SHINee “Dream Girl” – Vote for it here!


ERMAHGERD! SHINee’s back! We’re totally chuffed about being able to talk about them (if we do decide to talk about them, that is). So, we’re usually very vague about songs that we might review for a Kpop Music Monday when we talk about them in the KpopCharts, simply because we don’t want to give away anything, but there are so many things that I must resist from shouting. So many junk foods I want to claim to be in Spanish, so many songs about maturing from boyhood to manhood. But this will have to wait. JEEEZ! What can we say about this that we don’t want to say in Music Monday? Forget it. I give up.

We’d like to know your thoughts, though. What are your thoughts on the song? Best SHINee song ever? Worst? Are you digging the video? We’re curious. WE’RE SO CURIOUS YEAHHHHAAHHHHHH!

Nu’est “Hello” – Vote for it here!


Hi Nu’est fans! Do you not hate us? I hope so, because I don’t want us to keep on getting in your bad books. You do acknowledge that the timing is always off, right? It’s not our faults! We’re not bad people!

I’ll tell you Nu’est fans a secret, if you read this blog post, that is: when we were in Japan working on our secret project, we incorporated something with Nu’est into the project. We can’t say any more! But we put Nu’est in there, as a small kind of acknowledgement of the role Nu’est has in our Japan adventures, since the two seems unbreakably intertwined. Some time in March you should see it and you’ll know what we mean :D

Teen Top “I Wanna Love” – Vote for it here!


Teen Top is back with two videos, but we’ve only talked about one here. Why not talk about both? Because this saves something for us to talk about next week! Ha! Oooh we’re so sneaky. I never understood why bands promote their songs so close together. Well, I kinda do understand from a marketing perspective: I just don’t like it. I’d rather a band make people’s awareness of them spread throughout the year, rather than clumping most of the songs and videos together, to get one longer dose of exposure to a band. Is that it? I don’t know.

Anyhow, let us know what song you think we should review. Though, you kinda already are doing that in the KpopCharts by voting for one above the other, right? Unless you’re voting for both equally.

  1. can you have an interview with shinee or nu’est??? i would live to see it?? if you do can you tell me where to ask questions?

  2. I’ve missed you guise! (;_;) *damn you internet!!!! ((((> . <))))*

  3. I read the post you wrote (Simon and Martina) No i don’t hate you guys! I hate all the fans who are so BIAS and i do see that there is bad timing. However know that you have a system that is picking from the top 3 I hope that your bias can be put to the side. I want Shinee to be reviewed but nevertheless if Shinee does get reviewed and Nu’est falls out of the TOP 3 I don’t know think i’ll be too happy. The way the chart update sounded it sounded like you had picked Shinee and if Nu’est made it too Number 1 then you would think about reviewing them. I hope that i miss understood how you worded that. I am a HUGE Nu’est as you can till and an even bigger Ren Fan!. Saying all that I really hope you can put your bias aside. I really hope you pick Nu’est; however If you do pick Shinee or even Teen Top I would like a very good reason becuase you keep saying you acknowlegde that L.O./.E Fans are pissed off. So I can hope you will acknowlegde with a good reason if you don’t pick Nu’est.

  4. Your playlist title sounds like the name of a Kpop song…
    I really want Nu’est’s song to get reviewed this time! I’m not a big fan of theirs but this song is really catchy, chill, and has a cool dance.
    Plus I want to know what Simon and Martina will say about the weird three person hug scene… and the bath tub scene…

  5. This is actually difficult…i’m liking all the songs, they are all different rhythm and different styles that just captures you’re attention one way or another…. maybe i’m more leaning towards SHINee? AHG!! can’t decide…
    ps: just one thing!, is a mall question …really! is petit!… but ummmmm… is Tae-man wearing really high-pitch yellow, green and pink pants? don’t get me wrong he pulls it off but …I can’t stop thinking how he looked in the other artist music video (…forgot the name >..< ( i tend to mix the names so if that's not Jonghyun please correct me hehe)

  6. I can’t see SHINee’s MV without Chonny’s comments anymore… “Minho do you like trampolines?” “Yes!”

  7. right, so Shinee’s comeback is has been kinda of… frustrating. One of the BEST shinee videos in terms of creativity and holy-god-they-aren’t-just-dancing-in-a-well-lit-room-yay! but also what could be their worst single. Or at least the most over produced. And this is the group that gave us ring ding dong. Dream Girl is just this never ending onslaught of SOUNDS and NOISE! The poor song never gets a chance to breath let alone build. And I am massively Shinee biased ^^;

  8. I can’t decisied! My head is throbing! I love SHINee’s dream girl mv and song! But, nu’est hello is so awmazing! I am going to explode! Help me please! I have no idea what to do!

  9. wow, i am a big shawol, but i would love for teen top’s miss right to be rewieved :) i think the video was a bit more interesting than in i wanna love allthought bouth songs were awesome <333

  10. I feel so conflicted. I was extremely glad B.A.P got reviewed last time but I was also kinda sad because I absolutely loved all of these songs. I honestly wish all of these songs and videos could be reviewed but obviously that’s not gonna happen. I know you guys will most likely review SHINee. I don’t know, I might just participate in voting for all the videos I like and hope one of them gets reviewed.

  11. I wouldn’t say I’m a NU’EST fan. In fact, I’m not an hardcore fan of any Kpop band, I’m more of a fan of Kpop in general.
    I liked the last NU’EST single, but grew tired maybe a few weeks after it came out. But this one, MAN!
    I actually had trouble sleeping all night once cuz I had the “yobuseyo” part in my head and couldn’t tell (at that time) what song it was and from whom (I couldn’t check, I wasn’t home).
    I feel like this song is more mature and I like the storyline of the MV.

    Dream Girl is alright I guess. I like the song, don’t get me wrong. But I feel it lacks something to really be totally hooked up on the song. I’d rather listen to Sherlock still.

    I don’t really like Teen Top that much, but the MV is interesting since they did an effort with the Wong Kar Wai tribute to one of my all time favorite movie : Chungking Express. I would have push it further though if I had to be the director of the MV, cuz somtimes, it just feels like it did a good job here and there, and got lazy a lot in all the other scenes.

  12. Review NU’EST!! If they don’t get reviewed this coming monday then thats it for them. Shinee on the other hand, still could be reviewed and probably will be reviewed for the following monday. And it would be awesome if you do reference Nu’est other songs that never had a chance to be reviewed. And why are you gonna wait to review another Nu’est song to come out instead? when you could also review that one when it comes out. lol well in the end its up to you guys and whatever video you guys choose. I’ll still get alot of laughs from the kpop mondays as always :)

    • I agree Review Nu’est. Why wait Shinee can survive!! But i really think the Nu’est Fan’s need to band together. Alot of Nu’est fans are also hardcore Shinee fans. Which isn’t a bad thing but because of that Nu’est gets shut out. We hardcore Nu’est fans need to start standing up.

  13. This playlist was also in playlist mode on my iPad (the top video)

  14. Why are so many comments telling that they don’t want Dream girl to be reviewed down voted?

  15. If you guys checked out the Hello comments, you’d know how L.O./.E’s (Nu’est fans) feel about you guys- we’re totally cool with our curse and don’t hold you guys accountable at all. They’re really sweet fans of you both as well as Nu’est, so I dunno, maybe you can take some time to read the comments there, assuaging your fears.

  16. I kinda want you to review the Teen Top MV just because I’d love to see what you would do with that “I’m so depressed over my love for you that I can’t stop eating canned fruit in public” scene.

  17. T_T SHINee must get reviewed~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it’s such an awesome funky song!!!!! i actually have to try so hard not to do the strut they do at the end when i’m listening to the song outside!!!!
    the choreography is so cool!! and did you see the amazing way Onew flips the mic??? and the way Taemin stand on it and turns around??
    and then Onew’s weird awesome sangtae of rolling around and floating???!!! if this doesn’t get reviewed i WILL cry rolling all around my room just like Onew!!!
    and also the way the MV was filmed…..it was totally amazing!!!!

    and i wanna see Simon wear the sombrero!!
    hahahha so as well as me being a Shawol, i’m a Manatee?? hahaha!!! alright!!!

  18. Taeman is taemin again,sigh!!, and his yellow spongebob-ish pants is hideous.That aside But i love the video.Yayyyy shineezzzz back. :)

  19. I think all three are boring haa~ha :I I suppose I like Dream Girl best but maybe you should review Teen Top for the sake of fun?

  20. SHINee’s new video would actually be pretty awesome if their outfits were not to barf for! Just like Sherlock…

  21. What did you guise prepared for us ??? A NU’EST thing in your secret project because they had a role in your japan adventure ? Gné ? What is this ? You’re making me go crazy, tell me TT.TT !!!!!! My curiosity is at its climax.

  22. Out of these 3 bands I like SHINee the most, but “Dream Girl” is doing well enough even without my help so I’m voting for NU’EST and Teen Top’s “Miss Right”.

  23. Nu’est fans don’t hate you :D We know nu’ests timing is always of for the charts but we are not that much of hating fans. We actaully make fun of the fact that nu’est is cursed ourselfes :’D let’s see if we can ever make it to the top without you being away xD

  24. TEEN TOP! Please~

    You may have a sort-of-ish bad image of them from No More Perfume On You (cheating WTF?) and Supa Luv (Pedo bear) but this MV was much better than those two! Though I feel that Miss Right would be easier for you two to talk about, I am being un-biased here!

    NU’est’s video was very crying sissy baby, and very ballady, so I’m not sure if you two will like it, though you might.

    I really DID NOT like Dream Girl. It might be because i’m way past my Shawol era or something, but I JUST DON’T LIKE IT. I feel that Sherlock and lucifer were WAY better. I’m sorry Shawols, but I just don’t like it.

    • Agree with you. Although I’m hugely nu’est biased Teen top would make a really cool Kmm!
      And Idk I really don’t want to see another shinee review, they always get them but this mv is like the beginning of the odd room future shinee mvs will have and yeah Sherlock was waaaay better (Even though i like pretty much every song on the album better than sherlock except for note)

  25. As much as I love shinee and have been following them since they debuted, I really want nu’est to be reviewed xD They do have just bad timing with kmm lol But they have been holding on in the charts for 2 weeks too, yeah? ;_; I think dream girl is an ok music video (i love the song though :D). It was different from the normal shinee mvs, but it just seems a little too repetitive after a while to me. Hello was just…I don’t even know o.o So unexpected. It was just such an interesting mv 8D I will appreciate whatever comes out though! I love all three groups and kmm never disappoints.

  26. I would be so really dissapointed if Shinee don’t get a reveiw. I thought a little and I think this is my favorite Shinee’s single. At least since I started folowing them. I maybe like Amigo a little bit better or at least the same amount, but both Sherlock and Lucifer even though were amazing, had to stick around to grow on me. This was instant like… Instant noodles! Only you don’t have to wait three minutes for them to become soft.
    I still don’t like the feeling that you’re going to talk only about Taemin, or Tae-man whatever. BTW didn’t Martina used to b a locket? I remember her saing that she liked Key the best? Was it in Replay reveiw?
    Oh well, do Shinee please, we haven’t seen them since April on Korean ground, and be happy and healthy ^^^

  27. Aaaaahhhh!!!!! I want you to review ALL of them!!! *sigh* I think you should review “Dream Girl” (and I’m not even a super hardcore SHINee fan) because the song is fun, the video is edited so well, and it’s funky, and cool, and it’s just great. I really think you should review “I Wanna Love” – Niel’s chorus in the song is AMAZING!!! – next week though. (And I really, really, really love the NU’EST song – I already bought it, but I haven’t even bought “Dream Girl”).

  28. i’m actually going to go for Teen Top of these ones. And it’s really hard for me to choose between the two videos. I really liked the first one for it’s awesome setting, and I thought it was better as an overall video. BUT, Miss Right has so much material for a great Music Monday. So I’ll go with Miss Right. And I do like that song better.

  29. Please review SHINee’s dream girl! I want to hear sooo badly what y’all think of Taemin’s min-blowingly awesome vocals, dancing, and pencil pants… Especially the pencil pants :D

  30. How am I supposed to choose who to vote for?! SHINee is the first group i learned to tell apart, nu’est are my favorite rookies, and teen top is also one of my absolute favortie songs!!
    Doubt Teen top will be reviewed next week, cuz u-kiss is comin out, but then again we kissmes are crazy enough to keep them top three for a week or two.

  31. NU’EST! Ren is so adorable, and his voice is just TO DIE FOR. I don’t get the confusion. Vote for them. Vote. Go.

  32. Just curious: Do you guys not take into consideration LOENENT channel views? The LOEN channel usually ends up stealing a lot of views from the actual label’s channel. In this case, the roughly 225,000 views you mentioned that Hello has received are only from the official Pledis channel upload. The LOEN channel upload has almost 700,000 views. That’s almost a million views in total.

    • Really? I’ve always wonddered by LOEN’s channel has videos from artists not on their label.

      • From what I can tell, it’s legal because LOEN is a distributor for a bunch of Korean labels, including Pledis, TS, JYP, Cube, Woollim, Stardom, B2M, Jungle, Core Contents Media, and several others. So LOEN can legally upload MVs on their channel that have been released by artists under those labels for which they act as a distributor. You can find a full list of the labels here (just scroll down a ways): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LOEN_Entertainment

        As far as taking views away from the artists’ labels’ official channels, I think one of the main reasons has to do with the way the videos are tagged. For instance, I’ve heard that Pledis usually only tags their MVs with Korean key words, not English ones, while LOEN makes sure to include English tags. Hello is a perfect example. If you search YT using ‘Nu’est Hello’, only the LOEN upload will turn up because it has the English title tag; the Pledis channel one is only tagged with the Korean title, 여보세요. If you don’t search using the Korean title, you can only find the Pledis upload by searching for the actual Pledis Nu’est channel. And what if you don’t know that Nu’est is under the Pledis label? Or the label of some other group, for example the rookie group 100%. They’re under T.O.P. Media, of which LOEN is a distributor. If you search for their Bad Boy MV, the top search result is the LOEN upload, not their official channel’s upload (which is nowhere to be found among those search results). The LOEN upload has 1.36 million views, while the hard to find Top100%percent official channel upload has only 340,000 views. This happens with a lot of Infinite MVs as well, since they’re under Woollim.

        So to really get an accurate idea of a video’s popularity based on YT views, you need to take into account the LOEN channel views for that large group of labels for which LOEN acts as distributor; almost invariably the LOEN upload has hundreds of thousands more views than the upload on the label’s channel. I brought it up here because S&M usually mention the number of YT views in their chart updates, and in this case, since they only counted the Pledis channel views, it gave a distorted picture of Hello’s actually view count/popularity. There’s a huge difference between only 225,000 views and a combined close to 1 million views. I think I remember the same thing recently happening back during some of their chart updates that included mentions of Infinite-H’s MV views.

  33. lol for NU’EST I always anticipate the K-Pop Charts Update for you guys to talk about them as it seems we won’t ever get a KMM XD
    and your blog post made my day. FINALLY my LO/Eness AND my NASTYness can coincide~ finally.

  34. *whispers SHINees back* I’m sorry nu’est but voting for SHINee
    I want to see martina’s rage towards Taemins Turtle neck

  35. REVIEW NU’EST! Our boys really deserve it! this is a great song, great choreography, there’s BROHOHO-iness in there! SHINee next week! NU’EST this week! Please, they are so talented and they deserve it so much!

  36. Wait for another NU’EST song, an alright song but the video was rather infuriating.

  37. Even though we all know how much you LOVE Shinee, give some love to the Newbies. The top 3 variability allows for this! And this way you can just apologizing all the time right up front whenever you talk about NU’EST :P

  38. Review Dream Girl! It’s such an amazing song and Taemin has so many lines now!!!!

  39. I don’t know who to vote for. I really love NU’EST’s new song, its by far my favorite song from them, and I really really want them to be reviewed. But then again SHINee’s song is also good and its not the same old boring mv in a box.

  40. oh yes yes yes, please review SHINee’s video. The song is so fun ^^

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