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KpopCharts Update: Yoohoo Treated Diary

May 4, 2013


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uBEAT “Should Have Treated You Better” – Vote for it Here!

Hey! BeatMes! You gonna let SHINee Beat You on the KpopCharts? How DARE another group be ahead of anything U-Kiss related? Answer for yourselves! You’ve beaten Big Bang into submission. You can do the same here!

Or maybe you’re all like “nahhh, I know uBEAT’s gonna get reviewed, right! Right?” Well, I’m not sure, see. Maybe we’ll pick someone else instead. Oh…that’s what I like so much about this new KpopCharts system. The mystery! The suspense! The lack of predictability! The lack of accountability! Bwahaha! Oh, this is fun :D

Secret “Yoohoo” – Vote for it Here!

So, this is another one of those times where I’m sure our opinions are very polarizing, and will alienate some people. Sorry guise, but this song ain’t our thing. We’ve always wanted to talk about Secret for Kpop Music Monday, and have done so vaguely before when we talked about how they have some of the best bodies in Kpop, and talking about “Poison” would have been great! This song, though, not really for us. We can appreciate how fun the video looks. It’s really nice looking, apart from the water vomit, but otherwise…meh. Your thoughts?

T-ara N4 “Jon Won Diary” – Vote for it Here!

Now, the two of us have opposing views on this song. One of us loves it. The other, not so much. It’s still funky T-ara funstuff, but it has the accordion as well. Whhuuuut? The chorus is also so…eerie. It’s fun, don’t get me wrong, but it has a mad-bizarro-land sound to it. All I can think of is citizens of some kingdom in Alice in Wonderland all singing along with it, and if anyone is out of harmony they get sent to 100 years hard labor. That’s not a bad thing (the eeriness of the chorus, I mean. Hard labor IS a bad thing). I’m just saying I’m a bit weirded out, though I can’t prevent myself from getting along with it.



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