BoA “Disturbance” – Vote for it Here!


Ok, so we’ve been talking about this for a while now. We need to find a way so that girls and girl groups stop getting screwed over in the KpopCharts. There are some totally awesome songs out there, as well as totally awesome groups, that we just don’t get the chance to talk about unless they’re mega huge, like Girl’s Generation. Otherwise, smaller rookie groups with a fraction of the views will get voted in. Which, sure, is good for rookie groups, because they get a chance, but they’re not necessarily always a fair representation of what’s cool in Kpop at the moment.

So what do you think of our suggestion of us picking from the top 3 videos, rather than just automatically picking the top video? It’s got a few benefits:

1) We have more of an input on who we review, which means more fun for some reviews. If we get stuck talking about a video we don’t like, then the Kpop Music Monday might not be as fun, and we’d rather have fun reviews. We can’t like every song that’s in first place, you know?

2) We can balance out the reviews. Kpop Music Monday is a sausage fest. Girls need love, too. They’re a big part of Kpop, but you wouldn’t know that from watching our Kpop Music Mondays.

3) There’ll be an element of surprise, which is absent lately. People know who we’re gonna review by midnight Saturday, while our old Music Mondays were like “OMG! Who are you gonna review?”

There are some cons, of course

1) OMG Y U SO BIAS?!?! As soon as we pick someone who isn’t in first place…can you imagine the hellfury we’ll get from that fangroup? U GUISE ARE HATERZ! We’d be called every name in the book. One of the reasons why we built these KpopCharts was so that people could stop accusing us of that. We’d face it again. We’d be doing it for a good cause, but – hell – do we really want to deal with more whining?

2) That’s really the only con i can think of, unless you can think of others. Guise?

Let us know what you think.

Oh: and BoA’s video’s good, and deserves to be reviewed, which is why we’re talking about this right now.

Sistar19 “Gone Not Around Any Longer” – Vote for it Here!


Woohoo! Sistar’s back! Well, not fully back, but we’re big Sistar fans, aka Sissies. Alone was great, Loving U was even better, and this song is pretty cool as well. Not as great as Loving U, though. That makes me want to dance around everywhere. I don’t have that urge here. Doesn’t mean that it’s a bad song, though! It’s got saxomophones, and saxomophones are great. M83 fans, anyone? Midnight City is groovy, baby.

Also, this video is really well done. Really well done. That scene where the boy is getting pushed, and then he disappears through the door. HOLY CRAP IS THAT EVER IMPACTFUL! That, right there, is quality emotion-wrangling. That’s profound, man.

One thing we will say, though: we can’t remember the name of this song for the life of us. It would be easier if it was Gone Around Not Any Longer, because then I can abbreviate it as “GANAL” which is funny, and I can remember funny. Maybe if I say it a few more times I can remember.

GONE NOT AROUND ANY LONGER. Repeat it in a mirror. I must remember the name of this song!

Eric Nam “Heaven’s Door” – Vote for it Here!


See: we talk about rookies sometimes as well! We can’t talk about every rookie for Kpop Music Monday, because there are only so many Mondays per year, and about ten rookies per Monday (ha!) but we can at least try to shed some light on them in our KpopCharts and hopefully get you voting for them.

Side note, we actually saw a Malamute in Korea. If you’re ever in Hongdae at night on the weekend, there’s a cotton candy place at one of the busiest intersections in the clubby area, and the small cotton candy machine is only memorable because there’s a giant malamute there. It’s just sitting there, usually sleeping, with the owner. Big crowds of people gather round to see the dog, rather than get the cotton candy. We never actually had any of the cotton candy there, now that we think about it, but THE DOGGY IS SO CUTE! Well, not too cute. I tried petting it once and it growled at me. NEVER AGAIN!

  1. I think you should have a rotational system in reviewing. like in the 1st week, do the #1 in voting. and then next week, the video you prefer. it is your site but if you take out your fan voting participation then i am sure another site will take your place :p

  2. …I thought Eric Nam was from Atlanta…

  3. May I recommend a parody of Les Miserables made by Korean air force on Youtube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lZunEARBb6I ? I think this deserves your mention in What’s new in Kpop or some place.

  4. So far the top 3 are Sistar19, CN Blue, and Infinite H.
    Are you going to choose Sistar19 because they are a girl group?
    CN Blue because you’ve never reviewed any of their songs?
    Or Infinite H because they were constantly on the top of the charts for a month but never reviewed?
    Dilemmas dilemmas.
    Either one you choose, two other fandoms are going to be in a tizzy. :/

  5. Is there a way for you to factor in the YouTube views in to the countdown?

  6. I’m okay with the new method, I just hope that you guys pick videos that do have something that you are willing to criticize them for. If you only pick songs you love, then a bias is more clearly shown.

  7. What if you had the fans pick the best boyband and girlband and then do a flip coin to see which one gets reviewed. You could almost make a game out of that.

    • Hey, cool idea ~.o …but maybe just in those times where they can’t decide which song to review. Imagine them when SHINee is first place, but they don’t get to review them. NOOOO! xD I love SHINee and they love SHINee so it would break our hearts </3 xDDD OTL

  8. I think you guys should chose ^^ you are the ones putting all the hard work into the videos~

  9. I bought that same shower that SIstar has! When I moved apartments I had to switch out the traditional Korea hand hose thing :( you can’t shower with a hand hose

  10. I think I would agree with people who said that it should be once a month or so, instead of every week. That way you still get to pick one every now and then from the top 3, and people can still vote for their favorites the other weeks. I like the idea in general, but I would also fear the wrath of Fangirls who don’t get their way after voting so hard for weeks to get something to the top.
    That’s what I think at least. :)

  11. Well is a interesting idea but the backlash of it will be less votes, because people are not going to votebecause of the mindset of well: S&M are going to pick what they like (I have no problem with that) but is going to be that way you know, anyway great work guys!

    • Well, it may mean less fanatic voting, but people will still vote hoping that their video reaches top three.

      In fact, this cold actually be a driving factor to keep voting because your video, which previously not have had a shot at winning, because a big named group ( let’s say bigbang) came out the same week, still has a chance once it stays in the top 3.


  13. LOVE the end of your video this week. Great~

  14. Hoping to see Heaven’s Door next week!!! Love this. So happy for this that he is living “the dream.”

  15. I agree with the solution you have suggested. The bias is getting very unfortunate and I agree that boy bands are getting way too much air time.

  16. Why not include YouTube views in the calculations for which video wins on the kpopcharts?

  17. I agree that there’s a male bias (I would assume from a majority of female viewers) but I honestly don’t think that’s the problem with BOA. This song in my opinion is boring. From what I’ve seen win on the Kpop charts it tends to be more upbeat exciting songs, less ballads. Plus maybe because BOA gets so much attention elsewhere because she’s as you say “Huge” we’d like to talk about bands and singers that aren’t so “Huge”. Just some thoughts :/

  18. I want a review of cn blue! please!

  19. I don’t think picking from the top three is a good idea. Especially if the no1 spot got loads of votes. I know girl groups/artist don’t get much love unless they are well established groups/artist. Eg 2ne1, or snsd. But just choosing a girls over the boys isn’t going to make it fair. Maybe, you can do a different segment. What happened to kcrunch? May be you can mention artist/groups that don’t have a big fan base some much needed limelight. That way you guys are in control, and that way its not controlled by fans.

  20. I was wondering what would happen if you made a male list and a female list and alternated or combined music Mondays between the two. Perhaps picking which one you want to show from the top two on the male and top two on the female?

    Have there been any groups that had both (I haven’t seen any)? Cause that would make the above tricky…

  21. Dear Simon and Martina, whatever you end up doing, just know that I’ll always be there to back you up :)

    I won’t be able the ward off all the hate, but as Tablo says – focus on all the love ^^b

  22. About the sausage (in)fest(ation): I was thinking, maybe you keep to the way you did it until now:
    So, let’s say one week you talked about the one in 1st place (let’s say is was a boy band), and the next week the band in 1st place is a boy band again. If that’s the case, you choose the girl band that is within the top three. If there is no girl band, then you might as well talk about the 1st place, or choose one of the other two (since only the band changes, not the ‘gender’). As a whole, make sure you alternate girl-boy-girl-boy (as far as that’s possible).
    Hope I wasn’t too confusing & a little helpful. Looking forward to today’s KMM. Bisoux from Switzerland ^_^

  23. Hmm a lot of people seem to approve the top 3 idea… well, S&M, be warned that that’s only until their oppas get bumped off first place…

  24. Martina!! Missed you sooo muchㅠㅠ

  25. I like the idea of S&M picking from the Top3.

  26. I think that is an awesome idea because most of the times everybody knows who’s gonna win and it lacks that element of surprise. I also think that this idea is a great way to combine the fans’ and your wishes. That way there won’t be like 4 KMM of Big Bang songs and there would be more diversity. There were a lot of times in which i wished you would review a song but i was 100% certain it wouldn’t stand a chance…i hope that can change now ^____^

  27. loving sistar’s video the most,(´´GANAL ´´ lol ) hav more feeling in it thn BoA`s , althoug it was a cute song and TAEMING was in it , I just….. DIDN`T FEEL anything ,she was busier trying to look LIKE if she was in pain ,it just didnt do it for me ,am i the only one ? ,(NOT BEING A HATER here just giving ma opinion i respect and adore both singers) .: S&M love from R,D

  28. I like the rotating system i saw in the comments! One week you guys pick the most voted video, the next one pick whatever (recent) video you want to review!! besides its a way to knowing/hearing more music that otherwise we may not :D

  29. People watching your videos want to hear what you have to say, so why wouldnt they trust your judgement on who to review?

    You should do what you want!

  30. Easy!
    You said that you were thinking about new segments and this is a do-able idée.
    Simon&Martina deside music Friday?
    Keep music monday a free for all, in as we vote, and then do an other music-day with YOUR favorit song, be it gurl or guy, be it old or new.
    An other idée is to make a segment for old songs, not old-old but like… before music monday time.
    For example: I would give an arm for a music monday for Wedding Dress or Mirotic or I’m just a girl, or Gee and so on!

    OR PSY s RIGHT NOW! (which is my favorit PSY song, Right now or It’s art)

    Or a segment about song with no vid, there are sooooo many songs that people, even fans, don’t know about because they don’t have a MV! Most of my favorit songs don’t have MVs and my friends who like the group havent even heard of the songs cuz they don’t have MVs!
    It makes me upset!


  32. I’m not gonna lie, I was disappointed that INFINITE H’s video hung on for so long and didn’t win in the end. HOWEVER, I really like BoA’s song and video and would be really nice to get reviewed. Also, I TOTALLY AGREE that the Kpop charts should be a little more “fair” for lack of a better word. There are some AMAZING girl groups that really deserve to be reviewed. I love Secret and Dal Shabet and Orange Caramel but they NEVER get reviewed!!! This makes me sad. Also, I really appreciate that you guys try to give rookies a chance, but most of the rookies voted in are guy groups. Even though most of my favorite rookies are guy groups, there are also female rookie groups that are great and I hope that fellow NASTIES will realize that girl groups are a big part of Kpop and deserve equal treatment.
    P.S. SISTAR19’s song and video were so freakin’ amazing. I was blown away. I really hope that gets reviewed too.

    • To be fair, they currently are getting equal treatment. Their fans have the same opportunity to vote them in as much as boy group’s fans do. It’s just that EYK’s fanbase as a whole likes male groups more. Heck, even Martina, when she talked about all the kpop she missed, listed out Big Bang, Super Junior, and SHINee. If those are among their favorite groups, then it’s not that surprising that EYK’s fans, likewise, prefer male groups.

  33. Another user made a good comment on the fact that any change to their formula may mean a change to their income and fanbase (positive or negative). I sympathize that they aren’t necessarily having as much fun with it anymore, but it’s a bit harder to say, “You should do whatever you want!” when the change isn’t affecting a hobby, it’s affecting their livelihood.

    I really don’t think a strict “we pick whatever we want from the top three” would necessarily work. It’d be frustrating to fans to work to get their video in the top three, keep it up there for as long as possible (which is, what, maximum of four weeks?) and then not have it picked ever. I agree with crazymadsad below me that people have different expectations out of what they want to see in KMM. Some people don’t care at all about the skits, and some people don’t actually care at all about any review aspect to it. And I’ve noticed, that recently, KMM don’t focus nearly as much on the song as they used to, and focus primarily on the video. If that’s the direction that KMM are going to stay in, then on a slightly selfish note, I worry for artists like UKISS. I know S&M like UKISS’s songs, but UKISS has some dreadfully dull, predictable MVs. Then there are other artists who might have wacky and eclectic MVs, but terrible songs, and I really could care less how interesting the MV is when you have to mute your computer just to tolerate having it up.

    I guess my personal preference is to have a mix of positive and negative reviews that are genuine and sincere, rather than grasping for something nice to say just because kpop fans are crazy. With reviews for a variety of artists from a variety of companies — even as someone who loves GD as my primary solo artist, a month of him and another month of BB was like come on, there’s other music out there. With the reviews focusing on a mixture of the music video itself, the song itself, and being funny with skits.

    I’m not sure how to get this (although the review part on sincerity and more of a mixture of MV/song/amusement is something S&M could do now). Perhaps the top ten could be a mixture — and the top ten could simply say “in the top ten” and every time you refresh the page, the order changes up so you have no idea where they are. S&M could draw randomly from the top ten. And if an artist gets a review this week, they’re automatically on a two week cool down, meaning, no matter what they release in the next two weeks, they can NOT get a review on KMM.

  34. I just had an idea from reading some of the comments.

    How about picking the “winner” randomly instead?

    1. Take the top 5-7 of the chart
    2. Write the artist/song names on pieces of paper
    3. Put the pieces of paper in a bowl, or in separate balls in a bowl or a “magic box”
    4. Blindfold your eyes, let the other spin you around to make you dizzy-wizzy
    5. Put your hand in the magic box
    6. Pick a random ball
    7. Unveil the random winner for next KMM!! NASTY SURPRISE!!

    This way, both viewers AND you will have a surprise every KMM. And you will never hear “why u so bias” ever again. And viewers won’t be mad at crazy fan-voting. Maybe you’ll get the video you wanted to review, maybe not. Maybe we’ll get our bias group reviewed, maybe not.

    What do people think about this? :)

  35. i already gave my idea about it.
    but it’s funny i realized how we all don’t see KMM in the same ways.
    i was talking about it with my sister and while for me i often vote for a video thinking how it has the potential to be a funny kmm with funny skits etc, my sister told me she actually doesn’t care a bit about the funny side and skits etc of your videos. All she wants is a review, a (more or less) objective opinion and point of view on a song and mv (but mostly the song more than the mv). So she votes for the song she likes, or doesn’t like, to know what you think of it.
    on a side note, i didn’t vote for that video, and i know you didn’t want to review it because you didn’t like it, but your U-Kiss’s Believe review is one of my fav ! It’s just hilarious, i love it. So i don’t think the “bad” videos and “bad” songs are negligible at all. They happen, at least to me, to be ones of the funniest KMM (i loved Bigbang’s Monster review too. And same as Simon i was like wth BB, i didn’t like that mv at all).

    • and… i hope i won’t get shot by saying this but. If you were doing this for the fun and as a hobby, if you were doing this just for yourself, i wouldn’t hesitate a bit to say : go ahead do as you love !!
      But this isn’t a hobby anymore right, it’s your job now. And i feel really sorry to know that you’re not having much fun lately because you’re reviewing mv/songs that you’re not always really liking… But, job isn’t always fun ? idk~.
      I’m not saying this because it’s convenient for myself. How many times was i sooo upset about a song/mv that didn’t make it (in like the last minutes) ! But i guess that’s just the way things go and work. :/ I’m upset Infinite H didn’t make it, and then i was upset CNBlue didn’t make it either, but, *shrug*, that just means that BoA (and shinee too i guess) fanbases were stronger. And that’s it. C’est la vie ?! It’s democracy, people chose it. That’s how voting works. The video that has the most votes wins and is elected the most popular, even if it’s not always ~fair~ and many other good ones deserve their chance too.
      Maybe the things you really can try to do is improve the voting system by stoping any spam. Like really. Completely. You can only vote just ONCE for a video. idk if it’d be once a day or once a week but, just one time. And no more comment. Or, people can comment but it wont affect the votes. Same for twitter/facebook/google etc. Just one time (a day or week). It could be more fair maybe.
      idk i’ve tried to figure out some solutions to solve that little problem but it’s not that simple and easy uh.
      (on another hand, i’m reading the comments and people seem to be mainly fine and ok with your top 3 system thing. so. idk. even tho i’m kinda doubtful about it, maybe you should just do it. see if it works)

      • For comment I’d like to see their value increase to maybe 2 point per comment. Cause in many huge fanbase people just come to vote and then never come to watch mv again. They just want to see their group artist win whatever the price is. Comments quite often are the thing which pulls rookie and not-so-popular groups up. There is also some serious or funny conversation going on in comment section, usually there isn’t much spam and the vague number of spam gets removed. I think comment section is best way to see what people think about mv in general and how they see it and it’s also way to connect with other fans.

      • well really the only place people can spam is in the comments and the Mods do a pretty good job of cleaning those up considering that there are only 3 of them.

        You can only vote for a video once per day per ip address. Facebook and Google is only once period. And I’m not 100% sure about twitter but I think it’s something like once a day.

  36. My suggestion:
    If people are going to whine too much about the chart winner (apparently they are already whining anyways?), then I suggest only reviewing the chart winner every second week. On the alternate weeks, Simon and Martina can pick the video and then maybe enlarge the mini-reviews from the kpop chart update that week to give people an incentive to still vote. Maybe a skit or two, or some dances, or even just 1 skit where the artist(s) of two or three of the videos meet (in a bar, in a spa, a boxing ring – wherever kpop stars mingle?) “discuss” their videos among themselves. This way, there will also never be two negative reviews in a row. The extra time to beef up the kpop chart update will be more than made up for by being able to plan, film, and edit KMM through the whole week. If the chosen video happens to also be on the chart, you could even have a two-parter. While I totally respect that S+M want to respect the fans and keep the participation, I think that they need to take back some of the creative control, which can only make for less stress for them and more LOLs for us.

  37. I agree with you choosing! I really miss the time when I had NO CLUE about who you were going to review… If it was going to be an old or a new song. So I’m actually into top 5 or something as well!:P

  38. I absolutely love the idea of you guys having more control. And picking from the top three is a great idea! We need to hear more about the girls! XD

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