Lee Hi “It’s Over” – Vote for it here!


It’s this week’s KPOPCHART UPDATE!!! YAAAAAAaaaa I’m excited because it’s late at night and I have the late night crazies! This is Martina, but some of you probably already knew that since my writing style is much more crazy than Simon’s style. Okay, so we’re starting today with the return of Lee Hi and her newest song “It’s Over”. I just really love this girls voice. It really is so unique in comparison to everyone else in the kpop scene right now. The video is also really…interesting. I kind of like the fact that this wasn’t a typical girl-and-boy-breakup music video, though it still manages to hold a little bit of creepy considering that it’s about Lee Hi and…a…bear. *ahem* Last thing I say before you watch this unique video is how much do you want to eat those blue gummy bear candies? It’s like, I’ve never seen that light colour blue for a gummy bear!!! YG…where did they get those!!!?? Nasties, have you seen these before? I must know the flavour. Okay, enough rambling about candy.

Jay Park “Appetizer” – Vote for it here!


Next up is Jay Park with his newest song “2013 Appetizer”. We weren’t sure at first if we were going to include this because it’s like, 80% in English but then Simon reminded me we did JYJ, Wondergirls, and SNSD when they sang all English so…I guess we’re safe! I happen to REALLY like this song. It’s super duper catchy and I think some of lyrics are actually hilarious. And not in a “I’m laughing at Jay Park” but instead in a “ohh, that was very funny Jay park!” kind of way. I like this kind of Jay Park song because as most of you already know, it’s difficult for ballads to please me and I feel like Jay Park does three genres of music: rap, ballads, and kpoppyballads. Yes, kpop ballads get their own category because they are slightly different than the average R&Besque style of ballads. They are more like pop meets a ballad, like SHINee’s “Hello Hello” which you already know I don’t like. At all. Jay Park’s “Star” is similar to me. I just…don’t…like it. But “Abandoned” and now this song? I like it! Prepare yourself for lots of swearing and the fact that this song would never ever be on the radio in Korea. Ha ha.

Teen Top “Miss Right” – Vote for it here!


Last up is Teen Top with a very…confusing music video. I get using the whole prison concept as a kpop video but suddenly a female lead is thrown in the mix and the prison video concept is out the window. I’m pretty sure there are no co-ed prisons existing in the world, especially ones where a girl and guy share a cell as well as a change room. Oh kpop videos, you sure love to stretch our imaginations, especially with all those colourful prison costumes. And speaking of colourful I’m totally digging Teen Top’s rainbow coloured hair. It reminded me of when they first debuted and all had multicoloured hair but then it disappeared by the next song. Keep the rainbow hair! It looks great! You can match all your clothing to you hair. Wait…then we might see the return of pastelpantaphila??!! OOOooOoooOoooOoooO!

  1. I’m no expert and there are probably a lot of other equally valid answers, but I think it’s mainly because then fans will think that each different girl matched with each different band member infers that the particular band member prefers THAT TYPE of girl (the one he is matched with). With just one girl, it seems more generic and fans can put themselves in her shoes more easily and “love” all the band members more equally. Just think of trying to be in that room matching girls to guys and see where those decisions lead you, it goes deeper than the cost. I think you are TOTALLY correct in your rant and it bothers me as well but I can see the point from a marketing perspective.

    Cyber_3 – NU’EST’s latest video has them sharing her knowingly, creepy but imaginative……..

  2. Jay Park reppin’ Seattle! <3 I miss home! And the SuperSonics :C

  3. Ok, so was anyone else’s favourite part of the Lee Hi video when the bear did the Panda Cheese impression with the shopping cart? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5oYdKJEpNo

  4. That Jay Park song is nsfw. Not that I’m at work. It’s Saturday. But if anyone else is at work, it’s nsfw. He swears a lot. When I heard the “You can call me George Foreman cause I’m all up in your grill” I thought, that’s funny, I wonder if that’s the line Martina likes.

  5. If I remember correctly she learned the slang word for dick from her students because it’s the same word as a vegetable. xP

  6. Omg that Jay Park song is awful. Is 2013 the year of wolves in kpop? With EXO’s Wolf going AWOOOOOOO and Teen Top’s Miss Right has an AWOOOOOOOO part too. :|

  7. That’s what I also have to do. It works if I go to youtube itself, but not on the blog.

  8. Yeah, for me it played the first two videos then skipped the intro video for the jay park video and the intro video for teen top. Weird.

  9. I have the same problem!! oh and I’m using firefox you?

  10. Re: Lee Hi. Definitely getting better. This video is trying a little harder to work with her age appropriately. She’s still a kid and needs to grow into that voice.
    I had more but the dog is barking at the bathtub.

    • “age appropriately? In some shots she looks FIVE-YEARS-OLD and the all white background skews the relative scale to totally enable that. To me, it feels uber-pedobear-creepy when they do that. She does have an incredible voice and I don’t think that making her look older is a good idea either but come ON, those overalls are just ridiculous. The contrast between her voice and this child-like image makes it look like she’s just a kid lip-synching for some older voice actor.

      Cyber_3 – having eyes done only makes her look more doll-like too….

  11. i don’t know where you live but for me the playlist skips the videos that are blocked in my country, maybe it does that for you? or with jay parks video maybe the playlist didnt know if you are 18+ and skipped it to be safe?
    or youtube might just be a cunt which wouldn’t really surprise anyone

  12. I don’t know if I ever fully forgave Teen Top for No More Perfume on You, but this new song of theirs is insanely catchy. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be going around singing “lalalalala lalalalala” for at least a week now.

  13. >.< i really wanted LeeHi to be reviewed this week D;


  15. I like ukiss new song,but the video just came out…so maybe you should review teen top song which won’t be able to survive another week…

  16. I think its Mordney’s House….

  17. I would die for the playlist to do that for me! I’ve usually seen the videos before hand and are just wanting to see what S&M have to say about them.

  18. I’d be happy with either It’s Over or Miss Right. There’s not so much to say about UKiss’ new video.

    Appetizer? Meh. When I accidentally watch an American music video, I’m always astonished at how lesss creative than Korean ones it is!

    The light blue gummy bears? No, thanks! Light blue food doesn’t exist!

  19. “Lee Hi fans – or as I like to call you – annyeong!” lol – I seriously laughed out loud. Martina, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your sweater. You really have such fantastic style. And yes, the MFBTY interview was epic. Now we just need to get JYJ, U-Kiss, INFINITE, Super Junior, TVXQ, BIGBANG, SISTAR, BEG, who am I kidding…we need to get ALL the idols and K-Indie and Korean music people to come and interview with you!

  20. Teen Top’s “Miss Right” reminds me of Boyfriend’s songs ._.

  21. I don’t know much about Teen Top, but one of the guys has pink in his hair just like Martina! S & M are such trendsetters. :P

  22. ooh I need to take a listen to Jay Park’s song. Didn’t even know he had a new track out.

    Still sad that your guys haven’t been able to add Rainbow’s song to this since you guys were in Japan then :(

  23. Actually I’ve been wondering if U-KISS popularity in EYK is pretty much based on their kind interaction with you guys or they really had been super famous before you guys had a chance to talk to each others in interviews/twitter/etc.

  24. As much as I love U-Kiss I’m really hoping for Teen Top and Lee Hi

  25. Nasties are pretty much the biggest KISSMes ever :P Ooooh you so NastyKISSMes xD

  26. Voting for Lee Hi but come on, it’s pretty clear that U-KISS will win this KMM. Reviewing a U-KISS MV is like a tradition here on EYK. :)))

    • Maybe……..but what does it say for the fairness of voting if it takes weeks to get some songs up the chart and then a new song can come out hit #1 in less than 24 hours? While maybe it’s heartwarming to see Nasties pulling together to get their song to the top in a concerted effort, the other side of that coin is that a lot of other Nasties out there just had their choice thwarted by these tactics since decay will hit the older “song” hard after 2 weeks. I’m kind of torn here since it’s getting to the point that if a song doesn’t hit #1 in its first week, it never has a chance. Where’s the variety?

      Cyber_3 – is pretty sure that after all the U-KISS love in Japan, it will get reviewed anyways……not that I don’t like it

  27. yay! I’m an “anyeong” lol

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