Sunny Hill and Daybreak “Love Actually” – Vote for it Here!


We love Sunny Hill videos. Grasshopper Song was phenomenal. It had a great message, and a deepness uncommon in Kpop videos. This song, though not as profound about the meaning of life, is still a great video, as it deals with perceptions of beauty and tackles ideas of superficiality in choosing a mate. There’s a lot that can be said about this video, and I’m sure that if we do get the chance to review it for Music Monday, we’ll have one of those deep, life lesson moments that we so rarely get to have. Vote for Sunny Hill if you want to…learn about life and stuff.

Jay Park “Joah” – Vote for it Here!


Image changes in Kpop always confuse us. Going from cutey to sexy is something that, though we made fun of it before, is something we’re starting to get more comfortable with as our time in Korea grows longer. But we’re not really familiar with the change from sweethearted ballad singing to angry rapping. Is this the same Jay Park that told people to eat a dick? Where’s this Jay Park coming from?

Now, we’ve got nothing against Jay Park. We just like his more aggressive image a lot better than this sweethearted image. Not that you can’t be aggressive and sweet at the same time. Our problem is that we can only think of a ballad version of Eat a Dick.


Scratch that. If I heard Jay Park sing an “Eat a Dick” ballad, I’d flipping love it. MAKE THIS HAPPEN JAY PARK! Make it happen.

15& “Somebody” – Vote for it Here!


So this is going to upset some people, but we’d rather be honest than dishonest. We don’t like this song whatsoever, and if it gets voted in and we decide to talk about it, we won’t say good things about it. It’s not because we have anything against the 15&, or because we don’t like JYP. We don’t know this band. This is our first time hearing them. And we love JYP’s stuff almost always. This song, and this song alone, just doesn’t do it for us. We don’t like it at all. It’s boring and sounds like nothing JYP would make. We’ve got nothing against 15&. Hopefully their next song will be better than this, because we’re sooooo bored by this song. Sorry guise!

  1. I was afraid when I read the description before I watched the 15& video. But I actually somewhat like it! It might take a little while for me to feel the whole song, but that has happened a lot before, and I don’t like wasting potential songs.

    It has a low key vibe (something i might hear shopping or listen to when talking a walk) but it’s not boring and the voices aren’t bad either . I’d say give the song and the group some time. Also, a plus for me is when the style of the song and group are recognized together so I can pair them up: when I hear the intro I can say ‘oh yeah, this is a 15& song’. it just lifts the song up a bit for me :D

  2. I totally agree about Jay Park! Why is he so confusing? I can’t wrap my head around it either. I mean, couldn’t he write some hardcore love song or something? Something…

    I really like Sunny Hill! So far they’re the only Kpop artist that I’ve liked all their songs! I didn’t like this one as much as their older stuff, (maybe because no Janghyun?) but the music video is still funny.

    As far as 15&, I thought I was going to like the song. The intro is very bollywood, which I like, but it didn’t stick it through. So much lost potential. :(

  3. really guys? I thought that 15& song was really quite catchy!

  4. i don’t know why but there is just something with me and JYP songs….i can never get to like ’em!!!!
    of course there are songs here and there i do like, like 2PM’s Hands up and Without You (which are literally their only songs i like…..) and a few Miss A ones
    and i’m not the kinda person who just doesn’t try and listen to those company songs!! i’m always open to any new stuff by them!! i seriously am!! but yeah…i hardly like the songs from there, and i DON’TKNOW.WHY!!!

    but to make up for that part i love watching them on shows!! haha!!
    especially Jo Kwon!!!

  5. Simon, Psy just stole your Nasty dance

  6. “they know im jay park. they know i love you, so what. ‘eat a dick.’ i luurrvvee youu” simon, your creativeness amazes me :’)

  7. jay park first, sunny hill next week….if Psy’s new single doesn’t get put in though.

  8. Its seems to be a YouTube glitch. I’ve had the same thing happen for last few months, it stopped briefly but now its back. Its skips every second video, which gets confusing sometimes when the KMM playlist ends and I wonder why I haven’t seen the bloopers. XD

  9. Watching Jonah made me miss living in and visiting Seattle! And for me personally this is the first Jay park song I really like.

  10. The thing is that the Sunny Hill & Daybreak song isn’t really that good. The MV is sure funny as hell, but without a good song… It’s the same with movie : if you don’t have a good storyline, the movie can be beautiful or innovating or whatever, it’ll still be not good enough.

  11. How is this possible? Have my minions finally stymied the internet and I CAN POST FIRST? MUHAahaahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaa

  12. OMG I have to stop for a moment to catch my breathe from laughing to much. If you review Sunny Hill’s “Love Actually” then Simon can finally put that shirt of his that pops open all the time to good use. Question is, will you shave your chest hair into a heart shape???



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