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KpopCharts Update: That Caffeine Pop

December 15, 2012


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Yoseob Yang “Caffeine” – Vote for it Here!

It’s the best member of Batoost! The tiny one! Ok, we’re not sure if he’s actually the tiny one, if he’s smaller than other people, but he just looks, smaller, you know? We can’t say for sure, though. Online stats for Kpop idols always lie. ALWAYS LIE! Don’t believe em! Unless we stand beside him, we’ll never know. But that room he’s in suuuure does look big compared to him dancing on it…

But that’s not the point! Point is, one of our favorite bands’ members released a solo song. We like it. It’s cool. The song’s cool, video’s cool, and is just overall worth voting for. We’d have so much to say!

Secret “Talk That” – Vote for it Here!

This whole Secret thing is confusing to us. It should be something as simple as “They got in a car accident and will be recovering” but we have so many more thoughts about it. Firstly, you know our stance on driving in Korea. It sucks. Really sucks. We’ve been especially on our guard these past few days with the snowfall, because Korea doesn’t really get a lot of snow. To us as Canadians, we know that you drive differently when it starts to snow. We haven’t noticed a lot of people in Korea really changing their driving habits, though. For example: red light just changed to green, and the front row of cars have their tires spin out, because they want to gun it. WTF?!?!? Supposedly Secret’s car got into an accident when the driver was speeding on the highway and changing lanes.

Ah. I don’t even know what more to say here. STOP DRIVING LIKE MANIACS DAMN YOU!

Ok, enough of our bad driving rant. We’d like to take this time to encourage people to vote for Secret. We like them. We always say good things about them whenever we get the chance, and we really want girl groups to have more of a chance here. So vote for them!

Crayon Pop “Dancing Queen” – Vote for it Here!

So, our video was more of a talk about the KpopCharts and how impressed we are that Kpop companies are getting more interested in them, as in the case of Crayon Pop and Boyfriend. Yay! But we didn’t get a chance to talk much about the video, which – even though we use the same software – we enjoyed. It was fun! It was out there! It wasn’t dancing in a box, but dancing out in public. Also, I wonder if people watching this video think to themselves “wow: does Korea have random dance parties like that in public? BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!” No, friends: Korea does not have dancing parties like that sometimes. THEY HAVE THEM ALL THE TIME! HA no. We haven’t stumbled upon any dance sequences in public. We do notice lots of things being shot all the time, though. KBS and MBC always have their trucks out, we stumble past commercial shoots, walked passed a couple of dramas and reality TV shows. Anyone else living in Korea experience that, or do we just have freak luck?



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