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KpopCharts Update: What’s So MichiGO?

April 27, 2013


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G-Dragon “MichiGO” – Vote for it Here!

G-Dragon almost made it in for Music Monday last week. He got into first place, like, an hour after the charts closed. So, that’s why we didn’t review him before. Since then, his video got 4million views. I’m not sure if any of these videos on the list are going to compete with that for 1 week’s worth of work. Maybe SHINee? Thoughts?

For some reason, I remember people saying that they don’t care about YouTube views, and that they don’t represent a group’s/singer’s popularity, but I call a bit of malarky on that. People watch what’s popular. If someone’s got a load of views, it’s because people like that song a lot. I’m not even sure why I started talking about that. Point is, people are really digging this song, it seems. Maybe not as much as G-Dragon’s other songs. For me, it’s not my favorite GD song ever. It’s good, but not blow you away fantastic. It’s just…fun, you know. Thoughts? Is this your favorite GD song ever?

4Minute “What’s Your Name” – Vote for it Here!

GOLD! Gold! Pure gold! There’s so much tomfoolery here that we don’t know what to say. I mean, we do know what to say. It’s more like, we don’t know what NOT to say, because if we talked about everything, we’d have a 30 Minute music Monday. 4Minutex30Minute. 120 Minute. TWO HOURS! That’s too much guise. Too much.

Point is, this is ridiculous and fun, and we wasted a goldmine last time with Hyuna’s “Ice Cream.” Should we waste the opportunity this time? Well, maybe it’s not that big of a missed opportunity, since there aren’t any giant penis pumps spraying everyone with white cream, like in Ice Cream. HAY! Don’t act like that wasn’t meant to symbolize what it was supposed to symbolize! There’s also so much more that we want to say about it, because – on a personal level for things that were revealed to us that we shall never utter in public ever – we have some interesting insight for this video. And – believe it or not – we’re actually rooting for it, though I know some of you think we hate 4Minute. We’re actually rooting for it. Ah! So much to say: so little time.

SHINee “Why So Sersious?” – Vote for it Here!

Hay! SHINee without Jonghyun is not SHINee. It’s SHINE-ish. Almost SHINee, but not really SHINee. Needs more Jonghyun. Also, tell me it’s not a valid point that people wait forever and a bucket for EXO to comeback, but SHINee rushes their promotion without their full crew, because one of them got effed up in a car accident? That just seems so…inconsiderate, you know? Wait for Jonghyun to heal up. Let the group perform as a whole. People would like that more, I think. Though, it’s always great to have more SHINee songs than less, the situation in which they’re promoting right now would make it understandable to ANYONE that maybe they should wait a bit till they could perform as a whole. You gotta agree with me. I know you do!



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