Lee Hi “Rose” – Vote for it Here!


Whoa that was a quick return, but oh so different than what she released before. It’s nice to see both the cute and serious side of Lee Hi since her age is young but her voice is old. Ya know what I mean? I wouldn’t want her to always sing really serious music all the time (even though her voice is perfect for it) because I feel like the heaviness of it wouldn’t fit her sweet natural image. I don’t know about you guise, but I’m not totally sure how I feel about this song, part of me knows it’s very pretty but it doesn’t seem very catchy, you know what I mean? But then again there are a lot of songs I first felt MEH about and then later on regretted my comments. Still not sure if we will review this song for music monday or not, since we did start the pick the top 3 veto for a reason like this, double Lee Hi within a month? I’m not sure, I guess it depends on who she is up against! Let us know who you want, this is tough choice for us this week!

ZE:A5 “The Day We Broke Up” – Vote for it Here!


Yeah, so when did ZE:A create a sub-unit? I feel like there are so many bands with sub-units but most of them don’t really do so great. Maybe with the exception of TTS, which apparently wasn’t even a sub-unit. since it was a rotation group in which all the members would take part in…even though that still hasn’t happened yet. So the lack of success of sub-units, is that because we originally like the group as a whole and then it’s weird to see them missing some members? Okay wait, but what’s really confusing is that if you look at something like GD and TOP, they weren’t called a Big Bang sub-unit, they were just two members doing their own thing, while groups like Orange Caramel are considered sub-units because it’s three members out of a larger group that make music with a totally different concept than their original group. But then a solo member is doing a solo project rather than being a sub-unit…so maybe sub-unit ONLY depends on three members or more!!! *Martina rubs her hair crazily* GAH! So then someone let me know, are there additional people in ZE:A5 that aren’t normally apart of ZE:A? Sorry for not knowing a lot about them, I was just surprised to see this group appear! Please let me know!

Eric Nam “Goodbye in Once Upon a Time” – Vote for it Here!


You know, I wonder sometimes what Kpop artists might act like after we do interviews with them. I’m sure you remember we did a video with Eric Nam a short while ago. He was really cool, he was very relaxed and we had a great flow when talking about random topics. And he brought Spudgy these peanut butter bones that he just adores. Now I wonder if he’ll see our other videos about him from now on and be like “THEY BEST NOT SAY MEAN THINGS ABOUT ME!” Don’t worry Eric (see how I called you by your first name? We’re BFFs now); we’ll give you the same treatment we give everyone else. RELENTLESS FART JOKES IN OUR RANDOM SKITS! That is, if people can get the video to the top three and then we choose to review it. If we do review Eric Nam’s video, though, I’d hope that he could take part in these skits, and hopefully do most of the fart jokes himself.

Eatyourkimchi: Flying in the face of Kpop Idol’s sense of self-respect, since 2008 :D

Also, congratulations to the winners of our 300,000 subscriber CD giveaway bonanza! We announce the winners in the credits of the last video, so check it out to see if you won. Hooray!

  1. Oooookay….can someone please help technologically challenged me figure out which video it is that this comment refers to?:

    Also, congratulations to the winners of our 300,000 subscriber CD giveaway bonanza! We announce the winners in the credits of the last video, so check it out to see if you won. Hooray!

  2. am I the only one who heard in Lee Hi’s video “a rose has stores?” XD Gotta say her voice is so beautiful though.

  3. Haha, now whenever I see the word “present” my mind automatically inserts “Mordney” in front of it. XD

  4. In Eric nams video the twangy sound might be a lap steel guitar…. I learned this from kings of Leon…. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DBOuqyqmtJk

  5. SIMON! i’m a country, k-pop,j-pop fan! hahaha but yes… im sure we are a minority…. :(

  6. Huge Country and Kpop fan here :)

    It’s probably either a mandolin or a steel guitar, both popular string instruments in country music, not sure though…

  7. I think out of the three videos, ZE:A5’s video would be more appropriate for a music monday. Moreover the song is right on your alley. (that and …I wouldn’t want to see you guise “rip” into Lee Ha Yi’s “Rose”, it’s got that preserved Lee Hi innocence if you know what I mean and I totally love this song to the point of crying > . < )

    About Lee Hi's "old voice" , I think you'll have a change of thoughts once you hear "Cold" (feat. Epik High ). Her voice is just amazing …it climbs to all the possible levels…

    Congrats to the lucky winners! (I wish I would've gotten secret messages – . – )

    Livechat clothes :D:D

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

  8. Did anyone else notice how Martina’s braids are different?? Guess she got tired after doing one fishtail braid(it happens to me all the time, hahaha) and just though “What the hell, no one will notice if I do a normal braid on this side, right guise?”

  9. the eric nam song is frome a kdrama but i dont know the title of the drama

  10. T_T The playlist messes up. It skips one video and goes to the next. Anyone else with this problem?? I have to manually click the videos to get them in the right order. Not that I mind but, you know, I wanna sit back an enjoy my music Monday. ^.^

  11. I really like the new video link thingy. ITS SO FRAAAANNNNCCCEEEEHHH

  12. hi simon and martina i just wanted to ask have you guys experienced hwangsa (yellow dust) is it weired? and did u guys feel strange and by the way is there thunder in korea ?

  13. K-Pop and Country. Well, Mr. Simon, I’m happy to let you know that fans of both do in fact exist. As you can see in other country fans, many of them roam youtube watching k-pop videos, but playing good ol’ country from their itunes. Me, I’m biased with music from the genre around 1950-2010, but we are all out there. We are all watching, and we all know that you and Mrs. Martina are super funny despite your lack of knowledge when it comes to George Strait or Roy Clark. :)

  14. You guys sure have a lot of subscribers who do the cd giveaways… sigh…

  15. Eric Nam’s video is from “Love in Memory”…it’s a short drama I think

  16. Eric Nam’s song is an OST for a mini-drama “Love in Memory”.

  17. YS is number 1!! hoping for a review this monday!!

  18. It is sadly not because the other 4 members are really busy that ZE:A has a subunit because Taehun is doing nothing. Absolutely. Nothing. And somehow I seriously doubt that Heechul is doing anything. Kwanghee sure. And Junyoung is still injured.

    I really really hope you review Girl’s Day! It’s still in the top 3, it was 2 all week, and you’ve never reviewed them before. Plus there is so much potential for Simon. Youngsaeng’s video has a lot going for it, but could Simon scar our brains with it? Nope. Therefore Girl’s Day gets my vote!

    ;______; It’s never me who wins any of your things…though three of my friends have won now! So…yeah.

  19. why announce the winners at the end of this throwaway post? No wonder i see ppl ask on twitter all the time if the winners have been announced to your comps

    • and yet real fans will always know when and where they announce winners. they don’t make a huge announcement video, it’s always tacked on to bloopers or something like this. on one hand it keeps the other video channels neat and clean, on the other it raises view counts on videos people may not watch. this is how they get paid after all.

      • so what if the “real fans” know? When did these competitions become exclusive only for them?

        if they’re gonna announce it on the blooper clips, why not announce that this is where they will announce the winners? If they had done this properly, there wouldnt be a bunch of ppl asking if they’ve revealed the winners yet

  20. My favorite of the three was Eric Nam, but I don’t think it should be reviewed since it is actualy an OSt song for the drama Love in Memory, and the MV are just parts of the drama.
    I really liked the Rose, and the MVwas visually stunning
    As for Zea’s song and video, it reminded me of Nuest’s Not over You. Their title was misleading as well, since the song and music video were very happy and they were having fun instead of appearing sad and not over the girl.

  21. Hopefully, I’ll win a CD from you guys someday. Oh well, congrats to those that won!

  22. Lee Hi’s “Rose” was FRICKING AWESOMELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I Lee Hi’s song. It’s not catchy I agree but it is still beautiful.

  24. Martina did you have a fish tail braid on your right and a regular braid on your left?? Kawaii!!!! Simon I love Country and Kpop Equally. =)

  25. Infinite-H was a sub-unit with just 2 members xD

  26. The imagery used in Lee Hi’s video was the most appealing out of the 3. Not to mention I love this song. It’s smooth, and doesn’t give too much or too little. I know you thinks that she just wanes out of the song, but i love the subtly of it. PICK LEE HI~!

  27. Lee Hi’s music video is so visually appealing. It’s simple, yet there’s so many things to look at at the same time. Those roses everywhere, the words all around her, everything. Those contacts did creep me out though. That just totally threw me off of what I was looking at every time there was a close up to her face. She’s so pretty, but those contacts… Especially those red ones! When I heard the line “Every rose has its thorn” I thought she said “Every rose has it’s store.” Then I saw it written, and was like, “Ohhh… Makes sense now.” Then I replayed it to see if I could hear it that way, then I heard Thor instead of Thorn. Couldn’t hear the ‘n’ sound.. My hearing works in a weird way though, so it may be just me. xD

    ZE:A5’s music video was just so happy sounding. Like Martina said, it was such a happy sounding song for a post-break-up song. Giant mushroomssssss. 8D //thinks of Avatar. “It’s a giant mushroom!! MAYBE IT’S FRIENDLY!!” Thought process as I watched the music video: Dude… Dude. Why are you holding a black balloon in the middle of some random field? o_O
    That plant at the very front of them at 0:07 caught my attention so much. They’re so circular that it makes you want to just poke them!
    Those awkward sticks with leaves swaying around from them were like, wuh? I dunno if this should be growing in water or from the ground anymore. And why are there haystacks in the boat? o -o
    Booooookssss. In the middle of no where… okey.
    And what is with those pictures behind them when they’re dancing? You can see them more clearly at 2:05. That one with the American flag can also be seen in the truck seens.
    Why the word “present”?

    ERRRRRICCCC. His voice is so beautiful~ <3 Like some others have said, it's for "Love in Memory." ^_^ I'd rather not write about the music video since it's for random drama scenes anyways. o -o Besides the fact that I saw the dude drawing sheep. Maybe it'd make sense if I watch it?

  28. nasties i don’t know where i can see the winners ???

  29. My vote still for Heo Yougn Saeng hope Simon and Martina finally review the MV

  30. Speaking of ‘Yay, we broke up, … I’m not sad at all’ songs, Wolfsheim’s ‘Find You’re Gone’ is pretty fantastic (baby).

  31. Also the Eric Nam music video, I think may be intended as an OST or something like that because B2M didn’t even post it on their official channel.

  32. *has the urge to screen print Martina’s derp faces*

  33. Looks like Martina got her hat back from Simon. :) And I actually grew up listening to country music and still have a rather large soft spot for it- although kpop does outnumber country on my ipod.

  34. it cause im ginger i didnt win huh? isn’t it

  35. Congratulations to the people that won. ^^

  36. subunits are weird but Orange caramel and Super Junior M are pretty cool

  37. gah! i knew i prob didnt win but i had that tiny hope ! lol…..

  38. Sub units mess with head. me no likey, which is super HARD cause I like ZEA! AARGH WAH…

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