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KpopCharts Update: What’s Come Miss

May 11, 2013


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2PM “Come Back When You Hear This Song” – Vote for it Here!

I hope we were clear in our KpopCharts update. We’re happy that 2PM’s back! We’d like to see them do more stuff in Korea than in Japan, not because being in Japan is bad, but because we’re biased, and we don’t review Jpop songs (yet?). One of these days we might start up that eatyoursushi website we bought ages ago. Who knows. Then we’ll be able to talk about 2PM all the time, because they’re doing stuff there all the time. OH 2PM! WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN US! Well, I know why. There’s more money to make in Japan than in Korea, because people don’t buy music in Korea but they do in Japan. NEVERTHELESS! Music’s about more than just money, right? Right guise? Come back to the motherland! Stay here and make more music and dances! Hell: even stop by the Nasty Studio! We’ll have fun interviews and stuff! It’ll be the best ever!

WHO’S WITH ME?!?!!?!?!

B1A4 “What’s Happening” – Vote for it Here!

Alert! Alert! Incoming important bulletin from your Galactic Overlords, Bilasa! I will read the bulletin, and you will observe and obey:

“Greetings, peasants! This is Bilasa. We are coming back from another Galactic conquest, in which we ate an entire galaxy. They have their own sense of democracy as well, and they voted for something other than us. So we ated them up. We are now in the process of digesting them. Soon, we will fart them out, and their farticles will become the building blocks of new nebulae and galaxies that will form another civilization. Note: this fate will await you as well, if you do not vote for us. If you do not, then look to your loved ones and say your final farewells. We will use you as toothpicks. Bilasa out!”

Damn. Bilasa is so testy lately…

Lee Hyori “Miss Korea” – Vote for it Here!

Side note about Lee Hyori: you remember that video we did with Jung Saem Mool a while ago? Well, in that video we talked about how they’re responsible for a lot of the makeup for Kpop idols? Well, they’re also – from what I’ve been told – responsible for Lee Hyori’s makeup in this video. Cool! We still talk to Jung Saem Mool from time to time. They’re cool people :D

Anyhow, we’re not sure how well this song is going to do considering the competition it’s up against, so we talked about it a lot more than we would otherwise in a KpopCharts Update. Quite frankly, it’s not the best Hyori song out there, but it’s really quite interesting as a music video and how it relates to its lyrics, which we mentioned, like, 4 times in the KpopCharts update. Yeah! Isn’t Lee Hyori supposed to release a bunch of videos, though? I think I read that somewhere. If so, I can wait to see more bombast. She’s good for that :D

Also…congratulations to the winners of the signed uBEAT CDs! If you won, please send us an email and we’ll send out your CDs ASAP! WOOOHOO!



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