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Ok, shameless self-promoting aside, now for this week’s KpopCharts update. OH WAIT! No, first, a small apology. Sorry for not including Jaejoong’s video on this list. We’re trying to film videos in advance because it’s gonna be my birthday tomorrow (yay!) and we didn’t want to stay up late putting up these videos, you know? So we filmed this before the video came out. Like, right before it came out. D’oh! We’ll do a KpopCharts Update on it next week, if it doesn’t win this week, that is. Anyhow, back to the videos we actually talked about!

Infinite H “Special Girl” – Vote for it Here!


We’re not wrong here in saying that Infinite seems to be overworking as well, no? It’s not a complaint on our end, because we’re fans of their music, but it sure seems like they’re producing a lot of music and music videos. And we know how hellish it can be to shoot a music video after being on set with U-Kiss when they shot “Stop Girl”. It’s good, I think, that they’re dividing the group up so that some can do solo work (like the Snuggly One) and some can do duo-work (like Infinite H), so then other people can rest at that time? I don’t know.

Side note: what the eft does H stand for? Infinite Hoodlums? Infinite Hadouken? That’s my guess. Infinite Hadouken.

B.A.P. “Rain Sound” – Vote for it Here!


WHAT’S YOUR B?!?! Whatever happened to that kind of B.A.P.? Whatever happened to yelling and asskicking? I understand that getting shot is a bit gangsta, sure, but it’s passive gangstaness, not their usual proactive gangstanicity. I want to see B.A.P. shooting people rather than getting shot. Well, not really. I can’t imagine Kpop going that route.

Point is, this is another big change for B.A.P. in our eyes, and we’re not necessarily sure how we feel about it, because we only heard it a couple of times. It doesn’t jar us the way Stop It did, that’s for sure. What are your thoughts? Are you liking the route B.A.P.’s going, or do you want them to go back to what made them stand out with their debut?

Boyfriend “AH EE YAH!” – Vote for it Here!


Yes, we know that the romanized version is different. It’s supposed to be “I Yah,” but that’s not what it says in Korean! In Korean (and we know this, because we can read Korean – BOOM!) it says “아이야” which is literally

아 – Ah
이 – Ee
야 – Yah

Put it all together, you get AH EE YAH, or, what we imagine should be “HIYA!” like the sound karate people make when they karate chop things. Which would make sense in this video, because some dude has an asswhooping stick, which he probably yelled “HIYA!” to in Karate format when he whooped his students. Little did you know that this whole video was about that teacher’s abusive tendencies. It wasn’t about love or girls or any of that crap. It was about the teacher, man. THE TEACHERRRRRRRR!!!!!

  1. That Infinite H video is like a clothing catalog exploded inside a music video. :)

  2. Why does the guy from Infinite look so familiar? Was he in a drama recently?

  3. Haha, you’re not helping your case. I feel like most idols should get more sleep and rest so they don’t burn out before they’re 25. Yes, doing interviews and stuff like that is important, but health is important too!

  4. The H in Infinite H stands for hip hop in other words Infinite’s hip hop sub group!

  5. Infinite H “Special Girl” is a catchy song with an interesting video.

    B.A.P. “Rain Sound” not amongst my favorites “What are your thoughts? Are you liking the route B.A.P.’s going, or do you want them to go back to what made them stand out with their debut?” I like better the way they debuted… of course they can’t be all the time bombast and fierce…they need some mellower tunes (though this one didn’t attract me much).. but I don’t like aegyo B.A.P…. the image just doesn’t suit them…

    Boyfriend “AH EE YAH!” – I think this is the first Boyfriend song that I actually like


  6. someone has to make sure, this song get reviewed!

  7. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SIMON! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

  8. . . .

    I really wish you could just review them all… :P

    but it looks like Kim Jae Joong is going to win this one

  9. Happy Birthday Simon ^_^ ~

  10. I’m not upset about not including “Mine” because it most probably is going to win today and you’ll talk about it anyway.
    I’m a little bit sad because so many videos with great review potential came out almost at once. Ooh Simon and Martina, you made me change my attitude from “Mondays suck” to “too bad there’s only one Monday per week”.
    And I already mentioned it in I Yah comment section but I’ll say it again – I was hoping for you to mention the infobox for this video. It’s gold, I’m telling you, GOLD! Whoever wrote it, I want to thank them.

    Happy Birthday, Simon!!!

  11. Ha! When I first starting watching this I wondered if Simon knew that shirt made him look like a Star Trek character. I’m satisfied to know he does.

  12. Why no CNBLUE?
    Happy Birthday, Simon~! Only you can say ‘You’re so nasty’ in that special way~ Be healthy ^^

  13. Happy Birthday Simon!
    About the songs, I will go in order.
    INFINITE H’s Special Girl: I don’t really like mainly rapping songs (with the exception of TOP and GD), this song was actually really good. I don’t know Korean, but it felt like the video corresponded with the lyrics. I really like it. I liked how Hoya’s hair was parted one way at 0:35, then it changes. Is it because of a mirror?
    BAP’s Rain Sound: Ahead of time, I read that there are key points to look at in this video, like the hair, costumes, rain, and emotions. The acting was good, and I am happy that BAP is rapping more because it suits them. I especially like Zelo’s first rap when he has a different tone of voice, then he goes to his normal tone. I am happy that Himchan sang more/rapped more (It sounds like rapping but not sure) The creepy body parts that burned up was different and the green rain. The they got shot. Very artistic!
    Boyfriend’s I Yah: I like the concept that Boyfriend is setting on. The first song didn’t really do it for me, Boyfriend’s song Boyfriend. Then Love Style was a little bit better. The Janus came out, now I Yah. It shows more of a powerful side which I like personally. Yeah, aegyo is nice but too much of it isn’t. The dance moves are cool too!
    Jaejoong/Hero’s Mine: The random animals and the random running scene didn’t make too much sense, but the demon/monster and the winged vampire was pretty cool. I like the ballad and rock theme. I feel like JYJ will be doing more solo work and that Junsu, Mickey, and Jaejoong will come out with more songs!

  14. ooooo ~ Happy Birthday you Nasty Man ~ ♫♪ ♥ ☮

  15. Every time I see those boys in Boyfriend I want to lock them in a kitchen with a side of beef and FEED THEM! Too skinny! *_* I like their song and Infinite’s also. B.A.P.’s wasn’t bad…just not my kind of music. I like their others better.

  16. Happy Birthday to the original NASTY :) Hope it’s a good one, Simon.

  17. “AH EE YAH!” is so damn catchy! Catchier than Bat Girl! And yay, for the twins not creeping me out this time. They should stay brunette.

    Rain Song, I really do enjoy listening to it. It isn’t straight up catchy, but I enjoy listening all their incredible voices. I love that B.A.P. is out experimenting with different sounds. Having their mini-albums, songs like this aren’t a huge surprise. Not all the songs on their albums are straight up bombastic like Warrior or Power. Plus Bang Yong Guk’s deep, manly, mesmerizing rapping. You’ve got to love that Martina. I just want him to talk to me all day long.

    Special Girl, I uhm can’t remember it cause AH EE YAH! is screaming through me head. I do have to say that uhm Dongwoo has so much make-up that he is prettier than the girl, and she’s really pretty! Guys, don’t be prettier than your girl!

  18. The H in infinite H stands for Hip Hop! :D

  19. Ok, I HATE the Special Girl song, really hate it. I thought that maybe if I give it time, but no, HATE it so so much. The 2 other songs are ok and good. I’m not really into BAP (don’t know them that much though), but I somewhat like that song. The Boyfriend song is good, but I’m not that much into it either, don’t know why exactly. I like the Vixx song that just came out and like the video too.

  20. I believe Martina was talking about how Infinite H actually know how to use their guns. They don’t use them as blow dryers to kill PO hair like in Nillili Mambo.

  21. Happy Birthday Simon!
    -rolls down le sexy window`

  22. i believe the effect on the boyfriend video mentioned by martina is achieved my post production where they used a software (like adobe after effects) to track the faces of the members and compensate the actual rotation and movement of the head to “stabilize” the video so as to make it look like the camera is fixed on the head while they danced.

    you’re welcome, martina LOL

  23. I actually really like Boyfriend’s I YAH! That and Batgirl were amazing songs, they’ve transitioned from cutie boys to “masculine men” very well.

    I heard infinite H’s song/saw the M/V, and thought it was funny and cute. Not much else though, because…

    B.A.P! Oh MA GAWD! I LOVE THIS SONG! and its not cuz I’m B.A.P biased or anything…*cough *cough. I love Yong Guk’s slow rap in the beginning, the smooth, powerful vocals throughout the song, and Zelo’s calm rapping, it was FANTASTIC (baby)! It BLEW MY MIND! I love it, but I am still really wanting Jaejoong for KMM :D B.A.P next time!

  24. HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY SIMON! May your days be filled with nasty-ness!

  25. OH MY GOODNESS! I totally thought Captain Kirk when I saw you Simon. It seriously cracked me up when you mentioned it too. P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 생일축하합니다!!!

  26. Happy Birthday Simon! Stay nasty. Stay dothraki man warrior-y.

  27. Hope Jaejoong gets reviewed this week. The MV is so epic. Also Martina his name is pronounced JAY-JOONG. I replayed that part so many times and kept hearing Chaejung, but the then I realized you were saying jaejung. Anyhow interesting update, why’d so many good songs have to come out together?

  28. i do remember somewhere they mentioned that B.a.p wanted to experiment with their sound and show a new image or something every time they release a new song? But they have mentioned about it before :P just can’t find it now!

  29. I too miss the tougher BAP. Not that this is a bad song, but I like their first songs so much that I miss them.

    Happy b-day Simon!

    Hopefully, there won’t be an update for Jae Joong then.

  30. Happy Birthday, Simon!! Wish you all the best…. but why didn’t you say anything about CN Blue’s new song? ToT I always hope to see CN Blue on Music Monday =/

  31. OMG~ INFNITE & U-KISSSS !!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAH <3 I'm going crazy ;A;;;;;

  32. I’m so shocked. Out of those 3 songs I actually liked Boyfriend’s song the best. Actually liked it. And I never usually like Boyfriend! What is happening…

  33. The other Infinite members aren’t just at home resting – they’re all busy with their own schedules. It just seems like they’re not doing anything because they’re not on TV, but each member is busy with their own things.

    • Well, I think it’s usually considered that they are resting if they don’t release a song around here… but they are definitely not resting. And, considering the huge number of episodes of Immortal Songs 2 they’ve been on, we can say they released quite a lot of songs in 2012.

  34. Happy Birthday Simon!!!!

    If Boyfriend doesn’t get Reviewed…it won’t. I would like to see a tl;dr on how Korean schools are depicted in MV’s and Dramas and how it’s different from your experiences in schools :)

  35. it feels like S&M view bap as 1-dimensional artists who are only allowed to do rough tough songs, and thats sad. i bet if other groups did the song ‘rain sound’, they’d accept it more.. but since it’s bap (who to them are gangsta), they bcame a bit iffy with the song? idk, thats how i understand the situation. i may be wrong. and it would be a shame if the deep symbolisms in that MV will be overshadowed with their comments over “this is not their style”… while we could’ve focused on discussing the meaning of the song

    • Which one? Youngjae seems like he sincerely loves every featherweight pop cliche, but Daehyun also seems to have a very hammy (though more emotional) side.

    • If you´ve listened to their other songs in their albums before, B.A.P have released songs like this before.
      All Lies, Secret Love, What My Hearts Tells Me To Do, Voicemail are all the slower B.A.P songs.

      Rain Sound isn´t a “surprise” or different from B.A.P at all.

      • a title track is a representative of the group which is very different… for a title song it wasn’t done convincingly… I was clearly also talking about the video… and none of those songs have had concept videos. And Voicemail is clearly superior to rain sound.

        • The thing is, Rain Sound isn’t the title track. It’s just a pre-release, like Goodbye, except that this time the members are in the video instead of the Matoki, so it makes sense for the song to sound this way. And since this style is so common for B.A.P, it isn’t really a good indication of what the actual title song will sound like.

        • ahhh ok… I thought it was their title track

    • Maybe I dont see the changes as “extreme” because I also listened to the other songs in their previous albums and they have other songs that weren’t tough and in your face, but I understand this only counts for their title tracks or songs with MVs. All I’m saying is, I wish they would view the song/MV with focus on the actual song and the MV production rather than repeatedly pointing out what BAP’s image is supposed to be all the time (because to be honest, if i were BAP being told “this is not you” repeatedly, I’d feel quite trapped and unaccomplished despite all the efforts of trying to “develop” myself as an artist). Because eventually, all groups will grow and will not exactly back to their original image (unless they wanna reminiscent).

      • I completely get what you mean; even as a person, I’ve been told several times that I do not act like how a “man” acts or that I don’t talk like a “black” person would or that I don’t align myself with whatever image they have projected onto me. As an artist, I haven’t had much of that crap, but I know the pressure’s gonna turn up when I start throwing stuff out there. That being said, I think TS Entertainment is just tossing many different images at B.A.P to see which one will stick (we get aegyo B.A.P in Stop It and now we have emotional B.A.P in Rain Song). It feels like they’re only keeping an image for them as long as it sells, then they change it to something else. I, personally, like Stop It (I hated it at first, but I generally don’t like guys who act overly cute when it isn’t their aesthetic and cute is definitely not B.A.P’s aesthetic) and Rain Song (it instantly stole my heart) along; I don’t particularly miss the ultra tough guy image (especially when they were all blonde; I could not take them seriously). This is definitely a step in the right direction for these guys, though, and I hope to see more diverse material from these guys.

  36. Simon goes through the standard aging process? I don’t believe this… Oh, well. Happy birthday!

    Now, I’d like to talk about these videos too. I don’t like the Special Girl video very much. I mean, the song is okay and I might causally listen to it, but it just really isn’t amazing to me. Although, Primary is in the video! He’s the guy with the box on his head, and he is a Korean rapper.

    But the B.A.P video is suuuuuper goood. Sure, they might be different from when they first debut, but I don’t see anything wrong with that. What really matters is that the video is interesting to watch and the song really grabs you. Now that I think about it, the song and video remind me of “Caffeine”. You expect one thing to happen (B.A.P to be gangster and Yoseob to be cute), so when they do something different it’s mind blowing. Plus, I would rather B.A.P try something different and fail then to do the same thing again, and again.

    It also kind of helps that I’m a sucker for slow songs that have a good beat. :/

    For the BOYFRIEND video, I kept hoping that the babies from their season of Hello Baby would come on! :O

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