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KpopCharts Update: Hello Love Dream

March 2, 2013


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SHINee “Dream Girl” – Vote for it here!

ERMAHGERD! SHINee’s back! We’re totally chuffed about being able to talk about them (if we do decide to talk about them, that is). So, we’re usually very vague about songs that we might review for a Kpop Music Monday when we talk about them in the KpopCharts, simply because we don’t want to give away anything, but there are so many things that I must resist from shouting. So many junk foods I want to claim to be in Spanish, so many songs about maturing from boyhood to manhood. But this will have to wait. JEEEZ! What can we say about this that we don’t want to say in Music Monday? Forget it. I give up.

We’d like to know your thoughts, though. What are your thoughts on the song? Best SHINee song ever? Worst? Are you digging the video? We’re curious. WE’RE SO CURIOUS YEAHHHHAAHHHHHH!

Nu’est “Hello” – Vote for it here!

Hi Nu’est fans! Do you not hate us? I hope so, because I don’t want us to keep on getting in your bad books. You do acknowledge that the timing is always off, right? It’s not our faults! We’re not bad people!

I’ll tell you Nu’est fans a secret, if you read this blog post, that is: when we were in Japan working on our secret project, we incorporated something with Nu’est into the project. We can’t say any more! But we put Nu’est in there, as a small kind of acknowledgement of the role Nu’est has in our Japan adventures, since the two seems unbreakably intertwined. Some time in March you should see it and you’ll know what we mean :D

Teen Top “I Wanna Love” – Vote for it here!

Teen Top is back with two videos, but we’ve only talked about one here. Why not talk about both? Because this saves something for us to talk about next week! Ha! Oooh we’re so sneaky. I never understood why bands promote their songs so close together. Well, I kinda do understand from a marketing perspective: I just don’t like it. I’d rather a band make people’s awareness of them spread throughout the year, rather than clumping most of the songs and videos together, to get one longer dose of exposure to a band. Is that it? I don’t know.

Anyhow, let us know what song you think we should review. Though, you kinda already are doing that in the KpopCharts by voting for one above the other, right? Unless you’re voting for both equally.



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