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KpopCharts Update: Beatles Blossom Up

April 6, 2013


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K.Will “Love Blossom” – Vote for it Here!

Hooray! We just finished our K.Will interview! It’s 4PM on Friday right now, and K.Will’s coming in 4 hours. I should probably have showered. Ha! We ran over here to do the livechat, and then started writing some blog posts. Martina’s got a makeup post she’s working on (damn, I hate writing the description boxes for those). Anyhow, K.Will’s about to come and we’re nervous. AH!

Not that we act nervous on camera. We just always feel odd when there are other people in our videos, you know? We want everything to go smoothly. We should start with showering first!

Ok I’m writing this now after the interview is finished. We just did it last night. Yay! K.Will gave some insight into this song and video, among other cool things, and maybe we might use that material in our discussion of his video…if we choose to review it.

Also, in our KpopCharts update we commented about how disappointed we were in this week’s comment section for Music Monday. We understand if you don’t agree with our selection of what video we decide to talk about, but we’d rather the comment section be used for commenting on the video, not an unrelated video. That’s what we want the comment section to be: cool people discussing a video we shared. Agree with some points, disagree with others, laugh at some jokes, add to points we missed, ask questions, give answers, get answers. We’d like to talk about the video that we made, and use that as a springboard for discussion.

For this Music Monday, though, we have complaining about videos we DIDN’T make, rather than talking about a video that we DID make. If you’d like for us to make a page for you to voice your discontent in our selection process, we can make that for you, but please don’t hijack a comment section for another video instead. It alienates potential commenters, and alienates us as well.

GI “Beatles” – Vote for it Here!

In a somewhat related note, some of you might have looked at the thumbnails we made for this week’s list of videos and wonder what the hell this “I’m Sorry I Couldn’t Save You” business is all about. Any Korean people here? Guise? Can you explain this for us better? We were talking with Soo Zee yesterday and she told us about this big Korean online meme going on, in which they take pictures of celebrities derping out and caption it with “I’m Sorry I Couldn’t Save You,” but in Korean (obviously). We don’t remember the Korean phrase for it. It gets shortened as well for the meme, which we also don’t remember. Point is, get ready for us to abuse the hell out of this meme :D Maybe it’s already really old and uncool, and we’re gonna be the equivalent of your parents being like “hey there, my child: did you hear about this Nyan cat thing? It’s cool and funny!” Maybe. Maybe…

EvoL “Get Up” – Vote for it Here!

Shortest video ever gets shortest blog post ever: EvoL – why this video so short?



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Kpop Charts Update


KpopCharts Update: Beatles Blossom Up


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  1. From now on, I am going to redirect people who want to talk about the Lee Hi-gate, to this page.

    This is the email that I sent to Simon and Martina weeks ago, soon after they got upset. Simon read it and understands the situation much better now. We have discussed the matter further since then, but I’m not going to post any more of it, since it’s personal emails and stuff.

    But for now: This is how I view the situation.

    Please correct me if I misunderstood anything.

    “The first problem – The KMM choice
    I don’t particularly care about this problem. And I don’t think it’s the main issue either. The only reason I’m including this is so you understand what the fans are actually complaining about, and see things from their point of view.

    – There is a new system for the KMM.
    – Some fans tried to understand how it worked.
    – Other fans didn’t particularly care.

    Now, of the fans who tried to understand how it worked; they came up with some assumptions (in order of importance?):

    What some Nasties think you use as Guidelines to choosing a video for KMM

    – Girls > Guys
    – 1st place > 2nd place > 3rd place
    – S&M likes it > S&M doesn’t like it
    – Never been reviewed > Long time no review > Was reviewed recently
    – Good KMM material > Not much KMM material
    – Small fanbase > Large fanabse
    – Cool in Korea > Irrelevant in Korea
    – Been in Top 3 long time > Just released
    – Last chance of review > Possibly reviewed next week

    Some of those assumptions were based on what you yourself said when you introduced the system. (might wanna go back and read/watch this http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts-update-40/ )
    Others were assumptions were what they made up themselves – which are likely to be incorrect. (especially the last ones)

    Ever since the new system was introduced, the fans that tried to understand it have been justifying your choices every week based on those assumptions. Usually, your choices would fulfill all, or most, of those ‘guidelines’.

    This is how it looked like from the (commenting) fans’ point of view:
    BAP – 1st place / Good KMM material / Cool in Korea (?) / Been in Top 3 long time / Last chance of review
    SHINee – 1st place / S&M likes it / Long time no review / Good KMM material / Cool in Korea (?)
    Lee Hi (It’s Over) – Girls / S&M likes it / Long time no review / Good KMM material / Cool in Korea
    UKiss – 1st place / Long time no review / Been in Top 3 long time
    Infinite – 1st place / S&M likes it / Long time no review / Good KMM material
    Lee Hi – Girls
    K.Will – 1st place / S&M likes it / Never been reviewed / Good KMM material / Small fanbase / Cool in Korea

    *Note that ‘S&M likes it’ and ‘Good KMM material’ depends mainly on the impression you give in the Kpop Chart Update.
    So, based on that, Lee Hi and UKiss actually had the least reasons to be chosen. (But nobody complained about UKiss, since they have the biggest fanbase on EYK.)

    This is how the fans saw the KMM choice last week:

    HYS: 1st place / Never been reviewed / Good KMM material / Been in Top 3 long time / Last chance of review
    Lee Hi: Girls
    Girl’s Day: Girls / S&M likes it / Never been reviewed / Good KMM material / Small fanbase / Been in Top 3 long time / Last chance of review.

    Do you understand now, why they were so surprised when you chose Lee Hi?

    Here’s the problem:
    The overwhelming sentiment was, “Why did you choose Lee Hi? We don’t understand!!”

    Knowing the problem helps you to fix it.

    Here’s the solution:
    All you needed to say was:
    “We chose Lee Hi because we really liked the song and video (S&M likes it), because we had some really interesting points to talk about, and some funny skits planned (Good KMM material), and because it’s really popular in Korea, including amongst our staff and friends (Cool in Korea)”

    I know that seems self explanatory, as you expressed those points in the review; but if you had replied to the complaints in that manner, the matter would have been resolved instantly. Trust me.

    Remember how I emailed you asking why? You said you liked it and your friends liked it. That was enough for me; I think that would’ve been enough for all most other Nasties as well.

    Lastly, this misunderstanding stemmed from being unclear about the new KMM system.

    Here’s an extra solution:
    Look at the guidelines/assumptions I listed above.
    – Are there any you disagree with?
    – If so, MAKE IT CLEAR. Tell your fans. If “S&M likes it” is the ONLY guideline, then say so!!
    – Otherwise, it’ll seem like you’re being inconsistent, and contradicting yourself.”

    If you’re clear from the start, I think most fans would be understanding. And if they’re not, well….they can go find some other YouTuber who will follow their demands.

    The second problem was between me, as a comment moderator, and Simon, as a commenter. He’s apologised and the issue has been resolved. That is all.

    4 years ago
    • I don’t know the entire story of Lee-Hi-gate, but I thought S&M’s choice that week was hmmm …. The thing is they have to make a fairly important judgement call almost every week. Under a deadline. For very fickle viewership. They were bound to slip up sooner or later. And with current system it will happen again.

      The proposal I made removes the need to make a judgement call every week. It prevents fan girls spam voting blindly for their favorite oppa, yet voting still does matter. Every 3rd week, S&M still have chance to review something they like. A concrete transparent rules shut many complainers.

      4 years ago
      • Ah yes. Even they themselves said that the main drawback of that system was that they’d get a lot of complaints.
        But they said they could handle it. I guess they overestimated themselves ^^;

        They’re in the process of reevaluating the system again. Sometimes we just have to experiment with different strategies, and see which works best (I’ve changed my moderating guidelines about 20x since I started) :p

        4 years ago
    • Thanks for putting this here, and for acting a bridge between the nasties and EYK

      4 years ago
      • No problem. :) We discussed a lot more than that, but I just wanted you to know that the matter has been addressed, and you’re not being ignored.

        4 years ago
  2. Bom

    WARNING: Evol ahead

    Ok, tbh, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Evol. I think everyone and their grandmother knows Stardom is probably pretty tied up at the moment- so, if nothing else, ‘Get Up’ is a valiant effort.
    Jucy and J-Da are awesome together, and I like that their partnership is reflected in the video (Jucy/J-Da vs. Yull/Say/Hayana).
    For the most part, the styling its great too. The girls look beautiful- it’s cleaner than 우린 좀 달라, and I think their new look might polarize some previous fans but (hopefully) gain them new ones.
    It’s not a ‘game changing’ release by any means, but it’s certainly more universal than their first effort. ^^

    4 years ago
  3. I totally agree with having K.Will appear in his videos more! Not just cameos! He’s amazing and perfect just the way he is <3 And his voice is totally, utterly and unbelievably godlike! GAAAH~!

    4 years ago
  4. That is sooooooooo hilarious! It’s also nice to see that Korean _women_ are allowed to have fantasies too ;)

    4 years ago
  5. I was wondering why no indie list was up yet lol I’ve only seen these videos now xD Can’t wait to see the interview with K.Will!! And now “I’m so curious yeahh!” about this north america thing you guys just mentioned :o what could it be??

    4 years ago
  6. GI’s song sounds a lot like TOP’s “Bingu”.. So much that I had to watch it afterward to get my TOP fix.

    Oh Oh! And the GI fangroup name should totally be GI Tracts! Oh yeah digestion~!

    4 years ago
  7. I liked this update because I caught a gleam of something when Martina spanked Simon’s butt in this kpop chart update that has been sadly missing a lot in the last couple of months of kpop chart updates, indie chart updates and frankly, KMMs as well: Simon and Martina in the same frame, interacting with each other! You guise have great chemistry and play off of one another so well that that is part of the joy of watching you. It would be nice if more skits and even commentary were done together, even if one person is off-camera. As I’ve been plying my way through the archives lately, the lack in the recent videos is really noticeable compared with the older KMMs. The ones where a “character” comes in and “chats” with either Simon or Martina are the best! Judo chop!

    Also, the lovey-dovey scenes that sometimes lately make it into the bloopers of WANKS, FAPFAPs, or other videos – please don’t cut them _all_ out, that you’re such a loving couple is part of your adorable-ness, it’s okay to let it peek through now and again. I am sure that you will appreciate it yourself when you look back on your own videos one day.

    Last thing: please don’t worry so much about the swearing or “nastiness”. I don’t think that the swearing has EVER been excessive, and well, I like the nastiness and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. While I let my 6-year-old watch most of your videos, I do pre-watch them to make sure that there isn’t too much to get him in trouble with at school and I accept full responsibility for any warping that results from his exposure. While I wouldn’t say that your content is “adult-only”, it is occasionally NSFW but that is a lot of its charm since I haven’t been a teenager in many years…..though it probably would have also attracted me in my teens anyways……. *^^*;;;;;;

    4 years ago
  8. I actually agree with Simon and Martina. I rather see a video that they really want to do a review for cuz they enjoy it and it turns out great. There are lots of videos that I would like them to review, so I just keep voting and hope they get to the top 3 (most of the time they don’t) and if it gets reviewed great and if it doesn’t I just keep trying.

    4 years ago
  9. I think it sucks for your fans to be told that the top 3 will be used to increase diversity, and then see it being used to decrease diversity instead.

    While I sympathize with you wanting your job to be fun and being creatively motivated, I also sympathize with all of your fans who are supporting your business. Instead of blaming your fans for being unhappy after you spent a lot of time and effort on something that fell flat and didn’t resonate with everyone, it seems like it would be better to use this as a learning opportunity. For example: clearly, how your fans have interpreted your intentions with the top 3 is not how you intend to use, and have been using, the top 3. That’s something you can address.

    You can also take into consideration that your biases are not necessarily going to match your fans’ biases. Many kpop fans find Lee Hi to be overrated and are bitter about YG pushing her ahead of 2NE1 and disbanding SuPearls in favor of Lee Hi. It’s not surprising, then, that they would be annoyed that this is the second time you have chosen to favor Lee Hi over the artist in the number 1 spot. Taking into consideration the kpop fandoms’ feelings toward a certain artist is also doable for you when making your final decision. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have selected Lee Hi, but I would think you guys could certainly mentally prepare if you pick someone who is so polarizing. (Hyuna and T-ara being other examples that readily come to mind.) You would know, then, the minute you selected an artist like that over whoever was in the number 1 spot, you were making a decision to face your fans’ dissatisfaction.

    I might feel differently if you had a history of fully expressing your true opinion every single time, and didn’t care if you annoyed/upset your fans — as I can certainly think of other YouTubers I follow who have this attitude, and I don’t find it bothersome that they do what they do, fan opinion be damned, because they have a history of taking that approach. But you guys don’t. You’ve said in the past that you often do not fully express what you think, and it’s apparent in your videos that you hold back a lot in favor of always finding something positive to say. When you’ve made it apparent you take fan opinion into consideration and are affected by fans’ opinions, and that you certainly influence fan opinion in return, it’s hard to say that your fans acted inappropriately by then sharing their opinions.

    4 years ago
  10. MG

    If you think about we did express ideas on how to improve things by reviewing artists that have not ever had the chance to be reviewed before is away of improving things.

    4 years ago
  11. Does anyone else feel like producers are increasingly releasing girl groups with a ‘different’ image (and most rookie girl groups are now all ‘tomboyish’ or ‘badass’ or watever)? I think that maybe they see/think the ‘cute’ market (which is the traditional girl group market) is completely taken by SNSD (and some other popular ‘cute’ image bands) and have all decided that the best route to do is to ‘follow’ in 2NE1s footsteps by trying to be/appear original/something new (I dont mean they are trying to COPY 2NE1’s style or sound or anything – just trying to use their route to fame) – problem is, cos everyone had that idea, the rookie groups aren’t appearing to be as original as they hoped (Also, 2NE1 had the support of YG Ent (and specifically Big Bang) and the support of a main company is always the best method.) This is all just me thinking aloud though.

    4 years ago
  12. Sorry to tell you guise but I think the problem is with you. People DID express disappointment in what you did, you picked Lee Hi over the other two. People are dissapointed in your new voting system. It strikes me as a little strange that you don’t get how to improve things, especially when taking the comments regarding lasts weeks KPMM into consideration.

    4 years ago
  13. I voted for K.Will but not cos i’m a fan. He’s hard working does a good job, pays attention to his fans and home-made youtube channels <3 ginormous respect to him!

    4 years ago
  14. i am starting to wonder, is someone going to send a giant knight piece to simon and martina via a fan mail package…..

    4 years ago
  15. MG

    Yes I’m also a pretty opinionated person so I like to express myself and sometimes I know it doesn’t stay on topic. And there is noting that upsets me more then seeing not just my comments deleted but others as well.

    4 years ago
  16. “Speaking of filling up, I’m going to go eat some food.” hahah love it!

    4 years ago
  17. MG

    We didn’t express disappointment in what you didn’t do we expressed disappointment that your choice was inconsistent with some of the statements you’ve made in the past on how you will chose from the Top 3 video’s. We just were trying to get a clearer picture on how you will be making your choices. I think now I understand in the end you will chose the artist you like the best

    4 years ago
  18. Hi Simon and Martina; I’m also one of those people who didn’t like your choice for last week’s KMM. You know what I did about it? I drank a cup of concrete and HARDENED THE F* UP!! (end death metal voice ke ke ke)

    I’m personally voting the heck out of Evol cos their song and MV are full of gems; sass coupled with hippity-hop swag and funky funky club beats. I can see a butt close up at the next KMM before it’s revealed to be the lovely Seungri time for kisses girl XD I also love GI’s image! If there can be androgynous boy bands then it makes sense to have androgynous girl bands too; with less autotune thanks but lots of electro-funk beats!

    P.S HUGS!! Love you both long time!

    4 years ago
  19. MG

    I think it would be a good Idea to make a comment section for those of us that might have some questions about KMM selection process. Were there not hundreds of comments only wanting an explanation from your fans deleted? Comments that were all respectful. Some maybe combative only because some of your fans thought it was disloyal to question your choice. I think it would of been more respectful to all your fans if you had also spoken to them and let them know that it was OK for us to have questions regarding the new system. I can understand you wanting feed back from the video you reviewed. But there needs to be a place we can discuss your selections especially because it’s so new. I think you are running the risk of alienating a lot of loyal fans. Their only crime was asking you,” Why Lee Hi?”. It doesn’t want to make me stick around having my comments deleted because I didn’t know where else to ask these questions.

    4 years ago
    • MG

      Thank you for replying. I think that would really help. If through all this I haven’t mentioned it. I really do love the work you do.

      4 years ago
    • I personally think that is a wise decision. You guys always said that you would acknowledge who was in first when you first presented the Top 3 idea to Nasties and choose another video over it. I think it’s good to keep with that proposal y’all made ^_^

      4 years ago
  20. I would like to thank you, Simon and Martina, for broadening my Kpop horizon through reviews of various artists like you’ve done so far. I do understand the reasoning behind the disappointment for “Rose” , even though I have to admit Lee Hi intrigues me because after Psy she’s the second YG artist I like when I don’t like any others!

    As for this update, hehe, love the Final Fantasy comment. That was the cutest thing ever :P

    4 years ago
  21. Hi Simon and Martina…I’m a HUGE Nasty. I religiously watch every one of your videos every week and honestly I watch KMM for you, not the artists/songs. However, I was kind of surprised when you decided to review LHY’s Rose. I mean, your skits were amazing and absolutely hilarious (and I LOVE the song), but I still was left with this uncomfortable feeling because you didn’t pick HYS’s song. Now, I am definitely not a fan of HYS (I didn’t even know he existed before he was 1st on the charts), but I still felt that it was somewhat unfair that y’all didn’t review his song. I know you changed the rules of voting to make the kmm videos more diverse, which I thought was a great idea. However, since LHY was just reviewed 2 weeks ago, HYS had never been reviewed before, and he had been in the top 3 for 18 days, I honestly thought you would review him. I understand that you guys are biased as well, and may have enjoyed Rose better than the Art of Seduction, but I also think you should respect your fans’ opinions to some extent. Eatyourkimchi requires fan support for it to prosper and targeting people that voiced disappointment (which was constructive because people were not mad cause it was not their bias but because they felt cheated by the system) in your video and blog post just alienates your viewers. It is understandable that this disappointment might have felt hurtful, but your retaliation was equally hurtful. Although I will continue being a dedicated nasty, it is hard to say how many people would stop being one because of this event. And as a nasty that cares, I wouldn’t want to see that :(

    4 years ago
    • This is exactly how I felt. I am not an HYS fan but I felt he deserved the last weeks KMM with how long people voted to keep him in the top spot.

      4 years ago
  22. I really like EvoL’s song in a really weird way. I’m not sure why, but something about it just makes me really bob my head.

    Oh, I also wanted to say that I think this was a really great KpopCharts Update this week! I still like watching all of the other ones, but something about this Update was a lot better then usual. I think what was so great about it is that the video on the chart were not the usual Kpop music video. K.Will’s was actually funny, and GI and EvoL are both groups that are trying for something else other than the “cutie-sexy” look. Sure, it may not always work out that well, but I think it’s great that companies are starting to change it up.

    No Indie Charts? D: I guess I’ll have to get over it, because K.Will is just that awesome.

    4 years ago
  23. I know I should have read all the comments to see if I was repeating something that someone else already said but I could not read any more. While I love Heo Young Saeng’s video and would have liked to see what you guys did with it, I also understand and respect that this is your blog and your site. I watch and follow you guys to get your opinions on videos and food and everything that you do. Why would I want to watch something that only mirrored my opinions? That would be sooo boring! And I cannot count how many times you guys have caused me to look again at something and see a different side. Sometimes I change my views but sometimes I don’t and that is just fine. I appreciate that others may not feel the way I do, but can we not all be grownups and not stomp our feet and pitch a fit. Can we please move on and let Simon and Martina do what they do so well and show us another side of things? I love you guys and have enjoyed every single thing that you have done because of your wonderful quirkiness and attitudes. Please, please, please don’t let nayayers (not sure if this is a real word but..) change you guys!!

    On a side note, I cannot wait for your K. Will interview!

    4 years ago
    • You were close, it’s naysayers. You left out the “s”. Your comment was spot on in my opinion and less convoluted than mine. I too scroll down so that I don’t copy comments, but I agree, there were too many long ones so I had to stop.

      4 years ago
  24. i think that people are forgetting the whole point of simon and martina posting these videos. i mean, i always enjoy their videos because i get to have a bit of a laugh or listen to a bit of deep meaningful (sometimes meaningful, sometimes completely bonkers) chat about symbolism in music videos. i mean, do you need their opinion on EVERY favorite kpop music video out there? you have your own opinion, make use of it and comment on the video :)
    dont take it all out on simon and martina, they’re working as hard as they can to keep up with what they’re doing already to try and make us, as fans and as an audience, happy.

    Fighting simon and martina :) keep up the good work xx

    4 years ago
  25. I took it as a joke. They flashed two bands really quickly after she said one direction which are the real two bands that everyone would compare them to.

    Honestly, no girl group can make a debut without someone comparing them to GG (if cute concept) or 2NE1 (if bad ass concept). Hmmm, now all we need is one group to compare any new bands who debut with a sexy concept. Though I’ve never seen a Korean girl group debut as sexy.

    4 years ago
  26. They said One Direction as a joke but flashed 2ne1 and BAP on the screen to show the groups GI was compared to. Comparing GI to One Direction is really far fetched.

    4 years ago
  27. I like the K.Will more then the last one. And I thought the last one was EvoL “Get Up,” so how come the video was K. Will again? Which I like, of course, but odd?

    4 years ago
  28. EVol’s song is short but *awesome*. :p

    4 years ago
  29. Dang it. You mean I actually have to watch the update video this week?

    Jk, I usually do, but like, way later, just because of the way my schedule normally is on Saturdays. I normally just make do with reading the blog post to get a sense of your thoughts on the MVs. By random stroke of luck, I actually have time today! For that I say, good timing.

    4 years ago
  30. I just want to say that I like the new system. I think it gives everyone more freedom. When you guys are passionate about reviewing a song the review is a lot of fun to watch but when people constantly vote up the same 5 groups it gets a little boring. I love the groups don’t get me wrong but I think it is definitely a lot more fun this way. When you get a lot of fans, then come the trolls. I hope you don’t take it to heart too much, and know your Nasties are behind you <3

    Vote for K.Will <3

    4 years ago
  31. i think k.wills mv is AMAZING for a kmm i love to watch it!! waiting for monday to come ^^

    4 years ago
  32. Wow, I finally got around to watch GI’s MV and I really like that song. It really isn’t a sound you hear many girl groups doing and it makes that a win in my heart. I know GI is being promoted as the tomboy girl group and compared to the majority of girl groups out there I can really see how they fit that title. I’m not sure I would have checked this out if it wasn’t for you guys. Think I’m heading to iTunes to buy this song now!

    4 years ago
  33. Poor simon and martina. I really liked Lee Hi’s rose so i’m glad you reviewed it :)

    4 years ago
  34. o.o

    So anyway I liked last weeks review, although I can no longer watch Rose without screaming ROSE CRUSHER in a really gruff man voice that I don’t naturally possess. Seriously guys, that’s not cool – making that voice hurts.

    You guys do a great job, really. Honestly, you guys haven’t reviewed anyone I was really interested in lately, but it’s kind of a good thing because it makes me pay attention to groups that I wouldn’t normally give the time of day. For instance, I was one of the few who didn’t even bother watching The Chaser (I think I have some kind of grudge against Infinite, but I don’t really know why I mean I watch their dramas o.o) until you guys reviewed them, even though I was voting my heart out for NU’EST. Because of that review, I actually try to give Infinite a chance because you made me realize that I actually LIKE The Chaser.

    So thank you for doing the stuffs you do, and thanks for being bias (no really). You can’t please everyone, it’s not possible, and people will always be butthurt over something or another.

    Just thought you’d like a comment from the light side, since it seems like the only people who feel the need to comment on the ‘issue’ really just want to vent frustrations.

    4 years ago
  35. I think that people _are_ commenting on this video since you mentioned how much you were upset in it.

    If you are biased (totally understandable), why don’t you just select 3 videos at the beginning of the week, put it in text in the KMM bloopers, any of which you would like to do a KMM for, pump them to the top of the charts with an S&M bias and then let people vote from those 3 which to do, and pick the winner? You would then be happy no matter the winner and everyone would get to vote on a video that had a chance to win. I am serious here, not sarcastic. Let the rest of the charts influence your choice for next week, or not, I think they are still interesting for people to comment and vote on for the sake of seeing what the community thinks of various songs.

    Previously, you gave the voters the control of #1 before and were you were not happy. You took the ability to bias the vote back (and let’s face it, if you ask for Nasties to vote for a song, it will make it to the top 3 for sure within the week so it’s almost total control of the song) and then some of the Nasties were unhappy. I understand that the kpop charts generate a lot of hits/revenue but asking people to vote makes them think that their vote matters (otherwise, why vote?) and then giving them only the illusion that their vote matters when you have total control is kind of vexing. Take the control of the choice of songs but give the voters input into preference and perhaps the rules will be more clear. I think a lot of the disappointment is generated by a lack of understanding.

    Also, I would like to put the “disappointment” in perspective because I’m pretty sure that, despite the disappointment on song choice, most people liked the KMM you did do and still love you and your work. Even if your only subscribers were your parents, invariably they wouldn’t all vote for the same song and would not be 100% happy with you KMM 100% of the time, but they would still love you and appreciate your work and laugh at your jokes. If you think of this Nasty community as family, maybe that will help to take these types of criticisms as well-meant and indirectly appreciative, which I believe that they are. If you were to compare the disappointed comment posters usernames to their overall comments, I think that you would find an overwhelming percentage of the comments were positive and that many people posted their appreciation and disappointment separately so as to not muddy the waters/to make the comments more readable. Just take the criticism for what it was: opinions, and then move on.

    There also is no other place here to comment except on the videos. I totally understand that having full blown forums is a ton to manage but it doesn’t leave people a lot of choice where to comment sometimes. It might be nice to have the ability to thumbs up/thumbs down the actual video, instead of just the comments, to get a more balanced view of what people thought of it. Maybe post a marker comment for this at the beginning of the thread.

    I will disclaim that I am ok with whatever you do and that it is totally not my choice anyways. I’m just trying to be helpful because I think that you are both very nice and I don’t like seeing you in distress. I may have posted my suggestion quickly here but I have thought long and hard on it over the last weeks as I have seen what was happening after you changed the charts.

    Have a nice day and thanks for this kpop chart update because I don’t think that I would have watched K. Will’s video otherwise (since it’s a ballad) and it IS very funny. I already really liked Evol’s video and was intrigued by GI’s.

    Cyber_3 – just trying to be part of the solution, instead of part of the problem.

    4 years ago
  36. I am going to have to mention here that it isn’t fair to say that anyone who disagrees with Simon and Martina are trolls. Many of the people who posted comments were not trolls but have been pretty active Nasties on this site for a long time and have contributed previously to the fundraiser. Also I am uncomfortable with the idea that the only people who are ‘Real Nasties’ are people who only agree with what Simon and Martina say. They often ask people for differing opinions.

    I see plenty of trolls since I have to moderate the comments on the charts. Not everyone is a troll. The suggestion s&m made about having a different place to put those sorts of comments rather than having them take over a kmm video page may be a good one. As they said, comments about stuff like that can be helpful but they do sort of create an uncomfortable atmosphere on a page which is supposed to be discussing a particular video.

    Just putting that out there.

    4 years ago
    • I agree with you Natz. However, I think that making a place to put “those types of comments”, only leads to more of “those types of comments”. I suggested in another post that maybe a thumbs up/down for the actual video might give a more balanced view of the appreciation vs. the comments. It could be the first post in the thread.

      Maybe the most important part of the KMM video to people was what it wasn’t, rather than what it was. Partially because Lee Hi’s song/video kind of lacked that umph! to begin with and people weren’t that interested in it. The KMM’s entertainment value totally outweighed Lee Hi’s actual M/V, therefore, that’s what people found more important to talk about (with no other place to post). It’s also impossible to read S&M’s mind as to what they like/don’t like, want to do a KMM on, or not, because these things are not mutually exclusive and I guess that voters want to believe that their influence will trump bias since S&M ALWAYS say how important subscribers are. If S&M consistently pick M/Vs that people aren’t interested in, less people will watch. They can care about that or not, but I think that complaining that some people shouldn’t be disappointed when they thought they had influence is not nice either. You’re an artist, you work hard, but not everyone is going to appreciate your work. C’est la vie. It doesn’t follow that if you work hard, you will be appreciated – no matter your level of success, that is never true. It’s a bit of a trap that they have made for themselves that they work so hard – don’t blame others for your choices – they should create a schedule from scratch now that they’ve thanked the Nasties for the studio and make more free time for themselves.

      They may not like it, but if S&M want to control the comments to the point that no one can voice even disappointment, they are also going to lose subscribers. Maybe they should learn from the comments, rather than be bitter at people for having opinions. I don’t think that it was only a handful of people either, a couple of hundred people agreeing is not nothing. It may not show as much in the KMM thread, but it did in the HYS video thread.

      Cyber_3 – is sorry, that was a little off-topic Natz……..

      4 years ago
  37. I miss the surprise Playlist Mode!

    4 years ago
  38. KWILLLLLLLLL <3333333333333

    4 years ago
  39. Someone made a gif out of all the buttshots and it is seriously the best gif to look at while listening to get up xD It matches the rythemn so well.
    Anyway i know you are disappointed with last weeks comment mostly being about not having reviewed Heo Youngsaeng or Girls day. How about you write one or two sentences about why you chose a song over another in the blog post? At least I sometimes want to know why you didn’t choose a song.

    4 years ago
  40. You know guise, sometimes I wonder if your Kpop update is actually neccessary to do (don’t get me wrong, I totally love it, just thought that you already have a lot to do and those who want to vote can find all the videos on the charts). But I have to admit that it brings value into my kpop life since I don’t watch girl group videos that much and thus miss out on a lot of them. I do watch them though when they are in your playlists and I’m totally loving the two songs you included this week. So thanks a lot! And please don’t ever stop making awesome videos :)

    4 years ago
  41. the number of tumbs up from your comment is proof that most people take things for granted………………………..

    4 years ago
  42. I am a HUGE EYK fan. I am an open YG stan and love Lee Hi. But I have to say, I was ‘pleasantly’ very surprised they did Lee Hi last week, precisely because she was reviewed only a few weeks back. I loved the review, but was actually mentally prepared for something else to be reviewed (was hoping for girls day, love the song and video, but did think there was not much to make a fun review out of, really didn’t like Heo Young Saeng’s song or video tho, so all in all i was glad they did Lee Hi) . I saw the disappointed comments and could very easily understand why people were disappointed.

    This problem stems from the change in which video is chosen for Music Monday, I am among those who do not like the new system, in fact I hardly ever vote cause it seems pointless if its not the first one that will get chosen. I always thought there should be a review of number 1 AND S&M’s favourite song. But I appreciated it would be too much work. So now I check who is reviewed and either view it or don’t view it depending on whether I like the song or not. I find commenting about ‘why was this not reviewed’ etc… extremely childish. That being said, I am really surprised and little disappointed in S&M post and comments below basically telling people what they can and can not write in comments…what about freedom of speech and all that? What I do get is S&M seem to be very upset about the comments cause they felt they worked really hard etc… but I have to say your blog post and comments below may alienate some of your nasties/fans… This is form a nasty that cares.

    4 years ago
    • They want constructive comments and a lot of the comments don’t even get into the content of the review, which is unfortunate because that’s the point of posting a review. Giving feedback and getting it in return. The people that are complaining aren’t providing anything that we would want to see as we scroll through the comment section. It’s not really about freedom of speech, but knowing when and where to post those types of comments.

      I’m glad they’re doing the top 3 system, because even though I may like a group’s song, I know that S&M wouldn’t enjoy making the video at all. The videos that should be reviewed should at least have some content to work off of, and there’s a history of videos that don’t have much content at all and props to S&M for finding something to make a ten-odd minute video with!

      ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* (◕ω◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

      4 years ago
  43. Hello Simon, Martina, Soo Zee and Leigh! :)

    This kpopchart update has an equal potential for KMM. :)

    Thank you for introducing us to some awesome songs :D. I’m totally into GI “Beatles” , K. Will’s “Love Blossom” is a cool song :)

    Great job!! I’m so excited for those meetings you mentioned you’re going to have! :D

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

    4 years ago
  44. “We’re two people who like some things more than other things. We like Lee Hi’s song and video more than the other videos.”

    You should never be afraid to say that very sentence. I thank you for your open honesty by making that statement. This is part of the reason you made it top 3 now and I think y’all have been to afraid to say that very statement. I think Nasties appreciate that open honesty more than saying nothing at all.

    4 years ago
    • I totally agree and I am happy now that Simon and Martina just said it out loud. I don’t know why but I had the feeling that the last KMM lacked something and I got the impression they just chose LeeHi because they thought she has more fans or whatsoever. But now that they said they liked Lee Hi’s video more than the others, my disappointment just faded away :) I just think the disappointment of many could habe been based on the question “why” because they, like me, might not have liked Lee Hi’s video this much. And I know one could assume that Simon and Martina would only choose the video they liked most, but until they say it is like that you cannot be sure :P
      Overall I just wanted to hear the reason for the choice (after all it’s a habit of humans to question things ^^). So thank you, Simon and Martina, for saying it!

      4 years ago
  45. Broke out of my shell made that gigantic post earlier, why not continue with one more.

    Of the three this week, I think K.Will’s Love Blossom would be THE PERFECT review for you guys. Uh it’s just screams “EYK review me!” I really hope you guys had a wonderful time interviewing K.Will. He seems like he would be fun to talk to.

    4 years ago

    4 years ago
    • Yeah… I don’t know why it doesn’t work… it does that sometimes then it gets fixed and it goes back – . – I usually come to read the blog then go watch the playlist on yt.

      4 years ago
  47. I’m a fan but I don’t vote so my bias doesn’t lean anyway. I just love watching your videos and go with your flow, so hopefully I can seem a little less bias about my suggestion right now. In fact I’m not sure I’ve ever commented before today :-P

    I know Monday was hard for you guys, it seemed very hard for your fans as well. To me reading comments there honestly seemed to be some confusion as to who was in first place when the polls closed. The majority of comments I saw was that Nasties saw Heo Young Saeng was in 1st place but your own comment said Lee Hi was. I think this was the honest reason for so much confusion and disappointment. It seemed as if Lee Hi was chosen over an artist never reviewed before, and this I honestly feel lead to the influx of disappointed comments. Having read your comment, I know now that wasn’t the case but I’m not sure everyone saw that reply/comment you made. I’m sure some are still unaware that, that was the case.

    SO my thought is, may be you guys could add an edit to your Kpop updates, or in your KMM blog post or somewhere else post a screen shot of your administrator page or a make quick list in your blog so fans know for sure who’s in the top 3, but more specifically who’s in 1st. Not everyone can be there to see who’s in the top 3 when the polls closed due to worldwide time zones.

    It’s just a thought the help both your and your devoted fans. Hope this isn’t an upsetting post for you guys. I love everything you do and for all the hard work, laughs, kpop and Korea you bring into my life ^_^

    4 years ago
    • I mentioned a similar observation in the last music. Monday comments. There seems to be a delay between the results Simon and Martina see and the results the viewers see. So when people looked at the result at a certain time after the voting closed it still had HYS in first place, so when they went to watch music Monday and saw it was on LH it might have looked like the veto was used again for LH. However if you looked at the chart at a different time you would have seen LH was in first place.

      4 years ago
  48. I just want to say that I think asking viewers to save certain comments for a different space is completely warranted. As a viewer who was fairly impartial to the songs in this past week’s Top 3, it was a little frustrating to see a massive number of comments complaining about Lee HI getting picked and almost nothing about the actual KMM. I thought the KMM was really spot on, funny, and well put together and I wish that had been discussed more this past week… Admittedly, I was slightly hoping Girl’s Day would get picked last week, but, other than being able to vote, I know that the final choice really comes down to who you guys want to review! So while I can understand some of the disappointment associated with the video I wanted not getting picked, I was still super excited to see your review of Lee Hi’s Rose because: (a) it’s a great song that’s different than her last two singles (b) it had a very unique video and (c) it’s more fun to watch your KMMs when you guys are into what you’re discussing. I could be totally off, but based off the recent videos, t seems like you guys are having more fun reviewing songs lately (at least it seems that way to me) and I think that’s more fun to watch than you guys puttering through a video you don’t want to review (that being said, I still think you guys do a fantastic job on videos you didn’t like in the past).

    I sincerely hope my comment doesn’t upset anyone who left a comment voicing their disappointment last week (I do not want to start an EYK viewer war or something…), but I wanted to let you (Simon & Martina) know that I completely agree with your statements about the response to last week’s KMM and just send you guys some love. Thanks for all the awesome work you do! :)

    4 years ago
  49. I’m in same page with G.I:s Beatles with you guys. I want to love the song but autotune just keeps bugging me. I don’t like autotune anywhere, sometimes I can shake it off and still enjoy song that has it but I still think that the song’d be better without. But anyway I love G.I:s style and especially their dance, finally girl group who does cool moves and don’t use their sex appeal in their dance!

    4 years ago
  50. You know what is really incredible about this weeks Music Monday? No matter who wins this week, it will be an artist never reviewed for a K-Pop Music Monday. I love this thought more than anything else in the world right now at this very moment. More fans will be introduced to one of these incredible singers or bands. Happy dance! ^_^

    4 years ago
  51. ooh really love the “haummmmmmmmm” in the background of the GI song. kinda funny how both GI and Evol used boxing imagery in their videos….. made me think of GD and 2ne1 though……

    4 years ago
  52. So I love Final Fantasy 7!!!! It is definitely the best out of all of them. Oh, and yeah, GI’s song did remind of that chase scene. I thought GI’s song was really catchy. I think this is one of those songs that would really grow on me.
    Also, note to the girl in K.Will’s video: Never take ice cream from strange children!!!!!!!!! It could be poisoned!!!!!!!!! ;)

    4 years ago
  53. Yeah, it would be a good idea to ask a question, not just the showdown, and people could comment on that

    4 years ago
  54. Does this mean L is really Kira? Come on he kills K.Will and loves sweets. Huh, huh. XD

    4 years ago
  55. Very hilarious! I’m smirking just thinking about it. Ah, I need to go rewatch it again.

    4 years ago
  56. I thought the same thing. It all starts with selling your prized possessions. Kevin loved that chess piece so much, he must have cried on Soohyun’s shoulder for days after letting it go. XD

    4 years ago
  57. I’ll love what ever you review. I have my choice biases, I won’t say which ones. However one is on this list and is my future husband. XD

    4 years ago