G-Dragon “MichiGO” – Vote for it Here!


G-Dragon almost made it in for Music Monday last week. He got into first place, like, an hour after the charts closed. So, that’s why we didn’t review him before. Since then, his video got 4million views. I’m not sure if any of these videos on the list are going to compete with that for 1 week’s worth of work. Maybe SHINee? Thoughts?

For some reason, I remember people saying that they don’t care about YouTube views, and that they don’t represent a group’s/singer’s popularity, but I call a bit of malarky on that. People watch what’s popular. If someone’s got a load of views, it’s because people like that song a lot. I’m not even sure why I started talking about that. Point is, people are really digging this song, it seems. Maybe not as much as G-Dragon’s other songs. For me, it’s not my favorite GD song ever. It’s good, but not blow you away fantastic. It’s just…fun, you know. Thoughts? Is this your favorite GD song ever?

4Minute “What’s Your Name” – Vote for it Here!


GOLD! Gold! Pure gold! There’s so much tomfoolery here that we don’t know what to say. I mean, we do know what to say. It’s more like, we don’t know what NOT to say, because if we talked about everything, we’d have a 30 Minute music Monday. 4Minutex30Minute. 120 Minute. TWO HOURS! That’s too much guise. Too much.

Point is, this is ridiculous and fun, and we wasted a goldmine last time with Hyuna’s “Ice Cream.” Should we waste the opportunity this time? Well, maybe it’s not that big of a missed opportunity, since there aren’t any giant penis pumps spraying everyone with white cream, like in Ice Cream. HAY! Don’t act like that wasn’t meant to symbolize what it was supposed to symbolize! There’s also so much more that we want to say about it, because – on a personal level for things that were revealed to us that we shall never utter in public ever – we have some interesting insight for this video. And – believe it or not – we’re actually rooting for it, though I know some of you think we hate 4Minute. We’re actually rooting for it. Ah! So much to say: so little time.

SHINee “Why So Sersious?” – Vote for it Here!


Hay! SHINee without Jonghyun is not SHINee. It’s SHINE-ish. Almost SHINee, but not really SHINee. Needs more Jonghyun. Also, tell me it’s not a valid point that people wait forever and a bucket for EXO to comeback, but SHINee rushes their promotion without their full crew, because one of them got effed up in a car accident? That just seems so…inconsiderate, you know? Wait for Jonghyun to heal up. Let the group perform as a whole. People would like that more, I think. Though, it’s always great to have more SHINee songs than less, the situation in which they’re promoting right now would make it understandable to ANYONE that maybe they should wait a bit till they could perform as a whole. You gotta agree with me. I know you do!

  1. I love SHINee, poor Jonghyun. Honestly a difficult situation on both sides. I’ll be praying for a quick recovery, that must have been painful. Jonghyun, FIGHTING!

  2. because i dare to be off topic (and hope that i wont be stoned), i actually want BTOB’s Second Confession to be reviewed hahaha its like the battle for Rookie Group. Fans of BAP and EXO were oh so fighting then the award went to Busker Busker hehehe lesgow underdawgs!

  3. I agree with your mini rant Martina; it’s such an upbeat and jumpy song, but nonetheless not the same without all of the members. D':

  4. I actually really hope they don’t do a music video on 4minute. Neither I nor my parents are fans of 4minute.


    *runs for dear life*

  5. I am kinda pleased that JH wasn’t on this video. (Oh hate on me) It’s nice to get a better point of view on the others when the main character of the songs is offline for once. :) Not that I hate JHs’ voice or anything, but being Onew biased I’m pretty pleased to hear even more of his singing, while watching the MV, than usually.

  6. Definitily feels very strange! I’m always waiting for thar crazy loud and powerfull voice :)

  7. so hard to choose there all have stuff that can make a funny kpop music Monday.

    -G Dragon’s weird bathroom scenes,
    – the pink elephant head,
    – taeyang’s weird half-afro,
    – teddy covering his face up to his eyes (seriously I had to ask hardcore VIP’s where Teddy was in the video),
    – the comedian ahn young mi’s fieirce punk rock boob moves thingy,
    -the big feet.

    Then Shinee I mean Shin4?
    -TAEMAAAAAAN has more parts and I guess that is okay I don’t know I’m split on the issue of leaving Jonghyun out of the video and pushing back the music video release. I don’t know but I gotta say Shinee is not Shinee without all five members.
    -On another note they are trapped in a white asylum with a girl (whose face is strategically covered grrrrrrrrrr) maybe the girl does not exist and the four members are going crazy or maybe the girl is mentally insane and thinks she is having a fun time with four singing and dancing boys or maybe it is JongHyun dreaming all of this in his head. ?????? ah ~ fan fiction
    -I don’t know but I am in love with the choreography.
    -that policeman is blind enough said or is he?
    -Kalalooood? Banshee? Kalaloooose?
    -why are there weird pink stuff on the why so serious letters on the end? Is it supposed to be decorative?
    -TaeMAAAAAN can sing he’s not so bad although I did want to hear Onew’s voice more. But eh.
    -hoping SM would think about putting TaeMAAAN, Key, and Minho in a subunit group I want more Key come on he is soo fierce.
    -When I heard of Shinee’s new song title I don’t know maybe it was just me but I was expecting a Heath Ledger Joker inspired clothes or music video. But *sigh* I guess not instead I got a kpop fusion of Queen, UK flags, and a blinding white asylum. (Or could it be the girl is the Joker….Why so serious?) Meh.

    4minute what’s my name.
    -Zombie apocalypse? How did 4minute survive so long without becoming Zombies. (by the way a lot of people are comparing the video with T-ara’s lovey dovey zombie version music video which I don’t really care about)
    sohyun trying to beat the zombies with chairs and hair dryers
    -soo much bright colors
    -cops not doing their jobs *tsk tsk shame too busy to realize there was a zombie apocalypse going on
    -I want that room
    -scandalous short shorts???? That ain’t short come to a club in LA and you will know what short is.

    Sorry it is so long I just like all three because all of them are sooooo talkworthy?????

  8. MICHIGO!!! I absolutely LOVE GD and I can’t wait for this episode!! I hope you guise choose it…Lol and we have been waiting for Exo’s comeback for a while…A LONG WHILE. But my theory is that the comeback is delayed because of the dumb leaking of their songs!! Who in their right mind does that, if it was a fan then why leak the song if you like the band?? Ok, I gotta calm down and not rant…I also agree that we could’ve waited for Jonghyun’s recovery given that we have waited this long for Exo (and longer) and it makes no sense that they had a comebackcomeback without him. When I heard of the accident I was shocked!!!

  9. When i watched the video i had no idea about Jonghyun being in that accident. I was looking at the video and was like “Somethings missing here?” I started looking and started naming off each member when i realized he was missing. Then i freaked out “Did something happen that i didn’t know about?” I started looking around and thats when i found out. I wish they would have waited, it isn’t the same without him :(

  10. Was i the only one who completely loved the song (not because I am a bigbang/gd fan (i still dont like heartbreaker or breath)), but because this song immediately made me dance and go crazy. It had the hip-hop beat/base (i am not a music major so i have no idea how to describe it) and i even like the disjointed feel of it. This is the type of song that i like to hear w/ my friends dancing in the backseat of the car.

  11. I’m sure any mv you review will be hilarious this week, yay! Can’t wait. ^^

  12. Okay, so I posted this on the Youtube video but I had to trim it down a lot so I’m gonna add it here too:

    Honestly I’m starting to get really annoyed with people saying SHINee should have postponed. The accident happened barely four weeks ago (very very short notice for these sorts of schedule changes) Unless you work for SM, you have no idea what other factors went into making the decision (their upcoming tour, comebacks for other groups, other business-y things, etc). Yes, of course I could have waited if they decided to postpone, but they didn’t, and I trust that there were good reasons. They obviously didn’t take it lightly, and if they decided to go on without him, we should respect it. Complaining about it isn’t going to change anything now.

    Now to answer your question, no, I don’t feel uncomfortable when I watch this. I already understood what happened to Jonghyun and knew he wasn’t going to be in the video (he wasn’t in the teaser) so I was well prepared for it. His voice is in the actual album version of the song and he will be back performing with them in no time.

    If this gets reviewed I truly hope you can focus on the video for what it is, instead of what it could have been. The other four members’ hard work for this fantastic comeback is going severely underappreciated (and Taemin is absolutely SHINING) because everyone is too busy complaining about Jjong not being there. Think about how he must be feeling knowing his injury has become such a burden to his group’s success. I’m a big fan of Jonghyun so of course I miss him… but I love the rest of SHINee too and I absolutely love this video, and I will focus on that. <3

    Noww.. as for the other videos up this week. All good stuff. I loved Michi GO and What's Your Name! But I'm pretty surprised that HISTORY's Dreamer didn't make it into the chart update :( It's currently #7 last I checked and it's been a widely talked about debut for a while. You guys should all check it out if you haven't yet, this new rookie group needs some support!

  13. Of course, the proper way of dealing with absence of a band member due to accident/surgery is to secretly hire their twin sister as a temporary replacement. Hijinks and stuffed animal surgery might ensue. Isn’t that common knowledge?;)

  14. I agree with all fans and your comments about waiting for Jonghyun. SHINee isn’t SHINee without him. But try to seriously think from their management perspective. They probably have shows and various celebrity commitments scheduled up the wazoo months in advance. Imagine the scheduling nightmare of having to move all of that back to film a music video delayed by the healing process. I think they went ahead without Jonghyun so that when he is healed up they can continue with their performance schedule where Jonghyun would still be loved and his vocal parts in ‘Why so serious’ given back to him. Please consider how hard all of SHINee worked to continue with their schedule – I think it’s still a great video (though of course would have been better with the full group).

  15. I think out of the three videos I’d like for Shinee to be reviewed … I’m not SHinee biased … I dont even like the song that much (Dreamgirl was much better with Jonghyun’s vocals… this one seems a bit empty)… but who knows what you’ve already picked… it’s passed midnight KST …

    Just a small notice… in the “4 minute” song they say “I’m not easy” but they’re dressed like how they’re dressed……and they have a bunch of views … myeah … – . -‘

    “For some reason, I remember people saying that they don’t care about YouTube views, and that they don’t represent a group’s/singer’s popularity, but I call a bit of malarky on that. People watch what’s popular. If someone’s got a load of views, it’s because people like that song a lot.” usually I’m attracted to videos that have less views… makes you wonder what unnoticed potential that specific song has…


  16. I am totally with you, Martina. It feels weird to watch them without Jonghyun and as you said it’s not like Shawols wouldn’t understand them postponing their promotions because of this accident.

    I know we still should appreciate that the other four now have to put in more effort but to me it feels like SM is saying “Let’s see if we can do without Jonghyun” I don’t like this feel :( And the song also doesn’t do it for me, though I like the costumes and sets in the MV ^^

  17. I honestly think all of the songs are pretty catchy. Michi Go being the most, with Why so serious and What’s your name following.

    I love Michi Go in it’s entirety and weirdness.. plain and simple. The first time I listened to it I felt like it was really awkward for like the first 30 secs but then I just got used to it and fell in love with the song. and the MV is nice. :3 I think it fits the song well.

    Why so Serious…. … I don’t know. It defiantly grows on you. I wasn’t expecting something like this and I had to listen it a few times. The transition to the chorus isn’t great…but it isn’t that terrible either. It’s a a little awkward, but honestly I’m used to weird transition after years of Band. Especially Marching. And rather than key changes I think it’s just a lot of weird chords packed in there to mess with you a bit. I don’t know. @.@ Regardless I don’t dislike it that much. The MV….that room…it reminds me of another room. I can’t remember which MV or artist, but I’m about 90% sure that it is an SM room. (another company might have used it. ewe) Generally the MV just seemed…mehhhhh.

    What’s Your Name? Meh. I dislike like this song honestly. BUT! It is really catchy. Especially Hyuna’s part. Which pretty much saves the song in my opinion because Gayoon’s parts just seem so out of place and ugh. I don’t know. And the MV….What is happening exactly? Like the zombie appearance just seems completely random. More importantly….WHY THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO TRY AND KILL A ZOMBIE WITH A HAIRDRYER BY JUST POINTING IT AT THEM AND SHAKING IT? Also, why aren’t you using that nightstick to, I don’t know, knock a few a few zombie in the head or something so you can run. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m also wondering how the zombie’s are suddenly dancing along with 4minute even though they attacked the members. shouldn’t the members be zombies instead? Maybe I’m missing something. Maybe not. Who knows. But the MV would be a great candidate for music monday.

  18. So my options are a deliciously sarcastic 4minute KMM, a fun and upbeat GD KMM, or a mixed bag of feelings both positive (Go Taemin go!) and negative (Jonghyun! why SM why?) that would be super interesting all around.

    Holy shit am I torn.

  19. Also, I agree with your comments on SHINee…want Jonghyun back. I do like that they get more vocal parts, but…I miss Jjong..

  20. the bridge is the best part of the 4minute. the video didn’t keep my attention at ALL

  21. AHHH! I’m fuureakin’ OUTTT! I want them ALLLLLL!!

  22. I think G Dragons mv is really over the top maybe even for him, its fun in the begining but the song is better without it.. alltough i looove the part when he dances with the girl (and her bob dance is awsome!!!) It’s groovy to listen to and a good follow up on crayon and one of a kind.

    I can see that this is a really hard choise to make, I’m totaly a Shawol, but GD is seriously good.

    So as a Shawol I of course adore “why so serious” its a good song with a great mv, (appart from the freakin’ 80′ synth, which IS AWFUL) I think they pulled it of great without jjong, and I’m no blinger so… but it’s seriously starting to bother me, I’ve watched it like a hundred times now, and he just sould be there!!! They’re shining SHINee, I want them all, and now forever jjong’s gonna be missing in this mv. I mean, Shinee is like one of SMs biggest stars, they should have been able to do something to delay it, right?

  23. I hope 4minute gets reviewed! Or maybe SHINee ^^ as for GD’s song…. I’m sorry but the moment the song played, I wanted to stop the song. It’s really…. ugh. >w< Please don't kill me! D:

  24. Dear Simon and Martina, you guys spelt “serious”, “sersious”.. hahahha

  25. Guys SHINee tried their best this time because Jonghyun isn’t there *sobs*

    However when you mentioned EXO’s delayed comeback …

    SHINee: Why So Serious?

    4 Minute: What’s Your Name?

    B1A4: What’s Going On?

    Hello Venus: Do You Want Some Tea?

    EXO: What is Comeback?


    You so nasty

  26. I love how so many Nasties are also Kiss-mes. lol

  27. You put up the teaser for SHINee’s video not the full MV…anyway i also would have waited until jjong’s recovery for this video, i also feel SM is being a bit inconsiderate of him but they also have an almost full year of schedules for Shinee so it’s kinda understandable, still as you said the video needs more jonghyun, the song needs more jonghyun…i just miss him. Ok end of my mini rant, Love you guise

  28. don’t get me wrong, i love SM artists. But SM itself, their management and all. i hate it.
    you already said it all. but really, why the rush. it’s not like we haven’t seen shinee for months and months. they just had their comeback with dream girl. and they can’t even wait few little weeks for jonghyun to appear on their mv ?! their mv that is going to remain forever and ever in shinee mv history and will forever be without jonghyun. this is ridiculous. it’s not like he was in the coma or he broke his entire body and he couldn’t move of an inch for a year or so. damn. i was, and still is, oh-so-furious at sm really. i wish they treated their artists and its fans better. their artsits are not replaceable puppets and we are not blinded cash machines. it’s kinda sad to see how groups and all will always say we are not *put band name here* if it’s not the all of us together. and end up filming an mv without a member. i know it wasn’t Shinee’s fault, it’s not the members’ decision, but well. You found the absolute right word. This isn’t Shinee this is Shin’ish. I could have handled a promotion without him, but a mv. This is so… disrespectful actually ?
    SM could give us the best reasons why they couldn’t wait for him at all and had to film it on that exact time even if it’s without him, i still wouldn’t care ? they could give me the best reasons why, i’d still think this was totally wrong to do that. that is all.
    on another hand, the album is cool. i love it. But. I think Why so Serious might be one of my least fav song. Which is weird cause i usually love rock’ish songs but this one is a kind of a mess and… i don’t… really dig it… :/

    as for Jiyong. it’s a big mEh~ to me. the song is not bad. but i don’t like it. it just leaves me… you know… meh~

    as for 4minute. I like it ! it’s nothing epic to me, but i fairly like it :)

  29. “Simon: SHINee or as I like to call you, people that we potentially can become very good friends with

    hey, i thought you already consider us friends? why potentially? kekeke

    shawols already love S&M… i know I do… :D

  30. I agree that they should have waited for Jjong but I can see why they went ahead without him. SM treats comebacks like clock work. Everyone is scheduled after one another (or maybe not EXO because they’re like the forgotten newborns in SM lol) and I guess they didn’t want to wait and push back other artists comebacks. But at the same time why couldn’t they just let another artist make their comeback ahead of SHINee? Whatever SM is not my favorite company when it comes to things like this. -_-“

  31. Ooooh Simon, that chest hair is so nasty.

  32. … and that was the story about how major releases came out and crushed my favorite songs on the Kpop charts. Well, not 4Minute (yet). But I’m happy for BToB and C-Clown to get so high on the charts anyway, maybe more people noticed them thanks to this.

    As for now, shor version (only about the songs):
    “Michi GO”: meh
    “What’s your name?”: meh
    “Why so serious?”: meh

    Long version:
    GD: I said “meh” but I can’t say that I will never like it. I was indifferent about his 2012 releases at first as well and ended up liking them and it may be similar with “Michi GO”. About the video… His cray is still on, but even though I liked “Crayon” MV, I didn’t really like this one.
    4Minute – I don’t like neither the song nor the video, but out of the 3 songs listed in this update this is the one I’d like to see reviewed the most.
    SHINee – as much as I like SHINee (a lot!), I’m not digging this song, alas :( And the video (except for the pretty cool dance) is quite boring, so yeah… Not voting for them this time. As for Jonghyun – I missed him in this video, but I’m afraid their schedule was too packed to change it : (BTW, the video attached in the blog post is a teaser, not the MV)

    P.S Simon, your cleavage was distracting!

  33. SHINEE!!!!!! I miss JJong a lot, and it is wierd to see them preforming without him, but they still are amazing and this song is EPIC!!!!! Not to mention the other four members look fabulous and wonderful even without him. Even though I would have loved to seen them all preform together, they did a phenomenal job.

  34. I don’t understand why people can’t just take an amazing song and video for what it is rather than what it isn’t.
    Its like counting you blessings instead of counting for what you want.
    Idk just a thought that came to me.

  35. I understand what your saying Martina about SHINee, and I do really miss Jonghyun (and I absolutely love Jonghyun’s voice and it brings their song together) but Taemin actually gets his fair share of lines now. He actually sings!!! Let’s see how many down votes I get from my comment :P

  36. 4minute, that’s not how you deal with zombies. Seriously.

  37. gd, why steal mireille mathieu’s haircut? XD

  38. …Ok, I love you guys, I really do, you better believe me cuz I swear it’s true. You’re like my morning tuseday coffee and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told to STFU when I’m watching you in school.

    I stay up to be one of the first to see your videos, I’ve watched all your videos (exept some indie since… I’m a rock/hiphop kinda girl with a sweet-tooth for pop… and THANK YOU FOR BRINGING UP OUTSIDER! My Nasty friend never gave him a chance till You said “check him out!” and since then we’ve been… talking really fast… And she had to say I was right…) and all but like 3 (my internet can only take so much streeming a-month) live-streams live. I really love you and your sense of humor and a few Nasty-inside-jokes sometimes slip out… (Friend: I’m thirsty. Me: Eyyyyyyy gurl, can I buy you a drink?*rolling down my sexy window in public* F: wut? Me: Nothing, let’s just get drinks ok?) and your GangNam Style parody was THE most funniest parody I’ve EVER seen.

    I’m accually using you for not one, not two but THREE english assignments (our English teacher sucks… like really sucks… do rookie mistakes in grammer when speaking, can’t understand simple phrases, confuse homonyms and heteronyms and just plain words all the time, can’t stand being corrected and is just a plain pain in the… backside.) and I wish I had english teachers like you…

    I’ve been with you since before we were Nastys! Since SHINee Hello KPMM… acually… (I know it’s not that long)
    And you’ve never made a DOUBLE KPMM even when the charts go mitchi (he-he-he).
    I really love your Milkshake review and voted for Eat your kimchi like a man-review, I was a bit hurt that you didn’t do a Gentleman review and chanced the KPMM-winner-thingy so that BIGBANG can’t win for as long as they post videos but saw the potensial and it is your choice and your channal and your blog, you do as you please.
    You know as well as I that it will be a fight till death between SHAwols and G-fans and that G-fans are a tiny bit annoyed that we didn’t win last week.

    But I’m starting to feel a little hurt by you.
    You’re usally nice to the fandom that fight for weeks to keep our idols in the top and mention them and so on but BtoB have been in the top 3 since their new song was released and with SHINee, GD AND 4 minutes they’re STILL in the top three.

    Soon 4 minutes will catch up, and uBEAT will kill the charts. We can’t hold of for much longer.
    And even though your extra KPMM has been “joke KPMM” can’t just at lease give us a tiny KPMM or at least acknowledge us?
    BtoB have never been this high on the charts and are still high.

    Okay, I’m done now. Bye!

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