2PM “Come Back When You Hear This Song” – Vote for it Here!


I hope we were clear in our KpopCharts update. We’re happy that 2PM’s back! We’d like to see them do more stuff in Korea than in Japan, not because being in Japan is bad, but because we’re biased, and we don’t review Jpop songs (yet?). One of these days we might start up that eatyoursushi website we bought ages ago. Who knows. Then we’ll be able to talk about 2PM all the time, because they’re doing stuff there all the time. OH 2PM! WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN US! Well, I know why. There’s more money to make in Japan than in Korea, because people don’t buy music in Korea but they do in Japan. NEVERTHELESS! Music’s about more than just money, right? Right guise? Come back to the motherland! Stay here and make more music and dances! Hell: even stop by the Nasty Studio! We’ll have fun interviews and stuff! It’ll be the best ever!

WHO’S WITH ME?!?!!?!?!

B1A4 “What’s Happening” – Vote for it Here!


Alert! Alert! Incoming important bulletin from your Galactic Overlords, Bilasa! I will read the bulletin, and you will observe and obey:

“Greetings, peasants! This is Bilasa. We are coming back from another Galactic conquest, in which we ate an entire galaxy. They have their own sense of democracy as well, and they voted for something other than us. So we ated them up. We are now in the process of digesting them. Soon, we will fart them out, and their farticles will become the building blocks of new nebulae and galaxies that will form another civilization. Note: this fate will await you as well, if you do not vote for us. If you do not, then look to your loved ones and say your final farewells. We will use you as toothpicks. Bilasa out!”

Damn. Bilasa is so testy lately…

Lee Hyori “Miss Korea” – Vote for it Here!


Side note about Lee Hyori: you remember that video we did with Jung Saem Mool a while ago? Well, in that video we talked about how they’re responsible for a lot of the makeup for Kpop idols? Well, they’re also – from what I’ve been told – responsible for Lee Hyori’s makeup in this video. Cool! We still talk to Jung Saem Mool from time to time. They’re cool people :D

Anyhow, we’re not sure how well this song is going to do considering the competition it’s up against, so we talked about it a lot more than we would otherwise in a KpopCharts Update. Quite frankly, it’s not the best Hyori song out there, but it’s really quite interesting as a music video and how it relates to its lyrics, which we mentioned, like, 4 times in the KpopCharts update. Yeah! Isn’t Lee Hyori supposed to release a bunch of videos, though? I think I read that somewhere. If so, I can wait to see more bombast. She’s good for that :D

Also…congratulations to the winners of the signed uBEAT CDs! If you won, please send us an email and we’ll send out your CDs ASAP! WOOOHOO!

  1. oh man i really love Hyori’s Miss Korea! Once I heard it i forgot about her u go girl era. She’s classy and beautiful in the vid too! The song may not be bombastic, but compared to the other featured songs i think Miss Korea has this sentimental note to it! It gives you this wonderful feeling. And her lyrics are saying a lot more than it says. Its very indie classy haha

  2. It’s a bit late, but it just hit me that the title “What’s Come Miss” refers to the three songs they updated on.
    Wow, I’m slow :P

  3. I actually found Bilasa’s video utterly fabulous! For starters, the lyrics (written by Jinyoung) talk about a girl who is hiding stuff from her boyfriend. Not cheating.
    So the Ken doll is actually the side of B1A4 that doesn’t want to see that his girlfriend is lying about certain things. We can see this when (at the start of the video) she’s chatting on the phone and he’s just looking at the ground. B1A4 is trying to make their Ken side realise that this isn’t a healthy relationship- but no matter what they do, they can’t get into the room. Eventually, they just break down the doors and *le gasp* decapitate Ken, metaphorically killing their denial. Then they pillow fight idk.
    At the end, Jinyoung states ‘be good to me, okay?’ to the Ken doll.

    Also, I really like the composition of this song. Jinyoung is improving in leaps and bounds! The rap and narration just served to connect the song- while it might seem jarring on first listen, it actually flows nicely! For some reason, I can’t stop listening to this song or watching the video;;

  4. I literally laughed at fangirling with fangurilla. I agree this song was missing that “umph”factor.

  5. Omg Miss Korea!!! was amazing i love the fact she has drag queens in the video it’s amazing. It reminds of priscilla queen of the desert it’s epic i love it. I also love 2pm’s come back and there us of the 7 deadly sins. B1A4 there just crazy like always its what i love about them

  6. so who won the uBEAT signed cds.
    I’m new at this and IDK. u.u

  7. Although I don’t mind cause I like the Hyori video, why is it in the running when its not even in the top 5?

  8. How do I know who won the signed uBEAT CDs??

  9. Why don’t you show us what the winners wrote?! It would be so much fun to know!! :)

  10. I feel like whoever did B1A4′s MV thought of it after watching Perfume’s One Room Disco on some SERIOUS crack


  11. actually the creepy clown Hyori video (Swing) was released before Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    Its the same pattern as her last album… a smoother, soft pre-release
    Likely followed by a bombastic dance title track

  12. PunkyPrincess92

    Lee Hyori is so pretty!! her makeup is lovely in it!!
    i thought the song was o~kay! not that great! but the music video was awesome to watch for me! really liked it!!
    can’t wait to see her next songs and mv’s!

  13. The make-up looks great so I think they did a good job!

  14. I have a feeling of you guys want to do a bilasa kmm. I am not against with that, in fact that would be hilarious because the mv is like WHAT THE F HAPPENED? but, as i think, 2pm deserves a review more than bilasa because you already reviewed bilasa a couple times but 2pm really didnt got the chance because they came back after 2 years. They released A.D.T.O.Y and i loved that song too but i prefer comeback when you hear this song to be reviewed because there are more things talk about in it. And as for my personal opinion i liked 2pm’s song better :)

  15. I think you two might be two of the funniest people in the universe. Funny and awesome. Perhaps it is you who is doing the universe conquering, and not Bilasa?

  16. Amyaco

    I thought of something the other day that kind of changed my
    perspective on how EYK are choosing what videos to review for KMM. The fact
    that they could choose any of the top three videos and it wouldn’t necessarily
    be the one that the majority wanted used to kind of bother me. But then I
    stepped back for a second and compared them to the rest of k-pop reviewers on
    the internet:

    The Average K-pop Reviewer:

    Every week (or so, because a lot of them aren’t consistent),
    they talk about a video that’s generally popular that they may have liked or
    may not have liked. They only talk about videos if they have enough to say
    about them. They make a video, and people generally like it because it’s funny.
    Although they get requests to do certain music videos for next time, they may
    or may not make a decision based on those requests.

    That is the NORM for k-pop reviewers. Now let’s compare them
    to Simon and Martina:

    Every week on the same day (unless they are physically unable
    to) they talk about a video. They want to review videos that their viewer base
    thinks are interesting, so they give up some of their ability to choose MVs
    that will make good videos in order to give their viewers a say in what MV they
    review so the viewers will have more of a say. They used to poll viewers
    through avenues like Facebook, but because it was difficult to preserve
    transparency and accessibility they spent a lot of time and energy to create a
    polling system that anyone could access and chose the top result every week.
    However, because their viewers don’t necessarily know what video EYK will be
    able to utilize the best, EYK felt that some of the quality and variety of
    their reviews was suffering, so they gave themselves a little bit more control
    so that they could choose a MV each week that will provide the best material
    for a review.

    I guess what I’m saying is that it’s a little presumptuous
    of people to get mad at EYK because of their choices for KMM or how they make
    those choices. I’m really grateful to EYK for caring enough to give their
    viewers a say. And again, I’m comparing them to MOST k-pop reviewers, not ALL k-pop reviewers.
    EYK, hwaiting!!

  17. Annie

    Woo Hoo Hyori! love this song i hope it wins but what i really want to see is Welcome by Jay Park reviewed! Guise vote for him on the Kpop charts its literally going to be THE BEST EVER. If you haven’t watched it watch it now!

  18. Lee Hyori’s “Miss Korea” reminds me of Dana International with “Diva”. Kind of similar but “Miss Korea” lyrics are more obvious as message… and *yey* I didn’t win… I think … if I ever get to win anything… I’ll have no reaction at all – . -

    Great job guise!(Martina’s improvisation was kind of awkward this time… ) can’t wait for the KCrunch Indie Segment! :)


  19. I was hoping for either HISTORY’s Dreamer or LC9′s Mama Beat. It would be awesome to hear what you think about HISTORY’s unique song which, for some reason, makes me want to watch Lion King.. And I would also love to hear you talk about the ginormously amount of violence and gore in LC9′s MV. But I won’t complain.

  20. HAHAHA. I gotta agree about the Bilasa thing. XD I don’t think anyone could finish watching that video and be like “yeah that makes sense” … if they could, congratulations. Then again, I think it’s purposely meant to be all ‘wtf’ since the name is ‘What’s Happening?’ and while you’re watching the video you’re all like “What IS happening?!” so that kinda makes sense.

    Gosh to think I was calling them B1A4 for a while … anyway, I’m glad their back. The MV makes no sense but that’s the Bilasa I’ve grown to love. I don’t mind their serious side in Tried To Walk, it was great to see them show their talents through a ballad, and that MV was so pretty, but I love their fun crazy music videos and songs more. ^^

    And damn, that song IS SO DAMN CATCHY. It’s a bit all over the place as you said … but catchy.

  21. just a comment on how you ended the more recent k-pop charts updates: I think it has been a really good idea to say “We pick which ever one we think we’ll have the most fun with”. – If there are still people complaining on how unfair you are; they are biased, just as you are. – But you make KMM, so you decide what you do. And hell, I just remember the Simon-forever-alone-edition of B.A.P. Rain sound and I would have loved to have had a more fun KMM that week: meaning; that Simon would have had the chance to pick a song he liked talking about. ~ Random commenting finished.

  22. yanagiba yusuke22

    if 2pm review this week, will b another 2pm another week? (hmmm….but s&m going to spore that next next week…)

  23. I was secretly hoping for History, but with these 3 songs being released I’m not really surprised that they’re not included. So I’ll just say it: people, go listen to “Dreamer” if you haven’t yet.

    2PM: I was always completely indifferent about them except for the Coway ad (sorry Hottest) so I neither waited for this comeback nor had any expectations of it. But both the song and MV are OK for me. And I like the dance!

    BILASA!!! Now this is what I was looking forward to :D And I’m not disappointed! Actually, it’s one of my favorite songs of 2013 so far. I love the chorus! And DID YOU HEAR DAT BASS GUITAR AT 2:33 MARK (and then slightly quieter at 2:50)? It’s so awesome! Aaaaaaaaah!!! I’d love to hear a live band version. As for the video: I like it even though these doll masks are creepy… But I guess they were meant to be.

    Lee Hyori: After watching the teaser I thought I wouldn’t really like it, but I actually liked the video and the chorus got stuck in my head. And yes, she looks great!

  24. I was hoping they’d include rewind by Double K :/

  25. I was sorta hoping that you guise will talk about Younha’s “The Real Reason We Broke Up” but then again, she’s up against such strong contenders. *shrugs*

    Anyhoo~! I really really LOVE Hyori’s song!! It’s just oozing with sexiness and class and I don’t think anyone can beat Hyori in that category. I hope you’ll review her but I’m getting a tingly feeling that you guise will review Bilasa instead. :P

  26. Didn’t win but anyway. . .


  27. irritablevowel

    About 2pm:

    I like sloth. It’s not just lazy, it’s aggressively lazy. He just throws those music sheets around. “I’m not doing it! I want to watch cartoons!” Good for you sloth! You relax!

    I have something to say about this suspenders trend. It’s not just suspenders, it’s suspenders with a gray button down shirt, which to me evokes depression era farmer. Maybe a bit of Laura Ingalls Wilder. What is that all about?

    About Bilasa:

    I should mention I’ve been imbibing a bit this evening, so that video freaked me out.

    About Lee Hyori:
    I looked up the lyrics. Rock on Lee Hyori! And might I add, there are drag queens in this video! I think that might be the first time I’ve ever seen drag queens in any K-pop video of any kind. For that it wins.

  28. 2PM <3 2PM <3 2PM<3 2PM <3 2PM <3 2 PM <3 2PM <3 2PM <3 2PM <3 2PM <3 2PM <3 2PM <3 2PM <3 2PM <3
    Even if u guys don't review them I'm just glad 2PM is back!! They are my #1 and I missed them so bad! I love the song and video and the dance because 2PM is just awesome like that!
    Hottest Out!!! LOL

  29. Nine Muses’ Wild is really good too…

  30. People can say whatever they want about 2PM’s “Comeback when you hear this song” and I’m not gonna bash on anybody and don’t say that Hottest are gonna attack every negative comments because we Hottest are no like that. I’m just gonna say that other people really don’t understand the huge value this comeback has for Hottest. The song might not be what many ppl expected, but remember that 2PM is 2PM and they have their own and unique style (don’t expect a catchy song such us a-cha, please, not with 2PM). 2PM is now trying to show us a more mature image and that’s what many ppl don’t understand. You are too used to see pretty-faced idols, so this kind of style is not well accepted for many people.

    At least for me, this song is wonderful, is pretty, is easy to get familiarized with, is kind of catchy in it’s own way, ALL of them look stunning that concept of Grown men suit them so easily and perfectly (despite they are still a bunch of adorable and funny babos in the inside), the dance is so damn well performed and cool, as always, I can’t wait to see them perform it live >_<

    Anyways, we Hottest (the real ones) are proud and plenty satisfied with this comeback. In one word, we are HAPPY this is a great time for us and no negative comments are gonna destroy those feelings. So, don't like, don't watch it :)

    • Yeah Hottests in the place. I love how we can accept critics so calmly, it makes me so proud of being a Hottest. And like you said, nobody forces anybody to watch anything, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s not to say that people aren’t aloud to voice their own opinion even if it’s negative. Let us Hottest conquer the world with our love and patience. Peace.

      • Yes and stimes ppl make the mistake of stereotyping Hottest due to what happened in the past with Jay’s leaving the group… I admit that was cruel, but I think It’s a new generation of Hottest, at least the non-korean ones XD
        Let’s just enjoy A.D.T.O.Y sdasdasdasd <3

    • I’m a dedicated Bana, but I really like 2pm’s song. It’s really funky and catchy. And my bias in 2PM is wooyoung~ He looks so good in the music video ^-^

      • I’m Bana too :3 not that strong as Hottest but Bana anyway :) and I liked both 2PM’s “comeback when you hear this song” and B1A4′s “What’s Happening” B1A4 always bring us nice and enjoyable mvs and this one is not the exception :)

    • Indeed.. 2PM always take the lead to do something new in KPOP scene.. They are the trendsetter.. people commented negatively on the things they’ve done like I’ll be back shuffling dance move, and now “everybody’s shuffling” LOL.. some said they should promote Game Over, but that sounds common to other groups. I really like ADTOY and CWYHTS songs! how they show their true vocals.. and people are gonna realize soon that they are hook up to the butt-dance and we’ll see later that other groups are going to do the same.. 2PM ftw~!

      • Hell yeahhhhh that’s what I always say u.u 2PM is trendy but no one acknowledge it!! 2PM did the shuffling before but no one said a damn thing about it until LMFAO started with the shuffling thing and then it got noticed >.>

        Game Over is one of my fav songs in the album it’s freaking cool song but I understand what you said and that is exactly what we hottest think. We DON’T want uri 2PM to be or sound like the other groups, 2PM got us used to be unique and we just love them that way <3 Game Over is cool (and it needs a cool mv *–*) but A.D.T.O.Y and C.W.Y.H.T.S are special, particularly the second one if you listen to that song it has a peculiar sound and it's damn hot no other kpop group would be as sexy as they are, 2PM is just naturally sexy!!!

        And about the dance-butt… hahahaha that's true, everyone criticizes it but in the end all of them will end up doing it xD

  31. Your little blurb about the BILASA video desperately makes me want to see you guys review the video. That was hilarious for being only a few minutes long.

    YEAHHHH BILASA WOO! Ahem…I mean, I sincerely hope they win against the other wonderful artists. Best of luck to everyone.

  32. I was hoping so hard that they’d include Dreamer ;___; I’m still waiting for that song to get some love…

  33. Do you know who I’d love for you guys to really interview (besides SHINee)? BILASA!! CONQUER OF KITTIES AND DEVOURER OF TEENAGED GIRLS HEARTS!!! Seriously :D You guys are such fascinating people and they’re very fascinating (if their music is anything to go by, since they write their own material), it’d just be awesome to see the EYK Crew and BILASA interact. Yeah :3 Also, SHINee BECAUSE I WANNA SEE THEIR REACTION TO SOY UN DORITA AND TAEMAN!!! IT MUST HAPPEN :D

    *ahem* To the songs… When I heard the 2PM song, I wasn’t exactly jazzed with it. *Sees a bunch of 2PM fans pick up guns and aim* HEAR ME OUT, OKAY?!!?!?!! The song is really great, and the video is really awesome (between that and BILASA’S video is who I want for KMM next week :3); I really like the story line with the use of the seven deadly sins and the dance scenes on the building were really cool looking (and 2PM looked amazing, as usual :3). But!! There was just something that irked me… I suppose it was just my weird musical senses going off for no damn reason, because now that I’ve had a chance to really listen to the song, I really like it. It’s got the feel of a ballad with the really emotional vocals and sad feel, but the hard beat and synths of an upbeat dance song (amusingly, I had to explain that to someone in the comments of the video :3). It’s not exactly what everyone expected for them to make a comeback with, but that’s what makes it stick… It’s also insanely catchy. Good job, JYP :3

    BILASA!!! CONQUER OF KITTIES AND DEVOURER OF TEENAGED GIRLS HEARTS!! I think your videos hold the highest wtf faces for a K-Pop group that I’ve ever made. And that’s all I have to say XD

    LEE HYORI!!! Like the newb I was, I didn’t really like Hyori when I first got into K-Pop. I thought Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was annoying, and that she didn’t look as hot as everyone though… What the hell was I smoking :3 I recently decided to give CCBB (and the rest of H-Logic :3) another go when I heard she was making a comeback and like the newb that I’m really making myself out to be, I really freaking loved it!! It was so… spunky and apologetic. Lee Hyori knew what she was doing, and she wasn’t apologizing for it. I also agree with Simon, Lee Hyori and all of B.E.G (because GaIn is not the only sexy one :3) is extremely good looking. *ahem* THE VIDEO!! It was really interesting. I guess it was because I read the accompanying article on Popdust.com that hinted towards the satire in the video, but I could already tell it was satirical. I mean, the drag queens. Those should really have set it off for anyone if they’re doubting XD Anyway, I like the retro feel of the song and video; this girl really can do anything. I’ll be looking forward to the album, and hoping that she turns us all on our heads once again ^^

    EDIT – LONG POST IS POST!!! Btw, sorry for any run on sentences or any other grammar mistakes; it’s midnight where I’m at, I don’t feel like being grammatically correct :3

  34. thisisjustforfunval

    I don’t know why but I love the vigor with which Baro hits the “Ken doll” over the head with that pillow. A pillow has never looked so fluffy and skull crushing at the same time.

  35. I really liked the 35 second mark part of the Bilasa song. I wish that part would have been developed into its own song!

  36. What about HISTORY’s Dreamer???

  37. Simon and Martina, what IS your favourite Hyori song?

  38. So OK, I had this whole big joke planned out about someone stealing my idea of using a kyary pamyu pamyu video as the premise for a B1A4 video. But then I looked an PONPONPON again and gave up. You can’t beat that.

    • irritablevowel

      Kyary Pamyu = subversive cutieness + hallucinogenic drugs. The cutie thing is very subversive and unsettling. Girl vomits up eyeballs in the video and farts color ribbons. You’re not like, “that girl is adorable!” You’re like, “I think that girl is insane!” I don’t know if any of the Korean artists can go that far off the reservation without ruffling feathers ya know?

  39. yanagiba yusuke22

    i thought ‘wild’ will be in the list of chart update today…

  40. unicornsgalaxy

    My thoughts on the videos:

    2PM- um…I’m sorry, It was kinda a let down for me. It was nice but for me it wasn’t anything memorable. I’m sorry, Hottests. :( I’ve heard the other songs on their CD are good (I haven’t listened to it yet…wait is it out even? Maybe I got confused…)

    B1A4- WTF did I watch? Ok I’m going to go on a bit of a mini-rant here. They BLEW me away with Tried to walk. Plus I saw them on Immortal Song and they were INCREDIBLE!!! My point is, The have some awesome vocals and great rappers. So why do they get songs that are just…well just like that. I want more songs like Tried to Walk where they can show the talent that they have and not these weird silly songs. Sorry B1A4 fans. I just don’t think they are being allowed to tap into the potential that they have.

    Lee Hyori – She looks A-maz-ing! Also, did you see the Drag Queens? I love drag queens! When I heard the teaser, I didn’t think I would like the song and while I don’t think it’s anything spectacular, I really like it and find myself singing it on and off quite often.

    • well, considering that the leader writes the majority of their title tracks (including whats going on), i feel like he knows better than anyone how much the song fits them and expresses each member…

      • unicornsgalaxy

        I didn’t know he wrote a lot of their title tracks. I knew he wrote some of their songs but didn’t know about their title tracks. I guess that these types of songs just aren’t my cup of tea but Tried to Walk was awesome. I think these guys are really talented tho…which reminds me someone linked me to a playlist of theirs and there were a couple songs that I really liked. I need to hunt those up…sorry thinking/typing out loud.

    • Allow me to disagree with you about the B1A4 song; I think it’s nice to see that Jinyoung and the fanciful galactic warriors of BILASA like to do really silly songs. I mean, this video is total GOLD MINE for jokes *AND* it’s a really great mood booster :D (not that ballads can’t be a good mood booster, it’s just that 90% of the time, they aren’t XD). And I really liked Tried to Walk, as well; it was one of my favorite songs of 2012 (I fanboi’d all over the place when I first heard it, it sounded AMAZING!!! I was blown away by EVERYTHING!!!!). I just think these silly songs suit BILASA a bit more.

      • unicornsgalaxy

        I think my biggest issue is that I like B1A4 and think they are really talented, I’m just not a fan of the cutesy/silly types of songs as a group concept (as in that’s what they normally put out), so I can’t really get into them too much. I know that not all the songs on their albums are the silly type. When Tried to Walk came out someone linked me to a playlist of all their songs and there were a few that I liked. Unfortunately, since I don’t have time to look up every song that every group puts out, I have to rely on the title songs to attract me and make me want to know more. And since I’m not a big fan of the cutesy/silly songs, it’s hard (am I making sense in my convoluted logic?). I don’t think they have to do ballads all the time or anything like that, but I’m more into the…power songs? IDK…

        I do agree that this would be a mood booster song. Not a good of one as Beautiful Target though. I hear that song and can’t help but laugh and get in a good mood.

  41. three words for eatyoursushi: KYARY PAMYU PAMYU.

  42. well, I WAS going to vote for 2PM, but the Galactic Overlords made a pretty good argument! BILASA!

  43. As I watched the Bilasa video, all I could think was “is this what it would be like on an acid trip?” But seriously, I think the video would be perfect for Music Monday. There’s so many bizarre happenings in that video that I didn’t even know what the heck was going on half the time lol. I need a Music Monday interpretive breakdown in order to fully understand the profound meaning that I know is behind the video. :P

    I love Lee Hyori and am totally ecstatic she’s come back! I’m a bit mehh about 2pm, but I still enjoyed their song.

    • I’d love to hear what Simon and Martina would have to say about lovely galactic conquerors in their latest release. The video is oozing with “wtf”ness but it fits well with the giddy mood of the song, I’d say.

      I like 2pm’s song as well, but the choreo kinda sucked a bit compared to the song itself. I was honestly expecting a bit more oompf, considering its their comeback after 2 years :c

  44. Bilasa Video EXPLANATION: B1A4 are trying to find out what’s going on between that creepy doll girl & creepy doll guy so tgat’s why they’re trying to hear them. B1A4 is stalking them, they want the girl so that is why they kill the doll guy at the end with a pillow fight… o.O

  45. Neeeed the shirt that you (Martina) are wearing. Just saying

  46. I can totally get behind the idea of new farticles being the building blocks of new nebulae and galaxies. Sounds like an anime in the making :p

  47. Yea that makes sen…. I CAN’T DO IT! Wtf? lol


    Mostly because I didn’t win. It is a great quality of my mind to adhere to reality in such an appropriate fashion.

  49. Great! Open that eatyoursushi website please! I love listening to JPOP and Jrock! Also, I would love for you guys to review Hyori’s song, simply because it has the funniest Engrish I have ever heard!

    Beeekozz I’m a Misseu Ko-re-ya! :3

    • I’m with you there :p I’ve been begging them to for years.

      I even collected all the official YouTube PVs in anticipation :p

    • Hyori’s english was amazing xP I’ve been singing the “I’m a missu ko-re-ya” since i heard the song.

    • pardon me but what is funny ^^”

    • yanagiba yusuke22

      hoping for martina to review jdrama too… :)…mayb the web more suitable ‘eatyourramen’ since simon really like ramen so much…

    • By Engrish are you referring to the “Miss Korea” part? ‘Cause it’s actually not Engrish. Hyori isn’t trying to pronounce “Miss Korea” like an English speaker would; she’s using the accepted Korean pronunciation, which, though it is derived from the English words, sounds different because that’s the closest phonetic approximation you can get when writing them in Hangul: Miss Korea —> 미스코리아 —> me – seu – koh – ree – ah

      • I would buy that argument if she wasn’t saying “because I’m a” in the same sentence and if the on-line Korean lyrics I’ve seen didn’t have “Because I’m a Miss Korea” written in English.

        • It’s the title of the song: 미스코리아, which translates to Miss Korea in English. Not Engrish, merely the Korean pronunciation of foreign loan words.

          Also, my guess would be that she chose not to pronounce it the English way because doing so wouldn’t fit with the beat of the song; not enough syllables.

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