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KpopCharts Update: Janus Like Punishment

November 10, 2012


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We had to make some tough choices for this week’s kpopchart update, lots of new rookie bands and semi-rookies–smookies if you will–and we didn’t know who to choose. In the end we went for Boyfriend (smookies), Kim Jong Kook (veteran), and Roh Ju Hoon (rookie).

Boyfriend “Janus” – Vote for it Here!

We never really got into Boyfriend, not that they did anything to offend us, just the way they were presented by their label was a bit too cutey boy for us to get into. Also the twins kind of scare us. They have such big, unblinking eyes that stare into our souls and judge us for all the past judgements we passed on past kpop bands. In fact, they kind of remind me of sugar gliders. Sugar gliders, adorable, but also passing judgement on my soul with their big, innocent eyes.

Sugar Gliders:
Sugar gliders

Sugar Gliders:
Boyfriend sugar gliders

I see no difference. Anyhoo, besides the whole starring into our soul thing, I’m happy to see their image maturing, not that I blame the label for moving slowly, they are still teenagers so it’s not like I want to see a Seungri/Junsu/Hyuna/Gain themed dance or anything. I thought the plot of the video was a bit murky but I do think it was cool that they incorporated the twins’ identicalness into the plot, and perhaps into the title concept of Janus as well. Anyhoo we do have hope that this could make it into first place, if not this week, next week, so we don’t want to talk to much about it here.

Kim Jong Kook “Men Are All Like That” – Vote for it Here!

Whoa. This was a mind trip for me. I had NO IDEA KJK was a singer at any point. The same thing happened to me when I watched a drama with Eric from Shinhwa in it. Because I entered the kpop scene 4 years ago, I had no idea who Shinhwa was, so when I saw him in a kpop video doing a cameo, I was like…”wow it’s that actor from that drama!” Little did I know. I also experienced the same thing with some of my friends new to the kpop world and Rain, they thought he was just an actor. Anyhoo, the point I’m getting at is that his voice is AH-MAZING and I was really blown away. I also really like the music video. It had a pretty simple concept and use of filming and lights but it really packed a punch with the final very depressing message. It’s a message Korea can relate to because the work hours are INSANE and I know a lot of people who never see their husbands/wives/kids because they’re all working late. That’s one thing Simon and I promised each other, that we would never let our jobs get in the way of our marriage. The point of your job is to make money to support your life outside of work, but if you neglect your marriage and become unhappy, the point of having a job becomes void in my mind. There needs to be a balance between the two. This is more serious of a post than needed. Let’s lighten it up with mention of adorable Song Jungki who did a great job acting in the music video. Not a lot of movement or anything, just subtle facial expressions and I personal thought he nailed it. Especially that tiny foot tap right at the very end when he’s sitting on the chair. Sometimes you get over saturated with the super over acting that’s present in a lot of kpop videos, you know?

Roh Ji Hoon “Punishment” – Vote for it Here!

Ohhh a new rookie! But but his name has “Hoon” in it, and I know it’s a common name in Korea, but in our hearts it belongs to the one and only SAILOR HOON! Hello my name is HOOOOOOoOOOOooooOOOoon! You’d be really shocked at how often that comes up in our everyday life. Way to much. Anyhoo, this is a pretty confident debut for a rookie, he doesn’t really strike you as a rookie as say, Lee Hi did in her video, but I think he might also be older than most rookies. Anyone know his age? Also, I heard he was scouted from his appearance on the TV show Birth of a Great Star, but I didn’t watch it so I’m not fully sure of the details. Fans of the show, let us know! I am excited to see what he will do in the future because in the world of kpop, groups are dominate so I’m excited to see a male solo artist do his thang! Yes, I said thang. Outside of his confident frontal wedgie dance moves, this video was hard for me to watch because I recognize the location they’re filming at, so that kind of ruins it for me. I’m like, “why would you go upstairs after you just came down? You literally just walked past the entrance way…okay…now you’re going back inside…what!?” Has that every happened to you? Since I live in Toronto, there have been a couple movies ruined for me because of that, it’s like, you know the area SO well that seeing it edited on camera ruins the vibe. I image anyone who lives in Vancouver must hate watching movies since it feels like so many movies are filmed there but are supposed to be an American town or city instead. Let me know Vancouverites!



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