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KpopCharts Update: Once We Rose

March 30, 2013


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Lee Hi “Rose” – Vote for it Here!

Whoa that was a quick return, but oh so different than what she released before. It’s nice to see both the cute and serious side of Lee Hi since her age is young but her voice is old. Ya know what I mean? I wouldn’t want her to always sing really serious music all the time (even though her voice is perfect for it) because I feel like the heaviness of it wouldn’t fit her sweet natural image. I don’t know about you guise, but I’m not totally sure how I feel about this song, part of me knows it’s very pretty but it doesn’t seem very catchy, you know what I mean? But then again there are a lot of songs I first felt MEH about and then later on regretted my comments. Still not sure if we will review this song for music monday or not, since we did start the pick the top 3 veto for a reason like this, double Lee Hi within a month? I’m not sure, I guess it depends on who she is up against! Let us know who you want, this is tough choice for us this week!

ZE:A5 “The Day We Broke Up” – Vote for it Here!

Yeah, so when did ZE:A create a sub-unit? I feel like there are so many bands with sub-units but most of them don’t really do so great. Maybe with the exception of TTS, which apparently wasn’t even a sub-unit. since it was a rotation group in which all the members would take part in…even though that still hasn’t happened yet. So the lack of success of sub-units, is that because we originally like the group as a whole and then it’s weird to see them missing some members? Okay wait, but what’s really confusing is that if you look at something like GD and TOP, they weren’t called a Big Bang sub-unit, they were just two members doing their own thing, while groups like Orange Caramel are considered sub-units because it’s three members out of a larger group that make music with a totally different concept than their original group. But then a solo member is doing a solo project rather than being a sub-unit…so maybe sub-unit ONLY depends on three members or more!!! *Martina rubs her hair crazily* GAH! So then someone let me know, are there additional people in ZE:A5 that aren’t normally apart of ZE:A? Sorry for not knowing a lot about them, I was just surprised to see this group appear! Please let me know!

Eric Nam “Goodbye in Once Upon a Time” – Vote for it Here!

You know, I wonder sometimes what Kpop artists might act like after we do interviews with them. I’m sure you remember we did a video with Eric Nam a short while ago. He was really cool, he was very relaxed and we had a great flow when talking about random topics. And he brought Spudgy these peanut butter bones that he just adores. Now I wonder if he’ll see our other videos about him from now on and be like “THEY BEST NOT SAY MEAN THINGS ABOUT ME!” Don’t worry Eric (see how I called you by your first name? We’re BFFs now); we’ll give you the same treatment we give everyone else. RELENTLESS FART JOKES IN OUR RANDOM SKITS! That is, if people can get the video to the top three and then we choose to review it. If we do review Eric Nam’s video, though, I’d hope that he could take part in these skits, and hopefully do most of the fart jokes himself.

Eatyourkimchi: Flying in the face of Kpop Idol’s sense of self-respect, since 2008 :D

Also, congratulations to the winners of our 300,000 subscriber CD giveaway bonanza! We announce the winners in the credits of the last video, so check it out to see if you won. Hooray!



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