U-Kiss “Standing Still” – Vote for it Here!


I know we didn’t update UKISS last week, but they still sky rocketed to first place on our kpopcharts! Now some of you know that we didn’t pick them for last KMM because we’ve reviewed every UKISS video and we were trying to find some room for girl bands/artists, but this week seems to be a big wave a girls, so maybe we’ll be able to pick UKISS this time! Notice how I didn’t say for sure since I want to keep you in suspense. BU AH AH AH! DIS IS MORDNEY PRESENT AND ABOUT TO KICK OUR ASSES! Mordney you’re such a fanboy! GAWD.

G.Na “Oops” – Vote for it Here!


Not sure how I feel about this video. I know how I feel about the song, I don’t like it. The aegyo OOPS OOPS in the background is 100% not my thing. The only exception to this rule might be IU’s MAAAARSHMALLOW because I am supra biased to marshmallows, and PS how upset am I that I didn’t think of that video as a comparison to Lee Hi’s bear mascot? Ugh. Okay, so the thing with G.NA is that I don’t get what her image is, because sometimes she’s confident and sexy (like in her last video) and other times she’s aegyo and I just don’t like when those two totally different images clash. Maybe this is a Cube Entertainment thing for their lady artists because Hyuna has the same clashing image thing happening. I just want to understand, okay??!! Does anyone else feel this way??!! *Martina runs away sobbing*

Girl’s Day “Expectation” – Vote for it Here!


So…wait: this is Girl’s Day? This is awesome! I mean, Girl’s Day’s “Oh My God” was incredibly unbelievably awesome socks perfect for Music Monday. This isn’t the same as that, and doesn’t have the potential for Music Monday gold, but it still has enough canon fodder for some sexy dance ruination. We have our blue screen, remember? We really need to superimpose ourselves into some of these videos and ruin them with our dance moves. This…is the perfect video for that. You know you want to see it. Vote for Girl’s Day, then, and get ready to get NASTY!

  1. I feel bad that you guys feel the need to ‘appease’ kissmes. I think I speak for all true kissmes and nastys: we love you, all you do, and it’s your channel, review who you want!

  2. U-KISS’s MV was so amazing!!! I really loved it ecept for the girl… she gave off some kinda Twilight vibe..*shudders* and she was kinda scary… G.NA’s MV was ok.. Ilhoon was so hot though but I didn’t really get the story behind it??? like does she turn into a cat or something?? I actually kinda liked Girl’s Day’s MV even though I never..,actually…heard..of them .before *crawls into hole*

  3. I loved G.Na in I’ll Get Lost, You Go Your Way. She had this kinda R&B style going on like BOA and stood out against all the other over-sexualized girls, but then she did this ridiculous 2 Hot song that was just like “whoa, that’s just…no…” and she’s gone down that rabbit hole ever since.

  4. umm..it’s hard for me to..enjoy these music videos..i really like Korean bboys though!!! :D

  5. simon in short shorts and suspenders *eyes start to bleed*

  6. Ok. I’m Sorry, but I’m going to go on a mini-rant

    I honestly would love girl groups if they weren’t so sexual. Seriously. I would have liked Girl’s Day’s new Song if their video wasn’t so …not my style. It’s just that I kind of feel bad for the girls in them. They were skimpy outfits and touch themselves (geez…I sound old…and I’m not. I’m still in High School). I really liked Miss A’s I don’t need a man and 2NE1’s I’m the Best. Those songs were really good and the girl’s weren’t over sexualized. I think the Kpop industry should go back to more of those sort of things.

    • I never particularly cared for Miss A until they came out with I don’t need a man. Then I went around the house singing “I don’t need a man!” at the top of my lungs. :P

  7. about girl’s day, they already did this kind of concept with nothing last forever wich was really awesome

  8. I think U-Kiss deserves it honestly, and I was very surprised by all the English. When they were dressed in black I had a 2PM moment, BUT I love their “pat to the crotch” dancing. Daebak!

  9. I don’t think G.Na actually turns into a human in the video.
    I think it’s kind of like Pet Shop of Horrors where she we see her as a human even though she is still a cat.
    The pile of clothes is her shedding.
    The “club” was actually an alley and the people were a bunch of cats.
    And that was a tom cat and G.Na was in heat.
    At least that’s the way I see it.

  10. Anyone feel like they’ve seen that kitchen before? It reminds me of Sunggyu’s 60 Seconds a bit. When I saw the first flash to the kitchen I immediately thought of that

  11. I love the song from ukiss and m/v. Well I was bit disappointed because there was no plot in the m/v but I really enjoyed the way it was filmed and edited with all the flashes quick shots and blurs. I never seen anything like that, I thought it was amazing. Especially liked how in the chorus part they was like sun rays that shined through the building that was moving constantly. Kinda seemed to emphasize that time is passing very quickly but they are standing still. Also thought that the girl in the m/v was so random since she never interacted with anyone lol and i like the idea of her wearing color contacts but I wished they would find a more realistic looking color contacts

  12. To be honest I really don’t like Girl’s Day’s new song, it just hasn’t grown on me. It would be awesome to see some sexy renditions of the dance though XD

  13. The new Girl’s Day song is so naaaasstttaaaayyyyyy! I like it. And I have the same problem as Simon, there was a story in that video, but I didn’t really get it.

    The G.Na video I could stomach for like 30 seconds and then I was all like “nah I’m good”.

    And Simon needs to get himself some hardcore Daisy Dukes action!

  14. Manfriend, Woman’s Day, Man Top – who’s next?

    And Simon complained in the last WANK that he was bored, so I have a suggestion for the next WANK: Simon shopping for short shorts. OOOH SO NASTY!

  15. its 3:30 am in ny…the reason i am awake is bcoz i want to see hys get reviewed this is what reunited all the triple s now

  16. simon i am kinda disappointed you didnt put heo young saeng for kpop music charts. my triple s heart is really sad. The mv is really awesome. i can only dream to be reviewed. but triple s hwiting.

  17. Simon in short shorts and suspenders dancing on the blue screen…ooooh soooo NASTY!!!! The song though…meh. The U-Kiss song is my fave, but the MV is boring…the dance is great though!

  18. Although I LOVE Ukiss, I kinda want a Teen Top KMM since Miss Right is such a fun video! Teen Top is starting to loose their place since its getting old and I kinda want a review before the onslaught of upcoming comebacks like Infinite gets on. Ukiss can still maintain their place for ONE more week, but its up to S&M to choose for THEIR KMM. Anyways looking forward for next weeks KMM!

  19. I want a music monday on Girls Day! I feel that the video will be funny, and I’m also a big fan of Girls Day since their first comeback! :D

  20. I have to admmit tht i didnt know Girlsday,I heard about them but i never actually heard their songs but now i like them (Y)

  21. I kind of want to see Simon in short shorts and suspenders now…O.O inception..

  22. “U-Kiss is so strong and powerful and they crush everybody that other people need to be given an advantage.”

    I seriously replayed this 20 times before I could move on with the rest of the video. It’s just, we never hear things like this. It made me smile, so so much! I’m just gonna replay this segment about 15 times every time I think of the word MCountdown.

  23. I actually have nothing to say about this weeks update…I love U-KISS, I especially love Standing Still. It’s my get up and go song in the morning lately. One day soon I hope U-KISS stops working non-stop long enough to have a more plot oriented video again. This video though works great for the song because it really helps to showcase the amazing choreography. I can watch them dance Standing Still all day. Other than that, that’s all I have to say about this weeks update.

  24. What?! Simon does not know what Shakira means?! LOL! She is like bigger than what she was in the 90’s when she used to have black hair. She is still cool and her music is fine, not as good as before

  25. hmmm.. i dont know whether i should vote for girls day now just so simon can wear some short shorts…

  26. And can I say Kevin’s jacket at 0:53 is faaaaaaaabuloooous lol I love it!

  27. Honestly, I absolutely LOVE the song from U-Kiss, but the mv could be better :x Their dancing is awesome of course, but I haven’t seen U-Kiss have an actual plot in their mv in a long time. I literally think only 0330 had an actual story going on in the mv. I would definitely like to see them do more stuff like that!

  28. Geez, thanks for getting that JLo song stuck in my head ._.

    Here, so everyone else can listen and suffer along with me: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbm-2ZsKV3mpvMP4x57hlexEtgVOTWHsr

    I hope UKiss gets reviewed this week, even if it was just for the sake of the Mods lol. Hey S&M, do you know who has to clean up your mess after you? Huh? HUH??!! xD

    Not digging the G.Na song. I agree with not liking drastic image changes – it makes it all the more obvious how fake it is. I’d prefer if bands either a) stuck to one consistent fake image or b) just be natural goddammit.

    Girl’s Day….who are they?!! AAAAHHHH I dunno anymore *cries* but I did like the song, especially that buildup at the end.

    Simon, I noticed you practically reviewed the last two videos. I’m guessing it’s because you know it’ll never make it, or it’s to really encourage us to watch the MV (it worked, btw. I watched them. They were interesting). I like these longer updates, fyi.

  29. umm guise…why didnt you do heo young saeng for kpop music charts?

    • They film the Kpop Chart Updates in advance. Sometimes not all of the new videos make the list.

      Edit: And sometimes there are just too many videos that come out. I think it would be great if they keep the Kpop Chart Update videos the same, but then maybe add the other videos that came out to the playlist too. Even if they don’t personally say anything about them. I can’t keep track of all the videos that come out, but if they were all in a playlist…well then I could.

  30. Secret video? Posting it later? But, but, I want it now. :(

  31. who else wants to see Simon ruining G.Na’s dance instead? from cat to MAN! lol just me? *runs away

  32. 1. HEY ILHOON….BAP would like their MV set back. XD
    ….I checked. It sounds eerily similar to Nicki Minaj’s Pound the Alarm. I’m serious. Compare the two.

  33. Oh god. Simon in short shorts. I don’t know if the world is ready for that. >_<

  34. The fan art wall is really distracting because Its sooo daammnn AWESOME. look at all that.. Sorry Simon its was the art wall all the way this time. :-D

  35. Looks like Ilhoon found his way into BAP’s tin foil room from No Mercy (closest we’ll ever get to a BTOBAP collab?). DAMN YOU BROHOHO!!

  36. I would like for another girl group to win but if u choose U-Kiss then I wouldn’t mind

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