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KpopCharts Update: Bad Party Secret Teaser

March 3, 2012


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It’s time for our KpopChart Update! Whoa, did you see that? A huge tumble weed just rolled on past, and that tumble weed smacked of Big Bang.

1) Big Bang “Bad Boy”

Now we’re not sure if this is just a fluke or what, but it seems that since Big Bang’s comeback, there aren’t very many Kpop songs coming out lately. I supposed it wouldn’t be a very good idea to release a song during any Kpop heavyweight’s comeback, especially when that comeback was heavily steeped in real life drama before the release date.

So, now that they’re back, they are heavily dominating the Kpop Charts. Big Bang released “Bad Boy” on February 28th and it quickly jumped into the first place position on the charts and crashed our site again. DAMN IT YG! Why do you have to tell everyone the exact hour and date of the video release? That creates such a clusterduck of people all watching that video and voting at the EXACT SAME TIME ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! The YouTube video counter is like, AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *EXPLODES* and our Kpop Charts are like AHHHHH!!!! *hides*. Anyhoo if it looks like we’re trying to avoid talking about this song, you are correct. We’re probably (if probably was a 100%) going to review it from Music Monday, so NO SOUP FOR YOU!

2) We “Party”

Our next song on the Kpopcharts isn’t new for this week; it actually came out on February 21st, but we didn’t get the chance to review it. The groups name is WE and supposedly this is a comeback song, but I’ve never ever heard of this group before. I feel like I would have remembered another co-ed group outside of the very originally named Kpop group Co-Ed, but I guess the slipped under the radar. There are three guys and one girl in this group, but when I watched the music video I actually couldn’t tell how many members were in the group because I didn’t know them very well, and the backup dancers were wearing similar clothing.

Listen: if you’re a new-ish group, you should probably do something to distinguish yourself from your backup dancers. I think the only person that really stood out for me was the guy with red hair and matching eyebrows. Now, according to the instructions on every dye box I have ever seen, you should NEVER DYE YOUR EYEBROWS due to serious risk of retinal burn. Even my 100% vegan Manic Panic pink hair dye is like NOOOOOOoOOOOOOOOo DOOOOON’T DOOOOOO ITTT!!! Well it looks kinda cool, so I guess that’s okay, but I can only imagine how bad that will look when your eyebrows start growing in…did I just talk about eyebrow dye for 5 minutes? Enough of that! Check out WE with their take a couple shots and dance in a club worthy song “Party”.

3) B.A.P. “Secret Love”

B.A.P released another video but it isn’t really a music video as so much a behind the scenes footage video + song. We liked this video a lot because it gave us a chance to see the members of B.A.P both acting silly and seriously practicing for their music video “Warrior” and their debut concert. Part of the reason we enjoyed it so much was that it shows B.A.P as regular people who sing in front of the mirror while practicing, joke around with each other, look nervous, but can also get on stage and preform like professionals. Videos like this can help people to be reminded that kpop idols are not demigods that need to be worshiped by followers who will execute anyone who crosses their path, but that kpop singers, behind all the smoke and mirrors are also human beings who can make mistakes, have differing opinions from one another, and may not be as tall as the camera makes them out to be. We recommend supporting your favourite kpop group but if you find yourself screaming in the comment section of various forums because someone doesn’t like your favourite idol, it’s time to remind yourself that even your oppas and unnies poop.

4) Exo “Teaser 23”

EXO has done it again! They have released yet another teaser, the 23rd teaser, but still no single. Sure, they released a music video with an entire song in it, but that was just a prologue. If you complied all the teasers they have released and combined them together, I think you could probably get a few full length songs. Anyways, you can see we’re lacking current releases this week when we’re reviewing an EXO teaser, but blame Big Bang. BIG BOWWW BIG BOWWW DON’T STOP!



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