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KpopCharts Update: Falling Blue Touch You

February 25, 2012


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It’s time for the Kpop Chart Update for the week of February 25th 2012!

Big Bang – Blue

Well, Big Bang is back with their first track “Blue” and made quite a big bang (*old man chuckle*) on our website as they crashed our servers from the amount of people voting at the same time. We haven’t crashed since Kissmes went crazy voting UKISS’ “Tick Tack”! Good fun for everyone! We aren’t going to say much about it here because we’re probably (by probably we mean 100%) reviewing it for Music Monday, so wait for that for Monday!

Miss A – Touch

Miss A is also back and it’s a shame it coincided with Big Bang’s release because they got knocked out of first place position. I like to imagine Miss A riding in a colourful Mario Go-Kart, happily dodging green shells when Big Bang suddenly enters the game and fires off a million red shells taking out the people in front of them. Just when you think it’s over, they get just one blue shell of doom. Just as Miss A sees the finish line, they suddenly find themselves flying through the air wondering what the heck just happened to their big lead, when GD turns around and says, “I’m sorry…but I love you” and Big Bang drives across the finsh line claiming first place. Did I just ramble? I think I might have. Anyhow, we really do like Miss A’s new song and we still have hope that it will be voted in next week, so we don’t want to say too much, but we will say that the sound of this song, right from the get go is really unique. It has a very slow mysterious feel to it and then suddenly it goes all funky upbeat robotic disco. LOVING IT!

John Park – Falling

After Simon heard this song he immediately went to iTunes and purchased all of John Park’s mini album and played Falling on repeat. It was almost as bad as his EXO obsession, but with more emo. Oh Simon, my big loveable Bon Iver KindaEmoindie loving husband. This song really shouldn’t be categorized as k-pop since it’s really more of an acoustic ballad without any pop or synth, so I guess it really should be more k-ballad? K-soft rock? I don’t know, and I don’t think it really matters that much because whatever the genre is, John Park can SING! He has an amazing voice, and at the beginning it sounds like he’s holding back his emotions and singing softly and sadly. As the song continues, he releases the full extent of his vocal abilites in trickles, getting stronger and stronger. The video was equally awesome. It was a combo of artsy but not so artsy that you’re like…what just happened, I feel dirty. You can follow the simple story but also appreciate the gorgeous scenery and big puffy clouds as well the slow floating scenes that will have you feeling like you really want to just hug John Park and tell him “it’s going to be okay, have a cookie”. Make sure you watch for my favourite part around the 3:00 minute mark where the feathers and water come together to form something beautiful. Enjoy John Park and his lovely voice.

Brave Girls – Nowadays You

We don’t really know much about the Brave Girls so it’s kind of hard to form a blog post opinion on them. This song was difficult to review because it was alright, but it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. It’s kind of a typical sounding song to us, but there in lies the problem. Sometimes we forget that we listen to SO MUCH KPOP (and music in general) that we can’t but help to compare it to the other songs we’ve heard. When a million new kpop songs and new k-indie come out in one week, and we listen to all of them, it’s really only the best of the best that make it to the top of our minds and remain memorable. Every once in awhile we get a song that we’re unsure about, like how Martina didn’t like Super Junior’s “Mr.Simple” at all when she first heard it, but was drawn to its unique sound and strange organization. After listening to it again and again (*Martina breaks into a 2pm dance…in her mind…sigh*) she began to love the song, but if a song can’t make it to the category of unique sounding or awesome sounding, it’s hard for us to feel strongly about it. Sorry Brave Girls fans, we think the girls themselves seem confident and they look great in their suits, but I guess we have to wait for an awesome breakthrough song by them to really praise them.



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