because of Simin’s comment. I didn’t feel anything negative toward him because he has his rights to have an opinion & he was just being honest. As a fan, I just want BAP to continue their streak of KPMM-wins. However, I stopped voting because I didn’t want to have a lackluster KPMM video AND I really didn’t want S&M to bash BAP’s work. I get that BAP’s new concept is not S&M cup of tea so I just didn’t want to watch what I already have a good idea of what the review might have consist of.13 3

    Barry Adams -> InImpressiveformxx
    I’ve had similar thoughts. I think it will boil down to what S&M really want. If they want the fans to have the power of what they review, then they should keep the KPOP Chart as is and not tell fans to not vote for something.
    If they want to have their own say in what gets reviewed, then they should tweak the system in some way or change it all together, like give fans 3 videos per week to vote for for only that week and no other voting.
    I wish instead of 1 IP address per 24 hours to vote that they would switch it to 1 IP address per week. to vote. That way the casual fan who may only visit once a week would have just as much say as the fan who visits everyday.
    I hope they still continue to include all videos on their KPop chart cause this is the best source for new KPop videos. I just sort the chart by date and I can see what new KPop songs are out.0

    lunibelle -> InImpressiveformxx
    Hm, I guess if they just put songs on the charts that they want to review a lot of people would be even angrier. I’d rather have them say something bad about a song/video I love than having a preselected choice videos I might no even care for. I understand what you’re saying, I sometimes thought that, too, but I think they have to suck it up if they’re making a fan based voting :D Tough luck.0

    InImpressiveformxx -> lunibelle
    I meant they should post up videos they have ideas for..that means good or bad opinions. Like Simon said he doesn’t want review BAP’s video because he doesn’t really have any skits or ideas in mind forthr review.0

    lunibelle -> InImpressiveformxx
    It would be a lot easier for them to script their videos, but I think they’d get even more people saying they’re biased :D Maybe they’re even a little drained after over 2 years of KPMM. It’s worth a try, but I think that even more people would be unsatisfied, but it might make fans of less popular groups happy. There are sooo many videos that don’t stand a chance, because the international fanbase is too thin, but S&M might find the video awesome. It’s really difficult to say what would be the “right” decision, since there will always be people who’re unhappy with whatever. I hope once they have their studio and enough employees that there will be a solution for these problems, maybe even a review segment on purely songs Simon and Martina want to review. Or a segment on older Kpop songs. I just thought about canceling KPMM altogether, but I think a lot of their viewers want to see those, so they’d probably lose a lot of people if they stopped reviewing. Ah :/ So difficult, but maybe if all of us Nasties would put their minds together, we might be able to help SImon and Martina find a solution for this. :)1

    InImpressiveformxx -> lunibelle
    I get what you’re saying. It was just an idea. I hope this doesn’t turn into a big thing where KPMM is endangered of being cancelled. I would be disappointed.

    Well, even though B.A.P didn’t win, I’ll still come back. I was Nasty before I was a Baby, so yeah. Also, this whole pact thing to leave and not come back is ridiculous, and I’m a little disappointed. So B.A.P doesn’t get reviewed this ONE time (Crash doesn’t count because I don’t think it was even on the chart to begin with and I’m glad it wasn’t because it was a gift to fans), big deal. Our oppas (coughandZelocough) are strong, so Babyz have to be stronger.
    I guess I’m just a little touchy about it because I’m also a L.O.V.E, and I think that if L.O.V.Es are strong enough to sick around, then Babyz should be too.

    Gabriela Wolf -> builtbymachines
    I’ll tell you the process of our decision in short:
    - B.A.Ps “Stop it” came out and our group of Babys was mainly disappointed.
    - All of us were like “we don’t necessarily need to see it at KMM, so let’s not vote too excessively, better to wait for another badass concept”
    - S&M uploaded their KPop-Charts update and introduced B.A.Ps “Stop it”, we Babys: *nodnod* totally your opinion S&M, though, sad you don’t want to review it, but we understand
    - S&M wrote: “Don’t vote for this, we don’t like it…”, Babys: o________o “What??”
    - Comment section here: … *silence*, a few comments “STOP VOTING, S&M DON’T WANT TO REVIEW THIS”, we Babys: ò_______Ó …. “What the…??” ENOUGH! Have we committed a crime or something? That’s not fair! (is that the reward for our helpfulness and reputation?)
    - Babys started voting like crazy again, cause pissed + wanted to defend our boys who don’t deserve something like this + growing idea, song is not overwhelming but the MV is beautiful + decision, this was the last time ever voting for KMM
    - Babys reached to the top, voted, commented, fought like crazy
    - BAP lost anyway, in the last few minutes, paradoxically
    - Babys: *sigh* Okay. Whatever. Bye KMM.

    Jocelyn Himbutt -> builtbymachines
    We aren’t leaving because B.A.P lost. Even if B.A.P did win this time we were still planning to leave anyway. We had a long discussion about this and the majority of our small little group have decided that we no longer want to take part in KMM.
    We’re unhappy with the system overall and we refuse to work with something we don’t believe in.
    Everyone should be able to make their choice about whether or not they want to vote without being judged.

    Michelle Jocelyn -> Himbutt
    So I wasn’t here for this whole “Babyz no longer participating in KMM” thing, but after reading some comments about it, there is something I’d like to know from those Babyz: what is it that you don’t like about the current voting system? And what system do you think would work better? I think that the current system, going by current popularity rather than total points, works just fine. If we went by total votes, then we’d pretty much have the same videos at the time all the time.
    I just…I dunno. Even as a devoted Baby myself, I just don’t understand why people take these things, the voting, S&M’s comment, etc. so seriously and personally. Like, KMMs don’t really have much affect on your groups. I dunno, I just feel like this whole thing is being blown way out of proportion. However, I respect your decision and how you went about it in a polite way. The voting is for S&M to get fan input and it’s totally fine if you don’t want to give that, and it’s no big deal whether you vote or not because KMMs are just for fun. We’re both just expressing how we feel. uvu
    However, I still think that if you’re going to complain about the voting system, you should at least have an idea of how it could be improved instead of just throwing the issue at S&M’s faces and being like, “Do something about this!”

    lunibelle -> builtbymachines
    I think that (at least for some of them) they’re not leaving because BAP lost this time, but because S&M told them to stop voting for BAP, and they’re unhappy with the voting system. That’s what I think at least. I think it’s amazing that LOVES are so strong and I hope that most of the Babies will be back :) Though I think it’s their right to decide to stop voting for KPMM if they think the voting system isn’t right or just don’t want to have the competition going on anymore. :)
    I’m happy that you’re sticking around!3

    • I wanted to say that one of these comments, by Audrey, had a part that completely mirrored my own feelings regarding the voting system and KMM. Though I only started commenting and voting on EYK about 5 or 6 months ago, I’ve been a regular viewer for over a year. I miss the KCrunch Cocktails. The one S&M did that included MBLAQ’s Y was how I discovered MBLAQ, and they’ve become one of my favorite bands. I’d also never heard of Mirotic before they introduced it to me. KCrunch Cocktails give S&M a chance to say something about videos that they want to talk about. It also provides exposure for artists and songs that just don’t have the fan base to get them high enough on the charts. In addition, they provide the opportunity for much older videos to be given the spotlight, which is perfect for newer kpop fans who haven’t been around for years and probably aren’t familiar with a diverse range of bands.

      As Audrey mentioned up above, the KPop Chart Updates only serve to fuel unhealthy competition in the charts; I don’t want our comment section to become as divisive and flat-out rude as All Kpop’s. Most of the time S&M tweet when a new song from one of the more popular groups is posted on the charts; this seems an adequate amount of promotion to me. Those songs normally rise up to the first page pretty quickly and therefore gain a lot of visibility already even without the chart updates. So why have an update covering songs that most people already know about? It’s just my opinion, and I in no way mean any disrespect toward S&M, but I do feel strongly that the KCrunch Cocktail segment would go a long ways toward addressing some of the voting system issues that naturally arise from it being fan-driven.

      Perhaps now that S&M are in the process of making the studio a reality and recruiting staff, they will have the time and resources to revive the KCrunch Cocktail segment.

      • I wish Simon and Martina see this. There are so many awesome non-popular kpop songs that I really wish we could hear Simon and Martina talk about. Like Orange Caramel. Like Epik High. Like Nu’est. I loved the KCrunch Cocktail because it was just them being goofy and commenting on songs I haven’t heard of and it’s usually funny and it introduced me to new songs. Simon and Martina, please read this. Please? :)

        • They mentioned there are many segments they’d like to do once they’ll hire editors and have more time. Let’s hope KCrunch Coctail is one of them.

      • I agree full-heartedly. I wonder what’s S&M’s take on this.
        Reading all this stuff made me wonder about the whole point of KMM – I thought I knew it, but now I’m just really confused.

        • S&M leave the decision in our hands by creating the charts.
        • However, they aren’t very consequent with this, hinting (or openly stating) at vids they’d love/hate to review.

        It’s an either-or situation. If you want to review vids that people want you to review, just do it. If you’d rather treat it as a suggestion, then what are the charts even for?

        • they also prefer newer videos, which is mirrored in the “expiration” of the older ones. I assume it’s the means of preventing clogging the charts exclusively with the super-popular groups and turning the charts into a popularity contest.
        • But the KCrunch series showed that there are many old, forgotten MVs, which S&M are very fond of and would like to talk about as well.

        I guess the perfect (and unachievable) solution would be if all the voters voted purely with a hilarious KMM in mind instead of their favourite artist. That, and bringing back the KCrunch Coctails.

  7. I like B.A.Ps song, If it was released by another boyband who usually have that style I would probably love it. It is strange to see to see them act cute, but I think they do it cheeky and humorously enough for it not to be TOO awkward. But they are balancing on a fine line. More Badassness nest time please!

  8. Nah, I think B.A.P is doing something cutesy because well…. CRASH ( a cutesy song) ranked number 3 on Mcountdown. Personally I think Bang can’t take another cutesy number XD I’m sure their next come back is going to be something bad ass or else Bang would explode XD

  9. I heard that BAP changed their concept because the bad-ass, tough boy image is not well-accepted in Korea. And being a rookie group, they need people to accept and like them, so…yeah. Hope they will go back to their original concept. I love BAP, I do think Stop It video is cute, but this kind of song just makes them….one of the boy group. .__.

    • *Sigh* Reminds me when Secret changed their song style and then won a couple of Music Banks. I prefer their “Madonna” style to their “My Boy” style.

  10. I actually enjoy B.A.P’s “Stop It.” Having become a fan from the very beginning (and that fandom support being solidified by EYK’s interview with them I might add), I like the fact that they are doing different things instead of being stuck in the same mold. I’ve said this in many other blogs/forums and thinking about it now I have something else to add. Learning about the type of people the individuals of B.A.P are this song actually fits some of their personalities (Himchan for instance). I love that B.A.P broke the “Kpop mold” so many other new groups try desperately to fit into. But if they stay stuck in one genre how can they grow as artists? I like that they’re trying different things musically. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: B.A.P are a hugely talented group of young men. I still think we’ve just scratched the surface of what they have to offer. That they are trying different things musically thrills me to no end. It means they are willing to stretch themselves, no matter if people like it or not. Maybe “Stop It” is a miss, but I choose to look at the bigger picture of B.A.P. I look forward to seeing what they come up with next. To me they seem to be a group who’s genuinely interested in the music and not so focused on the fame and glitz of it all. And with talented leader Bang Yong Guk at the helm, I think they’ll continue on that path.
    ~a dedicated noona Baby ;D

  11. I really love you Simon and Martina, like I think you guys are wonderful!
    and I completely understand where you’re coming from for the Stop It MV
    Sure it’s nothing like Warrior, Power or No Mercy but I guess it’s just showing that they can adapt to different concepts really well? >__<
    Don't worry guys! I'm sure they'll definitely come back to their hip-hop roots :D I think they're just pushing themselves too hard for different concepts so people can see they're talented and so they can win the Rookie award c;
    In the end my vote goes to Epik High's MV because it's simply epic :D Perfect for Halloween and I can't wait to see you guys review it.
    I really respect you guys in being open-minded about your opinion to songs but maybe if you try to see things in a different light?
    I'm sorry if I'm being too rude.. I really don't want to be :(
    Simon and Martina fighting! I still love you guys xD

  12. I’m kind of sad that Maxstep didn’t make it to the charts update :C

  13. I am so so torn about b.a.p, I think there’s nothing wrong with the song on it self, but I don’t think it fits the b.a.p I got to know, and I hate the mv :’(

  14. Haha, personally I am not a very “Rappy” person, so it’s rare for me to like rap-biased stuff. G-Dragon is one of the few that I actually like. Therefore, as I don’t like B. A. P. in general, this was a pleasant surprise. However, I wouldn’t mind if they only made that one cute song and then continued with their usual stuff, because I won’t be dissapointed. Their babies would be if they did. Although, I am pretty sure said fangroup has been waiting for cute stuff a while. After all, aegyo is very hard for these “Warriiors” to do and I know many have been pining over this so… Eh, enjoy?

  15. Do you think that B.A.P is going to be similar to Secret with the powerful (or in Secret’s case sexy) and cute?

  16. Of course Hyuna’s video should be chose as it’s absolutely shocking without ANY sense! and i’m already laughing about your review!! xD
    But….! Epik High’s song is awesome and the MV too is sooo good and halloween-ish than it would be perfect for this week!
    Lastly, i’m a BAP’s baby but i totally can’t stand this song and the MV ! WTF happened there?!?!? The agency has gone maaaad?!?!? i want the real BAP back!!
    Hwr, looking forward to the review guys!!

    P:S: Martina’s hair were extracute in these videos!!

  17. *sound of brain exploding* I want.. to vote for B.A.P but….Epik High is calling as well……and HyunA’s song was good…. >0< *votes for Epik High*…tbh,,I'm a baby but…Stop It.. even though it was cute and Himchan was seriously super adorable and hot… it really brought down their cool 'powerful'warrior image…anyway I LOVED Epik High's Don't Hate Me!!!! it would be super awesome to see a review of it!!!! :D

  18. I didn’t enjoy any of those shrug. Oh well…

  19. The saddest moment when people don’t vote for this song (Hyuna-Ice Cream) because
    of they are afraid the all ‘viral’ thing will effect Hyuna and scared that she
    will get more haters. They said: “those all arrogant American viewers just only
    know Gangnam style and make fun of it (especially about kpop) the whole thing without
    please to understand anything.” :’(((
    S&M you guys need to work out these problems first…

  20. I vote for Hyuna because it’s one of those videos that screams for it. Seriously, one of Hyuna’s marker tattoos probably said EYK, Bring It. If I was cool enough to do a spoof video, I would include a few of my favorite parts. 1) inappropriate noises in the beginning didn’t match actions, so I would make some even more ridiculous ones; 2) did the Flintstones get robbed cause Hyuna’s wearing their bedsheets; 3) did her eyebrows grow back or did she just grow her bangs to cover for their absence; 4) is it just me or does this feel awfully like Milkshake by Kelis?

  21. They beg everyone to vote for HyunA because they are soooo excited to bring a special and fun review for us…it’s at #4. They ask everyone not to vote for B.A.P. and are very open about why…it’s at #1 now. I don’t understand what kind of fans would do this :( Now it’s just gonna be a low energy, kinda sad Music Monday.They bring us such great entertainment and they get kicked in their sad lil bellies.

  22. SImon and Martina..you are saying two completely opposing things at the same time..you are saying you don’t want BAP to follow the same formula that most Boy groups follow to attain popularity supposedly but you are also saying BAP should stick to the confines of a fan imposed formula so that they may achieve popularity through that means….

    …i think BAP should be free to explore their limits..why are people so worried..by EXPERIMENTATION…

    • free to explore as long as it’s not the cutey image ^____________________^
      sorry that’s one kpop “concept” that i really don’t like. but then again i’m not that young.

  23. As one of probably 3 total guys posting here let me just say: I like Hyuna’s Song. Where a lot of artists try to be mildly cute, mildly sexy, and mildly cool at the same time and come off as fake or stale Hyuna slingshots wildly between the 3 extremes. I think the overly sexiness just gets played up more because it’s the only one of the 3 that few other girl groups were doing until recently.

    I can see how that would grate on people but I like the trichotomy it makes.

    At least this time she was only overly sexy for like 30 seconds total… right guys?… guys?

  24. i agree with simon and martina, i liked their other songs but this one wasnt that good… hope it doesnt get reviewed, no offense!

  25. I agree for the B.A.P thing… I even posted my opinion about this song on their fancaf, I don’t think they will read it but well… But in an other way, it would be great if Yongguk could watch your “Stop it” review as for “I remember” even if you say bad things about it, because of this :

    “Question : Do you have any questions for your international fans?
    Yong-guk: Actually we do. I’m curious to learn about their expectations of us in terms of our music and performances.”(cr : Seoulbeats exclusive: Chit-chatting with B.A.P)

    It could be a good way to tell them what we think about it, without being too harsh of course :)

    Miss A’s song would be definitely more interesting to talk. If we compare the lyrics, ’cause I was really surprised, it looks like they criticize something traditional/normal in Korean Civilization. Looking forward to it ! :)

  26. FriedChickenOnew

    I love B.A.P but i was really dissapointed. It didn’t surprise me that the next song would be like this as they seemed to be promoting more of their generic love songs recently. I just wished it wasn’t so :’( I want the Warrior B.A.P back! no more of this funny buisness! …..but i have to admit they were adorable blonde asian people ^_^

  27. They are still badass and this song is not just another K pop song! this is a really good song and Daehyun’s singing is just amazing but if you are gonna say bad things about such a great song then I won’t vote for them:(

  28. lolz I agree about bap’s new song and album. I don’t like it either, but I absolutely LOVED their other songs

  29. I love BAP and i love STOP IT this song is still beeing bap style just look the performance in live they are still badass and hot and is not bad that they change their style a bit like others artist i know they gonna comeback with their badass style again but this is because they want more fans! and they want to win the rookie so bad! if bap win the review i hope that you guys dont be so mean..really u__u

  30. S&M! I’ve never expect something like that of you!

    is very disappointing to read a comment like this about B.A.P! is your job to review the video that have more votes isn’t it?!

    we don’t need these kind of comments! please respect BABYs’ feelings!

  31. I like all of B.A.P’s songs cutesy or powerful.. because they are great guys with great personalities that really stand out. BUT I think they shouldn’t venture too off of powerful because once there in cutesy they are labeled part of the cutesy majority.

    I’m not saying once in a while they can’t say, hey were cute love our cuteness.. but I know a rapper doesn’t want to be labeled cute… or do they

  32. Ahahaha was that G-Dragon with a crayon in Epik High’s video? Awesummm

  33. I actually really like BAP and was excited when I heard they were coming out with a new video but I had to stop in the middle of it because it was just that bad. Noooooot a fan of boys doing aegyo

  34. I was wondering about b.a.p’s next concept. I’m kind of hoping for something really angsty and badass and horror ish :P but I’d like an angst one :3 any opinions?

  35. I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about B.A.P’s Stop It as well, though perhaps not with quite the same passion and zeal that Simon has. XD
    After Crash (Which is the only single of theirs that I absolutely did NOT like.), I was really hoping for another dip back into the Warrior/Power elements of their music. You know, something hardcore and powerful. Something angry and grungy and just a blast to listen to with the volume cranked and the bass on high. Like Simon, I was somewhat
    disappointed to hear that B.A.P was going to release a new single, only to be met with… a cutesy lovey-dovey song…? It’s not a terrible song, mind you, I actually find it quite catchy. But it’s just… so not the B.A.P I was looking forward to. Instead of grimaces and snarls I was met with smiles and aegyo. The only thing that links this back to Warrior is the blond hair, which has somehow made a mysterious comeback. :’D At least this time around I can tell their faces apart.
    Objectively though, I really don’t dislike the song or the video. If you take B.A.P (Bad-ass Punks, in this case.) and my expectations out of the equation this song is actually pretty decent. It’s still not my favorite, but it’s one I don’t mind listening to if it comes on. Plus, the music video was really cute. I loved the quirkiness of it and the way it takes you awhile to muse over it and decide what you think the story behind it was. I mean, come on, it actually had a STORY! It was riddled with childish humor and whimsy that really made it fun to watch; it reminded me of watching cartoons when I was little. So yeah, overall I really did enjoy the music video… even if it wasn’t filled with the ‘Warriors’ I expected.
    We must be seeing their ‘Bunnies Are Puffy’ B.A.P side this time around, I suppose. ;D

  36. I’m a really big B.A.P. fan, but I feel the same way about this as I do “Crash”. I mean, they’re not bad songs, they’re just not for me. I still watch their lives for these songs because the boys are always so entertaining, though.

    • same. right. somehow they’ll always manage with their nice performances to make the song fine.
      I didn’t really like Crash but by watching the performances it ended up growing on me. and i think the same thing will probably happen with Stop It. I really don’t like it, the song is so basic and generic (they could have done a light and fresh and pop song but with more B.A.P ‘vibes’ idk this one is so… empty and common ?) but i think it’ll probably end up growing on me too by watching the live performances.
      I might be one of the only one but i think that more the song it really is the mv that i deeply dislike about Stop It. I watched it once and i never wanna watch it again. X(

  37. Simon, I don’t want to see you Bubble Pop-ing in a bath tub in leather underpants/one-piece but I still want Ice Cream to be reviewed cos of the Engrish-ness. xD

    And I liked B.A.P’s video, the cuteness suits them fine, but I didn’t like the song at all. Even though their singing was fine it just … wasn’t my kind of song.

    Personally I think it’s perfectly fine for a group to expand their repertoire though, just like SHINee; they don’t stick to one thing, and I don’t see why any group needs to. They pull cute off perfectly fine. I’m sorry you think of them as badass, but if you see them BTS they’re not really badass at all so … yeah. I like their badass image the most too, but I don’t see why they need to stick to it. Anyway, lets face it, Warrior and Power sounded pretty much the same, and No Mercy did sound different but it was still similar but I didn’t really like it much, compared to Warrior and Power which I loved. But if they kept making the same kind of music, it just aint gonna work. :/ Eventually you need a little change.

    Lastly, for a cute video is was kinda original if you ask me; at least it had a story going on! Always good to see.

  38. ps i thought BAP was gonna be the next Big Bang but im so not liking this vid… either

  39. i will never vote harder for a video to make it to MM then I will for Ice Cream. Even more than I would for a Big Bang Video and I am a super duper BB fan. Also I was soooo not happy that Simon didnt get a dreadlock mullet for Last Music Monday so he HAS to make up for it by wearing leather underwear in a bath tub and ruining my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I actually liked the BAP video. Don’t get me wrong, I liked them way better as their badass aggressive image, but I could imagine this side too. Whenever I see them in interviews, they’re such adorable little derps so I think this video kind of shows what their personality is actually like.

  41. Hehe, love the reference to GD’s Crayon in Epik High. Awesome :D

    • As for BAP I think the video is refreshing (they look like they had a lot of fun making it and just being silly), and the rapping is awesome (as usual) but there’s something…I don’t think it’s how happy the song is, maybe it’s the content (they whole ‘running after a girl thing’)? Or the ‘aah’ in the background…I’ve got a lot of mixed feelings about this direction. It’ll be interesting to see what they bring out next.

  42. Although I think they’re really good, and this may sound silly to some, but I try to stay away from groups that have members younger than 25. It makes me feel a little..pedophilic lol. I feel like im the oldest kpop fan in the world. I dont feel or look my age. Next year I will be 40!

  43. Simon, to express how much I liked this video, let me tell you: I only saw the first minute of it and them closed my browser. Mind you, I also refuse to see the rest of the video. B.A.P how disappointing this video is compared with the other videos.

  44. I really like B.A.P stop it :P yeah is different from the other songs that they came out before, but that’s why they are “different” from other groups i guess…they can change they’re style in the songs…And i also liked Epik High’s video…but i’ll stay as B.A.P fan sorry,but i hope that they’ll come back with other songs maybe like the old ones but after taking some rest, ’cause they really need it :P

  45. Stop it was an OK video and song, but i have to agree.. we have enough cutesy boy bands.. having one that was in your face aggressive with powerful messages and vocals made them one of my very favorite bands.. oh well.. One semi disappointing song wont stop me from loving the band. fighting!

  46. Is it just me or are those just some of the cutest little serial killers on the Epic High video?

  47. I really Liked B.A.P’s Stop It, but i wasn’t crazy about the change, but the Video was funny

  48. Bang yong guk please stop doing ageyo. It dosent suit you. It’s incredibly awkward

  49. I totally saw your reaction to “Stop It” coming, and I completely understand where you guys are coming from. When I heard “Yes Sir” in B.A.P’s teaser video and saw their teaser pictures, I got so excited because I thought they’d be returning to their rougher style. After several listens “Crash” grew on me, especially with how goofy the stage performances were, but in no way do I like it more than their earlier work and I was really looking forward to seeing them do more of that stuff. So imagine my shock when “Stop It” got released. The video made me laugh, the song is cute, and the chorus is super catchy, but…aaahh, B.A.P! This is not the reality I wanted!

    As I said before somewhere else though, “Crash” was their most successful single yet, and while I don’t really know what compelled TS to pull that 180 turn on B.A.P and us it worked pretty well for them, so this move wasn’t entirely out of nowhere. And again, I do like that the video’s not super amped up aegyo, but them either acting out a role (which they’re surprisingly good at lol) or being their dorky selves. I reeeeeeeeeally hope this sort of thing doesn’t stick though. Hopefully the next time around B.A.P will go back to something that’s more…B.A.P.

  50. WOW.So dont go to any B.A.P forums.especially the ones on allkpop.XD ya’ll are receiving alot of “hate” from Babys. Personally I like the song & I’ve been a fan since their debut. I like them trying different things.SO IDK guys Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Its just that ya’ll have been doing alot of bashing latley on ya’lls reviews.Just saying. Its somewhat offputting & sometimes your jokes are slightly insensative. Its like ya’ll forget that some of these groups have alot of crazy ass fans that voted to give attention to their idols through ya’lls blog(& expecting a good review :p ). lol. XD Sorry. I still love ya’ll. & I understand your humor. :)
    *Question: When are ya’ll going to send the care boxes that were bought for the Fundraiser? Just wondering :)

  51. I love B.A.P’s new song! But I do have to agree with you about the mv. It’s really out of their comfort zone. Especially Bang Yong Guk…. ><

  52. Why isn’t Miss A on this list, since it’s currently in first?

  53. I really liked Stop It, they can’t do the same thing forever. >.> Different concepts each time is fun.

  54. thisisjustforfunval

    Having seen BAP on various shows I don’t find their cuteness that weird, or sickening as ya’ll see it. They are cute playful boys. Obviously you guys have never seen Zelo and YongGuk’s Never Give Up, Stop It is not the first time they’ve been cute or playful, maybe as a whole but yeah so not the first time.

    I personally love the music video, the acting, the story, the cuteness. I’m not in love with the song, but I do love that it show cases the vocal talents of Jongup, Jongjae and Youngjae. Giving them the chance for their voices to be heard more. And I’m so happy to not hear those damn whistles.

    They eventually have to grow, experiment and prove that they are more than just a one trick badass pony. For me they are the best rookie band of the year, working literally endlessly all year long.

  55. I think Simon and Martina will receive some grape flavored beverage in the mail soon…… (⌒-⌒; )

  56. I would love to see Simon and Martina’s reaction to Hyuna’s Ice Cream! I bet the would have the most HILARIOUS things to say about it (to Hyuna fans out there, sorry! I’m just not a huge fan of Hyuna. Her videos are just too ridiculous.)
    As for BAP, I love them and I agree that they a cute in this video, but after I saw Warrior, I just couldn’t accept their cute side. Sorry BAP!
    I loved Epik High’s video and song! And especially the pictures of Psy, Seungri, and Tablo leading up to the song. I’m a huge Epik Hgh fan now! A Music Monday on this song would be cool too! Epik High sorta reminds me of an older version of BigBang!

  57. Isabel Ruby

    omg the little kid GD!!!! so awesome~~~ but yeah, i don’t like the direction BAP is going…. they’re a badass group, not a …cutesy one. the video by itself was pretty good/funny though

  58. please vote for gain bloom

  59. I don’t like this song by B.A.P either, but I like the video! To me, the video does not feel like the typical cutie boy group music video…I felt that B.A.P themselves did not take it seriously at all and made fun of how bad they are at acting cute and aegyo. It shows that the members have a sense of humour and I like that. ^^
    But I still want the badass B.A.P back as well.

  60. sure it may be leaning a bit on the usual cutesy boy group image, but i’m actually glad they’re willing to try something different. if they continued doing warrior, power, and no mercy types of songs consecutively, i think i’d get kinda tired of it XD

  61. kpopfan123

    It’s a good thing they put an age restriction at the top of the music video – . – KIDS DON’T WATCH EPIK HIGH!

  62. thisisjustforfunval

    Simon if HyunA wins in the future and if you can find leather boxers in Korea that fit you, then bi-golly you better be wearing them!

  63. IF YOU REVIEW B.A.P AND YOU RANT ABOUT IT I’M GONNA LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK !!!!! Oh idk can we have a hug or something i swear i’ve been feeling so miserably
    lonely for not liking (a tiny bit) it and being disappointed and being sad.
    eeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrbody was being SO happy about it, i, i don’t know, i
    felt like something was wrong with me, like, why am i the only one feeling sick watching that mv ??! :(((
    No seriously. I’m a hard B.A.P fan i SWEAR !!! IT’S TRUE BELIEVE ME ! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH MUCH !!! but, this won’t stop me from being objective and having my opinions. this mv/song was such a HUGE NO from A to Z ! I don’t like ANYTHING about it. The song, the concept, the mv, the style… i swear i was so… devastated when i watched it my heart was sinking in the darkness of the sea of lost hopes and dreams and broken hearts. I have a hundred thing to say how i’m not buying this and i don’t like it, i could go on and on.
    I am NOT a hater. This… just… isn’t B.A.P. They wanted to do something more fresh and light and pop ? No prob’ ! as far as they don’t lose their identity and style and sound ! but this has nothing B.A.P, imo. anyway…
    If you review it, i hope you’ll stick to your true and objective opinion and stick to it wether fans call you/me/us haters.

  64. And then you realize none of these have a chance of winning…

  65. I have to be honest, I don’t really listen to Hyuna… like at all, I just… she’s incredibly pretty, sexy and sexy and some more sexy but you know that’s just it for me. Don’t get me wrong I think she’s a great dancer and she deserves to do well, just like she has, but it’s my own personal reasons as to why I don’t particularly enjoy one artist’s music to another’s, and I just don’t enjoy her’s as much as some other artist’s out there.

    Epik High on the other hand, love love love the comeback both songs ‘Up’ and ‘Don’t Hate Me’ are awesome in different ways. Really thought the MV for ‘Don’t Hate Me’ was funny, clever and original, also like totally perfect for Halloween, haha.

    B.A.P, now as a big fan of B.A.P I have to agree that this “cutie boy” image makes me a little uncomfortable. In fact the whole “cutie” image isn’t something I exactly favour. I have to be honest though the chorus of ‘Stop It’ kind of got me straight away and I actually quite liked the song after a few listens. I also like the video, it’s sort of a light-hearted take on what actually kind of turns into a slightly dark subject. I actually like this song far more than ‘Crash’ I was almost certain the first time I saw them perform ‘Crash’ that B.A.P were somehow trolling us but yeah, I have to admit I much prefer their “WARRIOR” image even if the blonde factor has returned, I just think that a lot of the things that attracted people to them in the first place has sort of been wiped over in their latest songs.

  66. No, you’re not alone. It was their edginess, their different-ness that I liked.

  67. i still really want miss A to win…i LOVE the song and wanted to know what u guys thought of it…i liked the other songs to. and Hyuna’s mv is really perfect but i LOVE miss A and thought that this song of theirs was really good….VOTE MISS A!!!! PLS

  68. Hehe, 69 comments (before mine) ooh I’m so nasty :’)
    Yep, I feel exactly the same about Stop It, I don’t really like Crash either. I loved the badassness about B.A.P, it really made them different and it was just so..umph. But I dunno this just isn’t them! And I don’t really like the whole cute concept : Bang Yongguk does look amazing though <33

    In other news, am I the only one that never realised Tablo wasn't just a solo artist?? Hmm..maybe its just cos I've only been into kpop for like a year but…woah. I feel like a failure fan now OTL I do love him though^^

    Hyuna..errmm..no. I really hate this song :')

    Btw when are you guys gonna get better? *sends cyber hugs*

  69. Thanks, I felt so alone. I hated Crash, but I kinda liked this song, the MV is amusing.

    Anyways, B.A.P should go back in making badass music, because of those songs they’re one of the best rookies this year.

    People say that this is good because it shows their versatility, but I disagree, just because I have mixed feelings for like the song. If they’re going to change genres, they should do something that they’re good at, something that fits them, being all cute does not work for them. Maybe they’re just thinking in making music for the fans, who will love them no matter what.

    Anyways, I hope that the next comeback B.A.P has (which is sure next month lol) has the badass B.A.P we know and love.

    I’m gonna get hate because of this… Sorry Babys.

  70. I remember seeing the new B.A.P. thinking “these must be doppelgänger”

    That song was meant for Bilasa and the songwriters mixed up their papers or something. Sure, I don’t love their other songs because it is not the type of music I like, but I can still appreciate how epic and talented they are!

    I think they could have pulled of a romantic song without going for this cuty boy image.

  71. Ah I felt like you guys wouldn’t like the new B.A.P. song. I guess i’m kinda torn. I actually do kinda like the song. The lyrics are actually kinda sad but you really cant tell because of the music is so upbeat. I like that this song focused more on their vocals. But I do want them to go back to their style like in No Mercy. I think that was a great blend of tough and smooth. After this song I hope they take a break- at least 6 months- and come back and blow us away with a awesome powerful song and album.

  72. The only way I’d be okay with Hyuna getting a review is if it went similar to “Bubble Pop.” I’m so sick of all the “reviews” I’ve read on other sites basically saying, “If you don’t like Hyuna, you’re a jealous loner.” No. Hyuna just portrays sexuality in a very polarizing way: you’re either hard up on it or you hate it.

  73. “Stop it” is a really good song, it’s just was surprising to hear it from one of the most BADASS KPOP groups out there. The only person that “fit” the cutie boy image to me was Daehyun. The other members…honestly, not so much. AND it sucks because I love everything about BAP… BTW, I really wanted “Don’t Hate Me” to win but it seems like “I Don’t Need a Man” will be this week’s KMM. Oh well, hopefully next week! :D

  74. around 1:10 Simon, you say. “You guys know we’ve said GAY things about them before,” i thought i misheard so i rewound it, and You still said gay, which made me almost fall off my couch in laughter….BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  75. I’ve never seen S&M campaign so hard for a video before! I wonder how all the nasties will react.


  77. Please, please, please! We need to see Epik High! I am so very glad to see them back! I have introduced them to my friends with this video (and Up) and now they are liking them as well! Yay! New kpop listeners!

  78. You’re not alone, Simon and Martina. I didn’t really like B.A.P.’s new style either. The song isn’t bad and what not but it’s just that…that song ISN’T for B.A.P. ughh…*shivers*

  79. PunkyPrincess92

    T_T i wanna see Epik High COS I LOOOOOOOVE THEM!!!!
    but also Hyuna cos her review is gonna be hilarious!!!!

  80. I actually like the BAP song, but if you don’t want to review it, I SHALL VOTE FOR HYUNA!

  81. Regardless of which video wins KMM, you guys should just do an “Ice Cream” parody anyway and upload it onto your Open the Happy page.

  82. Ice cream! I vote for Ice Cream!!!

  83. i dont like the BAP concept at all. but i still support them, hoping that someday, somehow, they WILL return…they MUST return….oooohhhh, how i hope that will be true…

  84. As a BABY, I liked the BAP video, but yes, the song was not a favourite. I understand where they’re going with and am reminded of HaruHaru in some ways, which made Bigbang more commercially successful in Korea; allowing them to become the mind-blowin all-kill they are now. And thus I support BAP promoting this song and hope this concept is a one off that gives them enough success to go forward with more input from Bang Yongguk.

    • I get that haru haru was a change for bigbangs image at the time but it wasn’t what I would call cutie boy. I really like BAP if it was any other kpop group like shinee or super junior it wouldn’t be as cringed worthy. That being said I thought the mv was quite funny in, in an unintentional way.

  85. Here’s my shameless [Vote for Epik High] promo!!

    (thanks for the shoutout btw, S&M :D -> see blog post)

    1. It’s perfect for Halloween!! It has little kids dressed up as famous villains!! There’s The Joker, Hannibal Lecter, Scarface, Mr. Han, Two Face, Alex, Chucky, Damien, Agent Smith, Jigsaw, Alonzo, Jason, Anton Chigurh, and even G-Dragon and Lady Gaga!!! :D

    2. It’s Epik High’s 9th anniversary this month, and also their 3 year hiatus, and after going through a LOT of crap, they’ve joined YG Entertainment and are back with a bang!! They’re the biggest and best hip-hop group in Korea – or all time? – and it’s a shame so few international fans know of them.

    3. Their songs are all absolutely amazing – they have the best lyrics IN THE WORLD. They write songs about politics and society, depression and hopelessness, and do it all with super awesome songs that you’re guaranteed to fall in love with.

    If this [Best Of Epik High] playlist doesn’t win you over:

    ….you can check out their cover of TVXQ’s Mirotic? xD

    • When I clicked onto your playlist I immediately thought “How can Epik High’s amazing repertoire of songs fit in one playlist?”

      Then I started scrolling and checking off personal favorites…
      and I kept scrolling
      and scrolling
      and scrolling

      And that’s just the best of the best xD The songs that didn’t make it on the list aren’t even bad, they’re just not as great as those. But really, what else can you expect from such an amazing group?

      Thank you very much for this playlist; there were some songs that my internet scavenging skills could not find, I will definitely use it in the future :D

  86. I’m also very disaponted by the BAP comeback. I was expecting a super badass thing and we are given…that. OK the song is not really bad but it’s not for that kind of things that I love BAP

  87. I am a little ashamed to say ‘Stop it’ grew on me. It’s got a decent 90s pop vibe that I really dig (it reminds me of the Backstreet Boys, tbh), and I find the way Zelo just… jumps into the song really powerful, despite the cutesy feel. And I like that the video has a story that’s just a bit darker than you get from it at first glance. I voted for it anyway, because I just wanted your honest opinion.
    For me, I know I was shocked, disappointed and a little outraged because I expected more of B.A.P’s old vibe, mostly due to their teaser using the one halfway hardcore song on the album (which granted, is only three songs. Thank goodness.). I feel like they /might/ be trying to switch subgenres and move away from the gimmick that really got them noticed in the first place… and I reaaaalllllllly hope they don’t do that. In the event hat their single album was just a temporary softer side of them, like I thought crash would be, I was able to loosen up and find the song enjoyable at parts.
    However, if this is a permanent change of direction, I completely agree with you. No. Just no. They ARE too badass for this.
    But I still feel like lyrically and in terms of the video there are some redeemable things you could find about ‘Stop It’, hoping of course that it’s another one time thing, like crash.

    • I agree! I heard that they are only switching concept because the bad-ass image is not well-accepted in Korea, so they’re like toning down the bad image for now. I really hope THAT ONE is the truth, instead of the bad-ass image is only a gimmick to make them get noticed like you said. T_T

  88. I love Epik High’s video~! The kids come in, and I’m like, “Awwww too cute!” Then the one dressed as Jigsaw started stabbing people and blood was shown, and I was like, “…Well, that escalated quickly.” xD The little Gaga girl is my fave, though. :3

    I totally agree with you guys on BAP. I was ready for something that followed their other formulas, one way or another, but… Yeah… It’s still a decent song, don’t get me wrong, but if someone had played it for me without telling me the group, BAP would be far from my mind. And I’m kind of disappointed that they reverted back to all (Village of the Damned) blondes instead of letting them keep their individual looks/hair. BUT! I’m not gonna turn away. I still expect that they’ll dish out heavy beats and unique hip pop tunes, which I love about their music.

  89. Listening to Simon talk…I feel like he never saw/heard Crash. I mean…I love Crash…but if he thinks this is un-bap like…Hmm….

  90. I was kinda sad reading the B.A.P part because I sincerely love the video and the song. Simon and Martina, is it okay if I still vote for it?

  91. I am stuck between Don’t Hate Me and Ice cream… I loved Don’t hate me, it was my first time listening to EPIK HIGH and it was great and fun and quirky and i loved the mini Joker and GD and Lady Gaga… but Ice cream is cool too. I mean ‘Batman, he is gone’?! I laughed harder than I should have. And I think it is a step up for Hyuna, less making creepy noises and more singing (just my opinion). I didn’t really like B.A.P’s Cutesy routine (Nothing against cute! I love Hani from OHSHC, so not against cute!), I think they should be a band that sticks to Badass.

    Oh, and another thing… Are PSY and Hyuna a kind of group now, or is it just to continue the whole Gangnam trend?

  92. I personally like how B.A.P are able to change they’re usual image. I think it’s something that only few bands and groups can do. And it’s hard to do. But I admit, I like B.A.P’s tough side more than their cute side :P

    I think b.a.p are also developing all these mixed varieties to gain more fans and to gain a wider range if audience and all :P I really hope they win the rookie award, I feel that they deserve it more than Exo (it’s an opinion. I love Exo too).

    Stop It is original. It’s different. :) and I’d like an explanation for the mv. Even if I get a crappy hater one. So I’d still like an opinion for EYK. :D

    So yahhhhh :P I like the song but I’m hoping that they make a tougher comeback next time. Fighting ^^ !!!

  93. I also think that the BAP song…was….too cute for BAP, it’s a nice song, but, BAP shouldn’t have sung it…..I want our POWERfull manWARIORs with NO MERCY back

  94. i find the B.A.P video so cute<3^_^ but i like epik high's video….AHHH which one shall i choose!!!!…oh and hyunA's video's hot…..this is frustrating!

  95. I would like to thank simon for saying that this song doesn’t suit B.A.P. because it really doesn’t.

    • Woohoo! Glad I’m not the only one here.

      • I agree with you too, Simon. I am a huge B.A.P fan, but I just, was uncomfortable listening to it. I was all excited when I saw the teaser, but then THAT just came and I was like: Ugh. :(
        TL;DR: Agreement

    • I agree. When “Crash” came out I felt the same. I understand that they are trying to widen their fanbase by appealing to the people who like cutsier stuff but…I’d rather they stick to powerful ideas and sounds. And on top of that, the lyrics to “Stop It” are totally out of sync with the video! The MV is all sweetness and mischief but the lyrics are about a guy fed up with his nagging girlfriend.

  96. epik high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. meh~ i think i’m the only one that likes B.A.P’s stop it >.< i liked crash, it was fun and cute but still preferred their other ones more. With this song it was a step down on the cuteness from crash and rather than cute it felt refreshing and i enjoyed it.

    In B.A.P's case i've liked all their title songs, showing a different concept each time, and i've learned not to label them as one group that sticks with one concept but experiments and i like that about them. Come on~ they did only debut this yea~ i think they're just finding their place and trying out different things, but i get why people are upset about the whole no more warrior style B.A.P. i do prefer that side of B.A.P but i don't mind them doing songs and MVs like this, as long as its not a long term thing…¬_¬

    • This! I totally agree with you~
      And I’m not a huge fan of cute concepts, but I find this comfortable to watch. It’s not forced, you know? Like it’s a cute song and they’re happy/having fun while performing it…there’s none of that forced aegyo that you sometimes see with some groups, which make me cringe haha

    • I sorta liked it too. :x Heh.

    • Exactly, i didn’t “hate” the song/video… but i definitely hope that they revert back to their original image for the next single. “Yes sir” was definitely the only song that actually sounded like B.A.P to me. Am I the only one who thought that their teaser pictures for this single were totally misleading?

    • I definitely agree with you and I can definitely see their roots in this song too. I think stop it is an amazing song!

    • I definitely respect that everyone has their own opinions. Personally, my favorite concept was the Warrior concept, but I still really loved Crash and Stop It. I feel like the personalities of the members actually really meshed well with those songs, but maybe that’s just because I’ve been watching too much Killing Camp. -_-U Even though B.A.P is my favorite group, I don’t think I’ll be voting for them. I love EYK and their opinions are just that, THEIR OPINIONS, and I would still watch and support Music Monday if Stop It won, but I would rather watch a funny Music Monday, like if Ice Cream won.

    • A lot of babys like Stop it too :D

  98. B.A.P…. like wow….in a bad way. I don’t mind their other stuff, so for them to go from that to………… dancing in a beige room wearing beige studded jackets and all that other ridiculousness… what?!

    The teacher storyline- what? The accidentally hitting the teacher on the face- what?! Why is someone wearing a yellow plastic tablecloth around their neck? The cutesy acting….shudder. And whats with the tail?

  99. How is it that Hyuna isn’t at the top yet after Simon’s mention of doing an epic bubble bathtube scene in his leather underpants….ooooohhh your so nasty…..I so want my libido to be crushed…lol!!

  100. B.A.P’s new song makes me shudder and curl up into a little ball of sadness and distress. Actually, even it hadn’t been such a departure from B.A.P’s usual kickass style (i.e. if this had been a song by some other, random band), I’d still have disliked. It’s just… not my cup of tea, let’s say.

    I hope Miss A gets through – they’ve been holding on for a while now and, aside from actually liking their song and wanting to hear what S&M have to say about it, I, too, would love to see a girl group’s MV reviewed for a change. :)

  101. Yet! Epik High’s video is perfect for Halloween. Not only is it awesome that cari is interning for YG but some of our crazy analysis over on the charts has been noticed by Tablo himself and he retweeted an awesome chart one of us made of all (but one according to Tablo) the characters in the video.

    • Yes that’s right~ TABLO RETWEETED ME GUISE >_<
      Oh and Epik High had a treasure hunt to find hidden puns in their video, so since we searched high and low for all of them, we won a signed CD!! YAY!!!

      So make our joy complete by voting them in for Halloween? :D

      THEY HAVE CUTE MONSTERS!! And I mean really, really cute xD
      They're killing people, and blood is spurting out, but they're still cute xD

        • Thanks Nic!! Both me and soluiz (another Nasty who won the signed CD) were all spazzing out xD

          Not to mention Cari (the other Mod) who got to meet Epik High at their latest gig – apparently Tablo said hello to her, Tukutz bowed, and Mithra smiled~ *O*


        • ahh so so cool!

        OMG CONGRATS I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU <3 I know you're like a hardcore High Skooler and so I'm sure this brought you immense joy that I can only imagine!!! GO LALITA <3

  102. I’m quite mixed about BAP’s stop it. I quite like that there’s a story and the goofiness of BAP is cute. But…man it does make me cringe a bit because they were so kickass. I was super shocked when they released Crash, I was hoping that was just a one time thing. Oh wells.

    Go Epik High! The MV is sooo awesome!

    Ice Cream isn’t so catchy. But the Engrish totally sells the MV haha

    • Epik High’s MV is unbelievably awesome. So, so much thought was put into it – almost every prop is customised and intentionally included with a reference to a famous movie or something.

      Did anyone find the [Put Obama in the White House] poster? :p

  103. Now I will have to vote for Hyuna (I always liked her songs anyways, just not the way her company wants her to be this sex idol) cause you so nastayyyyy

  104. I’m gonna vote for Hyuna just this once to see how Simon is gonna bash all that Engrish signs all over the place.

  105. I’m probably voting epic high this week, Hyuna second and BAP third. Epic high have a great sound and really fun video. Hyuna just has a fun and weird video as does BAP. The BAP video was cutesy but at the same time wasn’t totally cheesy it had a cool story and was cheeky but it is really different to their image to date. Who will win???

    • Just to add to my comments I’m thinking that maybe the BAP boys should have dressed as they usually do so that their image stayed consistent and then the demon storyline would come through stronger. Then the guys could have been naughty in class and still be cute in a “we’re being naughty boys” type of cute. Otherwise their street cred has taken a serious beating! (with flowers)

  106. I would really like to see Epik High, if not this coming Monday, then next Monday for sure

  107. Where’s K-pop Music Mondays for TVXQ’s “Catch Me”? =(

    • theres none since everyone was too busy voting everyone else

    • There never was one. We were away to Mexico and California, and when we got back to Korea it wasn’t in first place anymore, so…no Music Monday on TVXQ. Sorry!

      • WHY IS EVERYONE DOWNVOTING ME?! I gave the honest answer! Hey: you 20+ downvoters: I’m sorry! We’d love to do the milkstomping scene! But it didn’t hold out long enough. Don’t be grumpy at us :(

        • lol I find it funny that you’re flipping out over downvotes :p
          They follow me like a plague by now xD

        • Bwuahahah! Someone downvoted this comment. Oh cereal downvoters…. Maybe they are our 16 th villain?

        • Don’t worry you guys, they are just mad cuz they figured out that alot of Cassies didn’t care and the one’s who did couldn’t keep the votes up, one Cassie told me they didn’t really care about it being number 1 here, they would rather support them on other charts and music shows!(not that your charts are cool, cuz they are) so, I’m fine with it too, also, I am a part of many fandoms :D

        • Ha, ha, ha. Maybe those who downvoted you will now take it back!

        • Don’t worry about it..Some people can’t take honesty constructively..^_^

      • So how does the vote thing work anyway? I mean how often can I vote for something? Sometimes when I push the vote button, the votes jump like 20-30 points. Other times it doesn’t move.

        • Once per 24 hours per IP address. When the votes jump up, it’s because you’re seeing votes from other people being updated at the same time. It won’t happen on old, abandoned videos ^^;


  109. The title of this update sounds so nasty. 0.o How appropriate :P

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