Infinite H “Without You” – Vote for it Here!


Man: the Infinite Crew sure does make a lot of music. Does anyone know if any other subunits are gonna come out of Infinite? This is Infinite Hip Hop here (that’s supposedly what the H stands for). Are we gonna see an Infinite B (Bollywood)? Infinite J (Jazz Flute)? Infinite I (Irish Jigging)? I’d pay money for any one of those. I’d pay better money for all of them!

Side note: from video editors’ standpoint, we really like this video. The colour isolation isn’t something we ever do ourselves, because it’s not really needed since we aren’t artsy, but it’s something we see and think “damn, that looks nice!” Just thought we’d put that out there :D

DMTN “Safety Zone” – Vote for it Here!


You know, I just realized that we didn’t talk about the song itself at all. Dalmatian’s new name, DMTN, is just so…interesting, with so much to talk about, we couldn’t draw our attention away from it. Sure, some of you might be like “Who the eft cares?! It’s just a name!” But it’s NOT just a name. Group names are chosen for a reason. This wasn’t just a random spoonful of alphabet soup that they saw and said “hey! This is great! Let’s call ourselves this!” They picked it for a specific reason, and we want to know what that is. If it was picked because it’s cool, what is it about vowellessness that’s cool?

But we’ll stop talking about that here. The song’s very different from “That Man Opposed,” which is how we know Dalmatian, though I’m sure they released a bunch of other songs, so we can’t say that our one review is representative of their entirety. This song sounds a lot more mature and serious sounding. Also, the video is a goldmine, and we can definitely say a lot for it for Music Monday, just looking at the fight scene alone. Whoa. That fight scene is pretty…special.

Nine Muses “Dolls” – Vote for it Here!



Ok, so this is only the second 9Muses song that we ever heard and paid attention to, and we’re totally digging this group. They’re 2 for 2 in our eyes right now. They’re funky, have fun songs, and their rapper is probably one of the best female rappers in Kpop, though we don’t mind it when Wonder Girls rap, either. T-ara have ultra funky songs as well, but their rapping isn’t all too great in our opinions. Unless…do you count the breakdown in Roly Poly as rap? I LIKE A LIKE A THIS! I LIKE A LIKE A THAT! I LIKE THIS LIKE THAT YEAH! That was pure gold. GOLLLD! Also, how much of a mega shame was it that we didn’t get to freaking review that song for Music Monday? Why: because a different boy band was voted in, though NO SONG WAS EVER QUITE AS EPIC THAT YEAR. Yeah. Remembering our lack of reviewing that song makes us feel better about being able to review songs of our choice…so long as they’re in the top 3 :D

  1. InfiniteH: elegant and addicting. I love the song, i’m never tired to listining this song. Infinite H are doing great. Love them and love INFINITE! I’m so grateful that one day i just watched a video in youtube “Infinite dance practice” it was love at first sight, since then i’ve never stopped to listen Infinite, they are going from ggood to better to amazing. Before them i use to swap from a group to another group but i did not fell for any of them. Infinite are different, they have something special o many special things, the fact is that i’m in love with their songs, dance, and in love with each one of them. Hope to see them for long long time.

  2. *sigh* No wonder I can’t even find their Infinitize mini album on iTunes. I’m trying to give them money in return for the songs I like, but how can I if they’re not available? :(
    EDIT: No BTD either. grrr

  3. “Infinite I (Irish Jigging)” now this one I’d really want to see XD … but they sound quite good actually…the plots(so far) for their

    videos are good…they aren’t ridiculously ridiculous …or cheesy…yeah..great job Infinite H on that( the crew behind the making of the video)

    “They picked it for a specific reason, and we want to know what that is. If it was picked because it’s cool, what is it about vowellessness that’s cool?” because they’re essential to the Korean alphabet? ” Also, the video is a goldmine, and we can definitely say a lot for it for Music Monday” I can picture your face when you watch a music video and realise they’re a “goldmine” XD The song’s awesome! I could easily get addicted to that! :D

    Third song is ok….just that I feel they rely more on their “Eye-candy” than their singing skills… their rapping is better than what I’ve heard in k-pop too… What do you think about GLAM’s “Like That” rapping? (Just thought that I’d really like to hear a girl cover of B.A.P’s warrior!!! > . < that would be amazing!!O.o kind of miss hardcore B.A.P :( *goes to watch the video* )

    2:23 Martina, are you sick? your voice sounds a bit awkward… :s take it easy now…P.S: those glasses make your eyes look smaller :(

    uhm…. Simon…sorry to say this…but you need to watch what you're eating more… you're getting kind of chubby とうさん – . -' (that week without Martina *sigh* )

    1:25 ('_') change his name to "SMN" XDD .

    Take care of yourselves… :s


  4. i really like that Infinite-H song!!!!
    ….’specially since Zion-T is in it!!!!
    love that guy!!
    honestly i wouldn’t have probably even known about this song if he wasn’t in it!!

  5. Now that I listen to Dolls again…

    I’m pretty sure that it is trumpets not sexy saxamaphones…

  6. I like DMTN mainly because I’m not their Noona… Is that wrong?

  7. Don’t worry Simon, Simon is still in DMTN :) (he’s actually fairly new to the group though), but Dari is still in the military.

    While I get the name confusion…is it any harder than DBSK, TVXQ, JYJ, and all probably too many others to count?

    I also wanted to say THANK YOU for the KMM best of 3 chance to be reviewed. I am sure it will allow us to see more of your awesomeness! Thank you for all you do to promote the Korean love. (And I almost always watch the K-indie segments – sometimes I skip a week I confess – but I do catch up! You have introduced me to so much Indie awesomeness! Thank you!)

  8. That DMTN song is rawesome! I’m not sure I would have listened to it if you guys hadn’t included it on your playlist this week. This why the Kpop Chart updates are right up there with KPMM. Helps introduce even more songs to us Nasties! It’s how I learned about and feel in love with Nu’est and many, many other bands.

  9. I’m sorry Hoya, I didn’t even realize you were in the video until the end. Dongwoo commanded my full attention.

  10. Yay! The Fan Art changed again. I love watching the Chart Updates to see all of the Fan Art! Seriously there are some really creative things on that wall!

  11. i would totally support simon’s AAAE

  12. It is SO TRUE about Nu’est – lol poor guys always slip out of first place at the last minute. I remember I first heard of them because their teaser had Mordney in it xD I’m thinking to add a #BreakTheCurse when their next MV comes out? :p

    Btw Simon’s AAAE theory seriously cracked me up. *giggles*

  13. From wikipedia: “DMTN (abbreviation of Desire.Motivation.Timing.Now) (also previously known as Dalmatian” :Starting in 2013, Dalmatian will promote under a new name DMTN (Desire. Motivation. Timing. Now), although DMTN was also an abbreviation for their previous group name, Dalmatian. Their agency explained the decision of name change, commenting, “It is unheard of for a group who is promoting to change their name. However, it was a decision that was made after much thought to give off a different and more mature image than the original Dalmatian.” Member Daniel is said to have come up with the words that DMTN stands for himself.”
    ….Well there you go then o___O

  14. Hey S&M if you love their latest 2 songs check out Nine Muses’ ‘Figaro’ and ‘News’ too. I think they are one of the groups that consistently pull out awesome songs.

  15. DMTN stands for Desire. Motivation. Timing. Now.

    I think the group name change is their new entertainment company’s idea, although I’m not too sure. BTW, I love the song and I hope people would notice DMTN/Dalmatian more. They are all talented (no dead weights). They are great live performers. And their 2012 song ‘E.R.’ was also really amazing. DMTN fighting!

    • Somebody over in the YT comments (so not the most reliable source :p) said that Daniel had come up with their new name/meaning when they switched labels.

      For Simon: DMTN is pronounced 디엠티엔; just say the letters in English, simple as that. :)

      • So it’s Daniel’s idea after all! Thanks for the info. :) I was just wondering why they changed their group name. Dalmatian was an okay name for me, but DMTN is good too. So no problems for me. I’m just puzzled, that’s all.

  16. I think for DMTN you’re supposed to say it like..D.M.T.N. Each letter stands for something (I can’t remember what it is, though >.<)

  17. DMTN’s name change was because they changed companies.

  18. Whenever I see DMTN I think of TMNT for some odd reason lol

  19. ok love the infinite H song but… am I the only one who sort of gets creeped out by the room with “without you” painted all over it? its a bit stalkerish psycho creepy. Just saying… :)

  20. Please tell me that I’m not the only one who thinks of ‘an endless amount of p0rn’ whenever I see “Infinite H”.

  21. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE EAT YOUR kIMCHI VIDEOS! I just checked again and theres a new one!

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