CNBLUE “I’m Sorry” – Vote for it Here!


Ok, so let’s start this blogpost by saying that I might have been a bit odd on camera today. Martina’s gone to Canada for a week, and we pretty much are with each other, all day every day, work, play, and sleep. To go this long without her now (36 hours) is making me say weird things, probably things I shouldn’t say. Like, for me, frankly, I’ve always compared FT Island and CNBLUE. I think it’s natural to do so, seeing as they’re two instrumental rock bands, just about the only two big ones, in all of Kpop. So why hasn’t CNBLUE ever been voted in? We never got the chance to talk about them before! They deserve a ridiculous review just as much as every other Kpop band out there does! People tell us to give rookies a chance, but CNBLUE aren’t rookies. Where’s there chance? Come on, Bluenicorns! And don’t fight the name, either. It’s either that or Bluegawhales, and the first one sounds better. Don’t make me think of other cheesy blue name jokes, because they’re only gonna get worse from here. Vote for CNBLUE! They deserve it!

2YOON “24/7″ – Vote for it Here!


See, if Martina was here, she’d probably make me cut out the Hyuna line (if you don’t get the reference, by the way, check out our 4Minute “Volume Up” review). 2YOON has a totally different image than their slack-jawed 4Minute image. This is fun, quirky, spunky, playful. And their mouths are closed! It’s amazing! Anyhow, I know I might have said that this song and video are bizarre, but I didn’t mean that in a bad way. It’s just different, very different, and I’m trying to get used to it. It’s not abrasive and jarring, the way other songs might be different and jarring. It’s just…different. Unless it’s not that different: have you heard banjos in other Kpop songs before? This is a first for me…

Vixx “On and On” – Vote for it Here!


This is a special video, isn’t it? It’s a Wonderful Treasure Find, that’s for sure. It’s not in the least bit uninteresting, from the use of foreigners in the video (yay for foreigners!) to the whole space capsule thingy going into space, to them dancing on another planet, to their eyes glowing: this video has so much to pick apart. It’s almost like Jaejoong’s “Mine,” without the symbolism. And without the darkness. And with a lot more than just one person. And also not rock-y. Also not gothic. But it’s alike in that there’s so much to talk about! Yeah! I’m sure you were thinking the same thing!

Also, let me know what VIXX’s fan group name is, and just how much less cool it is than “Vixen” – which both makes sense and is clever. It better not be something like “Undying Eternal Family” or something like that…

  1. Alessandra Zárate Solórzano

    CNBLUE deserve a review T.T

  2. I liken KPop to a Cultural Cuisinart where you toss in any number of elements from a genre, then add in the Korean bright flash of color, precision dance, and dramatic music production to get something that’s familiar but deliciously off kilter. For this reason, I’m not bothered with the outrageous “borrowing” from Hannah Montana, the whoa whoas, and the “can you feel it”.. But let us be clear, “Hank (Williams) dIdn’t do it this away”. That’s a line from a real country song by Waylon Jennings.

    That said, this is a very refreshing turn for KPop. Instead of the tired, tarted up blatant sex, we get a terminally cute but strangely, sexy and fun video. Cube tossed in their new comedian/MC acquisition Kim Ki Ri with the chain connecting him nose to his ear and a really over the top Jung Hyung Don on a mechanical bull in sheep’s clothing to crank up the weirdness.. Play this for a drunk redneck and he is likely to have an out of body experience.

    Jiyoon really shines with this new approach. Her energy just pops off the screen and she really dominates every scene.Her powerful vocals drive the song. Gayoon lost 8kg of weight in the choreography rehearsals and she looks tired and emaciated. Craft services needed to feed her Red Bull Milkshakes. I have always felt that her delicate voice and emotive power were lost in these dance videos. I haven’t been able to hear the rest of the songs in this Mini LP, but they really need to give her a ballad. Ballads are gaining in popularity in KPop, so it would be a good move.

    The song itself is an earworm. Listen to it a few times and it sticks. Here is hoping that 24/7 takes off and takes KPop with it to a better place.

  3. Am I the only one that gets a message that Vixx’s video is private from Youtube?!?

  4. VIXEN! Hahahahahahahahahaha x,D

    I don’t know if it means the same in Polish or English, but Vixen (actually “wichsen” in German, but it has a similar pronounciation) means when a guy does…nasty things…all by himself…. if you know what I mean. *wiggles eyebrows*
    Ohhhh you just made my day, Simon.

  5. Maybe their mouths always go slack whenever they’re around Hyuna — OOOOOOOOOOHHH!!!

  6. for vixx all I heard was “i need therapy lalalalala therapy”

  7. Wait… Why is there Phantom of the Opera happening in the Vixx video?

  8. PunkyPrincess92

    i love CN BLue!!!!!!!!! i would love it if you got the chance to review them!!!
    and yeah i totally agree about those useless YT comments that repeat the same thing over and over!!!
    i don’t get them!!! why would people waste their time doing that??

  9. Simon seems so pitiful right now :( cyber hugs *totally platonic*

  10. I thought Vixen would have been the perfect fangroup name too! I think they went with Starlights or something to that effect…

  11. I’m not as confused by the sound of 2YOON’s 24/7 as I would be before seeing Adam Lambert’s performance of Trespassing at the MNET Asian Music Award’s.

  12. I’ve been re-watching your food-related videos recently and was wondering if you guys have tried yukhoe or other Korean dishes made with raw meat? (somewhat morbid interest, I’m a near-Vegan and have been noting things like the cow blood soup* and very meat-inclusive cuisine there).

    *btw, my Polish grandpa always had a jar of duck blood soup in the fridge when I was growing up, although I don’t recall ever eating it myself

  13. umm so is the pink-mohawk rapper guy wearing suju’s outfits from Sexy, Free, and Single? cuz I swear he is XD

    And no FTISLAND is not better than CNBLUE !!!! So BOICES !!! Vote for CNBLUE nowwwww <3

  15. cglyn

    Simon, you remind me of Marshall from “How I Met Your Mother”, with your missing Martina and talking about her all the time :D Your relationship’s kinda like Marshall and Lily <3 hihi (^-^ )

  16. This kpop charts update was really entertaining xD Was it just me or were your blurbs longer then usual? Probably all that extra bemoaning about missing Martina. I never knew someone could make that many references to missing a certain person as well as you can Simon!

  17. if you count all the times he talks about martina, there is ALOT!!!!

  18. Starsania

    I’m totally voting for CNBlue for as long as possible. Love love the rockability of the song. I so want a review on VIXX’s music video too because it is so confusing. The problem is I love all the songs in the top 5-6 right now. ;_; Why did they release all their videos all at once! Why? Thank heavens U-Kiss or Mblaq wasn’t thrown into that mix as well. I’d have a major crisis to deal with then! Anyway here’s to voting for all of them and being happy with whoever wins.

  19. CNBLUE SHALL BE REVIEWED SOMEDAY!!! I honestly wish they would’ve released this song at a different time because maybe that way it could have been reviewed…oh well, I have faith that CNBLUE will get a review someday, I mean I’ve loved pretty much every song they’ve released.

  20. oh Simon I’ve been trying to write a message about how you’re not alone and Martina’s probably thinking of you too, but that “Not Alone” phrase got me distracted since it reminded me of Park Jung Min’s solo song “Not Alone” which I love, so I had to go and watch it about five times, and now I’m back. jajaja.
    Simon be a brave dothraki man and hold down the fort while Martina’s away! Hwaiting!!

  21. umm…24/7 reminds me of Hanna Montana?

  22. This is by far my favorite Kpop Chart Update. Sad Simon is so lovable.

  23. I guess if Simon reviews CNBlue, it will be UNFORGETTABLE REVIEW EVER.
    YoungHwa <3
    Noo, actually…. EATYOURKIMCHI <3

  24. lol.. Simon, you must really really miss Martina. you mentioned her at least once in every video. so cute.

  25. Simon still talks in “us”s and “we”s. So cute <3

  26. “Bluenicorns” it is! cool choice of name also the song is the only CNBLUE song I like ! (but who break’s up over the phone? she’s got some nerve!)

    2Yoon – “24/7″ I’m dizzy after hearing that song… you begin to like it but then you don’t… and is it just me or I heard some B.A.P lyrics in there? (“get down” and “boom clap”)… gosh I miss their stomping style = . =

    Vixx – “On and On”- it’s a great song! their video is already in my favorites. Vixen is an awesome name Simon!

    You’re not alone Simon… I miss her too!! > . < (;_;)


  27. NO for fanwars !!! ftisland and cnblue and fans are all awesome ! FNC FAMILY <3 <3 <3 … but i wish some pris would not be bitter for cnblue success and same goes to boice …PEACE !

  28. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LEAVE CNBLUE ALONE !!! i dont wanna watch simon and martina make a ridiculous video about cnblue …NO!! JUST NO …NO OK ?! NO NO NO x 10000000 ….i like them the way they are …back off simon and martina …i dont want you to open my eyes to comments you might say …cnblue is my ultimate bias ..take all the rest of kpop but leave cnblue ok?! …(oh i forgot >) please :p

  29. Actually, Simon I did talk to VIXX, when they came to Baltimore mwahahaha

  30. “I’m Sorry” is definitely my favorite out of those 3 songs. I hope one day you’ll get a chance to review CN BLUE. BTW, “Boice” somehow sounds like a mispronounciation to me so yay for Bluenicorns XD

    It’s the first time I watched VIXX’s video and I liked it! Especially the dance. And besides the fact that they sent the guys into space, it was very kind of those white girls that they packed them some clothes for change. Too bad VIXX can’t dress appropriately for the weather.

    And yes, 24/7 sounds unlike anything I’ve heard in Kpop before, the video is bizarre and that’s why I enjoyed it. Speaking of country- once when I watched TV they played a country song where they sing about rolling down the windows :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PvebsWcpto

  31. CNBlue was the first “KPop” group that I had ever heard. And Yong-hwa was my first Korean crush. I quickly had to come to terms with the fact that it was completely inappropriate for a 30 year old wife and mother to plaster CNBlue posters all over the walls of the bedroom she shares with her husband, so I have just had to quietly enjoy them online. They are my Korean first love and I am so excited about their new music!

  32. now that B.A.P won, to the CN BLUE video!

  33. CN BLUE <3 CN BLUE <3 CN BLUE <3 CN BLUE <3 CN BLUE <3. LOL sorry, couldn't help my self.

  34. irritablevowel

    In the 24/7 video I love the expression on the face of the banjo player at around the 2:00 minute mark. It’s the look of a man who knows this is probably the most unusual gig of his life.

  35. kawaii_candie

    simon, you look so sad, i just wanna pet you on the top of the head like a lil puppy… i hope you can endure this week!!

  36. I’ve noticed a few odd things in VIXX’s Music Video On and On, like when they enter the space capsule they have shirts on but when they are send in space they are shirtless but then they get their shirts back when they arrive on the moon. Second weird thing that I noticed is that they are send on the moon but when they are dancing on the mood then you can see in background an other moon, when we sould see earth!!! (Our maybe they are on an imaginary planet with 2 moons but then we should also see an other planet, the one they came from)

    But don’t get it wrong I really like VIXX’s song and the begin of The Phantom Of the Opera is really awesome !!! and I love their choreographie!!

  37. LOL. if bap gets reviewed, Martina won’t be able to rant about the turtle necks :D

  38. Don’t forget Led Apple! They’re a rock band too :)

  39. to a german person the name vixx sounds just sooooo wrong >___<
    I can't help myself but laugh every time I hear it because it sounds like a very dirty german word for fapping *dies*

  40. NOO!, i cant disappoint Jong Hyun, maybe. . . in the next 4 hours. . . must vote nonstop next week, hopefully nobody big, like Big bang release a video in the coming week so I can have my CNBLUE KMM!
    Bluenicorns, fighting

  41. This KPOPCHARTS UPDATE looks painfully funny?! It’s funny BUT it is painful to watch at the same time. Maybe because Simon’s comments on Martina’s absence does sound scripted but I felt his emptiness without her..aww..Well it’s because they are always together and I’m just not used to seeing only one of them on cam knowing that the other is really not around. Anyway, I bet it’ll pass by quickly specially the work you guys have. 화이팅 Simon!

  42. Loved you update Simon! Made me lol many times through.

  43. Aww poor Simon, he looks like he’s almost crying throughout the whole playlist :) I had had the feels that they were a really tight couple long long ago in the older videos, but it wasn’t until their interview with Silk Road that I actually think I got just how tight they were :D I guess if they ever retire from Eat Your Kimchi, they could conquer the world with marriage counseling! (or at least America) ;)

  44. By the way, I can’t believe you didn’t include MFBTY’s new song!!! D:

  45. Nope, the perfect fandom name for VIXX fans is Vixxers, because that sounds exactly like the german word for wankers and is the reason why I absolutely can’t take this group seriously… It’s just so wrong to say “I’m a fan of VIXX” when you’re from germany xD

    • FINALLY someone who came up with this x,D
      I would never ever say “I’m a VIXXen” in German x,D
      (Ich VIXXe grad xDDD <- if you understand what I mean.)

  46. Simon, what’s up with your teeth?

  47. Totally support the Hyuna line…

  48. xD I liked all the songs on this update. Oh Simon, you without Martina is like a tiger without his stripes, but this was adorable. xD

    CNBlue’s “I’m Sorry” was an epicly awesome song. I liked it from the moment I heard it. It’s just so catchy and awesome and makes you wanna headbob when ya hear it. I also like how they played live for majorty of their performances on music shows. And plus, plus, plus I love the song “La La La.” The lyrics just make me go “awww” and it’s just so beautiful sounding. T_T It sucks that you guys haven’t reviewed CNBlue yet.

    VIXX’s video was plain strange, from the Phanton of the Opera opening to the space travel, to the black nail polish, to the sudden reappearing of the girl in the last few seconds, with a random tree on a planet (why yes, yes I did think of tree of life on EXO Planet…<..> I mean, what?). I love the song despite that because it’s just so AWESOME. //feels like she’ll use the work awesome a lot in this post. The chorus is just so cool and I like the choreography. Especially the “I need therapy, lalalala therapy” part. That hip shaking made me crack up so much. I’m actually embarrassed as to admit how long it took me to figure out that that robot symbol thingy mabobber that pops every now and then in the video actually says VIXX on it. o -o They’re rocking the contacts though. Those looked awesomely creepy. I also love the performances of this song.

    2YOON’s “24/7″ /was/ very different. Them banjos. Like others have said, I so thought of BAP right away when I heard the “get down” and “boom boom clap” parts. Also a little bit of Hannah Montana. Cute chickens and pig in the video. x3 Although at :48 seconds, I’m wondering as to why she’s sweeping a dirt floor….

    1:21: “Welcome rodeo riders! Riders will be hugged. Final winger will be hugged again!” . . . I wanna be a “winger.” o 3o //giggles. That mechanical bull. xD Although it looks slightly like a ram. o -o That little kid on the very far left at 3:05 is just precious.

    Huzzah for long posts. o 3o

  49. I have a strong desire to take out a red pen and write “underline G: Grammar”in the CN Blue blurb.

    “Where’s their chance?” indeed…

  50. I started to cry a little when I saw you included VIXX on your update. Our fan name is Starlight, and i think that’s a lot cooler than “vixen” since it’s so subjective toward women, and I actually would have found that fan name to be quite offensive (ugghh inner feminist is getting snappy).

  51. Y’all need to watch a live performance of On and On. Seriously the dance is slightly altered and it’s just that much cooler.

    And I LOVE the song, idk how y’all aren’t feelin it cause it’s FREAKIN AMAZING imo.

  52. THANK YOU, SIMON!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Boyfriend and B.A.P who are currently ahead of CN Blue (who is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE Kpop bands!) on the Kpop charts, but I’ve been voting for CN Blue for like TWO WEEKS because you guys have never reviewed them!!! You’ve reviewed B.A.P and Boyfriend before, so I want you guys to review them! Please, people???

  53. All the videos from this playlist would be awesome to get reviewed!

  54. deshi

    bring one of the scared interns into KMM, we would love to know them too.

  55. I know this was probably covered in a comment somewhere, but I don’t have time to find it. Why didn’t Simon go with Martina to Canada? They usually go together. I can imagine she misses him as much as he misses her. Was it a legal thing to do with being a company and having a studio? Or is it that they need the revenue? If it was the latter, I am pretty sure they could have compiled a greatest hits video with the subtitle, “please help us keep eating” and we would have watched. Repeatedly.

  56. does anyone else wanna see martina’s reaction when she watches this? I think it would be hilarious

  57. Ok in the Vixx video did anyone notice while they were in the pods the one member with the white hair (sorry I don’t know their names! Don’t killz me >.<) had that random arm pop up… am I crazy cause it didn't look like it was a part of his body… maybe I just need to re-watch it…..

    Good job Simon!
    Sowwy you're so lonely….
    Hope us Nasties are keeping you company… (^.^)

    • I THOUGHT THE SAME THING!!! He is leaning w/ his one arm up and the angle just doesn’t make sense for the other arm! lol

      • Unless he has a hidden arm on his stomach it made no sense! And I mean it wasn’t like each member had like a weird alien thing going on like that they just all had colored eyes, makeup, and spiky hair. I’m glad I’m not crazy

  58. VIXX’s fanclub is called Starlight (with the A being a star which I don’t have the capability to type).

  59. Hahaha the fan club is called Boice (combination of “Blue” and “Voice”) but TBH (although I am quite a big Boice myself), “Bluenicorn” as a name is way more awesome.

  60. i think that this new song is awesome, and i would like to know your opinion, especially since yonghwa wrote, hope they win . o/
    cnblue <3 I couldn't resist
    sorry for my english DD:

  61. LOL. About VIXX; Simon I thought I was seeing IRON SKY: THE KPOP EDITION. Like kpop boybands saving us from the Nazis in Space.

  62. GREEEAAAATT! I like all the songs. *Sigh* Downloading time =_=

  63. I miss martina already!!!!!!

  64. Ok, first, I guess FTIsland probably is bigger than CNBLUE because they’ve been around longer or maybe they just come out with songs when there isn’t a lot of competition on the charts? As for who is better than who, that comes down to what style of rock you prefer, seeing that they actually have quite different styles of music. Personally I would say that FTISLAND IS THE BEST BAND THAT KOREA, NO THE WORLD, HAS EVER BEEN FORTUNATE ENOUGH TO HAVE. Yeah, i’m a li~~ttle bit biased :P

    Anyway, onto I’m Sorry. I love this song so much^^^ Like so much!!! Yonghwa should write their title songs every time. The video is really cool too I like how the feel of the music matches the look of the mv – does that make sense? Although after watching it a few times I started to find the mv very hilarious because I realised that they probably couldn’t understand what those people were saying. Like when Jungshin is just sitting on the bus with some girl yelling at him in English, he’s probably was thinking “why the heck is this girl yelling at me I don’t even know what she’s saying.” hehe, well I found it funny.

    24/7 was cute and funny but the song is….ah not my thing.

    On and On is indeed very special. Very Special. What confused me the most is that in their, ah, flying space capsules they weren’t wearing a shirt or I thought any clothes BUT THEN when they crashed on the planet they were fully clothed in matching outfits. I mean, where did those outfits come from, WHERE??? They song is alright I guess, not exactly my cup of tea but not bad. Also the zombie dance freaked the already-super-confused-me out.

    I hope B.A.P wins though. The mv is extremely pretty and interesting and the song is even prettier – I’m in absolute LOVE with that song. And SIMON awwwww, Martina will be back soon!!!!!! <3 <3

    • How do you measure which one is bigger, you mean in terms of fanclub size? In Korea DC FT Island has more fans in their daum cafe than CNBLUE which is not surprising since FT Island debuted in 2007 while CNBLUE in 2010. But in terms of sales figures (physical and digital), CF offers etc, CNBLUE is doing so much better than FT Island.

      • ah all that stuff doesn’t really matter because the majority, well nearly all, of the fans that vote on the EYK charts are international fans anyway. ALthough I have seen some Korean nasties here before. So I assume that either FTISLAND have more international fans or they don’t have a lot of competition when they release songs – although I can’t remember which other groups had comebacks when they did so I don’t know.

  65. Leessang’s Tears…. I want Tears to be reviewed for Kpop music monday T.T

  66. Even though I voted for B.A.P, I really enjoyed CNBLUE’s new song. I’m a huge fan of their music so I really hope that in the future they’ll win first place.

  67. You better be scared of the country fans! Although, not those new country fans… Those guys are pansies… Real country fans listen to people who were alcoholics and and sang about missing their darlings! :D
    (Minus the alcoholic part, that singing about missing their darling sounds familiar…)
    Plus, have I seen the VIXX “On and On” video? Psh. I’ve been listening to it several times a day since it came out.
    I think I might need help.

  68. unicornsgalaxy

    CN Blue is actually what got me into Kpop. Unfortunately, I played their songs so much that I kinda got sick of them and now more often than not, I skip them when they come up on my mp3 player. I’m Sorry is starting to remind me of why I liked them so much.

    For VIXX On and On, I was so excited when I saw the teaser and the sample of Phantom of the Opera (I freakin LOVE Phantom of the Opera!!!). When I first watched the video and listened to the full song, I wasn’t exactly disappointed but I didn’t love it at first. After listening to it a few times, I have really started to like it. Plus the Zombie dance is awesome and I am both drawn to and majorly creeped out by their eyes.

    2Yoon 24/7 was a bit odd. I honestly can’t figure out if I like it or not. I guess that’s good? I mean I didn’t hate it. It’s cute and catchy and I like their voices.

    On another note *runs and gives Simon and BIG hug and say’s it’s going to be all right! Martina will be back soon! Just hang in there*. You look so sad and lonely Simon *hugs Simon again*. Give Martina our love too *hugs Martina too*.

  69. Okay, as I was watching the 2YOON video I had a brief horrifying flashback to being forced to watch the Hannah Montana video 37 times in a row. Thank goodness my kids are now old enough to know better now. Granted I was the one that bought the video sweet niblets (DOH)
    Now, back to sanity. As for the CN Blue song awesome song, Please vote for it I want to see it for KMM…Please please please vote!

  70. omg finally a kpop chart update where i actually like all the songs for once! ;V; LOVE CNBlue’s I’m sorry. when i first listened to it, right before they even sang i knew i’d like the song <3 and VIXX! loooooooooooooove vixx even more! ;v; okay the video was kind of ….meh in my opinion but the song and dance were fantastic! I'm a bit sad you didn't get to review their last comeback, Rock Ur Body…but i still like this too ;u; and 2yoon's 24/7 is pretty fun and catchy even though i'm pretty sure they got the song's tune inspired from miley cyrus' ho-down throw-down song

  71. On and On is what really got me interested in VIXX XD Their fan club is called Starlight with an actual star where the a is

  72. Isabel Ruby

    I went to a concert that was CNBlue followed by FT Island and I have to say: CNBlue rocked so flippin’ hard and was WAY better than FT Island. well, okay, maybe not way better, but they were ever so slightly awesome-er.

  73. I think you guys never did CN Blue because you started Music Mondays after their debut and nothing had as much hype as I’m a Loner. It would be nice not to have ANOTHER rice video done… like its been like 4 or 5 already! Even VIXX I wouldn’t mind. if he were to review 2YOON he’d need a cowboy hat… HEY you could start a hat collection!

  74. BTOB members in 2YOON’s video!!!

  75. OMG Kountry Kpop….with a side of aegyo. Never dreamed my eyes and ears would behold such a thing. On another (and better) note. I love the CN Blue song a lot. Vixx’s song probably loses a lot in translation for me….as in there is none so I have no idea what is going on there, and (again for me) it’s an okay song. CN Blue’s song needs no translation. The video tells me what I need to know and the music/beat of the song dominates. Since, as a non-Korean speaking fan, I need to rely on the videos to give me some idea of what the song may be about, that video helped a lot in becoming emotionally involved in the music too. Not knowing what it’s about isn’t a deal breaker…ever…for me. It’s just a nice plus and, again. one of the reasons I became fascinated with Kpop is the visual feast of its videos. Anyway, all I’m saying is that you can really ‘feel’ the music of this song, so it can stand on it’s own…for me and my tastes anyway.

    A side note: I bet there wouldn’t be much disagreement if you took a vote or estimated that out of every 10 songs, I don’t care what genre, 8 or 9 of them are going to be about love. And 6 or 7 of those 8 are going to be about heartbreak. It’s really the universal theme that transcends language.

  76. I have said hi to VIXX before Simon! Ha! Whatchu gonna do?

  77. did anyone else feel that in the 2Yoon song there was a wierd amount of B.A.P lyrics… get down, get down, get get get down… boom clap boom boom clap… no… just me…

  78. I like you on camera Simon!!! Can’t wait for music monday!!! :)

  79. Haha Oh poor Simon! You did really well. And it doesn’t seem like you have green stink smells coming off you yet so that’s good.
    I think that on and on song would make an awesome music Monday! So want to see Simon re-enact that weird pod scene of confusion and the zombie-diva dance move!
    Totally loved that 24/7 song too! Weird ass video but such a catchy song. Kind of reminded me of that song in the Hannah Montana movie. Just the boom boom clap bit.

  80. I want to see you review On and On and have a field day with the English ^^

  81. Subliminal messaging! Yes its all about the Ranch sauce! hahaha

  82. I’m sure everyone knows that CNBlue’s fans are officially called Boices right?

  83. Simon, pretty sure their fanname is STARLIGHT or something lame like that. (STAR LIGHT, STAR BRIGHT!)
    VIXXen is what I had in mind too, such a waste.

    Awesome song and dance tho.

  84. thisisjustforfunval

    CN BLUE! I really love this song. I’ve had a hard time getting into CN Blue for some reason but after I’m Sorry it was like a light bulb finally clicked on and I’m hearing how wonderful they are. I’m turning into a bluenicorn! They truly deserve a review! After Ay Yay! I’m Sorry is my second choice for a review, but since CN Blue’s never been reviewed they deserve it more.

    Now I see B.A.P. is #1 and I’m a loving B.A.P. fan, and really like Rain Sound but uhm not so much the video. *Runs, ducks and hides.

  85. Yes Simon, I am TERRIBLY F.T. Island biased. Oooh, I’m so BIASED! total Primadonna, OVER HUURR! Seriously, I heard of F.T. Island before i watched You’re Beautiful, but that drama really solidified my love for Lee Hong Ki. His voice is SO angelic. I like CNBLUE, they sound good, but I don’t listen to them enough to call myself a Bluenicorn. Sorry man, p.s. I’m voting for B.A.P Ooh, the turtleneck! What shall you have to say about it? :D

  86. simon!♥simon!♥simon!♥simon!♥simon!♥simon!♥simon!♥simon!♥simon!♥simon!♥simon!♥simon!♥simon!♥simon!♥simon!♥simon!♥simon!♥

    trolololol i’m not even sorry!

  87. On and On made me a fan of VIXX. Like I really need another group to obsess over… >_<

    • You’re not alone!! So many groups!!! I haven’t even memorized the members of Tritop or Kara or Orange Caramel and I haven’t even begun to think about memorizing the names of BAP or EXO >_< And on top of that, I'm sure there are many other groups I need/want to memorize *le sigh*

      • I’ve found that it’s been a while since I’ve obsessed over kpop groups, I like them a lot but I haven’t had the energy to exert myself over getting their names right anymore, I’ll learn them as they work more and more in the entertainment business. I haven’t worked on memorizing names since SHINee… heh. I think they’re the youngest band I know the names of every member (and I remember that it’s all thanks to Onew, because I luff him and want to pinch his cheeks and squeeze him a la elmyra/elvira from loony toons… lol )…

      • not even orange caramel??? there are only three members in it….

        • I know all the names and I can tell them apart when they’re together, but if you were to put Lizzy in a random group of people, I wouldn’t even know she was there >_<

  88. OMG! Simon mentioning Martina so many times …. I don’t know how it feels to miss someone.

    • You and the world become a hollow shell. You can still function, but your mind and heart are with the person you miss, so all you have is the vaguest notion of what is around you. All the while thinking how much better it would be if you could share it with them.

  89. Haha, well done Simon. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for Music Monday – I predict a great video with an extra side of Nasty.

    I can’t believe CNBlue isn’t higher either – the Bluenicorns must be slacking!

    I don’t see it happening given the current chart standings, but I would LOVE to see a KMM on Vixx’s On&On. That video is ripe for the picking. Great dancing, pretty costumes, and a hilarious “plot”.

    • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LEAVE CNBLUE ALONE !!! i dont wanna watch simon and martina make a ridiculous video about cnblue …NO!! JUST NO …NO OK ?! NO NO NO x 10000000 ….i like them the way they are …back off simon and martina …i dont want you to open my eyes to comments you might say …cnblue is my ultimate bias ..take all the rest of kpop but leave cnblue ok?! …(oh i forgot >) please :p

      anyhway cnblue will not win …cuz its boicely known that the cnblue fandom a.k.a BOICE ( combination of BLUE + VOICE_> …we show our presence by buying cnblue cds lol

      and i would like to see simon and martina rip apart the other mv its so much fun ….

      P.S. i love all the songs mvs and the other groups in the KMM charts (^_~)V
      and LEE JONGHYUN looks so HOT being grumpy for not being 1st place on KMM :D

  90. Brittainy


    What do I need to do to be called a Bluenicorn.

  91. Anyone else having issues with the playlist for On and On? It keeps getting cut off at 38 seconds….

    EDIT: Nevermind~ It fixed itself!

  92. I’m not gonna lie…your comments on missing Martina has made me very sad for you T^T I feel the same when my husbands gone… XD

  93. Nooooo, we’re STARLIGHTS. >/ Vixxen would’ve been a horrible fanclub name with it’s actual definition. Plus, what about any of the fanboys? I don’t think they’d want to be called vixxens. Please don’t do this to us, S&M. ;;

    • Hey AS fanclub is Playgirlz so… yeah.

      I’m a dude and I think VIXXen sounds 100x better than STARLIGHT. Starlight reminds me of a horrible cheesy eighties song.

      • VIXXens makes zero sense, in fact… the only link to having it as the fandom name is that the band’s name is in it. It’s such an uncreative fandom label that I would’ve been happy with anything else besides it. VIXX came up with STARLIGHT for us, it has a meaning behind it. Have you even looked up the definition for vixxen? I’m pretty sure the group was smart enough to look and noticed the meaning was the exact opposite of what they wanted.

        I wanted a fandom name that VIXX was proud to call us and I got it. I’m 100% happy and have only come across one unhappy person… you. Also, I don’t think Simon has the time to be unhappy that our fandom name isn’t VIXXen.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          No need to get our panties in a wad.

          I think you are a little too obsessed if you’re going to worked up over my comment.

        • No, I’d just rather not be called a quarrelsome woman by my favorite group. It’s not hard to understand the simple explanation…

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Get over it. You’re butthurt right now and there’s no reason to be.

        • No one is butthurt, lol. You can stop trying to be Mr. Cool Internet Guy… I understand that not everyone is going to love something I do… but I’m trying to have you grasp the concept of why and you’re just not getting it. It’s frustrating that something so simple is easily slipped up on.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          And for the most part the word means “a sexually attractive woman” when I hear it. Words usually have multiple meanings, did YOU look it up?

        • I didn’t need to look it up to know it’s definition, but I do often refer to it so people can see what it means. Though if we use your logic of how a word has multiple meanings, that means a person can use a term that would otherwise be an insult or is derogatory… but it’s okay because it has multiple meanings and you just meant the other one?

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Just shutup already please, you’re obnoxious.

        • Each time you’ve said something, I’ve come back with a retort… but now you can’t and have decided to end yours with that. Lol. Okay. I understand you’re still young to the K-Pop community and don’t fully realize the passion that a lot of us have behind this hallyu wave… I do hope one day you’ll find a group you’re as passionate about though. It’s a very rewarding and happy experience to be “obsessed” with K-Pop.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          No I LOVE OC. But I’m not an obsessed person and I never want to be. When you get so upset over mindless things you have a problem.

        • And that’s fine if you don’t want to be that obsessed, but for a lot of people… K-Pop is a huge part of our lives. I’m not going into sob stories or anything… but yeah. You might think it’s a problem, but it makes a large chunk of people extremely happy. I’m not running around punching people because of the fandom name. I don’t sit here and let it ruin my day, but I do chime in on it (as you can tell).

          If you think being obsessed with K-Pop is a problem, then I’d keep a safe distance away and don’t dive in too deep.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I wasn’t punching anyone. Seriously shutup you turned fun into a tantrum.

          Are you going to scold Simon now too?

        • I can’t even think of what else to write to you. I can only laugh because now it seems like you need to be told to calm down. We can only leave it as we don’t agree with each other, we tried to talk and it didn’t work so we can both shut up. PERFECT.

          Also… yes… Simon, you are a bad man and I’m going to just reach through the intertubes and punch that beautiful Polish face of yours. Martina isn’t there to defend you!

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Ummm read the conversation, I’m the calm one.

        • Uh, as an impartial 3rd party. ,it sounds like to me that at the end of the conversation that vixx is the more sensible one.

        • You do know that what Simon and Martina calls the fan group has no effect over what the actual official fan group name is and it’s just for fun and was probably meant to be nonsensical. I think they have too much fun making up silly names, like when they called Woo Young’s fans “Wookies” during that update *cue Martina making random Wookie noises* or Ga In’s fans (and this was Simon talking) “Me or Jo Kwon.” I actually don’t know what their actual fan groups’ names are, but I’m a fan of 2PM, Ga In, and Jo Kwon and I thought it was freaking hilarious!! I’m pretty sure there are far more, but I can’t remember them right now >_<
          Besides, as he said Martina's the fact checker, so we can probably assume he doesn't know the actual fan group name, so…… he made one up. Come on. It has to be at least a little funny.

        • I wasn’t telling Simon to fuck off or anything, it was just another tick of frustration since within the VIXX fandom… there were plenty of us who were really against being called vixxens on grounds because of the definition. So to hear it come out again and from such an influential place was just like a facepalm. S&M have made up a lot of ridiculous fandom names for a lot of the other groups I love and I’m fine with it, they can be funny. This one, to me, wasn’t because I do not like vixxen.

        • Nah, he’s cool. He just has his own opinions and usually won’t let go of them. I might have had a scuffle with him or two. “”>.>
          Though, I am confused/curious about the whole issue/thing of being against the usage of vixen. Maybe it’s where/how I grew up, but personally, I’ve never heard it used as a derogatory term, only as the definition that he was using. “Ehh, Sexy Lady!”

        • The VapoRub was funny, in fact I’m sick right now so I’m taking Nyquil and Dayquil and kinda lol each time I realize it’s from Vicks.

          The definition for vixen is a bothersome woman, or a fox, or a sexually attractive female. So… I know I’m definitely not a fox, lol. Then I don’t see how anyone would want their favorite group to call them a quarrelsome woman. I also don’t believe they should be calling their fans sexually attractive… ESPECIALLY since their target audience is pre-teens/teens and there are plenty of guys who are fans and would rather not think of themselves as sexually attractive females. Plus, the uncreative part of it all… it’s such a lazy fandom name.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic


        • LOL Just saw this!!!!! Love Simon!!!! He don’t care XD

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          -_- No you didn’t. You wanted to scold over nothing.

          So because it’s your fandom you don’t like them making fun of it, I see, I see.

      • unicornsgalaxy

        Starlight reminds me of the 80′s cartoon Jem and the Holograms… shoot! I’m showing my age again! *sigh*

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I was thinkin Madonna song. Starlight, starbright!

          Ugh I loathe Madonna and I’m from Michigan.

      • LOL That video made me laugh!! (Too hard I think “>.> ) You DID said say “horrible cheesy eighties song,” but I totally did not prepare myself for that . >_<

      • “Staaarlight, I will be chasing a starlight until the end of my liiife, I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore…” That’s what starlight reminds me of. VIXXen sounds good, but still I like VapoRubs the most :]

    • When I heard simon say vixen, I only thought of reindeer, but I can see how the other definition could be used against you.

      • Pfftt… !!! That’s actually hilarious! I didn’t even think of that one!
        *Sarcasm in Morgan Freeman’s voice* This random fan club of ____ shall now be known as “Santa’s Reindeers.”
        That’d be such a horrible way to name a fan club! LOL

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