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KpopCharts Update: Kiss Girls Oops!

March 16, 2013


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U-Kiss “Standing Still” – Vote for it Here!

I know we didn’t update UKISS last week, but they still sky rocketed to first place on our kpopcharts! Now some of you know that we didn’t pick them for last KMM because we’ve reviewed every UKISS video and we were trying to find some room for girl bands/artists, but this week seems to be a big wave a girls, so maybe we’ll be able to pick UKISS this time! Notice how I didn’t say for sure since I want to keep you in suspense. BU AH AH AH! DIS IS MORDNEY PRESENT AND ABOUT TO KICK OUR ASSES! Mordney you’re such a fanboy! GAWD.

G.Na “Oops” – Vote for it Here!

Not sure how I feel about this video. I know how I feel about the song, I don’t like it. The aegyo OOPS OOPS in the background is 100% not my thing. The only exception to this rule might be IU’s MAAAARSHMALLOW because I am supra biased to marshmallows, and PS how upset am I that I didn’t think of that video as a comparison to Lee Hi’s bear mascot? Ugh. Okay, so the thing with G.NA is that I don’t get what her image is, because sometimes she’s confident and sexy (like in her last video) and other times she’s aegyo and I just don’t like when those two totally different images clash. Maybe this is a Cube Entertainment thing for their lady artists because Hyuna has the same clashing image thing happening. I just want to understand, okay??!! Does anyone else feel this way??!! *Martina runs away sobbing*

Girl’s Day “Expectation” – Vote for it Here!

So…wait: this is Girl’s Day? This is awesome! I mean, Girl’s Day’s “Oh My God” was incredibly unbelievably awesome socks perfect for Music Monday. This isn’t the same as that, and doesn’t have the potential for Music Monday gold, but it still has enough canon fodder for some sexy dance ruination. We have our blue screen, remember? We really need to superimpose ourselves into some of these videos and ruin them with our dance moves. This…is the perfect video for that. You know you want to see it. Vote for Girl’s Day, then, and get ready to get NASTY!



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Kpop Charts Update