Infinite “Man In Love” – Vote for it Here!


GOLD I TELL YOU! GOLD! We thought about what we could say for a Music Monday on Infinite’s “Man In Love.” I don’t even think we’ll mention the song at all, or their dance. The video is just…the video…so much…good stuff…so much…overdosing on potential. You ever see those “Everything that’s wrong with *Insert Blockbuster Movie Title* in under 4 Minutes” videos on YouTube? Those are hilarious and – quite frankly – exactly what we do when we watch movies in the theatre. Makes more maximum lols. We have a similar approach for Music Mondays. This Infinite video…we could talk about for more than 4 minutes, that’s for sure :D

I hope we’re not sounding as if we don’t like the video. We’re just saying that we can have fun here, and we giggled to ourselves a lot thinking about the video. So vote for it!

GLAM “In Front of the Mirror” – Vote for it Here!


Now this is a pretty different music video. The lyrics kind of remind me of 2NE1’s “Ugly”, not in a “oh GLAM copied 2NE1″ kind of way, but in the sense that they are both talking about girls feeling un-pretty. I’d like to see kpop idols talking about this more often because it is pretty much the kpop idol industry that makes average Korean girls feel like crap. I’m not saying the idols themselves are doing it, I’m saying the way the industry presents them makes people feel like crap. It’s exactly the same in other parts of the world with models and celebs being airbrushed and photoshopped into a level a perfection that doesn’t actually exist, except in Korea, a lot of the models and celebs ARE kpop idols. Anyways, point is, it’s an interesting topic they’re dealing with, but I don’t LOVE the music video which I thought could have been a bit more powerful. For example, even though they removed some makeup (lipstick doesn’t count as removing makeup in my book), you could still tell they were wearing makeup, and I though it ended in a really awkward unresolved way with the manager (who was he?) coming in and them awkwardly leaving. You check it out and let me know if you feel the same way!

Heo Young Saeng “The Art Of Seducation” – Vote for it Here!


We’re so torn, guise. We’ve never reviewed Heo Young Saeng. We’ve never done anyone from SS501 before, and it’d be great if we can show them some love. They’re before our time, I’ll admit, and we know next to nothing about them, but we do know that if anything ever comes out by anything by them, you guise always do a great job of promoting them on our site.

We still don’t understand their situation as a band. We said before, incorrectly, that they disbanded, and that upset some people. Sorry about that, guise! Supposedly they didn’t disband. They’re just all on different labels now, but they’re not making music together. If you ask me, that sounds like disbandment. I think the more accurate thing to say is that they stopped making music together, but they’re not publicly adverse to making music together in the future, right? Whatever the details may be, we’re not sure. What we are sure about, though, is that this video and Infinite’s video have a wealth of things we can talk about, and would be great fun to review for Music Monday, as opposed to other videos that are more difficult for us to talk about. Not naming any names here.

  1. Ermahgerd ther nerwherl beekins ert mirdneert!!

  2. Isn’t it “bacon” not “beacon”…? And the narwhal bacons at midnight!

  3. Oh the possibilities with the Infinite song!!! I look forward to seeing Meemers in the video (if it is chosen). I kind of felt sorry for the cat in the video. THAT BOX DIDN’T HAVE ANY AIR HOLES, MAN!!! Good thing he took the lid of the box when he did!

    I see that Mr. Brohoho has stuck again with GLAM’s video. They need to find a new brick wall to shoot in front of.

  4. EYK just implemented a whole system to help out people such as you. Hang in there ;)

  5. What Terri below said is true. Everyone is different and has different ways of dealing with things. Just because you like the same band doesn’t mean you all will think the same way.

    Just take a deep breath, step away from the computer and go do something fun. Sometimes that break away from the ‘digital world’ can give you a fresh perspective on things.

  6. Ok, I have already asked people down thread to stop being so rude.

    What you said at the end there is something everyone should take into consideration.
    …if it happens great if not its ok personally i am not gonna die if it does not happen.

  7. Hey there, I don’t know if you are aware but here on EYK we go by commenting guidelines. The first of which is Be Respectful. If you can’t be respectful, then don’t post it here because the Mods are Watching and we don’t tolerate much of it. I have already warned several people in this comment thread already. Please refrain from saying rude and inflammatory things or your comments will be deleted and your account will be banned. Thank you.

  8. Thanks. I am on the verge of deleting this whole thread because it seems like people can’t help but argue and be snippy and rude.

  9. I really liked the sound of the Glam song but I didn’t get it either.

  10. I’m sorry but there is no reason for you to say hurtful things like this either. You’re being unnecessarily rude, she hasn’t said anything hateful so there is no need to say thing like this. Can mods just remove this whole thing?

  11. Kan Miyoun has had a few songs out. The first one she had out (in more recent times) was “Crazy” with Mir and Joon of MBLAQ. Mir had a rap in the song and Joon was the guy she was obsessed with. In “Paparazzi” is the one where she was obsessed with Hyungjoon. She had another really nice song out called “Sunshine” with Jun K of 2pm (and he produced the song too). “Sunshine” kinda stopped her crazy theme for a bit…

  12. You mean Kan Miyoun? I don’t think there is a “g” at the end of her name unless it’s a translation thing. But you’re talking about her song “Papparazi.” She’s my idol so yeah and a former Babyvox member. Babyvox used to be like how SNSD is now haha. But yeah I could see that too cause that was a good stalker mv. She chased after Hyungjoon lol.

  13. I’ve heard the rumor too about DSP and supposedly they didn’t want KyuJong but I don’t know how reliable that is. The guys have never said anything about it. And quite honestly I’m not sure about it, because Hyunjoong seems to have a good relationship still with DSP. He went to support AJAX before their debut (since they’re fans of SS501 and admire them etc) and I don’t know if he would have done that if they tried to get rid of a member. The guys are like brothers to each other and I don’t see Hyunjoong playing nice with DSP if that was true. Of course I could be wrong and he could just be a polite guy and all that. But DSP and the guys did part on a good note and they were allowed to keep the SS501 name and also I assume their older songs since they have performed them solo. When Hyunjoong went to Peru recently he sang some older SS501 songs like from BOF. Lee Hyori also left DSP a short time before SS501 did and if I’m remembering correctly she, YoungSaeng and KyuJong are all at the same management place.

  14. Ok guys, I am stepping in here. You need to calm down and stop fighting about this. Instead concentrate on voting for the next hour. Quarelling about this here is not going to make any difference because in the end the decision comes down to Simon and Martina and what they decide to choose.

    So, take a deep breath and go have a Inspirit/ Triple S love fest in those threads and contribute to the points over there. This way, whoever is not chosen for the Kpop Music Monday will still keep working on building their points for the next week.

  15. After all I don’t think this system is going to work… if you guise want to end this “vicious circle of hate”…

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

    • It would happen regardless, trust me.

      • yeah but… the new system is going to “put some more wood in the fire” and things could get bigger and more stressful not only for Simon and Martina but for me(for us) as well…so I guess I should have refrased… to end that’s kind of impossible but to reduce it is more possible…

        • Well, I’m really grateful that they decided to change the system; even if it was only to get more girls on the charts (and more male viewers).
          And now the fanwars have somewhat decreased, since people can redirect their hate towards S&M if they lose; instead of towards the winning group. S&M said they’re willing to endure the hate if it means more balanced reviews, so if it’s fine with them, it’s fine with me. We can cheer up S&M, but we can’t stop fanwars.
          I’ve also noticed a more positive and hopeful attitude amongst the smaller groups on the charts, because they now realise that they have a chance if they can just reach 3rd place. So I’d say that they main people who are at a disadvantage are fans of semi-popular boy bands.

        • “S&M said they’re willing to endure the hate if it means more balanced reviews, so if it’s fine with them, it’s fine with me.” that doesn’t confort me though… even when ppl say they’re ok they kind of turn not being ok without them even realising it… I can sense the tense atmosphere like from miles away…

        • Hey hey don’t just ignore the bit I said about cheering up S&M!! I send them encouraging emails regularly for a reason!!

        • I didn’t ignore it… even if you cheer someone, you can’t help it from being worried… at least I can’t(I sent them tweets :P)

        • Well….what do you suggest we do then? :/

        • I say we change the system back… or maybe do a bigger kpop-chart update? so more groups could be included… :S

        • ………….

          It was good talking to you.

        • “Most people just don’t watch that far.” Well maybe…if they are interested in knowing S&M’s oppinion on the song and video …they’ll watch further

          “…they said the Updates are essential in encouraging people to vote, and introducing lesser known but interesting videos.” I agree with them that they introduce lesser known videos but encourage to vote…uhm… on the last minute there isn’t much difference… most of the times it wasn’t
          P.S: you shouldn’t have gone to the extend of cutting “it was good talking to you” *pout*

        • I’m not just spouting out nonsense, those are things that S&M have told me and I’ve observed based on the youtubes stats and website usage stats. People do drop off videos/playlists over time, and the updates do do have a big effect on chart votes – they also remind people that it is still the fans that determine what ranks the videos are in. Do you really need to see my correspondence history with S&M in order to believe me? Or would you not believe that either :/

          PS. Hey, I cut it out because it basically meant ‘I have nothing else to say to you, farewell’. Just like ‘It was nice knowing you’ can also mean ‘farewell forever’ = aka the person is gonna die ._. lol but if you insist I can put it back in ;p

        • I didn’t mean it like that… I guess I forgot for a second you’re a “mod”…
          *sigh*(I give up)
          ok…sorry for keeping you further into this discussion… you must be busy. ごめん なさい.

        • No it’s ok…the only reason I talked to you is cos you’re a long time Nasty and I feel I know you and stuff….otherwise I just leave people alone :p

        • ;_; *hugglllleeeesss* I need to run stream >.)

        • did you read my message again? I re-edited it… (‘_’)

        • I did, sorry. I re-edited my comment too ^^b

  16. I’d love to see KMM for GLAM, they have always such meaninful yet funny songs and mv’s. For lyrics I think that it’s about contradiction: you think that you’re quite pretty in your own way but when you look at mirror you keep seeing all your flaws and parts you don’t like and this voice in your head just starts saying that you aren’t pretty at all. In mv you can see how they are insecure about their looks: filling up their bra so that boobs would appear bigger, thinking of being too fat cause the shirt rips.. but in the end they just smile at mirror and keep doing poses, trying to believe that they are actually pretty. So I think from start they don’t feel that pretty at all but as the mv goes on they start believing it.

    Although I love the mv and song I agree that some kind of clear enpowerent would be nice. And the make-up removal scene would be much better if they actually removed their make-up and appeared bare-faced.

  17. sssshhhh careful where you’re stepping >_<

    lol like Shinhwa, you'd be surprised how many SS501 fans are still around. They seem to be especially numerous on this site – I see a flood of them everytime a member releases something ^^;

  18. And Simon I love ya but I kept hearing you say beacon not zee bacon.

  19. I was bummed “I Like That” didn’t make it high enough to get reviewed because that would have been KMM *GOLD*. Though I am happy to see them getting any wider recognition at all, they are my favorite nugus.

  20. My votes for Heo Young Saeng! I really think the video is hilarious, in it’s you know creepy fan kidnapping way. Plus I’d honestly love to see a member of SS501 reviewed on KMM! They are how I got into and feel in love with kpop to begin with :)

    I’m honestly really glad to see Heo Young Saeng on a Kpop Chart Update, I can’t lie. Thank guys.

  21. I think you should do Art of Seduction because you have already done an Infinite KMM, and I really want to hear your opinions on this MV and see you in crazy wigs ;) Also, I am pretty sure Infinite will be in the top 3 next week, but Heo Young Saeng probably won’t :( So you could always do Infinite next week!!! I really really hope you do Art of Seduction!!!!

    • I don’t think it was reviewed, but it was in one of their video’s talking about dances.

    • Me too!!! When I watched it, I was instantly thinking of funny things Simon and Martina might do with this video. And I love SS501, and it would be so awesome if Heo Young Saeng could get reviewed. I know that I have gotten interested in several KPOP bands after watching KMM (I got into U-Kiss because of S&M), and maybe others would get interested in SS501! Besides, they could even throw in a Mordney joke (I miss Mordney). I know in at least a couple of SS501’s old songs, Mordney was present ;) He was in Unlock and I think Deja Vu.

      • If you haven’t seen Hyunjoong on that “Family Outing” episode you should. It’s really cute. They play the BOF theme and he’s always like “not this again” lol but he’s cool and plays along. And Seungri tries to beat him at SOMETHING but always fails. By the end of the show he’s hanging onto Hyunjoong and calling him “hyung.” It’s really cute. He gave up on trying to beat Hyunjoong lol.

      • Actually SS501 debuted a year before Big Bang. If you watch when Hyunjoong and Seungri were both on “Family Outing” they talk about their respective groups history and to that point. When BB debuted SS501 was in Japan promoting. SS501 has always had a rough time of getting out there (like with MBLAQ now imo) and have always relied on word of mouth and their talent to promote them. They were with DSP who didn’t do a great job like the other companies… So it would be interesting to see how they do when they do come back and if anyone will remember them. I’m sure people in Korea will, but international fans there have been so many new groups since then. And yes Triple S’s is known for the nicest fandom (which is a good thing imo) and the fandom has a good and respectful relationship with the guys. I’ve never heard of any real issues with sasaeng fans, at least not like with other groups.

  22. In simple terms uhm hum: SS501 are currently no longer promoting together. When their contracted ended they signed with separate labels but only as long as their respective new companies allowed them to reunite and be SS501 whenever they choose to in the future. They retained their title and on interviews each member still announces themselves as so in so from SS501. Like this “Hi I’m SS501 Heo Young Saeng.” But these are indeed their solo albums. Right now other than working on their solo projects they can’t unite as SS501 because Kyu Jong is in the military. :)

  23. Were Simon’s segments taped during the day and Martina’s later? There is so much white light bouncing around during his it hurt my eyes. During her segment the light was much softer.

    I see infinite possibilities for Meemers in the first video and I liked how the costume designer played with black and white patterns on their pants. The second video seemed like it was exploring the edges of subject rather jumping in cannonball style. Sometimes tiny, baby steps are the best you can hope for.

  24. Isn’t that Sexamecation? ;)

  25. While I’m sure that any of these three would make a good KMM, I would totally prefer ‘The Art of Seduction’ this week. This video is awesome and saesaeng (sp?) has so much potential for comedy. It’s extra creepy the way that Heo Young Saeng is even friendlier and more approachable in her imagination scenes. Besides, maybe I’m not spelling it right, but look at his name……..also, since I had seen “Hello Beautiful Bubble Love” again so recently, it really kind of made me go “NOOOOOOOO!” to Infinite’s music video.

    Cyber_3 – does the (apparently) international sign for “crazypants” LOL

  26. I don’t know if this is sad or just a display of my “nastiness” but when I watched infinite’s man in love mv for the first time, I kept thinking “OMG Simon and Martina are so going to point this and that out!” and “this can be one of the BEST Music Monday reviews EVVVAARRR!!” ><

  27. why do I get the feeling that most of those infinite skits have to do with meemers….that poor cat…

  28. I didn’t understand the narwhal comment either…So don’t feel bad Martina! Off to google it..

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