We had to make some tough choices for this week’s kpopchart update, lots of new rookie bands and semi-rookies–smookies if you will–and we didn’t know who to choose. In the end we went for Boyfriend (smookies), Kim Jong Kook (veteran), and Roh Ju Hoon (rookie).

Boyfriend “Janus” – Vote for it Here!


We never really got into Boyfriend, not that they did anything to offend us, just the way they were presented by their label was a bit too cutey boy for us to get into. Also the twins kind of scare us. They have such big, unblinking eyes that stare into our souls and judge us for all the past judgements we passed on past kpop bands. In fact, they kind of remind me of sugar gliders. Sugar gliders, adorable, but also passing judgement on my soul with their big, innocent eyes.

Sugar Gliders:
Sugar gliders

Sugar Gliders:
Boyfriend sugar gliders

I see no difference. Anyhoo, besides the whole starring into our soul thing, I’m happy to see their image maturing, not that I blame the label for moving slowly, they are still teenagers so it’s not like I want to see a Seungri/Junsu/Hyuna/Gain themed dance or anything. I thought the plot of the video was a bit murky but I do think it was cool that they incorporated the twins’ identicalness into the plot, and perhaps into the title concept of Janus as well. Anyhoo we do have hope that this could make it into first place, if not this week, next week, so we don’t want to talk to much about it here.

Kim Jong Kook “Men Are All Like That” – Vote for it Here!


Whoa. This was a mind trip for me. I had NO IDEA KJK was a singer at any point. The same thing happened to me when I watched a drama with Eric from Shinhwa in it. Because I entered the kpop scene 4 years ago, I had no idea who Shinhwa was, so when I saw him in a kpop video doing a cameo, I was like…”wow it’s that actor from that drama!” Little did I know. I also experienced the same thing with some of my friends new to the kpop world and Rain, they thought he was just an actor. Anyhoo, the point I’m getting at is that his voice is AH-MAZING and I was really blown away. I also really like the music video. It had a pretty simple concept and use of filming and lights but it really packed a punch with the final very depressing message. It’s a message Korea can relate to because the work hours are INSANE and I know a lot of people who never see their husbands/wives/kids because they’re all working late. That’s one thing Simon and I promised each other, that we would never let our jobs get in the way of our marriage. The point of your job is to make money to support your life outside of work, but if you neglect your marriage and become unhappy, the point of having a job becomes void in my mind. There needs to be a balance between the two. This is more serious of a post than needed. Let’s lighten it up with mention of adorable Song Jungki who did a great job acting in the music video. Not a lot of movement or anything, just subtle facial expressions and I personal thought he nailed it. Especially that tiny foot tap right at the very end when he’s sitting on the chair. Sometimes you get over saturated with the super over acting that’s present in a lot of kpop videos, you know?

Roh Ji Hoon “Punishment” – Vote for it Here!


Ohhh a new rookie! But but his name has “Hoon” in it, and I know it’s a common name in Korea, but in our hearts it belongs to the one and only SAILOR HOON! Hello my name is HOOOOOOoOOOOooooOOOoon! You’d be really shocked at how often that comes up in our everyday life. Way to much. Anyhoo, this is a pretty confident debut for a rookie, he doesn’t really strike you as a rookie as say, Lee Hi did in her video, but I think he might also be older than most rookies. Anyone know his age? Also, I heard he was scouted from his appearance on the TV show Birth of a Great Star, but I didn’t watch it so I’m not fully sure of the details. Fans of the show, let us know! I am excited to see what he will do in the future because in the world of kpop, groups are dominate so I’m excited to see a male solo artist do his thang! Yes, I said thang. Outside of his confident frontal wedgie dance moves, this video was hard for me to watch because I recognize the location they’re filming at, so that kind of ruins it for me. I’m like, “why would you go upstairs after you just came down? You literally just walked past the entrance way…okay…now you’re going back inside…what!?” Has that every happened to you? Since I live in Toronto, there have been a couple movies ruined for me because of that, it’s like, you know the area SO well that seeing it edited on camera ruins the vibe. I image anyone who lives in Vancouver must hate watching movies since it feels like so many movies are filmed there but are supposed to be an American town or city instead. Let me know Vancouverites!

  1. Please erview Boyfriend’s video Janus! ^ ^ I thought they were MBLAQ at first because the whole video was very dramatic and very MBLAQian (see what I did there Martina! ^ ^ )

  2. Oh ? Sorry , Im just offended as being a bestfriends, as you can see , Your blog’s fans is starting to hate them and posting very insulting comments. :| which hurts us a fans .Wish you guys be sensitive next time.

  3. OMG,!!!what the fook i dont like your comments,,,i am bestfriend…dont comment like that,,,the twins look like anime,,,hater gonna hate,,they are cute bleh (:P)

  4. lol!! actually i felt excited when they used a mall in Richmond BC (close to vancouver) to film a movie … its an asian mall (Aberdeen with Daiso and all) but it was portrayed a white people infested mall.. LOLs

    i find it fun actually, increases more chance of seeing stars… a friend of mine was working in an ice cream shop and the store next to him was used as a filming set for Zac Efron’s movie charlie st cloud… lol he boasted he was a few meters away from the HSM star!! lols

    lolz…. im still waiting for the new kpopchart update so we can finally get a massive push for BILASA’s MV!! :)

  5. Sobra n to Ahh !!! Don’t Judge BOYFRIEND !! D nmin kau Pinapakelam ~~!! Sobra n kau ..

  6. huh? this is a new type of new.
    troololol XD

  7. lol this is what happens when random fans enter EYK ^^;;

    It’s because of that post by the official Boyfriend Facebook yea? (btw how cool is that!!)

    Dear fans, look at it this way: Obviously Boyfriend liked this page enough to link it on their official Facebook. So you don’t need to get so upset? ^^b

  8. Well in my pov, i dun think that’s creepy….. Well then how abt ren’s eyes?!? They are a lot bigger them jo twins’!!! I love jo twins’ eyes! Well just saying my view! But ‘Boyfriend chay chalaga!!!!!” wil. Always be a myanmar bestfriend for u!!!!!!!! Fighting boyfriend!!!

  9. EYES.ARE.TOO.BIG. So scared that I couldn’t watch the rest of the video. If their eyes are already popping out, there is no need for more eyeliner. Seriously. Those goblin eyes with the ostrich necks…too much.

  10. Totally agree with Simon, all I can hear is Action….

  11. Helo BESTFRIEND’S!!!
    Anneyonghasey0 guyz. . .

    How’s everybody there. . .

  12. “Is that why the video is called punishment?” HAHAHA

  13. Call me a nerd, but I totally appreciate that you specified Janus as a Roman deity instead of a Greek one! Thanks, Simon! kkkkkk

  14. This is EXACTLY how I feel. At first I couldn’t get into the cutsey boy image. But I often get past that as I always update myself by watching every new video out there. But Boyfriend. Those twins creep me out x)

  15. I’m not even a guy but I was wincing and saying ouch throughout Roh Ji Hoon’s video XD

  16. about the knowing the place that something was filmed and it kind of ruining the vibe i know what you mean.
    Watching Pitch Perfect made me want to yell at the movie screen. “why is she walking into a closet??”

  17. Haha well it seems that everyone thinks that the twins’ eyes in Boyfriend are creepy… But I actually think they’re really gorgeous!!! (^.^) (seriously… My first thought was “wow their really pretty…. “) And in Roh Ji Hoon’s ‘Punishment’, does anyone else hear Teen Top’s ‘To You’ ??? I sorta think Roh Ji Hoon’s is a mix of Key (from SHINee) and CAP from Teen Top….

  18. I would like to THANK BOYFRIEND. WHY may you ask because today in class the teacher had a picture of Janus. I LOOKED LIKE A FREAKEN GENIUS IN CLASS TODAY !!!!! cause i knew who he was and explained it in class.

  19. Wow, I thoroughly enjoyed KJK’s video and song. Great great stuff (plus Joongki is in there, so… -nods-)
    Roh Ji Hoon’s music sounds good so far. Hard to watch the video, but I’m digging the song.

  20. It might be the prince costumes , but Boyfriend, particularly, the twins, just makes me think of some horror version of Ouran Koukou Host club. So creepy, I actually had to skip their video…

    • seriously i just died xDDDD that would be HILARIOUS they’re actually incredible losers in real life and its so funny to imagine them like that trololololool
      but seriously i have a list of who would be who:

      the twins as the twins (duh)
      minwoo as honey-senpai
      jeongmin as tamaki
      hyunseong as mori-senpai
      donghyun as kyoya

      considering their personalities this is very accurate lolololol

  21. I hope that that wedgie move is a part of his singing technique to hit those falsettos, cause that looks damn painful 0.o

  22. They debuted last year, I think. Same with Bilasa and Block B. Maybe they were just overshadowed. They are under Startship Entertainment which also houses SISTAR and K.Will.

    And about those eyes… I actually have big eyes. But the twins… their eyes are in another level of hugeness. Maybe it’s because of make-up, but whatever they do, those eyes really creep the hell out of me. lol Scared and attracted at the same time? That’s quite creepy too. lol

  23. On the topic of filming locations, as a new Vancouverite I don’t know downtown well enough to pick up on the major filming locations lot of the time. However, I can very much relate. A lot of stuff filmed in Vancouver is also filmed in the various smaller surrounding cities and because of this it’s the television shows that really get me. One week they show you a location in the city of White Rock, the next week they show you Vancouver, and it’s very jarring to know that those two locations aren’t a walk down the street away as the characters say it is, but really a 45 minuet drive.

    Anyways, I can’t wait to see who gets review this MM!

  24. 2:36
    HE BLINKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Wow KJK and Roh Ji Hoon used the same set…with a chair,lol.XD
    I can’t really get into Boyfriend either, the twins eyes are sooo big, it kind of creeps me out O.O
    Am I the only one that thinks Roh Ji Hoon and JB from JJ Project look alike??o.O

  26. Wow KJK and Roh Ji Hoon used the same set…with the same chair,lol.
    I can’t really get into Boyfriend either, the twins eyes are sooo big, it kind of creeps me out O.O
    Am I the only one that thinks Roh Ji Hoon and JB from JJ Project look alike??

  27. Speaking of Brohoho, I’ve seen Flaxton street in an MBLAQ photo lately, lol. I’m very curious about his identity.

  28. I see Mr. Brohoho has made more money off his brick room again.

  29. The twins have pretty eyes, but yes, the no blinking part kind of freaked me out. When you first see one of the twins walking with the girl dressed in white, it is like they are having a staring contest. I was like “Oh dear lord!”

  30. “I don’t like you hanging around with that Manfriend of yours!” OMG I can’t. That was hilarious xD PLEASE. DON’T CHANGE YOUR NAME TO MANFRIEND! I DON’T WANT TO BE A MANFRIEND! I’ve never really noticed how big their eyes were but now that I think about I can understand why people might get a little creeped out. I was into anime before I got into kpop so I guess I’m just used to big eyes…..

  31. Martina.. your bangs look fine.! …

  32. I personally think that the Jo twins big eyes are just normal not a kind of like Sadako’s eyes. I like their eyes. They’re clear and shinee. lol

  33. Boyfriend have improve a lot in this music video better than boyfriend – boyfriend seem they have prove us that they not only in cute image but they also in charismatic image btw the jo twins big eyes it so hard to find … it CUTE … and now they can be ManFriend haha

  34. Boyfriend: It’s the first time I watched their video and I have no idea what was it about, because after reading the blog post all I could focus on were their neverblinking eyes. But these sugar gliders are lovely!
    KJK: I’m not a fan of this song, but I liked the video. Well done!
    Roh Ji Hoon: CUBE U SO NASTY!!! And I’m sure you noticed it: the same brick room in two videos in one Update? WOW. When I watched KJK’s video I thought that fortunately it’s not the same room as in 0330, No More Perfume and so on ;]
    All in all, my votes go to Janus and Punishment.

  35. I loved KJK’s MV, more than the song, so poignant. About having a video experienced ruined cause you know the place. That was transformers for me. The butchered the geography of Cairo and Egypt, it actually put me off the franchise….

  36. Martina: what do you think Simon?

    Simon: Your methods are very innefficient…

    YEA, you tell it like it IS! lollercakes. That’s right, I laughed so hard I made cake.

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