Infinite H “Without You” – Vote for it Here!


Man: the Infinite Crew sure does make a lot of music. Does anyone know if any other subunits are gonna come out of Infinite? This is Infinite Hip Hop here (that’s supposedly what the H stands for). Are we gonna see an Infinite B (Bollywood)? Infinite J (Jazz Flute)? Infinite I (Irish Jigging)? I’d pay money for any one of those. I’d pay better money for all of them!

Side note: from video editors’ standpoint, we really like this video. The colour isolation isn’t something we ever do ourselves, because it’s not really needed since we aren’t artsy, but it’s something we see and think “damn, that looks nice!” Just thought we’d put that out there :D

DMTN “Safety Zone” – Vote for it Here!


You know, I just realized that we didn’t talk about the song itself at all. Dalmatian’s new name, DMTN, is just so…interesting, with so much to talk about, we couldn’t draw our attention away from it. Sure, some of you might be like “Who the eft cares?! It’s just a name!” But it’s NOT just a name. Group names are chosen for a reason. This wasn’t just a random spoonful of alphabet soup that they saw and said “hey! This is great! Let’s call ourselves this!” They picked it for a specific reason, and we want to know what that is. If it was picked because it’s cool, what is it about vowellessness that’s cool?

But we’ll stop talking about that here. The song’s very different from “That Man Opposed,” which is how we know Dalmatian, though I’m sure they released a bunch of other songs, so we can’t say that our one review is representative of their entirety. This song sounds a lot more mature and serious sounding. Also, the video is a goldmine, and we can definitely say a lot for it for Music Monday, just looking at the fight scene alone. Whoa. That fight scene is pretty…special.

Nine Muses “Dolls” – Vote for it Here!



Ok, so this is only the second 9Muses song that we ever heard and paid attention to, and we’re totally digging this group. They’re 2 for 2 in our eyes right now. They’re funky, have fun songs, and their rapper is probably one of the best female rappers in Kpop, though we don’t mind it when Wonder Girls rap, either. T-ara have ultra funky songs as well, but their rapping isn’t all too great in our opinions. Unless…do you count the breakdown in Roly Poly as rap? I LIKE A LIKE A THIS! I LIKE A LIKE A THAT! I LIKE THIS LIKE THAT YEAH! That was pure gold. GOLLLD! Also, how much of a mega shame was it that we didn’t get to freaking review that song for Music Monday? Why: because a different boy band was voted in, though NO SONG WAS EVER QUITE AS EPIC THAT YEAR. Yeah. Remembering our lack of reviewing that song makes us feel better about being able to review songs of our choice…so long as they’re in the top 3 :D

  1. If you do choose Infinite H- Without You, perhaps you can combine it with ‘Special Girl’?

  2. NINE MUSES! NINE MUSES! NINE MUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333333333333333333333333333333

  3. I think Simon should totally make a kpop group called AAAE (Avalanche) because we Nasties could totally work hard and play the part of crazy fangirls, haha!

  4. Hi S&M! M&S!
    I really like the first song, the green car and the dancing (it was great!).. the rest of the video.. well… nothing new (for a hiphop/gd&top follower like me)
    I like more the 2nd song, but the old boy-style-fight scene got me confused (the girl, the clothing, the back and forth running..)
    Nine muses fan here .. still can’t get over the fact that Ticket was not review… =(

  5. LOL This may sound a little bit random but Simon and Martina, Y U DON’T MAKE LEESSANG’S KPOP CHARTS UPDATE! LOLxD

  6. Hwayoung in the response YAY! ” I like it like it this, I like it like it That , I Like this Like That YAh!” Roly Poly Hwayoung

  7. Speaking of chart decay… CNBlue dropped from 2nd place to 58th in little over a week? Wow. O_O

  8. EVERYONE Nu’est has there new song 여보세요 coming out soon. Please vote for them on Feb 13-14 and until they get a review. it looks so epic the teaser. Jr is stilling Min Hyun’s Girl. And it’s such a diff feel then what most of Kpop has with the one girl. This time people are actually doing something it seems. Jr is Kissing the girl that they both love behind his back. Man what comes next?

  9. Nu’est fans AGREE with you.

  10. sometimes i think Simon and Martina are meanies >.>
    some groups are biased and they are somehow more loyal~
    about the names, DMTN (c’mon, guys, why not read it like English
    letters? but i agree, this “fashion” about the names is somehow… well
    you know :3 ), one boy from the group was born in LA, he speaks fluent
    English, and these letters are like “double combo”: it is an
    abbreviation of Dalmatian, their past name, less mature one. And it
    means Desire, Motivation, Timing and Now. It’s understandable and
    reasonable, i think especially after their long hiatus…
    cutting a
    long story short, i just would like to say that i really wanna see MM
    with DMTN’s MV and if i could, i hope it will be nice in some way~!

    People, show some love and support to DMTN! ^____________^

    PS. i really love S&M’s trolling, believe me, but sometimes i feel like it’s a little bit too much~~~

  11. sometimes i think Simon and Martina are meanies >.>
    some groups are biased and they are somehow more loyal~
    like about the names, DMTN (c’mon, guys, why not read it like English letters? but i agree, this “fashion” about the names is somehow… well you know :3 ), one boy from the group was born in LA, he speaks fluent English, and these letters are like “double combo”: it is an abbreviation of Dalmatian, their past name, less mature one. And it means Desire, Motivation, Timing and Now. It’s understandable and reasonable, i think especially after their long hiatus…
    cutting a long story short, i just would like to say that i really wanna see MM with DMTN’s MV and if i could, i hope it will be nice in some way~!

    People, show some love and support to DMTN! ^____________^

    PS. i really love S&M’s trolling, believe me, but sometimes i feel like it’s a little bit too much~~~

  12. ETY Introduced me to DMTN waaaaaaay back when! xD

  13. I don’t know how you mention female idol rappers and you forget BEG’s Miryo. She totally pwns every other female idol rapper, no contest.

  14. kpopfan123

    “Infinite I (Irish Jigging)” now this one I’d really want to see XD … but they sound quite good actually…the plots(so far) for their

    videos are good…they aren’t ridiculously ridiculous …or cheesy…yeah..great job Infinite H on that( the crew behind the making of the video)

    “They picked it for a specific reason, and we want to know what that is. If it was picked because it’s cool, what is it about vowellessness that’s cool?” because they’re essential to the Korean alphabet? ” Also, the video is a goldmine, and we can definitely say a lot for it for Music Monday” I can picture your face when you watch a music video and realise they’re a “goldmine” XD The song’s awesome! I could easily get addicted to that! :D

    Third song is ok….just that I feel they rely more on their “Eye-candy” than their singing skills… their rapping is better than what I’ve heard in k-pop too… What do you think about GLAM’s “Like That” rapping? (Just thought that I’d really like to hear a girl cover of B.A.P’s warrior!!! > . < that would be amazing!!O.o kind of miss hardcore B.A.P :( *goes to watch the video* )

    2:23 Martina, are you sick? your voice sounds a bit awkward… :s take it easy now…P.S: those glasses make your eyes look smaller :(

    uhm…. Simon…sorry to say this…but you need to watch what you're eating more… you're getting kind of chubby とうさん – . -' (that week without Martina *sigh* )

    1:25 ('_') change his name to "SMN" XDD .

    Take care of yourselves… :s


  15. wowowowow…everyone is talking about infinite or DMTN, no love for nine muses? xD

    • I think their song is okay, but the video isn’t very interesting. It’s hard to want it for a KMM when it’s just them singing/dancing in various locations.

  16. irritablevowel

    Simon is SUPER hyper here.

  17. dalmatian switched companies so they probably changed the name because of that. they made it DMTN because they have used it before as an abbreviation for dalmatian. apparently it now stands for Dedication Motivation Time Now which I don’t think goes together. but I like the abbreviation DMTN which is pronounced by saying the letters seperetley

  18. i’m late to the conversation but putting in my two bits anyway. it’d be nice if infinite h got a review, but special girl was a much better video for a kmm. seriously did you see dongwoo’s dino scarf? priceless. (actually it’s not priceless, it’s like five hundred bucks, but you feel me)

  19. I don’t think I’ve heard Infinite’s song before but I really like it :O

  20. loved Infinite H’s song, the rap and vocals were so smooth, and the video was so artsy fartsy! I actuyally was confused the first time i saw Dalmation’s new video, the new name threw me off and i thought it was a new group! Overall, i like the song, but the video is a bit confusing. The last song…I LOVE SEXAPHONES! Not a 9Muses fan (i already had a tough time memorizing all of SNSD, jeesh!) lol jk, but seriously, i don’t really listen to them, but this song is fantastic!

  21. PunkyPrincess92

    i really like that Infinite-H song!!!!
    ….’specially since Zion-T is in it!!!!
    love that guy!!
    honestly i wouldn’t have probably even known about this song if he wasn’t in it!!

  22. I actually laughed out loud in self pity when you mentioned nu’est. Oh we will get them to number one someday! Hopefully…but this time their mv comes out right after b.a.p and i think there will be so much to talk about b.a.p but I want nu’est to be reviewed too ;A;

  23. Now that I listen to Dolls again…

    I’m pretty sure that it is trumpets not sexy saxamaphones…

  24. i think it would totally make sense if you choose to review Eric Nam this week since you just interviewed him (and I’m not sure if he’ll be able to survive another week)

  25. I want an Infinite H song to be reviewed but I really think Special Girl was a much better option… I don’t know. As a Dongwoo biased Inspirit, this song and video is perfect for me. But what about S&M whose panties may not be in a bunch over these obviously hot Korean men?
    SG’s song and video was more fun… I feel like I’m never going to stop moping about this. (.__. )

  26. I’m actually happy that Dalmatian canged their name ’cause when I just found out about ‘em (through Daniel on the Gurupop live show) I tried to search for ‘em on google/wikipedia and both sites kept on giving me info and pictures about dogs……. Daniel oppa you dissapeared in an endless pool of Dalmatians!!!

  27. Do your Korean friends prefer ballads to Kpop?
    I’m into the more fun, poppy stuff like Infinite Hhhhhh’s Special Girl, and love Orange Caramel and Crayon Pop. I think my taste in Korean music is closer to Simon and Martina’s than to my Korean friends’.

  28. Well since you asked, I’ll answer your question regarding Infinite’s sub-units/solos.

    There have been mentions in the past about an INFINITE V (V stands for vocals), which would be a unit of Sunggyu and Woohyun who are both main vocalists in Infinite, but that hasn’t been fleshed out enough for it to be a sure thing.

    There’s also the possibility of Woohyun trying his hand at going solo, just like Sunggyu did.

    In several interviews Hoya and Dongwoo joked around saying that if they could Hoya would create INFINITE S (sexy), a sub-unit consisting of Hoya and Sungjong, haha. Not too sure what kind of music they’d come out with though.

    Dongwoo said he’d like to promote as INFINITE B (band), consisting of L (guitar), Dongwoo (bass), Sungjong (keyboard), and Sungyeol (drums), which is an actual a unit that they created for their That Summer Concert series last Fall.

    L has also expressed interest in acoustic music, Dongwoo in House music, Woohyun in rock/ballad, and Sunggyu said he’d like to try releasing an R&B album next time as that is the other genre he fancies besides rock.

    • Infinite B would be a dream <3

    • why do i have feelings that after Infinite comeback with a new album later, Woohyun would go solo (somehow i’m sure of this idk) and they’ll create one more sub unit consist of either woogyu or L (doing something big alone) not necessarily a solo though, maybe a song featuring or even appearance in mv (again lol) or even a main role in a movie or drama. okay all these from what hoya said in jjang interview so idk (well,hoya is quite a troll himself so..) i’m just excited to see more of them

    • I need more Sungjong in my life, seriously. I think he gets shoved out of the spotlight sometimes, but that’s just my opinion. :)

      • Perhaps. He gets his fair share of performances at concerts though. That to me shows that Woollim’s at least trying to give him some spotlight.

        • JammySmoochie

          Agree. He’s also really young (he’s the maknae, right?) so maybe Woollim’s harnessing his potentials more before the company enter him into sub-units or other side projects. :)

        • That’s probably it ;)
          But you know, so far it has been the members’ wishes to do solo/ sub-unit promotions so perhaps Sungjong doesnt want to try anything yet either.

        • Sungjong has mentioned wanting to having a solo song in his hidden track on copies of the Infinitize album [each copy of that album had a hidden track from one member on the first presses of the album] and further elaborated on it in a fancafe Q&A (http://infiniteupdates.tumblr.com/post/26195506061). He’s improved so much even between Be Mine and the Chaser… I hope he gets an opportunity to do something, be it a unit or solo. I’m skeptical about the possibility of Sungjong even being in a unit though – he’s not very popular at all compared to the other members of Infinite (which makes me sad, especially because he is actually MY favorite). I think that if he releases a song, it’s most likely that it’d be on an Infinite album, like Sunggyu, Woohyun, and Infinite H’s first songs.

        • We’ll see. I do hope Sungjong gets an opportunity to do sometime he likes in the future, but I think Woollim is being partial to those they think can bring some sort of benefit to the group right now in terms of credibility and image in a musical sense. If Sungjong were to come out with something now, chances are he’d be limited to the idol pop genre, and Woollim seems intent on setting the record straight that Infinite can be many things not exclusive to typical idol music/dances, etc. After they establish Infinite’s true identity, then I think seeing Sungjong come out with something of his own is possible. I think overall Sungjong is pretty likable though. He may not have the most hardcore fans, but from what I’ve seen and heard, he’s the member that girls feel they could be closest to. He has a warm and caring aura about him, and at the same time lets not forget all the noonas that would gladly give him their love (myself included).

  29. To be honest, I hope that Simon and Martina review “Without” You because I really hope they will say something about the featured artist in the song, Zion T. He is amazing.

    • Zion T is awesome! I don’t even usually like rap, but I love Without You, as well as ? and See-Through, all songs that he featured in. I heard a rumor somewhere that he’ll be releasing an album of his own sometime soon.

        • That soon? Great!

          By the way, seeing as how you seem to be a big fan of Sunggyu, do you happen to know why his album isn’t available on iTunes? I’d love to buy it – it’s one of my favorite albums of 2012, but so far I haven’t been willing to cough up $14 plus $6 shipping on YesAsia for five and a half songs. (All five and a half are great, though. ^^)

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          If you haven’t used YesAsia before that’ll save you $3 lol. I just used it for my SISTAR19 album. NEWFACEBOOK3 is another promo-code. Idk even if u have bought stuff before I’d enter them just to see if they work for you or not. (Three dollars might not be enough to make u reconsider either, just throwing it out there.)

        • I’ve used YesAsia before, so I’m not sure it would work for me, but thanks for the tip.

        • You know, Woollim is always either really late with putting Infinite’s music on iTunes, or they just never put it at all. I think Infinite H’s album is on there now, but not Sunggyu’s. I don’t know if they’ll eventually put it there or not :(

          I wouldn’t hold my breath for anytime soon though.
          And I’m the same way as you with buying physical albums. Sometimes it’s just too much hassle.

        • *sigh* No wonder I can’t even find their Infinitize mini album on iTunes. I’m trying to give them money in return for the songs I like, but how can I if they’re not available? :(
          EDIT: No BTD either. grrr

        • Woollim has like no sense for Infinite’s foreign popularity. At least that’s what it seems like to me. They probably don’t know that there are people who would like to buy Infinite’s songs on iTunes overseas. Infinite is really popular in Korea and pretty popular in Japan (one of top 10 best selling kpop groups over there), but as for the western world… well they haven’t even tried to break through to it yet.

        • If EYK ever interviews Infinite, maybe we can get S&M to tell them that their international fans really want to buy their music so put it on iTunes already, Woollim! :)

  30. I think Infinite H looks so swag and awesome in their suits, especially Dongwoo :) I liked the way their MV was filmed, black & white with some color.

  31. wow, i’m really liking this ‘top 3′ idea :)
    that means last minute takeovers by big idols wouldn’t necessarily be reviewed

  32. I like DMTN mainly because I’m not their Noona… Is that wrong?

  33. Don’t worry Simon, Simon is still in DMTN :) (he’s actually fairly new to the group though), but Dari is still in the military.

    While I get the name confusion…is it any harder than DBSK, TVXQ, JYJ, and all probably too many others to count?

    I also wanted to say THANK YOU for the KMM best of 3 chance to be reviewed. I am sure it will allow us to see more of your awesomeness! Thank you for all you do to promote the Korean love. (And I almost always watch the K-indie segments – sometimes I skip a week I confess – but I do catch up! You have introduced me to so much Indie awesomeness! Thank you!)

    • He was part of the group but dropped out before they officially debuted to go pursue solo stuff for awhile. There are a number of old photos of most of the current members plus Simon all hanging around together, which is part of why there’s not really any awkwardness.

      And yes – I will admit to being cranky about the mocking of the name. While they might be setting precedent in changing their name while still active, they’re not setting precedent with a name that’s a bunch of letters. But if they do manage to get the KMM review, hopefully the name-mocking is out of the way and the not-great MV mocking can be at the forefront.

  34. Eh? The video above your paragraph about 9muses is the Infinite Video again!

  35. Please review infinit-h. Actually all the inspirits worked really hard on “Special Girl”,it got a whooping 39,000+ votes and 3500+ comments,but got screwed over the decay system.buts its ok though “without you” reached to top 3. :)
    Actually Martina it would be more awesome if you could review “special girl” instead of “without you”. Most of the inspirits wouldnt mind.(i guess).

  36. thisisjustforfunval

    That DMTN song is rawesome! I’m not sure I would have listened to it if you guys hadn’t included it on your playlist this week. This why the Kpop Chart updates are right up there with KPMM. Helps introduce even more songs to us Nasties! It’s how I learned about and feel in love with Nu’est and many, many other bands.

    • You should listen to more DMTN or Dalmatian (the group’s previous name) songs. Their mini album last year was full of amazing songs too. :)

  37. unicornsgalaxy

    I’m sorry Hoya, I didn’t even realize you were in the video until the end. Dongwoo commanded my full attention.

  38. This Infinite H song is pretty good. However, I just can’t deal with it because my English-speaking non-Korean-speaking brain can’t help but think they are saying the N word over and over again. And again. And again. And again. And then again some more.

  39. Yay! The Fan Art changed again. I love watching the Chart Updates to see all of the Fan Art! Seriously there are some really creative things on that wall!

  40. Aww man, I was hoping LeeSSang’s Tears would have gotten a mention (think it’s its last week). Pretty funny/cool that 9Muses somehow snuck in a day or two before so you could include them lol.

  41. A Polish guy talking about the importance of vowels? How ironic! ^^

    Side note: MFBTY’s Sweet Dreams is in 4th place right now, so it finally stands a chance! Yeahhhh and thanks to Tiger JK for sharing the link over and over!

  42. i would totally support simon’s AAAE

  43. AAAE=Avalanche. Simon. stop. please. I just started to cry from laughing so hard. I think my parents are worried that I am sobbing.
    Also, I really really really like that you guys are starting to pick from the top three on your chart to review… I enjoy an element of surprise~ (:

  44. Ok, they NEED to change it to ‘Infinite Hisssssssssssssss’. AAAAEEEEEEE for lyfe!

  45. It is SO TRUE about Nu’est – lol poor guys always slip out of first place at the last minute. I remember I first heard of them because their teaser had Mordney in it xD I’m thinking to add a #BreakTheCurse when their next MV comes out? :p

    Btw Simon’s AAAE theory seriously cracked me up. *giggles*

    • unicornsgalaxy

      You should totally do it! Give into the pear/pea pressure

    • Good luck w/ that. B.A.P comes out the day before them and SHINee comes out the day after them lol.
      Well maybe S&M will pick them if they’re #3 just to break the curse lol.

      • haha Teen Top are also meant to be releasing an MV on 13th :P So it will be an interesting week!

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Oh geez, this is getting ridiculous…

          Welp maybe NU’EST won’t make it in the top three… Perhaps the following week lol. I’m hoping B.A.P doesn’t get reviewed even if they’re in 1st, I’ve had enough of them since I got on this site. Stop It, EYKAs, Rain Sound, and now this. Seriously they need to take a vacation for awhile…

          (And it doesn’t help that I see a TON of complaints about the site from Babies…)

        • Eh, I’m more interested in the songs. Either I’ll like the songs or not, I’m not too concerned about the groups.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well even if the songs suck you know those groups are going to be top 4. Actually NU’EST is probably bigger on here than Teen Top. Idk I wasn’t here for any of these groups comebacks except B.A.P, and B.A.P…

          But I do have the EYKAs to base crap off of.

        • Jadda Kroening

          The fandom is evidently living up to their name, then. O.o BAP seem like they have a sense of humor – their fans should learn from their fine example and learn to take a joke.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Yeah I don’t want to speak for all Babies or start a big ruckus or anything but there are quite a few vocal Babies that are constantly butthurt and in the process make all Babies look bad.

          A bunch freaked out over S&M not wanting to review Stop It and a bunch flipped out over Simon’s review of Rain Sound. They should be happy that they get practically all of their songs reviewed when tons of artists can’t seem to get a single one reviewed.

          End rant.

        • its not just babyz… every fandom is butthurt when they hear a bad review…
          but yea.. its quite embarrassing for me (as a BABY) to know we have some immature ridiculous in the fandom…
          and to know they gave Simon a hard time..
          but then again… every fandom has their ups and downs so… we can’t control babyz who don’t behave… its their fault and it sucks they represent our fandom….

    • YES.

      no do it. Seriously… I look foreword to seeing that tag. XD

    • Yep. We know that feel ._. LOL do it, the tag will be hilarious.

  46. From wikipedia: “DMTN (abbreviation of Desire.Motivation.Timing.Now) (also previously known as Dalmatian” :Starting in 2013, Dalmatian will promote under a new name DMTN (Desire. Motivation. Timing. Now), although DMTN was also an abbreviation for their previous group name, Dalmatian. Their agency explained the decision of name change, commenting, “It is unheard of for a group who is promoting to change their name. However, it was a decision that was made after much thought to give off a different and more mature image than the original Dalmatian.” Member Daniel is said to have come up with the words that DMTN stands for himself.”
    ….Well there you go then o___O

  47. Hey S&M if you love their latest 2 songs check out Nine Muses’ ‘Figaro’ and ‘News’ too. I think they are one of the groups that consistently pull out awesome songs.

  48. DMTN stands for Desire. Motivation. Timing. Now.

    I think the group name change is their new entertainment company’s idea, although I’m not too sure. BTW, I love the song and I hope people would notice DMTN/Dalmatian more. They are all talented (no dead weights). They are great live performers. And their 2012 song ‘E.R.’ was also really amazing. DMTN fighting!

    • Somebody over in the YT comments (so not the most reliable source :p) said that Daniel had come up with their new name/meaning when they switched labels.

      For Simon: DMTN is pronounced 디엠티엔; just say the letters in English, simple as that. :)

      • Yeah it’s true, I read it before but didn’t comment it here because I figured S&M wouldn’t see it anyway or some1 else would have already beaten me too it on here or twitter or w/e.

      • So it’s Daniel’s idea after all! Thanks for the info. :) I was just wondering why they changed their group name. Dalmatian was an okay name for me, but DMTN is good too. So no problems for me. I’m just puzzled, that’s all.

  49. I think for DMTN you’re supposed to say it like..D.M.T.N. Each letter stands for something (I can’t remember what it is, though >.<)

  50. DMTN’s name change was because they changed companies.

  51. Whenever I see DMTN I think of TMNT for some odd reason lol

  52. ok love the infinite H song but… am I the only one who sort of gets creeped out by the room with “without you” painted all over it? its a bit stalkerish psycho creepy. Just saying… :)

  53. BTW Simon you always have awesome glasses, the pixel ones anad now these clear one? AWEsome… i always rave about Martinas awesome looks and clothes and stuff but you dont get enough recognition simon… Props to you for coolness too!

  54. Please tell me that I’m not the only one who thinks of ‘an endless amount of p0rn’ whenever I see “Infinite H”.

  55. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE EAT YOUR kIMCHI VIDEOS! I just checked again and theres a new one!

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