It’s time for the Kpop Chart Update for the week of February 25th 2012!

Big Bang – Blue


Well, Big Bang is back with their first track “Blue” and made quite a big bang (*old man chuckle*) on our website as they crashed our servers from the amount of people voting at the same time. We haven’t crashed since Kissmes went crazy voting UKISS’ “Tick Tack”! Good fun for everyone! We aren’t going to say much about it here because we’re probably (by probably we mean 100%) reviewing it for Music Monday, so wait for that for Monday!

Miss A – Touch


Miss A is also back and it’s a shame it coincided with Big Bang’s release because they got knocked out of first place position. I like to imagine Miss A riding in a colourful Mario Go-Kart, happily dodging green shells when Big Bang suddenly enters the game and fires off a million red shells taking out the people in front of them. Just when you think it’s over, they get just one blue shell of doom. Just as Miss A sees the finish line, they suddenly find themselves flying through the air wondering what the heck just happened to their big lead, when GD turns around and says, “I’m sorry…but I love you” and Big Bang drives across the finsh line claiming first place. Did I just ramble? I think I might have. Anyhow, we really do like Miss A’s new song and we still have hope that it will be voted in next week, so we don’t want to say too much, but we will say that the sound of this song, right from the get go is really unique. It has a very slow mysterious feel to it and then suddenly it goes all funky upbeat robotic disco. LOVING IT!

John Park – Falling


After Simon heard this song he immediately went to iTunes and purchased all of John Park’s mini album and played Falling on repeat. It was almost as bad as his EXO obsession, but with more emo. Oh Simon, my big loveable Bon Iver KindaEmoindie loving husband. This song really shouldn’t be categorized as k-pop since it’s really more of an acoustic ballad without any pop or synth, so I guess it really should be more k-ballad? K-soft rock? I don’t know, and I don’t think it really matters that much because whatever the genre is, John Park can SING! He has an amazing voice, and at the beginning it sounds like he’s holding back his emotions and singing softly and sadly. As the song continues, he releases the full extent of his vocal abilites in trickles, getting stronger and stronger. The video was equally awesome. It was a combo of artsy but not so artsy that you’re like…what just happened, I feel dirty. You can follow the simple story but also appreciate the gorgeous scenery and big puffy clouds as well the slow floating scenes that will have you feeling like you really want to just hug John Park and tell him “it’s going to be okay, have a cookie”. Make sure you watch for my favourite part around the 3:00 minute mark where the feathers and water come together to form something beautiful. Enjoy John Park and his lovely voice.

Brave Girls – Nowadays You


We don’t really know much about the Brave Girls so it’s kind of hard to form a blog post opinion on them. This song was difficult to review because it was alright, but it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. It’s kind of a typical sounding song to us, but there in lies the problem. Sometimes we forget that we listen to SO MUCH KPOP (and music in general) that we can’t but help to compare it to the other songs we’ve heard. When a million new kpop songs and new k-indie come out in one week, and we listen to all of them, it’s really only the best of the best that make it to the top of our minds and remain memorable. Every once in awhile we get a song that we’re unsure about, like how Martina didn’t like Super Junior’s “Mr.Simple” at all when she first heard it, but was drawn to its unique sound and strange organization. After listening to it again and again (*Martina breaks into a 2pm dance…in her mind…sigh*) she began to love the song, but if a song can’t make it to the category of unique sounding or awesome sounding, it’s hard for us to feel strongly about it. Sorry Brave Girls fans, we think the girls themselves seem confident and they look great in their suits, but I guess we have to wait for an awesome breakthrough song by them to really praise them.

  1. Wow, good stuff came out this year. I’m a big fan of BIG BANG and I really love their song Blue, but I wished Miss A’s Touch won instead. Their MV seemed more dynamic and conceptually, it was far more interesting in my opinion. I really dug the haunting melody, the graceful dancing the went with the beats of the song, how incredibly beautiful the girls looked (finally Min gets dolled up!), and how cool the special effects were. Also, I still find the part where the guy walks up to Suzy and brushes the rose against the side of her face really amazing – points for the director!  

    Blue was very reminiscent of Love Song, except that the boys are not trapped in Purgatory this time around. The boys looked amazing, the song was sung beautifully, the MV was well recorded and the atmosphere totally fitted the theme of the music…but I was not really as drawn in with Blue as I was to Touch.   

  2. JOHN PARK. his song is amazing. I would have no regret letting all my white friends listen to this. what a voice. 

  3. Bad Boy, please!! *wink wink* Simon you got your wish…..more than 1 girl in the MV!! 

  4. Martina your laugh is like magic, rainbows and unicorns.

  5. guyz, bigbang is probably going to release more mv’s next week
    so you probably won’t be able to review miss a

  6. ok, i love big bang and all… they get my number one fangirl spot, but this 
    was their long-a
    waited comeback? i can’t help feeling disapointed… the video is beautiful, but kinda meh (where’s the plot??) and the song itself is kinda “meh” too. i 
    was expecting something really cool and dancy. and 
    with GD’s color-changing bangs??? (are they clip ons? they look 

    anyways, really enjoyed the rest of the playlist… some nice discoveries in there and MissA’s song as pretty cool

  7. It’s kinda awesome that my brother was in the same graduating class at the same high school as John Park. I only saw him perform once when he came back to promote American Idol. He was fantastic then and fantastic now. GBN supports John Park!

  8. i wanna hear what u guys have to say about Big Bang…but i also wanna hear about John Park this was my frist time ever hearing one of his songs and i loved it…i also want to know what u guys think about miss A i love them…did anyone else think their outfits looked liked mummy wrapings anyways i still loved the song very different from there other ones

  9. hope you guys review John Park’s Falling on Music Monday. this song needs more attention. u know it deserves.

  10. Since you won’t be able to review anything not BIG BANG for the next 6 weeks, why don’t you make the runner ups a part of the K-Cocktail. That way you still get to review an awesome song as well as the supermegafoxyawesomehotness that is BIG BANG. I’m just saying this because I wanna see the review for Blue but also for Miss A’s Touch. I wanna see you guys talk about the dance. Usually you guys like Miss A dances and thIs time it’s also quite awesome. So yea that’s my two cents. Also I’m thinking that when BIG BANG’s ALIVE album actually gets released you’ll do a giveaway. Then again maybe that’s wishful thinking with a dash of hope and a sprinkle of pretty please.

  11. big bang is choice of our hearts <3

  12. What is this “Big Bang”? A theory about space can be a kpop band???

  13. next week your site will be crashed because of Fantastic baby *evil laugh

  14. OMG! I did the same thing with John Park when I heard “Falling.” I LOVE his voice. It’s the same effect I had with John Legend. I don’t care what they’re singing about just so long as I can hear that amazingly gorgeous voice! >.< LOVE HIM! 

  15. Oh my such good choices….Love Miss A – Touch & the beautiful John Park – Falling, Brave Girls is catchy too….BUT AS A V.I.P BIGBANG – BLUE WILL FOREVER GET MY VOTE!!!

  16. I really wish BB wouldn’t have won for Music Monday…I feel like this video has been done before. It just seems like a typical BB mv/song. I’m just saying, the first time I heard the song I thought to myself “Top is going to start rapping now” and not even like 2 seconds later the kid starting rapping. Predictable much? This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, they have their own style and sound, and they rock it well. Don’t get me wrong I love the song, I just would much rather see Simon and Martina review John Park’s “Falling”. I am seriously loving this song right now, I feel my life is complete now that it has been released :) PS: Loving the new hairdos Simon and Martina, you both look great!

    • Hm, can’t personally agree with this for the simple fact that the video has dominated Youtube for the last week and people have voted for it to win. And like Simon & Martina said, non K-pop fans are liking it. Which is a BIG thing. I mean, my friend HATES k-pop, but can actually listen to the song. And it isn’t typical BB mv/song, because I don’t think there’s a “typical” one that exists. How can you compare Blue to Goodbye Baby or Make Love? TOP has a tendency to rap in the middle of the song, GD usually raps first, with the vocals surrounded the two. That’s not repetitive, it’s a song pattern and it works for them. :) But good to hear different opinions.

  17. seriously you should be YG biased cause they have the best artists! but we know you dont pick em.. ps JP falling was really good!

  18. YES. OMG the second the John Park song came out, I listened to the song, and asd;ijaewfk I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I’ve been singing it everywhere, even at school [I never do that]. And I feel exactly as what the MV portrayed. The clouds and everything. It reminds me so much of my life. The loneliness, sadness, all put together into a beautiful song. I even cried listening to it, because it reminded me of a friend who moved. I’m so glad he’s part of the K-Crunch. The more exposure, the better. 

    • I totally agree with the more exposure the better. He deserves a lot more attention than I think he’s received so far. I can totally see him becoming a crossover artist, releasing singles that go viral in Korea and the US.

  19. Is it just me or is the video for Blue similar to Love Song? I like Miss A’s new song. It’s really different . At first i was like ‘herrm’ but it’s grown on me a bit. The video’s pretty cool too. It’s a hard choice for me to make :p

  20. does the beginning of Big Bangs song, Blue, remind you of tiny wings??? i love this song!

  21. Too bad Brave Girl’s new song sucks cause I love love the outfits aswell!! I  have a huge fetish for women in suits, I must confess. <3<3<3
    Cant wait for your BB review! I don't adore their new single though.

  22. I really really hope you guys get to review miss A’s “Touch”. It shows such a new side of them and I’m curious as to what you two think about song, MV and dance! ^^

  23. Big Bang’s new video was somewhat of a disappointment for me……am I the only one that feels this way?

    •  You’re not! They have the potential to do so much more than Blue…

      • People, we all know BIG BANG is capable of SOO MUCH MORE, but the thing is that, this song “BLUE” is so lyrical, calm, that the video shouldn’t be something extra-extra, so it won’t distract the viewers & ruin the mood. That’s my opinion. I love both the song & the MV.

        It’s just 1 song from their mini-album, there are still 5.5 songs and 4 (3?) MVs to come, so let’s just wait for their epic awesomeness! ^^

        • Love Song was lyrical and calm, and the video was extra extra awesome…

        • well, yeah, you’re totally right, but to think of it, the main features of “Love Song” were the awesome cameras, cool set & exploding car. BB were dressed simply & the video was black & white, I guess this somehow made the MV more…mhh “calm”??

          I don’t know, it’s just my opinion about BLUE & LOVE SONG.
          Good songs anyways ))

        • That’s what I meant. The fact that Blue is a calm song is no excuse to make a non-awesome video. Blue lacks everything Love Song had (did they really need to go to NY to find a common building rooftop?)

        • so what did u expect?? A CSI scene or a gangsters war? actually, i feel calmed when i heard and WATCHED blue.. And if u watched it, it actually has a plot. but it is just too simple. and by the way, i didn’t need to watched it two or three times to understand the meaning of the MV like so many kpop MV did to me..

        • well, they had a cool set – c’mon, it’s NYC, the bIg apple )) and pretty good camera work and a car (although it didn’t explode…)

          I mean, I can’t say BLUE MV sucks, yes, it’s not so epic, but it’s not so bad ether. besides, they had to film 4 more clips, maybe they wanted to safe some budget on other MVs? ))

  24. wow. I’m liking Miss A’s new song. I usually don’t care for them, but this one’s catchy. Maybe because it was a JYP production?? I love me some JYP. :)

  25. does TOP blue hair in blue remind anyone else of spudgy xD

  26. Simon, you remind me of Jeremy Scott lol except you’re straight of course…haha i’m really not being mean or anything your face just has some aspects that are similar to his.! plus, he’s a genius designer!

  27. sigh…when brave girls finally gets some attention they come out with a bad song. Their older songs were soooo much better. It was unique and catchy. btw, brave girls fan club is “Fearless”.

  28. I’m kinda dissapointed in Brave Brothers for giving his own groups such boring songs when he’s written such great stuff for other people… Brave Girl’s debut song (“Do You Know”?) was so good that I was expecting a lot more from them

  29. Regarding Brave Girls, I really loved their debut track ‘Do you know’ (recommend checking it out) but since then I find they really haven’t been given memorable or suitable tracks. Shame really, I think they have so much potential (even though this song may not showcase it very well).

  30. Do all of them !!! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  31. 6 more BB MV’s to review, I so excited -__________________________________-
    at least blue is a quite good song, but Mv is erm, boring ~~~
    could they wait few more days, I wish you could do miss A MV *sad face*
    John Part was awsome, thanks for recommendation :)

  32. Falling is AMAZING! This NEEDS to be reviewed sometime in the future!

  33. GD could also say “I hate this love song”  to Miss A ajaj
    My 2 fav kpop bands are at the top so… waiting for MM this Monday!… and the next!… and the next!… and the next!

  34. Please review Phantom’s Hole in Your Face!!! The singer has such a beautiful voice!!!!

  35. I don’t play video games, so that Mario Kart reference sailed right over my head.  I like the little dance they do in the Miss A video.  I think I’ve crossed over an age line that allows a person to appreciate pop (of any origin) with proper gusto. I watched the Big Bang video thinking that if it is so popular on the charts, it must be a pretty amazing song and video.  I reacted about the same way you guys did to the Brave Girls video.  It was alright.  Speaking of Brave Girls, I was a little confused why they needed two backup singers in the video when there are 5 members to the group.  Too many cooks in the kitchen!  K-pop needs to stop taking the Polyphonic Spree approach.   
    Speaking of obscure indie groups, you referenced Bon Iver in your blog.  Did you see Justin Timberlake’s imitation of Justin Vernon on SNL?  Hilarious.    

  36. Yay for me for discovering John Park’s music before today:) 

  37. brave girls need more votes -____- 

  38. actually it’s 7 million views…and still growing up up up!!

  39. I absolutely love miss A “Touch”. But aren’t most songs by JYP artists subtitled since like forever?  Miss A, Wonder Girls, some of 2PM’s at least. It definitely needs to be appreciated. I hope other entertainment companies will follow after him eventually… 

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