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KpopCharts Update: It’s Miss Appetizer

March 9, 2013


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Lee Hi “It’s Over” – Vote for it here!

It’s this week’s KPOPCHART UPDATE!!! YAAAAAAaaaa I’m excited because it’s late at night and I have the late night crazies! This is Martina, but some of you probably already knew that since my writing style is much more crazy than Simon’s style. Okay, so we’re starting today with the return of Lee Hi and her newest song “It’s Over”. I just really love this girls voice. It really is so unique in comparison to everyone else in the kpop scene right now. The video is also really…interesting. I kind of like the fact that this wasn’t a typical girl-and-boy-breakup music video, though it still manages to hold a little bit of creepy considering that it’s about Lee Hi and…a…bear. *ahem* Last thing I say before you watch this unique video is how much do you want to eat those blue gummy bear candies? It’s like, I’ve never seen that light colour blue for a gummy bear!!! YG…where did they get those!!!?? Nasties, have you seen these before? I must know the flavour. Okay, enough rambling about candy.

Jay Park “Appetizer” – Vote for it here!

Next up is Jay Park with his newest song “2013 Appetizer”. We weren’t sure at first if we were going to include this because it’s like, 80% in English but then Simon reminded me we did JYJ, Wondergirls, and SNSD when they sang all English so…I guess we’re safe! I happen to REALLY like this song. It’s super duper catchy and I think some of lyrics are actually hilarious. And not in a “I’m laughing at Jay Park” but instead in a “ohh, that was very funny Jay park!” kind of way. I like this kind of Jay Park song because as most of you already know, it’s difficult for ballads to please me and I feel like Jay Park does three genres of music: rap, ballads, and kpoppyballads. Yes, kpop ballads get their own category because they are slightly different than the average R&Besque style of ballads. They are more like pop meets a ballad, like SHINee’s “Hello Hello” which you already know I don’t like. At all. Jay Park’s “Star” is similar to me. I just…don’t…like it. But “Abandoned” and now this song? I like it! Prepare yourself for lots of swearing and the fact that this song would never ever be on the radio in Korea. Ha ha.

Teen Top “Miss Right” – Vote for it here!

Last up is Teen Top with a very…confusing music video. I get using the whole prison concept as a kpop video but suddenly a female lead is thrown in the mix and the prison video concept is out the window. I’m pretty sure there are no co-ed prisons existing in the world, especially ones where a girl and guy share a cell as well as a change room. Oh kpop videos, you sure love to stretch our imaginations, especially with all those colourful prison costumes. And speaking of colourful I’m totally digging Teen Top’s rainbow coloured hair. It reminded me of when they first debuted and all had multicoloured hair but then it disappeared by the next song. Keep the rainbow hair! It looks great! You can match all your clothing to you hair. Wait…then we might see the return of pastelpantaphila??!! OOOooOoooOoooOoooO!



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