BILASA B1A4 “Tried To Walk” – Vote for it Here!


Return of the kitty conquerors! We knew this video was out because Dr.Meemersworth set up a little white flag in his bed to let us know he was indeed conquered. He even ordered a very small EYK t-shirt that fits him perfectly…that really should have been our first guess, so I guess we discovered his bias group, it’s BILASA! So I’m afraid to say too much about this video because we have competition between Boyfriend and B1A4 and we’re honestly unsure of who will win, so let’s just leave this video at this: this is a very pretty video with a lovely set and I got to see BILASA wondering in locations outside of a box, so that makes us happy. No comment on the ridiculous over use of turtlenecks. I’m going to have to start a new organization to keep turtlenecks from being used in music videos.

Dal Shabet “Have, Don’t Have” (Don’t Have Version) – Vote for it Here!


Wow, what a fantastic song! Now I know a lot of people have been comparing this to T-ara and saying that they’re copying T-ara’s sound, but T-ara is simply doing disco inspired music, and that sound doesn’t belong to a single group. It’s the same complaint that arises when any girl group besides 2NE1 tries to be punky and wear leather and studs, everyone is like, “Oh they’re copying 2NE1″. It’s more like they’re copying old British Punk which was around WAY before 2NE1, but yes 2NE1 was really the first to tap INTO it. The same could be said about T-ara, they were pumping out mega awesome songs that channeled disco feels, but it doesn’t belong to them either. Anyhoo, the point is, we love this song and yes it has a disco feel. Now they did release two versions of the video, the “Have” version being the main one and while I like that video, the “Don’t Have” version is something we rarely get to see in the world of Kpop. A kpop group interacting with the outside world! A kpop group acting silly in a different way than usual! A kpop group wearing their full kpop gear but being totally ignored by their audience! It’s quirky and fun, and I totally like it better than their original video. Well, check them both out and let me know which one you like better.

Son Dambi “Dripping Tears” – Vote for it Here!


Okay, so I know Simon spoke about this video, but I totally wrote about it and forced him to speak it. Hahaha, I just wanted to see him talk about the fashion that he never notices or cares about. But back to the video, the costumes for the backup dancers were SO creepy and cool! That houndstooth-patterned-kinky-sofa-one-piece was so bizarre, yet I couldn’t look away! It felt like something I would see in a Ga-in or Brown Eyed Girls music video. But as a whole, I liked the song and video but it didn’t really grab me as much as her older stuff did. I found myself watching it and enjoying it, but I wasn’t totally enraptured. Maybe I felt like it was straddling the line between artsy and a kpop video but it didn’t really fit in either category so it was a bit confusing. I will say this much, we were both born in the same year and DAMN THAT GIRL LOOKS GREAT!!!!

  1. When are you going to do kpop music mondays for B1A4’s Tried to Walk? Does it not have much votes? D:

  2. meemers is getting so big!

  3. I don’t know about everyone else, but I felt when Baro starting rapping out of no where and then looked very tough instead of cute and lost, I was so confused. Maybe because I haven’t listened to much of B1A4, so I didn’t expect cute face to shoot out a deep man voice

  4. First of all I should be studying for my exams I have tomorrow but, I couldn’t pass up the chance I had to watch music monday, Second also love the new page and third first time listener of b1A4 fell in love lol ^^

  5. Ivy was pretty big when she released A-Ha and Sonata of Temptation but then she had legal troubles with her company and was gone for a long time (she did have a comeback earlier this year). But yeah major female soloist were Ivy, Hyori, Dombi, Boa and Uhm Jung Hwa. Seems most of them have had a hiatus period. Son Dambi acted in a really long drama (Lights and Shadows) so she was keeping busy I guess…

  6. I haven’t really listened a lot to b1a4, so when the cup cake looking guy started rapping I was completely O-O
    Dayum, son dam bi has huge eyes! And thanks for introducing Dalshabet, loved the song and the music video ^^

  7. oh, thanks for the information about the jumpsuits. They are really fantastic. I don’t see many Gaultier fans in kpop, so this is really impressive.

  8. Hi! I want to send you fanmail, but where can I send it to? ^^

  9. when i first got on i was like woah everything new im gonna have to get used to this but it does look awesome and i love it

  10. Bilasa has totally conquered my heart <3 one of my favorites of theirs! also…I MUST get a BILASA shirt! …so that's what they look like on someone, thanks Simon for showing it off! now I'm definitely going to get one! :D

  11. You guys have no clue how much I love your new layout! I just read the “about” page, and literally laughed out loud about 4 times.

    “Dr. Meemersworth, who holds a degree in Quantum Mechanics from Harvard University and another degree in Meemerology from Seoul National University.” i laughed really hard when I read this.

  12. Wow the charts are literally bouncing from Bilasa to Boyfriend and back! I really don’t know who’s gonna win if I have to choose between them I’m voting Bilasa! BTW Simon and Martina the charts are so much easier to navigate, look great and make it so much clearer about who’s winning and why. Especially the mini chart update on the home page so good! Plus I think the counter adds to the already dramatic chart battles. Good work I’m going into the fray right now….

  13. Huzzah for the new layout! Looks awesome!
    I’ve never really been into B1A4’s songs, but this song conquered my heart. XD

  14. I find myself enjoying the chart updates more than the full winner reviews :D lol. Maybe that’s because it’s the only way I ever get S&M to mention the songs/vids/artists I like…


    • I know what you mean. If you don’t like the groups that the masses vote and comment for like crazy, then you’re screwed. I’m not a fan of G-Dragon, but at least S&Ms KMMs for those 3 weeks were still great!

  15. I feel silly for having watched the 40sec of nothing at the end of your closing video…>_>

  16. I love love love the new site, guise. It’s gonna take a bit of getting used to on my part, but it’s so cool looking!
    On to the update: My heart has been conquered by BILASA!!!!!!!!!!!1 and I very much want them to win, even if that means Martina going a bit crazy. LOL Only time will tell….

  17. For some reason I was expecting a “JYP” to be whispered….. it seems I have jyp twitches now, thanks to Simon and martina… XDD

  18. First of all, I like your new page so much!^^

  19. So I really really reaaaaaally wanted c-clown to be included in the updates….OH well. I just knew that it was going to be these three. ANyway, everyone here should just check out c-clowns new song because it is awesome and the live performance is ever so cool!!!!
    now back to commenting for bilasa – they must win^^^^^^

  20. LOL Boyfriend you kiss-ups xD that’s okay. I love B1A4’s new video but I’m more attracted to Boyfriend’s video (plus I’m a Bestfriend more than a Bana) but I will vote LIKE A MADWOMAN for BILASA next week. :)

  21. this weeks kpop charts battle has got me on my toes, Boyfriend of B1A4?
    i’m both a Bestfriend and a Bana >.<
    but i've kinda got my hopes that Boyfriend would win since Janus caught my attention first, then put all my effort into voting for B1A4 next week.. any bestfriend's/bana's going through these feels?

  22. For some reason I can’t think of myself as a Bana, only a Bilasaraptor…
    err I mean, thanks to Simon and Martina

  23. The funny thing was when I was watching Son Dambi’s Dripping Tears, at the scene she pulled off the lighting bulb, my computer froze.

  24. Haahahha, me too! Only EYK could get me to watch 40 extra seconds of silence…

  25. Wh-what about Park Jung Min’s Beautiful?

  26. I have officially been conquered…by your spelling of B1A4! Just tried to look up their official facebook only to catch myself writing BILASA instead of B1A4! D’oh!

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