uBEAT “Should Have Treated You Better” – Vote for it Here!


Hey! BeatMes! You gonna let SHINee Beat You on the KpopCharts? How DARE another group be ahead of anything U-Kiss related? Answer for yourselves! You’ve beaten Big Bang into submission. You can do the same here!

Or maybe you’re all like “nahhh, I know uBEAT’s gonna get reviewed, right! Right?” Well, I’m not sure, see. Maybe we’ll pick someone else instead. Oh…that’s what I like so much about this new KpopCharts system. The mystery! The suspense! The lack of predictability! The lack of accountability! Bwahaha! Oh, this is fun :D

Secret “Yoohoo” – Vote for it Here!


So, this is another one of those times where I’m sure our opinions are very polarizing, and will alienate some people. Sorry guise, but this song ain’t our thing. We’ve always wanted to talk about Secret for Kpop Music Monday, and have done so vaguely before when we talked about how they have some of the best bodies in Kpop, and talking about “Poison” would have been great! This song, though, not really for us. We can appreciate how fun the video looks. It’s really nice looking, apart from the water vomit, but otherwise…meh. Your thoughts?

T-ara N4 “Jon Won Diary” – Vote for it Here!


Now, the two of us have opposing views on this song. One of us loves it. The other, not so much. It’s still funky T-ara funstuff, but it has the accordion as well. Whhuuuut? The chorus is also so…eerie. It’s fun, don’t get me wrong, but it has a mad-bizarro-land sound to it. All I can think of is citizens of some kingdom in Alice in Wonderland all singing along with it, and if anyone is out of harmony they get sent to 100 years hard labor. That’s not a bad thing (the eeriness of the chorus, I mean. Hard labor IS a bad thing). I’m just saying I’m a bit weirded out, though I can’t prevent myself from getting along with it.

  1. i liked the video but i still feel like Eli looked awkward especially during the dance scenes…he doesn’t get into the dance like Kevin, neither does AJ but i feel like Eli was drawing my eyes a bit negatively. which is disappointing because i love Eli :(

  2. hope t-ara review this week…next week i want 9muses!!!

  3. I hope you found it funny


  5. it seems as though they don’t do very well in the strong, sexy concept as much as their cute concept. Maybe that’s why their agency revert them back to the cute concept(?). I don’t know if this is true or not.. but this is how i’m seeing SECRET’s success story. I prefer their sexy concept. They just look more comfortable and confident

  6. Out of the three… I think uBEAT’s video should be reviewed. Don’t know what you’ve picked though cause it’s past midnight…


  7. T-ara N4’s song reminds me of stereo love by Edward maya and Vika Jjigulina in some parts..it must be the accordions xD which I actually like O.O
    oh well. haha I hope you review uBeat! You seriously can’t talk enough about them haha too amazing xD

  8. I think that Shinee’s song is the best of all top three (although as MV T-ara’s is hilarious), far ahead of all the others actually. So because of that I would be happy if Shinee get a review. And francly speaking even though they did comeback about two month ago, they won’t release another song for another year so yeah…
    BUT: If S&M are going to talk only about Jonghyun’s absense and because of that won’t like the MV and the song or whatever I rather not see it. I mean everybody got an opinion and I respect that, for example Martina’s not liking of Hello which I think is a really good song and dance. But I don’t think it’s fair if your opinion is based on something outside the song and MV itself. So yeah, if you guys are able to overlook the fact that SM gave Jonghyun off I’m totally for Shinee’s review ^^^

    If not, I’d rather see T-ara’s video that U-beat. U-beat’s song is gentle and good but I’m not inlove with neither the MV or the sound. And T-ara is hilarious as I already stated <3

  9. i really want Mr. Broohoohoo to greet people with YOOHOO………..

  10. Liked this weeks update :)
    “Should Have Treated You Better” – at first I was surprised because I expected something more… I don’t know, powerful? from them but I like this song. There’s not much going on in the video, but visually it’s quite nice.

    “YooHoo” – This song, though, not really for us. We can appreciate how fun the video looks. It’s really nice looking, apart from the water vomit, but otherwise…meh. I couldn’t agree with you more! (and yes, Poison is awesome) And I haven’t even noticed that guy going “yeah!” in the song until you pointed him out. TIMBALAND IS THAT YOU???

    “Jeon Won Diary” – I’m not the biggest fan of this song, but I really like the video and the dance.

  11. I wasn’t really impressed with Secret’s new song. I felt it was a tad on the safe side and like I heard it all before. It was okay and that is all I can say about it. While I loved Poison and Madonna. So yeah not that great. Will probably listen to it some more but nothing I go crazy about

    uBEAT just wasn’t my thing, I rarely like male k-pop group songs and this one didn’t make it to the list of songs I like. Also a bit safe and heard it all before.

    I LOVED T-ara N4. I like dem beats and I was thrusting my hips with Simon. And I love it when they add different instruments/sounds to it. I have heard an accordion in more dance songs like Stereo Love by Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina and J.lo who had the Lambada sample in one of her songs; so to me it does fit. And the video was a lot of fun (I wonder if the dog they used was the same dog from Invincible Youth season 1 or just from the same breed). So yeah this song will most definately go on my playlist. And hope it might get reviewed :)

  12. Shinee isn’t included anymore ? why ? either way, I still vote for uBEAT .. :D

  13. Even though I kinda want SHINee to win, I really think I would rather have a Music Monday that Simon and Martina enjoy doing. As a fan of EYK since forever , I like seeing them do their best work rather than seeing a Music Monday that isn’t really their thing :) I love you guise X 100000000000000 !!!<3 Keep on rolling down your sexy windows

    • do u think S&m really njoy to review shinee since they r lack of their ‘voice’ member, jonghyun?

      • Jonghyun isn’t the whole group. SHINee is still SHINee and always be shining not matter what. He definitely is a member but i think for Music Mondays the mv is a bit bland so I don’t really know what they would talk about. Except TaeMan epic bunny mic. If you watch the live version it’s like BLOW YOUR MIND (the poor camerman struggles though) but the mv didn’t give that feel. So i guess no, but this is Simon and Martina. They can make funny jokes and pick up random things that I can’t.

        • i hv no doubt when shinee on stage….they r amazing….but the song n mv im not really into it like dream girl or other earlier song…n the mv is something predictable( u know SM)…but i agree S&M always doing jokes abt the things that im not thinking abt… even lee hi-rose had their own jokes in that mv

  14. Probably just me, but that T-ara N4 song sounds so…. Eurovision.

  15. LOOL I wanna vote for Secret now just to hear martina & simon’s “Yohoo’s”!
    Come on there is nothing better than watching cringe worthy awkward flirting..in the mountains…idek
    or is there?…
    *goes to vote for T-ara N4*
    You better be thrusting like your life depended on it Simon.

  16. We KissMes have been voting lots. But I guess not every KissMe are into voting when one of their bias member isn’t there…. and like.. don’t like the sub-unit. That’s my guess.?…

    But yah! BeatMes??? Oh Simon I can really hear you!

  17. I absolutely love uBeat’s song, I mean I’ve been listening to it almost continuously since I heard it for the first time, however T-ara’s video is … more entertaining and i would like to see MM on it :D

  18. If Simon can’t stand puking videos, he shouldn’t watch Every Night by EXID. ehehe..


    TL;DR post :p

    I listened to this song (전원일기 = Rural Life/Countryside Diary) yesterday. I thought the MV is just made for laughs but you can see a lot of similarities to T-ara’s scandal. I followed this scandal that shook the K-entertainment last year.

    1. This song is patterned to a famous drama, Rural Life. It is about the simplicity of life with family, friends and lovely atmosphere around. With all the stress and hate everyone is getting, going back to rural life seems better.

    2. The scene opened in the house of elders. The grandpa doesn’t seem to like T-ara at first because they don’t know them but still watching them. He even pretended not to care about them at the end of the MV but then, he still watch them.

    3. Then in the farm. The difficult work and the tyranny (as projected by the boss) can be correlated to the group’s effort and hard work in reaching their dreams. Reaching their dreams is projected when they decided to join the dance contest & try the city life.

    4. Minsunderstandings in the group as projected by Ahreum scolding Jiyeon for having a wrong choreography. But then they went on and agreed to practice more to perfect their performance.

    5. Kang Minkyung dancing the “shuffle dance,” T-ara’s main choreo for their last #1 song (before the scandal) as 7 members, Lovey Dovey . It was shown too that many people hated on her but she continued performing because she got 1 fan supporting her. It can be inferred that the reason why the group continued on performing despite the hate is because they still got fans that support them no matter what.

    5. 너나 잘하세요 (Jiyeon’s line) before Why you hating? doesn’t just mean “Mind your own business.” It also means, Please look at yourself first.

    6. When you read the translation of this song, the lyrics is very easy to understand. They mean that if we have nothing to do or know nothing about everything, we should just keep quiet & don’t push others who were having a hard time. Maybe not just for netizens but for all people who have nothing to do but hate on others. And for people to be hated, the rap part (SPEED) & Ahreum’s 2 lines mean that carry on, this too shall pass.

    7. And if ever you’re wondering why does this song seems to talk to netizens, haters, etc. in T-ara’s form, I guess we can now answer why it is entitled ‘DIARY’.

    • Thank you! Finally someone is showing the light to others. Even though I knew most of this, there we’re more that I didn’t and this shows that the scandal was not true, and that it was the haters that caused this. (sorry if I’m piggybacking on you). This song also empowers me, and when I feel.mad T-ara cheer me up! (Vote!)

  20. T = They
    A = Are
    R = Ridiculously
    A = Awesome / Addictive

    N = Now
    4 = 4ever
    Awesome song and video.

  21. agree with s&m….secret song isnt my thing too…

  22. Martina, aren’t those the glasses that you just recently got from the livechat fan mail? xD STYLINNN’
    Loving this week’s fan art wall. I just love seeing it switch every now and then. Brilliant idea!
    Holy cow, never noticed that guy’s “yeah” in the Secret video. o_O I haven’t listened to it that many times, but I can’t believe I missed that… //feels very slow now.
    …. had to.

  23. Love T-ara, but Sistar I just can’t do saccharine.

  24. Other new videos this week:

    Not as impressive as last week’s collection, but hey, YOUNHA!! :D

    * The girl looks really familiar…is she Japanese? And I’ve seen the bent buildings in another MV. Only listen if you enjoy hearing people repeat ‘my queen’ 50x. http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/geeks-wash-away/

    * A ghost tries to drown herself in Mr. Brohoho’s bathtub? Or is she a snail? Huh? @_@ http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/geeks-wash-away/

    * No I would not like any of your dodgy tea..! Umm super creepy stuff right there; never trust aegyo girls. And Spudgy’s girlfriend washed out her hair dye D: http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/hello-venus-do-you-want-some-tea/

    * YOUNHA!!! xD time for some awesome vocals – wait, a DANCE in a Younha MV? o_O “The Bar Dance” “The Stool Dance” “The Ordering Dance” http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/younha-the-real-reason-why-we-broke-up/

    * Just spitting some lines and dropping some f*bombs under a bridge. Nothing to see here~ http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/sniper-sound-not-in-stock/

    * People with giant animal heads, windmills, and a random person looking for seashells. Or should I say, billions of blue blistering barnacles? And a puppy. Everyone loves puppies. http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/you-seung-woo-you-and-i/

    * Lee Michelle (Kpop Star contestant who left YG), together with Double K, hauntingly reminds us that Korean cars WILL KILL YOU. Don’t watch before bed. http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/double-k-rewind/

    * A bunch of people of UNIversity age join their voices in a lovely BLEND! http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/uniblend-the-day-weve-wanted/

    If you only have time for one….umm…maybe Geeks? And then leave a comment explaining the video for me :p

  25. But when Secret goes cute, they win Music Bank. Poison wasn’t cute and never made it. I’m not expecting YooHoo to win Music Bank, but I’m just saying they seemed to get more popular when they did the cute songs.

  26. martina… are you wearing the glasses from yesterday’s fan mail package? (they looked the best on you!!!)

  27. I have to say that I like the T-ARA N4 song the most out of the three. uBeat’s song is really nice, but it wasn’t what I expected. It’s really easy going and cute; I wanted something a bit harder and intense, I guess, since it’s a sub-unit of the two rappers (well, two rappers and a damn good singer, since said singer has more lines in the song than the unit members XD).

    Even though I find nothing wrong with aegyo (I freaking love it with groups like Crayon Pop), but when I tried out Shy Boy from Secret, it made me wanna cry and break everything in site. I suppose it’s because I was introduced to Secret through their Poison video (which I loved, btw; that sassy and brassy sound is flipping amazing), but I was also introduced to to SNSD through the Boys (which is semi-intense), and I fanboi’d like a maniac when I heard Gee. Anyway, I was real worried when I first heard Yoohoo was gonna be all aegyo and cutesy and what-not, but I really liked the song. I was totally waiting for Zinger (I’m sorry, Jung Hana XD) to come in and rip the track apart, but sadly it didn’t happen. Guess the K-Pop companies have been listening to Simon and Martina when they complained about rap sections in songs (RAWR!!! jk :3).

  28. there are many reason as to why i want S&M to pick this video and
    review it. first, there are many things that can be talk about the video
    (this video is not just simply dance in the box MV), second, the lyrics
    itself has so many things to talk about. it’s indirectly talk to the
    haters/antis which is really fit their current situation. third, the
    other two contender are boy groups and S&M already review them not
    long ago, for SHINee they already review their latest MV Dream Girl, and
    for u-kiss their Standing Still MV, i know this time is different
    because its uBeat, their subunit but S&M also already have interview
    with them right? lastly, it has been long time that t-ara MV are being
    reviewed right? i read somewhere that the rule already changed that
    S&M can pick to review from the top 3. that’s why i think this is
    the chance, why change the rule if at the end the boy groups that always
    get no 1 are the one that being reviewed? it was so hard for girl
    groups to be no 1, so I’m really happy that the rule changed. I’m not
    saying that SHINee or uBeat doesn’t deserve to be reviewed, but it is
    based on reasons that i already mention above. I’m not being bias here,
    if t-ara N4 release dance in the box MV and they are currently no 1 and
    the other two have drama MV or MV that are not dance in the box, i
    wouldn’t mind if S&M picked those video over t-ara’s.

    I’m sorry if what i say offend some of you. i just saying my opinion :)

    • Simon and Martina very clearly stated the reason why they introduced the new system for picking K-Pop Music Monday videos; they wanted more power in what was reviewed, but they didn’t want to completely disrespect the fans. And if we wanna go on the “fair” ship, then how about all those videos that made it number 1, but couldn’t get reviewed (TVXQ’s Catch Me and *every* NU’EST video ever released XD)? Or how about those videos that made it to the top 10, but decay settled in before they could get to number 1 (too many to recount)? Look, I’m trying to be a jerk, but S&M are gonna have devastated (a word I choose to use lightly) fans no matter what video they pick; they go with SHINee, you get pissed off QUEENS and KissMes. They go with T-ARA N4; you get a bunch of pissed off Shawols to go with their angry KissMes. You go with uBEAT, and everybody saw that coming (because seriously, when has U-KISS *never* been reviewed XD). Fans will always be voting like maniacs to get their video in, and there will always be somebody that gets the losing end of the stick; that’s just life. How do you think anybody feels when Super Junior or SNSD or BIGBANG release a video?

    • “Simultaneously”- This word does not mean what you think it means. On behalf of grammar and vocabulary nerds everywhere, may I ask that you consult a dictionary before your next post? Thank you.

    • Hi Samantha.

      First of all, I would like to warn you that out of the 22 comments you’ve posted on this site, only 5 have not been deleted. While it’s nice to see such enthusiastic fans, I’m afraid that spamming, attacking others who disagree, and whining when you don’t get what you want – is not the kind of behaviour that we appreciate here. Please refrain from spamming, and instead try to express yourself respectfully, while sharing things that will encourage people instead of bringing them down. Otherwise we might need prevent you from commenting at all.


    • You know, I would have preferred if you didn’t just copy-paste your comments :S

  29. It there really something call to much U-kiss in a week? o.0 Or in this case uBeat hahaha beatme’s as I like to call us, even tho hearts beats is so cute >__< wait what was on about? Oh yeah, I still would like a review :D

  30. How is that possible? There hasn’t been a Ubeat song until now, silly!

  31. I love kIndie segments! They’ve introduced me to my favourite groups/artists :]

  32. anybody else have major problems with the playlist mode on the blog?

  33. T-ara N-4 didn’t really do anything to me, i tried watching the mv, but the song just kinda turned me away, there voices really did nothing for me, but i guess its because I’m not a big T-ara fan in general.

    I actually really liked Secret’s song Yoohoo. and yes, i have been saying it like that since i saw the title, that was the second thing i thought off, the first being i really wanna yoohoo -.- and now i do again…. but i liked there mv the best out of all three.

    I loved U-Beat’s song, but i wasn’t real wild about the mv, I donno why though.granted it was interesting.

    I would really lov e Secret’s song top be reviewed, but seeing as it’s not in the top three I would say U-Beat, cause i know SHINee is in first and i like there song but its just not SHINee with out JongHyun

  34. T-ara! T-ara! T-ara! T-ara! T-ara! I do LOVE uBEAT…but the T-ara song is just so upbeat, fun and catchy! And they’re a girl group…and we already have the FANTABULOUS uBEAT interview this week…Ah! I am torn!

  35. I am so voting for YooHoo simply because I want to see you guise awkwardly flirt on camera. Oh yes, I’m so nasty. :D

  36. Yay! New fanarts on the wall! :D

  37. omg… Martina said “Sunday, tomorrow.” its still Friday for me :p you gotta love time zones

  38. I really like how Martina wore the fans stuff she got from the last live chat in the video! I watched it and went “Awh! That’s so sweet!”.

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