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KpopCharts Update: 2nd Kimchi Clown

April 20, 2013


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BtoB “2nd Confession” – Vote for it Here!


If we ever do review this video or band, you better believe that you won’t hear the end of batooba. I refuse to call them anything else but that. BATOOBA! What’s with all the B name groups? What’s with all the alphabet names?

B to B
C Clown
D Unit
F Art

I feel like Kpop is being endorsed by kindergartens to try to teach kids their ABCs.

C Clown “Shaking Heart” – Vote for it Here!

Ok, so to provide a bit of balance here, Martina really this song, but I wasn’t blown away by it. Why? Spanishy guitars: that’s why! You might remember our review of MBLAQ’s Mona Lisa, where Martina really liked the song but I didn’t. Same thing here. Side note: does anyone else ever suffer from always mistyping MBLAQ as MBLAW? Personally, I think MBLAW sounds more badass. EM BLAOW! WHUT!

I did appreciate the dance sequence kinda silhouetted, where they retimed it all with fast and slow motion. That was cool. Otherwise, this wasn’t for me. But I’m only half of Simon and Martina, right? Maybe you side with Martina’s opinion more than mine?

Eatyourkimchi Crew “Eatyourkimchi Like a Man” – Vote for it Here!

What the eff? How did these guise make it on the charts? Do they even qualify as Kpop? Why not include Chad Future while we’re at it?

Ha! Anyhow, we included this because we thought it’d be funny. We didn’t think that it’d actually make it so high up on the charts. I guess…we might have no choice but to review it, right? Well, G-Dragon’s video is supposed to be out by the time this is published, and it’s gonna have a bunch of hours to demolish our KpopCharts, right? Kind of like how Psy got to the top in a few hours as well. I haven’t even heard GD’s song yet, though. Supposedly it’s really good live?

BUT IS IT AS GOOD AS EATYOURKIMCHI LIKE A MAN? Don’t be YG Biased, be SM biased. No, not SM like the famous, rich SM. SM like us SM, Simon and Martina, the not rich not famous brand. Support your local indie band! Well, we’re not really local either, but you know what I mean! Rookie groups deserve a chance too!

Side note: congrats to the winners of the K.Will CDs. Send us an email if you’re one of the winners (and don’t try to steal a winner’s CD, like someone did for the 300,000 subscriber giveaway. I’m side-eyeing you, cheater! You know who you are!)



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