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KpopCharts Update: Beatles Blossom Up

April 6, 2013


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K.Will “Love Blossom” – Vote for it Here!

Hooray! We just finished our K.Will interview! It’s 4PM on Friday right now, and K.Will’s coming in 4 hours. I should probably have showered. Ha! We ran over here to do the livechat, and then started writing some blog posts. Martina’s got a makeup post she’s working on (damn, I hate writing the description boxes for those). Anyhow, K.Will’s about to come and we’re nervous. AH!

Not that we act nervous on camera. We just always feel odd when there are other people in our videos, you know? We want everything to go smoothly. We should start with showering first!

Ok I’m writing this now after the interview is finished. We just did it last night. Yay! K.Will gave some insight into this song and video, among other cool things, and maybe we might use that material in our discussion of his video…if we choose to review it.

Also, in our KpopCharts update we commented about how disappointed we were in this week’s comment section for Music Monday. We understand if you don’t agree with our selection of what video we decide to talk about, but we’d rather the comment section be used for commenting on the video, not an unrelated video. That’s what we want the comment section to be: cool people discussing a video we shared. Agree with some points, disagree with others, laugh at some jokes, add to points we missed, ask questions, give answers, get answers. We’d like to talk about the video that we made, and use that as a springboard for discussion.

For this Music Monday, though, we have complaining about videos we DIDN’T make, rather than talking about a video that we DID make. If you’d like for us to make a page for you to voice your discontent in our selection process, we can make that for you, but please don’t hijack a comment section for another video instead. It alienates potential commenters, and alienates us as well.

GI “Beatles” – Vote for it Here!

In a somewhat related note, some of you might have looked at the thumbnails we made for this week’s list of videos and wonder what the hell this “I’m Sorry I Couldn’t Save You” business is all about. Any Korean people here? Guise? Can you explain this for us better? We were talking with Soo Zee yesterday and she told us about this big Korean online meme going on, in which they take pictures of celebrities derping out and caption it with “I’m Sorry I Couldn’t Save You,” but in Korean (obviously). We don’t remember the Korean phrase for it. It gets shortened as well for the meme, which we also don’t remember. Point is, get ready for us to abuse the hell out of this meme :D Maybe it’s already really old and uncool, and we’re gonna be the equivalent of your parents being like “hey there, my child: did you hear about this Nyan cat thing? It’s cool and funny!” Maybe. Maybe…

EvoL “Get Up” – Vote for it Here!

Shortest video ever gets shortest blog post ever: EvoL – why this video so short?



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