BoA “Disturbance” – Vote for it Here!


Ok, so we’ve been talking about this for a while now. We need to find a way so that girls and girl groups stop getting screwed over in the KpopCharts. There are some totally awesome songs out there, as well as totally awesome groups, that we just don’t get the chance to talk about unless they’re mega huge, like Girl’s Generation. Otherwise, smaller rookie groups with a fraction of the views will get voted in. Which, sure, is good for rookie groups, because they get a chance, but they’re not necessarily always a fair representation of what’s cool in Kpop at the moment.

So what do you think of our suggestion of us picking from the top 3 videos, rather than just automatically picking the top video? It’s got a few benefits:

1) We have more of an input on who we review, which means more fun for some reviews. If we get stuck talking about a video we don’t like, then the Kpop Music Monday might not be as fun, and we’d rather have fun reviews. We can’t like every song that’s in first place, you know?

2) We can balance out the reviews. Kpop Music Monday is a sausage fest. Girls need love, too. They’re a big part of Kpop, but you wouldn’t know that from watching our Kpop Music Mondays.

3) There’ll be an element of surprise, which is absent lately. People know who we’re gonna review by midnight Saturday, while our old Music Mondays were like “OMG! Who are you gonna review?”

There are some cons, of course

1) OMG Y U SO BIAS?!?! As soon as we pick someone who isn’t in first place…can you imagine the hellfury we’ll get from that fangroup? U GUISE ARE HATERZ! We’d be called every name in the book. One of the reasons why we built these KpopCharts was so that people could stop accusing us of that. We’d face it again. We’d be doing it for a good cause, but – hell – do we really want to deal with more whining?

2) That’s really the only con i can think of, unless you can think of others. Guise?

Let us know what you think.

Oh: and BoA’s video’s good, and deserves to be reviewed, which is why we’re talking about this right now.

Sistar19 “Gone Not Around Any Longer” – Vote for it Here!


Woohoo! Sistar’s back! Well, not fully back, but we’re big Sistar fans, aka Sissies. Alone was great, Loving U was even better, and this song is pretty cool as well. Not as great as Loving U, though. That makes me want to dance around everywhere. I don’t have that urge here. Doesn’t mean that it’s a bad song, though! It’s got saxomophones, and saxomophones are great. M83 fans, anyone? Midnight City is groovy, baby.

Also, this video is really well done. Really well done. That scene where the boy is getting pushed, and then he disappears through the door. HOLY CRAP IS THAT EVER IMPACTFUL! That, right there, is quality emotion-wrangling. That’s profound, man.

One thing we will say, though: we can’t remember the name of this song for the life of us. It would be easier if it was Gone Around Not Any Longer, because then I can abbreviate it as “GANAL” which is funny, and I can remember funny. Maybe if I say it a few more times I can remember.

GONE NOT AROUND ANY LONGER. Repeat it in a mirror. I must remember the name of this song!

Eric Nam “Heaven’s Door” – Vote for it Here!


See: we talk about rookies sometimes as well! We can’t talk about every rookie for Kpop Music Monday, because there are only so many Mondays per year, and about ten rookies per Monday (ha!) but we can at least try to shed some light on them in our KpopCharts and hopefully get you voting for them.

Side note, we actually saw a Malamute in Korea. If you’re ever in Hongdae at night on the weekend, there’s a cotton candy place at one of the busiest intersections in the clubby area, and the small cotton candy machine is only memorable because there’s a giant malamute there. It’s just sitting there, usually sleeping, with the owner. Big crowds of people gather round to see the dog, rather than get the cotton candy. We never actually had any of the cotton candy there, now that we think about it, but THE DOGGY IS SO CUTE! Well, not too cute. I tried petting it once and it growled at me. NEVER AGAIN!

  1. I think you should have a rotational system in reviewing. like in the 1st week, do the #1 in voting. and then next week, the video you prefer. it is your site but if you take out your fan voting participation then i am sure another site will take your place :p

  2. …I thought Eric Nam was from Atlanta…

  3. May I recommend a parody of Les Miserables made by Korean air force on Youtube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lZunEARBb6I ? I think this deserves your mention in What’s new in Kpop or some place.

  4. So far the top 3 are Sistar19, CN Blue, and Infinite H.
    Are you going to choose Sistar19 because they are a girl group?
    CN Blue because you’ve never reviewed any of their songs?
    Or Infinite H because they were constantly on the top of the charts for a month but never reviewed?
    Dilemmas dilemmas.
    Either one you choose, two other fandoms are going to be in a tizzy. :/

  5. Is there a way for you to factor in the YouTube views in to the countdown?

  6. I’m okay with the new method, I just hope that you guys pick videos that do have something that you are willing to criticize them for. If you only pick songs you love, then a bias is more clearly shown.

  7. What if you had the fans pick the best boyband and girlband and then do a flip coin to see which one gets reviewed. You could almost make a game out of that.

    • Hey, cool idea ~.o …but maybe just in those times where they can’t decide which song to review. Imagine them when SHINee is first place, but they don’t get to review them. NOOOO! xD I love SHINee and they love SHINee so it would break our hearts </3 xDDD OTL

  8. I think you guys should chose ^^ you are the ones putting all the hard work into the videos~

  9. I bought that same shower that SIstar has! When I moved apartments I had to switch out the traditional Korea hand hose thing :( you can’t shower with a hand hose

  10. I think I would agree with people who said that it should be once a month or so, instead of every week. That way you still get to pick one every now and then from the top 3, and people can still vote for their favorites the other weeks. I like the idea in general, but I would also fear the wrath of Fangirls who don’t get their way after voting so hard for weeks to get something to the top.
    That’s what I think at least. :)

  11. Well is a interesting idea but the backlash of it will be less votes, because people are not going to votebecause of the mindset of well: S&M are going to pick what they like (I have no problem with that) but is going to be that way you know, anyway great work guys!

    • Well, it may mean less fanatic voting, but people will still vote hoping that their video reaches top three.

      In fact, this cold actually be a driving factor to keep voting because your video, which previously not have had a shot at winning, because a big named group ( let’s say bigbang) came out the same week, still has a chance once it stays in the top 3.


  13. LOVE the end of your video this week. Great~

  14. Hoping to see Heaven’s Door next week!!! Love this. So happy for this that he is living “the dream.”

  15. I agree with the solution you have suggested. The bias is getting very unfortunate and I agree that boy bands are getting way too much air time.

  16. Why not include YouTube views in the calculations for which video wins on the kpopcharts?

  17. I agree that there’s a male bias (I would assume from a majority of female viewers) but I honestly don’t think that’s the problem with BOA. This song in my opinion is boring. From what I’ve seen win on the Kpop charts it tends to be more upbeat exciting songs, less ballads. Plus maybe because BOA gets so much attention elsewhere because she’s as you say “Huge” we’d like to talk about bands and singers that aren’t so “Huge”. Just some thoughts :/

  18. I want a review of cn blue! please!

  19. I don’t think picking from the top three is a good idea. Especially if the no1 spot got loads of votes. I know girl groups/artist don’t get much love unless they are well established groups/artist. Eg 2ne1, or snsd. But just choosing a girls over the boys isn’t going to make it fair. Maybe, you can do a different segment. What happened to kcrunch? May be you can mention artist/groups that don’t have a big fan base some much needed limelight. That way you guys are in control, and that way its not controlled by fans.

  20. I was wondering what would happen if you made a male list and a female list and alternated or combined music Mondays between the two. Perhaps picking which one you want to show from the top two on the male and top two on the female?

    Have there been any groups that had both (I haven’t seen any)? Cause that would make the above tricky…

  21. Dear Simon and Martina, whatever you end up doing, just know that I’ll always be there to back you up :)

    I won’t be able the ward off all the hate, but as Tablo says – focus on all the love ^^b

  22. About the sausage (in)fest(ation): I was thinking, maybe you keep to the way you did it until now:
    So, let’s say one week you talked about the one in 1st place (let’s say is was a boy band), and the next week the band in 1st place is a boy band again. If that’s the case, you choose the girl band that is within the top three. If there is no girl band, then you might as well talk about the 1st place, or choose one of the other two (since only the band changes, not the ‘gender’). As a whole, make sure you alternate girl-boy-girl-boy (as far as that’s possible).
    Hope I wasn’t too confusing & a little helpful. Looking forward to today’s KMM. Bisoux from Switzerland ^_^

  23. Hmm a lot of people seem to approve the top 3 idea… well, S&M, be warned that that’s only until their oppas get bumped off first place…

  24. Martina!! Missed you sooo muchㅠㅠ

  25. Jenna Yang

    I like the idea of S&M picking from the Top3.

  26. I think that is an awesome idea because most of the times everybody knows who’s gonna win and it lacks that element of surprise. I also think that this idea is a great way to combine the fans’ and your wishes. That way there won’t be like 4 KMM of Big Bang songs and there would be more diversity. There were a lot of times in which i wished you would review a song but i was 100% certain it wouldn’t stand a chance…i hope that can change now ^____^

  27. loving sistar’s video the most,(´´GANAL ´´ lol ) hav more feeling in it thn BoA`s , althoug it was a cute song and TAEMING was in it , I just….. DIDN`T FEEL anything ,she was busier trying to look LIKE if she was in pain ,it just didnt do it for me ,am i the only one ? ,(NOT BEING A HATER here just giving ma opinion i respect and adore both singers) .: S&M love from R,D

  28. I like the rotating system i saw in the comments! One week you guys pick the most voted video, the next one pick whatever (recent) video you want to review!! besides its a way to knowing/hearing more music that otherwise we may not :D

  29. People watching your videos want to hear what you have to say, so why wouldnt they trust your judgement on who to review?

    You should do what you want!

  30. Easy!
    You said that you were thinking about new segments and this is a do-able idée.
    Simon&Martina deside music Friday?
    Keep music monday a free for all, in as we vote, and then do an other music-day with YOUR favorit song, be it gurl or guy, be it old or new.
    An other idée is to make a segment for old songs, not old-old but like… before music monday time.
    For example: I would give an arm for a music monday for Wedding Dress or Mirotic or I’m just a girl, or Gee and so on!

    OR PSY s RIGHT NOW! (which is my favorit PSY song, Right now or It’s art)

    Or a segment about song with no vid, there are sooooo many songs that people, even fans, don’t know about because they don’t have a MV! Most of my favorit songs don’t have MVs and my friends who like the group havent even heard of the songs cuz they don’t have MVs!
    It makes me upset!


  32. I’m not gonna lie, I was disappointed that INFINITE H’s video hung on for so long and didn’t win in the end. HOWEVER, I really like BoA’s song and video and would be really nice to get reviewed. Also, I TOTALLY AGREE that the Kpop charts should be a little more “fair” for lack of a better word. There are some AMAZING girl groups that really deserve to be reviewed. I love Secret and Dal Shabet and Orange Caramel but they NEVER get reviewed!!! This makes me sad. Also, I really appreciate that you guys try to give rookies a chance, but most of the rookies voted in are guy groups. Even though most of my favorite rookies are guy groups, there are also female rookie groups that are great and I hope that fellow NASTIES will realize that girl groups are a big part of Kpop and deserve equal treatment.
    P.S. SISTAR19′s song and video were so freakin’ amazing. I was blown away. I really hope that gets reviewed too.

    • To be fair, they currently are getting equal treatment. Their fans have the same opportunity to vote them in as much as boy group’s fans do. It’s just that EYK’s fanbase as a whole likes male groups more. Heck, even Martina, when she talked about all the kpop she missed, listed out Big Bang, Super Junior, and SHINee. If those are among their favorite groups, then it’s not that surprising that EYK’s fans, likewise, prefer male groups.

  33. Another user made a good comment on the fact that any change to their formula may mean a change to their income and fanbase (positive or negative). I sympathize that they aren’t necessarily having as much fun with it anymore, but it’s a bit harder to say, “You should do whatever you want!” when the change isn’t affecting a hobby, it’s affecting their livelihood.

    I really don’t think a strict “we pick whatever we want from the top three” would necessarily work. It’d be frustrating to fans to work to get their video in the top three, keep it up there for as long as possible (which is, what, maximum of four weeks?) and then not have it picked ever. I agree with crazymadsad below me that people have different expectations out of what they want to see in KMM. Some people don’t care at all about the skits, and some people don’t actually care at all about any review aspect to it. And I’ve noticed, that recently, KMM don’t focus nearly as much on the song as they used to, and focus primarily on the video. If that’s the direction that KMM are going to stay in, then on a slightly selfish note, I worry for artists like UKISS. I know S&M like UKISS’s songs, but UKISS has some dreadfully dull, predictable MVs. Then there are other artists who might have wacky and eclectic MVs, but terrible songs, and I really could care less how interesting the MV is when you have to mute your computer just to tolerate having it up.

    I guess my personal preference is to have a mix of positive and negative reviews that are genuine and sincere, rather than grasping for something nice to say just because kpop fans are crazy. With reviews for a variety of artists from a variety of companies — even as someone who loves GD as my primary solo artist, a month of him and another month of BB was like come on, there’s other music out there. With the reviews focusing on a mixture of the music video itself, the song itself, and being funny with skits.

    I’m not sure how to get this (although the review part on sincerity and more of a mixture of MV/song/amusement is something S&M could do now). Perhaps the top ten could be a mixture — and the top ten could simply say “in the top ten” and every time you refresh the page, the order changes up so you have no idea where they are. S&M could draw randomly from the top ten. And if an artist gets a review this week, they’re automatically on a two week cool down, meaning, no matter what they release in the next two weeks, they can NOT get a review on KMM.

  34. I just had an idea from reading some of the comments.

    How about picking the “winner” randomly instead?

    1. Take the top 5-7 of the chart
    2. Write the artist/song names on pieces of paper
    3. Put the pieces of paper in a bowl, or in separate balls in a bowl or a “magic box”
    4. Blindfold your eyes, let the other spin you around to make you dizzy-wizzy
    5. Put your hand in the magic box
    6. Pick a random ball
    7. Unveil the random winner for next KMM!! NASTY SURPRISE!!

    This way, both viewers AND you will have a surprise every KMM. And you will never hear “why u so bias” ever again. And viewers won’t be mad at crazy fan-voting. Maybe you’ll get the video you wanted to review, maybe not. Maybe we’ll get our bias group reviewed, maybe not.

    What do people think about this? :)

  35. i already gave my idea about it.
    but it’s funny i realized how we all don’t see KMM in the same ways.
    i was talking about it with my sister and while for me i often vote for a video thinking how it has the potential to be a funny kmm with funny skits etc, my sister told me she actually doesn’t care a bit about the funny side and skits etc of your videos. All she wants is a review, a (more or less) objective opinion and point of view on a song and mv (but mostly the song more than the mv). So she votes for the song she likes, or doesn’t like, to know what you think of it.
    on a side note, i didn’t vote for that video, and i know you didn’t want to review it because you didn’t like it, but your U-Kiss’s Believe review is one of my fav ! It’s just hilarious, i love it. So i don’t think the “bad” videos and “bad” songs are negligible at all. They happen, at least to me, to be ones of the funniest KMM (i loved Bigbang’s Monster review too. And same as Simon i was like wth BB, i didn’t like that mv at all).

    • and… i hope i won’t get shot by saying this but. If you were doing this for the fun and as a hobby, if you were doing this just for yourself, i wouldn’t hesitate a bit to say : go ahead do as you love !!
      But this isn’t a hobby anymore right, it’s your job now. And i feel really sorry to know that you’re not having much fun lately because you’re reviewing mv/songs that you’re not always really liking… But, job isn’t always fun ? idk~.
      I’m not saying this because it’s convenient for myself. How many times was i sooo upset about a song/mv that didn’t make it (in like the last minutes) ! But i guess that’s just the way things go and work. :/ I’m upset Infinite H didn’t make it, and then i was upset CNBlue didn’t make it either, but, *shrug*, that just means that BoA (and shinee too i guess) fanbases were stronger. And that’s it. C’est la vie ?! It’s democracy, people chose it. That’s how voting works. The video that has the most votes wins and is elected the most popular, even if it’s not always ~fair~ and many other good ones deserve their chance too.
      Maybe the things you really can try to do is improve the voting system by stoping any spam. Like really. Completely. You can only vote just ONCE for a video. idk if it’d be once a day or once a week but, just one time. And no more comment. Or, people can comment but it wont affect the votes. Same for twitter/facebook/google etc. Just one time (a day or week). It could be more fair maybe.
      idk i’ve tried to figure out some solutions to solve that little problem but it’s not that simple and easy uh.
      (on another hand, i’m reading the comments and people seem to be mainly fine and ok with your top 3 system thing. so. idk. even tho i’m kinda doubtful about it, maybe you should just do it. see if it works)

      • unicornsgalaxy

        well really the only place people can spam is in the comments and the Mods do a pretty good job of cleaning those up considering that there are only 3 of them.

        You can only vote for a video once per day per ip address. Facebook and Google is only once period. And I’m not 100% sure about twitter but I think it’s something like once a day.

      • Blueberries

        For comment I’d like to see their value increase to maybe 2 point per comment. Cause in many huge fanbase people just come to vote and then never come to watch mv again. They just want to see their group artist win whatever the price is. Comments quite often are the thing which pulls rookie and not-so-popular groups up. There is also some serious or funny conversation going on in comment section, usually there isn’t much spam and the vague number of spam gets removed. I think comment section is best way to see what people think about mv in general and how they see it and it’s also way to connect with other fans.

  36. Cyber_3

    My suggestion:
    If people are going to whine too much about the chart winner (apparently they are already whining anyways?), then I suggest only reviewing the chart winner every second week. On the alternate weeks, Simon and Martina can pick the video and then maybe enlarge the mini-reviews from the kpop chart update that week to give people an incentive to still vote. Maybe a skit or two, or some dances, or even just 1 skit where the artist(s) of two or three of the videos meet (in a bar, in a spa, a boxing ring – wherever kpop stars mingle?) “discuss” their videos among themselves. This way, there will also never be two negative reviews in a row. The extra time to beef up the kpop chart update will be more than made up for by being able to plan, film, and edit KMM through the whole week. If the chosen video happens to also be on the chart, you could even have a two-parter. While I totally respect that S+M want to respect the fans and keep the participation, I think that they need to take back some of the creative control, which can only make for less stress for them and more LOLs for us.

  37. I agree with you choosing! I really miss the time when I had NO CLUE about who you were going to review… If it was going to be an old or a new song. So I’m actually into top 5 or something as well!:P

  38. I absolutely love the idea of you guys having more control. And picking from the top three is a great idea! We need to hear more about the girls! XD

  39. I support the idea that you choose the song you would most like to talk about. I think this way you can make the best possible video, since you don’t have to force yourself to find something in a song/video you don’t really like.
    Side note: It’s great to see Simon all happy again since Martina is back ^^

  40. ye!s – i get kinda sick of the boys bands – i often like them, but one after the other they can become a bit samey, and all these great songs get missed out :( Also, I watch KMM for you guys (im perfectly capable of listening to a song on my own and liking or disliking it… haha) … its more interesting when you have the freedom to say/do something different.

  41. I vote for the solution you proposed, tyranny of the majority is scary!!! (The play by Henrik Ibsen, “Enemy of the People” was life changing for me on this topic of the dangers of majority rules) Honestly what made you both so popular was hearing your insight and preferences of the Kpop industry that possessed credibility, wit, and well placed humor…similar to movie critic or wine spectator. People viewed your opinions as sort of litmus test of good vs. bad. Even with the top 3 it will still contain biases by voters but at least it will improve the quality and enjoyment on your part. It’s always most enjoyable when your passion shows through and we want you to enjoy it as much as us.

  42. What about reviewing two videos if it won’t put you guys out too much. One video voted in by fans and one chosen (not necessarily from the top 3 but the whole chart). More work for you, but it seems to me this would solve all the issues. Welcome back Martina!!

  43. Gabriel Maldonado

    I completely agree, girl groups don’t get enough reviewed enough! I totally agree with you Martina <3 EYK fighting!

  44. I mostly like your proposal but other people have made the point of losing interest in voting, fan hate etc. I think that the whole situation could be solved if you only put on the KPOP charts the videos you guise would like to review. That way people would still have interest in voting and you would get to review the videos you actually want to review.

  45. Martina, you are looking sooooo pretty! Granted, you are always cute as a button, but I just got finished watching all the KMM seasons in a row because I have no life and am so LONELY LONELY LONELY!! Damn you, Simon, for getting that stuck in my head all week! Anyway, I’ve watched you two gain weight and then lose it all in about two days. Seriously, ya’ll are looking so amazing! And I love your shirt; I totally want it. Not yours, of course, but I’d settle for one like it.

    I like the rant idea. It’s kind of like how they do the Oscars. Everyone in the guild gets to vote on nominations, then the top are decided by another, super secret group. Except you guise don’t suck donkeys at your job. :)

  46. Splitting the votes into a week for girls and then a week for guys, as many have suggested, wouldn’t solve the problem of groups with large fandoms voting in a boring video.

    • I don’t think they’re trying to fix the “boring video” problem, I think they’re just trying to give other singers (girls) a chance. Unless they’re super huge, they almost never have a chance and, at best, are left hovering in the 3-6 position until they’re pushed down.

      • No, they said on YouTube: “Making those charts actually cost a lot of time and money. Making a new one, that can specifically target just female artists, isn’t possible at the moment. Also, what if one week we have to do a girl group but there are no girl group songs we like? We’d have the same problem before of having to talk about videos that we don’t particularly like.”

        So they both want to review more female groups and only review music videos that they like.

        • I’m pretty sure I sound like I’m beating a dead horse here, but that’s why I keep saying that they should bring back the K Crunch Cocktail segment. They can pick whatever song/video/group they want, past or current. If that’s still not possible because of time constraints even though they have two interns now, then I say scrap the Chart Update in favor of the Cocktail.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          *grabs wooden club and beats with you*

          I’ve actually been thinking about this for a while and I REALLY wish they would replace the Chart Update with the K Crunch Cocktail. KMMs are supposed to reflect what they EYK Nasty community want. Well, I don’t think that a rush of votes at the last minute because the people who only watch the Chart Update on youtube accurately reflects the voice of the Nasties that are here day after day voting and commenting. How many times has a video been pushed off the number 1 spot because their fan group saw the Chart Update and (since Kpop fans will vote for pretty much anything) a rush of votes have come in for that groups. Yes, some of those might be Nasties, but the majority are not and would probably wouldn’t have even bothered if not for the Chart Update.

        • *beats clubs in solidarity*

          Exactly. Thanks for going into even more depth about the problem with chart updates attracting last-minute casual voters. I would have done it myself, but I’m feeling drained on the subject after bringing it up so many times. =.=
          Lol, that’s why I’ve resorting to copying and pasting my own old comments about it. XD

  47. Why don’t you just shift weeks? If that’s “allowed” by the fans. There are, generally, 4 Monday’s a month, right?

    1. Top boy(s) video

    2. Top girl(s) video

    3. Idea #1 for week 3: A “close, but not quite” video. How many videos almost made it but had a super powerful group/idol come out with something on Thursday or Friday and totally demolish them, leaving them down at 4th place by the end of the next week? (yes, I’m bitter about Secret’s “Talk That.”)

    Idea #2 for week 3. Give Indie’s there own Monday? I know you have the play lists, but maybe just straight up give them their own Monday. I found some great artists through your playlists, but it took me awhile to work my way over there because I first found you guys through the regular Kpop Music Mondays.

    4.End of the month. EYK’s favorite video of the month (or second favorite if it was already chosen, whatev’s~)
    Other than the last one, they’d all be chosen by the fans/voters (If you create a Indie list, but whatever~), so people should be pleased, and girls would also get a fair shot of actually being review instead of stuck behind the sexy mouth whipings of boy bands all the time, and it would give you guys a chance to tell us YOUR favorite. Which I’d actually be really interested to see. I mean, it’s easy to tell when you guys are really excited to review something. Even if I don’t like the song, I love seeing your guys get into it, either with the skits, or the analysis.

    Just my suggestion(s). I’d watch regardless cause you guys are a hoot. <3

  48. Honestly, I think that’s a really great idea to change the system without taking away our part of the voting as well. Plus, groups with stronger followings will still be eligible for the next week’s voting, won’t they? So if they last for a certain amount of time, there’s still a chance they’ll get voted in even if they don’t hit number one.

    That said… I was reeeeeeeally hoping CNBlue could get reviewed this week! They were finally at number one, but it looks like BoA toppled their lead thanks to views. I absolutely love BoA’s song and video, so even while I’m not complaining… I was hoping CNBlue might finally get reviewed, too. TT_TT It’s hard when you like ALL THE KPOP and not just one or two groups.

  49. Melissa Dischert

    NNNOOO SIMON! WHY?! Why the f word on your hat?!!! Me and my 11yr old son love watching you guys because we love kpop and you guys are so super funny! Thats the first thing he saw and was all like “What?” and I was like “UH….derp!” He actually turned it off -although I was super proud of him-I was all like “NNOOOOO!” Not even eatyourkimchi is safe for me and my baby!” Where do we turn now for fun times together?! Guess I’ll just have to watch them first and let him know if he can-he is going to be sad…..tears will be shed……

    • The problem with eyk is that Simon exaggerates waaay to much the nasty theme, especially since the fangroup name was decided. Their audience is mainly under-age, they should consider that a bit. That’s my honest opinion. It’s not too bad, don’t get me wrong, but there are some parts that I wouldn’t watch with my parents…

  50. Cyber_3

    As for Eric Nam’s m/v, I think it’s shot in the Vancouver area. That road sign (under the stop sign) is clearly in English and looks like either a Canadian or American type. I guess it could be in Washington State or Alaska (which they are trying to make it look like) but those mountains are oddly pyramidal (is that a word?) and I don’t recognize them. There are lots of houses like that outside of Vancouver though, especially in the skiing communities. Also, Asians looooooooove Vancouver for some reason.

  51. I like the idea of having a selection of songs to choose from for Music Mondays. One of the main reasons I became a fan was because you did reviews of really awesome songs, and the skits completed the whole package.

  52. Finally, some love to the girls :D
    I love the idea and you should do whatever makes you the most comfortable. Because, well, we love you while you’re doing stuff that you’re interested in, so this would be a nice change. Good luck having all sorted up and avoiding the haters!

    Much love from Croatia!

  53. I’d really love that. No offense but I noticed that you guys were funnier when you chose the KMM yourself… And I’d love to have that back. And we Nasties still have a say. Top 3 FTW!

  54. Why not add youtube average daily views (divided by 1000) to your charts equation? You often mention the youtube view count, it reflects the general popularity of the song, plus it should overcome the male bias the EYK charts tend to have.

    As I understand it your charts equation is something like this:

    (Votes + comments + 4 x (Facebook shares + Google Plus shares + Twitter Shares) ) / Days released.

    How about instead use:

    (Votes + comments + (youTube views/1000) + 4 x (Facebook shares + Google Plus shares + Twitter Shares) ) / Days released?

  55. Yayyyyy!!!! And please review BoA. Or CNBLUE. I love both.

  56. Hareem Siddiqi

    I don’t think the top 3 thing would work, but mayb u could divide a music monday into two and have one part for a girl group or second place?

  57. I like your guys’ idea, but to keep it completely fair and no one is like, ZOMG I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT…BLAH…BLAH..BLAH (more venting nonsense). I think you should alternate it between weeks. Like one Monday you guys do a review YOU wanna do and the next Monday you do a video that was voted in. I think that would be completely fair. And yes, I think there are a whole BUNCH of good videos that haven’t gotten credit which makes me sad. Ones like Kim Sung Kyu’s I Need You, I almost cried ’cause it didn’t get reviewed and it was 1: A really good song. 2. It was very different from other k-pop songs and 3. THE VIDEO WAS GOOD ENOUGH TO GET REVIEWED! But yes, I agree 1,000,000%!

    • But it’s not always that good video = fun review (don’t get me wrong, I love Sunggyu). Somtimes it’s the opposite.

      • I agree. Super Junior had that one terrible MV (SFS I think?), but the review was awesome. And there have been other fabulous MVs where the KMM was not nearly as interesting.

  58. Maybe there is a way to include the amount of views on youtube or something? Anyway, I think the fans will get used to it soon enough. Anyway, if there really is a ridiculous amount of votes you two will also know that reviewing that video would probably be a wise decision XD

  59. My deal about KMM voting is that fandoms can continuously vote over and over. You don’t like the comment spam so why not put a reign in on the multiple times someone can vote? Maybe once per day? I don’t know the technological aspect of doing this but I know other sites have done this before. If a group has tons of fans they automatically get way up there whether the song/MV is good or not. Smaller fan-backed groups get the short end of the stick. It’s not just an issue between the balance of girls vs boys, it’s also an issue of these established fan-heavy groups vs groups with not as many fans.

    • Do you mean vote or comment? Because you can only vote once per day per IP address anyway. And with respect to the comments, the moderators are here to ensure that there is little spamming.

      In fact how most videos win is mostly through Facebook and google plus sharing which is valid once ever per account.

      • Yup, I think you mods do a good job of making sure there is not too much spamming going on in votes or comments or anything. People seem to have this misconception that crazy fangirls are weighing the charts in their favor with hundreds of spam votes, which is not actually true.

  60. or you could make 2 different kpop chart => one week for the male bands and the other week for the ladys !!
    but i know it could be much more work to do for you….
    anywayyyyyy, i hope you’ll find a solution ^_^
    gros bisous from France :)

  61. number one isn’t even a con because people still complain that there are groups that have big fanbases and will win no matter. example: bigbang multiple times in a row in 2012. Love Bigbang but I don’t need you guys to talk about them 3 times in a row. also picking from top 3 will give diversity put still gives older videos chance. if you know girls generation has a big fan base and will stay in top 3 for one to two more weeks you might review a lesser known group first before it falls down the chart. also there are some great groups that reach top 3 put just don’t have that large of a fanbase that’s dedicated enough to push them to 1st and this will be a good opportunity for them. rant over please forgive any grammar errors I wrote this in a hurry and don’t want to read it over.

  62. Starsania

    While I myself am not a huge fan of the girl groups. (don’t hate me!) I do like a few of their songs. I agree with allowing yourselves a little more creative freedom with videos. Having the ability to choose maybe a video with more things to talk about over a really popular ballad song, which is still good but doesn’t always NEED a review, would be good. I know you can foresee incoming hate mail from the tweens and obsessive ones but I do feel the need for you guys to establish that this place is all about your insights and opinions and if people aren’t mature enough to accept that they should disagree rationally or GTFO.

    I’ve always felt you guys attract an audience that can handle harsher reviews and I love you for it. Oh so much love. <3

  63. Cyber_3

    I’ll probably be killed for this but……..is the kpop chart winner always the “most popular” video? While it’s a nice theory that everyone has the same ability to vote, the truth is that some people with more time or dedication will be there voting consistently every shot they get while others will vote when they happen to be looking at the site for a new video or when they happen to think of it. Even people’s motivations will be different: you could vote for the group you like best, or the video with the most fodder for a fun review, or even just to bump the one you don’t like out of the top…..and eyk is popular enough now that there’s bound to be even a few paid-per-clickers in the mix. While it’s obvious that it’s really important to Simon and Martina to include the fans through participation and it’s part of what makes the site, I’m not sure the kpop chart (as it is) is doing it for me any more.

    I don’t add any song myself since this is where I get my new leads from so I vote for the song I like best on the front page, usually within the top 5 and I can almost guarantee that every week, my pick never makes it. C’est la vie? It’s not like it’s a huge impact on my life or anything, however, to know that there are potentially some tween girls sitting in an internet cafe constantly pumping the vote for their dreamy guy ballad kind of takes the incentive out of my participation. Maybe if only registered users could vote (once a day), it would keep things a little more even? Or close the top five/ten on Wed. or Thurs. so it would be like a runoff vote? Or reset the numbers every week? Or songs favoured by S+M could be identified on the list so that those of us more in support of the LOLs than certain groups could know where to put our votes? Or all of the above?

    Also, no more ballads please? Please? (ducks and runs for cover) While technically still kpop, I mean, how can you review “the dance” when there is none? The dance reviews are by far one of the best things of kpop music mondays. When I saw the 100th episode last night, I realized that a fair bit of the “in jokes” are about the dances.

    As the eyk brand grows, the slant of the kpop charts may also make things difficult for S+M to get interviews. Which kpop star would come on eyk if Simon and Martina had never reviewed any of their videos? How could they choose to review a video prior to an interview if they have NO say in who which video they review? It has to be frustrating. So yeah. I agree that changes need to be made in which videos are chosen to be reviewed and I think that you can do it without alienating any of your fans. You wouldn’t alienate me anyways because the participation is just a bonus for me, but still I am probably not your main demographic either. The “once a month special” is a good idea, but I think that it doesn’t go far enough. Why not save the specials for random holidays (so much opportunity for laughs) and so much more….special?

    But what do I know, I just like to listen to music, laugh, and dance.

    Cyber_3 – get off my weedy Canadian lawn……….full of snow……..yeah, I saw your footprints………

    • I like a lot of your points. the only thing I would point out is that some people seem to think that fans can spam vote hundreds of times for their bias, which isn’t actually true. If I am remembering the rules that the mods have posted multiple times correctly, only 1 vote per person/machine counts a day. So at most a person can only spam vote 7 times per week per machine. And the comments only count for points if they are intelligent ones that talk about the video. Spammers rarely can come up with that many intelligent comments about the video (I think). Admittedly, this still is going to put a little more weight with those fans that vote every day, but I think it’s a pretty close representation of what viewers want to watch.

      • “Spammers rarely can come up with that many intelligent comments about the video (I think). ”

        Hah, but oh how they try ( and usually fail ).

        • Hehe, yeah. I just had a mental image of Ninja Mods, lurking around the cyberspace corner, waiting for spammers to step into their web of doom.

      • You don’t have to comment with every vote. Votes count for a certain amount of points, and comments count for a certain amount of separate points, but they are not dependent on each other, though the points all go into the same overall amount of points (I’m not explaining this very well, the EYK charts has a button you can click that breaks everything down.)

        Yeah, determined spammers will always find a way, however I think the system helps cut down on a lot of spamming. No online voting thing will ever be completely accurate. I do like the idea of only doing the winner every other week, or something like that.

        Hah! A lot of editing.

        • Cyber_3

          Yeah, you edited your post too so now I’m not sure what to say :P. Certainly I thought you were helpful. I *did* read the “first time voter” thingy but it was very confusing. My edits were to take out the too many good ideas for spammers, not for nasty, er, inappropriate comments. I certainly don’t want to help out people who are so determined to have their group win regardless of the quality of the video that they lose sight what it means to be selected for KMM – an honest review with a good chance of mocking ;) hah. After the comments here and looking more closely at the voting process, I can see that more filtering is being done that I originally thought too.

        • I’m glad I was helpful. The voting thing was pretty confusing to me as well, but after lots of browsing comments and mod posts and stuff, I finally figured it out, I think. I actually think one of the most brilliant ideas which may be unintentional is that it lets you think you can easily spam vote. It lets you click on the vote button multiple times per day, and just doesn’t tell you that none of those extra votes are counting. Ingenious.

          Yeah, I’m technologically inclined enough that I can take a guess at what some of those ideas were, but I won’t feed the spammers. :) It’s good for the mods to know though, so good that you shared with them.

    • Sorry about the other post. But I understand your points and we are aware of those methods.

      • Cyber_3

        Um, I’m not sure what you’re sorry about, but thanks? If you’re this level of mod, my heartfelt admiration is yours. I am sorry that I was just having a “serious day”, maybe I should go to bed – LOL! I am gonna edit that last post too……

        • Lols. It was probably in your cache when I deleted it. I was apologizing for having to delete it. I actually am keeping a copy of it to remind me of what you said, so thanks.

  64. I really really want some of the SURPRISE factor… and dont worry abour HATERS, We humans get used to everysinglething so they’ll get over it (or maybe not, but who cares!)

  65. This is the first time that I see Taemin as a REAL MAN, and also as a GROWN HANDSOME one.. Men, I not even recognized him at first! AND the song, OMG THE SONG!, it’s just such a good one! Guess we people just like to see numerous hot boy bands being reviewed on KMM and we’re skiping a lot of amazing singers here! We need to change that like right now! See you guys, I’m going to vte for BOA’s song.

  66. The videos have some great camera work!

    second: sad song (;_;)… I agree with you Simon… it would’ve been terrible to review the video when Martina wasn’t around

    third: song not that addictive(he has a great voice though) but love the video. The dog looks like a Husky dog(I love Huskies!). Again great camera angles!

  67. I totally agree with your suggestion of choosing from the top three. I would LOVE that :)

  68. I think there is only one good solution for your problem. So, it goes like this: choose a song you want to review, get 3 balls, 2 with the same colour and the 3rd one different. Associate the song that is winning the carts with the 2 balls and the one you want to do with the 3rd, lonely, ball. In this way you respect your audience’s choice, but also get a chance to do what you want. Do this when the voting for the KMM ends in a live chat! In this way you won’t be blamed for faking the draw or anything. And we’ll also get to see your reaction when you see the winner! :) And, if you don’t have time to do the draw Saturday at midnight, just do it as soon as you can after the voting ends. You’ll have an extra corner and we get to see the process as well, completely transparent and fair. Oh, and with all the balls, it fits just well the Nasty theme! PROBLEM SOLVED!
    PS: If you choose to use this method, I’d really appreciate if you say my name first time you do it, just to feed on my ego mwahahah. Carmen from Romania :)

  69. “So what do you think of our suggestion of us picking from the top 3 videos, rather than just automatically picking the top video?”

    Hmm… I don’t think is such a good idea… I mean yeah we’ll have the notion of surprise (and of course I would’ve wanted CNBLUE to get in first place (;_;)) but there’ll be more hatred between us and you guise would end up being bashed with ugly comments and I dont want that. No matter the preference you guise (and keeping the EYK family together as much as possible) are more important. And even if I don’t get the review I want I’ll always look forward to whatever video you will post. :)


  70. I know you already have so much work and use so much time on this, but it could be so awesome if you could make two music mondays one for girl groups and one for boy groups. I totally understand that you don’t have time for that, so i think the top 3 ideer is good.

  71. how about a kpop girl group corner or something xD Where you review a song from a kpop girl group you wanted to review but they never got a chance to get to #1 . Could be like twice a month or so xD just saying…

  72. I think one week we pick and the next week you guys can pick a song that you like because i’m getting tired of watching videos get on KMM that got got there so bia-ish !

  73. I picture you doing a skit with a fake lottery where you pick the name from a hamster ball or something. The end of music mondays or kpop updates could be the ‘lottery’ for the next week. Then it won’t be your fault! (And if u rig it, no one will know….) This would allow you to pick from a larger pool of songs or at least have an even number of girl/boy bands inside. You’re both so creative, I bet you’ll figure something out soon.

    On a side note, Sistar has invented a new way to wax tabletops….so naughty….

  74. i speak ONLY for myself. i like some 2ne1, and i liked Fx’s electric shock, and there have been a few songs here and there from girl groups that i liked. aside from that though, not only have i not heard a whole lot that i liked i really have no interest in watching these girls be objectified and made to dance around to the tune of some man’s prepubescent fantasies of women. some of the songs are good enough to get me past that but by and large they are not. Sure the boys get objectified too. i mean heck, there’s a male duo out there called Tasty. if that’s not a double entandre i dont know what is. But for every face arousal raunchy thrust from a less than stellar guy group (and whoooa boy are there some d-list boy bands out there) you have a near equal amount of artist driven, well thought out spectacular performances. the Girl groups just dont have that same balance. i watch inkygayo and everytime i see a Girl group with a song i havent heard before i will give it an honest chance, but they almost always fail to impress. so while, yea, i fangirl out over Big Bang and “OMG it’s J.J!” for me at least the reason i like more boy band music than girl group music is that the the boy band’s are better. it SUCKS for the girls that they work in a culture that relgates them to such mediocrity and it’s HORRIBLE that they don’t get a chance to shine as often as their male counterparts, but i’m not going to listen to a song i dont like or watch girls being made up like dolls which makes me want to puke just for the sake of gender equality.

    • I agree. There are not that many girl groups or songs that I like, I find their voices are usually too high pitched for me and I really dislike the overtly sexy dancing and aegyo. I would like to see the girl groups do some more challenging choreography, leaving out the sexy dancing. Maybe they are afraid if they did that they would lose too many fans? I have a couple of daughters and I would not be happy to see them up on stage doing some of the dances these girls do (it makes me think of strip clubs/lap dances). Some of the videos by girl groups that I did like are the ones that are humorous like Girl’s Day’s Oh My God, Orange Caramel’s Lipstick and Miryo’s Dirty, none of which got reviewed unfortunately.

      P.S. I don’t like the name Tasty either but they are really good dancers.

      • i really like Tasty as well. (please nobody read this as snarky b/c that is NOT at all how it is intended) but i thought one of the reasons for the studio was that it would allow for the production of MORE segments. totally understand if that’s not the case, but if you can do more segments then in addition to KPMM you could also do other segments that would allow for the inclusion of more girls, and more less well known artist. Last year Nuest deserved a review TWICE and didnt get it b/c they were beat by the mega fan clubs. we’re unlikely to see acts like Mr.Mr, Tasty or Phantom on KPMM b/c they just havent been around long enough to have the giant loyal following like some of these other groups.

        • Have you been around long enough to remember the K Crunch Cocktail segment? They stopped doing it sometime early last year because they didn’t have enough time. Just in case you don’t know of it, it was a segment where they picked 3 songs entirely by themselves that they wanted to talk about. The review may have been positive, negative, or neutral, but there was always something about the song or video that they wanted to say, or wanted to bring attention to. And their selections can go way back. They covered Mirotic, which is a 2008 song. It’s a great way for people who are newer to Kpop to be exposed to older releases by a variety of groups. Even if you’re not that new to Kpop, you’re still likely to find “new” good songs to listen to.

          I’ve seen other people around here besides myself who would love to see the K Crunch Cocktail brought back. We all understand that they had to stop last year because there just wasn’t enough time, but as you said in your comment, I also thought that one of the reasons for getting the studio and hiring interns was to allow for the production of new segments, or in this case, perhaps bringing back an old one.

          I’m too tired right now to want to retype my previous comment on the subject of chart updates vs the cocktail segment, so I’m just going to copy and paste what I wrote 3 months ago:

          I wanted to say that one of these comments, by Audrey, had a part that completely mirrored my own feelings regarding the voting system and KMM. Though I only started commenting and voting on EYK about 5 or 6 months ago, I’ve been a regular viewer for over a year. I miss the KCrunch Cocktails. The one S&M did that included MBLAQ’s Y was how I discovered MBLAQ, and they’ve become one of my favorite bands. I’d also never heard of Mirotic before they introduced it to me. KCrunch Cocktails give S&M a chance to say something about videos that they want to talk about. It also provides exposure for artists and songs that just don’t have the fan base to get them high enough on the charts. In addition, they provide the opportunity for much older videos to be given the spotlight, which is perfect for newer kpop fans who haven’t been around for years and probably aren’t familiar with a diverse range of bands.

          As Audrey mentioned up above, the KPop Chart Updates only serve to fuel unhealthy competition in the charts; I don’t want our comment section to become as divisive and flat-out rude as All Kpop’s. Most of the time S&M tweet when a new song from one of the more popular groups is posted on the charts; this seems an adequate amount of promotion to me. Those songs normally rise up to the first page pretty quickly and therefore gain a lot of visibility already even without the chart updates. So why have an update covering songs that most people already know about? It’s just my opinion, and I in no way mean any disrespect toward S&M, but I do feel strongly that the KCrunch Cocktail segment would go a long ways toward addressing some of the voting system issues that naturally arise from it being fan-driven.

          Perhaps now that S&M are in the process of making the studio a reality and recruiting staff, they will have the time and resources to revive the KCrunch Cocktail segment.

          Sorry for the super long comment, but this is a subject that I’ve been thinking about for months. ^_^; Who knows? Maybe S&M are already planning on reviving the Cocktail. Anyway, it seems like a good way to bring attention to more girl groups, more rookie groups with smaller fanbases, and great MVs that have gotten shafted in the past.

  75. Waah~ I’m so pleasantly surprised to hear ‘Hey Jude’ at the end of your video!! ^^ I think you made an awesome cover :P Though what were you saying instead of hey Jude? Jaejoong? :D Why~ ah, I’m gonna listen to some good old Beatles’ songs now ^^

  76. I think that change is necessery. The truth is that sometimes voting is a war between fandoms, and people don’t vote because that song is nice to see it reviewed, but because it is group a. And come on Kpop Music Mondays should be fun, It is nice that we – nasties have an opportunity, but since this blog is owned by Simon and Martina they should have voice in choosing songs for KMM. And our votes still counts – we decide who is in top 3. And I really miss an element of surprise. So come on, let them have a choice, they will be able to work with more enthusiasm!

  77. I wouldn’t be too put off by the con, if you review the number 1 spot and don’t like it you’ll be called biased because you don’t like it. The only real con I’d see is that people feel their vote doesn’t count as much anymore. So as people have suggested alternate between things, like a #1 spot review and after that a review either from the top 3 or anywhere on the chart as a Simon and Martina pick. This ensures people will still feel like their vote counts and also ensures that you can do the songs that you really like. And maybe give some extra attention to rookie/smaller groups, I still feel sad when I see the number of views on some of the more fun songs of 2012. Girl’s Day, Dalshabet and Kim Sori deserve way more views than they are getting.

    But yeah I agree with changing it up. When G-Dragon had his three week run I was pretty tired of all things G-Dragon for a while. And it sucks seeing a song I really like that I think would be great for KMM (and looking at the video you made you felt pretty much the same about them) linger somewhere in the lower regions of the charts.

    So I am all for the change, although I would tweek it a little like I and many others have said.

  78. I think your older KMM were more entertaining because you had more to say about them since you actually chose them. Now, sometimes music videos with no plot or nothing particularly interesting in them get voted in and you guys don’t really have anything to talk about. In your older videos, since you were able to choose them, you were able to pick the videos that appealed most to you and ones that you had a lot of things that you wanted to talk about in them. Maybe if you don’t want to totally go back to that, you could just do one KMM at the end of the month with your favorite video of that month. That way people get to see videos that they voted for, but there is also a chance for you to talk about what you want to talk about as well as introduce groups or songs people may not have noticed or heard of.

  79. PunkyPrincess92

    TAEMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heeheehee!!!!!!!
    wait…..didn’t Key used to be your bias Martina!?

    yeah i soooooooooooooooooooo want BoA’s MV to be reviewed cos it’s just such an awesome song!!! absolutely love it!!! the choosing of the ending was a cool idea!! AND IT SHOULD JUST BE REVIEWED!!!!!

    i think maybe once every month you guys should just do a review on whoever you want!!

    hahahahaha sorry Simon for finding your loneliness funny!!!

  80. I wonder what they’re gonna do now, since BoA got into 1st place since the Kpop chart update….. Maybe Martina’s proposal was just what we all needed to really stick to the system and vote for not only our bias, but what we think would make a great KMM….

  81. You choosing who you want to review on your own from the top three kind of defeats the whole purpose of voting, so basically, I think it’s a bad idea.
    Either choose without letting anyone vote or go with the most votes.

  82. Why don’t you guys do a special MM once a month about a song you really wanted to review during that month but couldn’t cuz it didn’t get voted to #1? Like take a song from every week and have a special voting and the end of the month consisting of 4 songs (a song from every week that didn’t get voted to 1 but that you wanted to review)that didn’t get chosen and then review it. Perhaps that way, less popular songs that are still really good get a chance in the spotlight. Maybe?

  83. It might be too much work but what if you did a KMM with a part a and a part b. Part A is the one voted in and part b is the one you wanted to do. Maybe a full KMM and a mini KMM. It would help bring awareness to some of the groups that don’t get that top slot. Some of my favorite KPOP groups are the ones that you brought to my attention. You don’t have to wait (or even film) until after the votes are done because you know which one you want to do, that will never make it to first place. You might even give up KPOP Chart updates.
    Just a thought!

  84. Do you think it will take away from your website hits (comments being the top one) if you change the way voting is done. If a fan group thinks they don’t have a chance of getting their band for KMM they might do somewhere else. Think of the BAPS and the SUJU fans. Aren’t they usually the highest rated groups when it comes to KMM?

  85. You guys could do like one week is boys week and the other girls week. The most voted boy band ( that of course will be on first place) gets reviewed on its week and the most voted girls band ( doesn’t matter if they are in 10th place) but if they are the first among girls, they get revised, got it? This way it gets balanced and you guys don’t have to choose and then be killed by sasaeng fans….Because even though girls are great it’s hard even to find girls among the three most voted….I don’t know, I will keep on watching anyways!! yayyyyyy Martina!!!!!!

  86. Just a quick comment, if someone suggested this before then sorry for repeating, but lately I’ve been spending too much time in front of the computer and I didn’t read the comments this time. Without further ado: when you (and some Nasties as well) said that you have to do something to give female artists a chance to be reviewed more often, I asked myself a question: what would I do to solve the sausage fest problem? And here’s my idea: If there are male artists reviewed X (e.g. 3) weeks in a row, then for the next week you could choose whoever you want to review, and not necessarily from the top 3. I know it’s not a perfect solution, but no matter what the system is, there always will be someone complaining about it.

  87. I think it’s a good idea…I also liked the surprise element…

  88. Yes! I love it! I think you guys should at least try out your idea of picking from the top 3, at least until you find another method that works better. I mean, If we had that system at work right now, Orange Caramel would’ve gotten a review and maybe Hyuna’s Ice Cream too! I know you guys would be fair about it. You wouldn’t stop every boy band from winning every week just because you might have the power to. And also remember these reviews aren’t just for us, they are for you too! So I think if once in a while you feel strong enough about a song that you feel you need to review it, you should be able to. :)

  89. GOOD IDEA. Go for it. I agree with another commenter who said that it would be a good idea to show the top three, but not show which one’s in first place.

    About the turtlenecks – I LIKE turtlenecks! A lot! You may consider this an issue, especially since I’m studying fashion design :D My graduating collection has lots of beautiful mock turtlenecks~ http://apersonalcharm.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d5t66c1

  90. you guys have have a similar problem like the “Eurovision Songcontest” when they changed it from a jury to a voting system for viewers. It’s so predictable because almost all the countries vote for their neighbour countries no matter how good or bad a song was, so some countries never had a chance at all. The Scandinavians voted for each other, so did the eastern countries and greece always gets the highest points from cyprus. It was pretty pathetic.
    Eurovision realized the problem and changed the voting system to 50/50 (half jury, half viewers). Their problem still exists because it seems viewers still have more power than jury but at least it’s not THAT biased anymore.

    I find the top 3 thingy a bit dangerous because of obvious shitstorms. I mean this is not just a hobby for you guys, right? so it’s your interest to keep as many viewers as possible. Someone here suggested something really good: maybe if u could hide the top positions in the charts the shitstorms won’t be as bad?! I have no idea …and the surprise factor would be back too.
    Whatever you guys do, good luck! I love your shows! …even if I’m not that much into kpop boy bands ;-)

  91. I really think Sistars video, there is a LOT more to talk about here than in BoA’s, for example check out at 2:30 how the girls dance like PSY lol, also the girls sexy dance at that table, lol I can imagine Martina or Simon dancing that! About the voting system I agree with Tru Vu suggestion. A rotating voting system will please the fans, calm the haters and give you Simon an Martina the opportunity to give some groups or solo artists the mention that they deserve and avoid that some good videos get on the almost won list.

  92. I’m not a fan of anyone in particular so I’m sure I’m not in the majority opinion here but: wouldn’t it be better to allow them to review what would make the best review? Some songs and videos are just boring.

  93. I really want that Infinite H and C.N blue video would be reviewed, so I vote for them also, not only for Boa. Yeep, also I think that if Hyuna’s song Ice Cream was reviewed, it would be the nastiest video and the most memorable. xD People are biased and we can’t do anything about it. So I will vote for Boa later, because now I want Infinite H song for Music Monday, it’s good. But I liked other ideas about top 3 videos.
    Also, sorry Simon, I laughed once at you >.<
    Cute dooogs, ~ So Nam Bingos or Nam cats? xD

  94. I think it’s a good idea to let you pick between the top 3. ^^ maybe we don’t have to watch big bang reviews for 3 weeks in a raw if you do so. ^^

  95. It might be a little sneaky, but, if you choose in the top 3, you should hide the number of facebook, google +, commentary and votes. That way, people will still know who are in the top 3, but can’t tell who is first.
    People couldn’t call you biased, and you would be able to choose the video freely.

  96. And…What about to choose one boy-band and one girl band each week If they are rating more all less the same? I think it would be much work for you but that would be more fair for you and for the fans.

  97. I think Boa’s video is really creative,the ending part…and OMG I want that dog!

  98. You’ve got our support guise. I would really like to hear you guys talk about MVs that you want to review. I would really honestly ask you to stop reviewing Super Junior until they’ve got an out-of-the-box video or have songs like It’s You (The best title/follow up, idk, song from SJ in my opinion). This is your thing, if we don’t like it, we don’t watch it (I don’t watch certain KMMs because I don’t really know the singer/group).

    Whatever floats your boat guise. Oh and sorry ELFs for whatever I stated above if it offended you. It’s not my intention to. ^^

  99. The funny thing in Germany about dogs is that there are sooooooo many!!! Like really every family has one, you see them every where (i have one too). And it doesn´t matter if the dog is 2m tall or only 10cm they are ALWAYS cute for germans (for children who are only 2 years old, babys and old people, ALWAYS). And when there is someone who isn´t from germany and there is a dog walking and there are 50m between them there start to scream and run away…. -.-

  100. On whether you should pick or not: I think over all it could be good. That element of surprise might have more people tuning in on monday. Most importantly, it could increase the quality of your videos if you choose ones that you can make a more entertaining video about.

    Some other cons to consider is largely this: Yes you may get more girl groups in, but is that what your viewers want to watch? Not necessarily. A large part of the online kpop fandom is female, which is why mostly boy groups get voted in. I’m not really interested in watching the girl group videos. It has nothing to do with the music or the video, but I simply do not like the sound of most girls voices. I find male voices to be a lot more pleasant to listen to, and a lot more attractive to my ears. Usually, the only way I enjoy a girl group KMM is if you guys are particularly funny/entertaining.

    So you might gain more male viewers by picking out more girl groups, but at the potential cost of decreasing female viewers, particularly on that video.

    Lastly, and most importantly: It will simply shatter my Kissme heart if you ever refuse to review U-Kiss. You may hate songs like Believe, but I still want to hear your opinions on it, and see skits done off it. Part of the excitement of U-Kiss having a comeback is that I get to see them reviewed again for KMM, and giggle like a foolish fangirl the whole time. And U-Kiss usually has 3 or 4 comebacks a year. Can you imagine how it must feel for someone who’s band only has 1 comeback a year, but you never chose their video, so the fans had to wait another whole year before they could vote it up again so that they can try to get you to pick it?

  101. I would love the element of surprise being brought back again, that’s what made Music Monday, Music Monday. However, there are those hardcore voters who wants their group to always get the music monday, if not, they go crazy O-O I was thinking maybe take the top voted song along with a randomly generated number which will be reviewed too?

  102. kawaii_candie

    I think that you guys picking a song out of the top 3 is a great idea. although i do like boybands so it’s not like i am bored of you guys reviewing them, but you’re right, girls need attention to! you should do it.

  103. could you get rid of ranks 1-3 and just make them ‘top 3′ instead, so you can just pick one?

  104. Hmmm sounds like a good idea. I’m worried about the hate you guys’ll get from it though. I support the idea though. It’d be nice to see a girl group review every now and then.

    I love how’s Boa’s video kinda lets you choose the ending to it. It’s a cool idea.

    Sistar. o -o That glass table seemed invisible to me in some shots.

    Eric Nam. He’s just adorable, and so is the doggy! Alaskan Malamutes~ Love them just as much as Huskies and Samoyeds. And he gets my respect for tweeting about the eyk charts so many times. :P In 3 different languages, might I add. o -o

  105. What about including the number of views with the votes. For example, say a video got 2.5 million views but it only has 2,000 votes. You can take the 2.5 divided it by two and get 1.25 and multiply that by votes, or simply mulitple the 2.5 by the number of votes. It’s all based on how much you want the views to count for. 2,000 x 1.25=2,500 votes or 2,000 x 2.5= 5,000. That way the views don’t go unaccounted for and we can truly have a song chosen by both the fans and the popularity of the video.

    I don’t know if that is too much math or not, but I think it’s a way to be unbiased; because some of your funniest videos come from songs you guys weren’t that into. I would hate to give that up.

    • I would say the problem with that is the views don’t necessarily reflect what the EYK viewers want to see. For example, U-Kiss never does that well on the music video views, but they do remarkably, incredibly well on EYK votes. And the EYK charts was created to be a reflection of what the EYK viewers (the nasties) enjoy and want reviewed, not as a reflection of what the rest of the world, which doesn’t necessarily even watch EYK, likes.

      I think including view counts would also make it incredibly hard for any rookie group that doesn’t come from SM, JYP, or YG to ever get into the top 3.

      I do agree that some of their funniest videos come from songs they didn’t particularly like. I like to hear the unfavorable opinions as well. For example: I love their review of Teen Top. Yeah, they hated the song and tore into it the whole time, and I liked that a lot. Because I thought somebody with some influence should get up there and say what a terrible, terrible message the song and video conveyed. Also, it becomes a bit redundant if they are always saying “I loved this song so much!” and we’re like “Yeah, of course you did, because you only pick songs that you like a lot.” It would pretty much get rid of the first part of their reviews, because there would never be any expectation that they would pick a song or mv they hated.

      • Yeah, that is true, and you do make valid points; however, the views don’t have to count for that much. It could just count for 5 percent of the votes, which honestly is not that much. It would still have to depend on the fans to vote for the song/video we want to see. My example in my previous post was a rough draft of something they could do. It was so that the views could count towards something.

  106. I like the top 3 idea… It seems more fair. I usually don’t like the #1 songs (unless it’s BigBang XD)… Your totally right – some awesome songs don’t even stand a chance… And am not BB bias, they just make great music. :)
    Or you could just make a new segment – M&S choice of the week or something…

    • Now that idea I like a lot more! M&S choice of the week, or choice of the month! (because an extra KMM a week would probably be too hard to do) That way they can still include songs they really want to review, without shattering fangirls’ hearts.

  107. Great idea! Anyway some MV could stay on top spot for more than a week. If they do survive second week, then I think you must review it. Fair enough? :D

  108. Blueberries

    I don’t think you should change it. At least I don’t want you to. It wouldn’t be voting anymore, right? And what about people who have voted all week and then you just decide that you don’t want to review that video? I’d much prefer if you could do another KMM: different name of cource, where you talk about your favorite. Similar to K Crunch Cocktail what you have.

    Sigh, I just really like this voting system. I think it’s really fair. There has been many rookies reviewed and girl groups too. Like Lee Hi was reviewed last year, both rookie and a girl. If people prefer boy groups, isn’t that what they want to see? If you will change it to your favs.. EYK will lose something what’s important to me in this site. And well.. mine and yours music taste is quite different too ^^’

    • I agree. If they already know that they are going to refuse a MV, than I would prefer they just never include that video on the KMM Charts. Otherwise I would feel like I wasted a lot of time if I spent all that time voting my band up to the top spot several weeks in a row, just for it never to be chosen.

  109. I love this idea. Maybe you guys could do a special for those rookie artists that never got voted in, but you guys actually liked.

  110. I really like the idea of you guys picking a song from the first 3. The reviews of songs you liked are way more fun, I think :)

    And I’m TOTALLY with you on the doggy. I want one! Give me one. I demand one! NOW!!! >=D

  111. There are so many awesome MV s out that didn’t get voted for. I would love to see some of the older (Or maybe less mainstream) MVs get reviewed. So what if we did a fan voted KMM one week then a video Simon and Martina really like, even if it’s a little older, the next week

  112. FancyJude

    You seriously should be able to choose K-pop Mondays on the songs you want to do! Too bad about those “WHY U GAISE SO BIASED?” trolls. I think the top 3 music video vote counts shouldn’t be revealed. So there’s that element of SURPRISE! And you guys can decide whichever MV you want to review! I don’t think that made a lot of sense, but totally think about it! I love watching your videos when you actually want to enjoy making them! Either way, ya’ll need to tell those trolls to shove it.

  113. thisisjustforfunval

    Honestly I too miss the surprise of who will be getting reviewed for Music Monday. Right now I’m excited watching to see who will win this week because neither Boa or CN Blue has been reviewed on KPMM and both videos and songs are equally awesome. Of course I’m routing for one over the other, because come on we are all a bit biased, but I’ll keep it to myself and be happy with whom ever wins because I personally honestly watch for you guys. I found EYK because of U-Kiss 0330, but stayed for Simon and Martin (Spudgy and later Meemers as well). Love what you do, do what you love, be who you are and let whiners whine because in the end you can never make everyone happy and don’t yield to annoying whiners. They need to learn that they can’t always get what they want.

  114. Yes, please change KMM! I want to hear about your favourites, not just your viewers.

  115. I personally think you guys should do that. I really hate sometimes how a song that’s been in 1st place all week gets shoved out of the way for a vid that just came out just because of a wave of giant fan bias. *coughTVXQ”CatchMecough* I mean…>.>

    Also, I completely agree about doing more girl groups. And personally, I’m sick of seeing you review Big Bang every time they come out with anything despite what other awesomeness might be out there Like, I’m sorry, but there was no reason for your guys to review all 3 GD releases, and no haters, I’m not an anti-GD fan or anything. I actually love that man and think he has potential to be a true musical genius over time. I just don’t think it was fair to all the other bands, or Simon and Martina, to only review GD for pretty much a whole month.

    So yes, I’m so, so, so~ happy with your suggestion. And I say forget the haters, because your true fans will stay here with you guys and you’ll probably end up getting more fans for actually doing other songs besides whatever the biggest group at the time puts out.

    Also, if you don’t do BoA this week I will be very disappointed. She’s amazing and totally deserves to be reviewed by you guys.

    So my opinion in a nutshell: go with the choosing the one you want to do most out of the big three. I mean…it’s your show. I know the fans have been a huge part of it, and they still will be by choosing the top three for you to choose out of. But I personally believe you should get the final say because it’s your show~!

    Whatever you choose, I’ll still watch, I just really hope you guys go with what you are thinking. Good luck!!!

    • I agree with everything you said. I’m a fan of SNSD, but other than them, it’s been mostly boy groups with the exception of Lee Hi and miss A. I voted like crazy for Secret’s songs as well as BoA’s videos and AOA. It needs to be balanced. You’re right, every time BB or GD comes back it’s accompanied with so many videos. I love BB, but it is unfair to other artists for a group to keep releasing videos to constantly get voted in. I do hope they can choose from the top 3, I like the element of surprise anyways. JumpingBoA’s totally deserve this chance to see her get reviewed.

      • I agree with both of you, almost every release GD/BB comes with 3 MVs and I’m not very happy about this because the fanbase will start voting for the MVs and the whole one month is talking only about GD…

        I have nothing against GD/BB actually *although I rarely like his songs to be honest* but the MVs mixed together with the old voting system becomes so annoying during MV release periods

        I’m hoping with the new system there will be more girl groups review and KMM will become more interesting :)

  116. thisisjustforfunval

    OMG I’m never going to hear Hey Jude the same way again!

  117. Now that you guys are getting interns and staff happening, maybe you can do two KMM’s a week? But instead make one a girl group, and the other a boy group. You can still have them voted in, which will avoid you guys getting all the hate emails, AND get a chance to review and equal amount of boys and girls groups. ( another option is to do 3 KMM a week, with the top boy group song and top girl group song that are voted in, PLUS a third one that is your guys’ personal favourite…. kind of covers all the bases doesn’t it?)

  118. Personally i think the reason we have so many guy groups voted in is because it’s all teenaged girls voting them in. Which isn’t a bad thing but there biased to there male loves. I agree thats it’s not far to all the girl groups out there. just you wait you crazy girl fans one day all your boy bands are going to be gone. and there just going to review girl groups
    I think what would be a great idea thought is when Simon and Martina are able to splet up music monday into two different days. one day is for Girl groups and one day is for boy groups i don’t know if that would work. but it could be thought off. there has to be something so that girl groups can get attention and not just Boys.

  119. I think if you were to do that, you should definitely do it alternated-ly between choosing and fan votes.

    Another idea that I had thought of a while back, but am not sure how well it would work for your guys’ schedules and workload, was this: So, very often there are some really cool songs and such that you guys would really like reviewed, such as girl groups, etc. And they get high up there, but never make number 1 and you guys never get to review them. Well, I had a thought that you guys could, once a month, or every couple months, whatever you so choose, pick a song, that made it up to the Top 10 or so, but never got reviewed and eventually faded away, and review it. Or just any song that that specific month, that you guys, personally, LOVED, and really wanted to review. (My idea for a name, mostly if you chose the Top 10 version, was like “Drop Out Special” or something, because they rose up and got so close! Just to, drop off the charts, and fade away.)

    Again, I’m not sure how well that would work for your guys’ scheduling time and whatnot. And also you had the “Best Potential KMM” for your end of the year awards, so I don’t know if those would conflict. (Except of course that the monthly special would be a “Nasty Family Pick” instead of a “Nasty Fan Pick”, like the end of year awards?) So yeah, another idea to throw out there. :)

  120. I’m a Nasty Fan because I like YOU, YOUR thoughts and YOUR videos. I don’t care what the masses want to see – I want to see what you want to show me.

    Also, I am still bitter about Busker Busker. You mentioned them in passing, in a post and I just -happened- to take the time to Google it. WHY ARE YOU HIDING SUCH WONDERFUL KOREAN MUSIC FROM ME?

    I just wanted you to know, you have at least one fan out here who thinks you two should just review what you damn well please and have fun while you’re doing it.

    Love, your Nasty Fan

  121. Wow. I know that in the past few months you guys have taken to actively influencing voters in the Kpop chart update, but I’m sorry, this was just one time too many and I really want to honestly express my disappointment, no matter how many downvotes this is likely to receive.

    When this chart update was published a few hours ago, CN Blue was in first and Boa in third. Now, thanks to your influence, Boa is in first. I have nothing against Boa. I am not a fan of hers, nor am I a fan of CN Blue. I have neutral feelings regarding both artists. But this week (and last week), I have been voting every day for CN Blue’s song. Why? Because I personally think that it’s a great song with an interesting music video that would make for a good KMM, more so than Boa’s. It has nothing to do with CN Blue being male and Boa being female. I simply like CN Blue’s song and music video better this time. I realize that here on EYK the charts are very male biased, and I too would like to see more female groups reviewed. But – and this is important – I am NOT going to vote for a female just because she is female! I am going to vote for the video that I find the most interesting, whether it’s by a male or a female artist. In the past I have voted for many female artists with great MVs instead of male groups with bland MVs, so trust me, I get it: KMM has been a sausage festival.

    But please allow me to remind you that just last week in the chart update, you asked us to vote for CN Blue, saying that you’d love to review them! Now, just because they’re male, you’re advocating not voting for them? Unlike other male kpop groups, CN Blue has NEVER been reviewed for KMM before, just like Boa. Thanks to you, they’ve just lost their chance. Next week they’ll drop off the charts because of decay. I am all for seeing more female artists reviewed, but I have to honestly think that the song/MV is worth reviewing for me to vote for it. Simply voting for it because the artist happens to have two X chromosomes is just as bad as only voting for male groups because “oppa” is so good-looking.

    I know you two have been trying to figure out a way to review more girl groups for a while now, and I hope that one of the suggestions in this comment section will provide the answer, but I couldn’t not say how disappointed I am to see the music video/song that I honestly feel is the better choice for KMM discriminated against because of the artist’s gender (in this case, male); isn’t that exactly what you guys are supposedly advocating against?

    • You make very good points and in a logical and respectful way. Thank you.

    • I personally like Boa’s song more and voted the crap out of it(I basically gave up a few days ago) but I completely understand what you’re saying. The only problem is that KPop Music Mondays is followed and watched by lots of people, and the majority(I would argue to say) are in fandoms. Now this means that if someone’s bias group has an mv come out, a whole lot of people are going to vote for that video EVEN IF THE VIDEO/SONG IS NOT THAT GOOD simply because it’s their bias group. I think that can be shown by how certain groups repetitively get voted in on KPop Music Mondays and others don’t get voted in at all. So I definitely think this sort of change might be good for KMM. And if Simon and Martina get to pick which video they review a bit earlier, then KMM could be more interesting and fun to watch(you have to admit that at this point, it isn’t JUST a review. It’s entertainment for a lot of people).
      I would also like to point out that when Boa’s MV first got put on the charts, a lot of people didn’t really take notice because a lot of new fans probably don’t even listen to BoA. Although the spike could definitely be attributed to Martina’s request that it gets voted for, it could also be from the Shawols and Taemints who most likely voted like crazy after they found out Taemin was in the music video.
      I agree that you shouldn’t vote for someone just because they are good looking or a certain gender, but unfortunately that is what a lot of people do.(On certain occasions, even I myself am guilty of this)

      • I don’t think it’s wrong at all to vote for an MV simply because the group is your bias. I get a lot more enjoyment out of a KMM that is about my bias group than I do out of a KMM that is about another singer. Why shouldn’t I vote for the KMM that I am going to get the most enjoyment out of? People may say the MV is “crappy,” but I vote for it because even in all it’s supposed “crappiness,” I still get more enjoyment out of it than I do watching the other video. I am not ashamed of what I enjoy. I like what I like.

        • I agree with you, I was just trying to make a point to the other person who commented. Honestly, if a SuJu video is up for KMM against 2 groups I don’t really listen to, there is a much better chance I will vote for their mv than the other groups. The reason I don’t usually vote for Big Bang songs or 2NE1 songs(just an example) is simply because those songs aren’t really my style. Even if they are very well done in a technical way, I usually don’t enjoy them that much. So yes, I agree with you :)

    • you make a very good point. However I think there just trying to get the point across that because they would like it if people put thought into voting. most people just vote for biases which isn’t a bad thing. They just want to see more people vote because the video is good. I don’t think there trying to say that they don’t want people to vote for CN Blue but they want people to vote based on wiether the video is good. personlly i am not a BoA fan either but i voted for this video because it’s actually really good compared to all her other music i also voted for CN blue. I have i’m sorry on repeat on my ipod. They really just want to make the Kpop music mondays far to all artists thats what i got from what Martina was saying

    • YES and NO. I really like and understand your point, but I really dont think that Kpop chart update is as bad as how you state it. Yes, S&M’s oppinion on KC affect a lot of people that just dont know how to think by themselves, but also it allows other people to view the other side of videos that have not attracked the eye… or something like that… the thing is that yes, i want CN Blue to be reviwed and maybe next week BoA can have her chance

    • I actually know how you feel on this. most weeks i haven’t cared enough about the songs or artists enough to put in effort to see them in first place.. CNBlue I’m Sorry was the first time i put in real effort to see it reviewed. I am not a “fangirl” I don’t know their names unless i look it up so i can post something and people will know who i’m talking about. i don’t have pictures of them on my computer or on my wall. i own ONE song by them.. but… I absolutely LOVE this song and the video. its one i showed my NON kpop/Korean culture loving friends and its the first time i heard ‘wow.. that was actually cool. ok maybe you’re crazy love for this makes a little sense.’ instead of hearing ‘uhhh boybands?’ because lets face it.. if you are over the age of tween and live in the US there is a pretty big bias against ‘boy bands’ and ‘girl bands’ i am NOT saying all.. but yeah.. that’s what i NORMALLY hear. so yes i want to promote this song. yes i’d love Simon and Martina to review it.

      having said that.. if they change the way the votes happen. i just wont bother voting *shrugs* there wouldn’t really be a point for me to take that sort of time out of my uber busy schedule to make that sort of effort again. does that mean i wont be a fan of EYK? pffft. i’ll still love EYK and the EYK family. I’ll still watch the WANKS, the FAPFaPS, the MM’s etc.. Simon and Martina rock :) and they do a great job of promoting both the kpop world and Korean culture.

      i hope they find a way to balance what they really want to do, and still let their fans have a say too. maybe like i suggested earlier have a day put aside for whatever they want to review.. whether its a music video or a kdrama or some other thing. maybe once a month or once a week.. it seems to me that if certain video’s get voted in its because that’s what a pretty big number of EYK fans want. not just the fanboys and fangirls of that particular group want. and i was under the impression that’s why the kpop charts were added. so they could see what the masses really want.

    • I hear what you’re saying, CN Blue did get a call out for votes on KMM by Simon and then Boa and Sistar because of lack of female KMM, two of them have since had their time at number 1. EYK fans are pretty responsive and will vote for an artist if S &M suggest them but I also think that S & M made those suggestions to voice the need to have a variety of groups reviewed rather than the same dominant ones because of biases. If 2NE1 and GG were releasing song after song we would see them reviewed all the time regardless of song quality too and in fact that’s what has happened. I think the take home message is VOTE FOR SONG/MV QUALITY NOT BIASES!!!

      I think people also vote for artists when S & M have flagged their dislike of a song/MV e.g. B.A.P Rain song and they want to hear their opinion which I think is fine too. Thanks for the the thoughtful comment!! :)

    • I understand where u come from but interestingly if they had the system in place they are currently proposing, then “I’m Sorry,” a really incredible MV would have been reviewed over B.A.P’s “Rain Sound…” last week but I understand just getting “I’m Sorry” reviewed wasn’t the whole point of your argument.

      Sometimes implementing a semi-affrimative action is necessary in various instances. Just look at history and society today, especially the Kpop industry, see how women are always placed below men. The bias for men is so subconscious we don’t even realize how we inherently favor men when women are producing equal if not better products in various fields. So sometimes choosing by virtue of whether u don’t have/have a y chromosome is to level an unfair playing field and encourage us to support women who excel in a field that is built to oppress them. It is really hard for women to be recognized for their craft and not just regarded as mindless sexual object. This may seem a bit far reaching or I’m some crazy feminist, but I feel its relevant to this issue.

      I’m sorry you feel disappointed and I did not downvote you (I don’t believe in doing that…we should all be friendly here…you were in expressing your opinions) because you did post valid concerns. After reading your comment and pondering your points, I just wanted to offer an alternative point of view for you that may make you feel less upset and understand why semi-affirmative action makes sense when you are trying to say to not choose a person based on gender/race/etc. Sometimes you must use the very system you are against because it is too difficult to overcome ingrained societal values.

      • Thank you for your reply. You are right: the whole point of my argument wasn’t getting I’m Sorry reviewed. This issue of voting more females in for review simply because they are female is something that I’ve wanted to talk about for a couple months, ever since S&M started to bring it up. Seeing Boa voted to the top right after their call to feminist arms just happened to be the catalyst that spurred me to finally write what I truly thought. I haven’t before because 1. I do agree that there have been many great female MVs that don’t stand a chance against hardcore fangirls of male groups; and 2. People who express a dissenting opinion around here tend to be automatically labeled as a “hater” or an S&M “basher” rather than just someone with an honest critique. Ironically, S&M have built a fandom similar in composition to an idol group’s fandom: you’ve got rational fans, anti-fans, and fanatical fans. The anti-fans can be found on Tumblr etc.; what’s disturbing me is the rise of fanatical fans, i.e. those who love S&M so much that they agree with everything they say and believe that they can do no wrong (just like fans who place idol groups members on pedestals). People could do a lot worse than to pick S&M to idolize, but there still needs to be realization that they’re ordinary humans who people can also disagree with sometimes without it being an attack. I’ve been around the blog for a while and I’ve noticed that over time many of the top rated comments on opinion issues (which are what the majority sees), instead of being calm and rational have become angry and unilateral, full of defensive “haters be damned” “do whatever the hell you want” and “screw them [haters]“. It creates an extremely uninviting environment that discourages reasonable discourse. Hence my hesitation to express my thoughts on the female artist issue. I could say more, but I’m getting off-track.

        Returning to the issue at hand: I completely agree with your point that semi-affirmative action is necessary in various instances, in Korea especially, which has one of the worst gender equality rankings world-wide. But I felt the need to provide a counter-balance to S&M’s words. It’s not that I don’t agree with them that good female artists are being shafted, it’s that I’m concerned that by their constant messages to vote for such-and-such female, they’re trying so hard to reverse the male bias that they’re over shooting their mark and discriminating against males. It just seems to me that if Disturbance wasn’t a video by a female artist, they wouldn’t be asking people to vote for it. Disturbance is a simple breakup video. I don’t see how that is more interesting than an electronic tiger ripping a guy’s torso open and re-entering the atmosphere or being sent to some strange moon/planet in rocket ships or an actual band filming in a foreign country and interacting with foreigners, getting in bar room brawls, tossed out by security, and hit by a bouquet of roses. If it had been a hilarious video like Lipstick or Ice Cream, both of which would have been great for KMM, or a period plot video like Poison, I wouldn’t be disappointed. So while I see your point about semi-affirmative action, I still feel that voting bland female MVs to the top just because they’re female is just as bad as voting bland male MVs to the top because they’re good-looking. Nobody besides me seemed willing to express this counterpoint to S&M’s exhortations (even though by the amount of likes a chunk of people agree), so in the interest of painting a fuller picture of the issue, which would hopefully encourage people to think about it from more than one angle, I wrote what I did.

        Thank you again for your very reasonable and thoughtful reply (and to the rest of you who also wrote polite responses). I’m glad you added to the discussion, since you have a very good point regarding necessary semi-affirmative action, even if I personally don’t agree with its use in this specific case.

        • Completely agree…bland female MV’s should not be chosen to fulfill the need for more girl group reviews…that defeats the purpose and methodology of affirmative action. It is not semi-affirmative action if one is not choosing someone of equal or better quality. The purpose of affirmative action methods when presented two parties of equal value, one should choose the party that is underrepresented (gender,race, sexual orientation, etc.). Hopefully S&M would heed your advice when instituting choosing from the top 3 video rule, and for an example: even though they gave a shout out to BOA this week and she jumped to top 3 slots, they still would have chosen the best MV (if the top 3 were all equal in their opinion, then perhaps a female video if a female group has not been reviewed for awhile) which may have been “I’m Sorry.” (I don’t remember what was the third video, I think it was Infinite H but by now its changed I think.)

          I’ve been trying to think if there is better option, but something needs to be experimented with and this seems to be a good start…see how it goes for awhile and get some feed back and tweak the process till they find the best compromise. It’s amazing how much the KMM process has evolved so far and hopefully it continues to do so.

          Thanks for sharing your opinion and not tearing mine apart too…I honestly think your points did need to be shared because it is one of the pitfalls if affirmative-like action is not employed properly and very easy to fall into (Just look at the selection of Judge Clarence Thomas in the United States Supreme Court…even he admits he was unjustly chose as a result of affirmative action.) Hopefully S&M keep what u have said in mind if they decide to change the way they run KMM.

  122. I think audience participation is what makes the KMMs so popular. There is an incentive for people to vote and watch the results/KMMs if their efforts will result in their biases or favorites winning. However, I do think it is a great idea if every week, you alternate between choosing the one you want to review and what the audience wants to review.

  123. Hi everyone ~ I’m rolling down mah sexy window to say:
    I’ve really enjoyed reading all the responses to Simon & Martina’s query.
    (go Nasties! ~ )
    It’s mostly notes of…”do what you like and we’ll like it too”…and “try splitting the chart into Male and Female”
    support and cheers. yay!
    …thing is…I’m not seeing many passionate Hurrahs!! at the actual prospect of girl groups winning and being reviewed.

    That is ———-► specific groups getting a shout out as the *hoped for* future review.
    So I’d like to ask: can you name a girl group that you’d really like to see win KMM?

    I admit (openly) that I’m not a fan of Aegyo (when Martina does it – it gets a pass, because we know inside – she’s a head banger rock-star) ….so, for me, that cuts, solidly, half of the K-girl groups out of my interest —- yet, I find CrayonPop’s Dancing Queen to be squishably adorable….so unlike my normal taste. hahaha! So yeah…..who do you hope for?

  124. yea if you guise get some say they’ll probly turn out better….so yea

  125. I like the top 3 idea maybe to resolve any fan issues I would suggest that you randomise the selection. My suggestion is that you (or interns/friends) choose 1,2 or 3 from a hat at the end of your Kpop updates and that lets fans know which number will be reviewed. It wont make it a surprise so much but at least it will appease the fans that the choice is still out of your hands and tada! No bias!! Hope that helps


    I think a better solution to the KMM Boy group bias-ness would be to have a Girl group KMM Charts and a Boy group KMM Charts that way both groups are equally attended to and fans can see more of the groups they want as well.

    Or am I the only one who thinks this way……..


  127. Yeah, I see what you mean. At the same time, the guy groups are getting voted in because more people want to hear reviews. BUT, of course, you still want to review girl groups and enjoy what you’re reviewing. I would agree with others that the best way would be to have a guy chart and a girl chart. That would keep things fair, even helping the girl groups out way more, since even getting to the top three might be hard.
    That said, I realize that would be a ton more work, so if you think it would be too much, then just go with your top three idea.
    Just follow your hearts kids, and you’ll never go wrong. :P

  128. maybe u can make the last week of each month “Simon & Martina
    choice” for music Monday … and the other three weeks is up to the fans
    to decide.

  129. 1.) Great Vowel Shift YEAHHHHH!!!!! Simon gets mega bonus points for referencing that.

    2.) I agree you guys should definitely get much more say in which video is reviewed for KMM. Choosing from the top 3 or even 5 is a good option. Because what’s the point of KMM if you’re reviewing the #1 video, but you don’t have a lot of interesting stuff to say about it and do skits for and such? I, personally, don’t care at all what particular video is reviewed–I just want the EYK gang to do the most entertaining KMM they can!

  130. I kind of like this idea.

    It would be good for all the groups who just nearly got first but just by a little were placed 2nd or 3rd. Especially if along with the MV/Song itself, S&M take in consideration things like…When was the last time this group got reviewed? How often to they do MV’s?

  131. Yes to a rotating system (one week fans another week out of the top three)… !!

    Or why not return to a K crunch ? or a short review 2 min of songs that did not get first place last week?

    • That is a good idea, doing a short review. Then they could still talk about artists who are getting neglected or those they like without having to put as much work into it as a regular MM and the fans would still get to vote in whoever they want.

  132. I kinda like the idea.

    It would be nice for all the groups who nearly get first, but just by a little get second or third, to know they may still have a chance. Especially S&M take in account things like, how often does this group have a comeback? when was the last time they were reviewed? Obviously not those things alone, but in addition to the quality or over the top creativity of the MV & song itself.

  133. As long as you review something i could care less what it is. Do an indie video that’s last on the charts for all i care. YOU are the ones that make the KMM worth watching. If we vote for something that you can’t even come up with a single skit for then what’s the point?

    I say pick from the top 3. That way you can pick one that you can really do something with. We all have our own kpop fandoms, but the one we all have in common is you, cause we are Nasty.

  134. Martina is back~! Martina is back~! Yay, yay, yay~! Martina is back~!

  135. Like Martina said, it would be great if a boa song was reviewed! And there’s taemin as a bonus.

  136. someone said this already but, maybe you could do a special KMM every month or every couple of month. Like a bonus KMM ? Idk. Where you review a video that didn’t has its chance. Where you pick the video you want to review. Maybe it can even be a special KMM which would be a little longer so you can review 2 videos ? You pick each one ! I know it means more work but if it’s just once every 2 months and you’re picking the video of your choice it could be pretty nice and cool don’t you think ? … no ? … ‘k. .__.

  137. I feel sorry for you guys when a boring video wins (which I’ve seen happen for both boy and girl singers by the way), but I don’t think you should make this change just to try and review more girl groups/singers. If you make this change it should be so you can pick the most entertaining video regardless of gender. Even if you’ve reviewed several boy groups/singers in a row a mediocre video by a girl group/singer shouldn’t win just to try and balance the numbers (or vice versa). You might get more videos for girl groups into the top three simply because people stop voting for guy groups because they feel they’re wasting their time voting for a guy group when their vote doesn’t count as much as someone else’s vote for a girl group. I know if you make this change just so more girl groups and singers win I will probably stop voting. I’m not anti-girl groups (although I really don’t like aegyo or most of the dances girl groups do). I really wanted you to review Orange Caramel’s Lipstick, Girl’s Day’s Oh My God and Miryo’s Dirty. I really liked those videos and was disappointed when they didn’t win. I just don’t like the idea of making this change just so you review more girl groups. Good luck with what ever decision you make because you can’t make everyone happy.

  138. I think you could review the top voted song and then a song that you actually want to review! That way, votes still count and you get to talk about an artiste that you are interested in.

  139. hmm… i’m not sure about your suggestion. as much as i get your point and see what you’re trying to say and do… i don’t know.
    as for me, maybe you’re having less fun reviewing a song you don’t really like or enjoy, but i think that very often the kmm i loved the best were for the videos you didn’t like much and ranted about it and made fun of it.
    i gotta say that, unless i’m really biased etc, i always vote for the video that has most potential as a kmm. so not because the song or video is really nice, but mostly because i can predict that it’s going to be fun to make fun of it ?because it’s kinda laughable and ridiculous ? … idk…?
    in all honesty, let say that as for me i think that how the voting system works right now is still the best. it could be improve in some ways, i’m sure of it ! But for now i still think it’s the best to stick to it…? meh.

  140. I love your solution…. like LOVE

  141. I’m all for the change. There are too many groups and too many good songs getting pushed aside because their fan base isn’t that big. I know we all want our favorite groups get reviewed but all the fun of voting gets taken out when you know who going to get first place. I think it’s time for soothing new for eatyourkimchi and this is the easiest way with out putting too much more stress on Simon and Martina.

  142. I wish you did a KpopChart update for DMTN’s new video… THEY HAVE A MEMBER CALLED SIMON IN IT. IT’S LIKE SIMON CAN PLAY SIMON. IT’S SIMON-CEPTION!!!!!!!!

  143. Perhaps, in that case, you should also add an achievement table of some sort to the website :DD For example have all the chart stats like “most popular group of March”, “most votes in a single day”, “most discussed” etc.~~ I think many of the people who vote like crazy don’t necessarily want to hear the review, as they will often react badly if the review isn’t totally gushing, they just want recognition for their favourite group.

    This way the fan groups can still get recognition for their biases and there will be another fun aspect to your website, but the KMM videos won’t have to suffer, as you won’t have to review singles that you don’t really have strong feelings about either way :)

  144. Why don’t you just switch back and forth between girl and boy groups?

    For example: Lets say the top 3 are 1st Boy, 2nd Girl, 3rd Boy. It’s Boys turn this week so first place goes, and if the next week it’s another 1st Boy 2nd Girl and 3rd boy, then Girl gets voted.

  145. hmmmmm…rubs chin in a thoughtful manner ~

    On one hand, it’s not “truly representative of what’s going on in Kpop” to ONLY review the male groups while the girls get sidelined — However!….you grew your fan base to it’s current plushness by suppressing your own desires in acquiescence to the fans — who……consistently, overwhelmingly… choose the males.

    This is a marketing conundrum.
    It may take a while to evaluate the success (or failure) of a new platform, because it’s my belief that your current fans will continue to watch MusicMondays no matter who gets reviewed….However! …determining how many *potential/new* fans do a once or twice drive-by …don’t get the ‘sausage fest’ they were seeking…and then don’t return. That’s a toughie….’cause I think your fan base is, and will remain —- mostly female.
    Point is: it may take as many as 6 months for your viewership numbers to fall-off enough for it to be clear that the male groups WIN…because that’s truly what your viewers…want.
    Not that I have a crystal ball, it’s just my suspicion.
    Perhaps………a once a month segment called GIRL FEST (or something more clever) in which you could mini-review a couple of female group vids….thus allowing the regular voting to run it’s course, while satisfying the need to give the girls a chance to be seen. Best of Luck !! (hugs)

    • “However!….you grew your fan base to it’s current plushness by suppressing your own desires in acquiescence to the fans — who……consistently, overwhelmingly… choose the males.”

      I think that sums up the situation nicely. I totally get that it sucks to be called mean things. However, it doesn’t seem like making your answers more generic and pleasant and not revealing how you really feel about something has made them stop. So… why are you trying to appease people you will obviously never be able to please? And, if anything, if you completely told the truth (which is not the same thing as being cruel; you can be honest without being an asshat), then maybe fans wouldn’t flip their shit when a negative review comes along, because it won’t be so unexpected.

      • Hi there.~
        I’ve always felt Simon & Martina have done an impressive job of balancing their own opinion/truth and having sincere courtesy to their viewers. They began to slowly hint that there are vids they’d love to review…like Itaewon Freedom…and now have the confidence to call out openly…”Hey guise, we’d LOVE to do THIS one.” Sometimes they get the fans/viewers thumbs-up…sometimes they get slammed to do a video that they cleary don’t like….BUT…they stay true to the voting — and that’s commendable.
        That’s why I suggest that keeping the traditional voting system intact… PLUS adding a “Simon and Martina want to do this segment” …. even if a wank or two has to be dropped to do it.
        Apologies for blathering *marketing speak* (but it’s my gig) …if you build a fan-base through a specific system/product…then switch that product …. you are essentially appealing to a different customer.
        Do they want a different customer? Will the switch grow their fan-base?

        I *get* that they want to be fair in representing the Kpop landscape…and support them in that — but they make the monies from viewership count if I’m not mistaken — so if your viewers overwhelmingly vote for the guys — that’s money talking.
        In any case…VIVA La’Simon & Martina ~!

  146. My suggestion is to alternate weeks between female and male artists, that way it is just whoever is highest up in the chart. If say Orange Caramel is 5th but the highest female group, then review it….. I still want you to talk about that awesome ping pong lipstick video….majorly disappointed in that :/

    MY CONCERN is that if you two just pick amongst say the top three videos, you will get blasted EVERY WEEK by angry fans. I want to avoid that unnecessary criticism/angry internet farts….. I think my suggestion will save you guise from that problem :D

  147. YES the top 3 thing PERECT now girl groups can have more of a chance

  148. I can completely in favor for the Top 3, you guys should certainly have a choice in choosing too. There are a few times when a video chosen lacked in substance to where you can only pull out less than a handful of jokes or to be able to discuss any bad or good aspects of the it. With you guys also choosing who to review, we’d be able to get a video with more character and maybe even something new.

    Now just gotta get Moofbooty to the Top 3.

  149. Simon: Why are you wearing that hat!? You are the second, but non-Korean, person I’ve seen wearing that hat!

  150. Actual adult here – and I admit, not only do I not always have time to vote – but frankly, my vote never counts in the masses of screaming girly votes that make MM a sausagefest. MM is my least favourite show because of that. (Sorry guise.) I would love to see some kind of trade off (boys one week, girls another) or even S&M choosing from the top 3 or 5 even to make the reviews more fun and see you guys get more excited about the music you’re reviewing again. (And less sausagefest because – SO not my thing, talented boys or not.) Because let’s face it – I’m here for YOU GUISE – not so much waiting with baited breath to see who won this weeks girly fantasy vote. (It’s OK to have fantasy dreams, teenage ladies – but stop beating the rest of us over the head with them!) I like KPOP, but I’m not dreaming of dating any KPOP stars – I want to know about music that doesn’t suck and I feel like I’m missing out on things I would like in the current MM screaming fantasy sausagefest land.

  151. Honestly, I have no problem with negative reviews. I think it makes you more believable as reviewers — like we’re actually getting your opinion — when not everything is positive. I thought last week’s review was one of the most genuine, sincere reviews you’ve had in ages, and I LOVED it. (Which I say as someone who loves BAP. You’ve mocked all of my favorite groups at least once, and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest, because I know they’re human and fallible.)

    • I completely agree, I mean, I do have biases but when you mock them, it makes me laugh even harder because I never realized that I was thinking the exact same thing without voicing it. Even when I don’t agree with your (S&M’s) views, I really appreciate them because I acknowledge that everyone has a different opinions. I enjoy seeing your reactions regardless of whether it is negative or positive.

    • Yeah, either negative or positive reviews are always the best! XD The problem is when they get a song where it’s just…. meh for them.

    • same~! and personally, except for the times i’m really really biased with some groups, i tend to vote for the video that in my mind has the potential to become a funny kmm. meaning, the video is not awesome, and is actually laughable etc. i don’t know if it’s weird, i guess it’s a strange love/hate relationship some fans have with groups, but sometimes i just love mocking my faves ^^’ So yeah, i personally don’t mind at all about hearing ranting and negative reviews and all~ *shrug*

    • Agree. I loved last week’s review.

    • I agree with this in that I often enjoy the negative reviews of videos more than the positive ones. Usually I’m just genuinely interested in S&M’s opinion on a video whether it be good or bad. I know some people hate for anything bad to be said about their favorite group though and I’m sure it gets tiring to hear the (rather noisy) complaints

  152. I think they filmed Eric Nam’s video in Cali~ If you noticed the stop sign and writing below it was in English and what with all that snow and large mountains I think it’s northern Cali. Not def. but 25-50% positive it’s Cali.

  153. Well… you could make a Kpop Music Mondays AND a Kpop Music Tuesdays and everybody happy!! Except for you two maybe, who would be working double …. no? ok.
    Just review whatever you want, you have good taste! :)

  154. Ok, first about the voting system; I’m cool with whatever you guys choose :D I just wanna watch you guys have fun ’cause that way I’ll have tons of fun as well!!!! and secondly; TEAMIN!!! WHEN DID YOU LOOK LIKE THIS!!! He is my bias too, yet I failed to recognize him xD waaah, Little angel Teamin is looking so manly QvQ i loved watching him!!!! For the first time in my LIFE I watched a Kpop video where one of the actors made it impossible for me to focus on the song and video~ handsome handsome forever a DOTHAKI MAN-no wait… maybe not to that extent….

    Oh! in the sistar19 video at 2:43 one of ‘em loses her hip bling bling :D that’s my only comment on their video, haha!

    and lastly: OMG!!! ERIC NAM IS SO AWESOME!!!! I love this video :D and since it was his debut video I really wanted you guys to talk about it… but I don’t think there is much you can make fun since it’s just a feelgood video~ and he doesn’t dance in the MV…. and there’s no engsh lyrics except for HEAVEN that was written in the snow…. Sorry NamNam…. It will be a vote for BoA this time…. D:

  155. I would say alternate between girl and boy groups and freeze the decay system and close voting for each section when the other is active for voting. So the week a girl group is being voting in, voting is frozen for male artists so the decay doesn’t prevent a song from being on top because so much time has passed. That can allow you to do more girl groups/female artists. Co-ed can go by whether there are more female or male members or who the leader is or who is older or something… maybe even alphabetic lol. Not that many in Kpop anyways. I wish people were more considerate of what would work well for a music monday and what wouldn’t. I am honestly sick of seeing certain boy groups being reviewed, I have no clue what possess their fans to continue voting for them.

    • I definitely agree with the latter half of your statement. I’ve voted for songs/MVs that weren’t from my bias group — over my biases — because they had more interesting MVs and I thought the KMM would be more interesting to watch. I don’t think many people do that.

      • I do! So glad someone else does too. :) I listen to TVXQ but I’ve never voted for them during humanoid and catch me because their MVs were the usual dance-in-a-box SM fare. It annoys me to see the same predictable videos get voted in again and again just because a popular boy group released it. *coughsujucough*

  156. Is it possible to do it both? Like every Mondays are boy groups and Tuesday girl groups, something like that. Is it to much work? I guess it will since you guys need to constantly film everything and put some ideas into it.

  157. Do it! Anything to get some Girl groups/artists in the Kpop Monday!! ANYTHING!!!

  158. I think you should stick with your idea of the top three but choose with a randomizer so that you don’t get psycho fans calling you guys biased and other names when time and time again you’ve done your best to prove that your not -3-”

  159. In all honesty, I think that the current procedure is the best because it allows fans to kind of work towards voting their group into Music Mondays. I mean, sure most of the review are on boy bands but I don’t think that it is necessarily unfair because that may be where a lot of the fans are. Think of it this way, the band that gets first place may have the most number of viewers who would like to see it reviewed but the idea that voting is just a chance for the video to obtain the opportunity to get reviewed doesn’t make it seem as… I don’t know how to say it…exciting?

    I know it sounds stupid but think of it like college apps. You work hard just to get the OPPORTUNITY to pay to go to a college instead of knowing that if I work hard I will reach the goal. This is kind of what the music Monday voting procedure is like to me. I’m sorry if this is confusing, I’m not sure how to explain it.

  160. i definitely think you guys should change the way of choosing which MVs to review

    btw, why is leessang’s new mv “Tears” not here?! T_____T i think it’s such a beautiful song and MV. shame leessang never gets love ):

  161. I like the idea of Simon and Martina picking from the top three. That way they can pick a song they know they can make a good review for and not feel pressured to say good things about songs they didn’t really like as much…. Anyone else?

    • Actually, I think the good thing about S&M is that they don’t say good things unless it is there, but I can see how it would be more enjoyable to work with something personally interesting.

  162. 1) okay SERIOUSLY you should be able to change your system and review what you want again, if you decide to. Up to you but imo it makes for much better reviews when you get to pick a song you’re excited to review. There have been several times when I was really disappointed in the top song and I can’t imagine you haven’t felt the same way.

    That said, I am not afraid to admit that I would be pretty bummed if a SHINee song was #1 and you picked some sissy girl song that I don’t like much, over them. Given Martina’s… persuasions… I don’t really see that happening, but if it did I would be super sad, and I’m just using it as an example. I would forgive you guise eventually I’m sure. Just sayin’ I understand the reactions people are bound to have.

    I think it’d be easier on people if the video they see at #1 is the one that gets reviewed, so to ease the amount of whining you get maybe it’s possible to re-evaluate the weights you give to get your chart results. Maybe views count towards the chart ranking, for the first 2 weeks they’re out? Maybe S&M get a hefty vote themselves?

    The idea of alternating between #1 and your pick of top 3-5 also has merit.

    2) Preeeeetty sure that’s an Alaskan Malamute. There’s no such thing as a French Malamute. Actually there are no malamutes that aren’t alaskan.

    3) Eric Nam’s video is preeetty darn cute. I might be a NamCat now.

  163. I love, love, LOVE the idea of you picking from the top 3. LOVE IT! I think it’s an awesome idea. Did I mention that I love it? Cuz I kinda do. A lot. A lot, a lot! JSYK. ^_^

  164. I like the pick from the top 3 idea. Go for it!

  165. For Eric Nam’s M/V, I think it was shot in Pyeongchang (where the Winter Olympics are being held in 2018! :D). My mom and I went there during the summer, so there wasn’t any snow, but it would look like that during the winter. There was an urbanized section, but there was also a lot of greenery (there was even a pasture and sheep! :3 I even rode a self driven coaster thing down a huge slope!). But it would be a little hard to WANK there…because my mom and I had to take buses to get there (so it wouldn’t be a walk in the park if you guys had to bring your equipment up there).

    As for the KMMs, I agree with the new system of choosing one from the top 3. Even though I’m a girl, since the past n weeks it’s been nothing but a sausage-fest, it gets kind of tiring and exhausting. I wants some girls, yo! x] plus, Simon needs some spazz moments too~ haha.

    Thank you guys for all your hard work, and super happy that Martina is back! :D

    P.S. I apologize if this is a double post, I had posted something but my computer didn’t show it on the page T.T

  166. I agree with your suggestion. Sounds good to me, cause there were times I felt exactly the same. Have to kinda side with Simon on the B.A.P issue tho… Sorry (^_^)y

  167. Cyber_3

    I am definitely for Simon and Martina reviewing more songs of their choice since they do their most brilliant work when they’re more into the song. Go for it! The “specials” are always my favourite bits.

    Speaking of the voting skew, since I’m new to voting, I have a question: is voting (only once a day) on the honour system?

    Cyber_3 – is it just me or are the m/vs much louder than the S&M parts?

    • You can vote as often as you feel like it, but I think it’s generally accepted not to do it more than once per hour. Not because of the honor system, but because S&M will remove votes if people are spamming.

      • Err… You can only vote once a day because your IP’s are logged that way. You may mean commenting, which you can do as much as you like once it stays within the guidelines of not spamming, being respectful and being relevant to the artist, song or video.

        • Cyber_3

          Thanks. I accidentally voted for the wrong song yesterday and realized I could still vote. As a former internet security guru, I was torn if I should report this as an error or not (not wanting to start a vote panic), thanks for clearing it up. BTW, I know that there really doesn’t exist a foolproof system for voting anonymously but, as an expert, the voting patterns here do suggest to me that there are some really determined voters who always get their way. Just FYI.

  168. There’s lots of ideas I’d be happy to go with in the top comments, along with your ideas, so any would make me happy. There’s also the possibility of one day bringing back those mini-reviews you did on videos, I liked those. When you reviewed Mirotic and stuff. But I know that’s tough to fit into the schedule so yeah, I’m kinda happy with whatever. I’d also love to see BoA’s video make it for KMM so I’ll be voting it in. ^^

    And welcome back Martina, I missed you~ <3

    P.S. LOL Jaejoong. Didn't see that one coming!! XD

  169. I completely support picking from the top 3. I think one of the main
    appeals of EYK are that you two are in it for the music, fun, dancing,
    sometimes the glam- not for the “fandom” aspect. I remember being a
    passionate teenager feeling very, very strongly about my opinions
    concerning X-men or Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Hello! Project or
    whatever I was into at the time. I appreciate the outlets I had back
    then and I find the sensitivity you two have toward your equally as
    passionate and (probably/hopefully) teenaged boy band fans to be sweet
    and respectful. But after a certain point, catering and tip-toeing for
    these fans does do a disservice to the show. Like. People. The fact we
    don’t have a Ice Cream review but have like one thousand rookie boy band
    reviews is like. A tragedy. I still want that damn review I don’t even.
    Let’s come together and make sure Ice Cream NEVER happens again.
    Everyone. Be cool.

  170. Maybe you guys can maybe review a girl group, then a boy group in one Music Monday if it’s not too hard to do lol. Just have separate charts for boys and girls and do the 2 videos that get first place. Then you would not have to alternate from boy to girl every week :)

  171. I think you guy should indeed change
    the way you vote the video that is reviewed so that we can avoid having sausage
    month every month. K-pop fans are an amazing impressive group of people that
    are extremely loyal think of their love of a band before the quality of the
    music. Since a large part of k-pop fans are females ( I’m pretty sure most of
    them are girls but I’m not sure so the statement will remain in parenthesis)
    male solos and male groups when over girl power a lot. Top three would be more
    fair, and we can experience more of you guys’ taste.

  172. You could add a probability factor into the whole thing. 1st place gets their name put into a pool 3 times, 2nd 2 3rd 1 and your personal preference gets put in as well, if it already is the top 3 they just get an added chance. Draw name out of the pool, and do that for KMM. Everyone’s votes will count, your opinion will count and it will all come down to luck of the draw :p Extra fun if you add video of the draw with reactions :D

  173. Could u just possibly tweak the formula? Like do all the points on girl videos x1.25 (that might not be enough even…) or somethin like that.

  174. Yes please, Eat Your Kimchi. Either review which ever video you want to review the most or have that system which you guys proposed. I’m tired of the sausage fests because A LOT of my favorite kpop songs were from girl groups or girls. Best example of this kind of bias in voting for videos? Hyuna’s “Ice Cream” video. I WANTED TO SEE SIMON IN LEATHER UNDERPANTS!

  175. I agree with Martina’s idea. :p

  176. Why not do the top vote-getter and then a vid of your choice? I mean, what is so wrong about getting a double dose of review on Monday? That way, no fangirls get their panties in a twist AND you can have your cake and eat it too.

  177. I like the idea of a four week rotation mentioned previously and organized along the lines of: Fan pick Male Groups , Fan pick Female Groups, New Artists, Simon and Martina Free Skate. The Free Skate can be a wild card pick to even out inequities, or for a video that S+M really like or to slide in a surprise up and comer that was released late in the voting period.

  178. i have a suggestion.. you might or might not like it.. but why not make a day where you review whatever you want to ? you could call it something like Whatever We Want Wednesdays or something like that. That way every week you have something to look forward to, and you shouldn’t have backlash? it would mean more work though.. so.. i don’t know.. just a thought. :)

  179. Choosing from the top 3 doesn’t guarantee a female artist will be in it. There have been many weeks without any. A less popular group like Dal Shabet, whom I also love, would still have little chance of making it. Songs like Hyuna’s ‘Ice Cream’ which you guys really wanted to review never broke 4th place I don’t think. It seems really difficult to please fans and yourselves at the same time. If you do use the ‘choose from top 3′ method though, the top 3 should be listed in random order and not ranked, so that people can’t complain about you being biased.

  180. I vote for the first option. :) You guys should have a say in what you review.

  181. I think you guys should do a KMM of the most voted songs/MVs like you guys are doing now, but in the end of the month choose your favorite song/MVs and review it, independently of the amount of votes on the Kpop Charts.
    Then, will be fair with everyone and we all will be happy! (or at least I expect).
    PS: Martina, your bias in SHINee wasn’t Key?
    PS2: Sorry for my bad english :/

  182. I think it’s unfair to review non-winners for music monday. Cos voting is a universal staid and accepted rating system – what would happen if countries tweaked votes in elections? Drastic analogy, but essentially both look grotesque… How about making a special monthly”no oppars allowed” segment where you review the popular releases that got overlooked?…

  183. I think its actually a great idea. You guys need to have say too considering it is your opinions and we love your skits, so why not increase the chance of making them even funnier !? ahha. Haters really suck though :( i think your real fans will stick behind you no matter who you choose to review tbh ahha.

  184. I like the idea. I’d also love to see more reviews of female groups; there are some really good ones out there, but they don’t get the love they deserve outside of the “big” girl groups. Also, I prefer seeing you guys review songs you actually like because I can tell you’re enjoying making KMM more.

  185. Well rest easy, Martina, Infinite H’s video is no longer in first place. (.__. )
    As for the top 3 option I don’t mind since there won’t be anymore boring videos being reviewed. There should be things to talk about. But whatever. /continues rolling that boulder uphill as I vote for Special Girl/

  186. I vote for the first option in regards to future music mondays. Side note 1: Are you wanting to grow a mustache Simon? Side note 2: its good to see you again Marina, and Simon happy :)

  187. LOL. You guys rock!
    And yes – top 3 and you pick what you like. Seems pretty fair – it’s your show, your rules :-)

  188. I love your new idea for KMM, hell I would let you two pick within the top 5 with maybe one choice completely on your own every month or so. You should really be able to pick MVs that you want to review, otherwise it won’t be as fun for you two to make, which also makes it less fun for us to watch.
    I appreciate you two thinking of your fans, but I want to see you keep loving what you’re doing too!

  189. I would prefer it this way. Screw all the haters, with this method wonderful videos like “The Day Before” (which got to third place miraculously) or “Lipstick” (which would’ve been an amazing KMM) have a chance at getting reviewed. You get hate no matter what at least this way you can feel confident you’re choosing the best video for KMM and we still get the opportunity to vote our faves into the top 3 for consideration. I think it’s a very fair method for everyone.

  190. LIKE! No matter what you guys do, we’ll enjoy it anyways…so might as well do something that you guys like :)

  191. I really like your first suggestion of putting in more input because you have more to say about a video. However, I personally (and i mean nothing negative towards simon and martina) only watch your guys’ videos for the groups that i vote for and the videos that i’d like to hear your opinion on. Although I’m sure that most of the songs you guys want to review also are ones that I want you guys to review, I’m sure that some of the ones that I like and you guys don’t like as much either won’t get reviewed (but would win first place). So that’d be kind of disappointing. You won’t hear any OMG U GAIZ SUK FUR NOT REVIEWING DAT from me though =P So just do your own thing ^^ thx for readingz.

  192. I feel like the way it’s set up now is reviewing what the majority of the people want to see. It’s just appealing to your fanbase. I think a better way would be to make it so people can’t vote more than once a week. That way, some group isn’t chosen just because crazy fans vote hundreds of times. Then, You also won’t get mad at for being biased bc it’ll be what the people really want!
    ^^ but that’s just me, even being an elf, I honestly get annoyed the past few times suju got voted in just bc THERE WAS NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT. Like K.Will should’ve been reviewed it would have been one of the best EVARRRRR or even orange caramel or dal shabet or boa or anyone with a interesting video!!!

  193. malemoot? ….oh Martina, I missed you. Malemutes were my highschool’s animal, it sounds like mute at the end…

  194. It is difficult but I do think either that, having a boys week, then a girls week, or even having one picked out of the top ten sometimes would be good.

    Just remember that you have thousands and thousands of fans that love you no matter what. A lot of the hate is just from people who aren’t fans and are obsessive about their favourite group. I’ve also realised that most haters know almost nothing about you. I’ve seen stuff on forums and their accusations are just so wrong. Of course they never go check their facts, they just sit in their own hate cesspool spewing out hate.

  195. I totally agree with the TOP 3 idea. Lately it kind of seems that the video that wins the votting is not the one on the spotlight for the week, but the one whose artist has the biggest fanbase. CN Blue, for example, wins almost all the kpop charts out there, but never got reviwed for you. And I also miss the element of suprise for watching the video on monday and be all like “OMG, THEY ARE REVIWING THIS SOOOONG!!!” It’s more fun for everybody. Forget about the haters to talk about being biased, they always will say something, they will always say that you are bias somehow. Especially Yg biased lol I’m voting for the TOP 3 videos.

  196. I actually like this idea. I love being surprised at who was chosen for Music Mondays. I think its a good idea guise! You should definitely do it!

  197. I think you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. I like the idea of picking on from the top 3, and bringing back some uncertainty to which song/group will be reviewed, but chances are that they will still be all male groups most of the time.

  198. I think changing up the way music mondays gets pick is a good idea, it seems like some of the mv’s that get the most votes don’t always make the greatest music mondays. One suggestion would be maybe once every 2/3/4 weeks you (Simon & Martina) pick which video gets reviewed. That way some of the rookie/lesser-known groups with great videos get a chance to be reviewed and I think it would make for some funner videos.

  199. You should definitely pick what videos you want to review. It seems like mostly big names are getting reviewed and I’d love to learn more about what you guys think about rookie groups/ less well known groups too. Maybe then you could have a week every couple of months where you do what you did with the EYK awards and have a list of videos that we vote on to be reviewed?

  200. to be honest, i almost never vote on the kpopcharts. it always seems very lopsided biased towards popular groups, be it male or female. the videos i wanted you guys to do a review on, NEVER gets on the top, NEVER. if you ask me, i say screw the voting, let simon pick a video, martina pick a video then the fans will choose between these 2 (very much like the showdown, except its for the next review).

    • For me is more about: I never vote, mainly because I see videos that seem to be great on KMM . Then s and m do another video that I thought wouldn’t lend itself to KMM but I the get a surprise….

    • Amen for your words! What about Gain’s Bloom! or BOA’s songs, or these not so popular MV that I REALLY REALLY like and NEVER get reviewed!

    • VOTING POLLS = HITS ON WEBSITE (VIEWERS’ PARTICIPATION). they can do a rotational system review whats on top of voting and review what they like. taking out the poll in EYK will be disastrous because S&M also earn money from review video views :p

  201. I think that you should do a music monday review on one girl group and one boy group, I think voting should still be open, but that way, it won’t be so difficult

  202. Any idea where you review mv’s you find interesting would be a good one. I’m not really a huge fan of voting because I’d like to see lesser know video’s get attention. People will complain no matter what you choose because people like to complain. ;)

  203. unicornsgalaxy

    I wanna say that I really like that idea. Of course there are going to be a lot of people that complain, but I think that if you do it right it won’t be too bad. I think if you are going to put that plan into action, you will need to give people enough time for it to sink in.

    So, say you decide today that, yes, that is what you are going to do. I think you should not implement it for maybe about a month (3-4 KMMs) and at the end of each KMM and each Chart update let the viewers know that starting insert date of the KMM when you will be choosing from the top 3 here you will be picking from the top 3 videos. You should also put an announcement on the chart page (in big BOLD letters and if they can flash that would be better! Anything that will grab the attention of people so they may actually have a chance of reading it!).

    Also, I know other people have mentioned this, but I wish you would bring back the K-crunch cocktail. Maybe even replace the chart update with it. There are a lot of songs that are awesome that never get talked about and people never see because they don’t sort the chart by date and look at the videos that just came out and will never make it to the top 10. Also, I think it would be a good way for new (and old) kpop fans to discover older kpop songs and videos (from 1st and 2nd generation idols that may or may not be actively promoting but are still and influence in kpop). But, if you want to keep the chart update, maybe of the 3 songs, you can feature a song that is buried on the 2 or 3rd page of the chart.

    • I also would like to hear them talk about “old” songs~ I really like the indie playlist, but that’s all indie. The same kind of thing with non-indie would be awesome :O ( better than a kpop-update, maybe..)

    • I’m so digging a Wonderful Treasure Find corner with old songs and/or songs that are just released but not given enough attention! And yes, it’s higher on my list than the kpop charts update

  204. Someone already said it, I’m sure, but I think that the most fair thing would be to have a Girl kpop chart and a boy kpop chart, and just to alternate between the charts every other week. If you did the idea Martina suggested and picked out of the top 3, you would not only increase your antis and hate mail, but you would also lose viewership since fans would get frustrated that their voting mania doesn’t necessarily mean their oppas will get picked. But the most important thing is the hate. You guys get flack for what is already a pretty fair system, just how many times worse will it get when you actually are the ones responsible for who gets picked. I think it would get way too ugly and you guys would end up demotivated for doing awesome music mondays, so please no don’t do that.

    • I like the sound of that idea (I like boy groups almost exclusively, but I’m all for a little more fairness)! The only thing that I don’t like about the idea of two separate charts is that the current system makes it almost impossible for a song to stay high up in the chart for more than a week, so it’d be great if they would reduce the penalty on votes that older videos get. That way, a boy song or girl song wouldn’t get screwed just because it happened to come out on the “wrong” week for a review.

  205. I am all for the change for picking from the top 3 – I would even be okay if you picked one at random, or from the top 10 or something. I think that some of the smaller groups and rookie groups just don’t have big fandoms, and will never win even if they have the rockingiest, bestest, most amazing videos ever. Sometimes a new video also comes in closer to the poll closing time, and misses the next Monday, just because of the time lag. I feel like the change would also help newcomers/old K-pop fans to be exposed to some groups that are less well known. You could always have one MM a month be one where the Nasties vote it in.

  206. I think that if you were to choose one of the top 3 videos, then you’d have to limit the amount of votes per person to make everything less stressful for everybody. I mean, like a poll where people would place their vote in once and fans wouldn’t have to be so obsessed with voting everyday and commenting. Also, if you hid the scores and only showed what the top 3 videos are, to keep that element of surprise, nobody would call you out for unfairly choosing the video of your choice over the video with most votes since people wouldn’t be able to see who was in the lead anyway.

    These are some suggestions, which of course you could modify to your liking, but I really do think that hiding the scores and highlighting what the top 3 videos are would work fine.

    • I like the “only show which are in the top 3 not which is in 1st place”!
      This will, I think, also upset less fans, since they didn’t know whether their favorite was in 1st place and didn’t get a review.

    • This is basically the idea I came here to mention. I really like the idea of S&M getting to pick a video out of the top 3 or top 5 or whatever. If they keep the scores of those top videos secret then I think it would cut down on the complaining about bias and being unfair. This would allow S&M to review some music videos that they were more interested in than others and would keep them from having to review a video that they really don’t like at all.

  207. while reading,i did think at first, “why not just make 2 reviews, guy/girl?” but 1, you already don’t sleep to the point of needing a sleepcave at the studio, and 2, i really forgot how exciting MM used to be, before the time when i already know how it would go based on the charts. i say, yes!!!!

  208. I like the idea of picking from top 3. I know that a lot of people might say you’re biased or whatever, but those same people would say that to you if you picked the video that they wanted and gave it a negative review. You’re never going to win that. I’d rather see you guys review what you actually like.

  209. i would love to see you guys choosing! some great videos that would have made awesome music mondays (ice cream, anyone?) never got voted in, and there are so many cool girl rookie groups that don’t have the fanbase of exo or b.a.p. but have put out really great songs and videos!!! (like glam’s i like that, which is an incredible track, or nine muses’ dolls/ticket/news, etc.)

    maybe once in a while you could even do a classic music monday. it would be cool to see you guys review, like, beg’s abracadabra, t-ara’s roly poly, etc.

    overall, while i think allowing some fan input is nice, you guys are the ‘professionals’ here, so to speak. you know what’s going to be fun and interesting and new and what won’t be. 5000 videos about how sm artists are stuck in boxes are bound to get old after a while. creating new and exciting content should be more important than soothing the egos of obsessive boy group fans.

  210. Maybe you could do a special KMM once a month that is completely your choice. Either, first or last Monday of the month, you totally handpick the MV.

    I liked the anniversary episode where you reviewed two songs that you chose (Balloons-DBSK, etc.) That episode was awesome because it was literally “No F**** Given”.

    Also, Simon’s hat saying “Chicago F****” O_O

  211. So I would be totally in favor of your suggestion and generally prefer the videos you guys pick yourself. In fact, I would probably be in favor you guys picking every music Monday regardless of who is in the top 3. However, in trying to be civil, how about a compromise where you two pick your own video to review for the first Monday of every month? This avoids the unlikely yet still possible outcome where all top 3 options are a sausage fest or all boring.

  212. How about voting using our facebook account and male fans gets 5 votes while female gets 1? That’ll surely balance the share of male and female artist on Music Mondays.

  213. Um,, (pls correct me if I’m wrong) you mean, you’ll choose among the Top 3 videos to review then? So, we don’t need to make our favorite video to be the Top video anymore because you’ll choose one of the Top 3 vids that you like the most, right?


    The fans from a smaller fandom wont need to camp out to make gazillion but relevant comments anymore like me (coz I’m a LO/E, you know what I mean? Three defeats in a row….A;;)


    Are you sure this will help to decrease sausage fest for KMM? How if the top 3 videos are from male groups? That’s just another sausage fest for sure.

  214. Me, the ideal is to do at least two or three KMMs. But picking from a Top 3 (or maybe Top 5) is a good option, too.

  215. why don’t you put it to a vote on Facebook and see the Orval results but their would have to be rules set so people can know or maybe you can do that at the end of each month or something like that

  216. I actually don’t know what I would prefer…Sometimes when some of my favourite groups put out a video that’s totally not really EYK Monday worthy music video wise, I actually pray that people don’t vote it in. I don’t really like hearing the negative stuff but then again, the world’s not all puppies and rainbows (though I wish it was xD) and when you guys say negative stuff it’s pretty funny actually xD I don’t like girl groups much but I do agree they get the short end of the stick. I mean 2012 so many great girl group rookies came out and none of the got a chance to be reviewed :/ But it may be difficult to choose just between 3 groups when people can just vote one in. I don’t know…I feel kinda useless writing this comment when I’m not giving any suggestions

  217. i think it’s nice idea :D
    but remember ur safety. like, if there was a week that big comebacks are happening (shinee, suju, snsd, bb, 2ne1 you name it) i think it’s wiser if you either choose the top 1, or choose with a random selection…
    or else fanclubs will go against you and plot ur death and curse you slowly.

  218. Christina Trierweiler

    It’s your website! When you started you picked it out, so why not? I’d imagine 90% of the time you’d probably pick the one in 1st place anyway. Plus, your best videos are when you’re excited about it. :)

  219. Heck, just go ahead and choose a video from the top 10 on the charts. What if f(x) comes out with a new video, or 4minute, or KARA? Then what? THEY’LL NEVER GET REVIEWED! It’s all BOY BANDS BOY BANDS BOY BANDS! Seriously, nasties? CNBLUE? You have CNBLUE in first place ahead of BoA? I know that CNBLUE makes ladyboners like some kind of flower boy pandemic, but you seriously need to GET OVER YOUR BIAS because THERE ARE MALE NASTIES TOO, YOU KNOW.

    Not everyone that likes K-Pop is a girl, and Eat Your Kimchi is THE BIGGEST KPOP BLOG ON THE PLANET. As nasties, as K-Pop fans, you have a RESPONSIBILITY to vote for THE BEST video, not just your favorite. K-Pop has the potential to take over the global pop industry, and, as a Californian, I am incredibly sick of the global monopoly that my local Hollywood has over the market. KANYE IS CRAP COMPARED TO G-DRAGON. You can help K-Pop spread by VOTING THE RIGHT WAY on the charts, getting the best videos into KMM, and letting the very best of K-Pop KNOWN to the ENTIRE WORLD.

    • unicornsgalaxy

      “As nasties, as K-Pop fans, you have a RESPONSIBILITY to vote for THE BEST video, not just your favorite” I just want to point out, in order to do that accurately, you will need to have a lot of time on your hands to go through all the videos that are on the chart. I usually try to sort the chart by date and watch all the new videos that come out regularly, but it’s extremely time consuming and I am about 3 pages behind (probably more).

    • I can see what you are saying but in a way, you make it seem like fan girls just blindly vote. You know there is a reason why fans become fans, it is because they admire the band and regardless of whether a video is deemed “the best” or not depends on your taste

  220. I actually really like the ideas you came up with. I constantly hope that a rookie group will get some recognition and am happy to see when they are up on the chart, but then a popular group makes a comeback and…that’s that….forget about the rookies possibly getting reviewed…It makes me sad…Im not hating Im just saying my opinion. Rookies need love shown towards them too!

  221. I say go for it ONLY if it’s not a week when major groups release their music videos. (Example if BigBang, SNSD or SHINEE release a video and you choose not to pick it then people will go awol and plot you’re guy’s death.) It sounds like a good idea right now, considering the videos that are out. :)

  222. I like your idea. It gives an element of surprise while still listening to the voters. I would love to see you guys to CNBlue’s newest song, which was in third, but I don’t think it would ever reach 1st place. This way I know there would be a chance for it .

  223. Please please do that,i think s better if you choose the winner because it´ll be a surprise ,it will be super fun, i like that idea,im with you guys [sorry for my bad english :( ]

  224. What about a combination of both the current system and a personal selection by you two from among the top 3 or so? For example, you could review the top voted song one week, then the next week pick among the top 3 or 5 voted videos, then the week after that review the top voted video again, and keep alternating like that. That could be a good compromise, since both you and the fans would have input.

  225. I dunno, like some, about picking from the top three ALL the time… I would suggest doing it once or twice a month. That way you guys still get to pick videos, too, but at the same time we still can have solid picks ourselves as fans. >3< Even if it's nothing good you have to say about a video, sometimes that can be more interesting than just praise praise praise, y'know? Funnier too at times.

  226. I say go for it ONLY if it’s not a week when major groups release their music videos. (Example if BigBang, SNSD or SHINEE release a video and you choose not to pick it than people will go awol and plot you’re guy’s death.) It sounds like a good idea right now, considering the videos that are out. :)

    • To be fair they would still have to follow the rules even if it was a major group. After all some of the more mediocre videos that have won have been from major groups because of their large fandoms.

  227. Hm I agree its really sad that a lot of talented and beautiful mvs dont stand a Chance in winning for example soju or snsd ( with super boring mvs… Most of thr time)
    But choosing from top three doesn’t Sounds good. I wouldnt be as encouraged to vote, because it didnt really matter which Is First…Why dont you Do an extra kpop music ‘monday’ where you review you Personal favorite of two weeks or a month or something.
    So ön another day of the week. Or an special music monday where you guys choose your favorite.

  228. I know it’s called K-Pop Music Monday, but I’d love to see more variety. Sure the fan girls will complain – but they complain when their group/artiste aren’t picked, they complain when they are picked, they complain when you make fun of the names or the Engrish lyrics (which btw, I think is hilarious), they complain when groups don’t win consecutive weeks…no matter what you guys do, they will complain.

    Simon and Martina, you both influence my taste in Korean music (I’ve found so many gems in the K-Indie videos you guys post), and it would be nice to hear more about the K-Pop artistes and bands that you two really like.

    I like the top 3 option. Some people below suggested splitting the charts into male and female sections – but I’m guessing that might be more work than you guys can handle right now.

  229. Yes. yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes….you get the point. This is y’all’s site, so don’t feel like you guys have to satisfy everyone. Haters gonna hate, so do yo thang, uknow what I mean….^^. I honestly don’t give a crap if y’all don’t review the number 1 slot; however others might, but whatever you guys decide to do y’all have my support 100%…^^

  230. I LOVE the idea of picking in the top 3. I actually enjoy more of the girl/lady groups than the boy/man groups. So I am glad I am not the only one who feels they are totally being shafted in the charts/ music mondays.

  231. I think picking from the top 3 would work best because there are a lot of videos that get voted in because the band is popular, but the video itself might not be that great. Plus, I don’t like watching KMMs where you have nothing nice or interesting to say.

  232. poodle

    LOVE Simon’s hat ;D

  233. About the turtle necks…if the end of the shirt gets shorter when the top of it takes over the world in octopus mode ill be fine with it ;) If not, then Martina hand me a weapon because ill be joining you in battle.

  234. Who cares about haters. their gonna hate anyway so why not do it.

    • Trying to reduce haterism to a minimum, hopefully!

      • thisisjustforfunval

        Someone on Facebook made, in my opinion, an awesome suggestion if you guys do choose from the top three. Not sure if there is a way to do it but make it so we can see who the top three are but not which order they are in. That way no one, other than you guys, knows who’s really in first place and hopefully reduce a little of the hate. Only real trick will be to not give your “biases” away during kpopchart reviews ;)

  235. Does Simon’s hat say ‘Chicago Fucks’? Like, wow. And I totally agree with your idea! I love listening to girl groups and some of them have amazing videos and songs but they keep getting screwed over by all the boy groups coming out with new songs. You should totally proceed with your idea because I agree with Martina: BOA NEEDS TO GET REVIEWED.

  236. I agree with your idea. The recent KMM have been so boring that I couldn’t bring myself to watch it to the end. You guys haven’t liked the songs for the recent KMM’s, so your reviews have been lacking. I’m not blaming you of anything, but it seems like you guys didn’t even try to understand the video/song. So choosing from the top 3 can give you some more time to come up with a solid review, as well as see if you truly like the song and video or not

  237. I really like your idea of choosing who to review for the KMM based on the top 3~ I think it will be both enjoyable for you (since you’ll have more fun in the videos) and in turn for us (we love to see you guise have fun) :)

  238. I really like the “Top 3″ idea! I trust you guys will be able to balance the type of videos you’re reviewing, and I feel it would be much more interesting if you did. I have to be honest and say that I’m a bit upset when all these dancing-in-a-plain-and-boring-room videos gets reviewed and it feels like you have to make something up to make it interesting.

  239. drykabioni

    Make it happen, guys! I think is an awesome idea!!

  240. Yes…it would be nice to review the TOP 3 videos….getting really hard if one of your favorites didnt made it on top….especially the girls need to be reviewed more often too….

  241. DO IT DO IT DO IT DO EEEEETTTTTTTTTTT!!!! I can appreciate a good K-Pop boy band, but seriously, Disturbance NEEDS to be reviewed!!! SO DO THE PICK SYSTEM

  242. I kind of disagree since we voted it in, it means we want to see it reviewed. Reviewing something not voted in just ruins the fun of it all. Why review girl groups that are not voted in. theyre not voted in because we would like to see something else reviewed. We expressed our biased wishes and that is human nature. Just an opinion.

  243. I like the idea of a surprise from the top 3

  244. Ehh I’m not sure about the change. I mean a lot of people love kpop music monday’s because the fans get to decide who wins and if you pick from the top three it just kinda doesn’t make sense for anyone to vote. I mean sure to make it to the top three but even then if might not get reviewed. My suggestion would be why not make two charts, one for girl groups and one for boy groups and then review them both? Idk that might be unrealistic but it gives boy and girl groups a fighting change. I think it’s an okay idea but it might just start more fan wars and it would get annoying seeing all the negative comments. I mean sure you have them either way but now its not your fault because WE decide who you review, not how you review. I say keep it the way it is and maybe just review a song you want to review at the end of every month instead of using the chart? kinda like how you did Infinite’s The Chaser. If that makes sense. Either way if you do change it and it doesn’t go well you can always change it back. It would leave us in suspense of who you guys end up choosing which would ultimately make KMM more interesting. I guess I can see the benefits of the change.

  245. hapagirl

    I really would like to see you guys choose out of the top three. I mean I know there’s a bunch of people who’d bitch and complain over it, but at the same time, look at the biasness in the charts. No one really stands a chance if they’re not supermega popular. Look at the kpop charts now. Two that were reviewed are still in the top 10. I will say I’d rather see a review on a video that you guys genuinely like and doesn’t already have the hype and views like others, would be awesome. I will say, I’d rather see it switched out so the fans choose some and you choose the rest. Or I would say maybe in the future, have a segment for the rookie and smaller groups so they can get fans.

  246. Janeth Parrales-Garcia

    lol. i was about to say brohoho’s room! i would be cool to pick from the top three, or could you do one monday would be for kpop guy/guy groups and the next one would be female

  247. ME GUSTA!!! I love it actually! I was feeling the same way! I am expecting great things! Don’t let me down!

  248. AMEN to the choosing between the top 3!

  249. Bias isn’t always a bad thing and also highlighting and promoting little known and/or new artists is never a bad thing. KPOP is more than Bubblegum pop sung by 10 groups (plus PSY and IU).
    However personally I enjoy your more negative and honest views on videos that you don’t like, and so just having songs you like would lose this.

  250. yaaaaay! Martina is baaack!
    I really like your idea… I think that you guys would be really happy and more excited if you actually review song and videos that you like! soo… go for it!
    forget the haters.. if they don like this… it’s simple.. they souldn’t watch MM.. this blog isn’t only about kpop
    and..sorry for my english

  251. Each month we should pick 2 and you should pick 2. Or you 3 and us 1. I don’t care how you don’t or who you do it for as long as you keep making videos I will always watch and I will always love it.

  252. The only time I would ever have a problem with this is if a group I really like comes back after forever (those terrible year+ comebacks) and you guys want to review another video more, cuz I would be uber sads. But I prefer that you guys enjoy your KMM’s, so I support you no matter what you do^^
    Love you guys<3

  253. PREACH.
    lol but seriously, I think it’s a great idea to do that.
    Fans will still complain about everything (they even complain about your opinions when you review the artists they like). They’ll never stop complaining… And everyone knows that, especially you guys!
    Also, the “surprise effect” this idea implies will be AWESOME. Whoever is reviewed won’t be chosen because of popularity only and, as you said, KMM will be more enjoyable (for you to record and for us to watch) because you’re going to be excited to review the video you yourselves will choose! Plus, thinking about the ever-complaining fans: they’ll sure be kinda mad if you don’t choose their favorite artist’s video, but they will be BLISSFULLY HAPPY if you do!
    * Sorry if I made up some things I wrote XD I mean words/phrases… My mother tongue isn’t Englsih ^_^ ”

  254. Yes, please review BoA! The idea that CNBlue and Infinite H are ahead of her on the charts is ridiculous!

  255. Maybe start off by picking a video one Monday a month or so? That way
    you can review at least one that you want to and fans can still vote for the rest. It could
    work at least as a tester for now. Just an idea. Personally, I’m all for the
    changes… I noticed the same things you mentioned. As a viewer I sometimes find the reviews repetitive. Which isn’t really your fault since you don’t pick the songs.
    Anyway, I liked all three songs you listed this week :)

  256. I agree that you guys should try it out… you could definitely give some balance and variety to the music mondays. The only downside I see is that if you pick the songs you like we’ll only see the same positive reviews. I like that you guys actually /give/ criticism once in a while, so I hope that doesn’t go away.

  257. I never vote cause I’m more interested in what your opinion than the opinion of a thousand fangirls. The other option is to have your choice every few weeks or something. Anyway, my point is I’d like to see you have more choice in the videos, haters be damned!

  258. I’m all for Martina’s plan! Sounds awesome to me! As a BoA fan for many years now, I am so excited at the prospect of her song getting reviewed!!

  259. Yes, you should totally pick what you want to do for KMM. Because KMM is starting to get REALLY boring and i mean REALLY BORING. So if you do a review on something that you ACTUALLY like and WANT to talk about, then it’d be interesting like it used to again. :) Don’t care about haters.

    • Christina Trierweiler

      I don’t completely agree – I think KMM keeps getting better in a lot of ways… but I think when certain artists get in all the time you can really see your boredom of it. So I agree with the point!

    • Agreed, or at least the choice of songs is sadly way too predictable nowadays. Maybe it would be quite fun if they just make a stats page on the website, so the fan groups can vent their feelings onto being the most popular on that :P

  260. Betsy

    I would maybe suggest completely splitting the chart into K-pop Girls and K-pop Boys and then alternate every week.

    • I think that would work, except for the problem of some coed groups/units like Troublemaker or Sunnyhill. But that’s pretty rare.

    • I was totally going to suggest the same thing!!! And in regards to co-ed groups they could just be put on both charts. ^^
      That way it’d be even! Girl group one week. Boy group next week! TOTALLY Even!

    • That sounds pretty fair. Though maybe the decay algorithm in the charts should be modified since currently if a song isn’t voted in the first two weeks, it has almost no chance of hanging on for a third. So if we alternated between girl groups and boy groups, a group only has one shot of getting a review before they have to wait another two weeks before the cycle returns to their respective gender, meaning that because of the point decay, they won’t have much of a shot at winning because they’ll most likely have been passed up by a new release operating with 100% of their points. I understand that the charts are supposed to reflect what is currently popular, but with an alternating system it seems like a lot of groups, both male and female, would have an almost insurmountable disadvantage against newly released songs unless the decay algorithm is altered a bit.

      Just food for thought, if this is the new method you choose.

    • This idea is great! I think it’ll work perfectly for what you guys want :)

    • That’s what I was thinking. As for the coed groups, the ones with primarily girls could go with the girl groups and so on.

  261. I said go for it, more power to you :)

    and Welcome Back ^^

  262. I would be really happy if you choose actually. ^-^ It wouldn’t always be SJ and Big Bang x) And I think the review would be more interesting if you could choose the video you prefer ^-^

  263. I think that you should have a rotating system for KMM.

    So one week, you choose from the top 3 videos selected and then the week after you do a video based on the fan’s voting preference or the video that is #1 on the KPOPCHARTS. That way, both you and the fans get an equal share of what you want for KMM. You get to choose for one week and they choose for the second and it goes back and forth. And Martina’s back! :D

    • Yeah, I totally agree. Alternate between what you want, and then what the fans want.

      You could even go so far as one week is fan voted (exactly as it is now), and the next week you guys pick whatever you want (within the list of current MVs out atm) — even outside the ‘Top 3′. (Of course picking from the ‘Top 3′ on EYK’s week might be a better compromise, like stated above.)

      That way fans can still have some pull with the votes. They REALLY want a video to be picked? — then, keep voting one more week until it’s their week. They’ve managed to keep some videos in the top for 2-3 weeks before, so this won’t be as much of a problem.

      A compromise is in order. :) You guys need to do what makes you happy. Heck, it’s your blood business! Haha.

      • I really like this idea the most. I’ve always thought about how it might be frustrating for them from time to time… And we could have had a KMM for Ice *Fracking* Cream!

        Sometimes, I’m sure if Simon and Martina could choose the video for KMM, we would have the awesomest KMM. Some Kpop MV are great visually and stuff, but I’m sure some of them are really boring to review too.

      • I agree, do one week pick of the fans, one week simon and martina’s pick not looking at the charts at all. So any mv goes regardless of place. Or do one week first place, second week one of the top 3, next week dark horse pick from simon and martina, rinse and repeat.

    • unicornsgalaxy

      I think that is also a good idea. The key is to make sure that it is communicated very well. So at the end of a KMM, announce that next week S&M will be picking the video and also put it on the chart page.

    • I think that if they divide the chart in two: girls and boy groups and then they alternate between those two every week. i think that would be better idea though, but at the end is whatever work best for them

      • Mixed groups and duets are rare, but exist! How about them?

        • put the mixed groups in the girls group list. make it boy/non boy kpop lists. Not that I am promoting it this way mind you.

        • that could turn into a mess. I really like the idea of alternating weeks for fans votes vs S&M’s vote… also it could give us a chance, as fans, to appreciate new MV that maybe are not so popular but are very good song, videos, etc. It would give us a more wide view of the whle kpop music world

      • But what if its a girl group week but there are no good girl group releases that week but awesome boy group ones? Or vice versa? It hard to keep a song in number one for multiple weeks.

        • This is my concern as well. What if a crazy awesome girl group song came out during boy group week or vice versa? Its bound to happen. Its too limiting. That would mean that a great song would have 0% chance of winning in a certain week even if it’s flippin awesome. I believe that if Simon and Martina got to pick from the top 3 they would be very fair about it. They probably wouldn’t interfere with the fans #1 choice most weeks. It would only be once in a while that they intervene- when something so good comes out that they know won’t make it to #1 but totally deserves to be reviewed.

      • Well, if I’m not that interested in girl groups I just don’t go to that chart…problem solved?

    • I second– no, third– fourth…Fifth? I don’t know the number but I SUPPORT THIS 100%.

    • i think this is a good idea. it must get really annoying for s and m to do songs which they don’t like all the time. it be ruining dere creativitay!

      I personally rarely watch KMM because i don’t like boy groups.

    • Agreed as well. I watch KMM for you guys, for both the humor and the critiques that you bring to the songs, and I think you two should at least get to pick *some* of the songs you review. Getting stuck with the fans’ choice week after week cannot be easy, especially when you’re stuck with a song you don’t like. So yes, please pick some yourselves! *CoughOrangeCaramelcough*

    • Cool idea I like it :) My suggestion would be to randomise the selection of the top 3 if S & M go down that track. S & M (or interns/random people- e.g. cheese lady) choose 1,2 or 3 from a hat at the end of the Kpop updates and that lets fans know which number will be reviewed. It wont make it a surprise so much but at least it will appease the fans that the choice is still out of their hands and tada! No bias!! It might make the voting patterns interesting for everyone…

    • I think this is a good idea. And I think S&M should not limit themselves to the top 3. In the past there have been really interesting MV that didn’t get into the top 3 (Gain’s Bloom comes to mind) that I am sure would have been fun to review.

      Simon and Martina, PLEASE make this happen. Boring, predictable videos are getting voted in and its making KMM boring and predictable as well.

      • I agree with all you just said. I sometimes restrain from voting cause I already now that the “popular video” is going to be on top of the amazing MV that is even on 5th place just because it’s not “so” popular (with guys rubbing their lips and stuff) Gain’s Bloom, like I mean it, deserved to be reviewed!

    • I like the rotating system idea.

    • So far out of all the possible solutions, this is the one I like the most. If S&M choose every week who they want to do, it kind of belittles the whole point of voting for your band, and the reason the Kpopchart was created in the first place: which was to create a connection between KMM and the viewers. KMM is actually created off of what the viewers want.

      This way, S&M would get to do videos with increased quality that they enjoy, but still be able to create videos off of what their viewers enjoy.

      Everyone has to remember, EYK isn’t completely simon and martina just doing whatever they feel like. It is their job. Their livelihood and ability to put bread (or rice) on the table depends on them having a lot of viewers. If they just do whatever they feel like and lose a lot of their viewers in the process, they aren’t going to be able to keep EYK running. They would have to find normal jobs, which I’m guessing means them moving back to Canada or getting English teaching jobs in Japan. Either way, their Korean videos would vastly decrease. Which is something no one here wants.

      The bands that win, win because it is the most accurate representation what the majority of the viewers want to see. That’s why they got the most points.

    • This is idea is the best!!!
      And welcome back Martina, now Simon won’t have to stuff himself with ice’cream so he won’t be late with the updates ^^

    • irritablevowel

      I like this, but I would add for the top 3 week isn’t there some kind of spinner app or the like that you could use (or a roll of dice) to determine which song you talk about? That way it’s completely random and up to chance. The suspense and anticipation would be fantastic, for viewers AND for you. That *should* eliminate any possibility of whining, after all you can’t argue with chance and probability (well, some people will, but they’re stupid and you really shouldn’t care what stupid people think. I know I don’t.)

      • But wouldn’t randomizing it defeat the point of S&M being able to pick during a top 3 week? I agree that leaving it up to chance would save them bias accusations, but they would still have a high probability of ending up with a video that is difficult for them to talk about. Even if only one of the top three videos is one that they really don’t want to talk about, there’s still a 33% chance that it will randomly get picked.

        I just feel that if we want this alternating system where S&M pick every other week, that the whole point of them being able to pick is to enable them to speak about a video in the top 3 that they want to talk about (hopefully resulting in a more enjoyable KMM experience for both them and viewers). In the end, I think it comes down to whether Simon and Martina themselves would be able to handle the inevitable accusations of bias that would arise from them picking.

        Two other users down below, AnaSara and Velvetblue Veille, suggested this as a way of deciding which among the top 3 gets reviewed on those weeks:

        AnaSara: Maybe you could instead add another factor to the points for each video – the “how much Simon and Martina like the song” factor. So it wouldn’t be an ultimate veto, but it would bring some of that consideration into
        the voting system ^.^

        Velvetblue Veille: Perhaps S&M can use percentage like Korean Award thing.
        For example: S&M’s choice of the song can have 50% (for Simon 25 % and Martina 25% coz I’m sure they will have different fave songs, no? :p) meanwhile for all of voters 50% too. So, whoever has the highest % will get reviewed.
        This is only my example. S&M can adjust the percentage later on, ofc if S&M agree with this idea. :)

        This seems like a more logical way than a random draw to decide among the top 3 during those weeks. It’s a compromise between leaving it up to chance and their own input, which would hopefully cut back a bit on bias accusations.

    • How about some sort of Kpop Wheel of fortune where the choices are #1, S&m pick, girl group, group with most members, any video with a dog in it, etc. Could have alot of fun with the categories. They can spin the wheel after the polls close.

  264. Well, why not? It’s your project after all, not ours. At least I’ll be surprised and get to listen to something new at times (though you probably won’t persuade me to listen to more female singers. I’m picky about voices and most Korean women have this weird pitch…)

    • I agree about the pitch for most of the Korean women singers. I find it too high pitched for me. Must be like food, not everyone’s taste buds are the same.

    • I’m not typically a fan of the music made by female artist in kpop, so that’s why I have a male bias in the genre. That’s not to say there aren’t good female groups/artists, it’s just that 95.9% of the time, I’m not a fan of the aegyo/rainbow thing that’s mostly prevalent.

  265. In all honesty, I could potentially see myself getting bitter with the Top 3 Music Monday thing if you weren’t to pick the group I really want to win but 90% I don’t care who gets reviewed, so my bitterness would be very minimal. Other than that, screw my bitterness. It’s your guise’s site, and you should have some kind of input on what you do with your videos. So go for it, I support you completely as a Nasty :D

  266. Yes!!! I am ready for you guys to review more songs from a VARIETY of kpop artists not just boy groups

    • Yes please VARIETY OF GROUPS something new,different

    • I have been waiting for something like this to happen . Sometimes some of the indie music videos or whatever you want to call them make top three but not first. And I don’t have a problem with boy bands but I would like a variety and different boy and girl band that might not have gotten in first place to be reviewed.

  267. I’m not sure about your proposed changes to who gets reviewed for Kpop Music Mondays – fan-fury can be awfully annoying..T.T Maybe you could instead add another factor to the points for each video – the “how much Simon and Martina like the song” factor. So it wouldn’t be an ultimate veto, but it would bring some of that consideration into the voting system ^.^

    • I like this yo. Perhaps S&M can use percentage like Korean Award thing.

      For example: S&M’s choice of the song can have 50% (for Simon 25 % and Martina 25% coz I’m sure they will have different fave songs, no? :p) meanwhile for all of voters 50% too. So, whoever has the highest % will get reviewed.

      This is only my example. S&M can adjust the percentage later on, ofc if S&M agree with this idea. :)

    • Good idea! my suggestion would be to add a number of views factor/percentage so that artists like Boa or whoever get a chance. This could balance the voting on the charts relative to Youtube popularity. This might mean that rookie groups suffer though so it couldn’t be a major factor :)

      • Disagree about that. I think it’s good that the number of views doesn’t impact the ranking, because it gives exposure to good videos that need it.

  268. Yeah, Martina is back. Aww you probably really missed him a lot, well he missed you to, right ….Spudgy? :P <3 :just kidding: don't kill me Simon :D

  269. yes, yes, YES to your idea! it might cause the occasional butthurt, but i think it’ll be better in the long run. maybe an orange caramel video will finally make it!

  270. Yes! Please change it to your suggested method! I really can’t stand some of the videos that get voted in and lot of good artists get skipped.

  271. I agree… pick from the top 3. I want to hear what you have to say about BoA and Taemin, because I have lots to say about them too. Why doesn’t everyone?? Also I’m not as into Kpop girl groups but I like some variety too, jeez. Do it! Come on… do it.

  272. Me gusta :D. Who cares about bias? This is your gig, you do your thang :) There are more of us who will love all of what you do than the small group who will flip shiz if their oppas and unnis don’t get picked.

    • Here! Here! Or is it Hear! Hear! I don’t know, but I agree.

    • Agree with what you said. I like their idea, and is not like they’ll only choose what they like and want.

    • Yeah,the only thing is, if one group is wining way over the others that should probably be taken into consideration. Or maybe not! You Guise are so awesome even if my favorite group didn’t get reviewed id still enjoy your stuff!
      But im really excited about you getting to have some say, i feel like you are so dedicated to your fan base and try to run to please us, that you feel guilty even if you want to take a day off FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY, i mean it seems ridiculous for you to feel so restricted. We all love you enough to like whatever you do!

    • Agreed. It is their thing and I love what they do. I rarely vote. I don’t care who gets voted in as long as they keep making awesome reviews. My bias? EYK! (Also, I would love to have the element of surprise…Who will be chosen by Simon and Martina?)

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