Sunny Hill and Daybreak “Love Actually” – Vote for it Here!


We love Sunny Hill videos. Grasshopper Song was phenomenal. It had a great message, and a deepness uncommon in Kpop videos. This song, though not as profound about the meaning of life, is still a great video, as it deals with perceptions of beauty and tackles ideas of superficiality in choosing a mate. There’s a lot that can be said about this video, and I’m sure that if we do get the chance to review it for Music Monday, we’ll have one of those deep, life lesson moments that we so rarely get to have. Vote for Sunny Hill if you want to…learn about life and stuff.

Jay Park “Joah” – Vote for it Here!


Image changes in Kpop always confuse us. Going from cutey to sexy is something that, though we made fun of it before, is something we’re starting to get more comfortable with as our time in Korea grows longer. But we’re not really familiar with the change from sweethearted ballad singing to angry rapping. Is this the same Jay Park that told people to eat a dick? Where’s this Jay Park coming from?

Now, we’ve got nothing against Jay Park. We just like his more aggressive image a lot better than this sweethearted image. Not that you can’t be aggressive and sweet at the same time. Our problem is that we can only think of a ballad version of Eat a Dick.


Scratch that. If I heard Jay Park sing an “Eat a Dick” ballad, I’d flipping love it. MAKE THIS HAPPEN JAY PARK! Make it happen.

15& “Somebody” – Vote for it Here!


So this is going to upset some people, but we’d rather be honest than dishonest. We don’t like this song whatsoever, and if it gets voted in and we decide to talk about it, we won’t say good things about it. It’s not because we have anything against the 15&, or because we don’t like JYP. We don’t know this band. This is our first time hearing them. And we love JYP’s stuff almost always. This song, and this song alone, just doesn’t do it for us. We don’t like it at all. It’s boring and sounds like nothing JYP would make. We’ve got nothing against 15&. Hopefully their next song will be better than this, because we’re sooooo bored by this song. Sorry guise!

  1. I’m absolutely not on the same page as u guise lately
    I mean I LOVE 15&’s somebody it’s such an uplifting fun song with amazingly strong vocals
    And the video is really fun!! It has a really cool concept
    As for jay park I like him and I do think he’s talented but his new song, it just doesn’t do it for me
    I used 2 think so alike 2 u SM but 4 a month or 2…well, not so much
    I was really hoping u would review somebody & u say u don’t like it

  2. also Jay Park – Welcome has a part where he says “Nasty” just the way you like it

  3. just so you know, Appetizer was a free download song from early this year.
    “Joah” has 3 tracks; 1 Hunnit, Welcome, and Joah.

  4. SunnyHill & Daybreak with that Kwanghee touch: brilliant!

  5. Great update, but I actually now like J Park’s song, didn’t at first also cause of the cuteness, but listening to it again has made me like it. I actually like, not love, but like 15&’s song, can’t see what is so bad about it… and for once I actually didn’t like Sunny Hill’s song, the video is funny, but the song is pretty average and not catchy :(

  6. Wait, why was 15& included in the charts if y’all didn’t even like it?

  7. OMG have yous guise turned on the automatic english captions on your videos yet? It is crazy fabulously nonsensical. when Simon was talking about Jay Park’s video having ‘a very chipper, jazzy, sound and feel’ the cc translated the following: ‘a very chipper Jackson Saddam’s field’. It was a beautiful moment.

  8. @simonandmartina:disqus I personally think the music video location for JOAH was better than Star because… well it is set in my hometown!!! And that bookstore in the beginning?? I THINK I’VE BEEN THERE!!

  9. OK, I’m going to be honestly…I’m not a huge Sunny Hill fan (I only really liked the Grasshopper song and that’s because you guys got me into it) but their MV was pretty funny. I like–no scratch that–LOVE the different styles on Jay Park it keeps me on my toes whenever he puts a new MV out. Not to mention he’s cute. But on the 15& thing, I’m going have to totally disagree. I love the song, I love the dance, I love how catchy it is, I love the whole feel of the song and its MV. Why you guys don’t like this song…I have no idea. Maybe I have a weird taste when it comes to my K-Pop–it might be–because this song just made me want to dance. It’s not too agyeo and I honestly thought that you would like the JYP and YG impersonations at least. Hopefully 15& can impress you more, but unlike other MVs I can’t agree with you on the 15& thing. That’s all I have to say, thanks for listening and reading!!

  10. I was afraid when I read the description before I watched the 15& video. But I actually somewhat like it! It might take a little while for me to feel the whole song, but that has happened a lot before, and I don’t like wasting potential songs.

    It has a low key vibe (something i might hear shopping or listen to when talking a walk) but it’s not boring and the voices aren’t bad either . I’d say give the song and the group some time. Also, a plus for me is when the style of the song and group are recognized together so I can pair them up: when I hear the intro I can say ‘oh yeah, this is a 15& song’. it just lifts the song up a bit for me :D

    • I’ve never really paid any attention to 15& before but I decided to check out this song and personally I do like it a lot. I then watched a video of them doing a cover of WG’s Be My Baby and from that and Somebody I think they’re more a soulful popish kind of sound it’s hard to explain.

  11. lol simons version of gentleman…
    close enough xD

  12. JYP didn’t write it get you fact Martina >< that's why there was no JYP whisper

  13. out of these 3 i like sunny hill and daybreak the best, i cried so much from laughin when i watched the video and the song sounds really nice
    jay park…i still can’t decide weather or not i like him and this song did not help at all. it’s catchy but boring at the same time…i don’t know
    as for 15&, i watched the video and it was not for me. the song sounds like a toned down wonder girls song, like…they wrote it for them but it lost against better songs and didn’t make the album. it’s not bad itself but doesn’t fit 15& at all. i didn’t think the video was funny really, maybe because i never watched the show either. jyp’s cameo also wasn’t what i expected. i don’t know.

    question, since you don’t like 15&’s song/video, how did it end up in the charts update? i mean of course you won’t only pick songs you love but…if you dislike it that much, why not pick a song that’s a bit more your style? not that i’m complaining, i’m just curious (yeah ♫)

  14. I totally agree about Jay Park! Why is he so confusing? I can’t wrap my head around it either. I mean, couldn’t he write some hardcore love song or something? Something…

    I really like Sunny Hill! So far they’re the only Kpop artist that I’ve liked all their songs! I didn’t like this one as much as their older stuff, (maybe because no Janghyun?) but the music video is still funny.

    As far as 15&, I thought I was going to like the song. The intro is very bollywood, which I like, but it didn’t stick it through. So much lost potential. :(

  15. I was so glad that you did Sunny Hill & Daybreak’s song for the update at least. When I saw it, I was like, “This is KMM gold. Seriously. I wonder what they think about it?”
    And now I know you feel the same way lol.

  16. JOAH is may jamm these days. Definitely a Jay Park-style love song and it actually might be the best on yet
    Reminds me of the performances he put on for “Immortal song 2″

  17. I just love this Jay Park song…. I love this side of him :)

  18. really guys? I thought that 15& song was really quite catchy!

  19. i don’t know why but there is just something with me and JYP songs….i can never get to like ‘em!!!!
    of course there are songs here and there i do like, like 2PM’s Hands up and Without You (which are literally their only songs i like…..) and a few Miss A ones
    and i’m not the kinda person who just doesn’t try and listen to those company songs!! i’m always open to any new stuff by them!! i seriously am!! but yeah…i hardly like the songs from there, and i DON’TKNOW.WHY!!!

    but to make up for that part i love watching them on shows!! haha!!
    especially Jo Kwon!!!

  20. Simon, Psy just stole your Nasty dance

  21. “they know im jay park. they know i love you, so what. ‘eat a dick.’ i luurrvvee youu” simon, your creativeness amazes me :’)

  22. I don’t really care which song will get reviewed. I like to hear opinions on different songs and check out the songs who are reviewed for KMM ( if I didn’t saw them before ).

    I don’t know if 15& ‘s song sucks or not . . . I did watch it and listened to the song . . .but they are 15 and the style of the song is not what I like to listen to. And since it’s not my style, I can’t really judge it… But it’s one of those songs I won’t listen to again. I do agree that it doesn’t compliment their strong voices thou -.-

    Sunny Hill’s MV is really funny xD It’s my fav. for KMM right now…

  23. I find it hilarious that out of all three videos it took Martina’s “This song sucks, guise” to get me curious to watch one! LOL

    Seriously though, just taking a quick work break to watch this and had a listen at “Somebody.” Hmm. This song…I want to listen to it acapella, because I can sort of hear some nice blending going on. But what on earth are those weird sounds that are supposed to pass for this song’s instrumental? There are some really strange background sounds and I just wanna hear their voices. I also agree, this sounds nothing like a typical JYP song.

    Yet, based on some random articles I’ve caught online, it’s apparently doing well with sales??

  24. I totally agree with the whole Sunny Hill bit. I saw it the day it came out and am STILL rofl. This really needs to get into the next K-pop Music Mondayyyyy (I’m talking to you, nasties o___o)


  26. Way off on the Psy timing there Simon. We still have 3 hours and 40 minutes till he performs it live for the first time. But I sure as hell ain’t staying up till 2:30 am my time just to watch Psy’s live performance.

  27. I wish I can do that: call a lot of girls so I can chose one but no one would go to the auditions lol

  28. I really wish you could interview Jay Park too (the k.will interview was awesome). HE seems like a fun,down-to-kinda guy,and Jay park t.v was so much fun.And JP being JP,might even sing a ballad version of EAD for you guise.
    Looking forward to kpop music monday,although i’ve voting for JP,sunny hill would be awesome too. :)

  29. Sometimes the playlist is messed up for me, like it doesn’t play the MVs but it was fine this time! But I saw someone else say it was messed up for them. What is with that? Some weird random youtube glitch thing?

    I laughed so hard at the chest hair heart thing!

    I get what you are saying about the last song, especially towards the end of the song, their voices are too powerful and don’t suit that type of song. I think Lee Hi has been handled so well with YG, the clothes they put her in and the songs they choose for her all work so well. But for these girls, JYP seems to have made such a major misstep. Some of the clothes are just… not flattering. My husband walked past while I was watching it and was like “WTF? What is wrong with their skirts??” I feel bad for them, they deserved a better song.

  30. Watching Jonah made me miss living in and visiting Seattle! And for me personally this is the first Jay park song I really like.

  31. Seattle! Pike Place! Alki Beach! SuperSonics! I’m so homesick now!!!
    15&’s song did not suck, you need a new set of ears! The dance sucked and I don’t know what on Earth the boy back up dancers are wearing o.O but the song and ode to Kpop star were really fun!

  32. I’m in dilema…hehehe…
    it’s between Sunny Hill and Jay Park…
    Sunny Hill”s music video looks interesting…I’m a big fan of comedian Kim Seungwon:)…
    but I also like Jay Park’s new song…
    I just can’t choose…

  33. The thing is that the Sunny Hill & Daybreak song isn’t really that good. The MV is sure funny as hell, but without a good song… It’s the same with movie : if you don’t have a good storyline, the movie can be beautiful or innovating or whatever, it’ll still be not good enough.

  34. Common nasties!!!! Daybreak meets Sunny Hill!!! this must be review!!!! I want to see Simon showing his MAN’S CHEST HAIR!!! ROFL… ok XD

  35. “You can’t deny that they’re not good singers and they’re not talented.” Martina!! How did that one slip past your editing?? You know you meant “you can’t deny they’re good singers”!
    Also JYP didn’t write Somebody (nor their debut single I Dream) so it’s not really surprising it doesn’t have that JYP feel to it. :)

    I’d love you to do Sunny Hill/Daybreaker’s song but that probably won’t get voted in high enough. Also there’s already a band called Sunny Days. ;) Haha~~. ^^

  36. How is this possible? Have my minions finally stymied the internet and I CAN POST FIRST? MUHAahaahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaa

  37. OMG I have to stop for a moment to catch my breathe from laughing to much. If you review Sunny Hill’s “Love Actually” then Simon can finally put that shirt of his that pops open all the time to good use. Question is, will you shave your chest hair into a heart shape???



  39. Joah for Music Monday please! =)

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