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Nominate Simon and Martina for a social media award in the Shorty Awards!Nominate Simon and Martina for a social media award in the Shorty Awards

Ok, shameless self-promoting aside, now for this week’s KpopCharts update. OH WAIT! No, first, a small apology. Sorry for not including Jaejoong’s video on this list. We’re trying to film videos in advance because it’s gonna be my birthday tomorrow (yay!) and we didn’t want to stay up late putting up these videos, you know? So we filmed this before the video came out. Like, right before it came out. D’oh! We’ll do a KpopCharts Update on it next week, if it doesn’t win this week, that is. Anyhow, back to the videos we actually talked about!

Infinite H “Special Girl” – Vote for it Here!


We’re not wrong here in saying that Infinite seems to be overworking as well, no? It’s not a complaint on our end, because we’re fans of their music, but it sure seems like they’re producing a lot of music and music videos. And we know how hellish it can be to shoot a music video after being on set with U-Kiss when they shot “Stop Girl”. It’s good, I think, that they’re dividing the group up so that some can do solo work (like the Snuggly One) and some can do duo-work (like Infinite H), so then other people can rest at that time? I don’t know.

Side note: what the eft does H stand for? Infinite Hoodlums? Infinite Hadouken? That’s my guess. Infinite Hadouken.

B.A.P. “Rain Sound” – Vote for it Here!


WHAT’S YOUR B?!?! Whatever happened to that kind of B.A.P.? Whatever happened to yelling and asskicking? I understand that getting shot is a bit gangsta, sure, but it’s passive gangstaness, not their usual proactive gangstanicity. I want to see B.A.P. shooting people rather than getting shot. Well, not really. I can’t imagine Kpop going that route.

Point is, this is another big change for B.A.P. in our eyes, and we’re not necessarily sure how we feel about it, because we only heard it a couple of times. It doesn’t jar us the way Stop It did, that’s for sure. What are your thoughts? Are you liking the route B.A.P.’s going, or do you want them to go back to what made them stand out with their debut?

Boyfriend “AH EE YAH!” – Vote for it Here!


Yes, we know that the romanized version is different. It’s supposed to be “I Yah,” but that’s not what it says in Korean! In Korean (and we know this, because we can read Korean – BOOM!) it says “아이야” which is literally

아 – Ah
이 – Ee
야 – Yah

Put it all together, you get AH EE YAH, or, what we imagine should be “HIYA!” like the sound karate people make when they karate chop things. Which would make sense in this video, because some dude has an asswhooping stick, which he probably yelled “HIYA!” to in Karate format when he whooped his students. Little did you know that this whole video was about that teacher’s abusive tendencies. It wasn’t about love or girls or any of that crap. It was about the teacher, man. THE TEACHERRRRRRRR!!!!!

  1. Ok, that’s it. Infinite H has to win for next week’s KMM. That song has infected me. “You-ooo, you-ooo”…and that dance on the roof top….nuff said

  2. That girl in the INFINITE H video has some skills. How does she get Hoya AND Dongwoo?! Like seriously, tell me your secret!

  3. H from Hip Hop Infinite Hip Hop, Dongwoo and hoya are the division in charge of Hip hop song

  4. Yeah, Infinite works hard, but B.A.P released a bazillion of songs last year (and one this year already). Have they even had a break after their debut?

  5. i get what you’re saying about the romanization for Boyfriend’s “아이야” but that’s only if you say each character like 아.이.야.
    you wouldn’t say 샤이니 as ‘Sha Ee Ni.’ It’s more like ‘Shy-ni’ due to the the ‘Ee’ latching on to that 1st syllable.

  6. I like B.A.P new song, it’s very smooth and melodic, with a nice balance between rap and other vocals, but I think the video could be more badass, like “I remeber” was…

  7. Hi! Happy Bday Simon!
    For Infinite H, I really the song! and I like the video but I just don’t get it.. sorry. I got lost since the part where the pink haired rapper appears (and I don’t like the clothes but well, it’s just me) any ideas? =)
    For BAP, no idea about them, the song is great, but I’d like to know what do you think about the gunshots without… guns jajaj
    And for AH EE YAH the only thing the I liked was Martina saying AH EE YAH!! jajaja

  8. That Infinite H video is like a clothing catalog exploded inside a music video. :)

  9. Happy birthday Simon!!

  10. I hadn’t listened to any of those songs. and I’m going to go buy them all now lol.

    Side note: The thing that Special Girl did that was lacking in all of 2012–Proper use of a gun! Right? Right? AMIRITE?

  11. Well, Happy birthday ^^.

    P.S. I support Infinite Hadouken,, they should go for it.

  12. Why does the guy from Infinite look so familiar? Was he in a drama recently?

  13. I know I’m late, but in my country it’s still the 19th! Sooooo: Happy Happy Bithday Simon!

  14. I think the H of Infinite H stands for Hip Hop because they are a sub unit that focus in hip hop, at least that’s what wikidrama says….

    Happy Birthday Simon!! hope you have a lot of fun in your day!!!

  15. The H in Infinite H stands for hip hop in other words Infinite’s hip hop sub group!

  16. Joyeux anniversaire Simon !!! It’s my birthday today too :D

  17. Infinite H “Special Girl” is a catchy song with an interesting video.

    B.A.P. “Rain Sound” not amongst my favorites “What are your thoughts? Are you liking the route B.A.P.’s going, or do you want them to go back to what made them stand out with their debut?” I like better the way they debuted… of course they can’t be all the time bombast and fierce…they need some mellower tunes (though this one didn’t attract me much).. but I don’t like aegyo B.A.P…. the image just doesn’t suit them…

    Boyfriend “AH EE YAH!” – I think this is the first Boyfriend song that I actually like


  18. someone has to make sure, this song get reviewed!

  19. Happy birthday Simon! Have a nasty nasty birthday! With lots of cake. Loooooots of cake. >.<

  20. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SIMON! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

  21. . . .

    I really wish you could just review them all… :P

    but it looks like Kim Jae Joong is going to win this one

  22. Happy Birthday Simon ^_^ ~

  23. I’m not upset about not including “Mine” because it most probably is going to win today and you’ll talk about it anyway.
    I’m a little bit sad because so many videos with great review potential came out almost at once. Ooh Simon and Martina, you made me change my attitude from “Mondays suck” to “too bad there’s only one Monday per week”.
    And I already mentioned it in I Yah comment section but I’ll say it again – I was hoping for you to mention the infobox for this video. It’s gold, I’m telling you, GOLD! Whoever wrote it, I want to thank them.

    Happy Birthday, Simon!!!

  24. Ha! When I first starting watching this I wondered if Simon knew that shirt made him look like a Star Trek character. I’m satisfied to know he does.

  25. Why no CNBLUE?
    Happy Birthday, Simon~! Only you can say ‘You’re so nasty’ in that special way~ Be healthy ^^

  26. Happy Birthday ^^ I hope you’ll get to say your acceptance speech for Shorty Awards

  27. I’m actually very upset that Jaejoongs MV came out and that Boyfriend is the newest rookie group on the list because I Yah is so so good(and this is coming from someone who isn’t a Boyfriend Fan in the least: 20 year old female + group of 16 year olds = Official Pedonoona Status TT.TT)
    And to Simon:
    Sto lat, sto lat, niech zyje zyje nam!
    Sto lat, sto lat, niech zyje zyje nam!
    Jeszcze raz, jescze raz, niech zyje zyje nam!
    NIech zyje nam! ^^ (thank you Google lol)

  28. Simon = 29 for the 2nd time? YAY!!! Maybe Meemers will sleep on *your* head tonight, OLD MAN!

  29. Happy Birthday Simon!
    About the songs, I will go in order.
    INFINITE H’s Special Girl: I don’t really like mainly rapping songs (with the exception of TOP and GD), this song was actually really good. I don’t know Korean, but it felt like the video corresponded with the lyrics. I really like it. I liked how Hoya’s hair was parted one way at 0:35, then it changes. Is it because of a mirror?
    BAP’s Rain Sound: Ahead of time, I read that there are key points to look at in this video, like the hair, costumes, rain, and emotions. The acting was good, and I am happy that BAP is rapping more because it suits them. I especially like Zelo’s first rap when he has a different tone of voice, then he goes to his normal tone. I am happy that Himchan sang more/rapped more (It sounds like rapping but not sure) The creepy body parts that burned up was different and the green rain. The they got shot. Very artistic!
    Boyfriend’s I Yah: I like the concept that Boyfriend is setting on. The first song didn’t really do it for me, Boyfriend’s song Boyfriend. Then Love Style was a little bit better. The Janus came out, now I Yah. It shows more of a powerful side which I like personally. Yeah, aegyo is nice but too much of it isn’t. The dance moves are cool too!
    Jaejoong/Hero’s Mine: The random animals and the random running scene didn’t make too much sense, but the demon/monster and the winged vampire was pretty cool. I like the ballad and rock theme. I feel like JYJ will be doing more solo work and that Junsu, Mickey, and Jaejoong will come out with more songs!

  30. ahahahaha! I was actually thinking your shirt reminded me of Capt. Kirk, I had a good laugh when you mentioned it at the end.
    btw … HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

  31. The camera work/editing in I Yah might be something similar to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pKEEIozYNs ?

    Where their final product looked like this http://bit.ly/MGMOneShot xD

  32. I liked all the videos this week! I Yah’s realllly catchy, Special Girl’s an easy listen with a fantastic vibe, and B.A.P, gahhhh. Rain Sound actually reminds me of one of my favourite songs by them, Secret Love, off the Warrior mini-album. I’m thinking it’s judging only by the title tracks that’s got this song seeming so wacky to you guys, haha – Crash and Stop It were different, definitely, but to me Rain Sound’s kind of… back to normal? And it’s brilliant. ^^ I actually really love that B.A.P are switching things up so much. It might be a company tactic, but to me at least it’s showing off just how talented these guys are.

  33. Infinite only released one mini-album last year (in May), and then they split up to do individual activities (Hoya acted in Reply 1997, L acted in What is Mom and Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Sunggyu with is solo album, which was released in November, and now Infinite-H, which stands for Infinite Hip-Hop by the way). So, they really aren’t being overworked in my opinion… They are just all over, so it seems like they are, you know?

    • But then why do they only get a couple hours of sleep a night? Between their songs, practice, interviews, and photoshoots, they’re always busy! That seems pretty overworked to me.

      • All idols only get a couple hours of sleep though… I follow BtoB on twitter, and they will tweet at four in the morning, and then again at eight or nine in the morning, even though they aren’t really “doing anything” (I am sure they are, but to us, we’re not really seeing it yet).

        • Haha, you’re not helping your case. I feel like most idols should get more sleep and rest so they don’t burn out before they’re 25. Yes, doing interviews and stuff like that is important, but health is important too!

        • they are the ones who wanted to do it, so it was their choice in the first place on how to live their lives. you can support them or not, but that’s the way that all groups are. just saying.

  34. ooooo ~ Happy Birthday you Nasty Man ~ ♫♪ ♥ ☮

  35. I’m very torn about Rain Sound. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it. I’m rather neutral about the song. The MV however I don’t like at all! The boys did a good job acting and it was very angsty, but the overall style just didn’t sit well with me. It seemed too… generic? That’s not the right word but I, personally, could picture many other boy groups in the music video just fine. B.A.P don’t have to be angry warriors all the time, but I want to feel like they are having a say in what their doing and I haven’t really felt that lately. I’m worried, with their rising popularity, TS is going to force approachable, popular concepts onto the boys that just don’t fit :/ I guess we’ll just have to wait until their official comeback in February to see!

  36. i love warrior but i don’t want them to stick to that style only. i don’t want them to be a one trick pony. i will say that rain sound is good song but not my fav song from them.

    btw, happy bday simon^^

  37. I hope you have the nastiest bday ever simon! btw what is your fav desert on your birthday?

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