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I feel so weird talking about this, because – it’s like – I know her personally. I mean, we feel the same way a bit when we talk about U-Kiss, because we’ve spoken with them so much and continue to speak with them, but we met them after they were already established. Lee Hi and I, though, both knew each other before we did what we did. I taught her class. She was my student. I was a teacher, she was a student. We were different people back then. I’m not even sure if she’ll remember me, because I think she was the last batch of students when I left, as opposed to my other students who I taught for a couple of years. I don’t know. So, yeah. That’s the story. So I suggest voting for her so you can watch me squirm awkwardly as I talk about my student, and somehow claim to have known about her potential before she made it to YG. Ha!

Younique “Max Step” – Vote for it Here!


Ooooh! A new SM subgroup. Though, it’s not really a subgroup, is it? Subgroup implies a smaller group from within a single but large regular group, like Taetiseo being formed from Girl’s Generation. Side note: I totally forgot how to spell Taetiseo because all I can think of for their name is TITTAYS! That’s not actually it, though. Anyhow, so this isn’t a group’s sub-unit, but instead more like SM’s Frankenstein Group, a mishmash of awesome dancers from different SM groups. I personally would have liked to have seen Shindong in this group if it’s supposed to be a super dance group. Shindong is a badass dancer. I won’t say who he should replace, though, for fear of gravely insulting someone who thinks that particular member is the best dancer in the universe and will fight with a knife against anyone who disagrees (fangirls be crazy, yo).

NS Yoon-G feat Jay Park “If You Love Me” – Vote for it Here!


Ah! It’s always so scary whenever we don’t say glowing things about a group or artist. This is gonna be another one of those times. You Nasties here at Eat Your Kimchi aren’t too mad at us, right? Both NS Yoon-G and Jay Park have had much better songs than this. This song just isn’t anything really new in any way. The instrumental is pretty generic, the lyrics are alright, and the song is just a ballad with some rap in it. Sure, both artists are talented, but it feels just like a song that was given for them to sing for a Disney Movie rather than a song that expresses who they are and what they want to do in music, you know? Or it could be that we just don’t like songs that don’t have bombast to them. There’s nothing really explosive here. Just…singing, rapping, fin. Let me know if there’s something I missed out on here.

  1. I pray to god younique doesn’t get top vote for next music monday. It’s such a boring mv with a bunch of boxy rooms. I find that music mondays are more funnier and entertaining when the mv has a lot of weird/cringeworthy stuff going, not those boring ones with close-up shots of the idols singing to the camera, full-shot of a dance sequence, close-up shot of idol in different hairstyle and outfits, full shot of dance with idols in different outfits, and so on and so forth. I mean there’s only so much you can get out of those mvs for music mondays.

  2. Hareem Siddiqi

    SERIOUSLY!! That was soo unexpected, I can’t believe u were her teacher, but it really must be awkward to talk about her, but I wanna see simon’s reaction to her mv.

    As for maxstep, I thought the exact same thing!! I was like, hey that looks like Taemin, and then I saw the description!

    I didn’t really like If You Love Me’s MV too much, but I like the chorus and I really liked Jay Park’s rapping, especially the one in the beginning.

  3. I love Lee Hi’s voice! I know it’s been said in the comments already, but yeah, I love how it’s just so distinctive after listening to everyone else in kpop. I also really hope she isn’t forced to go on a diet or anything ridiculous like that because girl is gorgeous. lol her dancing was definitely a bit awkward to watch since she doesn’t do the moves with much conviction, but she’s just debuted and her voice more than makes up for it :)

    Was I the only one really disappointed Lay isn’t in Maxstep? D: Since it was supposed to be focused especially on the dancing and all, I think he could’ve replaced Henry (I love Henry, but seeing him in this actually surprised me a bit). I mean I guess they need a couple of singers to round it out, but I always feel like Lay gets the short end of the stick when it comes to dance :(
    on another note: SICK SONG. lol it’s going to be my new jam.

  4. Lee Hai seems… very stiff and lacking in confidence.

  5. Wonder why BOA wouldn’t be a part of the unit too since she’s been dancing a long time now.

  6. i think if you love me is generic, but there’s a reason why things become generic… they’re popular and appeals to lots of people! i really like this song and i think it’s super catchy :3 but i won’t scream at you guys for thinking otherwise though, i could never understand how netizens could bash you guys just for expressing your opinions D:

  7. Maxstep maxsteeep :3

  8. idk if you guys know this but the thing i love about her is her deadpan face. some call it dark humor, but thats the first thing i noticed about her on Kpop Star. reminds me of Virginia O’Brien a famous singer AKA frozen face or Miss Ice Glacier. but that was her charm and Lee Hi has that charm. plus it just makes her smiles 1,000,000 times more special. and she stands out more.. and thats the #1 you want to do to make it big

    LOL plus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… compared to Virginia O’Brien. Lee Hi has emotions when sing….warning some will love this style of singing and some will hate it

  9. Why are you saying a member should be replaced? I don’t see why Shindong couldn’t be an addition.. why is it that you think someone would need to leave if he were to enter…

  10. OMG ru kidding me, wht the hell is MAX step ,my hears are bleeding ,the 1,2,3,4 soo old skool love it .

  11. I voted for Lee Ha Yi. Also, I actually like NS Yoonji and Jay Park’s If you love me, even if it is quite generic. Generic =/= not good

  12. I can’t decide if I want Lee Hi to win. She’s a good singer, but she was awkward to watch in the MV. She doesn’t have good presence yet. And I don’t know if they’ll go easy on her because of knowing her, but I’d be pretty disappointed if they did.

  13. I’d like to vote for 1-2-3-4. I think Lee Hi has a voice that is very different from most KPop acts right now – it has a little bit of a Motown feel at times and I think she could do some really interesting work if she’s allowed to mature a bit more.

  14. Lee Hi : I love her voice and I think the song is nice ^-^ Not a fan of the MV thou…

    Younique unit “Max step” : had some problems with the sound of the MV at first but after the 2nd listening, I like it ^-^

  15. I love Lee Hi already even though it’s just one song. Usually it takes me 2, maybe even 5 comebacks to start liking a group or a solo artist. But as for Lee Hi- WORK DAT VOICE GURL.

    ….I just needed to say that.

  16. I totally feel like Shindong (and Key) could have been included, but they must have had other responsibilities.

  17. vaxanne

    Hear ye, hear ye, Nasties! Cast your votes for Ice-cream for a comedic Halloween- the scariest and most nauseating MV for MM

  18. I guess I’ll go with Lee Hi, although the vid had nothing exciting in it. Someone in the comments section spotted some engrish though, so it’s not like there will be nothing to talk about ;P. Her voice sounds amazing, her very un-kpoppy body proportions are such a nice change, and if only she opened her mouth a little bit more while lipsyncing…
    Maxstep is definitely not my jam. I’ll leave it at that.
    I saw the live performance of “If You Love Me” and booooy, she kind of can’t sing. Or at least she couldn’t in that one particular show.

    Something has been bothering me lately.
    There are numerous songs coming out every day and if they don’t feature widely known artists, they stay unnoticed at the very bottom of the charts. It’s a shame, because I recently realised that charts can be sorted by date and discovered some pretty amazing MVs, which barely anyone knows about, since updates cover only three most popular at the moment (I’m assuming that’s the criterion) and there is no info on the rest of them anywhere. The sorting option could be a way out, only no one seems to notice it.
    I don’t really have any conclusion, just wanted to whine a little bit.

  19. Lee HaYi, please! Well what do you know? Sooner or later South Korea’s youngsters are opping onscreen as idols! (which they already are) ;)

  20. yeah, vote for 1234, song is awesome, but MV is so awkward (Lee Hi is awkward). Honestly, she looks like amateur, not like a pro.

  21. Amyaco

    Loved the video for If You Love Me, song was meh~~

  22. I like Lee Hi’s song – it has a definite Motown kinda feel and her voice is unique in the Korean pop pantheon. I feel like her dancing is really awkward and weak so they choreographed around it, but I don’t care much since I’m really more about the music anyway. I like that they didn’t make her sing something bubble-gummy and cookie-cutter just to fit a certain style. I’m curious about how she was as a student, too. ^_^

  23. simon, you look like a vampire. you’re eyes are so red. hope your eyes are all better. martina, you look so pretty in this video :)

  24. I liked NS Yoon-G and Jay Park’s song though I have to say it lacks a certain ‘ooompphh’

  25. So the Maxstep song….I don’t really like it. I mean, I like the music and would totally listen to it on its own, its just that the singing doesn’t seem like it fits right to me.

    But yeah, Hyoyeon was more of a cameo it seemed, just randomly appearing out of nowhere..

  26. I want 1 2 3 4 to win just because I don’t want S&M to tear into BAP :P I loved “Stop It” too much to hear my two favorite people criticize one of my favorite groups. Lol My poor little fangirling heart…

  27. Wow, Lee Hi has jumped to No. 1. I guess BAP is showing its age.

  28. Bakuwoman

    I can’t believe you guys didn’t say it/no comments say it. “Clearly” your YG bias is so strong you are training their future idols how to speak/sing proper english =p!!! Seriously though the fact that you had her as a student is pretty cool. Looks like you might be reviewing her instead of Hyuna or BAP… if that’s the case don’t feel awkward about it and have fun with it. ^_^

  29. Wow, Lee Hi feels like a Korean Adele to me! Her voice is awesome!! :D
    Younique is amazing, but I still like 1,2,3,4 better XD

  30. 1234!

  31. I’m going to agree with Simon and Martina on that last one. The reason it feels generic is because it’s based off of a very common chord progression used in a lot of pop and generic drama music. So yeah, not necessarily up my alley either. For me, you gotta have that steamy Major 7 chord sequence and really powerful vocals.

  32. I’m such a big fan of Jay’s works, but this one was definitely not his best colab… ¬¬ Ok, i hate it too, and I feel like an awful fan for admiting to it, but I didn’t like it one bit…
    Lee Hi, I like the style, I like the song… but she looks so stiff… well, maybe she was nervous…? It would be cool to hear Simon talk about her; but with all the SM fans voting for Maxstep, it probably won’t happen…
    And now I wanna know who would you have prefer in the Younique Unit??? I’m so curious Yeah!!!!!


    loool i wanna hear ur stories about her sooo badly! hehehehe

  34. I love the song but…. the video was so awkwaaaaaard!!!!!!!

    I’m sorry Ha Yi, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  35. Hey Simon & Martina… how was that Gogostar concert last night? I heard it was suuuuper good. I was planning on going but I just couldnt make it in time. I even dressed up to match the band with all the other fans. oh well, next time XD

  36. OMG Simon has EYES o_O

    Vote for Epik Hig – oh wait, it’s probably too late. T_T

    Actually, I don’t mind if you don’t vote, just check it out anyway!!! :D

    I think it’d be cool to review Lee Hi. That way, YG will be like, ‘Oh Lee Hayi, this guy was your teacher?! That’s so cool! You should do an interview with them!!!”

    And then that will lead to an EYK interview with Epik High. Yup. Sounds legit. *nods*

    Teehee :p (oh and her voice is AH.MAY.ZING)

    I’m liking SM’s marketing strategy of shuffling their members into special groups – think of all the possible combinations!! *O* I think it’s kinda fun. They should do it more often!! On a side note, HYOYEON~ <3 <3

    I LOOOOOVE NS Yoon-G. She is so freaking sexy and confident and all that. Here's her other two songs on the charts if you haven't seen them:

    But this song didn't sound like her at all…….I didn't even realise it was her until I checked the youtube channel :/

    Lastly, I knew you wouldn't mention this, but here's my favourite song of the week:


    It’s beautiful~ :D

  37. i love how 1234 has a very 50′s feel to it

  38. :/
    Was hoping KJK would get a mention.

  39. The internet might break if people discuss things unangrily on youtube…

  40. even if I think Lee Hi has an AMAZING voice, I kinda want to know what you guys have to say about max step……oh and Simon, your tshirt looks amazing on you! just saying.

  41. I really really want something that isn’t BAP to win because though the video is kinda funny, the review will be leaning towards “They have failed massively in pulling a Bilasa concept, it just doesn’t fit them” so I’d rather see them talking about something else.

    Specially MAXSTEP because I don’t know what kind of subliminal stuff that song has, it made me like it by just listening to it three times. And haha, I just wnt them to make even more jokes like “SM” Entertainment and the Frankenstein group (yay for halloween puns)xD

  42. Can we have bap stop it please!!!!!!!!!!! N

  43. NS Yoon-G feat Jay Park “If You Love Me.

    The song’s not bad,it’s the music vid.
    If they did it as dance type video, I think you would’ve liked it much better.
    Cause what i’ve seen on with the mcountdown comeback with NS Yoon-G &Jay Park, on there it’s much better. Much luv JayPark! <3

  44. I’m just waiting to see Lee Ha Yi debut stage on Inki! I think is tomorrow, right?

  45. For “If You Love Me,” I can’t picture it as a regular kpop video. I hear it and see the MV as a drama story and we just watch the story with the music. It sounds really nice though. Just hear it while walking in the rain on a sad day and act -well I act- that your in conflict with a guy or a love problem. Bam! A love story. I do really like this song, it’s sounds very calming but I might be wrong by the words in the music. I can also see it as a dance number between two people. Sorry if i’m sounding weird or confusing but I wanted to speak about it.

  46. I love Lee Hayi!! SHE’S AMAZING!! I hope she wins!

  47. Martina, are you always going to do that “MAXSTEP” move whenever you say it? XD

    Also – S.M. Entertainment joke. BROHOHO~
    That was really well done. Kudos.

  48. with Younique, that’s exactly what i thought! but, was disappointed with the lack of actual Max, or Max Time….that title was so misleading -_-. My Taemin Goon sounds so grown up! and i actually like the sound of NS’s song, i dont LOVE it, but its ok! and i love Lee Hi’s song! I see you have taught her well, Simon! She reminds me(and plenty of other people from what i’ve seen on youtube) of Adele!

  49. Did anyone else see the Hign School Musical sign around the 3 minute mark?

  50. …Why have I not heard of Younique before?! I EVEN FOLLOW MOST OF THEM ON TWITTER! They…are…AWESOME. And I was proud of myself for knowing all names even though I don’t pay much attention to EXO (dammit, Martina, you made me say E.X.O. out loud earlier. I had to correct myself XD). I mean, I like EXO’s songs, I just didn’t take the time to learn all of their names.
    Lee Hi has a nice voice, so I voted for her (plus she’s in second and I REALLY don’t want S&M to say mean thing about BAP so I’m not voting despite how much I love BAP). I DON’T WANT BAP TO WIN. AT ALL. I’M SCARED!!

  51. Vote for to make Simon feel awkward! Plus the song’s awesome :)

  52. Younique hands down. Because of Lulu’s Korean hjfgasdh
    MAXSTEP ^^

  53. Max Time! Wait, I mean Max Step!

  54. Frankenstein group….

    ..And thus, an EYK KMM skit is born.

    You guys just like, burp out amazing things, don’t you? XD

    Would really like to see a Frankenstein/zombie Younique Unit skit now. Thanks guise!

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