BoA “Disturbance” – Vote for it Here!


Ok, so we’ve been talking about this for a while now. We need to find a way so that girls and girl groups stop getting screwed over in the KpopCharts. There are some totally awesome songs out there, as well as totally awesome groups, that we just don’t get the chance to talk about unless they’re mega huge, like Girl’s Generation. Otherwise, smaller rookie groups with a fraction of the views will get voted in. Which, sure, is good for rookie groups, because they get a chance, but they’re not necessarily always a fair representation of what’s cool in Kpop at the moment.

So what do you think of our suggestion of us picking from the top 3 videos, rather than just automatically picking the top video? It’s got a few benefits:

1) We have more of an input on who we review, which means more fun for some reviews. If we get stuck talking about a video we don’t like, then the Kpop Music Monday might not be as fun, and we’d rather have fun reviews. We can’t like every song that’s in first place, you know?

2) We can balance out the reviews. Kpop Music Monday is a sausage fest. Girls need love, too. They’re a big part of Kpop, but you wouldn’t know that from watching our Kpop Music Mondays.

3) There’ll be an element of surprise, which is absent lately. People know who we’re gonna review by midnight Saturday, while our old Music Mondays were like “OMG! Who are you gonna review?”

There are some cons, of course

1) OMG Y U SO BIAS?!?! As soon as we pick someone who isn’t in first place…can you imagine the hellfury we’ll get from that fangroup? U GUISE ARE HATERZ! We’d be called every name in the book. One of the reasons why we built these KpopCharts was so that people could stop accusing us of that. We’d face it again. We’d be doing it for a good cause, but – hell – do we really want to deal with more whining?

2) That’s really the only con i can think of, unless you can think of others. Guise?

Let us know what you think.

Oh: and BoA’s video’s good, and deserves to be reviewed, which is why we’re talking about this right now.

Sistar19 “Gone Not Around Any Longer” – Vote for it Here!


Woohoo! Sistar’s back! Well, not fully back, but we’re big Sistar fans, aka Sissies. Alone was great, Loving U was even better, and this song is pretty cool as well. Not as great as Loving U, though. That makes me want to dance around everywhere. I don’t have that urge here. Doesn’t mean that it’s a bad song, though! It’s got saxomophones, and saxomophones are great. M83 fans, anyone? Midnight City is groovy, baby.

Also, this video is really well done. Really well done. That scene where the boy is getting pushed, and then he disappears through the door. HOLY CRAP IS THAT EVER IMPACTFUL! That, right there, is quality emotion-wrangling. That’s profound, man.

One thing we will say, though: we can’t remember the name of this song for the life of us. It would be easier if it was Gone Around Not Any Longer, because then I can abbreviate it as “GANAL” which is funny, and I can remember funny. Maybe if I say it a few more times I can remember.

GONE NOT AROUND ANY LONGER. Repeat it in a mirror. I must remember the name of this song!

Eric Nam “Heaven’s Door” – Vote for it Here!


See: we talk about rookies sometimes as well! We can’t talk about every rookie for Kpop Music Monday, because there are only so many Mondays per year, and about ten rookies per Monday (ha!) but we can at least try to shed some light on them in our KpopCharts and hopefully get you voting for them.

Side note, we actually saw a Malamute in Korea. If you’re ever in Hongdae at night on the weekend, there’s a cotton candy place at one of the busiest intersections in the clubby area, and the small cotton candy machine is only memorable because there’s a giant malamute there. It’s just sitting there, usually sleeping, with the owner. Big crowds of people gather round to see the dog, rather than get the cotton candy. We never actually had any of the cotton candy there, now that we think about it, but THE DOGGY IS SO CUTE! Well, not too cute. I tried petting it once and it growled at me. NEVER AGAIN!

  1. I’m okay with the new method, I just hope that you guys pick videos that do have something that you are willing to criticize them for. If you only pick songs you love, then a bias is more clearly shown.

  2. Well, it may mean less fanatic voting, but people will still vote hoping that their video reaches top three.

    In fact, this cold actually be a driving factor to keep voting because your video, which previously not have had a shot at winning, because a big named group ( let’s say bigbang) came out the same week, still has a chance once it stays in the top 3.

  3. LOVE the end of your video this week. Great~

  4. Hoping to see Heaven’s Door next week!!! Love this. So happy for this that he is living “the dream.”

  5. I agree with the solution you have suggested. The bias is getting very unfortunate and I agree that boy bands are getting way too much air time.

  6. For comment I’d like to see their value increase to maybe 2 point per comment. Cause in many huge fanbase people just come to vote and then never come to watch mv again. They just want to see their group artist win whatever the price is. Comments quite often are the thing which pulls rookie and not-so-popular groups up. There is also some serious or funny conversation going on in comment section, usually there isn’t much spam and the vague number of spam gets removed. I think comment section is best way to see what people think about mv in general and how they see it and it’s also way to connect with other fans.

  7. Dear Simon and Martina, whatever you end up doing, just know that I’ll always be there to back you up :)

    I won’t be able the ward off all the hate, but as Tablo says – focus on all the love ^^b

  8. I like the idea of S&M picking from the Top3.

  9. well really the only place people can spam is in the comments and the Mods do a pretty good job of cleaning those up considering that there are only 3 of them.

    You can only vote for a video once per day per ip address. Facebook and Google is only once period. And I’m not 100% sure about twitter but I think it’s something like once a day.

  10. Easy!
    You said that you were thinking about new segments and this is a do-able idée.
    Simon&Martina deside music Friday?
    Keep music monday a free for all, in as we vote, and then do an other music-day with YOUR favorit song, be it gurl or guy, be it old or new.
    An other idée is to make a segment for old songs, not old-old but like… before music monday time.
    For example: I would give an arm for a music monday for Wedding Dress or Mirotic or I’m just a girl, or Gee and so on!

    OR PSY s RIGHT NOW! (which is my favorit PSY song, Right now or It’s art)

    Or a segment about song with no vid, there are sooooo many songs that people, even fans, don’t know about because they don’t have a MV! Most of my favorit songs don’t have MVs and my friends who like the group havent even heard of the songs cuz they don’t have MVs!
    It makes me upset!

  11. I agree. Super Junior had that one terrible MV (SFS I think?), but the review was awesome. And there have been other fabulous MVs where the KMM was not nearly as interesting.

  12. My suggestion:
    If people are going to whine too much about the chart winner (apparently they are already whining anyways?), then I suggest only reviewing the chart winner every second week. On the alternate weeks, Simon and Martina can pick the video and then maybe enlarge the mini-reviews from the kpop chart update that week to give people an incentive to still vote. Maybe a skit or two, or some dances, or even just 1 skit where the artist(s) of two or three of the videos meet (in a bar, in a spa, a boxing ring – wherever kpop stars mingle?) “discuss” their videos among themselves. This way, there will also never be two negative reviews in a row. The extra time to beef up the kpop chart update will be more than made up for by being able to plan, film, and edit KMM through the whole week. If the chosen video happens to also be on the chart, you could even have a two-parter. While I totally respect that S+M want to respect the fans and keep the participation, I think that they need to take back some of the creative control, which can only make for less stress for them and more LOLs for us.

  13. I support the idea that you choose the song you would most like to talk about. I think this way you can make the best possible video, since you don’t have to force yourself to find something in a song/video you don’t really like.
    Side note: It’s great to see Simon all happy again since Martina is back ^^

  14. ye!s – i get kinda sick of the boys bands – i often like them, but one after the other they can become a bit samey, and all these great songs get missed out :( Also, I watch KMM for you guys (im perfectly capable of listening to a song on my own and liking or disliking it… haha) … its more interesting when you have the freedom to say/do something different.

  15. I vote for the solution you proposed, tyranny of the majority is scary!!! (The play by Henrik Ibsen, “Enemy of the People” was life changing for me on this topic of the dangers of majority rules) Honestly what made you both so popular was hearing your insight and preferences of the Kpop industry that possessed credibility, wit, and well placed humor…similar to movie critic or wine spectator. People viewed your opinions as sort of litmus test of good vs. bad. Even with the top 3 it will still contain biases by voters but at least it will improve the quality and enjoyment on your part. It’s always most enjoyable when your passion shows through and we want you to enjoy it as much as us.

  16. What about reviewing two videos if it won’t put you guys out too much. One video voted in by fans and one chosen (not necessarily from the top 3 but the whole chart). More work for you, but it seems to me this would solve all the issues. Welcome back Martina!!

  17. I completely agree, girl groups don’t get enough reviewed enough! I totally agree with you Martina <3 EYK fighting!

  18. I don’t think they’re trying to fix the “boring video” problem, I think they’re just trying to give other singers (girls) a chance. Unless they’re super huge, they almost never have a chance and, at best, are left hovering in the 3-6 position until they’re pushed down.

    • No, they said on YouTube: “Making those charts actually cost a lot of time and money. Making a new one, that can specifically target just female artists, isn’t possible at the moment. Also, what if one week we have to do a girl group but there are no girl group songs we like? We’d have the same problem before of having to talk about videos that we don’t particularly like.”

      So they both want to review more female groups and only review music videos that they like.

      • *grabs wooden club and beats with you*

        I’ve actually been thinking about this for a while and I REALLY wish they would replace the Chart Update with the K Crunch Cocktail. KMMs are supposed to reflect what they EYK Nasty community want. Well, I don’t think that a rush of votes at the last minute because the people who only watch the Chart Update on youtube accurately reflects the voice of the Nasties that are here day after day voting and commenting. How many times has a video been pushed off the number 1 spot because their fan group saw the Chart Update and (since Kpop fans will vote for pretty much anything) a rush of votes have come in for that groups. Yes, some of those might be Nasties, but the majority are not and would probably wouldn’t have even bothered if not for the Chart Update.

        • *beats clubs in solidarity*

          Exactly. Thanks for going into even more depth about the problem with chart updates attracting last-minute casual voters. I would have done it myself, but I’m feeling drained on the subject after bringing it up so many times. =.=
          Lol, that’s why I’ve resorting to copying and pasting my own old comments about it. XD

  19. Honestly, I think that’s a really great idea to change the system without taking away our part of the voting as well. Plus, groups with stronger followings will still be eligible for the next week’s voting, won’t they? So if they last for a certain amount of time, there’s still a chance they’ll get voted in even if they don’t hit number one.

    That said… I was reeeeeeeally hoping CNBlue could get reviewed this week! They were finally at number one, but it looks like BoA toppled their lead thanks to views. I absolutely love BoA’s song and video, so even while I’m not complaining… I was hoping CNBlue might finally get reviewed, too. TT_TT It’s hard when you like ALL THE KPOP and not just one or two groups.

  20. NNNOOO SIMON! WHY?! Why the f word on your hat?!!! Me and my 11yr old son love watching you guys because we love kpop and you guys are so super funny! Thats the first thing he saw and was all like “What?” and I was like “UH….derp!” He actually turned it off -although I was super proud of him-I was all like “NNOOOOO!” Not even eatyourkimchi is safe for me and my baby!” Where do we turn now for fun times together?! Guess I’ll just have to watch them first and let him know if he can-he is going to be sad…..tears will be shed……

  21. As for Eric Nam’s m/v, I think it’s shot in the Vancouver area. That road sign (under the stop sign) is clearly in English and looks like either a Canadian or American type. I guess it could be in Washington State or Alaska (which they are trying to make it look like) but those mountains are oddly pyramidal (is that a word?) and I don’t recognize them. There are lots of houses like that outside of Vancouver though, especially in the skiing communities. Also, Asians looooooooove Vancouver for some reason.

  22. I like the idea of having a selection of songs to choose from for Music Mondays. One of the main reasons I became a fan was because you did reviews of really awesome songs, and the skits completed the whole package.

  23. Finally, some love to the girls :D
    I love the idea and you should do whatever makes you the most comfortable. Because, well, we love you while you’re doing stuff that you’re interested in, so this would be a nice change. Good luck having all sorted up and avoiding the haters!

    Much love from Croatia!

  24. Why not add youtube average daily views (divided by 1000) to your charts equation? You often mention the youtube view count, it reflects the general popularity of the song, plus it should overcome the male bias the EYK charts tend to have.

    As I understand it your charts equation is something like this:

    (Votes + comments + 4 x (Facebook shares + Google Plus shares + Twitter Shares) ) / Days released.

    How about instead use:

    (Votes + comments + (youTube views/1000) + 4 x (Facebook shares + Google Plus shares + Twitter Shares) ) / Days released?

  25. I don’t think the top 3 thing would work, but mayb u could divide a music monday into two and have one part for a girl group or second place?

  26. Maybe there is a way to include the amount of views on youtube or something? Anyway, I think the fans will get used to it soon enough. Anyway, if there really is a ridiculous amount of votes you two will also know that reviewing that video would probably be a wise decision XD

  27. I agree. There are not that many girl groups or songs that I like, I find their voices are usually too high pitched for me and I really dislike the overtly sexy dancing and aegyo. I would like to see the girl groups do some more challenging choreography, leaving out the sexy dancing. Maybe they are afraid if they did that they would lose too many fans? I have a couple of daughters and I would not be happy to see them up on stage doing some of the dances these girls do (it makes me think of strip clubs/lap dances). Some of the videos by girl groups that I did like are the ones that are humorous like Girl’s Day’s Oh My God, Orange Caramel’s Lipstick and Miryo’s Dirty, none of which got reviewed unfortunately.

    P.S. I don’t like the name Tasty either but they are really good dancers.

    • i really like Tasty as well. (please nobody read this as snarky b/c that is NOT at all how it is intended) but i thought one of the reasons for the studio was that it would allow for the production of MORE segments. totally understand if that’s not the case, but if you can do more segments then in addition to KPMM you could also do other segments that would allow for the inclusion of more girls, and more less well known artist. Last year Nuest deserved a review TWICE and didnt get it b/c they were beat by the mega fan clubs. we’re unlikely to see acts like Mr.Mr, Tasty or Phantom on KPMM b/c they just havent been around long enough to have the giant loyal following like some of these other groups.

      • Have you been around long enough to remember the K Crunch Cocktail segment? They stopped doing it sometime early last year because they didn’t have enough time. Just in case you don’t know of it, it was a segment where they picked 3 songs entirely by themselves that they wanted to talk about. The review may have been positive, negative, or neutral, but there was always something about the song or video that they wanted to say, or wanted to bring attention to. And their selections can go way back. They covered Mirotic, which is a 2008 song. It’s a great way for people who are newer to Kpop to be exposed to older releases by a variety of groups. Even if you’re not that new to Kpop, you’re still likely to find “new” good songs to listen to.

        I’ve seen other people around here besides myself who would love to see the K Crunch Cocktail brought back. We all understand that they had to stop last year because there just wasn’t enough time, but as you said in your comment, I also thought that one of the reasons for getting the studio and hiring interns was to allow for the production of new segments, or in this case, perhaps bringing back an old one.

        I’m too tired right now to want to retype my previous comment on the subject of chart updates vs the cocktail segment, so I’m just going to copy and paste what I wrote 3 months ago:

        I wanted to say that one of these comments, by Audrey, had a part that completely mirrored my own feelings regarding the voting system and KMM. Though I only started commenting and voting on EYK about 5 or 6 months ago, I’ve been a regular viewer for over a year. I miss the KCrunch Cocktails. The one S&M did that included MBLAQ’s Y was how I discovered MBLAQ, and they’ve become one of my favorite bands. I’d also never heard of Mirotic before they introduced it to me. KCrunch Cocktails give S&M a chance to say something about videos that they want to talk about. It also provides exposure for artists and songs that just don’t have the fan base to get them high enough on the charts. In addition, they provide the opportunity for much older videos to be given the spotlight, which is perfect for newer kpop fans who haven’t been around for years and probably aren’t familiar with a diverse range of bands.

        As Audrey mentioned up above, the KPop Chart Updates only serve to fuel unhealthy competition in the charts; I don’t want our comment section to become as divisive and flat-out rude as All Kpop’s. Most of the time S&M tweet when a new song from one of the more popular groups is posted on the charts; this seems an adequate amount of promotion to me. Those songs normally rise up to the first page pretty quickly and therefore gain a lot of visibility already even without the chart updates. So why have an update covering songs that most people already know about? It’s just my opinion, and I in no way mean any disrespect toward S&M, but I do feel strongly that the KCrunch Cocktail segment would go a long ways toward addressing some of the voting system issues that naturally arise from it being fan-driven.

        Perhaps now that S&M are in the process of making the studio a reality and recruiting staff, they will have the time and resources to revive the KCrunch Cocktail segment.

        Sorry for the super long comment, but this is a subject that I’ve been thinking about for months. ^_^; Who knows? Maybe S&M are already planning on reviving the Cocktail. Anyway, it seems like a good way to bring attention to more girl groups, more rookie groups with smaller fanbases, and great MVs that have gotten shafted in the past.

  28. My deal about KMM voting is that fandoms can continuously vote over and over. You don’t like the comment spam so why not put a reign in on the multiple times someone can vote? Maybe once per day? I don’t know the technological aspect of doing this but I know other sites have done this before. If a group has tons of fans they automatically get way up there whether the song/MV is good or not. Smaller fan-backed groups get the short end of the stick. It’s not just an issue between the balance of girls vs boys, it’s also an issue of these established fan-heavy groups vs groups with not as many fans.

    • Do you mean vote or comment? Because you can only vote once per day per IP address anyway. And with respect to the comments, the moderators are here to ensure that there is little spamming.

      In fact how most videos win is mostly through Facebook and google plus sharing which is valid once ever per account.

  29. While I myself am not a huge fan of the girl groups. (don’t hate me!) I do like a few of their songs. I agree with allowing yourselves a little more creative freedom with videos. Having the ability to choose maybe a video with more things to talk about over a really popular ballad song, which is still good but doesn’t always NEED a review, would be good. I know you can foresee incoming hate mail from the tweens and obsessive ones but I do feel the need for you guys to establish that this place is all about your insights and opinions and if people aren’t mature enough to accept that they should disagree rationally or GTFO.

    I’ve always felt you guys attract an audience that can handle harsher reviews and I love you for it. Oh so much love. <3

  30. I’ll probably be killed for this but……..is the kpop chart winner always the “most popular” video? While it’s a nice theory that everyone has the same ability to vote, the truth is that some people with more time or dedication will be there voting consistently every shot they get while others will vote when they happen to be looking at the site for a new video or when they happen to think of it. Even people’s motivations will be different: you could vote for the group you like best, or the video with the most fodder for a fun review, or even just to bump the one you don’t like out of the top…..and eyk is popular enough now that there’s bound to be even a few paid-per-clickers in the mix. While it’s obvious that it’s really important to Simon and Martina to include the fans through participation and it’s part of what makes the site, I’m not sure the kpop chart (as it is) is doing it for me any more.

    I don’t add any song myself since this is where I get my new leads from so I vote for the song I like best on the front page, usually within the top 5 and I can almost guarantee that every week, my pick never makes it. C’est la vie? It’s not like it’s a huge impact on my life or anything, however, to know that there are potentially some tween girls sitting in an internet cafe constantly pumping the vote for their dreamy guy ballad kind of takes the incentive out of my participation. Maybe if only registered users could vote (once a day), it would keep things a little more even? Or close the top five/ten on Wed. or Thurs. so it would be like a runoff vote? Or reset the numbers every week? Or songs favoured by S+M could be identified on the list so that those of us more in support of the LOLs than certain groups could know where to put our votes? Or all of the above?

    Also, no more ballads please? Please? (ducks and runs for cover) While technically still kpop, I mean, how can you review “the dance” when there is none? The dance reviews are by far one of the best things of kpop music mondays. When I saw the 100th episode last night, I realized that a fair bit of the “in jokes” are about the dances.

    As the eyk brand grows, the slant of the kpop charts may also make things difficult for S+M to get interviews. Which kpop star would come on eyk if Simon and Martina had never reviewed any of their videos? How could they choose to review a video prior to an interview if they have NO say in who which video they review? It has to be frustrating. So yeah. I agree that changes need to be made in which videos are chosen to be reviewed and I think that you can do it without alienating any of your fans. You wouldn’t alienate me anyways because the participation is just a bonus for me, but still I am probably not your main demographic either. The “once a month special” is a good idea, but I think that it doesn’t go far enough. Why not save the specials for random holidays (so much opportunity for laughs) and so much more….special?

    But what do I know, I just like to listen to music, laugh, and dance.

    Cyber_3 – get off my weedy Canadian lawn……….full of snow……..yeah, I saw your footprints………

    • Sorry about the other post. But I understand your points and we are aware of those methods.

      • Um, I’m not sure what you’re sorry about, but thanks? If you’re this level of mod, my heartfelt admiration is yours. I am sorry that I was just having a “serious day”, maybe I should go to bed – LOL! I am gonna edit that last post too……

        • Lols. It was probably in your cache when I deleted it. I was apologizing for having to delete it. I actually am keeping a copy of it to remind me of what you said, so thanks.

    • I like a lot of your points. the only thing I would point out is that some people seem to think that fans can spam vote hundreds of times for their bias, which isn’t actually true. If I am remembering the rules that the mods have posted multiple times correctly, only 1 vote per person/machine counts a day. So at most a person can only spam vote 7 times per week per machine. And the comments only count for points if they are intelligent ones that talk about the video. Spammers rarely can come up with that many intelligent comments about the video (I think). Admittedly, this still is going to put a little more weight with those fans that vote every day, but I think it’s a pretty close representation of what viewers want to watch.

      • You don’t have to comment with every vote. Votes count for a certain amount of points, and comments count for a certain amount of separate points, but they are not dependent on each other, though the points all go into the same overall amount of points (I’m not explaining this very well, the EYK charts has a button you can click that breaks everything down.)

        Yeah, determined spammers will always find a way, however I think the system helps cut down on a lot of spamming. No online voting thing will ever be completely accurate. I do like the idea of only doing the winner every other week, or something like that.

        Hah! A lot of editing.

        • Yeah, you edited your post too so now I’m not sure what to say :P. Certainly I thought you were helpful. I *did* read the “first time voter” thingy but it was very confusing. My edits were to take out the too many good ideas for spammers, not for nasty, er, inappropriate comments. I certainly don’t want to help out people who are so determined to have their group win regardless of the quality of the video that they lose sight what it means to be selected for KMM – an honest review with a good chance of mocking ;) hah. After the comments here and looking more closely at the voting process, I can see that more filtering is being done that I originally thought too.

      • “Spammers rarely can come up with that many intelligent comments about the video (I think). ”

        Hah, but oh how they try ( and usually fail ).

        • Hehe, yeah. I just had a mental image of Ninja Mods, lurking around the cyberspace corner, waiting for spammers to step into their web of doom.

  31. The videos have some great camera work!

    second: sad song (;_;)… I agree with you Simon… it would’ve been terrible to review the video when Martina wasn’t around

    third: song not that addictive(he has a great voice though) but love the video. The dog looks like a Husky dog(I love Huskies!). Again great camera angles!

  32. I totally agree with your suggestion of choosing from the top three. I would LOVE that :)

  33. “So what do you think of our suggestion of us picking from the top 3 videos, rather than just automatically picking the top video?”

    Hmm… I don’t think is such a good idea… I mean yeah we’ll have the notion of surprise (and of course I would’ve wanted CNBLUE to get in first place (;_;)) but there’ll be more hatred between us and you guise would end up being bashed with ugly comments and I dont want that. No matter the preference you guise (and keeping the EYK family together as much as possible) are more important. And even if I don’t get the review I want I’ll always look forward to whatever video you will post. :)


  34. how about a kpop girl group corner or something xD Where you review a song from a kpop girl group you wanted to review but they never got a chance to get to #1 . Could be like twice a month or so xD just saying…

  35. I think one week we pick and the next week you guys can pick a song that you like because i’m getting tired of watching videos get on KMM that got got there so bia-ish !

  36. I picture you doing a skit with a fake lottery where you pick the name from a hamster ball or something. The end of music mondays or kpop updates could be the ‘lottery’ for the next week. Then it won’t be your fault! (And if u rig it, no one will know….) This would allow you to pick from a larger pool of songs or at least have an even number of girl/boy bands inside. You’re both so creative, I bet you’ll figure something out soon.

    On a side note, Sistar has invented a new way to wax tabletops….so naughty….

  37. I wouldn’t be too put off by the con, if you review the number 1 spot and don’t like it you’ll be called biased because you don’t like it. The only real con I’d see is that people feel their vote doesn’t count as much anymore. So as people have suggested alternate between things, like a #1 spot review and after that a review either from the top 3 or anywhere on the chart as a Simon and Martina pick. This ensures people will still feel like their vote counts and also ensures that you can do the songs that you really like. And maybe give some extra attention to rookie/smaller groups, I still feel sad when I see the number of views on some of the more fun songs of 2012. Girl’s Day, Dalshabet and Kim Sori deserve way more views than they are getting.

    But yeah I agree with changing it up. When G-Dragon had his three week run I was pretty tired of all things G-Dragon for a while. And it sucks seeing a song I really like that I think would be great for KMM (and looking at the video you made you felt pretty much the same about them) linger somewhere in the lower regions of the charts.

    So I am all for the change, although I would tweek it a little like I and many others have said.

  38. TAEMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heeheehee!!!!!!!
    wait…..didn’t Key used to be your bias Martina!?

    yeah i soooooooooooooooooooo want BoA’s MV to be reviewed cos it’s just such an awesome song!!! absolutely love it!!! the choosing of the ending was a cool idea!! AND IT SHOULD JUST BE REVIEWED!!!!!

    i think maybe once every month you guys should just do a review on whoever you want!!

    hahahahaha sorry Simon for finding your loneliness funny!!!

  39. You choosing who you want to review on your own from the top three kind of defeats the whole purpose of voting, so basically, I think it’s a bad idea.
    Either choose without letting anyone vote or go with the most votes.

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